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“Yeah that’s my old lady, curves, attitude and all”  {Requested}

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Juice Ortiz x ChubbyReader

Blasting music in your kitchen, you got cooking for Juice making him a simple recipe. You stopped mid-stir to dance your favorite part of the song moving your hips to beat feeling hands on your waist you stopped turning around seeing Juice there smiling at you.

“Why would you stop I was getting very into it” Juice whined “I’m cooking” You said simply going back to the stove turning the pot off and serving the meal on a porcelain plate for him. “Thanks love” He whispered before kissing your check, before moving to the table to eat “How was your day” You said he groaned softly “It was complete shit, Tig kept bugging the shit out of me” Juice spoke.

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Well That’s Not Awkward

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IMAGINE: You run into Big Time Rush and Kendall quickly finds himself head over heels. He wants to ask you out but another boy has the same idea.


“Just forget about her already Kendall,” Carlos pleaded with his friend. “Jo is no more; why even waste a second thinking about her?”

“Yeah man,” James agreed. “She cheated on you. Why bother?”

“Because I still love her! Why can’t you guys get that?” The singer demanded. “You can’t stop loving someone even after they broke your heart.”

Both boys rolled their eyes as they ruffled Kendall’s hair. Logan quickly pushed them away, wrapping his arm around his friend’s neck.

“Ignore them,” he told Kendall softly. “They don’t know how it feels to lose someone who wasn’t really theirs in the first place. Just do whatever you need to do to get her out of your system.”

With a soft smile, the brunette nudged Logan in the stomach playfully. “Thanks.”

Before one of them could say any more, a loud cry had caught their attention. Thinking it was a crazy fan, Logan and Carlos quickly jumped behind a potted plant. Kendall and James stayed in their places and watched as a small puppy came rushing towards them.

Seeing that he was aiming for the pool, Kendall quickly grabbed the pup before he did some serious damage. “What’s the rush lil’ guy?” He playfully asked the pooch.

No sooner had he caught the dog, a (Hair Color) girl came dashing from the lobby.

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Bad Omens

Scenario: You meet a fallen angel at a diner. He asks what you’d be willing to sell for your soul for. All you really want is a taste.

A/N: I know there probably has to already be some Taehyung!Fallen Angel smut out there, buuuut I couldn’t help myself. It’s my first time writing for him, in general, so I hope someone out there enjoys this.

Genre: Taehyung x Reader

Words: 3022

Disclaimer: As always, any gifs used are not mine and belong to their rightful owners!

Warnings: Smut.

“Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”

“It ripped out my wings, so yeah, it did hurt.”

Taehyung tossed his cigarette to the wet pavement. This time not bothering to stomp it out for good measure as he blew the smoke out into the night. His hands diving into the pockets of his trench in search of the warmth midnight denied him.

You pulled your coat closer, your high heeled feet clicking against the pavement. Taehyung was always like this when you asked questions he found idiotic. Of course, this question was beyond stupid. You weren’t sure why you asked it. Well that wasn’t necessarily true, either.

The first night you’d meet Taehyung was at Minzy’s Diner. He’d been stationed in his usual corner booth seat when you’d walked in. Your head covered with a drenched newspaper as you tried to locate shelter from the current monsoon from outside. You’d been heading home from another long night of partying. The faux fur of your coat mushed into soaked clumps that matched the state of your once curled hair. The dress clinging to you even more so as you let out a hiss of annoyance at finding another tear in your pantyhose.

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beauty and the hybrid beast

Part 2

klaus mikaelson x reader

word count: 438

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Can someone please make a gif of that moment in happy together when changmins about to tell an embarassing story about yunhos pants ripping, but right before he does, he turms to yunho and grabs his thigh to silently ask if he can say it and yunho nods, like yeah its fine changminnie.

Its like less than a second long but i cant stop thinking about it halp

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on ANOTHER NOTE *First bird anon here* jfc, this ship will be the death of me. did you notice, when you're doing the uniique kill, that right before Jacob shoves the blade into Roth he looks away? like he can't watch himself kill Roth, he tilts his head to the side

Why did you send me this? Now I’m spending my time squinting at a slowed down gif and all sorts! D:

It’s very brief, but you might be right. I’m trying to think of a reason other than this, like a reaction or something, as it might not be that, but Jacob has no trouble killing Templars, especially someone like Cardigan.

