yeah i know this is old

  • Kara: Kara Danvers can't come to the phone right now. Why? Oh. Because she's dead.
  • Lena: *starts crying* Oh-Oh my god, I can't believe Kara died an-and I wasn't th-*hiccups* there to save her. I'M A HORRIBLE FRIEND!!!
  • Karaa: NO,NO,NO,NO. Lena, Lena,Lena I'm so sorry. I'm here ,it's me Kara Danvers your favorite cub reporter. I'm not actually de- you know what can we forget I even answered the phone like that.I was just being a dick.
  • Lena: *sniffles* Why would you tell me yo-your dead? You know I have no friends. Everyone I love is either dead or in prison.
  • Alex: *in the background* yikes.
  • Kara: I-I'm so sorry Lena, let me take you out for ice cream and a kale smoothie yeah?, *covers speaker* Alex order 3 dozen flowers and a "I'm sorry I told you I was dead card".
  • Alex: Already done.
  • Lena: *hiccups* Okay.

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is it weird I'm not a fan of the direction the show's going? like... it's not really that fun to watch anymore now that everyone's like, split up and shiro looks off model all the time,,, (his hair bothers me. Go Back to your old self baby boy)

i understand that. i still have no idea where they’re goin with the series and i do think that’s fun because theres so many possible outcomes and you never know which one they could pick so i personally find it exciting to find out how its gunna be played out.

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Ok so I just wanted to check in and make sure you're aware but Call Me By Your Name features a sexual affair between a 17 yr old boy and a 24 yr old. A lot of people have expressed being uncomfortable with the age gap the film portrays so I just wanted to see if you knew ((not that you have to answer this since it can't be answered privately))

yeah i’m aware and i’m not defensive of the backlash at all. like, i know a lot of people who are looking forward to the film bend over backwards to defend it and their arguments usually boil down to “age of consent is 17!” personally, i think big age gaps are creepy no matter the legal age of consent. someone at age 24 has a completely different worldview than someone at 17. and then there’s a whole other conversation to be had about power dynamics and whatnot in relationships with big age gaps. and i have to agree with the consensus that the gap in cmbyn is uncomforting – both in terms of age and just physicality of the actors. although, with all that said i don’t think just because something makes you uncomfortable it needs to be banished for all eternity. heavy drug use makes me uncomfortable but requiem for a dream is a goddamn masterpiece. childhood sexual abuse makes me extremely uncomfortable on a very personal level, but mysterious skin is one of the best films of the 2000s. idk how the relationship in cmbyn unfolds but I don’t think it should be immediately written off just because the idea of it makes you uncomfortable, you know?


I decided the ask my four-year-old to describe her favorite characters and the results were amusing, so here they are! Also, bonus interview, because it’s kinda fun to see how a kid sees all this.

Q: “Who do you think K.O.s dad is?”
A: “I don’t know. Maybe Laser Blast? No that’s not his dad. His dad might be…maybe Foxtail. Yeah Foxtail.”
Me: “I think it’s Laser Blast.”
Her: “No.”

Q: “Who do you think Shadowy Figure is?”
A: “Venmus! He’s purple, and he’s purple….WHAT IF HIS DAD IS CREEPY. I GOT NOTHING I NEVER SEEN HIM BEFORE.”
Me: “I-”
Her: “Maybe they say in the next episode. When is Friday?”

Q: “Who would Raymond be in love with?”
A: “Nobody. He wouldn’t be in love. He doesn’t want to be in love. He’s EVIL.”

Q: “Why do you think Gar is shy around Carol?”
A: “Maybe he broke something that is hers? Maybe he’s sorry he dropped that sandwich.”

I couldn’t ask anymore questions because now she’s going into fan theories about KOs, I have created a monster

I had a BLAST at the taste of Saint Whatshisface last night with my Cuban Joint Family. I saw so many people I knew from work and past lives. It was Amazing they recognized me. Chef & Thania were getting increasingly irritated when my peeps kept asking me about STBX. They all knew it kinda stung, but what can I do? Lie? No. “Things are strained and difficult, but we’re healthy! The girls are thriving and that’s all that matters right?” It was my knee jerk response. The crew wanted me to be truthful. Why? No one really wants to know the details in passing. They were all gobsmacked. I got a lot of “you guys will make it” and “you guys were the perfect couple!”. Yeah, so I’ve heard.
Two people I haven’t seen in over a decade (gawd, I’m old) came to visit me at work. I cried with each of them. Amazing what the universe throws your way.
Yesterday was all around a fantastic day

Do you ever see the old shirtless selfies of Andy without majority of his tattoos, let’s say from 2013-2015 and he looks really good, healthy, honestly looks alive and not looking like the live has been sucked out of him, oh! And he doesn’t have the Scientology tattoo. Because honestly, in my opinion, he looked better without that tattoo. I mean, yeah he still looks good, but if he didn’t have that tattoo (and a few others) he’d look extremely better and I wouldn’t want to knock sense into him to get it removed or covered up.

