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My friend kept saying "i ship it" whenever lance and keith interacted as a joke and i just laughed nervously in the bg bc im klance trash and i dont want her to know. She doesnt care much for shipping esp bc she sees people shipping everything with anything and sometimes it annoys her.

loll yeah i get that. i’m like a big hopeless romantic & certain ships just really get to me u know (klance being one of them, if you couldn’t tell lol)….but i kinda reel it in a lot of the time because i’m worried about annoying people. :P 

“Why didn’t you text me back quickly?”
“I’m sorry babe… I was fighting with the new kid…”
“You usually text me back immediately…i-i…. I was so worried…”
“Don’t worry… Im here…”


warstan hamilton its quiet uptown ) : 3/3

i can’t wait to see you again,
 it’s only a matter of time 

I don’t know what have I done to deserve you!! I DON’T DESERVE YOU!!! I was feeling like trash because of that horrible ‘comic’ but all that positivit for it is making me cry!! Literally cry!! I mean, I don’t know what do you like about it. Everyone is out of character (especially Scrooge. Maybe he’s Scrooge’s evil twin) and it looks like made by a kindergarten child but be sure you made me a HAPPY kindergarten child!!! I really, really, really appreciate all of your kind words and support!! I wish I could personally say thank you to each one of you but I’m shy and I don’t want to bother you even more!! So I’ll say it here. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU AND THANK YOU TOO!! I want to hug you all!! ;A; I don’t like the things I draw; they are dumb and I seriously need to fix my style, but be sure I’ll never give up! I’ll try to be better and better!! And I’ll do it all for YOU!! Thanks!! ;^; Y'all made my day, no, my week! <3 

Here, have a crying duck to show u my gratitude TwT

different loser ships arguing or being upset and making up, final part

another long one, folks. keep up

mike x bev

  • bev having ptsd from everything that happened w her dad
  • bev’s ptsd causing her to go into fits of rage and extreme emotion
  • mike being the only one who can calm her earthquakes
  • mike being he only one who can make bev see she’s being irrational
  • bev throwing things and nearly hitting mike in the head w a bowl
  • mike knowing there’s no reasoning w her at the moment
  • “listen, i love you but im leaving until you can calm down”
  • bev seeking mike out about an hour later
  • bev crying while mike holds her
  • bev apologizing through her sobs
  • “i love you, mike, im sorry”
  • mike shushing her while he rubs her back
  • “it’s okay, it’s okay, you’re okay”
  • bev catching her breath and pulling back to look into mike’s eyes
  • “i need help. im gonna get help”
  • mike being absolutely overjoyed
  • mike going w bev to every counseling appointment she has and sitting in the waiting room
  • mike brushing the tears off her face whenever they come
  • bev getting the unconditional love and support she’s craved her whole life

stan x richie

  • oh lord here we go
  • stan and richie being the kings of getting mad at each other over stupid shit
  • stan and richie always saying hurtful things to one another when they argue
  • stan always bringing up how richie never shuts up or how richie uses jokes to cover up his insecurities
  • richie pointing out how stan just wants to be the perfect little prince his parents want him to be
  • richie and stan not speaking to each other for weeks after a fight
  • richie and stan both thinking it may be over
  • richie and stan staring at each other across a classroom or cafeteria, each hoping the other one will come over and say something
  • richie going to the bathroom before class one day to sneak a cigarette and hearing someone crying in a stall
  • richie immediately knowing who it is
  • “stan? is that you?”
  • stan stifling his tears
  • “yeah, richie, it’s me”
  • richie pushing on the door until stan unlocks it
  • richie closing the stall door and saying nothing for too long
  • “well this is weird”
  • stan rolling his eyes and getting up
  • “just move, im late to class”
  • richie settling his hands on stan’s shoulders
  • “no, no, wait. why were you crying?”
  • stan looking down and to the side and mumbling
  • “that’s a pretty dumb question, don’t you think?”
  • richie twisting his mouth to the side like he always does when he doesn’t know what to say
  • “are you still mad at me?”
  • stan meeting richie’s eyes for a second before looking away again
  • stan shrugging
  • “are you mad at me?”
  • richie shaking his head and sliding one hand over to hold the back of stan’s neck
  • “’m sorry i said all that awful shit, stan. you know i didn’t mean it, right?”
  • stan nodding
  • “im sorry too, rich.”
  • “you know i love you, right, stan? you know, don’t you?”
  • “yeah, richie, i know.”
  • richie and stan smiling for the first time in weeks
  • “and you love me too,don’t you?”
  • stan rolling his eyes and finally feeling okay again
  • “you know i do, richie. you know i do.”

