yeah i know this is not sh related


hello earthlings !!

so i’ve just recently noticed that i hit over 6.000 followers and i wanted to thank you so much because i feel like i don’t say this enough but i’m actually so grateful for every single one of you ?? this blog gives me so much fun and it’s a huge stress reliever for me so yeah thank you all my cuties ahh

AND since i’m a very nice person, thank you very much, i’ve decided that i can help some similar blogs that only start. i try to reblog posts when someone asks me to do it but i know i can miss those asks sometimes so now if you want me to promote your blog/reblog some of your stuff then go ahead and hit me up in the aks !! it doesn’t have to be an incorrect quotes blog or even sh related (but those are very much welcome). it can be a blog with your art or stuff like that. i’ll try to promote as many people as i can so yeah, just send me things because i want to somehow repay you for being here with me. 

(also i’m shamelessly taking the opportunity to say that neil josten is the most beautiful person out there, ha !!)

love u guys

i relate with kuroiro shihai

• has spoken not one word, is probably mute
• dark, eerie aura
• actually a sweetie but seeks world domination
• spends time helping his blond, vegetarian bf calm down
• (in writing) “sh its ok blasty mcgay is just a big BITCH”
• joins team tsuburaba, secretly Betrays their trust by kissing bf
• honenuki has found out. you’re exposed, shithai.

Ok I promise I won’t clog my blog with shaladin discourse because it’s late and it’s like talking to a brick wall BUT I’d like to point out that that post about Allura’s age and everything wasn’t even tagged with “anti sh@ladin” or any other related tags or any voltron tags period I just tagged it as “shut up tristan” bc that’s how I tag like almost all my posts so like I don’t know how a she!th discourse blog found it I can only assume they looked up the word “shaladin” or something just bc they were bored so???? Yeah shaladongs don’t get to bitch about us not staying in our lane anymore lmao :////