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 Pairing; Kim Namjoon x Reader

 Words; 8.6k

Genre; Angst, fluff, smut

Summary; You had fallen for Namjoon, the guy you’ve been sharing an apartment with a long time ago, but he wasn’t the type to settle down into a relationship. One night you both end up sleeping together, but what then would become of your relationship?

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Flashes (Part 3)

Summary: Soulmate AU. “The fault, dear Brutus is not in our stars, / But in ourselves, that we are underlings.” - William Shakespeare (Julius Caesar)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,012

Warnings: language, fluff, angst, it’s actually kind of optimistic???

A/N: Well, I did it…at least I tried. The lovely @minervaem challenged me (sort of) to do an angsty story. I’m warning you now, it’s not gonna be pretty.

Reader has her first flash, and stumbles upon some intriguing information…

Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

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Clichés: Chapter 1

A Reaper/Gabriel Reyes x Reader Office AU fic. Originally written for lilith-chii’s contest, but I couldnt finish it in time and instead sent in a soldier 76 smut piece lol. Still not finished, so it’ll be divided into chapters

Work was busier than usual. So many reporters have been trying to get interviews with the co-presidents of Overwatch since the big announcement of the joining of Overwatch and Talon. Two separate companies suddenly merging together was quite the big fuss. After Rico Reyes passed away last month, ownership of his weapons company was passed to his favorite son, Gabriel. Despite the fact that Gabe had left the family business ten years ago to join Overwatch. Now the billionaire ex vice president of Overwatch was the co-president of… Overwatch. They decided not to change the name. Though Talonwatch does have a ring to it. Or maybe Overtalon? Nah, not as catchy.

Overwatch was a much larger company than Talon, so it’s not entirely unusual for the two to combine. Though it’s less of a combination and more of Overwatch swallowing up the resources Talon provides. As the secretary of the president and vice president (now co-president), you had your hands full. Emails, phone calls, lawyers, and reporters that thought they could just prance in and get an instant meeting with Mister Reyes or Mister Morrison. Such was the case now. A reporter for some women’s magazine just pranced right in and stalked right up to your desk, standing haughtily in front of you.

“I’m here to get an interview with Jack Morrison and Gabriel Reyes. Now please.” The nameless reporter spoke, tapping a perfectly manicured nail against your desk.

“I’m sorry, but Mister Reyes and Mister Morrison are currently in a very important meeting. I’d be happy to try to add you into their schedule, though.” You informed with a polite (and absolutely fake) smile. She looked appalled, absolutely confused that she had just been told no.

“I’m sure their meeting could wait. I’m from a very important magazine, ‘Eyecandy,’ I’m sure you’ve heard of it, yes? This interview simply can’t wait. Why don’t you go get them and tell them who I am and we can have this interview right now?” The woman didn’t so much ask as she did command.

“Oh, and get me an ice water while you’re at it, will you? I need to use the little ladies’ room.” With the toss of her hair, she turned around and strutted down the hall, where the bathrooms were.

What a bitch. She was obviously raised wealthy, never having been turned down before. She likely used her good looks and demanding attitude to get what she wanted. It was incredibly unlikely that she would leave without speaking to the co-presidents, and you didn’t really want to deal with her any more than you already had. You had work to do. A lot of it. So you got up and went to the meeting room right in between their offices, knocking gently on steel door. No response, only faint mumblings from inside, but the room was rather soundproof.

Taking a chance, you cracked open the door and peeked inside, hoping it would be enough to catch their attention. However, it seems like you walked in on an argument, and it didn’t seem to be a productive one either.

“Su traje es mierda y no le queda, lápiz blanco!”

“Stop yelling at me in Spanish, you know I don’t understand what you’re saying!”


“Ok I understood that.”

