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I don't think we can go to SE Hinton for canon questions anymore gotDAMN. Woman is senile. She can't remember her book for shit I'm cackling and also hella angry oh my GOD

Personally, I think it’s more that’s she’s just blatantly pulling stuff out of her ass and trying to pretend it was always meant to be canon than it is she’s just gone crazy, but you’re right.

I mean most of the questions about canon she gets she either responds with “figure it out yourself” or “ugggh why don’t you try reading the BOOK” when she can’t even remember the details from her own books right, so, yeah, I don’t think we’re really going to get anything very helpful out of her anytime soon.

I was actually going to ask her a question about middle names while we were on the topic (she ignored the Tweet), because I’ve almost always seen Steve’s middle name being Lucas and Two-Bit’s middle name being Daniel, but lately I’ve been seeing some people say that it’s Jacob and David, respectively, and I wanted to know if she’d come up with either of these herself (the same way she did w/ their birthdays and star signs) or if they were just headcanons that got really popular.

But, yeah, she ignored it (three questions was probably exceeding my limit), and you know what? I don’t really give a fuck. Even if one of those is “official,” it’s not in the book and, therefore, going off of her logic,that means it’s not canon, and I don’t have to listen to it. 

From now on, I say we just think of her books as being public domain, in the sense that they belong to us now–all of us–and we can do whatever we want with them, and if we have a question about something in canon, we can just make it up our damn selves and consider it official. And the answers are going to be slightly different for everybody because we all have our own ideas and our own interpretations, and that’s perfectly fine. It’s great, actually. These stories belong to everybody, and everybody has their own special version of them that’s a little different from the rest–and none of them, absolutely none of them, require a stamp of approval from the creator. It’s out of her hands now.

That said:

  • Mrs. Curtis’s first name was Louise.
  • Curly and Angela are fraternal twins, but Angela is older by 2 minutes and 45 seconds exactly. She’s very quick to remind Curly of this fact in any given situation. Their mom wasn’t planning on/didn’t know she was having twins, and Curly being the second means that he’s always been made to feel like the unwanted, accident child. :(
  • Steve’s full name is Steven Lucas Randle and Two-Bit’s full name is Keith Daniel Mathews.
  • Soda’s full name is Sodapop Patrick Curtis. His birth certificate says Sodapop Patrick Curtis. End of discussion.
Flags (Part Two)(#PrideFic)

Happy Pride Month!
Welcome back to our Spideypool #Pride Fic

Enjoy :)

Part One

Part Three

It was already the next weekend before Peter sat down on his bed and pulled out the card from “Pansexual Man.”

He turned it over and over in his hands, tracing the rainbow lettering, the raised numbers, tapping it against his lips as he closed his eyes and relived that fucking kiss that had been keeping him up at night and had him daydreaming through classes.

The mysterious stranger with incredible blue eyes and a mouth that had been chapped but perfect and a hard thick body that had been on display for everyone to look at and ogle and touch

And Peter had barely got to touch.
Damn he should have touched!

Peter dropped back into his pillows, running a hand down his chest to his belt, hesitating. It seemed… wrong to do this while thinking about a stranger at a Pride event. He didn’t even know the mans name. All he had was a card.

And that fucking kiss.

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One of my anime-ignorant friends came across a picture of the Sannin I had open on my phone. You already know where this is going, don't you? "That woman with the black hair has amazing eye make up and eyes. What's her name?" 'Orochimaru'. "She's really pretty, but her her cheek bones stand out a lot in an unhealthy way, she should eat more." As IRL, as canon and fanon; I'm 100% certain. Sometimes, just. Life. I didn't even say that Orochi was male because honestly? I have my doubts. 1/2

Might be genderfluid or agender or I-give-no-fucks-about-gender-norms, but I’d totally hesitate before definitively saying Orochi is male and I don’t know if it’s *just* from canon and his male-to-female bodyhopping, his dress, his speech and his entire appearance in Mitsuki’s backstory or if part of it’s from fanon/your stuff in particular. But yeah: Orochimaru. Sex, probably male. Might be female if he wanted to fuck with some minds. Gender: mysterious and undefined. 100% Too Pretty though


I think it’s pretty much canon that Orochimaru is no-fucks-about-gender? I mean, he does insist that Mitsuki call him “parent” even when asked if he’s the mom or dad, and he’s equally comfortable possessing male and female bodies. What exactly that translates to is open to interpretation. 

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It honestly astounds me that there are people who call us that think that Dean is bi delusional. I just watched 'Playthings' and the scene where Dean asks Sam ''why do people always assume we're gay?'' and where Sam responds that it's because Dean supposedly overcompensates. And Dean gives Sam such a fake smile and??? Like to me, that scene just says everything. I'm sorry I don't even really have a point with this, but I just needed to share.

