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• percussion kid, ends up in pit 1st year, bass line 2nd year, and stays on quads her Junior and Senior year and she loves it
• most ppl underestimate Holtz bc she’s tiny and they don’t think she can hold up her instrument but years of working at her dad’s auto repair shop has put some muscle on her
• only girl on the line (which isn’t that hard to do bc most girls drop percussion for some odd reason?? At least at my school)
• Holtz fuckin loves her instrument and she’s always practicing and ALWAYS SHOWING OFF
• the flirtiest and funniest out of all the percussionists
• everything is a sex joke to her
• has a photographic memory so always remembers sets and dots and music
• loves to play cadences E V E R Y W H E R E
• genuinely likes the parades

• surprisingly hella athletic????
• is really into playing songs that are not pep songs or show music (kinda like how all the saxes know how 2 play careless whisper)
• hella gifted music wise, grade wise, she don’t give a shit and always is almost failing the grading period
• doesn’t believe in seniority
• O P I N I O N A T E D af
• starts alotta section wars
• always has music memorized and down even tho she never practices
• that pisses her section leader OFF
• marching technique is not the best and not the worst, it could be better
• always has like, 20 million extra reeds
• not a section leader hut definitely well respected in her section

• guard girl who doesn’t take anyone’s shit
• looks flawless as hell,,, how?????
• her technique is perfect af???
• ends up making rifle her 2nd year and everyone in guard who didn’t make rifle is secretly very upset
• always knows her sets
• she’s on SLT (section leader team)
• always apologizes when she hits someone and actually makes sure they’re alright and helps them if they really get hurt and takes full responsibility 4 her actions
• technically the guard mother
• actually helps the freshman + newbies
• really kind and nice but u fuck with her friends and she will honest to god END YOU
• always knows what to do????
• how????????
• honest to god, she deals with so much bs it’s unreal.
• so talented it’s unfair

• the only trombone that doesn’t over sexualize everything
• Quiet lil babi
• but don’t piss her off or she’ll be right ON YA ASS THEN AND THERE
• becomes section leader, best and most responsible section leader in the band (besides patty)
• we all know why she’s a trombone, she has the longest arms
• h8s that band dislikes all low brass even tho some of them aren’t that bad????
• has a huge crush on lil drummer Holtzy and is always smiling and laughing with her
• everyone making fun of Erin for being one of the token girls in low brass
• “every girl in low brass is always gay!!”
• tutors abby and still manages 2 get all her shit done???
• on the page in the band hall 4 people that need tutoring (we have one, you write your name under a subject you understand and get really good marks in and ppl can come ask 4 help in that subject)
• h8s band camp til she meets holtzmann


The RFA is having a celebration!

MC: Let’s play Never Have I Ever!

Saeyoung: OOH, yeah! That’s a fun one! And to make it better, let’s take shots every time!

Yoosung: Oh, geez…

Zen: Haha! I’ll probably get really drunk, you know that right?

Jumin: If worst comes to worst, I can call Driver Kim and have him escort you all home.

Jaehee: I suppose that will do. So, who will start?

Saeran: …I’ll go first.

Saeyoung: Way to go, lil bro! Taking the initiative!

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Page 2 of 2 of the mini comic covering how Oracle!Prompto survives chapter 9 of the story. I know I said 3 pages at first but it’s too much for my poor back and will to handle, haha.

So yeah, Noct still goes super badass and stuff while Luna brings Prompto back to safety. Yay!

+Page 1
+All Oracle!Prompto art
+All Fateswap AU content

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Newt: Do you have like a first-date outfit I could borrow? Like, I don’t know, a pair of cargo pants?
Graves: Yeah I wouldn’t go with the cargo pant.
Newt: What about like a sexy hat?
Graves: I don’t even know what that is.
Newt: Helping already.

(Parks and Recreation; season 2, episode 4: Practice Date

mauvette  asked:

I know you like bees but it really isn't fun when an actual bumblebee comes flying into your room and makes a couple of rounds before (THANKFULLY) finding its way out through the window again. It was large, Nat. Very very very very very, large.

This large?



