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Oh trust me, I know. I haven't had my phone in five months. Five long, horrible, agonizing, torturing months....

Yeah, I am positive that I wouldn’t be able to handle that long without tech. I would be a shell of a former turtle. 

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Can someone idealize and devalue people without splitting on them? For example, they think anyone they dont know is horrible and stupid, etc. and hate them. And then they kind of have a permanent state of idealization with their fp? Can people have more than one fp, too?

yeah you can absolutely have irrational hate and always have an idealized view of your fp. at the moment I have two fps and one of them I constantly split on while the other I haven’t yet and I just idolize them so you can definitely have more than one fp and have different feelings about both of them. hope this helps !!

  • MC: Did you take out the trash, Saeran?
  • Saeran: I tried but Saeyoung is still here

Happy birthday, Diego Luna | 29th December 1979

(Diego on his birthday) It’s horrible. It’s been traumatic. It took me awhile to understand that there was another kid that was born on the 25th that was much more celebrated than me. Yeah, it was sad. Everyone was like either hangover or getting ready for New Year’s Eve but never really actually celebrating me. It was like, “Hey! I’m here!” “Yeah, we know whatever.”

This won’t get out of my head

Scene:  A bar in National City.  The room is dark, and somewhat dingy.  Country Music is playing, coming from an ancient Jukebox in the corner.  The room is filled with Supervillains.

A man bursts into the room holding a cell phone aloft.  “Good news guys!” he shouts.  The various supervillains look up from what they are doing.  “I’ve uncovered Supergirl’s secret identity!”

The supervillains continue to look at the man for a few moments, then turn back to what they were doing.  A few shake their head.  The man looks around confused, until the bartender waves him over.

“What’s the deal?” the man asks.

“Yeah, look,” the bartender says.  “Everyone knows about Kara.”

“What?  Then why not go after her?”

“Cause everyone in here will kill you in increasingly horrible ways if you harm a single hair on that girl’s head.”


“Look, see that guy over there?  That’s Victor Fries.  He used to be called Mr. Freeze.  Fought batman for ages.  Came to National City, and instead of fighting him, Kara got him some kind of alien medicine that fixed him and his wife both right up.  These days, he only comes in here to play chess with Harvey Dent.”

“Two Face?”

“Dude, harsh.  Besides, Kara got him on his meds, and apparently knows a really good plastic surgeon who fixed up the acid scars.”


“See that guy in the corner?”

“The one in the coveralls?”

“Yeah.  They called him the Plumber.  He’d use his job to case places, and then rob them.  Kara caught him, and put him in jail.”

“Well then-”

“When his mother’s hot water heater burst, Kara flew over to her house, dried up all the water with her head vision, and replaced the hot water heater.”

“What about him?”

“Kara talked the warden into letting her take him to visit his dad in the hospital.  Flew him there personally.”


“The one with the white hair?”


“She’s married to the brunette that’s sitting with her.  They met trying to kill Supergirl and Cat Grant.  Supergirl officiated their wedding.”

The man sighed.  “Well, at least I also know who the Flash is.”

“Dude, seriously, don’t fuck with Barry Allen.  You do not need that kind of hurt.”

“I hear he’s not that tough.”

“Dude, who said anything about him.  His rogues will rip you apart.”

  • <p> <b>Reaper:</b> Oh, Morrison... I didn't expect to run into you here... at the supermarket...<p/><b>Soldier 76:</b> Likewise...<p/><b>Both:</b> ...<p/><b>Reaper:</b> Did the moms force you out with the kid too!?<p/><b>Soldier 76:</b> Oh god, both of them!<p/><b>Reaper:</b> Having Lena around is horrible! I have to play house-reaper while she and Lacroix try to cover their sex noises!<p/><b>Soldier:</b> Angela and Fareeha just complain that I don't spend any time with her! Meanwhile, they haven't even talked to her in three days!<p/><b>D.Va:</b> We're right here ya know?<p/><b>Sombra:</b> And we're not children!<p/><b>Both:</b> UNTIL YOU START PAYING BILLS YOU MAY AS WELL BE!<p/><b></b> *Silence*<p/><b>Reaper:</b> What ever happened to us, Jack?<p/><b>Soldier 76:</b> Lesbian mothers with responsibility issues.<p/><b>Reaper:</b> Oh yeah, that's right.<p/></p>

