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Young Lovers

This is for the amazing Ethan Trash Anon! Love ya! 

Anon request: 

“ I am a Ethan trash # 1 srry lol but could you do one were the reader is Mark’s little sister and two have a crush on each other but are kind of pushing feelings aside because they are too shy to tell the other but Mark knows about it (both having told them their little secret) and he’s just like “I DON’T CARE ANYMORE! GET TOGETHER OR I AM GOING TO LOCK YOU BOTH IN A ROOM” cause he is fed up with the awkward glances and secrets (but does this in a joking manner, of course) Thank You”

I hope you enjoy!

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Were the lingering glances obvious? 
Were the shy smiles bothersome?
Was this dance between you and Ethan becoming annoying?
You shot your big brother a glare, hushing him with daggers in your eyes. 
He only grinned in response as Ethan sat down beside you. 
A silent argument stormed between you. Becoming more and more outrageous the longer the two of you stared at each other. 
Tyler sat on Mark’s left, not so subtly watching everything unfold. Amy was on Mark’s right, stifling giggles that were bubbling in her chest. 
“Is everything ok?” Ethan asked, to no one in particular, but looking to you for an answer. 
“Yeah, everything’s fine,” You flashed him a shy smile. “Just Mark being a doofus. And if he continues, he’ll get an ass kicking.” 
Mark chuckled and settled back against the couch. His smug, knowing smile irritating you more than Tyler’s wiggling eyebrows. 
You sighed in frustration and threw you hands up in defeat. This was the reason you didn’t trust your brother with secrets!

“Did you know Ethan has a crush on you?” Mark had casually bomb-shelled.
You had almost choked on your coffee, “Wait, what?”
“Ethan has a crush on you,” Mark repeated a little more coyly. “He told me last night. So, can I start arranging a marriage soon? Or is the baby coming first?”
“If you do anything, I will murder you, Mark!” You warned. “I mean it! Let me do this.”
“You’ve been a blushing mess around him for the last three months!” Mark exclaimed in that over-exaggerated hand motion of his. “Now you know he likes you! Just get along with it and stop making mushy eyes at him!” 

“Hey, Ethan, have you gotten the chance to introduce (Y/N) to your channel, yet?” Amy asked. Her long eyelashes fluttering innocently in your direction.
Not Amy too. 
“Oh, uh, I-I haven’t gotten a chance to, uh, I mean, a reason to get them to do a video with me.” Poor Ethan became a stuttering wreck beside you. His cheeks flushed red and he avoided your gaze.
“I mean, I think everyone would love them,” Amy continued, her voice soft and sweet. “Mark’s community absolutely adores them.”
“How about it, (Y/N)” Mark grinned, “Why don’t you collab with Ethan?” 
You could feel your cheeks heat up as Ethan turned to look at you. The thought of you two doing a video made you feel a little giddy inside. 
Maybe you could tell him after the video. You’d be in a room alone, away from Mark’s prying eyes. 
“Sure,” You said. “That would be fun.” 
Ethan seem to glow with excitement, “I’ll go get planning then.” And the blue-boy hurried away. 
As soon as Ethan was out of ear-shot, you swore at Mark. “I hate you so much!” 
“I didn’t do anything!” Mark replied, “Amy started it!” 
Amy only shrugged and smiled at you. 
“I’m never trusting you with anything again!” You spat, sulkily crossing your arms across your chest and looking away. 
“In all seriousness, though,” Mark said, “If you two don’t get together by the end of the week, I’m going to lock you two in a cupboard and I will not let you out till I hear kissing!” 
You glared at the brunette, “Try yelling, Mark. I don’t think Ethan heard you.” 
Mark grinned and turned his head, his chest expanding. 
“Wait, Mark-no!” Tyler lunged forward and trapped you against the chair. 

There was a space of silence that followed his words. Everyone waited with batted breath as somewhere in the house, Ethan was processing Mark’s words.
Then you heard Ethan’s chair creak and his voice echoed through the hallway. 
“(Y/N), do you wanna go on a date with me?” 
All eyes turned to you and you couldn’t stop the smile stretching across you face. 
“Yeah! Sounds good!”