yeah i like this one lol

like people didn’t give a shit abt stereotypes when nico was revealed to be gay in the single most stereotypical angsty way… i love nico but we all know the trope don’t we? nobody cared about “one being one’s better half” when leo’s character could have EASILY been about that but he was paired off with a girl (heavily objectifying her in the process) and like i actually got freaking hated on for wanting leo not to be in a relationship but SUDDENLY everyone cares about this issue?????? like can people be any more transparent you’d be embarrassing yourselves less if you just said “yeah lol i’m lesbophobic” and moved on.

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Hello(ΦωΦ). First, I wanna say I love your writing it's creative and amazing fo real. I would like to request: MC proposing to Seven by hacking into his computer lol. Let's see how this one is going lol, Thank you in advance!

This sounds so cute oh my god
And thank you! You’re so sweet :]
~Mod L 

“You really are the perfect person for him, aren’t you? This is such a ridiculous idea”.
“Oh hush up and help me Vanderwood”.
He rolled his eyes as he peered over your shoulder at Seven’s computer. “I don’t even know that I’m even going to be able to do this. He puts in a ridiculous amount of security on everything. Like Arabic with the door”.
“Yeah,” he looked at you, confused. “You have to speak Arabic to get in here…? Did he give you a bypass to that??”
“… Anyways. Just show me how to do this this~”


You lounged on the couch, peeking at Seven over your book. You tried your best to look casual as you played around with his ring hidden behind your book. You felt your heart beat faster as he turned on his computer. He immediately tensed up, seeing something was off. You softly cleared your throat. “Is something the matter?”
“Something… Something is wrong with my computer?” Did someone hack it?”
You felt a little tinge of guilt as you saw him start to worry, but quickly shook it off. “What’s going on?”
“I think someone hacked into my computer… No information is gone? Or even accessed? What happened?”
“What’s wrong?”
“My screen is covered in code… What does this say?”
You carefully got up from the couch, trying to be quiet enough that he didn’t notice. His eyes were completely fixated on the screen, and he didn’t notice you at all.
“Seven…” he read off the screen.
You silently knelt down behind him, waiting for him to read your message. It took you what you felt like was ages to translate everything into binary, and you wouldn’t even know how to do any of this without Vanderwood. 
“Seven Zero Seven… Saeyoung Choi… Will you.. Marry me?” 
His head tilted in confusion, and you had to stifle a giggle. “Who wrote this? Is someone messing with me?”
You held up the wedding band, and loudly cleared your throat. It was a moment before Seven was able to take his eyes off the screen. “I don’t know who would-” He spun around, and stopped mid-sentence. His jaw dropped to the ground as he saw you. “Y-You-”
“Saeyoung. Would you make me the happiest person on the planet and be my husband?” 
Seven slowly raised his hand to cover his mouth, his eyes wide as saucers.  “Are… Are you being serious?” His voice a barely a whisper.
“Yes,” you laughed. “Of course I’m being serious. Will you marry me?” 
Seven let out a small laugh before nodding vigorously. “Oh my god… Yes! Yes, yes, yes!” Saeyoung lunged out of his chair and straight into you, hugging you tightly. You laughed into his neck, letting out a small squeal as you almost dropped his ring. 
“Saeyoung! Your ring!”
He pulled away, blushing. You gently took his hand, sliding the band onto his finger. Seven let out another laugh as he pressed his forehead against yours. “I… I can’t believe this is actually happening. Did you hack my computer? Where did you learn how to hack?”
“A secret,” you whispered before kissing him.

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I wish ereri is popular just like the good ol' days :((

Ahh.. yeah I know. I mean, at least it still remains to be the most popular ship in SnK, but of course, I still miss the good ol’ days back in 2013. Our fandom was definitely more lively and fun than it is right now lol. Actually, I think the most funnest years we had for the ereri fandom was 2013-2014-2015, after that, it seemed to have started slowly dying down lol.  
But, I’m really hoping that we’ll regain our popularity once season 3 starts coming around. And you know, one of the reasons the ereri fandom isn’t all that lively is because we are seriously lacking canon material from both the anime and manga (season 2 didn’t have any ereri moments at all sadly, and in the manga, it’s been an extremely agonizingly long time since Eren and Levi ever had any interaction or moments together at all, there’s nothing new for us). But I think season 3 is gonna make up for that, we’re getting the uprising arc (aka the ereri arc lol) animated, the first episode is gonna have ereri and so is the other upcoming episodes and there’s a lot for us to look forward to and get hyped for. Therefore, I have some tiny hope in my heart that soon it will be our time to rise and shine. :) 

