yeah i made a gif of myself

Monster Giblets Everywhere!

As we get closer to the end of the year I’m starting to panic because I made a promise to myself that by the end of 2016 I will put together a trailer and put Wishgranter on Steam Greenlight. So I made this list of things I need to polish and get ready to start capturing footage, however this list keeps getting longer because I constantly get new ideas of things to put into the game and I want them to be in the first trailer.

So yeah instead of some polished footage of the Lich or some combat tweaking, here’s a new feature! If enemies die with an explosion (bombs or barrels?) they will blow up into tiny giblets. I used the same giblet tech to change the way barrels worked. Now they just break apart with one hit and throw gold everywhere. It’s much more fun this way and it looks better.

For those of you who are into art. I’m currently doing INKTOBER. INKTOBER is a thing where artists draw something in ink every day of october. You can check out mine on my art blog here.

Now back to polish and adding more sound. Cya!


You know! I was told, that if I /ever/ made an ask blog, that I would DIE!.. Heh, well.. Well.. Well! look at me now! Got my own blog an all! And Going quite fine IF i say so myself~ though, erm.. Am lacking the “Ask” to the “blog” part though.. Yeah.. O-oh! So uh, would'ya mind? Just erm maybe, clicking that box-y icon, thingy? and erm sending though a question or two!? Thanks luv!

“Hello fam it’s y/n” “I’m here with Luke Hemmings ” I said recording Luke .I giggled loud,I couldn’t help myself he looked so adorable . I had gotten closer and closer until I was close to his side .

He was eating a grilled cheese sandwich . “He just eats” I spoke still focusing on Luke , he turned his head to the side staring at me . I just laughed and smiled at him which made him grin .

“Y/n really” Luke mumbled wiping bits of food pieces off his mouth . “ yeah really bro” I answered .

Big Project announcement !!!

Since the release of the movie, i made for myself a zootopia folder where i saved all the zootopia comics i found, month after month, the folder is getting bigger, but soon, i will share it to everyone who love zootopia comics like me !

About the folder :

-About 350mb of pictures

-More than 700 pictures from comics by more than 70 artists

(numbers can change before the i share it )

So yeah, i dont know when, but i plan to share it soon to all of you !!!

(ps: I don’t want to steal credits for artists works, so every comics will be link to the artist who made it, so people can look their stuff if they want more, if you have any question, pm me anytime )

Bethyl AU where Beth and Daryl are on their first date and Beth is trying to make the atmosphere light and comfortable by being bubbly because Daryl is being kinda awkward and shy.

So yeah i was bored and kinda worried so i tried to distract myself and i came up with this one. I don’t know what i was thinking when i made this. So forgive me. XD

Character Graphic #14: Testicle Dolt (xx)

This is dedicated to doriangrayrps waddup!!! Kyria, such a fav, my quick-witted testicle dolt with an old lady soul. Don’t let her go to Stanford, that’s so far wtf

  • The dimensions are 540x300 bc ugly dash dimensions, so it’s gonna look a lil funky on your blog (yeah again soRRY…….) if you want a 500 px version for any of these graphics, hit me up~
  • All of the pngs & images & gifs were found on google. I made the PSD myself, please don’t take it and call it your own. I have another version with a crap load of textures on it, but I didn’t like it very much. If you want to see it, just message me.
  • The font is Storybook. To get that blurry thing behind it, you duplicate the text, rasterize the layer, and add the motion blur effect to it. You can add the outer glow to make it look “glowier.”
  • So the gif icons are about 70x70!
  • Please don’t try and take this & claim it as yours!! I’ll fight!!! For real!!!
  • Like/reblog if you use it please (:


SOOOOOOO. It was very VERY long way to hit 1k. I’m on tumblr since 2012 and it’s a gaming blog since 2013. I’ve made gifs, yeah, but it was terrible ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Then I’ve left tumblr for 2 years. And only in summer 2015 I’ve returned. Why? Because of new PC and The Witcher 3. But till november it was Tales From Borderlands Blog. And then… Assassin’s Creed Syndicate has been realised. It’s took 4 months for me to hit 1k. And I want say thank you to all people that follows me. It’s amazing, really.

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