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Always Designate a Driver

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Based off this “prompt”

Lance McClain prided himself on being a party person. He was always the first up on any birthday, making a special breakfast or bringing a special coffee (on the house, courtesy of Lance’s Starbucks employee discount). He enjoyed going out to clubs and dancing with his friends, even though he wasn’t a very big drinker. Hell, if Pidge invited him to 4AM mini golf in the dark he would go in a heartbeat.

Just not today.

Not when every inch of him ached. His limbs were heavy, gravity pulling each inch of him down to hell, slowly, slowly. Each individual ache added to the misery of the dull throbbing in his head, pain behind his eyes more than anything else. There was something sad about staying home to sleep, and not being quite able to get there.

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chromsai  asked:

refia i gotta ask... what's your top 5 fav tracks off the arc v soundtrack??

askin all the important questions thank you sai

edit: i am so sorry for this i never meant for it to be so long i am just a wordy hoe

soundtracks for visual media are always important to me because i’m a longtime musician myself, and while arc v isn’t my favorite yugioh ost it still has a lot of gems and tracks that i’ve bookmarked and listen to regularly.

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for anyone that hasn’t listened to the soundtrack i’ll tell you that it greatly enhances the arc v experience because the show is lazy in its musical execution and draws from very little of the soundtrack Nakagawa scored for the series. don’t let his work go to waste! it provides great entertainment.

  • all of the following are from the Japanese OST composed by Kotaro Nakagawa. for links to the audio click the numerals/titles!
  • also i’m not including any of the op/ends (because all of them are gorgeous within their own right and have their own rankings).
  • i’ll include sound duel 4 tracks using their unofficial titles because a certain multinational corporation hasn’t released it yet 👀 #marvelouslyhackkonami
  • also i’m including hella honorable mentions that no one asked for because upon re-listening to the soundtrack it turns out i appreciate a lot more tracks than i originally thought.

so buckle up and get your headphones,

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Kaoru interview Sound Designer March 2014

Takumi: Thank you very much for talking with me Kaoru! We’ve known each other since I started holding guitarist parties.

Kaoru: Yeah. Nice to see you again.

Takumi: I’ve been really wanting to visit the studio in which you guys (Dir en grey) do your pre-production, and learn things like how your heavy sound comes to be. What kind of work do you do in this studio?

Kaoru: I work here from the first stage of song production. The other members make demos at home and then we gather in this studio with them. Each persons demo will often just have  one riff, one lyrics verse, or just one idea, etc so firstly we listen to all of them together and then decide which ones we’re going to take to the pre-production stage. From there we do arrangements and pre-production together here.

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of course i did it for you

A/N: I suppose this is kind of a continuation for “of course i’m doing it for you”? Regardless, I hope you enjoy! (changing writing style a bit, going to present tense and second person)


The second after Danny turns off the camera, everyone is quickly rushed out of dorm 307 by Perry. She’s whispering things that you can only heart bits and pieces of while LaF sits with you at the edge of your bed. The two of you don’t say anything, but hold eye contact until Perry is back.

There’s a strange silence for a little while. It’s not awkward, but you can tell that someone wants to say something, anything. It’s sort of…a tense silence.

“As much as I want to sit here and drown in my sorrows,” you begin, not moving from your place, “I know that if I do, it’ll kill me.”

Perry joins you and LaF on the bed, and a tiny smile makes its way onto your cheeks as they clutch each others’ hands so tightly without a second thought. You had always known that they were ridiculously and helplessly in love with each other, but neither one was willing to admit it. It was familiar.

“Can at least one of you stay with me?” you ask, and dammit, your voice is cracking again. You’ve cried enough for a lifetime, don’t you get a break?

LaF lets go of Perry’s hand and reaches for yours. You look down at your hand intertwined with theirs, just tracing the outline of their pale, bloodied fingers in your darker ones. They run their thumb across the back of your palm, and you just watch the movement until the constriction in your chest subsides.

“I think we can both stay with you, if you’d like,” Perry says. You can’t help but notice that she has two sides of her motherly nature; the side that hurriedly fusses over cuts and bruises and scrambles for ice packs at record speed, and the side that speaks in a calm, low, and gentle voice and looks at you with eyes that expressed the greatest of concern.

You were grateful that she knew the difference between when each side was needed, because right now, you really needed the quiet.

“I’d like that,” you reply. “Why don’t we all get cleaned up, yeah?”

LaF nods, blood still running down their shirt and fingers. You shakily stand up, and Perry rushes to your side to steady you. She isn’t injured; LaF took the blunt of all of it and beat the life out of anyone who tried to hurt Perry. 

“I’m gonna head back to our dorm and get a shower, then I’ll bring us back some clothes okay?” LaF says quietly, and Perry nods. They lock eyes for a few moments, and finally LaF leans up and kisses Perry. When the two of them break apart, LaF takes in a shaky breath and nods at you, then walks out of the room.

