yeah i put my gif skills into this

I’ve always loved joining tumblr awards, and since I’m almost at 1.5 K followers, I thought, hey, why not do a small tumblr awards for my lovely followers? (some have been saying it’s a pretty good idea, so here we go!)


follow me, and
reblog/like this post!



Love At First Sight || best URL (3)
You Had Me At Theme Code || best theme (3)
I Feel Like Dancing Tonight || best music (3)


*breaks into Pokemon Rap song* || best Pokemon blog (3)
Never Letting Go Of The Controller || best gaming blog (3)
The Crystal Gems || best Steven Universe blog (3)
I Don’t Want To Admit Your Jokes Are Funny || best humor blog (3)


I’m No Underdog (Woof) || underrated blogs who deserve more love (5)***
Your Smile Is As Beautiful As Sunshine || cutest people (5)
My Hand Slipped And Out Came This Masterpiece || lovely artists (5)
Photoshop Lords || professional editing skills (5)

(*** you must have less than 500 followers for this so if you want to join this category, either comment or message me how many followers you have! (don’t put it in the tags, chances are I won’t see them. unu))

What you get if you win:

a follow from me (if I’m not following you yet),
a promo,
and bragging rights!

And that’s it! I’ll probably end this next week, around August 1, but if this doesn’t get a lot of notes by then, I’ll move the deadline. ouo

Good luck !!!