I don’t know why it seems to have to lower the quality of this already hard frame to look at, but… I mean yeah, it’s there.

I have the gif too which is slowed down a little (and not messed up quality).

Why do I hurt myself?

Errrrrrg that empty chair by Hiccup’s bed at the end of HTTYD 1 will never cease to punch me straight in the feels. It tells such a story by its presence alone! Think we know where Stoick perpetually sat all the while his son was recovering.


Well at the moment I’m addicted with AHS so why not start this blog with something from it~
So here’s a little Click&Drag Game with AHS Murder House x3
I didn’t use all charas cuz there are way too many if you ask me so please don’t be mad if I let someone you like out x-x 
It’s just made for fun so nothing really serious in there if you expected that and well if you don’t know what a Click&Drag Game is well you can just drag the gif and see what it says ooor what I find easier just make a screenshot~
So well yeah maybe I do some more with ahs and maybe some serious or just funny ones we’ll see x3
Hope you still enjoy it~ aaand I already apologize for typo I was half asleep while making it xD

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hey i know this is super belated but in the 3 year anniversary thing for dan and ross where are the first two gifs from?? (the one with dan in his nsp outfit) i havent been able to find it. sorry if youve already answered this <3

yeah that video is tricky to find!!! it took me a while to find too. i think it’s because it used to be on ross’ old channel but he took it down and someone reuploaded. 

anyways here it is!!!: 

This contains Nisekoi 226 Spoilers!

Okay, really brief points here.

I’m in Team Chitoge but again, like the past posts I’ve made, I still admire Kosaki. The fact that she tried even in the end is really brave of her. She knew Raku’s decision, yes, but she is human and in that fight or flight situation, she decides to fight.

Take note that while I say “fight”, it’s not like she’s still intentionally trying to steal or confuse Raku because she knows that he already knew who he’s choosing. She’s just ‘letting him know’ so there’s no regret on her part.

And Raku admits his feelings for her too. Kosaki is happy to hear that but she’s already accepted that there’s already someone else in Raku’s heart to which Raku replies: “…yeah…”

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While most of the people say that it was a selfish decision on Kosaki’s part, it really helps Raku with his own decisions. Kosaki hands over the key to Raku and meets up with Ruri and Shuu.

You did great, girl (not related but while searching for good job gifs I realized Emma Stone is good at this thumbs up thing).

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Raku opens the pendant and he finally remembers his promise with Kosaki in the past. In the pendant was their letters for their older selves and promise rings. They were talking about getting married and how happy they’ll be happy together once they’ve grown up. He kneels down, pained by the heavy feeling in his heart. 

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Raku admits, being with Kosaki would make him feel happy always but despite knowing what Kosaki feels, he still goes to find Chitoge because no matter how much of a rollercoaster ride their relationship is, Chitoge allows him to “enter a world beyond imagination”. 

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By the end of this chapter, we see Chitoge standing in front of the rock (not the one featured below). 

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And so we wait for another chapter.


I was watching that interview again of Anna Kendrick & Brittany Snow for the first Pitch Perfect movie, and I noticed something… When Anna talks about the shower scene she says:”Just forget it, it’s hot. We’ve seen everything. Were bonding.” Uhuh… Wait what- WERE BONDING?!


Now where did I heard that last part before?….. 


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pls go die cunt

Aaaaalright, let’s do some spring cleaning, shall we? I’ve noticed a lot of different fandoms making new tags specifically for edits, gifs, colorings, graphics etc. and I figured we could hop on the bandwagon. (‐^▽^‐)

I know, for myself at least, that the FT tag is kind of unpleasant to go through. When your looking specifically for edits and such it’s pretty troublesome, unless you’re using the most popular feature then everything’s pretty dandy. Only then, a lot of people’s work goes unnoticed and doesn’t receive enough recognition.