I love that’s not even just Dean’s reaction, but that Sam has a part in it too?

Like that wasn’t remotely a tactful answer. Sam was in such a bad place that week… it’s like the whole thing with soulless Sam where people say he’s all unfiltered and snarking whatever he feels with nothing telling him not to do it. Wrong time wrong place for Dean to ask that and get a weirdly honest answer he hates :P Can’t believe Sam made it all about him. Not like, trying to make it all better for Dean with some peaceful logic, like, well, we ARE two guys checking into a hotel together, statistically someone’s gonna think it every now and again. Sam’s like, nope you know what I’m going to just tell you what I think, and that’s that that apparently you ping people’s radar for some reason, and here’s my best guess why.

And, ouch, close to home, much? Whether Sam’s at all right about why, telling Dean there IS something to it but it’s all his fault??

Well Dean spends part of the episode after that trying to get Sam back for it and all he can come up with is that Sam likes dolls? And he doesn’t? And there’s like no truth to it and he’s just pissing Sam off with it but not exactly hitting him where it hurts, like, at all?

What’s with that, huh? :P

But yeah no clearly we’re making it all up and there’s absolutely no grounds to consider it despite the fact SAM thinks there’s a completely valid interpretation to be made from the question of if Dean’s sexuality is questioned by the text, and already attempted to come up with an answer for us back in season 2. I mean, thanks, Sam. 

So I just stumbled across this game called Stories Untold. A text based adventure with four episodes. It’s very fascinating and it has a very unique narrative and this atmosphere of Stranger Things. However, its awesomeness it’s not really what I want to focus on. What inspired me to write this post was all the Operation OUT feelings this game gave me and I just wanted to freak out about it a little bit.

Spoilers ahead. If you want to play the game, you should not keep reading this. You’ve been warned!

Four episodes, seemingly unrelated, but that reference each other in subtle ways. That is until the last episode where everything is fully connected, makes absolute sense and your mind is fairly blown away by it. I just saw the ending and something in my head just went ‘Oh my God, this is exactly what is happening with Emma!!!’ Because that’s how my mind works these days (I can’t seem to get rid of this show! Unbelievable, everything brings me right back XD) 

First episode - The House Abandon

It all starts with the protagonist in a room, playing some creepy game on an old computer. As we play said game, some weird stuff starts to happen in the house we are in and suddenly what we’re playing on the computer seems to be connected with what is happening around us. An Inception kind of thing? ‘A game within a game’? Yeah, that’s right. At the point wherein the end of the episode we almost faced ourselves. 

Second episode - The Lab Conduct

We are now participating in an experiment, trying to open some kind of artifact, a box with a heart inside. At this point everything makes you believe this is an alien related story. More weird stuff happens while we’re running tests in the heart and we end up connected with it or with this AI that starts to show us things, strange memories where we’re stuck in a spaceship and are faced by a silhouette. The AI then proceeded to connect us with another subject in the facility that is trying to break free and run away. Apparently, the subject is controlled by our actions and the AI wants to reveal something to us with this whole thing. 

I know that you’re probably wondering what the hell this has anything to do with OUAT or Operation OUT, but I’m getting there. Are you still with me? OK then… 

Third episode - The Station Process

Once again we are in an entirely different environment, somewhere in the middle of Arctic or somewhere else entirely and you’re responsible for a monitoring station where people on the radio gives you instructions and warnings about some creature lurking in the snowstorm outside. And guess what? More weird stuff happens and you have no idea what’s really going on. Someone from one of the other stations apparently died already and the only one left, a woman, keeps saying that she’s on her way too. She doesn’t feel her legs, she’s tired and asking what you’re doing and you’re just wandering in the snowstorm completely alone. Then you start to hear voices, whispers, somebody telling you that you need to come back and wake up. They’re all waiting for you. And somehow while you’re trying to return to your station you end up in the room from the first episode instead and the voice we kept hearing, asking us to come back, give his welcome.

Fourth episode - The Last Session

The last episode, finally! This episode makes everything that didn’t make any sense until now suddenly drip with meaning. It starts with our protagonist watching a show on TV, a show that goes by the same name of the game, Stories Untold (this game is so meta, I can’t even). 

We are in a hospital or mental institution, I don’t know for sure and a doctor guides us to a room where we’ll be interrogated. He tells us that we need to remember what really happened, that it was time to stop what we were doing and faced the truth. The same AI out of nowhere appears in front of us and we get some flashes of some parts of the previous episodes, but this time, we learn what they were really about and here is where my mind went full mode on Operation OUT. 

