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Uri's 100 Secret Game Tidbits

A while ago, Uri tweeted with a tag to the effect of “1 like = 1 secret detail about your game(s).” To the surprise of maybe no one but her, she woke up to 100 likes and said she’d cut it off there and post them later. And now she has.

A bunch of these were already mentioned in bonus rooms and the like, but there is new info as well, particularly for The Hanged Man. The last 30 or so are for The Hanged Man and will spoil it, so to avoid THM spoilers, don’t scroll past the warning!

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Iris West...what's her purpose?

Please let Barry and Iris finally get together so that Iris can fulfill her only purpose on the show….being Barry’s girlfriend. I mean the girl literally has zero purpose other than being the love interest of our protagonist?! I really don’t have anything against Iris or Candice? I think she’s a beautiful and talented actress. I just feel like the Iris character serves no purpose on team Flash? Most of the time she is just standing around adding in a one word response here and there. Then she pops up in order to give Barry pep talks. I mean in a recent episode Joe even pushed her to pep talk Barry?! Give this girl a purpose other then the “love interest”?! I’m starting to get real Laurel Lance circa season’s 1 & 2 of Arrow feels (well really Laurel Lance circa every season of Arrow but that’s a whole other rant) with Iris. At least on Earth 2 she was a cop and literally served a purpose?! This is not a hate post. This I literally an ( I have no idea what the hell this girl is doing on this show?!) post. I mean other then serving as Barry’s love interest? I mean if someone were to ask me to explain who Iris West from the The CW television series The Flash is? My honest response would be… She is the love interest of Barry Allen (aka The Flash) oh yeah and she is a reporter but you don’t see much of that? That about sums is up. So just make her the girlfriend already?! Although that also begs the question… What happens to Iris West once she fulfills her love interest duties? Will she just be waiting in the wings of Star Labs for the moments Barry needs another pep talk? I’m starting to think yes?! Give this girl a purpose!

Before you got into acting you studied ballet and were a dancer. Would you ever do a musical or dance in a film?

MM: Yeah! It would take a little practice to get back to there, but yes I would say that we don’t make too many musicals in films anymore, right? I’ve done a lot of musicals as a dancer before, but if a really good idea comes up when dance is required in some sense, and I find that interesting, yes I will jump on board right away. But it’s gotta be soon, I’m not getting younger. [Laughs]

Is there an ideal musical you want to bring to the the screen?

MM: No. I’ve done a few things. No, it’s been done. I love doing and watching West Side Story. And Singing in the Rain is a classic, but there’s no reason to revisit that. They did it.

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I am bored at the desk at work, so I decided to look up some new books coming out to see if there were any I wanted to read. Of course, I found some, like I usually do…so I made a list! Let me know what books you’re excited about especially if they didn’t make it on my list! J

1. Scarlett Epstein Hates it Here by Anna Breslaw- It sounds like the old Harriet the Spy sort of trope with an added bonus of fanfiction….and I like that trope, so I’m all for this haha! Published: April: 19th

2. The Star-Touched Queen by Roshani Chokshi-The plot of this book sounds fascinating, so I’m really hoping she pulls it off! I don’t know much about Indian mythology, so I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Published: April 26th

3. The Haters by Jesse Andrews- I enjoyed his first book, and I do like road trips. I think this book is going to have the same quirky humor as Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, so I’m definitely going to give it a shot. Published: April 5th

4. There Once Were Stars by Melanie McFarlane- I actually have been staying away from dystopian novels lately, but I like her title. I’ll give this one a try! Published: April 26th

5. Dreamers Often Lie by Jacqueline West – Yeah, she totally had me at this one with Shakespeare, but it sounds fascinating! Creepy cover too.

6. Emerge by Tobie Easton – I love the whole idea of mermaids, and I like the idea that the Little Mermaid apparently cursed them to be mortals….seems like an interesting concept that may turn out to be mainly just about the romance, but I still want to check it out. Published: April 19th

7. Lady Renegades by Rachel Hawkins – I actually also need to read the second one in this series, but I thought the first one was fun! I’ll finish it sometime this year! Published: April 5th

8. The Land of 10,000 Madonnas by Kate Hattener- This sounds so good! Backpacking through Europe and a sweet friendship connection- very excited! Published: April 19th

9. Heir to the Sky by Amanda Sun- This is very different from what I would normally pick up, but the concepts seems very different…and all the monsters are some of the interesting great ones like chimera and basilisk so what’s not to love! Published: April 26th

10. The Taming of the Drew by Stephanie Kate Strohm- Yeah, this one had me at the Shakespeare connection! Published: April 5th

There are probably like 20 more, at least, that I could add, but I am going to leave it at 10. What YA books are you excited about in April?

