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The Lunch Bunch

Okay so I decided to a Breakfast Club based thing. With the whole Saturday detention type thing. This is an AU where everything is the same, but Tom goes to school with them. He’s still a demon because that’s how the show it lol. Enjoy and tell me what you thought!


“This is stupid.” Tom leaned back in his seat. Marco rolled his eyes.

“It’s YOUR fault we’re here!” He blamed. The entire group was in Saturday detention. And none of them we’re happy with it.

“Shut-up Marco.” Janna said. “If you would have listened to me the plan would’ve worked out.” She blamed. Star rolled her eyes.

“It’s all of our fault! It was stupid idea and we got caught. Let’s just get this over with and try not to kill each other!” Star begged. She loved all her friends and only wanted for them to get along. She had known for a while that Marco had the biggest crush on her ex-boyfriend Tom. But she wasn’t sure how Tom felt. She had to admit, the constant teasing and prying almost seemed like he liked him back. But she wasn’t sure. Star honestly thought hey would make the best couple. Tom was so forward, and needed Marco to keep him in check. And Marco was so withdrawn and safe. He needed Tom to show him how to let go and have fun sometimes. So when Tom had the idea to ransack the classroom and hack into the computer to change their group-project grade, Star and Janna agreed. Marco took some convincing, but eventually agreed to show off for his crush.

“Okay have a seat.” Miss Skullnick, their troll math teacher led two more students in. It was Brittany and her football player boyfriend, Nick. “You’re not supposed to be late for Saturday detention!” She yelled. “That’s an extra hour, for ALL of you!” She insisted. The whole room groaned. Tom chucked a pencil at the couple.

“Great going, looks like the ‘it’ couple is loosing it’s moxy.” Tom instigated. Brittany huffed.

“We are not losing it!” She snapped. Ms. Skullnick led her to her seat.

“No talking! Work silently for the day. I’ll be checking on you. Don’t try anything.” She looked specifically at Tom and Janna. Janna was known for being the girl in detention 24/7. And ever since Tom began to go to Echo Creek Academy, she had a partner in crime. Miss Skullnick left the room. Janna looked at Brittany and Nick.

“What are you in for?” She asked. Brittany’s face held rage.

“YOU! You guys broke into the classroom to change our group project grade! And because we were in your group, the teacher assumed we were involved!” Brittany hissed. “And I was going to go shopping today, but because of YOU GUYS, I’m stuck here!” Janna laughed.

“Yeah, that’s the American Educational system for ya’.” She smirked. Nick scoffed.

“You guys think this is soooo funny don’t you!?” He demanded. Marco shook his head.

“No, I don’t.” He insisted. Tom rolled his eyes.

“We all know Marco. We know the safe-kid could never EVER be caught in detention.” Tom said with fake concern. Marco huffed and looked away. Star looked up, angry.

“Tom, how about you lay off a little!” She demanded. Tom leaned back; he obviously felt bad for calling out Marco but didn’t say anything. The room was quiet. Finally Brittany spoke up.

“This is crazy. I don’t deserve to be here.” She claimed.

“What makes you better than us?” Tom inquired.

“I didn’t do anything wrong!” Brittany insisted. Janna scoffed.

“Yeah well you’re still the worst.” She told the girl. Brittany stared daggers at Janna, and directed her gaze at Tom.

“This whole thing was you’re idea.” Brittany said. “Why would you do something like that anyway!?” She demanded.

“Because I want to do thing for the people I care about!” Tom snapped. “Because I actually care about people other than myself!”

Marco looked up confused. “What do you mean?” He asked. Tom sat down and sighed.

“You work so hard to get good grades, and it’s not fair that a group project messed that up. I wanted you to get the grade you deserved. I don’t give shit if I fail. But you do… and that’s enough for me.” Tom admitted. Marco blushed deeply.

“Thanks, Tom.” Marco murmured. Star smiled hugely in the background.

“Janna! Janna, Janna, Janna, Janna!” Star whisper-called. Janna looked up.

“What?” She matched Star’s tone.

“Do you see how cute this is!? I knew he cares about Marco back!” Star exclaimed to her friend. Janna shot her a look.

“What do you mean ‘back’?” She asked.

“Oh, Marco has a HUGE crush of Tom.” Star explained. Janna’s jaw dropped.

“Star! Tom told me that he has a crush on Marco!” She grabbed her friend by the shoulders. Star’s eyes widened.


“YES! Why do you think he was so insistent on changing that grade!? Tom doesn’t care about grades!” Janna reminded. Star grabbed her friend’s face.

“Janna…. We have to get these two together!” Star held out her fist for a fist-bump. “Matchmakers?”

Janna fist-bumped Star, “Matchmakers.” She agreed.


Miss Skullnick came back about an hour later. “Why are none of you doing your school work?” She inquired.

“We finished our school work.” Nick lied. Skullnick gazed at all the students and Star raised her hand.

“Skullzy? When is lunch?” Star asked. “I’m hungry.”

“Star… it’s only ten in the morning.” Marco told her. Star shrugged.

“I’m still hungry.” She said.

“I’m hungry too.” Janna agreed. Tom nodded and raised his hand.

“Same.” He said. Miss Skullnick looked at the group intently.

“You may eat your lunch at noon. Until then work on your school work.”

“Nick already told you. We finished.” Janna said. Skullnick eyed her down.

“Find more.” She dared. And left the room. As soon as the door closed Tom waded up a piece of paper and threw it in the direction she left.