After hours of feeling nothing, you feel a rush in your chest at the love between the two of them, and it’s really nice to have that around you.

Perry holds your arm as the two of you walk into your bathroom, where all of Carmilla’s stuff is still sitting. You try not to think anything of it as Perry grabs a washcloth and starts cleaning your face. As you get a whiff of the soap Carm uses, you close your eyes and will yourself not to cry again.

Fifteen minutes later, you’re in bed again, and LaF and Perr are on either side of you. All three of you have changed into pajamas, and LaF has their laptop on their lap.

“What would be best for you right now?” they ask you, looking at you with black, tired, bloodshot eyes. 

You take a deep breath and sigh, leaning back a bit so LaF almost hides the view of Carmilla’s bed. 

“Can we just listen to sad music for a little bit?” you ask, chuckling to yourself. Carm would have rolled her eyes and said that sad music was ridiculous and pointless. But you know that she would’ve sat next to you and listened to all of the songs with you without judging you anyways.

“I’ve got the perfect playlist,” LaF says, and you look at them, confused. You didn’t peg them as the type of person to sit in their room and listen to sad songs.

They pull up a playlist, and you recognize a few of the songs. “All I Want” by Kodaline starts to play, and you lean on LaF’s shoulder.

You listen the lyrics intently, and your heart begins to ache again. You instantly wish you could go back to the feeling you had a few minutes ago, to some version of peace. 

Perry clutches your hand tightly, and for the first time in a while, you see her eyes filling with tears. 

“I’m so sorry, Laura,” she says quietly. You clutch her hand tightly back, and you collapse into LaF’s shoulder while she leans on yours. The tears you had been dreading and avoiding crept on you, slipping down your cheeks seemingly out of nowhere.

No one spoke as the emotions finally hit all of you individually after such a nonstop night. 



When you wake up, it’s still nighttime or early morning, and the playlist is still playing from your laptop. Burn With You by Lea Michele was on right then, and you sigh, turning it off and gently setting it down on the ground.

Somewhere within the night, Perry and Laura had gone from sitting up to lying down, and both of their faces had pained expressions on them.

You stand up slowly so as not to wake either one of them, and it takes you a moment to unravel yourself from Laura’s iron grip on your arm and hand.

Your phone lights up with a notification from an unknown number, and you look at it as you head to the door. You need a walk, anything to clear your head of what’s happened in the last few days.

How’s Laura? - Danny

And how are you and Perry? - Danny

You sigh, and you finally notice the time. 4:53 AM.

Good timing. Laura and Perry are asleep, but judging by the hour or so before we fell asleep, we’re all a little rough. 

You start walking, and you aren’t sure to where. Your phone vibrates once again.

Yeah…um, Kirsch is still pretty out of it, and I haven’t slept yet tonight. Betty and them…they seem okay. I don’t think they really get it.

You round a corner in the dimly lit hallways, finding the silence and darkness to be odd in contrast to how it normally was. You suppose that you’d never really been awake at this time to know what 5 AM Silas University was like.

Yeah. Thanks for checking on us. Try to sleep?

The next thing you know, you’re sitting at the top of the stairwell, looking down into the darkness. There's no light at the bottom of the stairs, and it’s rather eerie. Then again, you’d prefer the dark over the light.

No problem. I’ll try. Uh…night, LaF.

Night, Danny.

For a few minutes, there’s a looming silence over you and the dorm building. You just sit there, staring into this darkness, hoping Perry and Laura would stay asleep long enough for you to get back. Out of habit, you reach up and comb your hair back with your fingers, and you cringe at how much it hurts to move them. You must’ve hit those vampires pretty hard.

Something stirs at the bottom of the stairwell, and you perk up. The tiredness that had been weighing on your eyelids dissipates, and your heart rate begins to pick up. You were known for your blind bravery, but you were not as brave when you were alone.

The sound returns, and as you listen intently, you can make out very slow and labored footsteps.

For some reason, you feel anger rising in you. Who was sneaking back in at 5 in the morning after last night? There shouldn’t have been any regular Friday night parties or anything like that…you feel like the world should have stopped for you guys.

“Who’s there?” you call out, louder than you meant to. Your voice is raspy and strained, and you swallow hurriedly to take away the dryness of it.

There is no response at first, just more slow footsteps. The lack of response heightens your fear, and you inch backwards.

“I said, who’s there?” you call out once again, and this time, someone responds.

“LaF? Is that you?”

You have to rub your eyes, pinch your arm, and slap your face before you convince yourself that you aren’t dreaming, and that you really did just hear that voice.

“I could really use your help,” the voice calls up the stairwell. Shaking, you stand up and search the wall, fumbling for a lightswitch. You find one finally and flip it on. 

