yeah i named the sock monkey

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Cas: Hello, loyal Minions.  What are ya up to today?

Chief Minion: We’re wastin’ time on the INTERWEBS, Commander.

Cas: Oh, well, good.  What specifically are you doin’?

Chief MInion: We found this LAWN PARTY site, with some weird guy with a CREEPY VOICE leaving scary messages.

Cas: Oh, that sounds just fine.  Can I help?

Chief Minion: You can help with some o’ the questions.  Can we use your name?

Cas: Sure, go right ahead!  Sharin’ private information with ANONYMOUS STRANGERS on the INTERWEBS is my fav'rite hobby!

Chief Minion: Fav'rite lingere?

Cas: Huh, I’m not ‘zactly sure what LINGERE is.  Just say my monkey hat!

Chief Minion: Someone you don’t like spendin’ time with?

Cas: General Zod!

Chief Minion: Yeah, he’s a douche.

General Zod: Hey, I heard that!

Chief Minion: Smelliest animal?


General Zod: Hey!

Chief Minion: Dessert?

Cas: CHOC'LIT!!!

Cas and Minions: ALL HAIL MIGHTY KALE!!!

Chief Minion: Fav'rite part of body?

Sam: My lustrous MOOSE EARS!

Cas: Well, OK, we can go with that.

Minions: SHRIEK!!!!

Chief Minion: The scary man is scary!!

Cas: Just give 'em tiki’s email address.

**Email ding!**

Chief Minion: Ooo, lookie!  We just got email from some dude named Misha.

Cas: What a coinky-dink.  Hey, he likes to wear my sock monkey hat around!  That explains much.