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Theory on the Future Fate of the Blue Lion

 First off, if you haven’t seen the new reboot of Voltron or listened to the SDCC Voltron panel, let me warn you that this post will contain some spoilers so stop reading right now and go watch Voltron. 

Ready? Okay, here we go.

Now I know that ever since season one of Voltron has ended, the growing fandom of Voltron has been producing A LOT of theories of what season two will bring us. And the trailer for season two has only doubled the hype for the upcoming season and for the fan theories. 

The two theories that seem to dominate the Voltron tag are definitely the theory that Keith is either a Galra/Human hybrid or Galra/Altrean hybrid (seriously this theory has pretty much taken control over all Voltron art and fanfiction in the last few weeks) and the second theory is that Shiro will either by killed off like his forgotten 80′s Norwegian brother Sven (rest in peace dear Holgersson) or be captured for long period of time allowing Keith or Allura to take over the Black Lion. (Though this theory begs the question that is Keith has to lead Voltron and pilot the Black Lion to do so does that mean Lance will take over the Red and Allura pilot the Blue? Will Keith have to give Lance his precious red jacket? Will Lance grow a 80′s mullet too? This theory brings up so many questions)

Both these theories are awesome and have pumped up a lot of great material from the fandom so far and will probably continue to do so until season two comes around later this year.

However, there’s been a theory mulling around in my head for a while now and so far, I haven’t really seen any other fan pick up on it. And since I have no one to discuss this with, I’m going to lay it all out right here for you Voltron fandom!

As the title of this post suggest, this theory revolves around the Blue Lion which automatically means a lot of it is going to deal with this guy:

 Why so scared? Not every Voltron theory is filled with angst and- oh fuck, nevermind.

Yes, while the most fandom are biting their nails over the fates of poor alien Keith and the possible death/capture/brainwashing of Tadashi- oh nevermind that’s Sven- I mean Shiro- I’m sitting in my isolated corner of outlandish theories mentally preparing myself over the possible horrendous fate that could possibly await our favorite Blue Paladin.

But “Why?” you, anonymous tumblr user, will ask.What solid clue can be found in season one that could possibly hint that anything bad could happen to Lance and the Blue Lion in the coming seasons?

Well, simple. It all begins with this lines right here:

                 Foreshadowing or too much Film Theorists? Probably the former                                 but who cares, I’m finishing this post.

Even when I first watched the series the first time around, this line always stuck out to me. I know it’s supposed to lead to a snappy argument with Keith to lighten the area on the serious mood of the scene, but it still felt a bit odd.

Then I began to wonder if it might foreshadow to something coming later in the series. Many of the writers of the new Voltron reboot have written stuff for The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra- both series that have been known to plan ahead and leave foreshadowing to future events in small ways so I wouldn’t put it past the team of Voltron to do the same.

So, the question is, will Lance’s mind because fused with a giant ship in the future? Perhaps with with one…..

     Yeah, stop smiling Blue, this theory doesn’t really end well for you.

Of course, since Blue technically already has her own sentiment mind, this couldn’t work unless something were to happen to the Blue Lion that would make her lose the Quintessence, the life form, that allows her to be more than a plain machine….

….Something along the lines of Zarkon destroying one of the lions as a last ditch effort to prevent Voltron from ever being used against him. 

Because damn it if he can’t have his Voltron action figure than nobody should get the Voltron action figure.

But seriously, wouldn’t this be the best plan all together if everything else fails?Why waste all the time and resources trying to steal the lions when he can just destroy one of them and prevent the so-called ultimate weapon from being used against him in the first place? He was doing an okay job of conquering the universe without the Voltron for the last 10,000 years. 

But why the Blue Lion you of little faith ask? If that’s his last ditch plan, then he could destroy any of them to make it work.

Well you’re right- there is no solid evidence to support the idea that it would be the Blue Lion could be destroyed or permanently damaged if these theory plays out. 

But from a writer’s standpoint, if any of the Lions’ were to be killed or damaged, the one that would hit most with the audience probably be Blue.

Look at it this way- who was the lion that the main characters, and we as an audience first met?

                                             Love at first sight.

That’s right. It was Blue. And by all accords, she is the lion that we spend the most time with solo on screen. We get to see more of her personality and grow attached to her at the same time as the main characters to. She is the Lion we, as an audience, have the most emotional attachment to. If anything were to happen to the lions, it would hit the hardest if it happened to Blue. 

And you can bet that the writers did that on purpose.

              How dare they make me feel emotions for this giant robot cat.

So Zarkon destroys Blue to make forming Voltron impossible. Maybe he absorbs her quintessence to make himself more powerful just as he did with that one planet. So her mechanical body may still be somewhat intact, but her lifeform that makes her a living being is gone. She is a lifeless shell. But of course, Lance, her pilot, would share the same Quintessence as Blue. What if, as the ultimate sacrifice, Lance will give up his own Quintessence, his very life force, and fuse with the Blue Lion, thus in a way, becoming the Blue Lion himself?

                                        Oh look Blue! We’re a match!

But, you argue, could this be possible? Making an AI out of memories like with Alfor and the Castle Ship is one thing, but Lance literally becoming the next Blue Lion? Impossible! Nay! Nay!

Don’t worry, I’d be “naying” in disbelief with all of you if I hadn’t realized that we’ve been watching organic beings becoming sentient warships (aka the Robeasts) throughout the entire first season. Haggar and druids have doing this since the very beginning. For example:

This guy

became this asshole

And Haggar’s weird pet lizard

became a digimon I’m pretty sure

Based on this evidence, I’m pretty sure the Lions of Voltron probably all used to be actual organic beings at one point in time before becoming literal weapons to protect the universe.  Haggar and her druids probably rediscovered this same magic to create their own Voltron Lion wannabes.

But if this theory comes true and Lance does sacrifice himself to become the next Blue Lion, then the question is, who would be the next Blue Paladin?

The answer of course, for those who have watched the original series is….

                                Literally fuck anyone who just said Sven. 

Yes Princess Allura. Who else? Blue is literally one of the key colors that represents her in the series. And I don’t think it is just a coincidence that out of all the paladins it was Lance that Allura first saw when she woke up from her 10,000 year long sleep.

I’m going to ride you one day…And not in the way you’re thinking about, pervert.

You would think that the writers would have had Allura fall into Keith’s arms (who was her love interest in the past series) or maybe Shiro’s (since there seems to be some hinting of romance between them), but no, she falls into Lance’s arms, thus already starting the connection between future pilot and lion.

So there you have it folks! I’ve just tossed in my theory for what might happen in the future of the series. Of course, this is all just plain, fun speculation! And whether you agree with it or not, I’d love to hear what you think about it!


YOI Future!Verse ABO AU, Visual Headcanon Web Charts #01

So I always wanted to make one of these. Turns out my headcanons for the most part are WAY too wordy for these things and uh, they’re a bit of a mess >.>;; BUT I hope nonetheless that they’re somewhat fun to read even if barely legible, it was fun to make ^ ^;

1. Super basic relationship chart of the core members of the lovely poly family in this AU.

2. “Adults Think,” the color of each adult indicates their feelings towards the person to whom the arrow is pointing.

3. “Kids Think,” the color of each OC kid indicates their feelings towards the person to whom the arrow is pointing.

There’s obviously a lot more to it than what could be crammed in the lil text boxes, but a gist and pretty much the first things that immediately popped into my mind regarding their interactions. 2 and 3 also mostly show their thoughts while the kids are younger, which will change a bit as they grow up, to be covered in a future post.

*Recommended you right click view image to see full size bc the text is tiny oops

Because the text is so illegible, text only versions of charts 2 and 3 beneath cut, all elaborated quite a bit because I’m so rambly oops:


IF YOU ARE NEW TO THIS AU: It’s Yuuri-centric polyamory in an ABO setting, Yuuri’s married to four mates (Victor, Yurio, Phichit, Minami) and they have OC kids.

BASICS of this AU

INTRO to how ABO works in this AU

OTHER POSTS (comics + illustrations) in the Future!Verse ABO section of my YOI Masterpost.


Please keep ship bashing out of the comments/tags. Don’t like, just skip <3 Thank you.




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This starter meme is completely based off of THIS starter meme right here, it’s just in a different format to accommodate players with multiple accounts as opposed to just one!! I take no credit for it and if you want to appreciate the content, give the blog a follow, please!!