It takes you a moment, but you gather the courage to look down the stairs and see who’s standing there. You were right in your suspicions but you still can’t believe that this isn’t a dream.

She stares up at you, and you take her in silently. There’s hardly anything left of her shirt, and her pants are torn in several places. She’s barefoot, and her hair is a mess, completely unlike the curly black hair you’re used to seeing. Her body is covered in scratches, bruises, blood, and dirt.

When you finally meet her gaze, you notice that the usual seductive or mischevious look is missing. Instead, it’s replaced by the brokenness that you’d seen in Laura, Perry, and even yourself. It’s strange to see your snarky, seductive, snappy friend look so small.

She’s struggling to hold herself up even with the rail to hold onto, and you snap out of your trance when you realize her arms are shaking. You rush down the stairs and being face to face with her, so close to her, you still can’t believe that any of this is real. Nevertheless, you put her arm over your shoulders and help her up the stairs. 

When you reach the top, she leans on the wall, out of breath from a usually simple task. You keep a grip on her, and you’re surprised when she grips onto you, too.

Before you know what’s happening, she’s pulled you in to a surprisingly strong hug for as little strength as she had left. You don’t react right away, but soon enough you wrap your arms around her, too, and let the silence come over you both.

When you pull away to start walking again, you both pretend that it’s only the dusty hallways making your eyes well up.

Dorm 307 is soon right in front of you, and the door is cracked. You listen for a second, and all you can hear is the slow breathing of Perry and Laura.

You speak for the first time since you walked down the stairs.

“Do you want me to wake her?”

She thinks for a second, then nods. We both knew that any sleep Laura was going to get tonight was going to be fitful and almost pointless, and it would probably result in her crying over a dream she had.

“After this, text Danny?” she asks, and you nod, a smile coming to your face as you realize that maybe she doesn’t hate the ridiculously tall redhead as much as she lets on.

The two of you walk into the room, careful not to let the door squeak. You guide her over to her bed, where Laura had placed the yellow pillow earlier on. 

“I’ll wake them,” you say, walking over to the bed where Perry and Laura still slept.

You gently shake their shoulders, and Perry is the first to wake up. She sits up and looks across the room, and for a moment it doesn’t register. When it does, her eyes go wide and a hand flies up to her mouth to stifle a gasp. You can tell it’s taking her everything not to jump out of bed right that instant.

“Laura, wake up,” you whisper, and the tiny woman shakes her head, her eyebrows scrunching up in an effort to stay asleep. You smile again, and the sensation feels weird on your cheeks. 

“Trust me, you want to wake up for this.”

Your words seem to get through to her, for she slowly opens her eyes. You help her sit up, and she looks at you confused.

“Look up,” you whisper, and she does.

It took three hours for her to accept that Carmilla was dead, but it takes less than three seconds for her to jump out of bed and into Carmilla’s arms.


Everything in your body hurts and you know that you wouldn’t have made it up those stairs had it not been for LaF being there. You had no strength left to use, but the second you saw Laura’s eyes again, you stood up and caught her as she quite literally jumped into your arms. She wrapped her arms and legs around your body with strength you weren’t aware she possessed.

That brings you to now. It takes a few seconds for it to set in that she’s in your arms again, and you clutch her even tighter.

Both of you are crying and whispering the same three words over and over. You’d missed the chance before and thought you’d have lost it forever, and you were not going to waste a second before finally saying it now.

Laura pulls her head back and looks you in the eyes, and the next thing you know she’s kissing you. Your hand reaches up to her soaking cheek, and your thumb gently strokes the tears away. 

“You stupid, stupid vampire…” she mutters, each word catching in her throat as her fingers dig into your back. “You jumped into the light, you saw Ell, you were crying, I thought you were doing it for -”

The words were all too familiar, and you cut her off.

“Don’t be an idiot,” you say, brushing a piece of hair our of her face, “of course I did it for you.”

“I love you, Carmilla,” she responds, the words seemingly falling from her lips.

You sniffle, tears coming to your eyes once again.

“I love you too, Laura.”

A strangled sound comes from the other side of the room, and suddenly LaF and Perry are hugging you both as tightly as they can. As if on cue, Danny walks into the room, and she joins the sob-fest that is the group hug you were trapped in.

The Carmilla that arrived at Silas this term would have practically thrown up at so much human emotion in one place, but you know that you aren’t her anymore. 

Instead, you allow yourself to admit that you love these people, and you allow yourself to be loved too.


A/N: This was a very long oneshot, but I think I’m happy with it. Let me know how you feel in my ask or something! :)

11. Caroler

Christmas Tree . Decorations . Cinnamon . Stocking . Baking . Mistletoe . Elf . Reindeer. Ugly Sweater . Santa Claus

Harry’s a bit obsessed with the blond-haired Caroler on the street corner.