*“Do you know karate? ‘Cause your body is really kickin’.” (not literal)

Prepare for a SHITLOAD of stuff like this. Even though I’m THIS close to switching to Shance simply because I hate drawing Keith’ hair

I googled so many (horrible) spanish pick up lines, I got fuel for ages!!!
And, yeah, I’m still struggling with this whole digital media but I’m slooowly getting there.

Please bear with me a little longer

Dinner with my Aunt

Aunt: Your house is so neat and wonderful! 

Me: Gee, thanks Aunt J.

Aunt: You know what they say, a clean house means a clean mind.

Me: *recalls every dirty, horrible, smutty, wonderful sex scene i have ever read and written*

Me: Ha

Me: Yeah.

Okay, okay I can’t hold it in anymore. I’ve kept this little au idea in secret for quite some time now, with only some friends knowing of it in Skype chats. I’ve even wrote some small ficlets over it and shared them with some, and I’ve been so anxious to share it with anyone else haha. But now I’ve got some courage to do it.

And I’m only gonna…put the main idea out and some little stuff out for now since it’s really late where I am right now haha. But yeah, it’s an AU based solely on Mabel.

But onto the main idea of the au (that I still can’t think of a name for lol): but basically it involves Mabel and her parents and Dipper getting into an accident, with Mabel (at the age of 5) being the only survivor. And as a result, Stan ends up taking her in and being her guardian. And does EVERYTHING he can to provide for her and keep her safe and happy in GF. It’s a big Mabel and Stan bonding au, basically (though Ford does show up later too.)


A bubble and a goth

Interviewer: “Are you a fan of their (Karamel’s) relationship?” (x)

Me: No. It’s horrible and I hate seeing how Mon El treats Kara. Lena or James or anyone else would treat her better. She deserves so much more than a manipulative, abusive, slave-owning, liar.

Melissa Benoist, an intellectual: “I don’t– You know what, I’m a fan of Kara being happy.”

Me at Melissa: ;-) 

Melissa at Me: ;-) 

what’s fucking gross is that dan and phil work SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hard like come on have you seen the amount of gaming videos lately?? and let’s not forget when they did gamingmas. come on, these guys try so hard to make us happy and entertain us and yeah it is okay to have humour and make jokes sometimes about what one of them may upload and it’s okay if internet support group isn’t your favourite, but bashing dan and sending him horrible tweets and making him feel like shit for something WE overhyped is really not okay

for those of you who don’t know it, i suggest you google what respect is

So, my friends and I were trying out D&D for the first time. DM was using a pre-written thing to get us all into how this is supposed to work. Right, so she has our characters meet and introduce ourselves for the first time and… It was a bit awkward and I didn’t really know the in-char and OOC stuff… I was trying for a general statement to fill in for actual role-playing. Apparently I couldn’t get away with ‘she introduces herself’.

Me: So, we just… say our names and stuff?

DM: Yeah.

Me: Right. So, my character looks at the others. (waves in rl) Yo, bitches. (as I would say to them in rl)

Friend: What?!

Other friend: *lmao*

Me: (realizes horrible mistake) No, that’s not what I meant!

Other friend: Hi, Yo Bitches.

Me: That’s not what she’s actually–

Other friend: Too late!

Me: I meant it in a more general–

Other Friend: Doesn’t matter. You’re Yo Bitches now.