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I Feel Like Monty
  • Author: @tidalg
  • Character: Montgomery De La Cruz
  • Word Count: 1003
  • Warnings: Slapping
  • Notes: This is my first ever imagine I don't know if I will write another depends on how well this goes and if I have inspiration, but if you like let me know!
  • “What do I tell him?” I said to Sheri asked as we walked down the corridor of Liberty High’s student filled hallways. “The only thing you can tell him is the truth girl don't sweat it he won't even be upset” Sheri replied. “You know what you're right I just have to tell him the truth” “Good luck girl, I have to go to tutoring in the library I'll see you later,” and with that, she left. I took a deep breath as I walked into my third period knowing I would see Monty. “Hey, babe” Monty greeted me with a hug and a quick peck. “Hi Mon, how was practice?” I asked him as we walked over to our seats. “Good, there’s no way we won't beat the Tigers at Friday night's game” I cringed at the name of the school we were versing this upcoming weekend. “You okay?” he asked me after he saw the face I made at his statement “Yeah baby I'm fine, hey do you want to hang out after practice today?” “Yeah sure, but only if you help me with my homework I have to get my grades up before this game” “Of course baby” I gave him a quick kiss on the lips before turning around in my chair as the bell rang signaling that class was starting. Throughout the rest of the period and the day, I could not stop replaying the scene in my head of that day Sheri asked me to go to the mall with her so she could get an outfit for the party after the game on Friday that was going to be most likely at Bryce's house whether our team wins or not there’s always a party so I agreed. I decided to buy a new dress that fit my body perfectly to wear to the party knowing it would drive Monty crazy hoping it would lead to something more we haven't had sex in a couple weeks since he's been practicing and studying so much to keep his grades up. As me and Sheri walked through the mall a couple of girls walked up to us confused I asked: “Can I help you?” “Yeah, actually you can tell De La Cruz that I'll be at the game Friday and he knows where to find me” the one in the front replied flirtatiously. “Excuse me do you know Montgomery?” “Do I know him?” she laughed back, I furrowed my eyebrows still confused “I still don't know what you're trying to say” “I know him pretty well actually we hooked up after the game last year” finally realizing she was a Tiger cheerleader. By now I was angry of course I knew that Monty had hooked up with a lot of girls, but never thought I would have a run-in with one of them. “Y/N let's go she's just another one of his hookups she doesn't mean anything" Sheri said while trying to pull me away, but I didn't move instead I decided to fire back at the girl "You might have hooked up with Montgomery last year, but not this year he will be leaving with his girlfriend" putting emphasis on girlfriend getting ready to walk away, but the girl kept going "We'll see about that once he sees me and remembers our night with my hands running all over his abs and leaving wet sloppy kisses down his chest-" before she could say anything else I slapped her. I was surprised at my actions I never got mad that fast or would even think about hitting someone, but I was tired of her talking about MY boyfriend like that Monty was a different person now and everyone could see that. “Okay let's go NOW” Sheri said as she pulled me away from the now red faced girl “What happened back there?” “I don’t know I guess I got jealous” “You guess? I've never seen you like that you're always so nice to people” “Oh god, I feel like Monty I don’t go around hitting people or fighting at all he does. What am I gonna tell him, Sheri?” “Don’t worry about it just tell him after school tomorrow”. For the rest of the night and that day I tried to come up with a thousand ways on how to tell my boyfriend I slapped one of the girls, he had previously hooked up before. Would he want to leave me? Think I was some crazy jealous girlfriend? I was pulled out of my thoughts by a knock on my bedroom door. I opened it revealing a tired and sweaty Monty “Hey” he said as he entered my room with a signature hug and kiss. He walked over to my bed pulling out his homework he looked up when he realized I hadn't moved from the doorway “What's wrong? Are you okay?” he quickly got up walking over to me “Can we talk about something?” “Of course” he started to become nervous. After, telling him what happened I tried to read his face for an answer, but nothing “Can you say something?” I demanded more than questioned “I’m just surprised usually you're the one stopping me from hitting a kid if he looks at you the wrong way” “I know I was surprised too so you're not mad?” “No why would I be mad? You stood up for yourself and for me, plus it’s kinda hot” he said laughing “Shut up” I said lightly hitting him “Hey! don't go hitting me now” he joked “I’m never going to hear the end of this” “No you won't, but thank you for sticking up for me I love you” Monty said while pulling me in for a kiss “I love you too” “As much as I love you and would love to make out I have a ton of homework” he sighed as I just giggled walking over to the bed to help him with his schoolwork.
#191 - For anonymous x3