Everything is going really well! I just got done checking the scripts so if I’m lucky this game should be available for download within the next couple of days c:

Less than a week until Alolaaaaaa

this was my countdown piece that I did for the @sunmoon-count but due to school and stuff I couldn’t find time to digitalize it ha ha…

Still!!!!! I had fun drawing for it and yeah! 

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Baby, we’re perfect. (Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam, I’m aware that YOU or someone related to you is here, please don’t take this seriously yeah? We’re having fun ;))

Keith’s vision is real bad, like …. the poor boy is near-sighted af. (He watches too many conspiracy documentaries in the dark.) Usually he wears contacts, but one day he’s too lazy so he puts on his glasses.

Lance feels betrayed™ like wow, this whole time he’s been deprived of glasses-wearing Keith. But of course he can’t let Keith know that he likes the glasses so it’s like….

Lance: wow Keith you should wear those glasses more often
Keith: …..really?
Lance: *sweats* y-yeah, so …. so I can make fun of you more. because they’re terrible, hAHA. 

Also Pidge and Keith do that thing where they try on each other’s glasses (idk I always do that with my fellow glasses-wearing friends) and discover that Keith’s prescription is like 10,000x stronger than Pidge’s. Like, when she puts on his glasses everything turns so blurry she almost falls over. 

I want to wish a very very Merry Christmas to the fabulous creators of the Hillywood Show @hillyhindi and @hannahhindi

You two, and your amazing crew, have been such a source of delight throughout this year (and previous years). The time, effort and creativity you put into each production is truly remarkable and I love all the passion that you have for the various productions you make. Even if I don’t watch the shows you parody, I still have so much fun watching your parodies (and I swear, you girls do the best covers… I can’t listen to Shake it Off without thinking of Supernatural).

I hope 2017 is a great year for you two (and your crew). I cannot wait to see the Suicide Squad parody. I just know it’s gonna be great.

Take care, darlings! <3

*hey, chin up, kid.


‘Cuz, sometimes, a little smile can go a long way.

Also got hugged by one of my classmates for no reason (was as long as fifteen Mississippis tops). Though I was an awkward cookie that I always am, it’s nice. Just sayin’ that if you know that there’s something wrong going on your friend’s life, one hug can speak a thousand words.

Heyo Super Spoiler-y Headcanon Time~

So you know how all the characters were different prior to being in the Killing Game? In that Kaede was a loner, Kaito and Gonta were bullies, Ouma was a nice clown, etc.?
Well here’s some headcanons I thought up regarding these lil tidbits of information~ (all of which will probably be confirmed wrong at some point, but as of right now I’ll have my fun with this lol)
1.) For Kaede, while not being the social and kindhearted pianist that we thought she was, she DID still have an interest in the piano, and would frequently listen to piano music, albeit by herself, and she always liked to listen to it whenever she was feeling down or angry or doubtful of herself.
2.) Shuuchi was used to being ignored, so he wanted to do something that would SURELY get him noticed and respected, such as signing up for an insanely popular killing game, motivated mostly by the end goal of being recognized for once
3.) Gonta actually did love bugs, enjoying their presence more than that of other humans, and became a bully in order to protect himself and be left alone with his bugs
4.) Like Gonta and his bugs, Kaito loved space, and wanted desperately to become an astronaut, however he was rejected from becoming one and due to this he became a bully in order to take out his pent up rage at failing to achieve his dream
5.) Ouma and his group are actually all mentally ill, hence their clothing, but instead of shying away from this fact, they embrace it and perform comedic acts to make others happy as well as make other mentally ill people realize that they are just as much allowed to be happy and laugh as anyone else
6.) Himiko actually was a harworker, akin to that of Cinderella to a degree, but she always had an affinity toward magic, hopeful that maybe it could make her life a little easier and she could take a rest for once
7.) Tenko fell in and out of love quickly with boys, always telling herself that “this is the one” or “no this is the one!” Always trying to convince herself that she had to gush over boys, maybe to make herself more feminine to “make up for” any insecurities she may have over her femininity, maybe to convince herself that she CAN even fall for a boy
8.) Hoshi was no where near as gruff as we knew him to be, instead he was rather shy, afraid of getting hurt, and overall just resigned to his place as a weak wallflower, even if he wanted to be more
9.) Maki was very similar to how she is now, albeit a little less likely to do what she wants to do, and a little more likely to do what others tell her to do
10.) Toujou was not as quick to clean or as motherly as she was in the Prison, but she was still as fiercely loyal to those she cared about…should they still be around, that is, and should anyone she’d care about get into “trouble” then she would in turn “clean up after them” in kind
11.) Angie was shy, and not the happy go lucky religious worshipper we knew her to be, yet despite this she always sought out a way to be at peace with herself and find some sort of meaning to attach herself too, feeling lost all the while
12.) Amami, like Maki, was very similar to how he was beforehand, proud and confident in himself and his abilities, yet never having a chance to let himself be vulnerable, never let himself truly relax, just put on the facade of a laidback dude to hide a person who tried to be ready for anything life could throw at him
13.) Korekiyo had a regular, healthy relationship with his ill sister, the two having no one else but each other to rely on, and once his sister passed he was a hopeless mess, his one reason to stick around suddenly gone from his life
14.) Shirogane, well, she was always at odds with herself, she wanted to be amazing, to be one of the greats, she wanted to go down in history as someone people looked at with either fear or awe or both in order to heighten her own self worth, yet as it stood all she could do was pretend to be what she wasn’t and step into the shoes of those she could only hope to be
15.) Iruma was quiet, docile, someone who would never draw attention to herself despite wanting it badly, she could never bring herself to have the confidence required to speak up and break the rules, even when all she wanted to do was scream and shout obscenities, without giving a damn what others thought
16.) Last, but certainly not least, Kiibo actually was not as emotional (maybe somewhat angrier) as he is in game, instead being, fittingly, like a robot, doing what he was told, but having a mass of curiosities inside him, wishing to be question everything and know everyone, he wanted to be seen as equal to others, and be able to stand firmly on their level

