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Divergent // Sherlock x Sister!Reader

Words // 1573

Warnings // Mention of drowning (That’s it so consider it none

Summary // ‘Must be something comforting about the number three, people always give up after the number three’

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Divergent, or just different, that was probably the easiest way to describe you. You had always been different, you grew up in a family of four, and it was a simple life. You had an older sister who was very fond of you and very protective, two parents who worked as hard as they could to support the four of you which they did, you lived somewhat comfortable.

You parents had explained very early on that you had been adopted just like your sister as your mother was unable to get children, they tried it before only it never worked and so they settled with adoption, they never regretted the choices they made.

After a while it became apparent to your parents you were different, after they barely started to teach you words you were reading books, quickly getting the hang of pronunciation. This went on until you were a year shy from ten and reading the thickest volumes they had seen in their lives. Things like this kept happening, language came even easier then reading which made you fluent in quite a handful of them. Eventually your parents and school decided it was best for you to take university courses, them being far more appropriate for your level. 

Your parents were somewhat scared at the intellect you possessed but that didn’t stop them from caring about you or loving you, you loved them for caring about you normally, not as though you were some all-knowing insolent child nor some kind of genius just as if you were average which was nice. You sister also helped along with them, encouraging you to do new things and she helped quite a bit with you emotionally developing, realizing that intellect is far from everything.

Once you had gotten multiple degrees you decided to go overseas to the United Kingdom, your sister stayed and so did your parents as your sister was in a rather active relationship and your parents couldn’t afford being away from their new successful company which was a massive hit, at the peaks of its business. You were quite happy because they chose their lives which seemed to be a thing they kept pushing away for you.

You stayed with a friend you had met at university who acted like you were just any regular person, one of the few people not fazed by your intellect which made you immediate friends.

You were walking back to the apartment you shared when you got a call, hesitantly you took it. “Hello?” There was a silence before a deep voice spoke; it was one you didn’t recognize, very likely belonged to a man. “There’s a car behind you, step in please. There is no danger, the men will tell you the same as they are part of the secret service.” You noticed it was being read from a card, the man struggled with some words and sometimes took quite a long pause, the words seemed rather foreign on his tongue.

You looked at the men; they were standing next to a black car, sleek and quite long. You sent a text to your friend and you checked to see GPS was on, if you were going to be kidnapped at least someone could track your phone. The men greeted you with a polite nod and held the door open for you, once you stepped inside the car immediately started driving.


You arrived at a rather fancy mansion somewhere in the country side, quite a long time away from London but you didn’t track the time which you realized was partially stupid, it was a good precaution to take. You went on ahead inside, once inside there was a man waiting for you, a butler it seemed. He took your coat and gave you directions, at this point you decided you were not being kidnapped but wondered what was going on. A grand mansion, someone wealth, secret service meant extremely influential or government, what could the British government possibly want?

You opened the door of the office and in front of you sat a man; he looked quite a few years older than you. You decided that he must be some part of the government. “Miss Y/L/N, pleasure to see you again. Please, take a seat.” You did, a bit cautious because you were very honestly a bit too paranoid. 

“See me again? I’ve never been in Britain before and I certainly don’t recollect meeting you.” You said a bit bluntly, you were curious more than cautious and decided if you were this important or you were needed for something they wouldn’t do anything if you were rude, all considered it was logical to be rude, most people would be extremely confused and most of them then stop caring about manners.

“I suppose it’s a stupid thing to say, last time I saw you…You were less than two years old.” He said and took a breath. “I suppose you know you’re adopted.” You gave a nod, the man seemed somewhat alike you, not completely but somewhat.

“I’m Mycroft Holmes, possess a minor position in the British government and I’m one of your bothers.” You didn’t think about the whole minor thing, which was a very petty lie as someone like him likely owned the British government.

“One of, there’s another one?” You asked completing half of what he said which took him by slight surprise. “Yes, there’s another one. Sherlock.” He explained and you were quite grateful he seemed to be rather patient with you.

“Why was I the only one?” You asked your voice stoic. You were rather curious about the story but also feared it would be quite extreme, at least you had gotten an explanation for your intellect which was more than you would likely ever had gotten hadn’t you gone here, for that you were already quite grateful.

“It’s… I suppose I should try to keep it short, it isn’t exactly pleasant. There was- is another one, a sister. You’re the youngest, when she was five she had tried to… Drown you. No one to this day knows why but she tried on multiple occasions, everyone decided it was safest to send you away to prevent it becoming fatal.” You gave a stiff nod, it was far from what you expected but had heard weirder things in your life

.“On a brighter note, I see you have multiple university degrees, master mind you.” He said and managed a small smile; you nodded and slightly smiled in return. It was something you were proud of, it wasn’t extremely hard to get them but you did have to put some effort in.


You spent the whole afternoon talking to Mycroft which was quite nice; it was nice to know about your biological family although you cared just as much as the one you had grown up in all these years. It was a week later when you decided to seek out Sherlock, ever since meeting Mycroft you also noticed the habit of men in suits following you because he occupied a ‘minor’ position in the British government.

