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Do you know any fics with slytherin!harry. Preferably in the long range?

I have a few! I am very picky about my Slytherin!Harry, because I don’t like him to be OOC (sooo no Harry supporting Voldemort or anything like that) and I find that a lot of Slytherin!Harry fics make him into an entirely new character. I thought the following ones were very well done though!

Slytherin!Harry Recs

Leo Inter Serpentes by Aeternum (658K combined so far)- Just one conversation between two eleven year old boys goes slightly differently, and the world changes. Just how much will be different with Harry being sorted into Slytherin, and how much will stay the same?
My favorite Slytherin!Harry fic! It’s a canon re-write starting from book one, but enough things change that it stayed exciting throughout! Also Harry has a pet snake! And Snape becomes his mentor!! ALL THE GOOD THINGS!!! You should be warned that it’s a WIP. But the author is currently actively posting the 6th book, and I have hope it won’t be abandoned :)

Written on the Heart by who_la_hoop (114K)- Harry doesn’t mind that so many Slytherins from his year have returned to finish their NEWTs, really he doesn’t. It’s just – do they have to be so friendly? He’s not prejudiced, really he’s not. It’s just – they’ve got to be up to something, right? Unnerved by the attention he’s attracting from everyone – the Slytherins are the least of it, to be fair – and struggling with a raft of changes to Hogwarts itself, Harry wishes he could be happy that one constant remains: Draco Malfoy really fucking hates him. When he’s hit by an illegal love-spell though, Harry finds he has more to worry about than whether or not Blaise Zabini actually wants to be his friend. For if everyone affected has been blessed – or cursed, by the look on Malfoy’s face – with a magical tattoo revealing the name of their soulmate, what does it mean that Harry’s skin remains completely bare?
kfhdsjrg3hi SOUL MARKS!!! c;mbxneiu EIGHTH YEAR!!! rewuy,obsk AMAZING AUTHOR!!! Harry is forced to move to Slytherin!!!! Need I say more? Seriously, this fic is amazing. Harry doesn’t act super Slytherin, but he has to live there, so it counts, right?!

Malfoy Flavor by Vorabiza (199K)- Harry’s ready to banish the Golden Boy image and take charge of his life. Unfortunately for him, or fortunately, there are surprises in store for him.
Okay so this one might be a tiiiiiiiny bit ooc, but I LOVE VORABIZA’S STUFF and it’s so fun to read that in this case I don’t even care. Harry disguises himself as Dustin Snape (okay I know I also had to get over the fact that this is a horrible name) and “transfers” into Hogwarts and is a total badass and just READ IT.

Other People’s Choices by Lomonaaeren (49.5K so far)- AU. The Sorting Hat doesn’t just let the Sword go when it falls on Harry’s head in the Chamber, but also Sorts him again, this time into Slytherin. Harry is furious and terrified, and the adults aren’t helping much.
WIP. And I haven’t read it yet!!! But it looks amazing and Lomon is always amazing, so I am very excited for it to be finished. Also, if you are just looking for a Slytherin-esque (adult) Harry or Dark!Harry or Grey!Harry, she has written a ton of that in other completed fics!

Progressive Displacement by GatewayGirl (21K)- Harry didn’t mean the wish that way. From his point of view, it hadn’t even worked.
Another one I haven’t read! I just discovered it right this very moment while poking around to make this list, but it looks really good! I think Harry wakes up in several alternate realities, and he’s a different Slytherin!Harry each time. All I know for sure is that it starts with Harry taking Draco from Azkaban, and I love that <3

Cunning and Ambition by MinaAndChao (372K)- “The weak in courage is the strong in cunning” -William Blake. One small gesture and one simple sentence change lives, and through it, history. A Slytherin!Harry AU. Abandoned in the sixth book.
This series is a pretty straight-forward Slytherin!Harry re-write, and it stays pretty similar to canon. It was abandoned in Book Six.

Also soon (hopefully!!) you will be able to read my WIP, Test of Time! Harry and Draco both go back in time to just before first year, and Harry ends up being sorted Slytherin this time around. There will be Slytherin politics and Draco teaching Harry how to be more Slytherin (among many other things; this is just a side-plot), and it will diverge almost entirely from canon :D

the most ronsey lyric in every song on pure heroine (2013)
  • tennis court: "everything's cool when we're all in line for the throne"
  • 400 lux: literally the entire song is about ronsey but first places goes to "you pick me up and take me home again, head out the window again, we're hollow like the bottles that we drain. you drape your wrist over the steering wheel, pulses can drive from here, we might be hollow but we're brave" (yeah i KNOW it's an entire verse but listen) with an honorable mention to "(you buy me orange juice)" for the weirdly specific callout to trc canon
  • royals: ya i know it's a blue sargent song but the point of this post is that every single track on this album can be applied to ronsey so i'm claiming "we're driving cadillacs in our dreams" tho wildly out of context
  • ribs: uh once again the entire song but the Most Ronsey verses are "this dream isn't feeling sweet, we're reeling through the midnight streets and i've never felt more alone, it feels so scary getting old" and "you're the only friend i need, sharing beds like little kids, and laughing til our ribs get tough but that will never be enough" i mean come ON this is one of the most ronsey songs Ever Written
  • buzzcut season: i know this is low hanging fruit but "i remember when your head caught flame, it kissed your scalp and caressed your brain. well you laughed, baby it's okay, it's buzzcut season anyway"
  • team: "livin in ruins of a palace with in my dreams, and we know we're on each other's team"
  • glory and gore: "you've been drinking like the world was gonna end (it didn't), took a shiner from the first of your best friend (go figure)"
  • still sane: "only bad people live to see their likeness set in stone, what does that make me"
  • white teeth teens: "the way they are, the way they seem is something else, it's in the blood"
  • a world alone: "we both got a million bad habits to kick, not sleeping is one. we're biting our nails, you're biting my lip, i'm biting my tongue"