And so I was, for the rest of the session. I mean, that guy tied a goblin to the dead horse rather than the trees around us just because (and then we left it there), but yeah, apparently nothing was more notable than “Yo Bitches”. Well, besides the DM being lowkey pissed off about a diff guy insisting he had to play a duel-wield shield guy and she had to create an entire skill tree just to make that happen and she didn’t feel he appreciated it enough.

- Him always ‘covering’ you protectively when you sleep, and always picking the side closest to the door.

- He always makes you the best Mexican food. 

- Him thinking all you need is some good home cooking whenever you’re sick.

-Sometimes pretending to be sick just so he’ll cook for you.

-”Jay, I don’t feel good…”

-Him knowing you’re not really sick, but cooking for you anyway.

-”Don’t worry baby, all you need is a good home cooked meal and some medicine.” 

-Him always having a protective arm around you in public.

-Sometimes when you’re out by yourself, you just see clothes you think Jason would like and before you know it you’ve bought him twenty different shirts and a gift receipt.

-”Um, yeah,- How about we just- Yeah I’ll take them all….”

-Him always loving the shirts you bought him, and kissing your knuckles as a thank you. 

-Hearing really horrible things the Red Hood has done, but not really believing them.

-Jason telling you, he has in fact, done those horrible things.

-You not letting it cloud the perspective you have of the man you love.

-”I mean, you’ve never done anything horrible to me, and everyone makes mistakes every once in a while. Besides I know who you are Jason, and you’re not a bad person. I’m sure it was the best decision you could make at the time.”

-Him almost crying when you tell him that, and then denying it.

-”I’m not crying, I’m the red hood for god’s sake, I don’t cry.” 

-Sometimes when he’s leaving for more then a day he leaves a bunch of meals cooked in the fridge for you. 

-”I made your favorites, so make sure you pace yourself, you’ll get sick if you eat them all in one day.” 

-You softly tracing the scarred J on Jason’s cheek when he’s asleep.

-Softly crying every time you think about what it means.

-Jason knowing you cry, but pretending like he doesn’t know.

-Jason holding you a little bit tighter on nights he knows you’ve cried for him.

- Your friends thinking Jason’s a little sketchy, and probably involved in something illegal. 

- Your friends approving when they finally see both of you together in public. Jason holding twenty of your shopping bags, and nodding as a sign of hello.

-Jason literally treating you like a queen/king/

-Jason always holding your hand in public, or during social events.

-softly squeezing back when he grips a bit too tight.

- Jason looking like a total bad ass in public, with his scars and this permanent grimace on his face.

- But whenever he’s around you, or in private. It’s just soft smiles, and warm eyes that make you feel like you could melt if he looks at you too long.

- You being apart of his family.

- Him being your favorite thing in the entire world.

A/N: Honestly I have 500 more things I could say but I’m going to stop here.

He didn’t fall for him because of his looks– not even with those eyes.

He didn’t fall for him because of his ability to morph on screen or the way his voice pitches to the floor every time the cameras start rolling.

He didn’t fall for him because he’s funny– although, he knows that helped.


He fell for him because of the way his voice trembles when he speaks about things that Jensen will never understand. He fell for him because of the horrible way he dances and how he never apologizes for it. He fell for him because the man’s first instinct is to listen, and that’s so rare these days.

He fell for him because there is absolutely no way he could ever hope to rise above him– be better than him– be quicker on his toes or more gracious just to have the gift of breath in his lungs.

He fell for him because, the man left him no other choice.

He fell, Misha caught, and now … here they are.

i just remembered something! a little while back, everyone was complaining about how ‘oh you never see jay, she’s a horrible mother and the little ones are always with lottie!’ yeah. because she was probably in the hospital at that point. it just shows how little we know and how disgusting assumptions are. you can’t blame jay for not wanting her little kids to see her like that. i PRAISE lottie for being so strong and taking on that responsibility, when she couldve said to just call a nanny.


Some of my favorite questions and answers from the Facebook Live video:

Question: If you’re driving in your car, what are you listening to?