It’s a great tag for all over community stuff, but sometimes it gets downright annoying.  I know we also get confused with “Fairy Tale” a lot so, let’s make use of this tag.


This tag’s already being utilized, but doesn’t get that much attention. I’ve seen a lot of posts floating around that FT should have it’s own “edits” tag and we already do! Let’s just spread the awareness of it yeah?

And of course to keep this tag what it should be, there’s gotta be some guidelines.

Here’s some do’s and dont’s-

  • DO post gifs, edits, manga colorings, manga caps, fanart etc.
  • DON’T post rants, text posts, reposts of someone else’s edit or fanart, or personal things regarding FT. 

There are so many reposts in the tag and it’s horrible guys. -____-“Credit goes to the owner!!!@!@!xD” is not a good way of giving credit. It’s not giving credit at all. It’s not that hard to hit the reblog button. That way you still have whatever it is you wanted to post on your blog, and you’re also keeping the source intact. 

PSA: “WeHeartIt” is NOT a source.

And it’s really that simple guys. Also, please keep your “anti-tag’s” out of this one. Shipping wars are dumb and don’t belong in this particular tag. Keep the hate out. (⊙‿⊙✿)

This will make things easier for people to find nice edits, and maybe even find new people to follow. So reblog, like, whatever you choose. Just spread the knowledge of this tag! (>‿◠)✌ 

a post about reposters

So recently and not for the first time i’ve had gifs of mine reposted- and i know that’s never gonna stop, but what i want to talk about right now is the behavior of reposters when they get called out or creators ask them to remove their stolen posts. Every single reposter i have talked to has gotten (to some degree) defensive about their actions and this is what i usually hear:

  • I had a friend send it to me and i don’t know where they found them
  • I found them on google
  • There wasn’t a watermark so i couldn’t credit
  • There’s already a watermark so i don’t need to credit (amazing)
  • I’ve made gifs/edits/ect before and im not bothered when others repost mine so you shouldn’t be either
  • Well it’s not like they’re really yours either you didn’t take the picture/record the video

All of these excuses, yes that’s what you’re doing when you say these things, are poor. Firstly, a good rule of thumb for anyone with common sense is if you don’t know where it came from or it’s not yours don’t post it-and certainly don’t tag it to try and get lots of notes as if you spent so much time putting your post together?? Also just because someone reposted something of yours and it didn’t bother you does not mean other people aren’t going to get upset when they see something of theirs they worked hard on get notes and praise without any acknowledgment it was their work in the first place. Lastly, “It’s not really yours either, you didn’t film the video/take the picture you don’t have a copywrite on it,” excuse me but it most certainly is the editors original work and the big difference between editors and reposters is that editors will usually always link back to where they found the original video/picture they aren’t claiming that’s theirs, they are however claiming that they took they time to edit the content and make it their own which completely entitles them to call it their original work


Usually when someone comes to tell you you have reposted something of theirs they are calm and are just asking you to remove it, few will come and just start attacking you, it’s usually only once you have made an excuse (see list above) that people will start getting angry and preachy. Yeah, sometimes people will been angry when they see stuff of theirs reposted right away-especially when it’s whole gifsets, the whole idk where it’s from/i found them on google excuse is incredibly weak here (just so you know)-but can you really blame them, especially when it happens to some of these people all the time?


Apologize. DON’T MAKE AN EXCUSE. Don’t try and halfway justify yourself and say it just came from google or whatever. Apologize and delete the post like the person has requested. If you really did want those gifs/edits/ect on your blog the great thing is you now know where the original content came from and you can ask the person where you can find the original post so you can reblog it now. The sad/funny thing about reposters is that they never ask this. They don’t care about supporting creators/editors they just want the pretty gifs/edits/ect on their blog with their own notes. Just to prove how heartless some of these people are i actually had someone message me telling me they accidentally flagged one of my gifsets and then three days later they reposted it with the same caption and underneath the classic (credit to owner) on the post as if they didn’t already know where it came from. 

So yeah, reposters i know you’re never going away, but for the love of god stop arguing and trying to justify yourself when someone tells you you have reposted their stuff. It’s annoying and you’re never in the right, so stop.