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Aro-ace Luke (which I'm convinced is canon) explaining to someone how he's perfectly fine. He may not know any terminology, he just knows that he's not interested in having a boyfriend or a girlfriend; and he isn't lonely, he has his (ridiculously-high number of) friends.

I just wanna say: hell fucking yeah. also this is way longer than three sentences

“But that’s just not how humans are!

Luke held back a sigh and tried again, hoping against hope that the third time would be the charm. “It’s how I am, and I’m perfectly fine. It’s not unhealthy to not have those kinds of relationships if you don’t want to. And I don’t want to.”

The man - his name escaped Luke - didn’t seem convinced. “Everybody wants those kinds of relationships,” he insisted. “Sex is a basic human need!”

That statement was so blatantly false that Luke nearly cringed. “I… really don’t think it is. Basic human needs are food and water -”

The man waved a hand dismissively. “You know what I mean. We can survive without it, but we still need it. And sex is a huge part of romantic relationships.”

“It can be,” Luke conceded. “But I’m not interested in romantic relationships either, so that’s not really a concern. Like I said, I’m fine.”

“Maybe you say that now,” he said. Luke felt his already-low opinion of the man drop even lower at the smug, sure tone. “But you’ll change your mind. Nobody wants to be alone all their life. You’ll find someone.”

Luke grit his teeth. “I’m not going to be alone, I have friends. A lot of them, actually. And I really don’t think I’ll be changing my mind.”

“But friends are just friends,” he said, as if that sentence made any sense. “People need partners. Someone they love more than a friend. Someone they can spend their life with and come home to.”

This man was wearing Luke’s patience perilously thin. “I consider my friends a sort of home, and I know I can always go to them.” The man rolled his eyes, and Luke clenched his hands into fists.

“Look, there’s nothing wrong with having a lower sex drive,” he said, clearly switching tactics. “Some people are like that. But you have to admit it’s not normal to have no sex drive at all.” He peered at Luke. “Maybe you should get your hormones checked.”

That did it.

“THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH ME!” People all throughout the hangar turned to stare, but Luke barely noticed. “I don’t want to have sex! I don’t want to date! I’m not going to change my mind! That’s how I am, it’s not unhealthy, and if you don’t think it’s ‘right’, keep it to yourself and stop trying to prove me wrong!”

He turned on his heel and marched off. “And if you try to bother me about it again,” he growled, loud enough for everyone to hear, “you’ll be hearing from each and one of my many, many friends.”


I’ll write you a three-sentence fic!

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I don't think people realize that a lot of people in the LBGT community 'try to be straight'. I'm bi and I used to deny that I liked girls because I thought it would make me gay. I was taught that bisexuality isn't a real thing, they're just sex addicts and will do whatever to get the poon. The 'Dean is straight because he's said it in canon' campaign feels kind of offensive given the fact the writers have pretty much shit out mountains of bi!Dean subtext.

Yeah, I definitely get a sense of biphobia if not outright homophobia a lot of the time. Or I don’t know if it’s that or they just hate Destiel and know that if Dean is confirmed bi he’s almost certainly going to end up with Cas. 

I’m sure that with the isolation Dean grew up in, he hasn’t known that bisexuality is a real thing either. John was most likely homophobic, he pushed Dean into being a ‘ladies man’, and Dean was always so desperate to be what John wanted and would approve of, he would have tried his hardest to squash any attraction to men, would have overcompensated, would have insisted ‘I LIKE WOMEN I AM SO SO TOTALLY HETERO”. 

We know Dean is a projector of the highest order, and he projects being gay onto Sam, just like he projects wearing women’s underwear when that’s in fact a thing HE likes. There is so much of himself Dean hasn’t been able to accept or allow for so long. We’ve seen him slowly come to terms with things like how he likes nice clothes, he likes cooking, he likes geeky roleplaying, he likes Taylor Swift, he even likes cake. These are things he has previously vehemently denied liking at some point, but he has grown and loosened some of the parts of himself he’s repressed. Why is it so hard to accept that his sexuality is another part of himself he has repressed?

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Is Terry ever jealous of Sid? I know sid isn't canon but you know what I mean

Ooc: Terry would be super conflicted, but yeah he’d be jealous. But also very, very angry when hearing those two go at it while he would be trying to read.