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dunkirk is the kind of film you sit on after you see it. at first you’re like, yeah that was a good film. it was a different kind of war movie. then you leave the theater and you start thinking about it, all your favorite moments, the ones that made you bite your nails off. you think about the message and what christopher nolan is really trying to get across with the way he directed it. and then you realize that it’s actually sort of spectacular. because you were in the film. you weren’t just hearing a bunch of dialogue, knowing what someone was going to do next. you were basically living it. between the music and the acting, you were feeling what they were feeling. long story short, if you were unsure of dunkirk at first: sit on it. i guarantee you’ll see the beauty in it. 

  • Hufflepuff: ...yes...
  • Gryffindor: How?! You're so nice and sweet and Slytherin's so...Slytherin!
  • Slytherin: Dude, I'm standing right here.
  • Gryffindor: Oh, shut up, you know what I mean.
  • Slytherin: Yeah, you're right. I'm just as surprised that Hufflepuff likes me as you are.
  • Hufflepuff: Oh, shut up, both of you.
  • Gryffindor: Well? Why do you like someone
  • Hufflepuff: Sly's not that bad! You just don't know them like I do! They may seem all mean and tough but, on the inside, Slytherin's just a big ol' teddy bear.
  • Slytherin: *blushes*
  • Slytherin: *blushes more* *glares at Gryffindor* Fuck off, asshole.

Steven Moffat wrote the DW series 10 finale and the 2017 Christmas special as a gift to Peter Capaldi. He did this because he love him.

And see, Steven loves Mark as well. He gave him a role the Christmas special with Peter. I mean, this is what a showrunner does for his friends. And Mark is thrilled because he loves Peter too. He said, “The last Doctor I remember working with is my Doctor.”

These middle-aged nerds who grew up with Classic Who made Doctor Who what it is today. And now, the kids who are watching their work, will be the middle-aged nerds who will make Doctor Who what it will be in the future.

Love is a thing.

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  • Naruto: so, Sasuke, what do you want for your birthday?
  • Sasuke: *blinks* you mean as a gift?
  • Naruto: Yeah! I'll give you anything you want
  • Sasuke: *blinks*
  • Naruto: when I say anything, I mean ANYTHING
  • Sasuke: *blinks once again and then blushes furiously*
  • Sasuke: meet me in your office at midnight
  • Naruto: *doesn't get it* um okay

Nico Jr: Fine. You’re pregnant. I’m cool with that. But we are NOT official, Diosa. We never were. You do what you want, I do what I want. I made that clear from the beginning.

Diosa frustrated: I’m not seeing anyone else but you, Nicky!

Nico Jr: Yeah, well, that’s your decision. Me? If I want to have other girls sit on my lap, that’s my decision. Okay? Because I’m single. So are you. Instead of chasing after me and stalking me, why don’t you find someone to entertain yourself with too?

Diosa: That’s not fair, Nicky. You know how I feel about you. I’m in LOVE with you.

Nico Jr: Again, your choice. I never lied to you. I never acted like we were anything more than two people having fun. Damn, Diosa. We’ve been friends since we were little kids. Why are you making this uncomfortable?

Diosa disbelief: I’m making this uncomfortable, Nicky? Are you serious right now?

Nico Jr: I am. You’re f*cking up our friendship with this. I thought you were different. Above all this falling in love bullsh*t. You never fell for any guy. You were always untouchable. I always admired that about you. 

Diosa: Nicky, it’s SICK how you think that excuses you from being a decent person to me. You’re such an ass. 

Nico Jr annoyed: Every girl in San Myshuno knows I’m an ass. And they deal with me anyway. Including you. Why am I the bad guy here? Huh? Explain that to me.

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Nora like you im sucked in with Dream Daddy and if Dan and Phil play it IMAGINE THE NAMES THEY'D GIVE TO THE DADS!! WHAT IF THEY GO TO THE BAR THE FIRST NIGHT AND *get it on* with that one guy?? THEY NEED TO PLAY THIS GAME NORA IT WAS LIKE MADE FOR THEM

i wonder if they’d make dil….also yeah they’d totally fuck robert

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Did David already say something about 13 actually?