  • “You can’t have sex with your neighbor’s backyard above-ground pool.”
  • “Let me help you out of that swimsuit– POOL.”
  • “I sure hope we become best friends! But I don’t hope we have a falling out, leading us to have a tense, emotion-heavy, dramatic, competitive, love/hate relationship later on.”
  • “So, anyways, I regain consciousness, there’s cops everywhere, (name) is covered in blood, got an ice-pick– haha, it was kind of a weird Tuesday.”
  • “We’re gonna be late for anime school!”
  • “I’m just saying, is it illegal if I’m in my OWN pool?”
  • “(name) WAS A BITCH-ASS POSER.”
  • “Oh no, he’s hot when he’s sad!”
  • “This reminds me of prison. This reminds me of prison. This DEFINITELY reminds me of prison.”
  • “Look at that little pimp. He’s gonna grow up to be a prison ass mothafucka.”
  • “Let’s skip all the fluff and get to the part where we’re shirtless.”
  • “Homeboy looks like shark week, I ain’t messin’ with that.”
  • “It wasn’t a dream! We got arrested for trespassing! We went to JAIL!”
  • “Nah, man, we went to holding. There’s a big difference.”
  • “Yeah now we owe Easter Dave a favor– that is NOT a position you wanna be in.”
  • “Wouldn’t we have seen him around by now? I mean he is a bipedal shark-person.”
  • “I’VE GOT MACE!”
  • “Was macing us really necessary AFTER you remembered who we were?!”
  • “You took the fall for me and I said thank you.”
  • “I went to jail!”
  • “I spent 6 months at a correctional facility!”
  • “I stabbed a girl in the yard!”
  • “I think that guard you killed had a family!”
  • “Look at that majestic ass mothafucka. Like a dolphin or some shit. A dolphin with legs… and arms… and a jet pack.”
  • “That’s how they do it in Australia.”
  • “20 bucks on jabber jaws.”
  • “Hey, man did you TiVo Glee last night?”
  • “I’m not allowed to watch Glee, my dad says it might turn me into something bad. A musical theater major.”
  • “Neither one of them even died!”
  • “They won’t let me back into sewing club because apparently when I threaten someone with sewing needles it’s deemed ‘inappropriate’ and I 'have to leave’.”
  • “I have to tumblr this!”
  • “A guy with emotional issues who swims away his problems? Lady, that’s the whole team, you’re gonna have to be more specific.”
  • “I ship them! And them!”
  • “They hate each other, but they also fuck each other!“
  • “Hey, we try not to get this part of the gym wet so whatever you’re doing is gonna have to stop.”
  • “So do you wanna come back to my place, listen to some Dave Matthews, and talk about my work out routine?”
  • “I wonder if that stuff I hid is still here? … Nah, cops probably took it.”
  • “Do you know? Do you know for sure? Because I don’t need another incident.”
  • “If I get out of this chair, I guarantee you’ll end up in one with wheels.”
  • “Okay. I’ll admit, I’m a little threatened.”
  • “‘Sup bitches!~”
  • “Aren’t you that guy who drowned a kid? And burned down that building?”
  • “Get back to it before you learn a lesson in post-war, urban torture practices.”
  • “Remember, snitches get stitches!”
  • “Shut up, you’re high as balls!”
  • “You’re just mad because mom and dad thought you were a girl for the first year of your life.”
  • “Right, son. And speaking of crushing disappointments—”
  • “Coach tried to get me to vandalize a police station again.”
  • “Good thing I wore my Heelies.”
  • “He’s so hot but so crazy! Which makes him even MORE hot!”
  • “Come on, let me get those digits baby!”
  • “It should be illegal to be that fine!”
  • “Oh, just basic addition and subtraction. He was subtracting from my profits so I’m going to add a few extra holes in him.”
  • “This doesn’t seem like the time for polka-renditions of Ke$ha songs.”
  • “I hate it when you leave but I love watching you go.”
  • “Yeah, I’ve seen him. He’s in my scrapbook class. He cuts the eyes out of magazine photos.”
  • “Your arrest record is extensive… and amateur.”
  • “I want that boy to be my bride!”
  • “Pilates will do that, man, works your core.”
  • “What are we waiting for? Let’s go bro! Let’s g’bro!”
  • “Wow, you sure said that.“
  • “WOOP! WOOP! Hold it, I’m gonna have to pull you over for exceeding recommended hotness.”
  • “One time, we went camping in the woods, I just left 'em there. Nobody found them for like 5 days. I don’t even think their families cared, kinda sad, really.”
  • “So, what you’re saying is, if they disappeared, no one would notice?”
  • “Well I’ve gotta go not talk to you anymore.”
  • “I learned how to swim the old fashioned way. When I was five my dad took me out to a lake and tossed me right in the water.”
  • “I’m so happy right now! — And it’s not just ‘cause I get to see you in a bunch of different swimsuits. Okay, I lied, I’m sorry, that’s mostly the reason.”
  • “Hey, I know you! You helped me smuggle some stuff out of the country! How’ve you been, kid?”
Seven Years Later

A/N: This is legit my favorite story I have ever written, so happy to be reposting it, ENJOY! 

Originally posted by toyboxboy

Spencer paced back and forth in his small living room, continuously flipping through the pages of the manuscript. “You wrote a book about us?” he said as soon as he head the call connects. “Hi, how are? I’m doing okay, thank you for asking Spencer how about your self?” you said in a sarcastic tone of voice.  “Y/N, hello, how are you, I’m doing well. Did you write a book about us?”

“I wrote a book, in regards of certain events that unfolded in my life, you we’re involved in them. Therefor you are in the book, but there is no us so I did not write it about us, Spencer” you said calmly.

“Right” he wasn’t satisfied with that answer. “Look it doesn’t have your name specifically, it’s a young adult fiction book, no one you know is going to read it. I sent it to you only because I wanted you to know, but that’s all.” 

“Right, of course, no one is going to read it. Also I don’t think I look like a Matthew why did you name me Matthew?”

“Spencer if that is the only comment you have about that book, go read it again,” you said hanging up the phone. 

Spencer walked into Garcia’s office reading over the case file he was finishing, “Hey Garcia, can you verify this location for me.”

When she hadn’t responded he looked up to see her, and JJ’s face completely hidden behind a book, the book. “What are you guys doing?” Spencer said terrified. “Oh my god, this is so sad.” Penelope said still unable to put down the book. “I didn’t think it’d be so sad” JJ commented.

“What are you guys doing” Spencer asked again. “Reading, genius what does it look like” Penelope said flipping to the next page. “It looks like you’re not working” 

“How can we work? I need to know what Matthew does next, does he really marry Sara? Does Mila ever move on?” Penelope said dramatically.

“You’re reading a young adult book, on some teenagers relationship?” Spencer said trying to keep it casual. “This isn’t even real” he said trying to laughing it off.

“Well I hope it isn’t because if I we’re to ever meet this Matthew I would give him a piece of my very uncensored mind, I can’t believe he wouldn’t pick Mila, she was clearly the right choice” Penelope said.

“Seriously for being as smart as they make him sound he sure made a stupid move” JJ added.

Spencer was shocked to hear what his friends had to say. He knew he had made the right choice, he was certain he had. So certain, he’d never told anyone the whole story about you, because he didn’t need anyone’s opinions. But here they we’re reading it, and giving him all the unfiltered opinions he never thought he’d get to hear.

“Well let me know when you finally get back to work” he said as he headed for the door. “It’s gonna be a while Penelopes Magical Workshop of Knowledge is currently heart broken”

The book began to haunt Spencer is ways he never thought it would. There we’re poster advertisements everywhere he went. Every coffee shop was selling a copy, every book store was displaying it, every library was announcing when they’d have it available.

There was no escaping it, there was no escaping the thought that maybe he hadn’t made the right choice. Spencer sat at the table nervously awaiting your arrival. “I’m sorry I’m late, traffic was awful” you said catching Spencer by surprise when you sat next to him.

You grabbed the glass of water that was placed in the seat he was expecting you to take across from him. You didn’t see each other much, for many reasons, the primary excuse we’re your jobs, and crazy schedules. The other reasons we’re only spoken of once you had consumed enough alcohol.

You started off by catching up with any new work news or crazy cases he had, next the small talk of family. Followed by any news, weather, or books you had recently read. You both knew the small talk was coming to an end when you began to talk about the food. 

The same things we’re always said about the food, because you had been coming here for the last seven years. Gotten the same thing every time for the last seven years. Some might think it was repulsive to be so repetitive but this place held meaning.

It was where you told Spencer you loved him, it was where he told you, “You’re my best friend, I can’t risk losing you” it was where you told him you we’re getting married. That same restaurant was where he took you too eat the day you ran the opposite direction down the isle. 

But still you we’re his best friend, and he couldn’t risk losing you. It was where just a year ago he told you about Sara, and just six months ago he showed you the ring he would propose to her with. That was the last time you told him how you felt, just one last time.

So many memories, just not the ones you wanted. “Your book is every where, even my co workers have read it.” 

“Well so much for FBI agents not reading young adult love stories” you said shocked. “Well I’m sorry, they didn’t say anything did they”

“Yeah they did. They said Matthew was stupid and he made the wrong choice, and that for being so smart he sure was stupid” Spencer said with a fake smile on his face. “So did I make the wrong choice Y/N”

“That’s for you to answer Spencer, I’ve said everything I had to say. I even wrote it down for you so would never forget” 

“I’m sorry, I don’t want to do this again, I don’t want to hurt you, those we’re never my intentions.” Spencer could barely look at you in the eyes.