David: Well, honestly the last couple days I’ve been listening to my album because I’ve been rehearsing in the car. And I’m just happy that I didn’t have an accident where my car goes off the road and my own album is playing and I die. Because that would be horrible. The worst.

Okay I have a couple of questions. Your kids.

David: Yeah

They look just like you.

David: Mmm

I mean, I know we don’t want to talk too much about your kids obviously, but they look just like you. Jeez. That’s cool

*David Laughs*

I guess you’re the dad

David: Yeah exactly

Can I touch on the other stuff? I mean, 1993 your life changes

David: Yeah X-Files stuff, yeah

I mean these guys they’re my assistants but they’re truly here because they’re freaks with X-Files

David: X-files, really? At your age?

*off camera* Yeah!

I mean they said “Tommy, do you think he could call Scully?”


David: You know, when you’re not rolling

That last question though… 👀


Sirius: Oh, shut up.

Sirius: Remi also said your rendition of Yesterday didn’t make her ears bleed.

Sirius: You made a first year cry.

Jamie: That wasn’t my singing, that was because you hexed them.

Sirius: Wait, you do?

Jamie: I’ve seen the scars. And the dark circles under the eyes.

Jamie: *singing horribly out of tune* All my troubles seemed so far away…

Sirius: Merlin help me.

Jamie: Well I don’t know! Thursday?

Sirius: You’re distracting me with food. Unfair tactics.

Sirius: Would she? Would you? If you were her?

Sirius: There’s no cure for being a werewolf, Jamie.

Jamie: Poor Remi…

Sirius: It must be awful.

Sirius: Yeah, I do.


Night out with the Crows

“Inej, you are not wearing that!” Nina barged into Inej’s hotel room closet, where Inej held a knee length, loose, puffy black dress.

 "Yeah, I know, it’s horrible. But I don’t have anything else. I’m not really dressing up much on my ship,“ Inej said mournfully. “Life is easier when you live with a bunch of pirates and the only thing that matters is how well you can punch somebody.”

 "Ok, well, you’re lucky to have a friend like me then. I got this for you when you were gone. Hopefully it fits.“ Nina revealed a box that she had been hiding behind her back.

 Inej took the box from Nina and gave her a smile. “Thank you. I’ve really missed you, you know.”

“I’ve missed you too, Wraith,” Nina said fondly. “Now open it.”

Inej carefully pulled the lid off the box. She had been worried about what she was going to wear tonight. The Dregs were holding a party at some hotel, and the whole Ice Court team was going. Inej had only seen Nina since she docked in the harbor that morning, so it was the first time she was going to see Wylan and Jesper in six months. Also Kaz. She was oddly nervous to see Kaz, even though they had been writing letters to each other throughout her voyage. She wondered what he’d think of her, of how much she’d changed. Hopefully, she thought, he would still like what he saw. 

In the box, Inej revealed a  shimmering, gold dress. She gasped at the breathtaking ripples and patterns of the gold silk. Tiny rhinestones fell like a waterfall down its front. 

“Nina, it’s perfect!” Inej jumped up and hugged her best friend.

“I’m glad you like it, sweetie. I’m gonna go get dressed myself, but head over to my room when you’re done so I can do your hair. I’ve missed your hair.” Nina sauntered out of the room but paused at the door. “So has Kaz.” She winked and twirled out.


 Inej descended down the stairs of the hotel and waited in the lobby as Nina left to quickly snag a cookie from the kitchen. Nina was wearing a tight, short, ruby dress, and she knew that it would get her what she wanted from the dishwasher. Inej caught sight of her reflection in one of the lobby’s mirror. She almost didn’t recognize herself. She hadn’t gotten dressed up this nice in a long time, and it was kind of weird. Honestly, she preferred leggings and a tunic.

 "Let’s go,” Nina mumbled with an entire cookie stuffed in her mouth. They walked out into the warm summer night of Ketterdam and started making their way to the party, giggling and smiling with their arms around each other the entire way.


