yeah i like twilight

Moffat is talking about killing off Mary and how it was necessary because they wanted to stay true to the originals and it’s important that Watson is a bachelor yadda yadda yadda but dear god above, someone ask them why they included a baby which wasn’t even close to canon

TAB Waterfall scene is their favorite

ASIB & TSOT are their favorites

TPLOSH is their favorite

I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone.

Yeah, I’m EMP all the way, anything else is madness

So for all the people who read Twilight and wanted :

A) A well written story

B) Actual well rounded protagonists

C) Femslash and lesbians

This is Carmilla.

So you may be thinking great, another queer-baiting show with vampires, except get this.
Almost every character is queer AND female. No baiting, just straight up canon.

Carmilla is a modern web series adaptation of the book Carmilla by Joseph Sheridan de Le Fanu. Basically it’s a college AU.

There’s also the matter of the cast:

This is Tiny Gay Laura:

She has hilarious one liners like this

And this is what she thinks about Twilight

What’s not to like?
Although the series is called Carmilla, it’s really her story.
(above 3 gifs are from carmilla-karnstein)

Let me introduce you to Tall Gay Danny:

Yeah, she’s 6’2. Laura’s 5’2 when she’s having a happy day
I finally understand the appeal of height difference.
We all agree she’s an Amazonian goddess and a total puppy. Except when she’s worried about Laura. Then she basically evolves into a grizzly bear. Think Teddiursa into Ursaring. Yeah. Don’t hurt Laura. Ever. There’s also a few theories out there she might be an Amazon, or a werewolf, or some kind of hunter like in Buffy the Vampire Slayer but we don’t really know yet

(souce for the above goes to danasoupchef)
Also, Laura really is that tiny. There’s a reason her tag is Tiny Gay Laura (other than the gay part. That part’s also true)

This is Sullen Broody Gay Carmilla
She’s a philosophy major and we like to call a useless lesbian because she is.

Carmilla and Laura become roommates after Laura’s old roommate went missing. Plus, there’s Danny, Laura’s cute Lit TA that’s part of an all girl outdoor social club

Tall Gay Danny and Broody Gay Carmilla are both overwhelmed with feels and Tiny Gay Laura doesn’t know what to do about it
There’s also Only Gay for LaF Lola Perry

(credits: tallgaydanny)
She’s basically the mom
Very Gay Lafontaine

(source: @frenchfrysplash)
They’re the other parent (their preferred pronouns are they/them). They are also super protective of Laura and a bio major so Science!. Not to mention they’re always on the know and has some of the best one liners. LaHollis is the BrOTP name and Elise Bauman and Kaitlyn Alexander (Laura and LaFontaine respectively) are our Captains

They is also an old married couple and their ship name is LaFerry.
And yes there is a love triangle but here me out: LESBIANS. Adorable useless lesbians
See also:

hold up,

Yes, Seduction Eyes
Like these:

or these

Also these

And Seduction Gifts (although these are slightly less successful)
(source for above 2 gifs: @neither-saint-nor-sinner)
But the Seduction Smiles are working great
Plus Seduction Touches, but we haven’t gotten into those too much yet.
Although, we’ve kinda started to last episode

Yeah, I’m just gonna leave that there as incentive for you guys to watch the full clip. No, I will not tell you witch episode this is.

Although Danny doesn’t like that very much

(source: stelmarias)
See also: Natasha Negovanlis speaks at least two languages: English and eyebrow. Seriously. Eyebrow game so strong with this one.
Laura thinks that Carmilla wants to eat her.
I would agree. Although my definition may be slightly different than hers.

Laura and Carmilla’s ship name is Stars and Candles (I am going to make it happen if it’s the last thing I do. And considering how long this just took me, this might be). I’ve never really understood the appeal of an OT3 before this show, but now I can say I’ve seen the light. Some people ship Danny x Laura, some Stars and Candles ( :D ), and some even ship Danny and Carmilla. We all ship Perry and Laf. It’s cool, though, there aren’t any ship wars, mostly because we’re all so happy that are ships actually have the possibility of becoming canon

We also have interactive social media. Like the characters Carmilla and Laura both have a tumblr and a twitter and LaFontaine also recently started a twitter (yes, the characters, not the actresses. Although they have twitters too). The actress that portrays Laf, Kaitlyn Alexander (kbearluna) , has a tumblr and is our captain. So does one of the producers hotladypants and one of the writers, anamatics, who sometimes writes non-canon fanfiction for the show. They’re great (albeit they are some of the trolliest trolls to ever troll. Just a little)!

The fandom is great, like there is no fighting and we all ship everything. It’s awesome.

The series is on Vervegirl and updates twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays and each episode is only 3-6 minutes so it isn’t all that hard to catch up. They are on Episode 21 and the season is going to have 36 (fingers crossed for renewal!)