He pants, dragging in breath after breath of cold, crisp London air, dodging people along the way - a couple of teenagers, a man dressed in a well-fitted suit with a briefcase in on hand while he holds his phone to his ear with another and a lady with a baby. His jacket is wide open, having not had enough time to do it up before realizing he was late and rushing out of the bakery where he works, and he has to hold his black leather duffle bag at his side with one hand to keep it from flopping about while he uses the other hand to hold his hat on as the wind keeps trying to blow it off.

Harry’s almost completely out of breath by the time he reaches the street corner, cheeks flushed and long curls (probably) windswept every which way beneath his beanie. And he’s pleased to find that he isn’t late at all, really, because the blond haired caroler across the street is only just pulling his guitar out of it’s case. A mixture of a pant and a sigh of relief slips through his lips and he, finally, takes a second to do up the buttons on his peacoat before sitting on the park bench next to him.

The boy leaves the guitar case open, adjusts his own grey beanie - but still leaves the little flick of blond hair sticking out above his forehead - and fiddles nervously with his fingerless gloves.

The first time Harry had seen this boy was three weeks ago on the first of December. It was 5:40 p.m., he’d just finished work and he’d been on his way back to campus when he’d stumbled upon a crowd in the park. He could hear a voice, talking amongst all the people and a few simple, warm-up strums of an acoustic guitar and he’d been just about to walk away - because it was only a busker and buskers are all the same anyway, playing the same Wonderwall and I’m Yours acoustic songs - but then the first few cords of Last Christmas caught his attention. Harry has always been a sucker for Christmas songs, has a habit of listening to nothing but Christmas music for the whole month of December.

And then the lad had opened his mouth and started to sing - and Harry had been floored. Not only did this boy look it but he sounded like an angel wrapped in sunshine. His voice was incredible and unique and it made a perfect melody with the acoustics of the guitar.

Harry had wound up sticking around for the whole three hours the boy stood out there in the cold, bouncing around to keep warm, playing the guitar like he was made for it and singing like it was the last thing he would ever do. And he’s come back every day since, making himself comfortable on the park bench a few feet away to watch the boy from a distance while his crowds - of which he has literally every single night - gather around him and, sometimes, join in on his carols.

The thing is, Harry’s a bit obsessed with this boy - whom he finds out is named Niall on the sixth day. Not only is Niall really talented, he’s also incredibly charismatic and kind and easy-going in the way that he’ll go with whatever flow makes sense. Like, he sings whatever comes to mind and takes requests from people in the crowds and makes up silly little songs about absolutely nothing and in between songs he talks to people and jokes around with them like he’s known them all for years. Not to mention the fact that he’s also incredibly good looking: all dyed-blond hair and bright blue eyes and pale skin and the kind of smile an angel must have invented. Also, he’s Irish.

And Harry’s never wanted to know anybody more than he wants to know Niall. Ever.

A crowd’s already forming by the time Niall starts singing his version of Winter Wonderland - and Harry finds that he’s kind of proud of that fact; not only that people know when and where he plays but that people will make the trip out, even in the cold, just to listen to Niall play his guitar and sing his heart out. And as the crowd gets bigger - and as Niall gets more and more comfortable with the larger amount of people watching him, Harry pulls out his notebook and pretends to look busy.


It’s while Harry’s putting his notebook away, his back to the crowd that is now clearing out across the street, after Niall’s last song, All I Want For Christmas, that everything sort of…shifts. Usually Harry shoves his things into his bag as quickly as he can before he takes off but he’s a bit slower today; a bit more reluctant to leave. He wants Niall to keep going, to sing forever and ever because Harry never wants to stop listening.

There’s a tap on his shoulder, light and hesitant, and Harry whips around so fast the movement gives him a dizzy spell. His mouth runs dry when his gaze settles - on blond hair, blue eyes and the softest, yet brightest smile he’s ever seen.

Niall’s cheeks are tinged bright red and he’s got actual, real gloves on now - probably to warm his fingers - and his guitar case is slung over his back, the strap wrapped around his chest. “Hiya,” he says softly.

Harry blinks, has to swallow the lump in his throat before he can respond. “Hi.”

“You must really like Christmas music.”

“W-what do you mean?” Harry asks, his brow coming together in confusion.

Niall smirks, then, but shrugs his shoulders. “I’ve seen you here, like, every day since I started.”

“Oh,” Harry mutters, shoving his hands into his pockets. “Um, yeah, I love Christmas carols.”

“‘m Niall,” the blond says, sticking his hand out.

Harry stares at it for a moment and then shoves his hand into Niall’s before his brain can chicken. “I know.” Niall’s smirk sets Harry’s blood on fire, which heats up his cheeks. “Um, I mean, I’m - I’m Harry.”