 Kaz stood away from the crowd with Jesper and Wylan, observing the rest of the Dregs as they shouted and laughed, wild and loud as always. He would have preferred to see Inej for the first time somewhere more quiet, where they could properly catch up. He was anxious- no Dirtyhands didn’t get anxious- interested in seeing her. Kaz turned to listen to Wylan and Jesper’s sickeningly sweet and charming conversation to distract himself from unwanted thoughts of Inej.


As soon as Inej walked in the door to the ballroom she was bombarded by Dregs. All of them hugging her and patting her on the back and telling her her ship and crew were legends around Ketterdam. She felt quite overwhelmed but also happy and a little nostalgic. She realized how much she had missed her makeshift family here in this dysfunctional city. 

But then she spotted Jesper and Wylan, and joy washed through her. She ran to the couple and threw her arms around Jesper.

“Inej! How are you? Life has been dull without the Wraith around!” Jesper pulled away to grin at her and looked her up and down. “You look good. I bet you looked even better with your knives killing slavers on that ship of yours. You have to tell me stories!”

“Of course, of course. I’m planning on staying here for a while, so we have plenty of time.” Inej smiled at Jesper and turned to Wylan.

“Hey, Inej,” Wylan’s blue eyes twinkled at her.

“Hey, Wylan,” Inej hugged and looked up at him. “How’s your mother?”

“She’s doing really great. She’s living with me and Jesper right now and its been really nice.”

“That’s amazing. You keeping Jesper busy?” Inej smiled slyly. 

“Yeah, he’s turning into a blooming pianist.” Wylan laughed and met eyes with Jesper.

“Oh you flatter me, love,” Jesper said smoothly, causing Wylan to blush. 

Nina soon joined them and the group’s old chatter began, Jesper and Nina flirting, Wylan with a few sassy comments. Inej took a moment to look around. All she saw was a blur of suits and sparkling dresses, but suddenly her eyes fell on him, leaning against his cane, looking straight at her.


When Kaz saw her, he swore his heart stopped in his chest. 

There she was, his Wraith, suddenly the only thing in this room, the only thing that mattered in the whole world. She seemed to be glowing, dimming everything around her. She was beautiful and strong and confident. She was Inej, and he had missed her desperately. 

He met her eyes, and he saw…something…in them. His chest pounded, and adrenaline raced through him. He fought to get himself under control. The Dregs are watching you, he reminded himself, and took a deep breath. She was drawing nearer now, and he wanted to run. He wanted to stay. He wanted to hug her. He wanted to call out her name. Everything was jumbled, everything was mixed up. But then she was suddenly right in front of him, and there was instant clarity. 

“Hey,” she said softly, looking up at him. He could tell she was different than before she left. Not in a bad way, just different. She radiated confidence…and maybe pride? 

“Inej.” Kaz smiled, a thing he saved for special occasions. “It’s nice to see you.” 


An hour later, Inej found herself sitting across from Kaz in an armchair, retelling her stories from the past year. They had only briefly been able to say hi when they first saw each other, as the rest of the Dregs had soon mobbed them. They brought her some champagne and made her explain what she had been doing for the past six months, and she hadn’t been able to get away. She briefly saw Nina and Kaz talking behind the crowd, but people shifted and they were soon out of sight. Eventually, the Dregs had started some drinking game, so she was free for a moment. She had found Kaz leaning against a wall in the back and they had gone into an adjacent room to the ballroom.

“You’ve accomplished a lot, Inej.” Kaz looked at her and Inej was surprised to see that he was proud of her. That meant a lot coming from him. 

Inej smiled and opened her mouth to ask him how his latest business ventures were going when she heard the chatter from the ballroom lower and a slow song come on. She got up and peeked around the door. People had started to fill the dance floor with their partners.Her eyes followed the sound of some laughs and saw Jesper and Wylan in the middle of the floor. Wylan seemed to be trying to teach Jesper how to dance, although Jesper was much too gangly and tall for it. Both of them were looking lovingly at each other, unashamedly adorable. 