The story beneath the surface of what we were seeing was that our protagonist was in fact in a coma or a comatose state. He was involved in a car crash caused by him (he was drunk) that, unfortunately, ended up leading to his sister’s death (remember the woman on the radio in the third episode? Well here she is). His guilt, the trauma and everything that happened around him made his mind mess with all those memories. Everything weird that was going on in the game was a combination of him remembering the crash and what he was experiencing while in the coma. 

People giving him instructions through the radio in the third episode was people trying to communicate with him, see if he was responding to those commands. The experiment with the heart and the box were actually doctors trying to resurrect him and fix his brain injury. The spaceship and the silhouette were, in fact, him remembering being trapped in the car and a police officer coming in his direction… It was all wrapped up in a sci-fi background because it was related to the TV show he was being exposed to (at least that was my interpretation, I was too busy losing my mind over this plot twist).

In Emma’s case, she is wrapping everything up with fairy tales, they are her way to cope with traumas and unpleasant memories. The truth about her history, about what’s going on in the real world it’s hidden and all mixed up inside her head. 

The incredible part of this is that the game gave away really clever hints in order to us to figure it all out before the last episode. It was in the dialogue all along, almost in plain sight, but still hidden enough that we barely put too much thought into it. It was in the visuals and now that I stopped to analyze it, the color patterns of blue and red, reminiscent of sirens were very present throughout the episodes. It was in the sound effects too! Sounds of machines and other stuff… 

All of it really made me think about all those hints A&E left for us to figure it out what the Stories left Untold in Once Upon A Time are. 

 Anyway, this is it. I just wanted to share this because I got all excited about it XD


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you know what’s great? the fact that beast boy…

But what about Robin I thought he always made her smile?? Idk just curious

I commented on the post itself, but here I’m not limited to characters, so maybe I can provide a better answer.

First off, I’d like to say that this is subjective and that no one is forced to agree with my opinion on it? So like, if you disagree, that’s cool, yo.

I can blatantly admit I’m BBRae shipper trash, so, yeah. I’m going to interpret their relationship a whole lot  more differently than say, someone who claims it’s ‘abusive’. That’s a can of worms I’m NOT opening. 


If we’re gonna sit here and compare who makes Raven smile most, that’s just silly.

All the Titans make Raven smile. ALL OF THEM. She’s shared heartfelt moments with them all, and they all help bring out her cheerier side. Starfire, Robin, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Terra even.

That being said, it wasn’t the point of the post??

I never said that it was only Beast Boy who makes her smile. 

What I was trying to say was that he’s the only Titan who actively makes it a goal of his.

He has been seen time and time again making the effort to have her smile (no, it does not always work, I know). He’s quoted as saying so himself. 

Originally posted by ginnosaji

On top of the fact that he always cracks lame jokes around her to get her to laugh, and let’s not forget the Nevermore episode where *THIS* happened:

Originally posted by the-37th

That’s her emoticlone, Happy. In case anyone is wondering. 

Beast Boy is the only Titan who goes out of his way to get these reactions from her, purposefully knowing his intent to be based solely on her happiness. What I mean to say is, he consciously puts the most effort into this endeavor. It is not to negate from the fact that the other Titans do care for Raven’s happiness or anything of the like. 

I’m simply pointing out how Beast Boy goes about doing it and that, to ME, it seems he’s the most conscious of it.

Spellbound is a great episode to highlight this behaviour as well, because he invites Raven to a match of stankball (something she has probably participated in before judging from his “get to be the referee” comment) again, in an effort to make her feel included. He knows there’s a good chance she’d reject him but he asks anyways, because he’s thinking about her. 

When she starts to stay cooped up in her room with Malchior, none of the Titans find her behaviour strange enough to warrant investigation. Beast Boy spies on her as a fly and pretty much says he’s watched her relationship with Malchior unfold. Meaning, he cared enough, was concerned enough, to go and see why she was acting so differently. Not saying the other Titans didn’t, only that Beast Boy was the one highlighted as the character who is most in tune with her mood fluctuations. He knows when something is up. He would only know such things if he paid attention to her, and seeing as Raven is very careful with how she reveals her emotions, that’s no simple task.

Next, there’s the Trigon arc, which I also mentioned in the post.

Raven starts acting weird because her birthday is around the corner. Nobody knows it’s her birthday, nobody knows what it means. Guess who picks up on her strange behaviour, again, and goes digging into it? 

That’s right.

Beast Boy.

He’s the one who discovers her birthday, because he was the most concerned by her shift in personality. Again. And what does he do? He discovers it’s her birthday and throws her a surprise party, for what other reason than to make her happy/smile/feel good about herself? 

Originally posted by ttitansgo

Even after all is said and done, BB still wants to celebrate her birthday.

That’s a big deal.