Filling the prompts “a fic where everyone loves how put together, happy, and confident the reader seems, but van finds out after a while they’re really the complete opposite and van is super comforting? Maybe with some variation of the line, "And I know you’re feeling tired. Just let me hold you for a bit.” from a song by Front Porch Step?“ "Van loves short girls. Like 5’ 1” and “van gets the reader a puppy?”

It was easy to see why people thought you were attention seeking. Why else would you wear a glittery mermaid crown to a non-themed house party? The few people that knew you well would know it was because you liked mermaids and glitter, and weird and wonderful things. They’d know you didn’t care what other people thought and that you truly believed that every day could and should be Halloween. They’d refer to the hours you’d spent collecting shells and hot gluing them together to make something unique and special and beautiful. But those people were few and far between. Most people, and almost certainly a majority of those at the party, just wrote you off as a show off.

Zenna wanted to sit, so you followed her through the house. There was an open doorway, and the room was dark. Inside a television screen was illuminated, and in its glow sat a group of guys throwing pillows around. Standing next to Zen in the doorway, you looked at them carefully. You didn’t recognise them.

“Are you guys… watching a movie? Like, having a proper sleepover? At a party?” she asked them. Their attention all turned to you both. Another body popped out from under a blanket. He had the most room on the couch, and was one of only two with a blanket.

“Yeah. What of it?” one of them replied.

“Nothing. Very cute,” Zen said with a shrug and went to leave.

“Wait!” the one under the blanket yelled.

“Yeah, wait. Have you been to the kitchen? There any food?” a different one asked. Zen smirked and shrugged. “You can join us if you bring food,” he continued. You looked at Zen and watched one of her perfect eyebrows rise.

“The mermaid can stay. I’ll look after her,” blanket boy said. You turned to him. He was rosy cheeked from being so warm and he was grinning. The television screen had a sparkly reflection in his eyes. Zenna snorted.

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Cross goes to the grocery store

Previously on the Crack Adventures of Cross and Nightmare, Nightmare was having numerous problems, Killer Sans was revealed to have the shipper role and thought of a ship name for our beloved main characters, and Nightmare sent Cross to the grocery store to get more ice cream.

(Be warned that everyone is out of character)

Chara: okay dude we’ve gotta think this out through and through


Cross: why, a kind that Nightmare likes of course

Chara: WHAT

Chara: WHY

Cross: Don’t you see, Chara? It is essential to my master plan that we annoy Nightmare as much as possible! I can say something like “I got it for you, senpai!” and he’ll just be really mad or something.

Chara: but

Chara: but why??


Chara: this thing is Nightmare has made zero sense too

Cross: Come on man, you have to admit he’s fun to mess around with.

Chara: well yes but why humiliate yourself in the process

Cross: because it’s worth it

Cross: besides, it’s not humiliating if it’s done proudly

-(scene transition)-

(Cross walks in with a ton of bags.)

Nightmare: that is way more than ice cream

Cross: I’m makin tacos tonight

Nightmare: WHAT OH GEEZ NO

Cross: what


Cross: I believe we gain skills through trial and error


Cross: well uh

Nightmare: you are not cooking ANYTHING

Cross: but duuuuude

Cross: I need mah tacos

Nightmare: well I believe you have an addiction

Cross: you’re the one who frantically told me to go to the store because we ran out of ice cream


Cross: seriously? but that guy looks like he lives on human flesh


(Killer Sans walks in.)