Beach Boys

Author: livyjh (Assbutt)

Character: Dean

Reader gender: female

Warnings: fluff, almost smut

Today was beautiful and you all just finished a big case on the Oregon coast. You decided to use the last day here for a day at the beach. Cas had never been and you, Sam, and Dean, just wanted a day off. You all strolled down to the sand, Cas almost skipped with excitement. The boys were all wearing trunks and t shirts. You were excited for the moment the t shirts came off. You didn’t really have feelings for a certain one of them, they were all just attractive. Once down to the water you set out a few large beach towels. “Shirts off!” You coo. The boys obey and you break out the spray on sunscreen. You brought the original rub on stuff too but you knew they wouldn’t put it on each other and you could not handle rubbing your hands all over them. First was Cas, he was the most fair skinned. He went to the water and you and the boys laughed watching him walk with a spring in his step. Then Dean, he stuck his arms straight up and spun in circles. He sat and chilled on the beach towel afterwards while you sprayed Sam. He stuck his arms straight out to the side, making himself into a T shape. You walked around him trying to get every inch of his giant body. You were almost done with his back when *squirt* *hiss*. You sigh, “Dammit. We’re all out. I brought some rub on stuff. One sec.”

Sam nodded and you dug through your bag. You pulled the pink bottle out and hopped back over to Sam. Good thing there was only a little bit left in the middle of his back. You squeezed a blob into your hand and quickly rubbed it on him. He scrunched his back, “That tickles!” He laughed.

You patted his shoulder, “Okay, all done.”

He sat on his beach towel and immediately looked to Cas, laughing. You were bold today, you felt confident. You wore your tight two piece but you still had your sundress on. You carefully pulled it off, keeping your eyes on the boys. When you sat down on your towel Dean looked to you and cleared his throat. Sam shifted awkwardly. Well then. You started rubbing the sunscreen over your legs, then your stomach, then chest, face, and shoulders. You looked over your shoulder to Dean, holding the sunscreen up. You cleared your throat, “Uh Dean… Would you mind? You know I hardly have to look outside to get a sunburn.” You laughed.

“Yeah I know.” He chuckled. He took the sunscreen from your hands and squirted a little into his palm. He started with the back of your shoulders and then moved to your neck and top of your back, massaging a little bit. Your closed your eyes and rolled your head around, trying to stretch your neck. Dean then moved to your middle back, then your lower back. You squeezed your eyes shut, trying to push moans and groans down that you so wanted to just let out. You weren’t gonna lie, this really turned you on. Dean then started rubbing around your hips and you exhaled loudly. Too loudly. Sam looked over and noticed your crumpled expression. “You uh, you okay there (y/n)?” You snapped out of your fantasy that began to develop in your mind. “Oh, uh, yeah I’m fine.” You mumble. He smirks at you and then winks before turning his head back to the waves crashing on the shore. You lean over and smack his arm, and your top untied. You quickly held the front on, “Uhm, Dean will you tie that for me?”

Sam just laughed while he watched Dean’s face turn red, tying your top back up. Dean kept going in circles all over your back to blend the sunscreen. You still were dying to just scream at the touch but you held it in. When Dean was done he muttered “Alright. That’s it.”

You turned to Dean, “Thanks Dean.”

His facial expression was soft and he locked his eyes on yours. You look at him for a moment, studying his face before you snapped out of it a little. “Uh, um, is the sunscreen all rubbed in on my face?” Your voice was low.