He wants her so desperately to find him funny, because he wants her to smile. The show is littered with moments like these, that showcase how above and beyond he goes just to get that reaction out of her. 

Originally posted by teenagertitans

At the end of the origins episode, he’s thrilled to hear her admit that she finds him funny. It sort of sets up for the whole concept of him making her smile/laugh there on after, and we come to learn exactly why Beast Boy is so hellbent on making it happen.

For someone like Raven, Beast Boy becomes an important person. She clams up a lot, thinks no one likes her or understands her, claims to prefer being alone, but it’s all a front. When Starfire travels into the future, she finds Raven isolated and we know immediately that isolation is literally the worst thing for her mental psyche. Beast Boy, by trying his damn best to make her feel part of the team, by always acknowledging her and thinking about her and worrying about her. Well. I mean, it has to have a positive effect with everything considered.

Obviously, it’s not only him. All the others have had positive effects on her, as well. My post was highlighting BBRae because, well, I ship them, and I’m allowed to enjoy my ship and make positive ship posts about them. I wasn’t trying to shit on the other pairings or Raven’s relationship with the other Titans.

That being said, I know this was lengthy, but, hopefully that answers the question? Everyone is free to ship what they want, and if it makes you happy and hurts no one, then go for it. I’m not going to crap on any other TT ship to prove my point here, nor do I have to. 

You don’t got to agree with me, ofc, but this is what inspired my post and what I meant by it.

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Hi! I'm the anon who asked you about Jay's relationship with Batfam in comics (thank you for your thorough answer)and since I Iike how you explain stuff,if you don't mind I'd like to ask you one more. So Im curious about the nature of Slade & Dick's relationship in comics? Cause there's this Sladin ship sailing around and I figured Slade has some kind of a soft spot for Dick or something? What's exactly going on there? I find it intriguing in a way so I'd like to know about behind the curtains:)

Hi there! I’m glad my previous answer helped you, and I’ll definitely try to do my best to advise you with this one too.

Before I get to the comics, I do want to bring up the Teen Titans series on Cartoon Network, because at least for me (and I suspect many others), it was the point where I started shipping Sladin, back before I’d ever read any Batman comics or had any real knowledge of Slade as Deathstroke.

In the cartoon Slade is an outright villain rather than an amoral mercenary with a skewed sense of honour, and he has more than a little obsession with Robin out of a wish to make him his apprentice for reasons. He taunts him throughout the first season and ends up blackmailing Dick to do his bidding in the season finale by threatening the lives of his friends. I think a lot of the shipping is down to Ron Perlman’s fantastic voice acting as Slade, but the dialogue itself is, at some points, kind of uh, yeah. It’s rather different to the comics but just watch some clips and you’ll see what I mean. He even comes back to haunt Dick a few times after the first two seasons where he’s the primary antagonist and their connection (and their similarities) are emphasised again and again by the script. Definitely worth checking out for this interpretation of their relationship alone.

Now, on to the comics. Here things are a little more varied, as Dick and Slade’s relationship has veered across various story arcs from being outright enemies to allies, to something that could be almost be called frenemies depending on what’s going on at the time, and then back again. There are so many interactions between them I couldn’t possibly remember or mention them all (I’m pretty sure I haven’t even read them all), but some notable examples off the top of my head are:

The New Teen Titans. This series is where Slade makes his first ever appearance and his first interaction with Dick and the Teen Titans.  We’re talking all the way back in vol. 1 #2 in 1980. After Slade’s eldest son Grant dies while trying to complete a contract with the Hive to bring them the Titans, Slade takes on the task himself as a way of honouring his son. It’s a very long arc that eventually concludes with the famous Judas Contract storyline (issues #42-44, which DC has recently updated and adapted for one of their upcoming animated films) using the character Terra as his spy among the Titans to discover their secret identities so he can take them down out of costume when they least expect it. Dick is the last Titan he attacks, and the only one who manages to escape him and therefore foils his plans XD But since Slade’s contract to the Hive is fulfilled by this point, he’s not interested in going after them anymore and leaves them alone afterwards (especially after his younger son Jericho becomes a member of the team). It’s a really good story arc that’s worth reading as a basis for the long history they have together, even though there’s not so much dedicated Slade and Dick interaction.

After that, Slade eventually reappears in volume 2 of the New Teen Titans series, during an arc where he and Dick end up working together across a lengthy plotline where all the other Teen Titans have been kidnapped by the Wildebeest that is much more involved. There’s a lot of complicated twists and turns that happen in the story, but also much more conversation between Slade and Dick. They actually work together really well and respect each other for their abilities, and afterwards, when Dick is seeking an outlet for his emotions over Slade’s part in Jericho’s death (long story short, it was a mercy killing as Joey was possessed at the time), Slade just lets him attack him to get that anger out, and even offers to help patch him up afterwards (Pages: One, two, three, and four) It’s interesting stuff, though the storyline itself is not so great in my opinion and the comic as a whole starts to slide in quality as it enters the dreaded 90s, but Slade working alongside Dick is fantastic.