You only decided on a week later because you had remembered Mycroft telling you that for a very vague reason he wouldn’t mention Sherlock had forgotten about Eurus and took a week to come up with something believable, at least something normal which Mycroft could confirm with fake files he made up. Your parents just weren’t ready and decided that would be the best, it was as simple as that.

You got out of the car Mycroft kindly had provided and noticed the door was open, once inside you were met by an elderly woman you assumed was Mrs. Hudson, their landlady. Mycroft being Mycroft decided he should inform you on every single detail.

“Oh, hello! Are you a client?” She asked, you gave a small nod as you weren’t sure how to quickly explain you were Sherlock’s sister who had lived most of her life in America and only recently found out they were related, you couldn’t exactly cut that short. “Well, you can go ahead upstairs. John’s not in yet though so you might need to wait a while.” You simply nodded before heading up stairs and opening the door.

Your eyes caught notice of the book shelves and scanned them immediately, you always wanted to read something new or more, most of the time you did want it to be in the few subjects you were interested in as those were the things you cared about most but you were open to a few new ones. “Hello.” You weren’t startled by Sherlock which he imagined you would be as you were fully focused on the books.

You turned your eyes to the man itself. “Hello. Nice to meet you I’m Y/N Y/L/N.” You decided to introduce yourself and he looked at you, doing his famous deductions before frowning. You knew you never quite had the intuition and powers of deduction that Mycroft and Sherlock had as you never actively knew or sought them out but you did have some of the skill. “Y/N.” He said, as though he was trying the name out on his tongue.

“Yes, now can we start? John doesn’t need to be here, it’s rather personal.” Intrigued, he did and sat down, his attention fully focused onto you and you sat down as well.

“I’m your sister.”

  • What they say: yeah
  • What they mean: I'm sorry I know you're talking to me but honestly my brain has gone completely blank and I can't think of anything to say and all that's going through my head right now is panic because you expect me to say something to keep the conversation going but I can't think of anything and now there's an awkward silence and you think I'm rude but in reality I want to say something I just can't think

Candy: So Henry told me that you want to double date with us tomorrow… I didn’t know you were dating someone.

Noah: It’s our first date - I need Henry there as my wingman, and I thought we’d all have fun together. You’ll come, right?

Candy: I - I guess… Who is she anyway?

Noah: Do you know Finley?

Candy: Finley Blue? Yeah, kinda - her mom is Nancy, right? My parents have told me some weird things about her…

Noah: Like what?

Candy: Well, apparently Nancy was blackmailed by this really creepy old lady, and a couple months after that she completely fell off the grid, and next thing you know she has a child! My mom went to her birthday party and it’s like Finley came out of nowhere… nobody knows who the dad is.

Noah: That is kinda weird, but - 

Candy: And apparently the last person anybody really saw her with was this man named Rico Dupree. Do you know him?

Noah’s eyes widened as he remembered things in flashes from his childhood… his dad going out to lunch with a skimpily dressed lady, Henry being bribed with toys to not tell his mom, the mysterious visit of the same lady to the house months later…

Noah: Let’s - let’s not worry about it right now, okay?

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do you have any idea how old the kipling siblings are? we know boo boo is 14, but im gettinng confused at the others ages?

yeah! i don’t know their EXACT ages, but i know the order of ages: dizzee is the oldest of the kiplings (i’d say 17/18), yolanda is the next, then ra ra, and then boo. 

i once saw someone say they thought yolanda and ra were twins (which would … be so fucking awesome AND make sense based on grade levels), so i’d guess that dizzee is 18, yolanda/ra are 16-17, and boo is 14

That’s so cute, how they say: “Seems to have traveled across both space and time to reach you from the Kanto Region in the good old days.” Ya know what? Hell yeah, because people need to appreciate Kanto more. Kanto is the first ever generation, home of the first 151. You go Kanto. You go.

Just an awkward goth-at-heart turtle looking for a friend (god I'm bad at this)

Hi, my names Lily and I’m 17 years old (looking for a friend 16-19). I’ve never made any friends online b4 and this seems cool so yeah. I really don’t know what to write… I’m into vampires,witches and things like that. I watch too many murder mystery shows (like help I’m a paranoid loser now), I like peircings, hair colour and makeup stuff I guess. I am a serial fangirl (is that a thing?) and I’m a weird mix of a 5 year old and a 50 year old. I really have no “interests” I like to talk about whatever and just have fun. Smart people or people with advanced vocabularies or knowledge on things I don’t know about fascinate me. I’m just looking for someone who wants to talk whenever about whatever and who’s just a nice,funny and all around cool person. No homophobia, transphobia,racism, etc. Sorry I’m so bad at this, I swear I’m not this awkward usually (kinda).

