yeah i know it's ugly

MBTI: Ugly Face
  • INFJ: We finally bought a replacement for that light. $400!!
  • ENTP: Nice.
  • INFJ: Yeah I know, it's such an ugly white thing.
  • ENTP: ...Can you donate $400 to my cause? To replace this ugly white thing? *gestures to face*
  • Cat: *meows loudly*
  • INFJ: HAHAHA the cat thinks you're uGLY
  • ENTP: how is it possible for you to be such an old soul and still have such a stupid sense of humor?
  • INFJ: shhhhhh you have to keep my secret
  • Kagami: Kuroko, who do you rather date other than me?
  • Kuroko: Is that even a question? Or are you testing my love?
  • Kagami: What nonsense are you saying? I was just thinking about it. What if you didn't meet me? What if you didn't fall for me?
  • Kuroko: Those are "what ifs", Kagami-kun. I met you for a reason. I fell for you for a reason.
  • Kagami: ...
  • Kuroko: ...
  • Kagami: Yeah, so who do you rather date?
  • Kuroko: I'd say Akashi-kun.

yeah sooo I know this is kinda late since I hit 4k a little while ago but hey! I wanted to thank you all for putting up with little ol’ me for about a year now! it’s been really cool on here, i’ve got to meet and talk to a lot of awesome people so yeah s/o to all yall

btw I know the gif says follow forever but this isn’t really a follow forever because forever is real commitment. this is more like a list of some quality A+++ anime blogs. Mutuals are bolded.

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Look, I need to get these files. Can you please give me a ride?
Fine. I’ll get my stuff, but this better not bite me in the ass.
“Better not bite me in the ass” is the name of your sex tape but seriously, thank you so much for your help.

He was tall as a young tree…

For Sandra, one of the most amazing people on this website.


“if worf hadn’t come along it would have been you”

NO I REJECT THIS AND I CHOOSE NOT TO ACCEPT jadzia and julian were friends!!!  he was a cocky tactless youth, she was serene and aloof– the fact that they became friends was important to their development!  that ship has sailed!!  it never even docked at the harbor!

okay okay okay *deep breath* I choose to believe this is Ezri feeling an attraction to Julian and passing it off as Jadzia’s– perhaps genuinely because she’s hella confused at this point, but hey maybe she’s got enough to handle right now.