Nightwing: Skipping forward a lot of years here to issue #80 of the original Nightwing solo series here. The basis of the story here is that Slade comes to Bludhaven to pursue a target, and it’s probably my favourite of their interactions in the comics. Let me post some panels to demonstrate why:

Slade just picks him up like a ragdoll and says “Nice to see you again.” after breaking into and sitting around in Dick’s apartment like a creeper for who knows how long. Which is amazing enough to start with, but then we get:

After which Slade asks, “So what do I have to do to keep you from interfering?”, and Dick’s reply is, “Kill me.” which Slade has already established he doesn’t really want to do. But even knowing he’s potentially sabotaging his mission by telling Dick about it, he still does so, because he respects Dick too much to do otherwise.

It’s a really good issue that demonstrates this aspect of their relationship at its core best, and I think the version of it that a lot of people (like me) enjoy most and find fascinating about them.

(Of course, this kind of frenemies thing doesn’t last, as Slade eventually becomes a genuine antagonist for Dick and the Titans again later on. They both go back to pretty much outright hating each other after Dick works to convert Slade’s daughter Rose to heroism and turning her against him, and Slade plays his part in destroying Bludhaven as a part of the Secret Society of Supervillains afterwards.)

There’s a lot more than this, of course, but for me these are the main ones XD

So, while your mileage may vary based on personal interpretation, there’s accuracy in saying that Slade at the very least respects Dick as an opponent of great skill in any continuity, and does, at some points, have that soft spot for him you talked about. A lot of the fascination for the pairing comes from the fact that they do have such a long history together throughout the comics, starting all the way back when Dick was still Robin, and the various ways in which their relationship has changed over the years. Sometimes they outright hate each other, sometimes they’re almost friends, and that leaves a lot of room for fandom to play in. Slade also counts as an alternative, anti-Batman in a way, older male influence in Dick’s life, which has it’s own interesting possibilities.

Personally, I enjoy them best when it’s a little twisted and messed up (age difference, power imbalance and the fact that they’re on opposing sides most of the time, etc.). Other people may feel differently, but I’d definitely advise reading some of the comic storylines involving the two of them, and checking out at least the first season of the Teen Titans cartoon to see where shippers of the pairing are coming from.

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It does kind of suck that what most fans seem to have gotten out of the Altean empire episode is "There's a universe where Alteans are evil! Evil Alteans!" and "Evil Empress Allura" rather than "there is no such thing as good imperialism or good empires". I think some fans have missed something and think it's about "good species" vs "bad species", for some reason, rather than about a rebellion against intergalactic fascist imperialists. I don't know how this happened.

i’m sure there are several factors attributing to fans in general constantly misunderstanding this show (especially the fact that fandom is mostly kids i mean this story is fairly complex even for adult viewers) but like … to me it seems that whenever fandom’s big bloggers are getting worked up over how allura is being ‘mistreated’ or whatever what they’re really trying to do is argue that keith doesn’t like her somehow. all this fandom cares about are ships lmao.

like … no one cares about anything fans of color like myself are genuinely critical about unless it can somehow be used to argue that keith is a terrible romantic match for allura and should therefore be with someone else. it’s ridiculous.

the evil empress thing i picked up from fan art. and i just figured ‘oh i missed something because i don’t remember anything about allura being a tyrant but yeah okay whatever’ THEN i rewatched the episode and! got so frustrated! it’s like fandom really does have its own weird and specific agenda and that’s all it ever really cares about and that’s all it’s trying to protect. it’s so annoying.

anyway, i agree. i thought this episode showed us that alteans were certainly just as capable as the galra to rule the universe. alfor wasn’t a coward, and his people were in no way simply a “lesser” species that ’natural selection’ took out for their weakness. imperialism is never natural – and yes exactly – there is NO such thing as good imperialism. that’s literally all i gathered from this episode. allura was not the reason the other reality’s universe had gone to shit because no one species is all good or bad. tyrants are tyrants, and they can come from anywhere and gain a massive following, depending on the power constructs in place. but there never HAS to be imperialism and so whenever it rises it must be stopped.

that and also the fact that keith doesn’t leave allura’s side since ’the hunted’ and that allura feels comfortable opening up to him again … but hey lol

it bums me out the way this fandom interprets this show because it stands out to me as a series that really tries to break ground in mainstream media and that a lot of research was put into every aspect of it but … what can you do

Niall/Harry, 5.5k, set after the AMAs. Can be considered a continuation of over and over, but also works on its own.

