yeah i know i shouldn't have

Not to be rude but the writers and Jennie can’t say #teammichael forever right after killing him like??? obviously not.. stop speaking his name

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at this point I'm pretty sure the world just does not want you to ever have your laptop

This entire situation with my laptop is just Murphy’s law with a vengeance.

That or swapped luck with Knoll temporarily just for this situation.

i fucking love my supervisor.

she asked me yesterday what i was doing for my birthday and i told her about how i was throwing a kids book themed arts and crafts party and how i was gonna get super drunk. i thought i made it pretty clear that i was doing it last night, but apparently i didn’t because she asked about it again today assuming it was tonight and when i told her it was last night, she turned around in her chair and dead ass seriously asked, and i quote, if i got shitface. 

then about an hour before i left, she was just like, are you miserable? you look like you’re miserable. the entire day she kept asking me if i felt like shit lol. we also shared a box of thin mints. me being on my period was also brought up because she asked me how my birthday was so far and i told her i had really bad cramps and we started talking about periods.

this woman is like 50 years old.


Danny: You made it!

Roma: Yeah, I suppose I did.

Danny: Lighten up, Roma. It’s not like you’re going into the lion’s den or something.

Roma: Unless I am…

Danny, rolling his eyes: I promise no Roma’s are going to be hurt during the making of our acquaintance-ship.

Roma, grinning a little: Empty promise, but I’ll take it.

stay [egobang]

in which danny is little spoon and i am dying inside
just a late-night floofy drabble! 

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I feel the opposite. The more SJM holds out on us for side ships, the greater chance we have of seeing them full blown in a spinoff. :D

Wow, way to be rational about it and make me change my mind in two seconds, Sierra. But I was actually also thinking that one of the reasons I like writing moriel is because I don’t know how things would always look between them, so if we got too much then they might turn into feysand for me, which makes me sad… like feysand is also OTP, but less fun to talk/write about. Personally.

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I was just thinking about this!  Like I know the book is going to be 700 pages but that still won’t be nearly long enough to catch all of that other stuff!  And that makes me sad…

Right, it’s not even just the ships, but all these questions that we have about their histories, not to mention the problems that need to be resolved by the end, the confessions of UNDYING LOVE, etc. And hopefully sjm doesn’t try to put too much else into it, honestly, because there are some serious world-building issues that need to be addressed as well… let alone plot and character-related things.

PSA for DMMd fandom,

Hey guys I know a lot of us are +18 and have played all the game and gone through all the routes + scenes and seen all the NSFW content. But some of us are not +18 in the fandom. That’s mostly due to the anime coming out as PG13. I’ve met fans that are 14 and haven’t played the game and have only seen the anime which is totally okay. So lets keep that in mind and stop bullying the younger fans aka stop trying to get them out of the fandom. Just tag things correctly and make sure you’re talking about the NSFW content with followers that are of age to be talking about those things. If you’re going to be part of the ‘mature’ part of the fandom, then act like it.