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Boyf riends first kiss hc: Jeremy n Michael r playing a video game and they defeat the Super Difficult Extreme Secret Final Boss™ and are cheering n shit and Michael just Goes For It & Jeremy is surprised at first but he kisses him back n they start dating (sorry if this is wonky I'm very tired)


Michael is like “YEAH!!!!!” and grabs Jeremy’s face and plants one on him but pulls away super fast cuz he’s like wait I can’t just do that and Jeremy looks all shocked but he’s kinda holding Michael’s arms then just like. Leans forward and kisses Michael back I love them

You’ll Be Here Right? - Michael Clifford Smut

BestFriend!Michael smut i didn’t think it’d end like the way it did when i started writing but oh well . smut part is short fyi

1200ish words


It happened again. This time it was Tom. Last time it was Jake and next time it’d probably be George. It felt like an endless pattern. They’d ask Y/N out, she’d agree, after a few dates she’d fall for them then get her heart broken. The only constant boy in her life was her best friend Michael. Michael was also a  part of this routine, she’d always come crying to his door and he’d always gladly be a shoulder to cry on. This time was no different. Y/N was currently knocking on Michael’s door, while trying to wipe the tears silently falling from her eyes.

Michael sighed as he saw Y/N crying at his doorstep. He was used to this but he was starting to get frustrated. Seeing the girl he likes telling him about how much she likes other boys then crying about how much she loved them was getting too much.

“Tim this time was it?” Michael asked. “Tom. And i really loved him this time Mike believe me!” she corrected him. “Sure.” Michael said rolling his eyes while leading her to the living room. “I’ll bring the ice cream then we can watch the romantic movies you wanna watch.” Y/N nodded and patiently waited for Michael. Michael always kept ice cream in his fridge for two reasons; Y/N’s ’ time of the moths ’s and Y/N’s break ups.

They spent the next 4 hours cuddling and watching movies. Y/N was half asleep for crying all those hours and Michael playing with her hair wasn’t helping her. Suddenly Michael’s phone rang and he gently placed Y/N off of him and went into kitchen to take the call. “Hey bro we’re heading out to a bar you coming?” Calum cheerfully asked. “Nah bro i’m with Y/N.” “Oh shit another break up?” “Yeah..” Michael sighed. “You have to tell her how you feel Mike. It’s not only destroying you but it’s also destroying her.” “I can’t Cal. She just broke up with that Tom guy and she swears she ’ loves ’ him.” “Bro she always says that. Do you really think she means it?” “I know she doesn’t but what am i supposed to say? Hey Y/N i know we’ve been best friends since forever but i’m an asshole who’s got a crush on you.” “You like me?” Michael startled when he heard Y/N’s voice and quickly turned around, muttered a quick i gotta go to Calum. “Umm what? haha who? Me? No way!” Michael sweated nervously. “Michael i heard you, you can’t hide it now.” Y/N said rolling her eyes. Michael was fuming. He started yelling, “Yes okay maybe i have a crush on you so what? Maybe i don’t want to hear about all those amazing dates you go on, i wanna take you on those dates. Maybe i want to love you the right way so what Y/N?”

After Michael’s violent yells they were both quiet. Michael sighed and said “I’ll understand if you walk out that door now and i promise i won’t be mad just please don’t make me more embarrassed than i am right now.” “There’s nothing to be embarrassed Michael.I’ve liked you since 9th grade but i thought you only saw me as your best friend. That’s why i never said anything.” “Wait you’re not joking right?” Michael asked shocked. “No Mİkey i’m 100% serious.” Y/N giggled. Michael took shy steps towards her,slowly touched her cheeked and whispered, “Can i kiss you?” cause he thought the spell’d break if he spoke a little louder.

Y/N didn’t give him an answer, instead she smashed her lips against Mike’s. It didn’t feel like kissing all those other boys, this time she felt the love Mikey had for her. Michael lifted her up and sat her on the kitchen counter. Their lips stayed locked, never once breaking. Y/N’s hands were in Michael’s hair playing with it meanwhile Michael’s were roaming Y/N’s body, exploring the territory he’d always wanted to explore but never got the chance. He pushed her skirt up a bit and finally placed his hands on Y/N’s inner thighs. Y/N could feel herself getting turned on from the closeness of his hands. “Take me to your bedroom please Mike.” Y/N begged. Michael lifted her up and carried her to his bedroom.

They continued their making out on his bed. Y/N started moving her hands lower but Michael stopped her. “Y/N i want you to be sure about this. I don’t want to be just a rebound. I want you to be sure about you feelings before we do this.” Of course Michael wanted to have sex with Y/N, he just didn’t want her to wake up the following day regretting everything and leaving him. “Mike i’m as sure as one could be. Trust me when i say i have feelings for you i mean it.”

After hearing Y/N’s words, he quickly took his tshirt off. Nothing could stop him now. He was gonna make sweet love to the girl who he liked for the longest time, loved even. Y/N rolled Michael on his back and explored the revealed skin of his chest. She kissed his neck, left a few hickeys here and there, then continued her way down. She motioned Michael to lift his hips up so she could pull his pants and boxers down. Y/N reached to touch his hard member but Michael suddenly sat up and said “Wait! I want you clothes off too.” Y/N sighed and took her tshirt and skirt off. She looked a bit distressed. Mikey immediately realised that and asked her whether she’s ok. She shrugged it off and said she was. Y/N reached for his cock again but she wasn’t interrupted this time which pleased her. She placed her hand on the base of his cock and slowly stroked him. Y/N lifted her head up to look at Michael’s reaction, he had thrown his had back, letting out quiet profanities. Liking his reaction Y/N took him in her mouth and jerked him faster. “Yeah baby keep doing that.” Michael ran his hand through Y/N’s hair urging her to go deeper. She let go off his cock and deepthroated him. Michael let out a load moan, he didn’t know she had it in her. Not knowing what to do with her other hand, she decided to just play with Michael’s balls. “Y/N! Y/N! Y/N IM COMING BABY YES YES YEs!” Michael moaned and pulled at her hair. Y/N came up to kiss his lips after he came. Michael unexpectedly turned her over and kissed down her body.

“Michael no. No please stop.” “Why what happened baby? I thought you wanted it.” “I do it’s not that. It’s just i’m sleepy you know. My eyes are still puffy from crying.” “Oh. Okay i get it anyways we can continue tomorrow or another day. We have all the time we want now.” Michael said smiling. He spooned her and felt complete bliss. He was finally with the girl he wanted for so long.  " I cant believe we’re finally together. I feel like this is all a dream and you won’t be here when i wake up but you’ll be right baby?“ Michael asked yawning. “Yeah, sure.” “Promise?” “… Promise.” “Goodnight i think i love you.” After saying that Michael closed his eyes it was apparent that he was tired. Y/N was wide awake though she waited for Michael to fall asleep and to her luck it didn’t take long.

She slipped out of his hold and quietly put her clothes back on. She cast one last look to Michael then turned around and left the room.


Howl’s Moving Castle: The Hatter Sisters

Well, someone (read: ME) said that those “adult coloring book” style artworks will be too difficult for me to do and I went like “Oh yeah bitch bring it on FIGHT ME.”

It was very OOC, but this still managed to happen, so…

Also yeah it was pretty difficult, I’m never doing it again.


The path ahead is dark, so dark I cannot see.
But I will not fear. Cause my lover looks over me x


It’s the most beautiful name I know.