“Uh, just this one part…” He put his fingers on your ear and neck and rubbed his thumb on your cheek right by your nose. His forehead crinkled, trying to rub the spot in. You smiled and he look at your eyes and then your lips. You both leaned in and kissed. It started soft but became rough and intense. He rolled onto his back and pulled you onto him. Your legs straddled his waist and your fingers were splayed over his chest. He kept his hands on your hips. You both started grinding and moaning into each other’s mouths. You heard a woman clear her throat loudly over the sound of wind, waves, and seagulls. You pulled away from Dean to look up to a woman, holding two different child’s hands. “There are children here.” She says matter-of-factly. You looked at both of the children, one was probably 9 and the other probably 12 or 13. You raised an eyebrow at them, “Have you kids had ‘the talk’?”

They nod in horror, eyes widened. You speak again, “Good, then you can see a live demonstration.” You laugh and kiss Dean again. The mother scoffs and quickly walks away, kicking up sand. You and Dean keep moving, until Sam speaks up. “Yeah, maybe you guys should chill out. Since we are kind of in public.” Sam smiles, trying to be as nice as he could.

You crawl off of Dean and lay next to him, holding his hand. He looks into your y/e/c eyes. “You have no idea how long I have been waiting to do that.” He whispers and smiles.

You laugh lightly and peck his lips. “Me too. I love you Dean.”

Dean squeezes your hand “I love you too.”

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Rucas + “Hey remember that time we practised kissing? That was so dumb, right? Right..?”

“Hey,” she smiles, rocking backwards on her heels. It was new territory, them finally being in a relationship after so long – but she still got crazy nervous around him.

“Hey, Riley,” he says, returning the smile. Scratching the back of his neck, he bites into his lip. “So…”

“What’s up? You said it was important?”

“Oh, so I was just… You remember that one time we practiced kissing?”

Riley arches an eyebrow and folds her arms over her chest. “You mean for West Side story? A-and why are we standing in a closet? Couldn’t we have just met in the auditorium? Or the hole,” she laughs. “Good things always happen in the hole.”

“Yeah, yeah,” he rolls his eyes.

“Why’d you bring it up?”

“That was so dumb, right?“ he asks and she just looks confused. “Right?”

“Wrong?” she laughs. “You’re so random, Lucas. Why would it have been a stupid idea? We were rehearsing for the play. And besides, I love kissing you,” she smiles, leaning up on her toes to give him a brief kiss. “I still don’t get why we’re in a closet.. We’re dating now, I wanna kiss you in public.”

“Vroom vroom,“ he smirks. “But, I don’t know. Just more secluded of an area,” he shrugs, draping his arms around her waist. “So what do you say we practice some more kissing?” he smirks, pressing his lips against hers.

“We have class!” she giggles. He pulls her in for another kiss, gently kissing down her neck as she continues to laugh. “That tickles. Come on, we have class.”

“Class can wait.”

Theory on Magnus Chase

Here me out, if there is like a camp for norse mythology things in America, it would be in Alaska. Now why is it? Well remember these lists.

  1. Western Civilization moves to the west which is why olympus is in America ATM
  2. Remember when in SoN, it said that Alaska was out of God’s reach?
  3. In the first book of Kane Chronicles, Amos once said that Manhattan has own set of Gods and that they must be kept seperate from Egyptian Gods. He said this while looking at Empire State Building, which is Olympus.
  4. New Rome in in the west because Rome was always the west of Greece
  5. While Camp Half Blood is in the East because Greece was the east of Rome.
  6. The 21st Nome is located in Brooklyn.
  7. Now if you think about it, Brooklyn is located south of Manhattan. And Egypt was located South of Greece.
  8. Now Scandinavia is the north of Greece, Rome and Egypt.

Now look back at the 2nd one on the list. It said Alaska was out of God’s hands. And Scandinavia in in the north. Many things moved to the west. It might be possible part of Asgard related place is there.


Oh wow, this is great! I love this idea so much. I hadn’t really thought of where their camp/base would be in Migard, but this totally makes sense, especially because I imagine Alaska probably has the same atmosphere/weather as Scandinavia? Maybe? Idk. 

But, yeah, all your points make total sense. Alaska is described as ‘beyond the Gods’, but maybe it’s just home of different Gods.

The other thing is, we have to consider the different ‘realms’ that are a part of Norse mythology. In the myths, there are nine of them, and I’m fully expecting us to see at least three; Midgard, Asgard, and Valhalla. Before you sent this, I was sort of imagining their camp/base to be in a different realm, but now I’m not so sure. 

This is a great theory, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out to be true. Thank you very much for sharing it with me :D