Killer Sans: howdy shipsters, what be happenin?

Nightmare: what

Cross: yo KS, Nightmare won’t let me use the kitchen cuz he thinks I’m gonna make it explode

Cross: it’s not cool

Killer Sans: (looks at Nightmare) wow dude that is not cool

Killer Sans: because even if he makes it explode you can just make someone fix it

Nightmare: well yeah but

Nightmare: IT’S MY KITCHEN

(Suddenly, they hear deep laughter. In the doorway is Horror Sans.)

Horror Sans: hahahahAHAHA

Horror Sans: you fools. while you weren’t paying attention I STOLE THE ICE CREAM CROSS JUST BOUGHT (holds up bag)

Nightmare: OH COME ON

Killer Sans: come on man you’ve had enough

Killer Sans: just give it back–


(Horror Sans escapes with the ice cream.)

Nightmare: GET HIIIIIM

(The yakety sax music starts to play as they chase Horror Sans around the castle.)

(However, all of them except Cross are collapsed on the floor within ten minutes because they’re all out of shape.)

Nightmare: Hand over… that ICE CREAM

Horror Sans: (sprawled out on the floor) you can’t make me

Nightmare: if you want fricking ice cream… then buy it with your OWN MONEY

Horror Sans: there aren’t any stores that will take limbs as cash

Nightmare: and you’re broke because of you NOW GIVE ME THE BAG BEFORE THE ICE CREAM MELTS

(Cross walks over and takes the bag from Horror Sans.)

Horror Sans: noooooo

Cross: senpai I have retrieved the bag

Nightmare: okay put it in the secret freezer and don’t call me senpai

Horror Sans: the what

Nightmare: I didn’t want to have to resort to this but you have left me no choice

Nightmare: the ice cream can no longer be publicly accessed

Horror Sans: (gasps) o-oh come on that’s not fair

Nightmare: you’ve brought it to this, Horror Sans

Horror Sans: NUUUUU

-(scene transition)-

Cross: well that didn’t go as planned

Chara: You don’t say! We don’t even get to make our tacos!

Cross: hmm… well, maybe WE can’t use the kitchen… perhaps we could make someone else do it…

Chara: look here Criss-Cross I really don’t see that happening

Chara: who the heck would make food for us around here

Cross: do you see any other options? it’s this or no tacos

Chara: we should at least try bothering Nightmare some more first

Cross: no way man, Nightmare never changes his mind on anything when it comes to stuff like this. we’ve gotta go for the alternative.

(And so Cross and Chara set out to find someone to make their tacos.)

(But it didn’t work, so they decide to go bother Nightmare about it anyway.)

Nightmare: (on the phone) What? No, I’m asking if the zebra squirrels were properly transported to Underfell! Ugh, you’re useless!

(Nightmare hangs up and turns to see Cross lying on his side on the desk right in front of him.)

Nightmare: what the heck do you want now

Cross: let me use the kitcheeen

Cross: I promise I’ll try to not make it blow up

Nightmare: I already told you, NO



Nightmare: GET OUT


(Suddenly, in this fit of confusion, a portal appears behind Nightmare and a certain glitchy skeleton pushes him on top of Cross.)


(The portal closes.)

(Nightmare twitches. And then, Killer Sans walks in!)



Killer Sans: HEHEH I’LL LEAVE YOU TWO ALONE (trolltastically exits)


Cross: … uh?


(Nightmare leans closer to Cross.)

Cross: w-wait what?

Cross: Nightmare you don’t realize what you’re saying–

Cross: I-I’ve been joking–

Nightmare: STAY STILL

(He gets closer. Suddenly, Cross is being restrained.)

Cross: AUGH


(Someone knocks on the door.)

Nightmare: grrrrRRRR WHO IS IT

Random Person: Lord Nightmare there’s a package for you


Random Person: yes mah lord (leaves)

Nightmare: (looks back at Cross) NOW WHERE WERE WE

Cross: N-Nightmare we can still talk about this

Nightmare: NO


Cross: (thoughts) CHARA WE DUN GOOFED


Cross: he’s actually really good at kissing though

Chara: SHUT UP

(They part.)