“I can’t STAND that woman!” He cried. Tom leaned back in his chair and took out his phone. Star noticed Marco was staring at him and she passed him a note.

Say something! It read. Marco blushed and gulped. He slid closer to the demon who attended the human school.

“Um… so Skullnick is a real piece of work, huh?” He laughed. Tom smiled, showing his sharp teeth.

“Yeah.” Tom agreed. He looked at Marco and sighed. “Look… I’m sorry I got you in trouble… and then called you out.” Tom apologized. Marco smiled.

“It’s okay, Tom. I know I can be frustrating sometimes. But you’re right actually, I do need to let go a little.” Marco agreed. Tom shrugged.

“We all have things wrong with us, Marco. Just be glad that yours doesn’t get you into trouble.”

Star and Janna were freaking out in the background. “Janna! This is happening!” Star cheered. Janna nodded.

“I know, right!?” Janna said. Tom and Marco kept making small talk until they heard Brittany scoff. Tom turned around.

‘What’s your damage?” He demanded.

“You guys are pathetic. It’s obvious he likes you!” Brittany insisted. Tom looked angry.

“Hey! Don’t joke about that shit!” He yelled. “You could really hurt someone’s feelings.” Tom said. He was referring to himself, only to Star and Janna’s knowledge.

“So you’re saying you don’t like him?” Brittany demanded.

“Of course not!” Tom lied. But Marco didn’t catch that. He blinked back tears.

“Marco…” Star approached sympathetically. Marco shook her off.

“I have to go.” He said quickly. Marco ran out of the room.

“Hey, you’re not allowed to leave!” Nick called. Janna ran up to Brittany and shoved her.

“What’s your problem!?” She demanded. Star ran after Marco.

“What!?” Brittany asked, still not getting it. Janna groaned in frustration.

“Marco is in love with you, Tom!” She shouted. Tom’s eyes widened.

“W-what? No.” He insisted.

“Yeah. He is.” Janna explained. “He has been for a while and I KNOW you feel the same way.”

Tom put his face in his hands. “I ruined EVERYTHING!” He cried. Brittany rolled her eyes.

“Why do you care about the safe-kid anyway? You’re cute, you can do a lot better.” Brittany went to put her hand on his shoulder. Tom stepped away.

“Touch me and I will BITE YOU, Brittany.” Tom hissed. And he ran in the same direction as Star and Marco.

Nick looked at Brittany. “Were you just flirting with him, in front of me?” He asked, offended. Janna sat down and got comfortable.

This was going to be fun the watch.


“Marco, it’s going to be okay.” Star sat next to her friend in the hallway.

“No it’s not.” Marco wiped away tears. “I told you he would never like me. He’s a demon, Star, he likes people who know how to have fun. Like you, not the safe-kid.” Marco cried.

“Marco, Tom likes you!” Star insisted.

“Star, I appreciate it. But that’s not helping.” Marco told her. Assuming she was lying to make him feel better. Star shook her head.

“I’m telling you the truth! Why do you think he always picks on you?” She laughed.

“Because he hates me.” Marco leaned his head back. Star shook her head.

“He teases you because he likes you Marco. And he’s bad at dealing with it. Why do you think he’s constantly getting in trouble for you?”

“I always thought he was just showing off for you.” Marco said.

‘Toms’ been over me for a while now.” Star explained. “He was lying when he said he didn’t like you. I promise.”

“Why would he lie?” Marco asked, still not convinced. Star put her hands on her hips.

“If you were in his position, wouldn’t you?” She asked. Marco’s eyes widened.

“Oh my god… I totally would.” He agreed. Marco shot up and wiped the remaining tears away. “How do I look?” He asked Star. She laughed.

“Like you’ve been crying.”

“Well I have been.” Marco admitted.

“You were crying?” Marco turned around to see Tom, who looked very guilty. Marco shot up.

“I um… I was… manly crying.” He insisted. Tom raised an eyebrow.

“I don’t know what that mean but…” He trailed off. “Janna told me everything.” Tom said at the same time Marco said;

“Star told me everything.”

“Oh, sorry. You go first.” Tom told Marco.

“Do you… really like me?” Marco blushed. Tom nodded.

“Yeah… I just… didn’t think you felt the same way. So I didn’t want to ruin our friendship by telling you.” Tom admitted. Marco smiled.

“I was doing the same thing.” He laughed. The two stood there for a minute in silence. Marco reached out his hand and Tom took it. Janna bolted down the hallway.

“Guys! Guess what! Nick just dumped Brittany! It was MESSY!” She exclaimed. She looked at the boys holding hands. “What’s going on here?” She smirked, knowing the answer. Star smiled.

“The matchmakers prevailed!” Star exclaimed. Janna gave her a high-five.

“Our first happy customers!” Janna smiled.

“I’m doing the victory dance!” Star sang. She began dancing and Janna chanted.

“Break it down, Star!” She chanted.

“What is going on here!?” The group turned to see Skullnick staring them down.

“We might be in trouble.” Star guessed. Stopping her victory dance. Skullnick nodded.

“I will see you ALL next Saturday.” She commanded. “Now GET BACK TO THE DETENTION ROOM!” She screamed. Tom looked at the group.

“LET’S MAKE A BREAK FOR IT!” He called. The four kids scattered and ran away from Skullnick and out the front door.

“FREEDOM!” Star shouted. Skullnick watched then run away in confusion.

“I don’t know why they’re so happy. They still need to come back next week.”


There it is! I hope you enjoyed! Please leave a review!