Oh btw I speak English and French (but I’m shit at French)

My tumblr is @violavamp (I hope this is how I’m supposed to link it, I have no clue how stuff works)
I wish I had more things to link for contacting but all of my social media accounts uses my full name cuz I’m an idiot ( if we become friends I’ll prob give u them then)

guys so i was doin a space camp class today trying to explain astrophysics to these ass children and their parents and this one lil kid goes up to me and he was like

“rey can i ask you a question?”
“yeah!” i said, expecting to explain the distortion of time to this literal six year old
“are you a girl or a boy? because u know so much about space i think youre an alien. are you an alien or a girl or a boy?”

cue adults laughing nervously (im androgynous looking so they were probs thinkin the same thing)

“im stardust. and so are you. we’re all stardust,” i explain. “iron can only be made in the cores of dying stars and humans require supplements of iron to live. you guys are made of stars.”

and ive never seen this little kid’s eyes get so fucking wide and he looked down at his hands and he was like


10/10 best answer ive given to the are you a girl or a boy question

“What was she like?” My mother asked trying not to pry to much but always failing.


“Beautiful was she?” she said.

“Yes. Absolutely beautiful.”

“But I wouldn’t describe her as strictly beautiful. Cause well she more than beautiful. She was funny, smart, down to earth, rewarding, thoughtful and beautiful. She was every nice word in the dictionary. Admiring, charismatic, appealing and down right unforgettable once you knew her. Even if you didn’t know her she was unforgettable cause even if you talked to her for 5 minutes while waiting in line for coffee it felt like talking to an old friend. So yeah… she was beautiful or gorgeous. Whatever word you choose to your liking. But she was never just strictly beautiful.”

“So what do you call her then? What do you call her if she is every good thing that’s happened to you.” My mother asked.

“Extraordinary. She was extraordinary”

—  Love, heartbreak & everything in between.

Some cosplay valentines for all my sweetheart followers! 

 Happy Valentine’s Day!! 💖😘

(also happy birthday to my boy andy robinson aka garak aka the love of my life. they are both my valentines today)

Translation: RELIGION

Text from dad:
Isak! That’s enough! Ive been trying to reach you for days. I know that you’re mad at me, and you probably think I’m a coward for leaving mom, but I couldn’t help her. One day I hope you can understand that. I’m trying the best I can.

*Isak swipe through old texts, his dad is trying to get Isak over for dinner several times over the past weeks*

Text from Isak: fine. I’ll come to the Christmas concert. I’m bringing my new boyfriend. His name is Even. That’s a boy name.
Text from Dad: I don’t understand if you’re kidding now?
If you have a boyfriend that’s very nice Isak, I’d love to meet him, but you know how mom is, she gets stressed out easily.

Sana: halla
Isak: halla
S: forgot to do the assignment?
I: yeah
S: did you see that link I sent you?
I: no, what was that?
S: it was just a link to an article
I: okay, what was it about?
S: just some science research that’s been done on the evolution and homosexuality. I was just thinking about the discussion we had a while ago. And it’s not often I’m wrong, but it turns out I was wrong in that discussion. Because homosexuality has played a… have had a natural function in the evolution and they have a lot of new and interesting research on it so… I was wrong

I: what about Islam? Anything new and interesting from there or is it the same old?
S: Islam says the same as always. That all humans in this world is equally worth and that no humans is going to be talked about behind their backs, violated, judged or ridiculed. So if you hear anyone use religion to argument for their hate, don’t listen to them. Because hate does’t come from religion, it comes from fear.

Teacher: we can start the lesson by turning in the tasks….

[Awesome Mix Vol. 1 is playing in the background]

N: I’m so sorry, Prompto.. I would’ve never left you behind, but the crystal-…

P: Yeah, I know.. though, I’m not gonna lie, you had me worried quite a bit..

warm up sketch, more or less. I am ones again in the situation where I am eager to draw smth but my mind draws absolute blank on WhAT to draw.

any suggestions or requests???

I still nightmare about that. It was loud but you were quiet and I told you it was gonna be okay. You looked at me with one of those smiles that feel sick. Like you’re holding back a whole ocean. I felt what i said die in my throat.

“So why do people suck?” You asked. Half-laughed.

What do I know. I said people are kind of like forests. Sometimes they’re there to give you shade and sometimes they’ve been broken too and it makes them sharp and mostly they’re just trying to live their own lives and grow old next to the people they love. People are just trees.

“Oh yeah, people are trees,” You snorted. There was a darkness in your eyes that haunts my dreams. “People are trees and everyone leaves.”

  • *707 and MC in an argument*
  • MC: Maybe I just like you!
  • 707: Maybe I just like you, too!
  • MC: Oh really?!
  • 707: Yeah, maybe I've liked you for a really long time but I didn't realize it cause I hated you so much!
  • MC: Are you saying you like me or not? I'm saying I like you!
  • 707: Well, then I'm saying I like you!
  • MC: FINE! Then I guess we're boyfriend and girlfriend!
  • 707: Fine! On one condition