Nightmare: This still makes no sense.

Cross: (still thoughts) ehhhaheahahahehHEH

Chara: o____o

Cross: do it again senpaaaiiii…


(Cross is just kind of laying there, not talking and looking incredibly spaced out.)

Nightmare: … uh.

Nightmare: Cross?

Nightmare: (waves his hand in Cross’s face) are you still conscious

Cross: … no

A new beginning (2/?)

So here’s the second chapter of my fic reboot! Starting next chapter things will start to change compared to the original! I hope you’ll still love it! 

Thanks to @ultraluckycatnd for being my beta! 

Summary: Financial problems leads Emma and her brother David to seek a roommate, which leads Killian to occupy their spare bedroom.

Rating: M for some swearing, and eventually smmmmmut.

Chapter 1

AO3 | 

The next morning, Emma woke up in a bit of a panic, thinking she was late for class until she realized it was Saturday. She laid back down on her bed, knowing she wouldn’t be able to fall back asleep, but she at least wanted to enjoy the perks of a Saturday morning and be lazy in her bed. The first thought that popped into her mind when she settled back under her covers was her new roommate. Last night had been a pretty slow night at the diner and when Granny came to ask her if she wanted to head home early, she was more than happy to accept her boss’s offer. The past few weeks had been quite intense as she was getting ready for her finals, and her insane work schedule gave her very little social life or time for even herself. So as she headed home, the only thing she had in mind was getting home and binge watching some show on Netflix while falling asleep on the couch. Emma had totally forgotten that their new roommate was moving in that same day, so she really wasn’t expecting to find a stranger standing in her bathroom.

With her tired state and after the shock of her first meeting with him, she hadn’t had time to process any of it. Once she was in her bedroom, she got ready for bed and tried to fall asleep. Now that she was thinking about it, though, she felt quite embarrassed and uncomfortable about the whole situation. Embarrassed that she walked in on him and that she couldn’t help herself from gawking at him; her eyes following that patch of chest hair trailing down his abdomen. Emma felt even more uncomfortable when he came to join her in the kitchen, and that the first thought that came to mind was that he looked damn good with clothes on too. Her instincts instantly kicked in when he bashfully introduced himself to her, which ended up with her acting distant and cold.

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anonymous asked:

Just bc I know nothing abt tyra what's up w her

Angela Preston won Cycle 17 of America’s Next Top Model, and when Tyra and her people found out she had been an escort previously, they stripped her of her title. 

Angela also says that, when cameras weren’t running, the contestants wouldn’t even be able to talk. Tyra wouldn’t give them any food or drinks on long filming days to make them confrontational. 

Also, when they were overseas, Angela Preston had an anxiety attack and she was throwing up and dizzy and cameras were filming it all still. When she came to (after everything that happened with the anxiety attack + her asthma) , Angela heard Tyra complaining that she just wanted to go back to her villa.

It’s been recently revealed that ANTM is getting canceled but Tyra’s manipulative ass played it off like it was just something she chose to do when talking about the situation in an instagram post:

tyrabanks: TYRA MAIL!
Thinking #ANTM #cycle22 should be our last cycle. Yeah, I truly believe it’s time. Our diehard fans know we’ve expanded the definition of beauty, presented what Flawsome is, tooched and booched and boom boom boomed, shown the world how to show their neck, rocked couture/catalogue/commercial poses, have found our (and your) light, strutted countless runways, gone on tons of go-sees, added guys to the girls mix, and have traveled around the globe and back again. Yeah, it’s time. It really is.
Wow, I am SO proud of what Top Model has done.
#ANTM brought the intimidating modeling world to the masses. We were the first reality show based in the fashion world. I never thought my little idea would have people everywhere thinking differently about how they take photos. And I never thought we’d do 22 cycles. Whoa! So many!!! And what rhymes with 22? You. And you and you and you and you! YOU made Top Model what it is. We are a global force that has so many international versions around the world because of YOU! That’s amazing and beyond anything that I ever dreamed.
I set out to create a show where Perfect is Boring. So I hope you continue to love your freckles, your moles, your big forehead, your big eyes, your small eyes, your pointy chin, your tiny boobs, your full chest, your ivory or ebony skin (or every color in between) - the stuff about you that makes you well…you. And I hope you’ve learned a heck of a lot from watching. I have an inkling you have. May your photos (and selfies) be forever fierce. May you always find your light. And may you werk hallways like runways. Always remember, you are beautiful & BOOTYful. And please, keep on Smizing each and every day for TyTy.
Fierce & Love,

She told the media about this before she even told her staff.

It’s also been reported that Tyra gave her staff McDonald’s burgers in the place of holiday bonuses.

read about this stuff in detail here (xx)

Olivia - Wroetoshaw

Harry X Reader

I had been suspicious for a while now. Things between harry I had changed, not drastically but enough for me to question what was going on. He was distant from me, didn’t touch me as much, didn’t act like a couple with me. I had spoken to my friends previously and they all said that I should just confront him about it but I wanted to be loyal, I trusted him that everything was fine. It all started with an angry phone call that he refused to talk about…

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Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept it. . . (Ch. 9)

Chapter 9 – Trust Building Exercise #7:  May I Have This Dance?

Bucky x Reader

Summary – You are an agent who has been training for a specific mission for years.  Your boss finally informs you that Bucky is heading back to the States, so your mission is about to begin.

Warnings – One cuss word and tons of angst!

Word Count – 2,103

Notes – I give up trying to write short chapters!  I just can’t do it!  Anyway, this was another fun one to write.  Oh, the angst though, it’s killing me!  Be patient cause the last chapter will be… well, let’s just say – heated.  I hope you enjoy!  Feel free to leave any comments, I would love to hear what you think!

Chapter One  Chapter Two Chapter Three  Chapter Four  Chapter Five Chapter Six  Chapter Seven  Chapter Eight Chapter Nine  Chapter Ten


Originally posted by tigerseye014


“I don’t know about you,” Bucky said, interrupting your thoughts, “But I’m about to fall asleep sitting here.”

“Yeah,” you agreed.  “We’d better get some sleep.  Coulson said the team would be here early to pick us up.”

You walked toward the bed as Bucky leaned over to turn off the lamp on the nightstand.  You crawled under the covers turning so your back was to Bucky, and he did the same. The bed was small, especially considering the size of the man lying beside you.  You tried to keep as much distance between you, but it was next to impossible in the tiny space.  

Neither one of you slept at all that night, uncomfortably aware of the other person sharing the bed.  Throughout the night, you continually talked yourself out of rolling over to give in to your desires.  The ache inside of you grew harder to ignore as the night slowly drug on.  Little did you know, Bucky was struggling to control his own desire.  The morning couldn’t come soon enough.

After your mission in the Alps, you and Bucky were a little awkward around each other.  No one seemed to notice but Nat and she was making your life miserable with her sly innuendos and knowing looks.  You had admitted to her that there were feelings, but you weren’t ready to do anything about it yet. You still weren’t sure how Bucky felt. You also had to think of things in the long term.  If you made a move and he didn’t reciprocate, you were both going to be miserable for years. It was better if you just buried it and focused on your job.

“I still think you should tell him,” Nat said for the hundredth time this week as she lay on her left side in your bed, her head propped up on her hand.

“I’ve told you,” you countered, turning to look at her, “I don’t think he feels the same way and I don’t want things to get awkward.  We’re going to be stuck with each other for years to come.  I can live with just being friends.”