Niall smiles genuinely and tilts his head to the side in a ridiculously adorable way - and Harry only just manages to keep a moan at bay. “Pleasure to meet you.”

“You too,” Harry says softly. He feels ridiculous - feels like a shy, awkward teenager trying to talk to his first crush all over again. Mostly he feels ridiculous because he’s definitely not a shy, awkward teenager trying to talk to his crush; he’s an awkward 21-year-old trying to talk to his crush. There should be a difference.

“Do you want to get something to eat?” Niall asks suddenly, scratching the back of his head. “It’s just, I haven’t eaten in hours and I reckon you haven’t either and I just…it’s okay if you don’t. I just thought - never mind,” he mutters, shaking his head as he looks away. “I’m just - I’ll go-”

“No, wait!” Harry calls out, reaching out to wrap his hand around Niall’s arm before he can stop himself. Niall looks back at him, hope and curiosity glimmering in his eyes. “I want to. I mean, I’m hungry too and - yeah, I want to.”

A grin spreads across Niall’s face, then, and he looks a bit surprised. “Yeah?”

And if Harry nods a little too excitedly and moves a little too quickly to fall into step with the caroler then nobody else has to know.

Ashton (Inspired by Everything I Didn't Say)

I didn’t originally mean to post this at all, but at Lucy's (shoutout to my girl) urging I posted it here. I hope you don’t cry too badly. Also… listen to EIDS (if you haven’t already lol) for better understanding of the story. :-)

P.S. Feel free to drop me a request!

Imagine… if you and Ashton had broken up. It wasn’t his decision; it was yours. He had always seemed to be half a step behind you, you always dragging him along, and he had always seemed distant.

It was when he started the WWA tour when everything came tumbling down. Excuses after excuses came every night for missing your calls, for not replying your texts… Finally, after yet another argument on the phone that ended with you hanging up in tears, you knew what you had to do.


“No. No, what do you mean you want to break up?”

“Ashton,” you sighed. “We just aren’t working. You clearly don’t want to be with me anymore, so I’m doing you a favour here.”

“No. No, I want to be with you!” That was the first outright declaration to you he had made in months. Unfortunately, last minute statements didn’t make any difference to you. You had wasted far too many tears over this boy.

“No, you don’t.” You told him, more gently this time. He gazed at you through the computer screen, and you recalled the good times you both had had together. Cuddling on the couch and watching sappy movies, him teaching you the drums and guitar…

“Okay. Okay, fine.” As he said those words, your heart broke. Despite your firm words, a tiny part of you had been desperately hoping for him to fight for you.

“Yeah?“ Your voice was wobbly now.

"Yeah.” His voice was quiet; resigned.

“I - I’ll talk to you soon. Maybe after you finish touring.”

“Okay.” He wasn’t even looking at you anymore. That last, tiny part of you shattered into smithereens as you quickly ended the Skype call and buried your face into your pillow, sobbing painfully.


A full month passed with you going through your daily motions like a zombie. Even though you had been the one to end it, and even though your friends had all told you it was the right decision, you still missed Ashton. A lot. And the fact that 5SOS was getting bigger and bigger, and you were seeing them everywhere, didn’t help. Ashton’s face (and the rest of the boys) were plastered all over buses, buildings, and shop windows.

On that dreary afternoon, the one month anniversary of your break-up, you opened your laptop, going on YouTube in hopes of finding some funny videos to cheer you up. But the second you saw the YouTube homepage, your heart lurched.

Everything I Didn’t Say - 5SOS (Live Acoustic Version)

Automatically, you moved to click it, and you nearly began crying already at the sight of those four boys, three of them close friends you hadn’t spoken to since the break-up, and one of them… looking like he hadn’t slept in years. Ashton’s eyes were bloodshot, and there were purple bags under his eyes that even powder probably forced onto his face by his stylist couldn’t mask.

“So our next song is written by Ashton,” Luke began, an overly bright quality to his voice.

“Um… yeah. So I, uh, wrote this song pretty recently. I’ve been going through a pretty tough time, and… anyway, I hope you like it.” He seemed ready to fall off his drum box in exhaustion, but he began anyway.

“Wait, don’t tell me, heaven is a place on earth. I wish I could rewind, all of the times, that I didn’t show you what you’re really worth. The way, that you held me, I wish that I’d put you first. I was wrong I admit, numb from your kiss, while you were slipping through my fingertips.” Your breath hitched, and the burning behind your eyes began. Ashton had actually written a song… about you.

Well, shit.

“Taking every breath away, with all of the mistakes I made, with all of the letters that I saved, this is everything I didn’t say. I wish I could’ve made you stay, and I’m the only one to blame, I know that it’s a little too late, this is everything I didn’t say.” You started crying even harder, knowing that you were to blame for this particular depressing song.