Yeah he’s made a few comments about the casting at sdcc:

“I’m very excited! I’ve known Jodie for a long time, and I got an inkling that this might be the way it was going. I spoke to her and she’s just so excited and so up for it. She’s a great choice, it’s gonna be magnificent. I got a phone call from her just before it became public, and I thought, why are you calling me, is this what I think it might be…? So yeah, it was exciting.”

“Well, I know Jodie very well, I’ve known her for years, and I can’t think of a finer choice, I’m very excited. Because she is a great actress, and that’s what that part needs; the better the actor, the better the show. And Jodie is one of the best actors working in Britain right now, so I think the show has lucked out.”

“…Doctor Who, another show with a strong female lead…” * 

* according to Radio Times, he said this last one during the Call of Duty: WWII panel at sdcc, but I just watched it and didn’t hear it. Not sure if I missed it or if there’s a different panel RT was referring to.

@genderists yeah you know what i honestly still cant bring myself to feel specifically sad or guilty because some game i dont play made a over the top wtnvesque goof about christian ministers being insincere. maybe if i saw a single post actually focusing on the gay aspect of that over the christian (like “portraying closeted/repressed gay people as especially dangerous is weird” wouldnt set off any of the same flags, and would in fact be a better criticism) but like lgbt christians arent universally exempt from christian history or hegemony so “this game made some tongue in cheek hatoful boyfriend assertion that the church might be secretly evil sometimes” is not really high on the list of media crimes far as im immediately concerned 

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Is it weird that I feel such peace and calm now that Zouis are publicly friends again? We know what the endgame is now (and what it's been since March 25th!) but now it's like clearly in the distance what we're building towards and EVERYONE can see it (even if they don't want to accept it yet). They've made it super obvious this was the plan all along (which Stunt Squad said from day one, ofc) but now it's like... publicly official narrative, you know? IT'S HERE! Now just reunite Zarry and boom!

Hey there, Marisa! Quite an eventful week we’ve had, yeah?

I know exactly how you feel. It’s gratifying to see what many of us predicted FINALLY happening (albeit not without truckloads of BS). I despise that it’s taken dragging the boys (and us) through so much crap just to get here but at least there’s definite forward movement now.

This is precisely why I and others like us are big proponents of questioning everything we see. We may not get things exactly right (I mean, who could under these circumstances) but using common sense is always the way to go.

It’s hard for me to feel sorry for those people upset at the public reconciliation by Zouis and the very clear OT5 reunion end game. They were so quick to abandon ship and take sides, completely erasing what the boys had shown us for years in favor of believing the slander and obvious publicity stunts constructed by shitty, amoral people.

After the disgusting way Zayn was treated by Larries/OT4 stans and by the same token, Louis/OT4 at the hands of Zayn stans, I’m not exactly brimming with goodwill towards those sections of the fandom. Showbiz is a disgusting, greedy business and we can NEVER lose sight of that first and foremost, hard as it is sometimes (god knows I’ve been on the edge a few times myself).

Hopefully going forward it’ll give those people pause before being so quick to write any of the boys off. Harry is the missing piece of the puzzle now. It’s only a matter of time before he’s brought back into the fold and I look forward to that day.

dude. The apology though. I can’t believe Jeremy J*rdan is playing the victim right now. I’m sorry some people have said nasty shit, but they have the right to be upset.
I’ve literally seen some people here wanting to kill themselves because they are already in a dark place, (a dark place Jeremy J*rdan will NEVER be in, because he’s a white, straight male), and his words have just made them feel unvalidated. Jeremy J*rdan will NEVER understand why some stuff bother lgbtq+ people, because he will NEVER have to face the same issues we have to face. So yeah, people are mad at you, white boy, suck up your privilege and apologize wholeheartedly, because what you did was wrong. The fuck.