“I don’t think you’ve thought this through, (Y/N),” Nat cautioned.  “Have you considered what would happen if he did meet someone? What if he falls in love with her, marries her, has kids with her?  Where does that leave you?  Do you really want to live in his guest bedroom listening to them make love all night long?”

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Happy birthday mister Holmes

Sherlock x reader

Note: As some (if not all) of you, today (aka the 6th of January 2017) Sherlock Holmes, the original character created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would be 163 years old since it’s been widely speculated his birthdate was January 6th 1854 (I feel like I’m repeating myself a bit here x) ) So yeah, in short it’s his birthday and that’s freakin amazing x) so here is an insert I worked on the whole day and I finally was able to finish with the help of the wonderful @prettyxlittlexwriter once again :D Side note that I feel like really important to mention: the case sort of featured in this insert ISN’T FROM ME, it’s an ADAPTATION of the original story “The adventure of the dancing men”; a original story written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle himself. So basically the case as been adapted from an old Sherlock Holmes’ case. Anyway, lots of talks, lets begin with our story.


I was awoken by a shy sun ray passing through my opened curtain, still sitting at my desk. Wonderful, I had fallen asleep at my desk once again during yet another all nighter.

“I should seriously have a talk with Mycroft about paperwork on top of watching Sherlock…” I mumbled to myself. “Speaking of which…”

I glanced at my calendar, hanged right over my desk. January 6th… yep, that was it, Sherlock was turning 37 today.

“Today… Today?!”

I almost jumped out of my chair, the realization that it was today hit me like a ton of bricks. I hadn’t anything prepared yet, nothing in the fridge, no cake, no gift and I was supposed to have him over for dinner, but only after another full day of paperwork.

Quickly dressed, then to the kitchen, I grabbed my mobile phone from the table to text John.

“-You know which day we are today, don’t you?


-Are you serious?!

–-Yes I am completely and utterly serious about that.


–-Just kidding don’t worry Y/N.
–-I was searching for an interesting case for today, he seemed rather bored lately :/
–-Anything planned on your side?

-We’re having a dinner tonight. Just the two of us at my flat, nothing fancy for once.
-I got to go, keep me informed on that case :)

I put the phone on my pocket and opened the fridge to see exactly what I had left in it. I made a mental note to make sure to buy a few things and another one to tell Sherlock it was the last bloody time he was allowed to leave one of his darn experimentation here. Dead body parts left in my fridge… Yurk, I’ll make sure to clean it asap.

With that I grabbed my keys and my coat before I got outside. Locking my flat, my phone buzzed.

–-How about that: Mr. Hilton Cubitt found a series of strange dancing stickmen carved into a tree in front of his house and when his wife saw them, she panicked and since then has refused to explain his husband why. This morning a new serie appeared on the second tree in front of the house and he wanted to come and ask Sherlock some advices.

-Probably a coded message, he’ll like it. Did the man send you a picture?

–-Yes he did.

-Perfect, that should keep him busy for awhile :)”

With that, I took a cab to all the stupid paperwork left to classify at Mycroft’s office, hoping for a quick and painless day.


“–-Dancing stickmen, need help for the cipher, care to come?-SH

-Come on, you don’t need my help for this one Holmes!

–-Do I?
-–It’s way more interesting than all the paperwork you’re doing lately anyway.-SH

-That’s part of my job apparently now…
-Beside babysitting you, that is.
-You can handle yourself this once, can you?

–-I hoped I wouldn’t have to pressure like this but..
-–It’s my birthday Y/N, you can’t say no.-SH

-Yes I can.
-Go have some fun with John a bit and I’ll see you tonight love.

–-You’re no fun Y/N

- :p”


It was only around 23:00 that they both pushed the door to my flat, exhausted after their day. I gave them a look from upstairs, a small smile on my lips. They sure seemed to have had lots of fun.

“And?” I asked, curious about the result.
“You were right Y/N, it was brilliant! They used an old cipher from a group of criminals from the 1890’s!” answered Sherlock, a smile plastered on his lips, cheeks reddened by the cold winter air and eyes glistening with joy and excitation.