“Wake me up now, and tell me this is all a bad dream, all the songs that I wrote, all the wrongs that I hoped would erase from your memory. Holding onto, a broken and empty heart, flowers I should’ve bought, all the hours that I lost, wish I could bring it back to the start.”

“I hope you know, for you I’d sacrifice. To make this right, whoa-oh, whoa-oh. Someday I’m sure, we’ll pass each other by, until that time.” As the song progressed, Ashton seemed to get more and more tense, the veins in his arms standing out prominently. The second the song ended, he all but ran out of the room, and the video ended in a confused state, with all the fans asking each other what was wrong.

You scrolled down with your heart in your mouth, to see that the video had been posted only two hours ago, yet it already had a few hundred thousand views. Then you went to your contacts, scrolling down to find a name you hadn’t had to find in long time, going to iMessage.

What do you say to bringing it back to the start? :)


Schoolboy Q - "Oxymoron" Review

“Oxymoron” was one of the most anticipated albums to be released in 2014. After a couple push backs and uncertainty regarding the release day fans rejoiced when we were finally given a date. Mac Miller tweeted that “Oxymoron” was better than GKMC which sets the bar incredibly high. GKMC was the last album that everyone was unanimously feeling but we should save those comparisons for another day. Anyways on to the review.

“Fuck rap my daddy a gangsta” - Joy

1) Gangsta - I’m actually really glad Q decided to start off his album with this song. This song really set the tone for the rest of the album. One of the best things about this song is how subtle it is. It doesn’t do too much in regards of heavy bass or Q trying to be too lyrical. It’s just Q being Q. If you’re listening to this song with your friends and you don’t feel like a gangsta you probably suffer from depression or some shit because this shit is so west coast. You can almost feel yourself riding around the streets of LA in a 64. From the the smooth beat to Q dropping some true gangsta ass lyrics you get a great song and a nice way to open your album without wasting a track on an “intro”.

2) Los Awesome (Feat Jay Rock) - Fam…. fuck this song. Q how are you gonna go from “Gangsta” to this shit? This song is really painful to listen to. Not even a dope Jay Rock verse could save this. Hell not even the fact that it’s produced by Pharrell can save it. Some people on twitter have even called it “the worst song ever” now I wouldn’t go that far but i’d be fine if I never heard this song ever again.

3) Collard Greens (Feat Kendrick Lamar) - There isn’t much I can say about this song that people don’t already know. It’s been playing in clubs and radios for months and after all that time its still a great song. Its probably one of the best produced tracks on the whole album. It’s good enough to help wipe away the tears that were caused by “Los Awesome” and make everything alright again. 

4) What They Want (Feat 2Chainz) - Okay so the first thing I noticed about this song was the beat sounds really similar to the track that gets played when you walk in cave on Pokemon or maybe I’m just tripping. All jokes aside this is really a quality track. It has some vulgar lyrics but if you don’t expect that then you should probably stop listening to this album right now and throw on some Now 48 with your sensitive ass. I was worried that 2Chainz would mess this track up but he dropped a sub-struggle verse that wasn’t that bad actually. 

5) Hoover Street - I wasn’t sure about this song the first time I listened to it but then THE BEAT CHANGE. That shit made a Los Angeles Raiders snapback appear on my head. This song is FIRE in the car. Besides that the story telling is very vivid. It goes into detail of how gritty growing up in LA can be. 

6) Studio (Feat BJ the Chicago Kid) - I honestly don’t think I’ve ever heard a bad track that featured BJ. BJ helps Q change up the tempo a little bit with some smooth lyrics on the hook. Q doesn’t exactly spit noteworthy bars on this track but that’s not the point of this song anyway. It’s really just an easy going song that you can kick back and bump. I can’t really say any bad things about this song. Its definitely one of the highlights of this album IMO. 

7) Prescription/Oxymoron - The first half of track goes into great detail of Q’s struggle with drugs. Q paints a very vivid picture of how his addictions to drugs really controlled his life. Hearing Joy ask her father if something was wrong was really powerful and can send chills down your spine. This song shoes Q’s versatility that may not be fully appreciated. The second half of this song very different from the first. “I just stop selling crack today” Q said. Its almost like Q was declaring himself victorious against the struggles detailed in the first half of the track. Now I wouldn’t say that this song is particularly great but if it’s played in the right situation it could be a very fun song to listen to. 

8) The Purge (Feat Tyler, The Creator and Kurupt) - About 3 seconds into the song I could tell that this song was produced by Tyler which isn’t a bad thing at all but in this case its sort of a lazy beat. Besides that fact I really like this song this Tyler was perfect on the hook, Q spit 2 fire verses and Kurupt closed out the song with a great verse. The “yeah nigga” parts of this song were akin to the chorus of 48 on Tyler’s album and it’s really a nice touch. I probably won’t scroll through my playlist searching for this track but I wouldn’t feel compelled to skip it if it played while I had my playlist on shuffle either. This song isn’t the best in terms of production but Q, Tyler, and Kurupt make up for that. 