A bubble and a goth

-starts model posing on dead dash and hums Brandy-

scourge / darkstripe is sorta dumb but im LOVE the idea of it ok i cant help it bc,,,,, god. god. how dumb how dumb but ODDLY cute

like tbfhh,,, imagine scourge realizing he has a crush, that he founds darkstripe attractive, that he ACTUALLY likes him, and he just

scourge: bone. bone i need. i need to tell you something, leader to second in command. please do not judge me.

bone: …u ok

scourge: u know . that dude, that dark tabby who kinda stinks a little bit??????/ from the forest??????? he has that crooked smile and he sleeps in trash bags, and-

bone: …..yeah i know the one. whats up

scourge: ilikehim

bone: huh

scourge: i fucking. i like him ok. i like him

bone: ……with all do respect sir, what the fuck.

Not 100% Critical But Something I Think Should’ve/Would’ve Been Cool to Explore Maybe???

(just bear with me here)

OK so like fusions are their own people, yeah???

how come we know nothing abt malachite aside from “oooh toxic relationship oooooooooooooh”

like i feel Kinda Bad for this poor girl like she was Just Born and got dragged into the ocean w/ an internal fight going on like

idk i always wanted to know more abt her as like an individual and not as the result of her parts

feel free to trash on me if ive gotten anything horrendously wrong (bcs i honestly forgot like 95% of what happened in SU which is why im torturing myself by rewatching it) thanks

The mood tonight is being hyper aware that you’re a bad person with a dash of being convinced literally everyone hates you

I just cannot get the mental image of Vladimir and Anatoly reacting to Deadpool out of my head. Like. Just Team Red and the Ranskahov brothers. They all end up getting Mexican food. Wade flirts shamelessly with Anatoly and Peter then back to Anatoly. Vladimir wants to kill him but the fucker just keeps getting back up. In the end Matt would explain this to Foggy and Foggy just “WHAT THE FUCK MURDOCK?! YOU ATE MEXICAN WITH SPIDER MAN AND DIDN’T INVITE ME?!” “I’m a super hero too you know.” “Yeah but I know you and you’re not as cool as Spider Man!” “You obviously don’t know Spider Man that well.” “I WOULD HAVE IF YOUD HAVE INVITED ME TO LUNCH WITH YOU GUYS BUT NO!”

it has been a very productive day for kaisa and the only thing i’ve done is come up with an idea for jonas and mikaels first kiss. i have basically just ranted about this to @e-naesheim but i decided to make a post out of it. (also dont judge me i know im trash)

(i still imagine that this has happend) its after eva’s birthday party and i mean shit is gonna go down but we don’t really know what yet. but yeah the balloon squad is there and after shit has gone down every one has probably split and are trying to comfort each other and what not. isak and even has disappeared, same with magnus and mahdi, and the balloon squad is nowhere to be seen, but jonas and mikael they kind of stall, because i mean they both know that the other person hasn’t left. so basically jonas ends up kind of waiting for mikael outside of chris’ place and mikael is looking for jonas. they’ve both had a bit to drink but they’re almost sober now (cause its like 2am). they smile at each other awkwardly and jonas asks mikael where he is going (they’re both going home) and they end up walking the same way. jonas doesn’t have to walk that exact way but he does because mikael looks so adorable in the dim light of the streetlights. and its just so chill the two of them walking next to each other. talking about the party. laughing. worrying about their friends. talking about how isak punched mikael and about what happened between even and mikael. (jonas telling mikael that he kind of gets why isak was a bit jealous cause mikael is really pretty). they’re both laughing and smiling shyly at each other and when they get to mikael’s house they really don’t seem to want to go anywhere.