There is a hotel room in this town, Niall knows. This town, this town, this town, he thinks. Sings. Knows in an inebriated state of alcohol and success that the lyrics are applicable and tied in soulful strings across buildings and streets, glowing within him to guide him home in this town. This town, this town, this town, that didn’t win awards tonight, but that has something golden waiting to press itself in warm breaths and a low tone against him when he gets home. Temporarily home. The skin of another person, encompassing. He truly would dance, now, with the world watching, though that might be the alcohol talking.

It’s late, and he slips out of the after party and into a car. Whispers conspiratorially to the seatbelt that he hopes that the driver can see the golden flecks of guiding light even though they’re Niall’s to keep, to see, to feel. The street lamps seem pale in comparison; they don’t love like he does. Don’t have someone to long for in the late night breeze that scratches itself on brick walls in its haste to get away.

The seatbelt stretches over his chest in response – puts pressure on the middle of it, where Harry’s hand often rests when they sleep. He pats affection onto his lifeline until the car comes to a stop in front of the hotel. Mutters hopes of a future love to it before they part. The driver smiles over his shoulder before he drives off again, and Niall hunches his shoulders against that breeze – isn’t as naturally intimidating as a brick wall when his opponent is a type of weather.

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So I saw that you're on a roll lately with asks, and I wanted to throw my own your way: how do you interpret that exchange between Sherlock and Irene at the end of the fireplace scene? Namely the comment "It's the not end of the world; it's Mrs. Hudson"? Maybe I'm reading too much into a joke, but I always thought that it could mean more than "Yes, don't worry, it's just my ditzy landlady," such as, "It's not the end of the world A.K.A. I'LL HAVE DINNER WITH YOU SOME OTHER TIME." Thoughts?

Why thank you! So here’s that exchange:

And yeah, I absolutely agree. Irene says it’s “too late” but then Sherlock essentially contradicts her, implying that since it’s not the end of the world there’s still that potential for them to have dinner (and by now he gets exactly what that’s code for). His little half-smile as he looks into her eyes after he speaks makes his implication pretty clear. 

He could have just let the matter drop after she said it was too late—it would’ve been a clear and easy ‘out’ for him if he were uninterested. Instead he finally starts to play along, opening up to her a bit with some dry humor, and taking the initiative to continue their intimate banter. It’s the first sign of his reciprocated interest in her proposition, and then they’re interrupted (argh)!

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I know you've talked a bit about Voltron Force's character design, but how you feel about the Lions? To me, the VF lions do have their own aesthetic appeal of being very angular and individually distinct, but I also feel like they make Voltron itself have a very cluttered design (the legs really don't fold in and they stick out, plus the colors are really saturated). Also, do you have a favorite version of the Lions (out of any series)?

oooh, this is a really interesting thing to ask about! :0

i do like how distinctive the VF lions are, and personally i like to think that’s because pidge and hunk have had upwards of a decade to tinker with them and develop them from basic vessels to something which really captures and enhances each individual pilot’s strengths (which is also how i can justify allura’s blue lion looking about twice as feminine as the others for some reason, you KNOW it wouldn’t have been designed that way for VF if sven was still piloting). 

(i also feel like the colours are so saturated because pidge chose them, and those are the shades he could see “normally” through his tinted goggles. or it’s intentionally to blind their enemies, lotor would probably be furious at being defeated by something so gaudy)

i’ve got to say i really enjoy the addition of a mane on black lion which indicates it as the leader, too! i absolutely understand (and agree with) what you mean about the cluttered fully-formed design which comes with the other lions being visually distinct, but as the central head of the pack (literally) it’s nice to give black lion that bit of extra pep to show it’s something special. i wish they wouldn’t use CGI for them though, i understand why they did it but all the VF CGI is so glaringly blatant and untextured…

each different version of the lions has its own strengths and weaknesses, but i think my favourite is probably VLD because of how it hearkens back to the golion origin story of “voltron” being sentient (before it was split into pieces and forced to rely on teamwork with others operating its lion parts if it was ever to reform). VLD really plays up the concept of the “chosen paladins” and the tangible bond between lion and pilot, which is something i didn’t like that VF played down to the point where anyone could just jump into any lion, no problem. like, sure, the cadets have got to train to be able to fly a lion in the first place, but it seems to boil down to “handling the temperamental machine” instead of forming a bond with an individual lion. they can sense who isn’t worthy to fly them but there’s a huge amount of interchangeability between the current pilots, and while that’s an interesting concept it really cuts out the magic. 