9) Blind Threats (Feat Raekwon) - This really is the best song on the album. Everything about this song is perfect. Q spit 2 GREAT verses and not to mention that Raekwon also spit a dope verse as well. The beat is so smooth, Q and Raekwon just flowed effortlessly over this track. I’m very impressed by this track and it will probably get a ton a replays once this album is fully integrated into my playlist.

10) Hell of a Night - This track has great production. This song is the best “banger” on the album. The way the beat builds up and changes tempo is very similar to the pattern we hear in many pop songs these days. Overall this song is a very fun track. There isn’t much else I can really say about this song. 

11) Break the Bank - “Fuck rap I been rich” I’ve listened to this song quite a bit since I preordered the album and they gave me the songs that were already released and I really like this song, a lot. This song grabbed my attention immediately. It was my favorite of the 4 songs that I had on my phone already. I haven’t really gotten tired of this song yet because its a solid track. 

12) Man of the Year - This song has already been deemed an anthem by many people. Although I feel like this song is pretty repetitive it still serves its purpose and will probably get a ton of play at parties.

13) His & Her Friend (Feat Sza) - Man I love Sza so much. Her voice is so great. I wish this song was a little bit longer. Sza really just floated all over this track. Imma just go ahead and compare this track to Tyler’s track “Treehome95” both were a really a nice change of pace and included 2 great singers but both songs were too short I feel like they could have been just a little better. 

14) Grooveline, Pt 2 (Feat Suga Free) - This song is incredibly smooth. Like yo if you listen to this song you will probably find yourself nodding your head to beat without even realizing it. I love songs like this, its really just easy on the ears. 

15) Fuck LA -  Q’s flow on this track is great. I think it’s one of the harder songs on the album. I feel like this type of song would have been what some Q fans were expecting the album to sound like. 

Overall I feel like this album suffered from its on hype. Its definitely a pretty good album. We all, myself included, were expecting something more. Perhaps if we didn’t have our expectations sky high some of us wouldn’t have been left underwhelmed. There are plenty of quality tracks on this album and it also has a few songs that I’ll probably really never need to listen to again. Habits and Contradictions still remains Q’s top project.

Verdict: 7/10

Buy “Oxymoron Deluxe Edition”  available now on iTunes! 

AKB48 Show - Takamina consulation room - Mukaichi Mion

(Door Knock)


Miion「Excuse me」

T「Ah, it’s the person from Unfair! The kid from Unfair!」

M「Thanks, thanks」

T「Please have a sit!」

How is  Mukaichi Mion Entertaiment Career?

T「First, how long have you been in entertaiment career」

M「Although I was having time off, it’s already 14 years」

T「You’re a senior! A senior!」

M「Nope nope! I’m really not!」

T「You’re really not one, huh. Then, how long have you been in AKB48?」

M「I’ve been in AKB48 for 3 years」

T「I see~!」

M「Right, I’m really new (in AKB48)」

Mukaichi who has done entertaiment career activity since she was 1

T「Interesting. But, for this industry, that’s a long period」

M「Because of that, the hurdle is also really high, isn’t it?」

T「Absolutely, You were that child actress」

M「So I am~」

Since she was a child actress..

T「After you entered AKB48 and was choosen for Majisuka Gakuen, You show an awesome performace 」

M「I didn’t (laughing)」


M「I didn’t show it, I didn’t! Really」

T「Then show it!」

M「It’s different you know, the me at that time with the current me」

T「(Laughing hardly) It’s the same!」

M「I feel like I had been reborn for once」

T「If you’ve break that period, then the more adult Miion has born」

M「I see. Right now, I’m the ordinary Mukaichi Mion from these 3 years (in AKB48)」

T「The kid version did an awesome performance」

M「Nah, I want to go back to that time me (laughing)」

Wanting to go to school on holiday

T 「But (I heard) you once retired because of some reason. What’s that?」

M「I prefer school. Back then, I’m a kid that really loves school」

T「I see」

M「When I entered middle school, I once thought that I absolutely want to do my best with studies」

T「That’s parting you know. (Times) when you move from elementary school to middle school, from middle school to high school」

M「Right, everyone once consider (about things at that time)」

T「They do」

She was an AKB48 fan

M「When I was having a rest (from entertaiment), I have the next turning point. After I got into high school, I thought that I want to enter AKB48 」

T「Just a little before that,i overheard that you loved AKB48, is that right?」

M「I love them」

T「Since when?」

M「After I entered middle school and stopped being child actress, I got to know AKB48」