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One thing I love about being a college student is student discounts lol. Like Adobe Creative Cloud is only $19.99 a month instead of $49.99. And I just switched my Spotify over so now I'm only paying $4.99 for premium instead of $9.99 which is nice since I really need offline playlists now that I have almost an hour to and from campus every day haha

Yeah TRUE but gotta pay thousands of dollars for those discounts lol


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I actually wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do lol, but I still acquired the aid of my human helper. (I’m the one snuggled up in a blanket)

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Ooh that reminds me of when Jimin was asking JK for a kiss and BH suddenly cut the scene. Why? What happened? Also I remember one of them said, can't remember who, where and when but they're all used to shower together so seeing jungkook shirtless is probably a thing they're used to anyway. Also Rapmon (?) once said he saw JK with barely no clothes no him in jimin's bed while jimin was sleeping on the couch. so yah half naked jk is as common as them sucking lollipops ya see.

omg during jk’s bday when jimin was like “lemme just…. sit on jungkooks lap….. and ask him for a kiss” and bh was like nope. and just cut to jimin getting up. lmaoo.  yeah, no i’m sure they’ve all seen each other naked at one point in time, lol, it’s bound to happen after living together for so long. like, almost every kpop group showers together or sees each other naked (i coudl never omg. like, that’s so personal). and yeah, jk was asleep on jm bed, and apparently he used to take his clothes off in his sleep?? idk why though lmaoo

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I don't get it when jonsa shippers say that Jonerys is incest because she is her aunt. I mean .... Jonsa are cousins sooo basically it's incest too ...

Yeah I don’t really get it either. You can ship whomever you would like too but don’t hate on one ship and keep saying it’s incest when the other ship is too. This universe is no stranger to incest–they have cersei and jaime who are not only brother and sister but they are twins, the targaryens have had incest in their family for generations, and even the starks have had incest in their family. I haven’t heard anyone complain about the last two so I just don’t get it. Whichever way you ship, Jonerys or Jonsa there is incest but i hate how Jonsa shippers throw it out there that Jon and Dany are nephew and aunt, while they don’t get that Jon and Sansa are then cousins

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Ok but what if Alessand manages to bring Nina at the ball disguising her as one of his relatives, and Nina thinks that's a great chance to wear her mustaches again because "hell yeah, this will work, no one will unmask me" and Alessand is just there with the =__= face like "...Nina... no." (lol I'm sorry I should be sleeping, I need to sleep)

YOU NEED TO SLEEP DARLING! LMAO but, yeah, sounds funny. :P 

I do not know about you all but I really want to see Nina with a beautiful dress and the same for Chris, being all loving and dancing. I would be good to see the rest of characters but we do not know if that is gonna happen until now. *sighs*

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I want to touch the daebutt after hearing this commotion about daehyun's butt. WHETHER HIS BUTT IS THICC OR NOT, HE HAS A CUTT BUTT. He ain't called daebutt for nothing lol 👀 HIS THIGHS THO THEY ARE THICK AF AND I WANT TO HUG THEM- I mean what why am I saying stuff like this early in the morning

I will only accept one way to die, and that way is getting choked to death by thicc daethighs BLESS THE LORD

WHO’S READYYYYY FOR AU WEEK??? I am actually very excited, and also very nervous.

WHAT THE FUCK???? that was so nuts BUT: battle couple wayhaught and Jeremy’s “I’ve only had sex one and a half times!” were GOLD

lol Doc freaking out but the ladder’s right there. I guess Doc is boss of some revenants? and also is evil-esque and this is terrible

Rosieeeee oh poor girl even elseworlds is terrible to you (Waverly Gibson???)

okay so Mercedesface remembers wynonna, and like….the spell made a lot of physical changes but like….they still have the widow without clear remembrance of how? also hell yeah nicole!

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Yeah I didn't get the job lol

Dude…the job market is a harsh and bitter mistress. I’m still waiting for calls back and they’re just for like…service industry jobs to work part-time while I finish my degree. It’s awful out there.

But you’re cute as hell and young and newly graduated so it’s only a matter of time. You’ll surely get something before me…I’m old, lmao. I’m bitter. No one likes old and bitter!