there’s even a scene in golion (and possibly voltron, i haven’t watched the episode dubbed) where it’s shown allura literally cannot fly black lion because she doesn’t have the bond with it that keith does, and i love that element of importance in the relationships between the lions and their chosen pilots. VF portrays the current pilots as… not exactly throwaway elements, but certainly easily replaceable ones, and that doubles as the lions not having an intricate say in who pilots them. i mean, you know VLD’s black lion wouldn’t have let keith give it up to daniel even for a second and that would have saved a whole lot of shit (i also like to imagine green lion wouldn’t have let pidge go because that was WRONG and BAD and i’m still not over the injustice). 

yeah, like… i enjoy the concept behind VLD best because it presents the lions as ancient celestial beings with unique consciousnesses and their own choice of pilots instead of just silent machines to fight with, mess around with, misuse/exploit without defense and play Musical Lions with. VF’s approach is a very literal interpretation of “robots”, which is also fun in its own way, but i still like that element of old magic in amongst all the wires and gears and other futuristic technology. 

astrodickology  asked:

Alright, i'm bugging your ask box again. What do you think about Peeta's idealization in the fandom? I personally dislike it people seem to have this katniss is a cold-hearted bitch mentality while Peeta is perfect puppy angel and i just don't get it. What makes Peeta so much holier than Katniss? Cause he's white? cause he's merchant? Cause he doesn't kill as many people? help me out here

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anonymous asked:

ok but thorin has ptsd and no can convince me otherwise I mean look at his reaction just from hearing the word orcs while he's half asleep! he's seen some screwed up shit the poor guy would obviously be carrying some kind of trauma and I don't know where I'm going with this there's probably other stuff demonstrating his post traumatic stress but I can't think of it right now lol oops I rambled

!!!! I wholeheartedly agree, Thorin does have PTSD. (I think @yubiwamonogatari wrote some about this while i was on my tumblr hiatus and i bet her opinions on the subject are very real and true.)

Even without “evidence” in the films, it’s very easy to reason that Thorin would have PTSD. Look at the traumatic life experiences he’s been through - the dragon attacks and takes Erebor when Thorin is only (i believe) 24 years old, which is practically childhood for Dwarves. Thorin fights in the bloodiest battle in Dwarven history when he’s in his early 50′s, loses his younger brother, his father, and his grandfather/king all in one day, and has to shoulder the burden of leading his people when he’s still so very young, barely of age to do so. And that’s only what we know about. These traumatic experiences are going to alter him and stay with him and change him, and he’s going to struggle to overcome negative feelings and fear for a long time.

Thorin has PTSD - more under the cut 

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lumiberry  asked:

If you don't like the fandom. Stay out of it. If someone attempted to harm themselves, they choose to do so and I hope they get help. Coming from someone who has attempted suicide, I know for a fact that someone else should never be speaking for that person. You can block people, you can leave the tumblr version of the fandom. You are making a choice to continue being there, you are making the choice to put yourself in view of it and then choosing to be upset. You only can control yourself.

Yeah, no.  For starters, I was never in the fandom to begin with. 

Secondly, the people involved created over 40 different blogs specifically for targeting and harassing this girl over a period of three YEARS.  This is also far from the only thing this particular group of SU fans has done, to the extent that multiple members of the show’s crew have spoken out about it.

Even so, a lot of people are aware that it is not the entire fandom that’s to blame (a fact that I’ve repeatedly stressed myself), but a certain clique that pulls this kind of shit in EVERY fandom that they’re part of.  It’s obviously not a case of “Everyone vs Fandom” when so many members of the fandom itself have expressed their disgust with the situation.  Have you even been in the tag at all??  Hundreds upon hundreds of people are condemning what happened.  Much of the outrage is coming from OTHER FANS.

Lastly, people rarely receive justice when everyone is silent.  If nobody said anything about this, those people would have just gotten away with this shit, and thus learned “It’s okay when I do this to other people”.  That’s telling people that it’s okay to be bullies.  As it stands, at least one of them has since been arrested, though it’s believed that others have as well.

I’m sorry, but the rest of us are NOT going to just sit idly by, and stand for this kind of bullshit.  Those behind it are now learning the hard way that their conduct is unacceptable, and in no way resembles anything akin to “activism” (not to mention that it’s no way to act in the name of something you’re allegedly a fan of).  Another unfortunate circumstance that may result from this is a LACK of more diversified characters in fiction, because LOOK HOW PEOPLE BEHAVE WHEN THERE IS DIVERSITY.  Not exactly making a great argument here, and it’s incredibly disappointing to watch from the sidelines.  It’s literally a case of “This is why we can’t have nice things”:  People become obsessed, over-protective, and have a generally entitled attitude about it, as though it’s somehow their show, and not someone else’s creation.  When I first saw anything to do with SU, I thought “Oh, that’s cool!  They’re all so different from each other, but they’re all considered beautiful!  That’s really positive!”.  Now we have people that send death threats to artists over how THEY’RE interpreting that person’s art, and not because there actually IS anything “offensive” about it.  Cosplayers are supposedly “fatphobic” or “racist” for wanting to cosplay their favorite characters without having the same body type or skin tone (even though the characters are SHAPE-SHIFTING ALIENS, and their skin tones are MOTHERFUCKING EASTER EGG COLORS). 