T「Because of which song (you become a fan)?」

M「(A song) that makes me become a fan, was “Sakura no Ki ni Narou”. It’s really recent, isn’t it?」


M「It’s already about 5 years」

T「I see, you listened to ? “Sakura no Ki ni Narou”?」

M「people around me already (like AKB48) since Ponishuu or Hebirote and they were cheering on the sousenkyou. But at first, I didn’t know (those things), so i thought, “Ah there are that kind of things”」


M「I saw “Sakura no Ki  ni Narou” was sung in a lot of programmes. And it’s seems like I became to like it more than my friends.」

t「By the way, who was your oshi?」

M「I was a Kojima (Haruna)-san oshi」

T「Nyan nyan is popular huh」

M「Somehow she was (also) born in Saitama」

T「(Mion) is from Saitama? 」

M「Yes I am」

T「Saitama is awesome, right? (There are people) like Paruru or Mayuyu」

M「Yeah, it’s awesome, Mayuyu-san and everyone」

T「What’s with that Saitama prefecture」

T「They can make a song just with Saitama(-born)」

M「It’s Team Saitama. I seriously want (Team Saitama) to do something 」

She was nominated to replace Oshima Yuuko on Heavy Rotation

T「At that time you got through to like (AKB) and applied for audition. You entered (AKB48) 」

M「I applied」

T「At that time, suddenly, Oshima Yuuko said “Be the center of hebirote.” At that time, You were desperately practicing in front of the mirror」

M「Ahh~ You saw it!」

Chosen to become the center

T「I saw it! I thought, “this kid is really practicing.” Would it be fine if she say, ‘Waa’ or ‘Shii’ or ‘Surii’ or ‘Foo’, it’s seems like she’ll. As expected from a child actress, She can lead (the others). She is small yet powerful. I’m sure that she wanted to do her best」

M「But I felt like vomitting after it end. At the time I walked out (from the stage), that was when I felt like vomitting the most.」

T「It feels relieving a bit right?」

The 2 person from 15th gen

T「In the sousenkyo, there were a lot whom called, right」

M「I want to say thanks」

T「How is it? Isn’t there some rival feeling with Naanya?」


T「You two are close, right?」

M「We are」

T「Naanya said she wants to be beside Miion who’s center」

M「Ehhh. She said it, it was absolutely a lie」

T「Why is it?」

M「Because Naanya really has a center since she entered」

T「The feeling of a center, huh」

M「There is right? So I think that she’ll fit to become (a center)」

“I want to pull AKB48″

T「You said that you want to pull AKB48?」


T「I’m happy. I feel happy that you said that」

M「It’s nice to stand in the center position, but if I’m not even one, I still want to pull (AKB48) with myself. 」

T「I see. And you will go to Team K from Team 4」

M「Of course, Team K is not something that is in me, right?」

T「Your image is different (with the common Team K members)」 

She will belong to Team K

M「Right. A lot people said that, like fans, member, even senior. Everyone said, “(Mion in) Team K is unexpected”」

T「It’s a new thing, right? When you stood at the center position 」

M「Right, right」

T「It’s center you know」

M「Jurina-san and Sayaka-san are…」

T「I know. Jurina is, you know, she’s like carrying monsters」

While Miion become a center, Her side were Matsui Jurina and Yamamoto Sayaka

T「Jurina and Sayanee, those two are crackling each other. It’s not like they hate each other, but it likes (Sayanee) wants to show Namba and (Jurina) wants to show Nagoya. While they are synergizing each other, they’ll blow a bachi bachi feeling. And when Miion become the center, then I think that they’ll be carefree」

M「Eh, Really?」

T「But, it’s amazing, see!」

M「I’m happy! Wasn’t it Yuuko-san’s Team?」


M「Then, I want to be like Yuuko-san. But since I respect her, I don’t want to copy her」

Team K without any 2nd gens

T「Right, it’s fine to be Miion-like. Because you don’t want to be Yuuko. Also,  in this team K, there are no Yuuko or (Akimoto) Sayaka or Sae-chan」

M「That’s right! There are no one from 2nd gen」

T「In team A, there is always me, in team B, there is always Yukirin. But it become less and less. So I think it’s fine to start from zero and make (a new team K)」

M「A new team K」

Making a new team K from zero

T「Yes. If you think you want to do that, it’ll be fun when you try it.」

M「Is it true? Right now, I’m really thinking about what should I do with Team K and how should I do」

T「That’s good, that’s good! You put out a margin a little bit earlier. Of course, now, (You think) How to stand out. As long as you keep looking forward, You will have a center appearance and aura.」

M「I will live for today」

T「“Only look forward” (Mae Shika Mukanee) spirit. I want you to do your best, okay」

bachi bachi= crackling

Sorry for mistranslations