yeah i made another one because bored


Hell yeah, a Classic! I made this fic a little cracky lol.

Here’s what I like to call “The Boring Merlin Episode That Never Happened Because the Villain Got Tired of the Pining and Gave Up”


There were 636 love spells. Over 150 use hair and another fifty or so use a scrap of cloth. Almost none of them did what they were supposed to do.  Many of the spells made one fall into lust, some made one very affectionate, and many just gave one a stomach ache.

This love spell in particular used a scrap of cloth (blue, worn thin and faded until it was almost grey) and a single hair (blond, found on a hauberk in the royal armory).  All it took to ensnare the owners of these items was a bit of flint, a few whispered words, and a push of magic. The items went up in flames, and somewhere in Camelot a sorceress smiled.

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i just got don’t starve since it was on sale and i thought muffet would look good in that art style

well she might if i could draw with thin lines but i tried at least. ive never been very good at imitating other art styles

also i actually drew this yesterday so i could post it when i got don’t starve, and actually i drew another drawing with the same idea the day before that but didn’t actually post it because it looked too boring, so yeah basically i spent 3 days posting this thing i made in like an hour if you don’t count the time it took to make the first one. that’s too long