Interstate 69

So we’re road tripping to Canada and we’re on I-69. Why did I just become a giggly 15 year old boy? Full sex jokes and everything. The name of the sexual position formerly known as 69 is now 96. It just costs so much to eat out. Yeah and I’m eating pure trash today because damnit that’s what I want. Just passed Flint, Michigan. I’ll let you know when I get to the border.

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this is a silly lil rant n u dont gotta reply but my feelings for ppl who woobify jason & ppl who hate him are complicated bc on the one hand red hood jason has done some fucked up shit & shouldnt be woobified but then theres ppl who are so unnecessarily cruel in regards to tiny 15 yr old robin jason like... he was a kid. a baby. he didnt deserve to die. this is a ramble n rant and not all tht coherent but u feel me?

oh yeah I feel you like.. it’s a solid mood.. people dont know how to love/like a flawed character tbh, and dont know how to balance the bad and the good of jasons character ig

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60-70 babes ♥

thank you for asking all of these love, you rock

60) Ever won a competition? For what?

I actually haven’t, I’m lame as hell..

61) Been suspended/expelled? For what?

I haven’t thankfully

62) Been arrested? For what?

I also haven’t, I am just extremely innocent I guess

63) Ever been in love?

I never have, but one day I know I will and it will be amazing

64) Tell us the story of your first kiss?

My first kiss was technically in preschool……so…yeah. The little boy that I was friends with at the time had a crush on me and ran up to me one day and kissed me, and of course being the little innocent 4 year old I was, I screamed and ran off

65) Are you hungry right now?

I literally am never hungry, so definitely not

66) Do you like your Tumblr friends more than your real friends?


67) Facebook or Twitter?

Twitter, forever and always

68) Twitter or Tumblr?

ha, both. I am on Tumblr more now though, but I use both as much as possible

69) Are you watching TV right now?

I have been binge-watching Buzzfeed Unsolved again but I’m watching it on my TV, so I guess that counts?

70) Names of your bestfriends?

on here, @ninja-stiles, @redstringlovers, @wittystiles@all-alone-he-turns-to-stone, @honeymoonmuke, @mf-despair-queen, @spooked-bean, @fullmoonimagines, @susybird, @laheyinfatuate, and @minhosmeanhoe and I have been talking a lot more now, and also you Ellie. there are so many others, I love talking to everyone on here, so come hit me up

send me some numbers!

Hello! I’m Urtė (IPA: ʊɽtɪ) from Lithuania (north-eastern Europe)! I’m 16 years old, started IB DP this September. I’ve decided to look for some international friends because, fun fact, in Lithuania there are only 2.7 billion people and we already know each other :DD

By the way, I love drawing, so if you want cute letters I can send you some :D Also, I have a huuuge passion for biochemistry and other sciences, which contrasts a lot with my love for memes and holographic things (yeah I’m an extroverted nerd :D ever met one?) As for music, I usually spend my time in silence, but just because I can’t choose what I want, pop or classic. I also love reading old literature. I should probably stop here, otherwise I’d never do so :D I can talk about anything for hours

As you can see, I’m a really bright and cheerful person, though, can sometimes sink into philosophical mood and start questioning life and humanity. Soo if you’re someone who loves deep discussions, you definitely will be entertained! Though my English will no longer be so sophisticated, just right now I’m in essay mode

Person around my age would be ideal, though, anyone from the range of 13 to 20 don’t hesitate to contact me! I am very tolerant; therefore, I have no specific preferences about your views, nationality, or sexuality :)

I have my phone with myself 24/7 so I could respond to a meme or a question in no time. I would prefer not to communicate over instagram since I don’t have it, but other social platforms would work just fine (facebook messenger would be awesome).

Tumblr: lyceumlizard


Hey I’m casey I’m 18 years old I’m looking for friends or if a relationship comes out of this then great I love music and hanging out with friends and I’m super shy at first but once I get to know you I won’t shut up so yeah message me and I’ll give you my snapchat

Told you guys I’d make an update about my morning since I gave the cute boy that letter…

So, to start off I already had a bit of a shitty day before I got to school so if I seem a but overdramatic it’s bc I was already in a bad mood.