Inej searched the crowd more for Nina. She found her with her arms wrapped another girl. They swayed with the music, talking easily. Nina was smiling. Inej felt a rush of happiness for her. Inej had seen her only once after she had buried Matthias in Fjerda, and she wasn’t in a great place. But recently Nina’s letters had started to sound better, talking about the strides Nina was making with Fjerdan and Ravkan relationships, the prejudices she was slowly erasing. Inej was really proud of her and couldn’t wait to see what she would accomplish. 

Inej felt a touch on her shoulder. She turned around to see Kaz standing behind her, gloveless. His face was stony, determined. 

“Kaz, are you okay?” Inej said hesitantly, looking up at Kaz, who was clearly at war with himself. 

Kaz paused, taking a deep breath. What was going on?

“Would you…would you like to dance with me?”


Inej looked taken aback. 

Kaz felt adrenaline racing through him. Did I just ask her that? Do I seriously think someone like her would dance with someone like me? 

He braced himself for rejection as she just looked up at him, eyes wide. But slowly, so slowly, a smile began to creep along her face. He felt warmth spread through him as it always did when she smiled that smile. 

“I’d love to,” she said softly, and placed her hand on her shoulder. Kaz’s heart raced in his chest and he felt short of breath. He hesitated, but led her to the center of the room. They started to sway. Kaz knew the steps from years of observation, but he still felt awkward and uptight. After Inej locked her arms around his neck though, he sighed, releasing the tension. She met his eyes and he saw his happiness mirrored in them, causing him to brush his hand through her hair. It felt like silk running through his fingers and made him feel feather light. She gasped softly, laying her head on his shoulder. The familiar water started to rise inside him, but he fought for control, fought to stay in the moment with Inej. After a few deep breaths he calmed, and the water receded. 

By now the song was over, but they did not release each other. He put his arms around her and pulled her to him, taking in the sweet smell of her hair and the glow of her skin. 

“I missed you,” she whispered, pulling him out of his trance. 

Suddenly, a new, loud song came on in the other room. Cheers erupted from the Dregs. Inej giggled and pulled away from Kaz. They grinned at each other and entered the ballroom to have some fun with their friends. 


Later that night, when most of the Dregs had either passed out or gone home in preparation to pass out, Kaz, Inej, Nina, Wylan, and Jesper stood outside the hotel.

“Waffles tomorrow then?” Jesper asked, his arm around Wylan. 

“Absolutely,” Nina smiled. “Then we need to actually catch up. This party was fun, but it didn’t leave much room for talking.” 

“My house is open for that,” Wylan pitched in.

Everyone turned to Kaz, expecting his input. “Ok, but also I have something to ask you all.”

The group exchanged meaningful glances. “It’s not another job, it it?” Jesper asked warily.

Kaz shrugged his shoulders. “What can I say?” 

The group burst into laughter. Suprisingly, Kaz joined in with a smile.

“Saints, Kaz!” Nina and Wylan said at the same time. There was more laughter.

“All right, well I guess I’ll see you guys tomorrow,” Jesper took Wylan’s hand and started to turn away. “By the way, Kaz, I haven’t agreed to whatever you’re thinking. Also, it’s great to see you Inej.” He waved, the couple turning away and walking towards the Van Eck mansion. 

Nina hugged Inej and nodded at Kaz. She departed with promises of future girl’s nights with Inej and a little tease at Inej and Kaz’s relationship. Inej smiled after her and turned to Kaz. 

“Do you want to stay in the Slat?” he asked roughly.

“I thought you sold my rooms?” Inej tilted her head. 

“Of course not,” he scoffed.

“If that’s the case, I’d love to,” she said, the second time that night.

Kaz smiled. Wow, this is a record for him, Inej thought with a smile of her own. They turned and started making their way to the Slat, sharing companionable silence the whole way.