I mean, fuck–it used to be that we’d tell people to cosplay whatever they wanted regardless of their body.  Ever notice how many Team Fortress 2 cosplayers are female?  Doesn’t matter–they still cosplay these burly mercenaries, and no one really cares.  I also remember when “genderbends” were generally understood as alternate interpretations of a character (there were even several female models made specifically for use in the game–I always liked the fashionable female Spy), and weren’t the subject of screams of “TRANSPHOBIA!”.  The best Sebastian Castellanos I’ve seen was a woman that used makeup to contour her face, and give herself heavy stubble.  Does it matter that this cosplayer isn’t stick-thin like Queen Chrysalis?  No, because she looks fucking awesome.  It’s no one’s fault that they become fond of a character that they aren’t exactly like–that shouldn’t be held against them.  There may be offensive costumes out there, but someone wanting to be Amethyst probably isn’t doing so with any ill intent behind it.  I’m French/Lebanese, but I was Gogo Yubari one Halloween.  I recreated her ball and chain weapon as best I could, including lugging around heavy chain all night.  I won third place in a costume contest for it (right behind the best Jessica Rabbit I’d ever seen, and a very well-done Ash Williams)–you gonna come after me now, too?  Bottom line:  You don’t fucking harass people for expressing their love for something, especially when they never had ANY intent of harming or offending anyone else.  Those that think differently are honestly just entitled brats that think it’s the rest of the world’s job to only create what THEY want to see.

The people doing the bullying deserve to be put under the public spotlight.  They need to know what they’ve done wrong, and people have the right to know who they are.  Nothing is an excuse for such behavior–not your race, gender identity, sexuality, creed, body type–NOTHING.

“When thou acts like a douchebag, thou shalt be treated like a douchebag.”

–Book of Viper, 13:12

anonymous asked:

I don't even get your whole context thing cause it doesn't change anything at all. Norman said that Carol and Dary are not a romance so you trying to skew things and make up context excuses is just stupid. Like he said he didn't want it and was very clear about it. He was relieved that they survived and that he now gets to go find Beth. He hugged her as a thank you for saving them. That's it. You are just stupid or looking to start shit. Either way you are the asshole in this.

Hi there ‘friendly’,

It seems like you and your buddies have been quite busy plowing through the positivity, joyfulness and beauty that’s been flowing through the CARYL, Carol and MMB tag in the past few days.
It wasnt what you thought it would be, RIGHT?
Judging by the state of my inbox the ‘Context’ post (that you didn’t understand) didn’t exactly help matters and has obviously hit a pretty big nerve with some of your shipmates. 

I am guessing that all this negativity is merely a reaction to the fact that the ‘evidence’ you thought had doomed the CARYL ship into oblivion, wasn’t exactly what you thought it was nor what you wanted us to believe it was.
It’s like you were either counting on us to not look into it ourselves and take your word (quote) for it OR you genuinely weren’t able to connect the context of the magazine theme with the issues the actors were talking about.
Now I do want to mention that I am not saying ALL of your shipmates had a part in this 'misinterpretation’ but judging by the tone of your ask and the fact that the initial interview piece was published and then used to gloat, you can’t really blame me for suspecting an agenda here.
Why would a B*thyl blog post just that one quote from Norman addressing the CARYL reunion without anything else and then use it to undermine the Carol and Daryl relationship? 

Yeah…see…what I mean!

With that said I decided to answer your ask because you obviously didn’t understand what I was trying to say and because you trying to pawn this off as me instigating or “looking to start shit”

I didn’t post the article “section” even though it had nothing to do with my ship.
I didn’t use the same “section” to gloat and ridicule someone else’s ship.

What I did was RESPOND to the “interpretation” some of your shipmates tried to pass of as 100% fact and then proceeded to use to once again ridicule Carylers and their ship.
I responded by offering a complete look of how what Norman said fits with the magazine theme and I responded without tagging or attacking anyone else.
But most importantly I didn’t come into your tag or YOUR INBOX and yet you and a lot of others somehow ended up in mine, berating and insulting me for disagreeing with your interpretation of a ship you don’t ship.
That’s how “shit” gets started.

Now let me clear this up for you again!

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