“It’s in the past, are we ever going to be able to keep any of this in the past”

That was the real question. For years it was a silent agreement, an elephant in the room. You never spoke of your feelings for him, although he knew. There we’re so many times when you swore he felt them too. It was so easy to fall in love with him, but so hard to forget about him. 

“There was one thing I have to say about the book”

You looked at him curiously, “You left out that Matthew loved Mila just as much as much. You made it seem as if I lied and I didn’t, but I didn’t have the courage to risk losing you”

“We lose some people either way”

“You’re right”

As Spencer walked up to his door the package in front of his door caught his attention, quickly he opened the sealed letter tapped to it.

“There are so many things I want to say, first off congratulations. Second of all, I’m afraid I’ll be missing the wedding. Warm weather, and sandy beaches await me. Third of all, I re-wrote the ending to the book. I wanted to give it, us, the happy ending we didn’t have the courage to give our self’s. Maybe in another lifetime, maybe never who knows. I’ll see you soon Spencer Reid.” Spencer traced over the words on the handwritten notes. Reaching inside of the shipping bag, he found the book, immediately flipping opening up.


“Dedicated to: Boy Wonder, it was an adventure being your friend, what a pleasure having my heart broken by you”

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the bus (Lin Manuel Miranda x reader)

Lim-Manuel Miranda

summary : ur on a bus & Lin happens to be on the same one too & u expose ur fangirlness

warnings : maybe cussing¿? embarrassment ,, awkwardness stupid friends

pronouns : they/them

a/n : the wifi on this bus only apparently works where there’s cell reception idfk wtf and this is that cute idea I thought of… maybe it’s not so cute??? PLSE tell me what u guys think I need to improve my writing !!!

a/n : the previous a/n was the original one, but I’m adding this in here. this may be an ongoing series!!! sorry for the shitty writing in advance GIMME FEEDBACK,,

1 ,, 2 ,, next chatpter in the works

your eyes were dropping. it was about four in the morning, and the tour bus was picking people up. you pressed play on some music and put to full volume. your friend next to you, tanushka, drifted off a few minutes before you. you felt yourself fade into sleep, letting your mind rest.


lin couldn’t believe it. he’d been in queens town for about six days and not a single person recognized him. no matter how peaceful it was, it was also disheartening. he didn’t let it get him down, he signed himself up for an 8 hour bus ride to Millford Sound. he walked onto the bus using the incredibly steep stairs, then heard a familiar beat. he couldn’t place it, but he saw the source of the noise- you. he walked towards your seat and that’s when tanushka noticed him.

she let out a loud gasp, grabbing your phone and opening it to the home screen, a picture of Lin on it. “you’re the guy! with the music play thing! LIT manny or something!” She exclaims in a shout-whisper. he laughs at lit-manny.

“I’m Lin-Manuel Miranda, if that’s what you mean.”

“yeah! That guy! Holy shit y/n FUCKING loves you!” she points at you.

“so you don’t mind if i… sit here?” he asks, wanting to surprise you.

“oh! oh! oh sure!” she gets up, letting him slide in. for the first he examines you. your hands were inside your star labs hoodie, and half of your face as well. he got to notice your hair and your eyes. from the corner of his eyes, in the seat pocket, he spotted glasses. you were cute enough in your own way. now that he was closer to you, he could hear all the music. it seemed your music range varied greatly. one second it was Hamilton, then it was Metallica, then it was twenty one pilots. it was quite amusing. then the bus driver spoke into the speakers, his voice startling you.

“o- what the SHIT? ugh tanushka you never wake me u-” you turned and Lin was smirking. you rubbed your eyes and blinked, fumbling for your glasses.

“what the heckle?” you muttered, letting your eyes clear to reveal Lin, laughing.

“well hello there I’m Lin-”

“Manuel Miranda” you finished, in awe, “no freaking way.”

“well yes freaking way. I kinda just, heard your music, and asked your friend, tanushka I believe?, if I could sit here.” at her cue, she popped up from behind you. “that’s me!”

“anyways, so hey! I guess you have some great music taste!” Lin chuckles. “so what’s you’re name?”

“uh- y/n” you stutter out. then with more confidence, “y/n l/n”.

“well, y/n, what a lovely name might I mention, may I ask you what you’re favorite Hamilton song?” he says, making you laugh.

“I have so many really- uh I guess I really like Washington on your side- ooh! or maybe the Reynolds Pamphlet! Definitely guns and ships! oh! also! RIGHT hand man? and the Schuyler sisters? they’re all so good and so brilliantly put together and the music and t-” his laugh interrupted you.

“I think I’d know how good it is, I spent way too much of my life writing them”

“modest MUCH?” you laugh, then realize how rude you came off. “I’m so sorry I didn’t meant to-”

“it’s fine! don’t be sorry!” he noticed your fidgeting. “nervous?”

“this is… a lot to take in” you breathed out.

“well take your time then.” he jokes, “the dad bod is my best attribute, I believe.” you laugh, and grab your phone.

“is it ok if I take a picture with you?” you ask awkwardly. he nods, and you open up camera. he spots your homescreen and points at it.

“that’s me!”

“well duh” you grin, holding up the camera so you could take a photo. you guys ended up taking maybe fifty because you both couldn’t keep a straight face.

“you don’t mind if I… sit here for the rest of the ride?” he asked, quite nervously. Lin has a crush. yes, it was a school girlish crush, but you had such a bright attractive personality… he couldn’t help it. was that even legal? liking a fan? it seemed like a distant thought, a foreign idea only sought after in fanfiction.

“oh my god of course!” you were practically screaming, a grin so wide that Lin couldn’t help but smile.

“so… let’s get to know each other I guess?” Lin said, then tried to think of a question. “oh! what’s your twitter handle?” he asks and you tell him. a pan formularles in his head on how to get your number.

“can you send me the photos?” Lin asks, reaching for your phone “here I’ll-”

“I’ll just dm it on Twitter!” you smile and type in his handle, sending him the photos. there goes that.

“you don’t mind sending me all the pictures? Maybe it would be faster over text?” he tried again.

“oh it’s fine, you don’t want a fan like me with your number.” you say, not getting the hint.

“I mean-”

“don’t worry about it! there, it should have delivere-”

“goddamit can I please have your number?” he finally blurts. your eyes widen as you look up at him.


“I-uhm” Lin didn’t know how to fix this. he scratches the back of his head, looking towards his feet

“I’d love to give you my number.” You grin, and send it to him over Twitter.

“uh thanks” he grins sheepishly, then posted a photo. your phone rang with the notification for both Lins post & that he tagged you.

“you have me on post notifs?” he laughs, running a hand through his hair. god, he was cute.


“that’s cute.” he says laughing at your blush.

met the most amazing dum dum ever… (your handle)

you blushed again and covered your laugh as you looked at him. “this is so sweet!” you exclaim, and it was his turn to blush as he nervously looked towards the floor.

“and you followed me? what? that’s so cool! oh my gosh!” you gush, smile plastered across your cheeks.

“it’s no problem, really.” he says.

“thank you! well god, I’m tired so you don’t mind if I take a quick nap?” you ask, and he laughs. in the back of his head, he prayed the cliche gods were at work and you would fall asleep onto his shoulders.

to be continued¿

Plow Me

Because I’m self indulgent

In my defense, @secretschuylersister started it [And yes, it is based off of The Tag, her Legendary tag, id you could not tell by the title]

Pairing: Lin x reader (I think? I mean, it kind of turned out more Daveed x readerish. I was thinking that if people actually like this, I might do a second part and put more Lin in it… Unless y’all want it to be a Daveed fic? That works too.)

Warnings: probably OOCish characters (Taylor included? Not sure if she swears… Never mind yes she does) Sexual references, hardcore shipping, fangirl Daveed, some swearing (okay, lots of swearing) - that’s it, I think

Summary: The Hamilcast finds out about something that they maybe shouldn’t have

Note: Special thanks to @timeforhamilton who let me send this for her for advice and encouraged me to keep going, @secretschuylersister for answering my questions for “research” and @on-written-wings for her oh-so-helpful Industrial Revolution list! If you haven’t met any of them, check them out! They’re all hilarious, kind, wonderful, too great for this world awesome! :)


“You’re joking.”

“Do it.”


“But why not?” Daveed pressed.

“Because it’s creepy!” Anthony defended. “Why would I look up Lin?”

“Trust me, the results are very amusing.”

“How exactly would you know that, Diggs?”

“I’ll give you three guesses… And ten dollars if you do it.”

Anthony sighed, folding under the promise of money for his troubles.

Daveed grinned, letting out a fist pump into the air.

“The things I do for you people…” Anthony breathed, even as he pulled his laptop closer to him, Google already getting up and running.

His fingers began to lazily drift over the keys, but after a few seconds, they stopped, a smirk curling on his face as his eyebrows lifted further.

“Oh, Diggs, you were right.”