“do you like tea” mikael blushes. “eh sure. what kind of tea?” jonas’ can feel his pulse rising. “I don’t know… any kind of tea really” they grin at each other, and jonas ends up following mikael inside. and they sit on the kitchen counter and drink peppermint tea and talk in soft voices. mikael asks jonas how he knows sana, and jonas tells him about eva. mikael’s hair is falling into his eyes and they’re sitting so close that jonas can’t help but reach out and softly tuck the strain of hair behind mikael’s ear. mikael looks up and they’re staring into each other’s eyes and they’re smiling so soft and so careful at each other. and somehow they lean in and they kiss. AND MAN let me tell you its so good. its so slow and soft but it gives them both butterflies and jonas feels like he can’t breathe properly. they kiss again. and again. and again. until jonas realises that’s 4 am and he has to go home. “i think you should let me teach you how to skate” says jonas at the door. “yeah?” answers mikael with hope in his eyes. “yeah.” says jonas and leans in for a final kiss before he leaves.

on his way back, jonas feels like he could have run the entire way home.

Jamilton Soulmate AU

AN: So I saw this post about your enemy’s name on one wrist and your soulmate’s on the other so I wanted to make it a thing? I have no idea and I’m writing this at 1:10 in the morning so bear with me. Also it’s going to be about Alex because I relate to him more and can write about him? Enjoy!

Word Count: 882 (its short but hey its cool)

Pairings: Jamilton, Lams (past/referenced)

Warnings: Slight Angst 

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im doing a thing

((So like I always like to take songs that i feel fit characters and just laugh about how well they fit or just listen to them when im in the mood for said character, or sometimes even sob at the sadness that comes with certain songs paired with certain characters. So for a long time Me and a friend have been coming up with a scenario/silly amv idea/sequence of drawings of the strawhat crew to the song Lost Boy by Ruth B cause you know. Luffy in a lot of ways is kinda like Peter Pan, finding all of these sad broken people and giving them a place to exist and be happy.Anyways all of my reasoning i could give you and ridiculous rant of passion for this project aside I thought id share with you guys my first few panels of said sequence of drawings. And after you see the drawings the answer is Yes. I will be doing the entire song eventually, and it will be sad and cute and funny and rip my heart into a million pieces good while i listen to this song on repeat for a million years.))

((SO thats the just of it let me know if you guys wanna see the rest of this as i work on it panel by panel. Also i know these ones are only sad but thats cause backstory things are for the beginning of the song. ;) ))


Kidnapped ~H.G.~

Summary: you and Hayes get into a fight and your ex takes you

Requested: yep

Notes: I’m finishing those requests. Also I made an instagram for this account. It’s @omahasquadqueen so yeah.

“Hayes can you please pick up the living room?” I say from the kitchen. I was trying to get the house clean so it looked and felt nice.

“Uh. Hold on. I’m playing a game.” He yells back.

“Hayes. Your mom and sister are flying in, they will be here in an hour and you haven’t even showered. So please just pick up YOUR trash.” I say coming around the corner and see him playing 2k by himself.

“Chill. She’s my mom, she doesn’t care what my house looks like” he wasn’t even looking at me.

“That’s not the point Hayes. The point is I don’t want bugs in the house”

“Then why don’t you clean it”


“YOU? DOING SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE?? YEAH RIGHT” Hayes fake laughs “YOURE THE LAZIEST PERSON I KNOW. DO YOU ACTUALLY EVEN CARE?” He screams at me. He knows that’s my weakness. Growing up I never got praise and even when I tried my hardest, I was told it wasn’t good enough. I was told that I didn’t care when in reality I was trying my hardest.

“That’s not fair.” I say almost whispering. I’m hoping that maybe Hayes will apologize to me but I know his egos to big for that.

“Just quit bitching all the time. This is why I’m always with the boys. Jesus. Jacob can have you back” Hayes says stomping up the stairs.

Jacob was my ex boyfriend. He was a bit crazy but I really liked him, but I love Hayes. So while I was dating Jacob, me and Hayes admitted our feelings and I broke it off with Jacob. He’s always been jealous of Hayes.

“Fine. I will” i whisper to myself.

I grab my jacket and phone and walk out the door.

I decide to call my ex because as of right now I have no where else to go. Everyone is out of town or they’re Hayes’s friend and it feels wrong.