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So how's the super transphobic rep and fetishized homosexuality

umm whoa there friend. would you care to elaborate? Because Dream Daddy is actually a game for gay men, and made by a lot of lgbt people. Also, the game lets you be a trans dad and one of the dads is canonly trans, so how exactly is that transphobic ??? If anything is positive trans rep, and its the first dating sim i’ve ever seen that lets you be  a trans guy and have the option to let you date a trans guy, but yeah sure transphobic. And the game isn’t fetishized at all! It’s made specifically for gay men, and i mean sure some people will fetishize the dads, but the game doesn’t do that at all. Its all very positive and realistic. If you want to privately message me or send another ask explaining what exactly you meant, please go right ahead.

Its amusing how this fandom will be selective in what they take literally and what they don’t. Bismuth made this one statement in the one episode she was in and clearly that holds more weight than…anything else really… Also “the real life meaning is this and that should be considered”.

Yeah…no…no it shouldn’t.

Why? Because we know that while the Crewniverse might use the real life meaning of something in the show, they will also do the opposite.

Just look at Ruby and Sapphire: in real life, rubies are rare while sapphires are very common. But the show reversed that: in the show Sapphire is the rare one while Ruby is the mass produced one. Thus Sapphire is an aristocrat while Ruby is a commoner.

Then there’s the phrase “off-color”. What’s the real life meaning? Well, it can mean feeling sick, so that your “color” is off. In Gemology, it means that a Gem comes in more than color. For instance, an off-color Diamond is a Diamond that comes in any other color than white. Meaning that in the real world Blue and Yellow Diamond would be considered off-color.

Is that what it means in the show?

Nope. In the show, an off-color Gem is a derogatory statement. A slur. A Gem that does not fit into the Diamond Authority in some way. And it’s not always the gem itself. Rhodonite had an owner. A Gem that she served. Meaning there’s nothing wrong with her components Gems. They do fit into the Gem hierarchy. What makes Rhodonite “off-color” is that she’s a cross-gem fusion.

Then there’s Padparadscha. What makes her off-color is that her powers don’t work the way they’re supposed too. Meaning there’s nothing physically wrong with the Gem itself but rather the code on it.

So back to Bismuth and “deep cut” - should this statement be taken literally? No, not really. Because we don’t know the context, but we do know that this show likes to take certain words and phrases and switch their meanings. Because the Gems have their own culture and with that comes their own language, such as slang. So for all we know, Bismuth was simply using Gem colloquialism.

And for me personally that is something I always find interesting lore-wise.

Then there’s the other half of this where the fandom will apply symbolism where it really doesn’t apply.

Case in point: Peridot calling Pearl fancy. What was Peridot referring to? Pearl’s sash. When did Pearl get that? When she reformed back in Steven the sword fighter. Meaning it was a choice that Pearl made for herself. But Peridot a) doesn’t know that, b) doesn’t know that Pearl has been poofed several times and c) is still thinking as a Homeworld Gem: Pearl is a Pearl, therefore everything she does relates to her owner.

And the fandom jumped at this. Why? Because it fits their narrative of Pearl being a Diamond’s Pearl. Seriously, it’s THE argument always used to say that Pearl was a Diamond’s. Nevermind the fact that it was a choice Pearl made for herself and you’re removing her personhood by ignoring that.

If it fits a fan theory, then that’s all that matters apparently…

@karamelfrosting jeremy made little jokes about it then said a very sarcastic and half assed “i’m sorry”, followed by a little shrug. melissa just mentioned how it was all a surprise for her and katie, then katie Validated everyone’s interpretations of them while melissa mumbled lots of “yeah”. then katie was interrupted by chris when he made a disgusting comment (that he tried to pass off as sarcasm, which would be problematic anyway) about how sexuality is all about everyone’s perceptions of yours and melissa laughed uproariously. i saw no proper apology on his part nor validation on hers. what i actually saw was him making fun of what he did and melissa encouraging him by saying “that’s brave”, as if making jokes of an already oppressed group of people was an act of courage and not cowardice and a despicable attitude.

also, and in my opinion, even if he had properly apologized (or even apologized, since i don’t count what he did as such) it wouldn’t make what they did okay. it wouldn’t be okay if they did while they were alone, it’s even less okay doing so during an interview that is there for everyone to see - that a lot of people, including young wlw, will you see. invalidating anyone’s sexuality - or any other aspect of their identity, for that matter - is not a joke and should never be treated or used as such. much less so by a grown heterosexual white man.