“Why? What’d you find?” Daveed asked eagerly, moving so he could see the screen, eager for the scoop on something he might’ve missed.

Sitting there, all too innocently in the search bar, were the unfinished words Lin-Manue.

In the drop down list of frequent searches just below it, from the bottom up, it went lin-manuel miranda net worth, lin-manuel miranda drunk history, lin-manuel miranda moana, lin-manuel miranda, and, at the very top of the list, securing it’s spot as the most searched topic with his name on it, lin-manuel miranda plow me.

The two shared a mischievous look, devious grins slowly growing on their faces.

It took all of two seconds for them to silently agree, and immediately afterwards, Anthony had furiously clicked the first option, repeatedly doing so until the next page had loaded.

Scrolling down, he murmured, “So, Tumblr is the blue void from whence this came, eh? Let’s see if we can find out where this started…”

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Commenting on Fanfic: A how-to guide for not being an asshole. Even unintentionally.

You’ve just read a fanfic that has left an indelible impression, and the siren song of the comment box is calling your name. It begs for you to send your opinion to the author… but should you? Are your thoughts really helpful or encouraging or even all that important?

Well… lets break it down! What do you want to say, and should you say it? And if you should, what should you say?


I want to flail at them because their writing is amazing! My comment would be nothing but effuse praise and adulation.

Full speed ahead, captain! By all means! You post that comment! Write for days! There is not enough positive feedback in all the world if you’re a fanfic author. We drink that shit up like it’s the blood of the innocent.

And if you feel awkward about commenting on explicit fic, don’t fret. We’ve all been there. Don’t do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, but if you want to say something positive about an explicit work, go for it! We wrote explicit fic. We know why you’re here.

Something to consider: While, “THIS IS AMAZING! FLAILING FOREVER! THANK YOU!” is an awesome compliment to receive, it isn’t the same as positive feedback. If you’d like to have a bigger impact on an author that you really enjoy, comment with something specific about their writing and how it moved you. 

- “I liked the way you decribed <specific thing here>. It made me feel like I was part of the story.”

- “Your word choice here was amazing!” 

- “ *cut and paste a small section of dialogue or action* This was my favorite part.”

This is not necessary by any means. Flail-comments are still the greatest thing ever, and are the best part of any writer’s day. It’s not a matter of one being better than the other. It’s about what sort of impact you want to have on the writer. Praise and flailing are ego and mood boosters and are sure to help us keep writing, and writing more of what you like. Specific positive feedback is a great way to help a writer find and improve their voice when writing. 

And “thank you” is always nice. It’s good to acknowledge that fic writers do this on their free time, and let them know that you appreciate it.


This fic is amazing and I want to encourage updates or ask when it will be updated!

Tread carefully here. While on one hand, you could simply be meaning to encourage a writer to keep writing, but I know a lot of writers (particularly who start publishing before they are finished) that get anxious over requests for updates. Be mindful of your wording, and be sure you tell the author that you’re enjoying the work. Keep it positive and encouraging. 

Remember that fanfic authors have lives outside of writing fic. There may be some real world obstacles in the way of their fic writing, and guilting them about updates will not help. And in fact, it may hinder their ability to write. Not everyone responds well under pressure when it comes to creative outlets.

Something to consider: Pair your request with compliments! And avoid outright demands for updates.

Do: “This story is so amazing. I really love your pacing throughout the chapters. The suspense is amazing. I can’t wait for more! Thank you so much for writing!”

Don’t: “When are you updating? I’m dying here!” or “Update soon !!!”


Eeek! This fic I really love has a typo/grammatical error! Can I tell the author in a comment?

Pause for a moment! We are now treading into the dangerous land of uninvited criticism. While your intentions are no doubt good, this could very very easily be taken the wrong way. Or just flat unwanted for whatever reason. This is criticism that is coming quite possibly from a total stranger. There are a few things to consider.

First, check the author’s notes on the fic itself. Do they state that it’s unbetaed and invite corrections? Some do! Myself included when I publish something that has been edited by no one but myself. I know I miss things. When this is the case, I always put an invitation for corrections in my author’s notes, and many other fic writers do the same. Or they put it in their author bio on their main page. 

If you see no explicit invitation for corrections, do not do it. It’s as simple as that. I don’t care how egregious the errors are. It is quite simply not your place.

If you do see an invitation for corrections, a few steps are advised. First, go leave a comment on the fic. Make no mention of the corrections there. Just let them know you enjoyed it and thank them for their work. Then, send them a private message, not anonymously, with a gentle wording of the correction. Don’t do this in a comment that everyone can see. There’s no need to be exhaustive if you’ve caught a lot of errors. Sometimes just one or two corrections are enough to make an author go back through with a fine-toothed comb themselves. Then, thank them again in the private message and lay on a compliment or two there as well.  Again… this is not their day job, nor are you their writing professor.

Do: In a private message, “Hi AmazingAuthorPerson! I absolutely loved your fic “Fic from the Pairing X.” You invited spelling corrections in your author notes, and I wanted to let you know that this word was mispelled here.” *copy/paste line where mispelling takes place* “Your work is incredible. Thank you so much for taking the time to write and share with us! Sincerely, PoliteReaderPerson.”

Don’t: In a public comment, “I found errors X, Y, Z, AA, BB, and CC.”

Something to do instead: If you’ve got a good eye for editing, and you’re really interested in helping out fanfiction writers, consider becoming a beta reader. I see requests for beta readers all the time, particularly from people writing in their second/third/fiftyseventh language, and some of the more established fandoms have lists of beta readers. Just know that this can sometimes mean forming a relationship with a writer that goes beyond just comments on their work. Part of what makes unsolicited corrections icky is that they’re coming from total strangers.


The author did not appropriately tag something! Can I tell them?

This is a similar situation to the above scenario with corrections. Even though you may not feel like it be careful, especially with your wording. 

First, consider if there’s something seriously misleading going on? Is the maturity rating wrong? Did they fail to tag triggering material that would have been important to you to know about for safety reasons? 

If it truly is something serious, especially regarding triggering material, very gently tell them using the same method as for corrections. And remember that even though you might be upset, aiming that negativity at the author for what might be an honest mistake or just flat ignorance about tagging is not helpful in the long run.

Do:  “Hi AmazingAuthorPerson! I really appreciate that you take the time to write fanfiction for our fandom. In your fic, “Character Has a Bad Day” there is a scene that contains XYZ triggering material, but the fic is not tagged as containing XYZ material. Would you please update your tags so that your readers can be aware if they need to be? Thank you again for your work! Sincerely, PoliteReaderPerson.”

Don’t: Flame or even shame them in a public comment. Or be rude or angry in the private message. 

Regardless of what the author’s response is, move on with your life. You’re not the fandom police. 


Oh no! I just read a fic and I didn’t like the pairing/ending/a plot twist! I with they had done something else! I need to tell the author!

No, you don’t. 

It’s as simple as that so let me repeat it.

No, you don’t.

Here is where we get into the most valuable tool in a fic-reader’s commenting arsenal. 

Not Commenting.

Yes, it’s true! The option exists to just not comment. You can read something, not like it, and then move on with your life! 

Odds are good the author chose to write what they did for a reason that is personal to them. The idea of changing canon, keeping to canon, shipping a pair, not shipping a pair, or whatever it was spoke to them and they wanted to explore it. Or it was a request from a friend! Regardless, let them do so in peace. 

Or go write your take on the same pairing and write it how you think it should be done. I’ll be honest, I’ve read some fanfic where I’ve gone… “Yeah, I don’t know that I like that. I think I would like this better.” And then I go write it! Or at least bat the idea around awhile until it’s out of my system. Hell… isn’t that what fix-it-fics and non-canon-compliant actually is?

Do: Click the little “x” window. Go read a favorite fic you do like. Leave another positive comment for that author. 

Don’t: Leave negative comments.


That’s the ultimate takeaway here folks. Negative comments are not helpful to fic writers. Full stop. If you feel the author needs to know you didn’t like something, particularly if it has to do with what they chose to write about, or how they chose to portray a character/pairing, I would ask you this:

Why does the author need to know? 

Why does the author need to know about your personal tastes in fandom/fanfiction? Especially if it doesn’t include what they are writing. They aren’t here to cater to you and your personal tastes. That is what fic commissioning is for. That’s what tagging is for. So we all can find what we want to enjoy.

So enjoy things. And let other people enjoy things. And most importantly, let authors enjoy writing the things they feel moved to write about.

This has been a public service announcement.

*vanishes in a puff of feathers and caffeine.*

Beautiful Things

Request: Nah.

Word Count: 1665

Summary: Reader is in Peter’s photography class and very bitter about their less than optimal grade, especially compared to “Perfect Parker.” One night he hand delivers them the perfect way to an ‘A’.

Ships: Peter Parker x Reader

Warning: None. Enjoy your fluff.