Anyways, that’s all 16 (kinda jumbled up and messy) headcanons for the characters “pre” selves! Admittedly, I only truly knew of some of their “former” personalities and had to mostly assume the others, but at the very least I think I got close haha
Also I know that most everyone (with the exception of Ouma and maybe some others) were not the best of people and had mostly selfish reasons for joining a killing game such as fame, fortune, or even just to kill others, and then some simply wanted to die, however with this list of headcanons I wanted to briefly understand their other selves not as aspects of themselves that they lost, but aspects of themselves that were swapped with the ones we see in the Killing Game, with both parts being integral to their characters, but only one part being “dominant” in the two scenarios (pre-killing and killing) with some of their “subdued” aspects being amped up to eleven during the game itself (like with Korekiyo who probably just innocently loved his sister and wanted to see her again)
And yes I know their memories aren’t real as we knew of them too, but I’d like to think they weren’t as drastically changed as we think they were
In the end, I think it’d be best to accept most of them as pretty grey characters for the most part, neither good nor bad and having aspects of themselves that conflict yet they need anyway.
All in all, I love these characters and the fact that mOST of TheM DIE just KILLS me

Is it wrong that I’m still enjoying this volume for the most part?

Yeah sure the Blake/Sun stuff is messy,Jaune’s still receiving a bit too much focus and the overall pacing has been pretty slow but everything else seems pretty okay.

  • The animation looks nice
  • The enviorments are stunning
  • The minor character designs are interesting
  • We got Ren backstory
  • The night training scene looked beautiful
  • We received a good look into how Raven is as a character
  • Yang’s ptsd isn’t being treated as a joke
  • Music is still good
  • The fight scenes are entertaining for the most part
  • Seeing Yang,Blake, and Weiss interact with different characters has been a nice change of pace
  • Despite the over saturation of Jaune I think the way his grieving has been portrayed is fairly realistic
  • Ghira is best dad.

I understand that some of the fans want RWBY reunited ASAP and I somewhat share that sentiment but I’m glad this volume has at least attempted something different. I’m not saying this volume isn’t without flaws and it’s perfectly fine to point out those flaws  but I  don’t think this volume is the abomination some of the fandom makes it out to be either.


Sorta feels good. Sorta stiff and that, but once I get going … then I like, forget everything. And … sorta disappear. Sorta disappear. Like I feel a change in my whole body. And I’ve got this fire in my body. I’m just there. Flyin’ like a bird. Like electricity. Yeah, like electricity.