Now, I got to school kinda freaking out bc I don’t know what he was gonna say and I was nervous about going to journalism bc then I’d sit with him and so yeah I was nervous as hell. But that didn’t matter, bc some other kid took my seat next to him. So I sat with my old table but it sucked bc they don’t really talk to me much and I like sitting over there with said cute boy a lot more. But so that kid took my seat and he completely ignored me. So nothing happened. I was a bit pissed. But I have next class with him and idk if he’ll say anything to me or not. I’m expecting not but idk and honestly idc.

I had some of my lovely friends (on here) made me feel a lot better and cheered me up so thank you to you guys.

[audience member: “Live hard, die young!”] “Yeah, it’s a little too late for that, man. I have news for you: sometimes, sometimes it turns out the slogan you didn’t know you were living by was: ‘live hard, live long.’ The slogan begins to stretch: ‘live hard, live long, feel pain, go on, wake up, keep going, keep going, keep going. Grow old, keep going, outlive all friends, last man alive, unending desert, so many stars, limitless, endless stars, throne standing alone in the desert, and yourself [inaudible]. This song is about none of that business. I just sort of got distracted for a minute by the undeniable fact of my own, uh, you know, eternal existence. [laughs]

I’ve kind of kept from really posting anything TOO personal up here for several reasons, mostly the whole ‘abyss of the internet seems unsafe these days’, but yeah. Y’know. Things.

Since about last month, been sort of on-edge and really stressed out. 

So, my dad has an old injury to his right eye (the eye is completely like, gone actually). When he was young, he got injured from a throwing dart of all things, and at the time my dad’s family was obviously very poor in Mexico. They didn’t have money to get the injury looked at, and honestly idk if there would’ve been a proper fix for it that long ago, so it just. Was a thing he dealt with. His eyelid’s just been closed since then, whatever’s left of his eye is gone pmuch.

Anyway, periodically over his life it’d give him trouble. Last few months he’d been dealing with a pain on that side of his head, near that eye. It felt, he said, like needlepricks, or a stabbing pain that’d hurt when he bent down/moved his head too quickly. He just assumed it was that old injury. Still, the pain was getting to be troublesome more often, so he went to the doctor.

Turns out, it’s a tumor. Which of course, freaked me the FUCK out like you wouldn’t believe. The next appointment, we got some more information. It’s benign, but still a tumor in his head, which is putting pressure on nerves and because of it’s location, it’s a terrible spot to try surgery. So instead, my dad’s having radiation treatment every day for 5 weeks, with the hope being it both stops the tumor from growing and perhaps shrinks it so it can alleviate pressure/pain. 

On my days off, during the week, I’m driving them across town to the treatment center, my siblings and I are taking turns basically because my dad driving is probably a bad idea after radiation just in case. I had to figure out his leave of absence from work, which stressed me out bc my parents think I should know how to do everything paperwork wise automatically because I speak english. My mom doesn’t understand you can’t just ‘call your boss’ these days, no jobs are that personal they have other people deal with medical leave so it’s less personal and more paperwork. Not to mention it’s really rough to see the effects of the radiation starting to come up, you know? When he was still trying to work while doing the radiation the first few days, he was violently ill at work and that’s when he finally realized he’d have to just take a leave. The pain still comes and goes, and it sucks because we’re kind of stuck until the radiation is through and hoping. While it’s not cancer, and a benign tumor, it still really really sucks not to be able to DO anything but wait. 

I’ve been kind of bottling it all up. I literally have told 2 people about it before making this post. I don’t know what I’m doing posting this either except maybe letting myself breathe a little. 

So yeah. That’s life right now. 

inktober writing prompts #19



(This is just a quick original writing. I couldn’t get the elementary fic to fit the prompt.)

“Let nature take its course,” she said. My mom’s parenting style leaned heavily on cliches and platitudes. “Girls don’t chase boys. Let them chase you.” I was afraid that this lecture was going to quickly deteriorate into my mom doing a full on Yul Brynner impersonation and giving me the bee speech. You know, from “The King and I,” where the King explains how bees go from flower to flower but a flower must never go from bee to bee to bee. Always struck me as kind of creepy. Yeah, I know, obscure. That’s part of the problem, no one ever gets my references … Perhaps I watch too many old musicals. Where was I? …. Oh yeah, my mom.  I pretended to listen, tried to look the right amount of mortified and thanked the pizza gods when her lecture was interrupted by the loud knock of the Pies-on-Us pizza delivery guy.

I made a run for the bathroom, the only room where I could have a teeny expectation of privacy. I sat on the edge of the tub and wondered how I could explain to my mom that boys don’t chase after me, nor do girls for that matter. And frankly, it didn’t bother me. I had other things to worry about.