Tag List: @morgiee  @justinbiberlover12 

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A/N: Some of this fic was co-written by @problemforfuturetech . I really recommend you check out their blog!!!!!

You wandered around Queens, hoping for anything to get you a passing grade in photography. Maybe your teacher, Mr. Nichols, would be a more lenient if “Perfect Peter Parker” turned in one bad photo. No, every single one of his pictures was an awesome shot from an interesting angle. Most were from impossible heights. How could you compete? But, of course Peter set the standard.

It was past midnight, and you were hoping for some human interest. Unfortunately, most “human interest” out at this hour was a bit… sketchy. So far more than six people had asked you for money, and you’d quickly jogged past too many dark alleys with ominous sounds of drug deals and drunk men at the end.

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anonymous asked:

Cn & lb's weapons have Internet access & untraceable IPs so when they're bored on patrol they livesteam & do random shit on youtube & bc of that everyone sees them as people not just heroes & sometimes alya gets in on it & they stream to the ladyblog

have you guys ever seen that shipping video that thomas sanders and jon cozart did? this is p much based off that xD

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

Summary: “We’ve noticed something interesting going on. An alarming number of people seem to ship Ladybug and I.”“

Yeah, it’s tricky stuff shipping real life people. People expect us to be romantically compatible. But are we?”

An exclusive Ladyblog Livestream Event with Ladybug and Chat Noir where they decide once and for all whether Ladynoir is a compatible (and acceptable) ship. Remember to like comment and subscribe!

“Okay, guys. Act natural, and remember this is just for fun. You guys cool with doing your own intro and everything?”

Ladybug scoffed. “Are you kidding? You’re giving him control of an entire video, he’s totally fine.”

“You can literally make fun of me until the end of time, I don’t care. Do you know how much I’ve fantasized about doing a YouTube tag?” Chat Noir bounced in his seat a little bit and cracked his knuckles. “I am beyond ready.”

Ladybug jutted a thumb at him and smirked at Alya. “See? I think we’ll be good.”

Alya snorted and finished setting up her phone on the little tripod mount she bought specifically for the occasion. Her hands were shaking a little bit because she was still finding it hard to believe that Ladybug and Chat Noir were actually sitting in her living room, not even a few feet away from her. 

It had always been her dream to do a Livestream to the Ladyblog that wasn’t just focusing on the superheroics. Yes it was always exciting to get details on fights, on their powers, on what goes through their heads in the middle of battles, but at the end of the day they were still the same age as Alya. She wanted to have the chance to just do something silly with them. News reporters very rarely treated them like the teenagers they were, and Alya was sure that her followers would get a kick out of them doing something humorous on camera. She’d made a whole blog post about it one night when she was sleep deprived and not thinking before she typed. 

But two days later, when she caught them right after another akuma fight, Ladybug pointed her out of the crowd and mentioned that they both saw the post she’d made. “Feel free to ring us up when you have an idea for a video,” she grinned.

It was almost too good to be true, but Alya wasn’t going to let go of an opportunity like this. The amount of views and followers she’d get after this would be astronomical. She was practically vibrating. “Alright, you crazy kids, I’m gonna read off the questions for you once you start. Whenever you’re ready.”

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what are you're thoughts on the trans danny headcanon/theory??

Y’know, this is the third time I’ve been asked about this headcanon, yet I’ve never actually shared my thoughts. All I’ve said is that I like it. If you guys are so curious about what I think, though, I guess I can go into more detail.

So, here are my thoughts on the trans Danny theory. I’ll put them under a cut for length and so people who aren’t interested in this headcanon can easily scroll past. Meaning I specifically don’t want my sister reading this that would be embarrassing.

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Dear shalidin Antis.

I’m not even going to not post this in halls tag because you know what? Fuck you. Fuck you with a very long rusty pole. Why? Because you keep using a word which is only meant to be applied in serious circumstances. Oh like real life prepubescent children actually being sexually taken advantage of by real live actual adults.

Like what happened to me when I was just 7 years old! Meaning I’m a victim of Child Sex Abuse!

The word you keep misusing is: pedophila.

And how are you taking this word out of context? By fucking applying it to random ass people on the internet who ship underage characters in sexual relationships with adult characters. OH!! Did I forget mention that they are FUCKING FICTIONAL AS FUCK!?

Now what’s the definition of fiction?

Fiction: literature in the form of prose, especially short stories and novels, that describes imaginary events and people.

Wait. Wait. What’s that word? Yeah. That one. IMAGINARY! HOLY FUCK!!! Who knew that fiction wasn’t actually real! Huh! All this time I thought Kieth and Shiro were real people and that Shiro was a Ephebophile!

Oh what’s that? You don’t know what a Ephebophile? Well no wonder! You keep calling innocent people pedophiles because they ship something you don’t like so of course you wouldn’t know that there’s actually a word that describes a sexual attraction between ass grown as adult and a mid to late teenager!

Wow!!! You learning something new every fucking day!!

If your wondering why I am so salty over this it’s because as a CSA victim I can’t stand that shippers, who have never sent sexual messages to a child or sexually touched a child, is being called a pedophile by 14 to 20 year olds who never get off the computer and associate with real life and use the word because HOW DARE SOMEONE SHIP WHAT I DONT LIKE REEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!*autistic screeching*

It takes what the word means and makes it null, and so when you actually do out a pedophile, who has sent sexual messages or sexually touched a child, no ones gonna believe you. “Oh it’s probably JUST another shipper who ships something this person doesn’t like.”

I HATE, HATE HATE HATE HATE, having to second guess if someone is an actual pedophile who has touched actual kids because shitty ass people use it against others because they ship something that makes you uncomfortable!

No I understand! Stuff like that can and is uncomfortable as hell. But you can’t just call someone a pedophile because they draw art, write fanfiction, or enjoy this stuff of an underage character.

And before you bring up “but but but da minors might see it!!!! Dur hur hur!!” I do care that minors might see this work but they really shouldn’t be left on the web by themselves with o a parent checking on them. And if a parent can’t check on them every minute then they need to put parental locks on the computer.
It’s not my job or anyone else’s job to babysit kids on the web. You want us to watch the content we create and reblog? Fine, pay us. You want us to babysit some kid we don’t know then ya gotta pay us like a babysitter.

Welp that’s all for my rant.

Oh ps. If your a 14 year old whose on tumblr but don’t want to see the porn? Get off. Tumblr is not here to cater to you, or at least put on the block.
And before any of you kumquats get onto be for the autistic screeching I’m allowed to use that because I am autistic. I got a card and everything for it.

Trying Too Hard (Part 2)

Summary: The Avengers saved you from Hydra, but you aren’t intent on staying in their tower like they all want. 

Warnings: swearing, fighting 

Ship: eventually bucky x reader

Part Zero Part One Part Two 

You wake up feeling exhausted. You opened your eyes and jumped out of bed when you realized you didn’t know where you were. Memories from the previous day flashed through your mind. The Winter Soldier. The lady you killed. 

Your breath caught in your throat as you remembered what you did the day before. Realizing that this must be the Avengers tower, you check the time. It’s 3:30 in the morning. You creep towards the door and open it slowly, hoping that you could sneak out quickly and never have to see any of them again. Especially him

You didn’t bother closing the door behind you as you crept into a living area that was connected to a kitchen. Past that you saw an elevator. Your steps were completely silent, curtesy of Hydra’s training, as you speed-walked to the elevator doors. It was risky and slow, but you hoped it be quieter than running down who knows how many flights of stairs. 

As you walked past the kitchen, your body screamed at you to get food, but you resisted. There might not even be food in there, and you didn’t know what would happen if you tried to open anything. Making it to the elevator with ease, you pressed the down button and waited. Your whole body was tense, with your metal hand curled into a fist. Just as the elevator doors opened and you prepared to jump inside and push the ‘close door’ button as fast as possible, you heard footsteps behind you. 

“Going somewhere?” 

You turn around slowly to see Tony Stark in normal clothes, with the exception of his hands, which were inside part of the Iron Man suit. You watched as more of the suit flew from the hallway to attach to his body. 

“Just let me leave.” You try to reason, slowly backing into the elevator. 

“Jarvis, disable the elevator system.” Tony commands without looking away from you. “It’s safer if you’re here. There’s lots of people out there who want you.”

“Yeah, and you’re one of them.” Your stance becomes more defensive when you realize you’ve been cornered. 

“We’re the good guys.”

“Not all of you.” You reply quickly. “You won’t win this fight alone.” 

By this time he was wearing the complete suit, but you knew you could overpower him. 

“It doesn’t have to end in a fight.” 

“It always ends in a fight.”

“Stop!” Another voice yells, and you can tell they’re approaching fast. 

Captain America and Wanda appear from around the corner, neither of them suited up. You knew Cap wasn’t a match for you without his shield, but Wanda was a real issue. You wouldn’t get anywhere as long as she was around. 

“Stay out of my head.” You warn, glaring directly at her. “I don’t want to fight any of you, but I’m not staying here.” 