So basically, there’s the lesbian vampire and supernatural elements you always wanted from Twilight, except the writing and characters are actually good and it’s all canon. What are you waiting for?

Start watching it here! 

Not Selfish

Chapter 2

(Or read on ao3.)

Evan read the Wikipedia page three times in his bed that night. He knew he needed to fall asleep but he couldn’t. When Connor had talked about his polyamorous friend he hadn’t made it sound weird or bad and neither did the Internet (for the most part at least.) And the more he thought about that the more he thought about kissing Jared and Connor and the more he thought about kissing them the hotter his face felt and harder it was to close his eyes. He got up to get some water, tiptoeing across the wood floor.

To his surprise the light in the kitchen was still on.

“Jared? What are you doing up it’s almost 3 am.”

Jared turned to look at him. His face was open in a way it wasn’t usually and it took him a moment to clear the emotion from his features. “Hey Ev,” he said sharply. “I’m uh…I’m making ramen and a microwave mug cake.”

“Oh.” Shitty microwave food at three in the morning meant Jared was upset. “Can I join you?” Evan took a seat at the kitchen table.

“Sure,” Jared said, wiping his nose discreetly on the back of his hand. “Do you want some ramen and/or cake?”

“I could go for some cake.” Jared flicked on the radio to the oldies station and the gentle hum of some 50s slow song filtered in. He put the mug between them and started in on his ramen.

“Are you okay? You’re eating your sad food.”

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well fuck

•Quite old, like centuries or whatever

•Quite protective like he’ll be at the vampire meet up spot ten miles away from your house but he’ll hear something fall and he’ll rush to your apartment in a panic and ready to kill only to find that you had just thrown your shirt to the floor while changing and he heard the soft ass thump it made against the wood

•Fast af, can be four towns over on business but if you just whisper his name into the dark night while stood on your balcony he’ll suddenly be behind you with cold arms circling around your waist before you could even reach the last letter in his name like “you called, my love?”

•Freaks out sometimes when your heart skips a random beat like “are you okay are you hurt what just happened” when in reality he literally just smiled at you and made you fall in love all over again

•Likes to watch you sleep since he can’t slip into the state of unconsciousness himself

•Sometimes reads your mind and watches your dreams play like they’re movies

•If they’re dirty dreams about him and you his eyes will glow bright red with predatory want

•It pisses you off, the mind reading thing

•“Mark, get the fuck out of my head.”

•“Love, I can’t even read minds, I swear.”

•Calls you ‘my human’ just to irritate the shit out of you

•He’s always cold as fucking shit because he has no warm blood pumping through him but he loves to cuddle so?

•You have to cuddle while wearing clothes warm enough to climb Mt. Everest during snow storm season

•Tries to be cute and take you out on dates like a normal boyfriend but sometimes the sun is just too much and will make him really sick

•Sick vampire mark omg

•He’ll milk you, literally whine that he wants this and this and this even though he doesn’t need anything because he’ll be fine the moment he steps into some shade

•"Mark, you’re a fucking vampire, you don’t eat soup.” Or “Mark, no matter how many fucking blankets I put on you, you’ll still be that cold. It’s not a fever, it’s just you.”

•Constantly tries to impress you with his inhuman strength and speed

•“Love, watch this.”

•"Mark you’ve lifted that car and thrown it three times already, stop.” Or “Okay I get it, you’re fast. You can stop bringing me actual Chinese food from China now.
The restaurant around the corner is just fine.”

•Likes to play with your fingers in bed

•He tries to be adorable and do human things for you and you forget he’s a blood thirsty vampire at times but then he walks into your room one morning with a plate stacked high of burnt ass toast and you’ll be reminded again that your boyfriend is so far gone from human

•Sometimes loses himself in tracing over the veins on your arms

•There are times where he loses control at the heavenly smell of your blood and will press you against the wall in less than half a blink of your eye and his lips will be on your neck and his fangs will be pointed and scraping ever so lightly over your soft skin

•It doesn’t help that you’re not used to being moved that fast so your heart beats really loudly, is literally shouting into his ear and practically begging him to drink you dry

•But then he’ll look into your eyes and his will change from red back to brown and his teeth will go back to normal and he’d push an apologetic kiss to your lips

•His reflexes are no fucking joke

•He can sense that you’re about to trip, like the clumsy bitch you are, and grab a hold of your elbow a fraction of a second before you face plant

•He can smell you from miles away
He knows when you’re taking a shower because he can smell and hear the bottle of shampoo you use as you squeeze some into your hand, can smell your laundry soap as soon as a single drop is poured into your washer.

•He heals in front of you

•its freaky af

•Like he’ll come to your place after a vamp fight and have twenty broken bones but then be completely okay four seconds later

•Like Mark stop, I don’t want to see the bones of your fingers snap themselves back into place.