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lol today at youth group this one kid heard zendaya’s name and he was like “oh she bad” and i was so close to being like oh fuck yeah seh is

then someone said selena gomez’s name and he was like “damn she fine” and again i just wanted to show how gay i was and be like fuck yeah

someone tell me to stop being gay its getting worse

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I read it as hello too ._. I skip words, can't understand simple wording sometimes (annoyed my family to no end when I spent my dissertation time listing off and spelling Latin plant names perfectly), substitute harder spelling words for simpler ones and get tongue tied like no other. And I can perfectly read that you stating to misread something through dyslexia is not a joke? Like? Really?? We that high strung? Whats next picking on someone's toe nails?....oh wait....

lol I relate to all of this, but tbh you’d be surprised. 

like normally I’d just delete that ask because clearly it wasn’t a joke, you can prob tell my the way I word things, or my sentence structure is kinda off at times (but like yeah that could be attributed to me being biligual) or I literally miss writing words in general when typing? or write a word thinking it’s another word like compassion instead of comparison and vise versa because literally I don’t see the difference or get that I even made a mistake? it’s so hard to explain what dyslexia is like lol like me even writing those two words don’t even make sense how I can fuck it up and not realize I wrote one instead of another and not realize or read one as the other and continue reading the sentence and being like?? what I don’t understand. I’m sure those who are observant could tell before I go back to fix any wording that makes no sense or off sentence structure or the wrong words, or total misspelling omfg what a mess. I always try to catch my mistakes when answering asks or making actual posts 

the best part tbh is I also apparently have dyscalculia (I had to google how to spell that bitch) too? so trying being in my profession with that and dyslexia omfg I always 395839653 check numbers and try to make sure I write them correctly or get the person to write down these numbers of measurements or pricing they are saying out loud to me because I can’t afford fucking up. but to me. this is normal? like idk any different, idk how ‘normal’ people read and see numbers or read super fast and get it or not have to have things like audio books that I can follow along to if I can for school so I don’t take 924285 years to read my things I need to and spend 0194824 more hours rereading what I just read because I didn’t understand it the first time or first two times

but hey if this is anything? like if you’re told you have a  learning disability (or any disability) don’t let it stop you for doing what you want and being who you want to be and studying what it is you want. just know how you work and know it may take more time to go through course material or that something that takes people 5 minutes to read, may take you 15 minutes. don’t get discouraged. I never let it discourage me, like sure I hide it (that’s stupid too, like who cares what your learning disability is? honestly? anyone who looks down on you or thinks your stupid for it clearly doesn’t deserve your attention) but I don’t know any different so why would I like it bother me or stop me from purusing architecture? I literally graduated at the top of my class, with honours, and on the deans list. like wtf? who cares, you know this is you, and you just have to work with it, if you know you need more time to do something than others than great do it, whatever helps you like finding an audio book of a book you’re reading in class so you don’t have to try to waste all that extra time reading it 3 or 4 times over, maybe having the audio book in the background as you follow along on paper a way that can reduce it to one or only twice having to be read. gotta adapt to it~ that’s all

fun fact: I literally make my computer read out my essays to me before submitting because I need to see if what I wrote makes sense to someone reading it, or if I missed words, or used a totally wrong word because while typing I didn’t even comprehend that I missed spelled that word completely so now it’s a new word that doesn’t make sense etc

Origin Reply
@mckatsims replied to your post: I’ve got 99 Problems and Origin is all of them

Origin is all kinds of messed up. It’s best to go through another website. I have copies of the TS3 games on Steam, too, for when the day comes that I’m sick to death of Origin lol.

My friend and I now have all of our copies digitally not through Origin now lol!

But yeah, the normal install path for games through Origin is Program Files (x86) > Origin Games and they would be there. That’s how it worked on my old computer. Didn’t work on this one for some reason.

Now the ones I got from that dealsCube website install like you have a disk (with the prompts and everything). And guess what! They actually show up, separate folders and all! Plus it’s in the normal install path if you have the disks: Program Files (x86) > Electronic Arts.

Long story short: Origin sucks, buy your games physically or somewhere else digitally.


It seems that way, doesn’t it?

lol if i ever get famous i would probably be one of the few content creators this site would hate cause i would be like

“no i dont want u whitewashing my characters”

“no i dont want you headcanoning my canon gay, bisexual, and lesbian characters as ace (UNLESS you add bi ace or gay ace and the like then i wont be mad)”

“no i dont want you making my fat characters skinny”

“hell fuck no i dont want ur asses shipping my teenage cast with adults you sick fucks. and fuck yeah ill hate you if you ship incest”

Fanart for @zanimez’s fanfic Barrel