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How beautiful is this Louis and Bebe collaboration. Their voices & personalities are perfect chemistry. I love hearing Louis' voice harmonizing with a female vocalist & never thought it would be this amazing. And Bebe's also surprised me bec I didn't think her voice could sing these different ways. And they look damn cute & cool together. I'm curious though that Louis said his mgt sent the song to Bebe to find a female voice. I would've thought that they'd send it to someone within Sony first

Right??? I do wonder what it was about her that made them reach out. But yeah she’s fantastic.

I was talking to my mom yesterday and I told her I’m sending her my physical copy of the CD (because yes I did buy it even though I don’t own a CD player). I explained to her that while the song isn’t really her style of music and she might not like the song itself, I think she’ll really like Bebe’s voice in particular. She’s got this old school jazz sound- the way she uses her whole mouth as an instrument and how she utilizes this cool throat warble. It sounds weird to say, but she has a very Judy Garland sound to her and I know my mom will love that.

The one thing my mom loves about Harry and his album is how much emotion you can hear in his voice so I told her just you wait. I can’t wait for Louis’ full album to come out so I can send her that as well. Again, while it’s not her style of music, I think she’ll really appreciate him as a songwriter in particular. I’ve got her really excited for it too. My mom is adorable lol

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Thank you for your response. Yeah, I'm halfway to 50 and that made me feel like shit. They don't understand that without people who see meaning in their art-in any shape or form- is what keeps them employed. I feel like the people in this fandom are my little siblings and I'm just so hurt for you all.

yes i want to hug all my supercorp angel children and tell them they’re valid, but i get that it’s very very hard to overcome when people you admire/respect tear you down. not a good look today. its also not so easy to just skip off to another show with ‘better’ rep because of how invested we get with THESE characters – we like THIS show, with THESE characters who go through THEIR problems and have THEIR relationships. its about what resonates with you. i’m not out there writing fanfic for anything else cuz for whatever reason, supercorp is what speaks to me. so ya know, its just, there are so many factors at play here. plus i’m just not impressed with how overall the maturity level was at a 0 today… i get it, it’s fun, it’s comic con…but it’s still part of your job…. and there were only a few cast members who really had thought provoking, insightful responses. otherwise, it was a circus, and not in an endearing way. 

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*starts crying* so, jerza ain't canon, gruvia is kind of (fuck off gruvia shippers), nalu ain't and zervis is back? .... WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK like the two UNHEALTHIEST ships of fairy tail became mostly canon??? 110% fucking done. good luck with the fucking assholes (including me i suppose) rubbing it in that 'their ship became canon' yeah fuck off and talk to me again when you ship something healthy

We’re in a pretty shit situation, anon. 

At least we didn’t timeskip and get kids? 

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i can't get over lexa smiling so fucking widely at clarke in bed like yes let's not talk let's make sweet sweet love my beautiful sky girl that is my whole world. that's where canon ended for me and branched off to a parallel universe where lexa didn't die and they made it work. it wasn't easy, living on the ground is hard af but they made it fucking work and neither of them died until they were old and grey and had a bunch of beautiful clexa babies because science fiction and the end.

This is why I wrote Young Gods, my friend. (Yeah, it didn’t end with them in bed together but it does end with them being old and grey and surrounded by their many children and grandchildren.) It’s what they deserve. It’s what we deserve.

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If you ever find yourself grabbed by a green haired freak, I'll smack him with his own arm to help you. If you ever find yourself lost in some caves and you can't see, I'll be the light to guide you. We find out what we're made of when we are called to help our friends in need. You can count on me like 1, 2, 3... I'll be there. And I know when I need it, I can count on you like 4, 3, 2... You'll be there. 'Cause that's what friends are supposed to do, oh yeah~!

Did you… did you make a song for Mare?