•He drinks human blood and stuff

•not around you but sometimes he’ll show up at your place with a few drops at the corner of his lips and the way he licks it off when you point it out and moans about the taste gets you riled up



•Sort of like twilight? Like that’s the only way I can picture it

•Mark being so fucking lost in the way your tight, warm walls feel around his hard dick that he doesn’t realize he just bent the bar of your headboard and split the solid metal in half like it was nothing

•He goes extra hard sometimes and you’ll end up with bruises covering your entire fucking body

•Headboard slamming into the wall

•Deep groans, like twelve octaves deeper than usual

•Harsh breathing




•Late night talks about having vampire babies, but never acts on it because he doesn’t know for sure yet if having a vampire child will hurt you his delicate little human love

•Very brief mentions and sometimes sightings of the other boys of vampire!got7

•He doesn’t trust them around you


•I don’t know what else

•He’s just hot tbh


                                                Don’t you worry, don’t you worry, child
                                                     See, heaven’s got a plan for you
                                               Don’t you worry, don’t you worry now


I FELT LIKE I WAS TRAPPED IN ONE OF THOSE TERRIFYING nightmares, the one where you have to run, run till your lungs burst, but you can’t make your body move fast enough. My legs seemed to move slower and slower as I fought my way through the callous crowd, but the hands on the huge clock tower didn’t slow. With relentless, uncaring force, they turned inexorably toward the end—the end of everything.

Zelink 50 sentences (One-sentence fic)

1. Different (OoT/MM)

It seems to Link pretty much like he’ll always be an outsider, wherever he goes, only Zelda accepts him as an equal.

2. Hair (FSA)

While running from Vaati’s crumbling tower, her bow came undone; they lost valuable time with the four Links fighting for who got to tie it again.

3. Cheat (TP)

A fishing-rod?!” the princess repeated, incredulity in every line of her face “You are trying to say- that you defeated the King of Evil, the legendary Gerudo Thief, the scourge of Hyrule…with a fishing-rod?!”

4. Nickname (ALBW)

Zelda had often heard people in town call him a ‘Sleepy-head’, but didn’t know how right they were until the morning after their wedding, when only the promise of a hot breakfast had managed to get Link out of bed before noon.

5.  Lips (OoT/MM)

Tatl, tactfull as always, asked if he’d considered the possibility that Zelda were giving him indirect kisses via ocarina.

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anonymous asked:

lana definitely got mixed up w the aesthetic of this album. i feel like she kept changing her mind as she added new things. It doesn't really flow and none of the visuals are cohesive with each other

Yeah I liked the whole twilight zone retro spacey thing but now I thing shes going in a different direction.. just like how Honeymoon was gonna be jazz then muddy trap was added ¾ through.. like how LFL was ready then pushed back and changes 

It Takes Two To Whisper Quietly

Warnings: like idk man they swear once or twice and implied sexy times from the night before but mostly just fluff

The sun is far too bright when he wakes up. He groans and squeezes his eyes shut again, shuffling around onto his other side. Without really thinking, he throws an arm around the boy next to him and snuggles down into his neck, breathing deeply. Dan smells as he always does, a scent that he can only describe as warm, and Phil smiles a little.

Try as he might, though, it doesn’t matter whether Dan is next to him or not, he knows he’ll never be able to go back to sleep now he’s woken up. Still, he’s not going to complain about just lying here, as close to the younger boy as he can physically get. Subconsciously, he starts to draw circle’s with his thumb in Dan’s hip under the duvet, the bare skin just exposed to Phil’s touch as the younger’s shirt has ridden up whilst he’s slept.

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yeah but twilight link as captain of zelda’s personal guard and zelda never laughs EVER, not since everything with ganondorf and zant, and one day link tries to make her laugh by telling dumb jokes, but does something stupid like falls on his face on accident instead and she just breaks down and fuckin dies in the middle of the courtyard like “OH MY GODS YOU’RE SUCH AN IDIOT YOU’RE LUCKY YOU’RE ADORABLE HOW ON EARTH DID YOU SAVE HYRULE WOW FARORE SURE KNOWS HOW TO PICK EM” and she’s just bent over and weak and link’s dazed and confused but all the surrounding guards are snickering quietly like “awwww yeah she likes you a lot bud”

In which Marco is the worst vampire ever. Just. The Worst.

Following many jokes on twitter about Marco the vampire who is mentally stuck in the fifties and kind of grossed out by the concept of biting people…I found my self doing this in an attempt to break my writers block. It’s choppy and awkwardly paced and kind of generic, but hey, it’s complete and about 5000 words, and hopefully having something out there in the world will make working on commissions a little less like pulling teeth.  Here ya go guys! Enjooyy.

God what a dork.

(Mild content warning, a little blood and sooort of blood play, I guess? He’s a vampire, you know what you’re getting in to)

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