“Why the hell are you calling me?”

“Please don’t be angry. I just. I need someone to pick me up.”

“Fine. Where are you?”

“Um the cafe is fine. Thank you so much”

“No problem babe” he says as he hangs up. It feels wrong someone else calling me babe.

I see Jacobs car pull-up and I sit in the front. I immediately hug him and start crying.

He holds me and tells me it’s okay. He was always good at holding me.

“What happened?” He asks me as we start driving to nowhere.

I tell him the story and how we ended up here.

“What an ass” Jacob mutters under his breathe.

“He doesn’t mean it he just-”

“Quit defending him. He broke your heart and you don’t deserve that. You deserve to be treated right. Like I did”

“Jacob. I really did like you but i love Hayes and I can’t let him go.”

“You know what. You’re mine. You were mine first and you’ll be mine forever.” He says speeding off in an unknown direction. I realize we’re going towards his house.

“Jacob. Please calm down”

“NO. I WONT CALM DOWN” he screams as we reach his driveway. He looks in my eyes and all I see is hatred.

“If you scream, i will torture you to no end” he says smiling. I almost start crying, he’s fucking crazy.

He pulls me out of the car and into his house. We walk up stairs into a bedroom. He handcuffed me to the bed and walked out.

My phone. It was in my bra and I think I could reach it. I turn around so I’m on my knees with my back to the door. I reach and finally get my phone.

I quickly call Hayes.

“Please baby pick up” I pray. But he doesn’t. I text him knowing he’s mad at me but he’ll read the texts.

“Hayes, please I need your help. Jacob kidnappend me and I’m at his house. Please help me baby. I love you so much.” I send the text and wait.

My phone rings. I quickly try to shut it up.


“Hayes oh thank god. Please hurry. I don’t where he is.”

“Hey it’s okay. I’m on my way babe.”

“WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING TOO” I see Jacob slam open the door. He runs and snatches the phone from me.

“Benjamin? How are you buddy?”


“No can do. See Hayes. She was mine first. She’ll be mine forever. I love her. She loves me. We’re in love”

“I don’t love you psycho.” I spit at him.

“ he drops the phone without hanging up and grabs my throats tightly.

“I’m not FUCKING INSANE. WE ARE IN LOVE” he says shaking me.

He looks in my eyes and hits me. I cry harder and louder than I ever have.

I can faintly hear Hayes screaming through the phone at Jacob.

Jacobs front door slams and Hayes is screaming my name. I yell back but Jacob chokes me till I can’t make noise.

All I see before I black out is Jacob pull out a gun.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

That’s the only thing I can hear and it’s quite annoying.

I open my eyes and instantly regret it. My eyes began to water due to the brightness around me.

I slowly open one eye and realize I’m at the hospital.

Thank God.

That means I made it out of Jacobs. Wait, where’s Hayes. I sit up and once again regret it because I’m way to soar for that. There’s a sharp pain in my rib.

I focus on trying to find Hayes. I look in the corner and see my boyfriend curled in a ball sleeping. I look through the windows of the door and see my family and friends right outside.

“Hayes?” I speak. It doesn’t even sound like me. He stirs and moves around.

“Hayes. Baby please wake up” I say a bit louder. His eyes flutter open and he looks in my direction.

“Y/N. BABY” he yells. I wince at the loud noise realizing I have a headache.

At the sound of my name my friends file into the room to look at me.

“Baby. I am so sorry. I’m never letting you go again. I’m sorry about what I said. You care so much and you do so much and I’m sorry. I love you” Hayes says crying into me.

“Hayes it’s okay. I forgive you. I love you too. None of this is your fault. We’re okay” i say hugging him back.

“Y/n we’re so glad you’re okay” everyone else agrees and asks me random stuff.

“So what happened to my rib?” I say feeling the pain whenever I laugh.

“Babe. You don’t remember? You got shot?” Hayes says.

“SHOT?! That’s dope as fuck” I say astonished. I was shot. That’s badass.

“Language” my mom says laughing at me.

A nurse came in and gave me some tests and kicked everyone out so I could rest. I left a week later and Hayes won’t let me go anywhere it so cute.

Jacobs in jail for a long time and I realized never call your exs when you get into an argument with your boyfriend.