“She won’t do that unless you has to.” Steve explains, but Wanda interrupts him. 

“It’s okay, Steve.” She looks to you. “I know that you’re scared, I was too. But-”

“Stop telling me that I’m scared!” You cut her off, raising your voice. “I’m not scared! 

“You’re right, you’re not.” Wanda agrees, her eyes glossy. “But you are projecting your hatred for Hydra onto Bucky.”

“I said stay out of my head!” You scream, running at her but Tony grabs you and holds you back. You grab ahold of his arm and easily start crushing the suit with your metal hand. “Let go of me!” 

“Wanda, knock her out, make her see clearly, anything!” Steve suggested, his voice holding a slight panic as your hand easily destroys Tony’s suit. 

“I don’t think either of those things are going to help the situation.” Wanda counters. 

There’s no way that you were unfairly projecting your anger for Hydra onto… Bucky. It’s his fault that you look like this! It’s his fault that they tried to make you like him! 

Eventually Tony let you go to prevent further damage to the suit and himself. You stood, still unsure of how you were going to get out of this one. 

“It can’t be Bucky’s fault that this happened to you. Bucky was an experiment, a weapon, just like you. It wasn’t his choice, just like it wasn’t yours.” Steve tries to explain. “Hydra’s done terrible things to many people, but it’s okay because you’re safe now.” 

You felt tears threatening to form as you realized you had been unfairly putting your emotions on Bucky. 

“I didn’t even lose my arm in an accident like him.” You confess, tears welling up in your eyes. “They just cut it off.”

You’re comforted by Steve enveloping you in a hug. 

You went back to your room but never fell asleep, instead you spent the next four hours staring at your arm and thinking. 

An unexpected knock upon your door made you jump, but you quickly hopped off your bed to answer it. You opened the door to see Steve on the other side. 

“What?” You asked, just wanting to be left alone. 

“Get ready, there’s clothes in all the drawers and closets if you haven’t already checked.” Steve responds. “We’re going to do some training, and then we’re going to see how strong that arm of yours is compared to Bucky’s.”

Part Three

tags (strike means i couldn’t tag you): @kitty31177 @braelyn250 @just-damn-peachy @satansknittingclub @cigarettesincemetaries @ellexirmalfoy

A/N: I’m sorry there’s no Bucky in this part, but there are going to be two updates today instead of just one, so if you wait patiently he will come :)

mynameisquiche  asked:

:OO can you give me hanahaki lance, but like hes with hunk already and hes poly but he doesnt know what that is so he feels like shit for being in love with keith too and hides both his attraction to keith and the hanahaki until ?? (its too late? theyre just in time to save him?? you decide fam) (also actually the whole time keith liked him too but he was with hunk rip) klunk isnt my thing, but you can do that! or just an open, understanding relationship would be fine too (what i prefer tbh) <3

hmmm, I’ve never really looked into the klunk ship tag before, but I’ve always thought it was a really nice idea, so hopefully, I’ve done this prompt some justice. I’m sorry it’s taken so long to get this out to you.

Lance loves Hunk. no doubt in his mind at all. he’s so lucky to have Hunk not only in his life, but to be able to call him his boyfriend is the best thing Lance could ever ask for. they’ve gone through so much to together, some of it good, others not so much. Hunk was there when he came out to his parents; Hunk was there for him when Lance had his heart broken by so many before him; Hunk has always been there for him, and Lance wouldn’t want anyone else to be with.

and yet, here he is, heaving into the toilet in the middle of the night alone. throwing up red and white flower petals as the burning in his throat makes it almost impossible to breathe. after minutes of clutching onto the toilet seat, he finally stops coughing out petals and is able to get a full breath into his burning lungs. this doesn’t make any sense; why is he coughing up red petals? he might need to talk with Coran about this, he might know what’s going on.


“ahh! yes, I have heard about this before. it’s called Hanahaki disease. it is when flowers grow in the lungs and around the heart, usually when it comes to unrequited love. lost a few Alteans to it long ago when traveling the universe, although I’m not sure how a human has caught it? it’s quite interesting.”

“Yeah, yeah super interesting, but there’s a way to get rid of it, yeah? I mean, if you’ve lost people because of it-”

“Don’t worry lad, there are ways of curing it. the simplest way is to confess your feelings to the person, but there is always surgery. but of course, there are drawbacks to going through with the surgery.”

“Alright, thanks Coran for the information.”

“glad to help number 3, I hope that your confession is well received and that you feel better soon.” Coran pats Lance’s shoulder before leaving Lance alone with his thoughts.

all he has to do is confess, and then this…hanahulahoop, or whatever it’s called, will go away. except…Lance knows that it’s not because of Hunk. he knows he loves Hunk, and those feeling are returned. but it’s also the fact that…Lance knows who it is about. it’s something that he’s been beating himself up about for weeks on end, and many nights he hates himself because of it.


it’s Keith. somehow that hotheaded, impulsive man has weaseled his way into Lance’s heart, creating chaos for his heart because he still loves Hunk, unconditionally. He wouldn’t want to do anything to hurt him, and yet he’s done the worst thing possible.  he’s found himself in love with Keith as well. And it’s been tearing him apart whenever it crosses his mind. He’s spent countless nights trying to figure out why…why did this have to happen.Lance hasn’t been able to figure out what to do, and now his health is on the line because of the debacle in his heart that has been destroying him mentally and emotionally.

he needs to tell Hunk. it’s unfair to him to keep hiding this from him. but even after everything they’ve been through, all of the ups and down, Lance is scared. He’s scared to tell Hunk, let alone tell Keith. He can’t do that to either of them. He loves both of them too much to bring that kind of pain onto them. Lance groans into his hands, unsure of how to solve any of this mess that he’s put himself in. he just needs time to figure out what to do. Just a little time to sort out his head.

He can hide this for a few days, just until he figures out how to tell the both of them.


Lance is hiding something from him. Hunk is sure of it. Lance has never been good at hiding stuff from others, especially from Hunk. Usually Lance will come to him on his own after a couple of days of trying to hide from him and they’ll talk things out about what’s been bothering Lance.

So when Hunk can tell that Lance is hiding something from him, he doesn’t mind waiting for him to come on his own accord.

But after two weeks of Lance avoiding Hunk and the others, making up weird excuses about why he’s late to training or dinner, Hunk is seriously contemplating about going to Lance and getting him to talk to him. Yes, it will be much harder than when Lance voluntarily comes to him, but Lance is worth it. He’s always worth it.

Hunk walks up to the blue Paladin’s door and gives it a few knocks. But there’s no response.

“Lance? It’s me. Can you open the door?”

There’s still no response. Hunk lets out a sigh and starts working on the panel to try and get the door to open, but finally, he door opens and Lance hangs out of it halfway looking paler than usual.

“Oh. Hey Hunk.”

Man, Hunk is pretty sure that he’s never heard Lance’s voice be so hoarse before, not even when he had to get his tonsils removed because they were affecting his voice.

“Hey, are you okay? You don’t look too good?” Hunk takes a step closer and places his hand on Lance’s forehead, getting a resounding hum from his boyfriend.

“Yeah, it’s just a….cold. I’ll be fine.” Hunk frowns a bit at the hesitant reply but is more worried about the heat coming from Lance’s forehead. “You might have a fever too. How about I bring by some space noodle soup and look after you.”  Hunk is a bit surprised when Lance moves away from him, hiding behind his door more than before. “ no. No, it’s okay. You don’t have to.” Hunk moves closer to the door, trying to get Lance to come back out again. “But I want to. I want to take care of my boyfriend.” Lance shrinks further behind his door, coughing raggedly into the crook of his elbow. Hunk is now extremely worried by how bad his cough is, Hunk keeps following Lance farther and farther into his room, and it’s when Lane tries to say something, Hunk sees the blood stain on Lance’s sleeve. Hunk immediately takes hold of Lance’s arm, his eyes trained on the large blood stain in such horror. How could it be so bad? Why didn’t Lance come to earlier? Why is Lance shaking his head? Did Hunk somehow break Lance’s trust so much that he didn’t trust him to tell him about how sick he was?! No. no, right now he can’t let himself worry about why right now. Lance needed serious medical help. Now.

Hunk is pulled out of his head as Lance starts to hack again, still trying to hide behind his free arm, but the coughing doesn’t stop. It only gets worse and worse with no sign of stopping in the slightest. Lance starts to go down to his knees, foregoing trying to hide the blood he continues to cough up in favor of trying to find a full breath. Hunk watches in horror as he watches the love of his life slowly die right before his eyes. He doesn’t stop to question the flowers and vines being coughed up with all the blood; he doesn’t want to stand by as he watches his boyfriend’s life bleed out of his mouth.

Hunk scoops up Lance and runs for his life for the infirmary. Whispering reassurances and support into Lance’s hair. He can’t lose Lance. He can’t. He can’t think about all the blood on Lance’s floor. He can’t think about how much blood and flowers into Hunk’s shirt. If he thinks about it too much he’s going to be sick himself, and he can’t save Lance’s life if he’s freaking out about how is boyfriend is dying in his arms right now.


Hunk doesn’t want to look down. He doesn’t want to see how pale Lance looks. He just needs to make it to the infirmary. He just passed the main deck, he’s almost there.

“-Hu-cough cough-Hunk…”

Just a little further. He’s almost there now. He barely acknowledges the rapid foot steps behind him. Just get to the infirmary that’s the only thing on his mind. Just get to the infirma- a weak tug on the collar of his shirt finally makes look down at the man cradled in his arms. Blood and red-ish petals sticking to his mouth. He looks so fragile, and yet he’s still trying to smile up at Hunk as if nothing is wrong in the world. But everything is wrong. Lance is dying and he doesn’t know why or how it got to this point.

Lance weakly reaches up and rubs at Hunk’s tear stained cheek. He coughs up more blood and vines into his lap, but he still somehow smiles up at Hunk.

“-unk, I’m so-sorry. I nev-cough cough-never wanted to hurt you.”

“You’re going to be fine Lance, I swear! We’re going to solve this like we always do. Together. Just hang on a little longer.”

Hunk practically runs down the doors of the infirmary, the rest of the team just behind them. Hunk looks around, not quite sure what to do now that he’s finally there. Coran doesn’t miss a beat and gets a pod setup for Lance.

“Hu-Hunk. ‘m sorry. I…Love you.”

“I love you too Lance, so don’t leave me yet. Please. Just hang on a little bit longer.”

“Hunk! The pod is ready!”

Hunk doesn’t waste any time and places Lance into the pod, the glass appearing between them and Lance as they watch with bated breath. Hunk praying to whatever god may be up there for Lance to be okay. For any sign that Lance is going to make it.

Just to even hear his heartbeat on the holographic monitor.


BTS Reaction To You Shipping Them With Another Member

Rap Monster 

You would be sat cuddling on the sofa and out of context you would say 

You: ”Namjoon”

Namjoon: “Hmm?”

You: “Ever since you and I got together and I met the guys, I have always thought that you would ship with Jin.”

Namjoon: “Well y/n, he is my husband” he smiled 

You: (sit there just laughing)

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You’re wandering round the house excitedly looking through your phone, exclaiming “Minnie Jin!” repeatedly.

“Jagi?” he asks “I’m not mini; why do you keep calling me mini Jin?”

“No, no, no!” you tell him “Minnie Jin; you and Jimin, n’awh!” you screech slightly, holding up one of the pictures you are looking through on some Tumblr tag of Jin and Jimin ship moments.

“You’re so weird y/n…” he says. 

“But you even said! You said you’d date Jimin!”

“Yeah, in an interview when they ask those ‘what if?’ type of questions!”

“You still said it Jinnie! Look! I’ve even come up with the most boss ship name for you two! Minnie Jin! It’s so smol and adorable, I just – go marry Jimin!” you exaggerate, now being extremely over the top and fangirling massively.

“Oh Jagi… calm down!” he chuckles. “I know Jiminie is cute, but… not as cute as you” he smiles.

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You’re having dinner with the boys and opposite to you sits Yoongi and next to him is Namjoon. Everyone is engaging in meaningful conversation, catching up, talking about old times, etc, but you’re very quiet and passive in the conversations. 

You just can’t help but sit there and admire the view, elbow resting on the table, jaw resting on your fist. To the outsider, it most likely means you’re admiring your boyfriend, taking in the view and appreciating the beauty that you see within him… but as he begins a full on conversation with the band leader, Namjoon, you begin to think to yourself how good they look together and admire the sight of the pairing.

After about half an hour of you not saying very much at the dinner table and eating your food at a much slower pace than usual, Yoongi calls you up on it: “Y/n… are you okay? You’ve barely touched your food and you’ve been rather quiet since we got here.” You manage to utter a reply of something along the lines of “I’m fine… I was just thinking…”

At this, Yoongi just shrugs, figuring he can hear about what the real reason for your change in personality is later, but after a few moments of silence, you simply say “You look good together,” thinking out loud without meaning to. Upon realizing your mistake, you blush heavily, leaving Yoongi to respond with “Huh?” 

You figure you might as well continue thinking out loud now that you’ve said this, and reply “You and Namjoon… you just look visually pleasing together I guess.”

Pretending to look shocked/offended as a joke, Yoongi exclaims “Woah! Y/n, I know Namjoon is my leader…” he begins, then briefly turning to Namjoon to say “..and I appreciate everything you’ve done for me, man,” he tells him, patting him on the shoulder and then turning back to you “…but I’m just not that way inclined!” he says, shaking his head. 

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You’re at the end of watching one of the Sope VLive streams and you’re sat there smiling like an idiot. Hobi approaches you to ask sweetly “What are you smiling so hard about y/n?”

You close your device up (laptop, tablet case, etc) and sort of shout “I SHIP IT!” To which he gets frightened and shook at the sudden movement and noise (bless him, he gets so shook at everything save his soul) “Woah, jagi! What are you on about?” he asks, backing away.

You approach him and cuddle him, looking into his eyes “You know Hobi, I’d be mad about the potential competition I have to be up against, but… ah! I’m such a fan of Sope! You guys are the best! So cute!”

He chuckles at your sudden Sope feels and pulls you in closer as you continue to cuddle “Aw, y/n! There’s no competition!…Wait, do you really think we look cute together?” he asks, pausing from the hug to look at your eyes.

“Of course!” you reply “You know what? I think you are the one true BTS ship,” you bluntly tell him.

He changes from mellow mode to hyper sunshine mode “Aw! Jagi!” He stops cuddling you to leave the room.

“Wait, Hobi, where are you going?” you ask. He seems to not have heard you, but all you hear is him shouting “Yoongi-Yoongi-Yoongi-hyung!!!”

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You are laid in in bed asleep when you mumble in your sleep and say “Jikook” 

With this Jimin wakes up and says “Y/n why did you say ‘Jikook’?” You also wake up and look at him and say “I am sorry baby. Did I wake you by talking in my sleep? What did I say? ‘Jikook’? Ah… yeah, I ship Jikook…” 

Jimin: “Why you ship Jungkook with me? Why not Tae or someone…?”

you: “But you’re cute together!” 

Jimin: “But I was born in Busan first!” he says stomping his feet and crossing his arms 

You: “I am sorry; I can’t help who I ship you with.” 

Jimin: “I am sorry baby for being a child” he goes to you and hugs you tightly and kisses the crook of your neck.

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The two of you have decided to have a little sing-a-long session of banging out all your favourite tunes and just having a good time. Since you have similar tastes, you agree to just put his collection of music on shuffle rather than choosing anything too specific.

It’s at that fateful moment when Cypher part 4 begins to play and Taehyung is on it: he’s straight in with the words, some moves, the lot. At first, you join in, but after so long of the song being played, you watch Taehyung sing/rap instead.

You think to yourself how cute it is that he admires his hyungs in this way, and cast your mind back to all those times he has been particularly affectionate towards them and you smile. The one moment in particular that sticks in your mind is of when Hoseok asked Taehyung to do some aegyo and the response from Tae was so adorable that it had Hobi practically dying from the cuteness.

“Jagi?” Taehyung asks, snapping you out of your daydreaming. “Why are you grinning like that? Is there something on my face?” he questions, trying to remove anything that could be on his face (mostly rubbing just above his lips as you had milkshake earlier)

“Ah, it’s nothing Tae, I’m sorry, carry on” you smile, wishing for him to continue with his little performance for you, which he does… for a few seconds until you blurt out “I was just thinking about you and Hobi…”

“Oh right?” he asks, unsure of where this is going.  “I… I think that if you weren’t dating me, you should be with Hobi.” you reply. This kind of confuses Taehyung, but he soon gives you a grin bigger than the one you just had on your face from daydreaming. “Really?” he asks. “Awesome!”

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You are chilling out with the younger guys of the band, and during conversation and whilst watching movies, you can’t help but notice how intimate Taehyung always gets with his friends, and today, it is especially towards Jungkook; patting Jungkook on the head when he shares his popcorn, going in for a hug on the one or two occasions he gets something that sounds like a compliment from Jungkook, even resting his head on Jungkook’s lap later in the day when he gets a bit sleepy.

You’re in the middle of watching like the 5th film of the day and you see Taehyung gradually begin to fall asleep on Jungkook’s lap and you can’t help but out loud go “awh…”

Jungkook immediately turns his head to face you with an expression of confusion. “Huh? What are you saying Jagi?” he asks.

“Sorry, did I make a noise?” you asked innocently, trying to mask how you are increasingly shipping this by the minute because of how sweet Jungkook and Taehyung look together… but he’s having none of it.

“Y/n, I heard you clearly, you said ‘awh…’ like you’ve just seen a fluffy kitten… Tell me, what are you finding so cute that makes you make this sound?” he demands.

With a sigh, you admit defeat and tell him “It’s Taehyung… he looks so sweet and peaceful rested on your lap as you stroke his hair…”

Jungkook goes into defensive mode, unsure of how to react to his; are you implying that something is going on between them?; are you suggesting what he thinks you’re suggesting? “Jagi! What are you saying? I don’t like Tae-hyung if that’s what you’re implying…”

“No, Jungkookie!” you say “I just mean you look cute together… I’m not implying anything; I just think you look cute…” and then you continue with more of a mumble “…like a ship I guess.”

“Yah! Jagi!” Jungkook exclaims again, gentl hitting your shoulder, shy and defensively still. “I don’t like Taehyung like that!”

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You can’t hurry love

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Fandom: Marvel
Pairing: Peter Quill x (Guardian)reader
Genres: fluff, mention of alcohol, jealousy
Words: 2.285
Summary: Reader is in charge of new recruits and she becomes friends with Kraglin. That makes Peter jealous - requested by @luxdxvine 

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Wayward Souls - Bea Santello/Mae Borowski - SFW

Title: Wayward Souls
Author: Daisy
Fandom: Night In The Woods
Setting: Fort Lucenne Mall, Bea’s Car
Pairing: Bea Santello/Mae Borowski
Characters: Bea Santello, Mae Borowski
Genre: Romance/Friendship
Rating: K
Chapters: 1/1
Word Count: 1187
Type of Work: One-Shot
Status: Complete
Warnings: Gay, Femslash, Yuri, Fluff, Unbeta’d
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything.
Summary: Mae was the worst guide ever.

AN: So, I’ve been on a NITW kick lately, I love the game so much. I haven’t finished it yet, but I can’t stop writing these. xD I love this ship. I love all my ships for this game. Hope you guys enjoy!

Wayward Souls


“Is it even possible to get lost this many times in a two storey parking lot?”

The tone in Bea’s voice was enough to tell Mae that she was getting frustrated. Of course, the shorter girl huffed indignantly, crossing her arms.

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anonymous asked:

I read a fic a long time ago where the characters somehow got cursed or something to have all the things that people said about them appear on their skin (like if someone called them 'cute' theyd have'cute' stamped on their hand or somewhere else. i was thinking about this somehow happening to ace and the wbp (or mas or the asl), like they eat a crazy grand line fruit, and for the most part its pretty innocuous and funny, except that ace has stuff like 'should have been drowned at birth' 1/2

on his face (basically a lot of bad things people said from when he was a kid doing that ‘what if gold roger had a son’ thing. Maybe he would try to cover up, since there would some pretty incriminating stuff on there? basically id just really like some hurt/comfort with ace and sabo/marco/wbp in this scenario. he is a sad boy (sorry this all long and confusing, you dont have to do it at all if you dont want) 2/2     

Oh, I’ve read those too! There was a Kakashi one I loved, I think, and a real good Tony Stark one! It’s a fun concept.

Also I got, uh, a bit carried away. So, y’know, sorry in advance. (edit: now with prequel)

“I’m not sick,” Ace says stubbornly. “I’m a fire logia. I can’t get sick.” And then he sneezes, sharp and sudden.

“Bad timing, with that sickness you don’t have,” Thatch says. “We’ve still got two more days out here.”

“I know; don’t worry,” Ace says, scooting back from the fire. “I’ll just run hot for a while and be fine.”

“Does that work?” Haruta asks, leaning away from him and the heat he’s suddenly throwing.

“Dunno,” Ace answers. “I haven’t been sick since I ate my fruit. Honestly thought I was immune.”

He doesn’t look happy, and Thatch can see why. Being sick is always miserable, and worse if you’re not used to it. He knows he packed an extra blanket, though, because Marco denies his nesting tendencies and yet always ends up stealing everyone’s bedding. He digs it out and hands it over. Ace glances at him and he shrugs. “If you want it,” he offers, and sets it on the ground.

Ace reaches for it, then pauses to stare at his hand for a second. Thatch doesn’t get a chance to follow suit because suddenly the blanket is flipped open and wrapped around bare shoulders.

Thatch and Marco share a worried glance. Ace never uses blankets, and he doesn’t accept help that easily either. And Ace isn’t even using it like a blanket; he’s got it wrapped around his back and over his head like a makeshift cape.

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Stills + Trailer + BTS Theories

What I think is happening in the stills/the episode. I’ll try and put it in the order that I think its happening in as best as I can but holy shit there is a lot of stuff. I don’t think I got everything. I will also be adding stuff from my Supergirl Spoilers Masterpost and BTS pictures as well.

Group 1: My guess is that the SM v. SG fight is what the episode opens with. I think we all know what’s happening here. Rhea did something to Supermans mind that makes him think that Supergirl is General Zod. We see Zod on the Daxamite ship in the trailer:

But as you can see the background is all wobbly and his eyes are weird so we are obviously seeing what Superman sees and hears when he looks at Kara.

And then we also have the comparison of the fight between SM and SG:

compared to SM and GZ:

Oh! you see something similar too??

Yeah. I though so as well. (not my pic btw. Its @TheDCTVshow on twitter)

Alex and Maggie are at the fight as well:

I think that the next group of stills take place right after the above group because Alex is wearing the same thing as during the fight so it would take place right after.

Group B: Kara knocks Superman out somehow and takes him to the Fortress of Solitude to get his mind fixed.

They use some type of Kryptonian technology that allows Kara to enter Clarks mind and to help him get through the fog.

Whatever Kara does works and he wakes up as himself again.

After he wakes up they are crowded around the console in the fortress. Not entirely sure why. It could be for anything considering the Fortress can do just about anything.

After they leave the Fortress, Superman goes and helps Martian Manhunter and Miss Martian fight Daxamites.

Speaking of M’Gann. I believe that she comes back because she can feel that something is wrong with J’onn. They have that martian bond so I’m pretty sure that they can vaugly feel what the other is feeling 24/7 even if one of them is on Mars. So she comes, helps him escape his mind (just like he helped her escape hers) and then they go and kick some ass.

Group C:  I think that this might be a scene where Kara is feeling like she has no idea how to solve this problem so Cat gives one of her famous pep talks and it helps Kara decide to challenge Rhea to a duel. Kara looks emotional so I have a feeling that its going to be a really good Cat and Kara scene. Better get my tissues…

National City is under quarantine. ^

Group D: This is after Kara challenges Rhea to a duel because in the trailer it shows this scene with the dialogue:

She says this while she’s still sitting in her chair in the trailer.

So then she stands up and so do Kara and Clark-

and walks around her desk to start flirting with Clark becase this is Cat we’re talking about here and that is totally what she’s doing.

There is people in hard hats in the pic below so it looks like Catco is getting fixed.

My guess is that they are watching Supergirl and Rhea fight in these next two.

Now that we are on the topic of the duel, the scene in the gif below is Rhea showing up for the duel. You can tell that Supergirl is on the roof because you can catch a glimpse of the tower thing they use for the stunt wires.

It was said that Mon-El is there and that at some point in the episode he has to pick between Kara and Rhea. With that said the only other person I see in this shot is someone in Daxamite gear.

But no worries. I tracked down some BTS shots and found this:

Looks like Mon-El is in Karas corner. Click here for a video. But we don’t know why he has to choose between them. Or when for that matter.

  • Alex is in a race to save Maggie who is abducted
  • Lena and Lillian have scenes
  • Karamel and Superman have scenes with Rhea on the Daxamite ship
  • The box that Lillian Luthor is holding in episode 2x12 that she apparently didn’t know that Lex had finished will have a major role in the finale.
  • There are rumors that they may all be in a place off world
  • Karamel has a really good scene in the apartment and they talk about feeling and sacrifice
  • Mon-El and Superman have scenes alone together
  • Lena and Kara reportedly don’t have any scenes together
  • Lena and Winn have scenes together
  • Karamel has a painful (might be a goodbye) scene
  • Lena helps build a machine but its use doesn’t necessarily go to plan. (It is not the transmatter portal)
  • Someone dies
  • Lena, Winn, and Lillian all have a scene together

We also have this Karamel scene. (its not on the roof)

Any guesses as to what Kara is holding?

Anyway, this is all I could put together. The finally is going to be EPIC. I will have a box of tissues near by.

tagging some people I always seem to see speculating:

@thoughtsfromaclutteredbrain @taurusclh @tinnefoil @hillshollow @emarasmoak @gldngrl7 @winelover1989

Gonna Be Alright (Steve x Sister!Reader)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Sister!Reader (Bucky Barnes x Reader mentioned)

Word Count: 1792

Warnings: Saaaaaaadness (But only for, like, the first half)

A/N: Reader is Steve’s sister, but is in perfect health and has always been. It turned out a little longer than I was going to make it but I coULDN’T END IT SADLY! I just couldn’t after the Dean angst I put up! And… then I went a tiny bit overboard. But oh well. As always, feedback is welcome, tag list is open, and Gif is not mine.

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