“Had we been a tad bit late, the couple would be dead by now,” added his friend, before he gave the two of us a quick look and then smiled. “Anyway, I should go now, Mary’s probably waiting for me home. Good night.” And with that, he left, leaving us alone in the flat.

I walked down the stairs and wrapped both arms around Sherlock’s neck, pinning him against the wall from the last stair, and kissed him lightly on his lips.

“Hungry?” I asked, smirking.
“Then how about you come upstairs and tell be about the adventure of the dancing stickmen?”
“Y/N you’re doing like John again…”
“Well… readers love a good title don’t they?” I teased him.

We both climbed the stairs and went to the kitchen, where we ate as he relayed me his day.

Overall the story went like this: the woman use to live in America, where her father was the boss of a small group of criminal. Said criminal used an old code of sort of dancing stickmen, previously created by a now dissolved gang. The woman flew America when she chose to tell the police and the criminals were caught. But lately, one of them escaped prison and found her, giving her a warning for her up coming death. Luckily the cipher wasn’t as hard as Sherlock pretended it to be and they were able to get to the county in time.

As we were done eating, I was about to give him his gift when he grabbed me by my waist and pulled me on his laps, holding me on a tight embrace.

“I waited the whole day to do this.” He whispered against my ear.
“Had I known the Great Sherlock Holmes to be so affectionate, I wouldn’t have waited to see him sent to his death before telling him how much I love him…” I laughed softly.
“Shame on you then, for waiting all these years Miss Y/L/N…”

We waited like this for a few minutes, my head now resting on his shoulder, simply enjoying each other’s presence. As I was about to free myself from his loving grip, he tightened his hold on me and whispered in my ear.

“How about we go to bed now?”
“But I’ve got a gift for you… And then there’s the cake…”
He smirked. “It can wait, can it?”

Without giving me any more time to protest, he stood up, carrying me in his arms to my bedroom, before he simply dumped me on my bed, as I let out a surprised scream. Without even undressing in the slightest, he almost threw himself on the bed, right beside me, and held me again in a tight embrace. I smiled.

“Tired, are we, Holmes?”

He didn’t even bothered to answer me, eyes already closed as he let out an exhausted sigh.


No answer except for a light snore. I chuckled softly, not to wake him up, playing gently with his curls.

“Happy birthday Mister Holmes.”

Liquid Courage(Reader x Pietro Maximoff)

Word Count: 1984

Summary: Pietro is the reader’s best friend. Ride Or Die, A1 Since Day 1, Take A Bullet For You kind of friendship. The Reader suppressed any other feelings for Pietro, but apparently, Pietro talks a lot when he’s drunk.

A/N: PIETRO!!! I hope that you guys enjoy this, it was a lot of fun to write! To my American followers, has your thanksgiving break started? I hope so! Enjoy it!

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REQUEST: Hello! Can I request a Bucky x Reader imagine in which the Reader (pregnant) is captured by HYDRA (not knowing she’s pregnant), and Bucky saves her? Please and thanks! Also, feel free to tweak the plot however you want.



You were pregnant.

That one word appeared at the end of the pregnancy test forever changing your life. It was good news. You were really happy that you were expecting and you knew that your husband would be too.

You two had been trying for a few months to have a baby and now that you were pregnant, you couldn’t wait. People always told you that one day you would be a great mother because of your strong motherly instinct. You were always the one taking care of friends and making sure they were okay mentally and physically.

Tons of ideas of how you wanted to tell your husband Bucky about your pregnancy swarmed into your head. Should you do something elaborate or keep it simple? After a while, you decided to make him his favorite dinner and tell him during.

You needed to make a grocery store run to get some items for dinner. The grocery store that you preferred to shop at was only a few blocks from your apartment.

It didn’t take you long to go there, get what you needed and make it back to your apartment building. As you rode up the elevator to your floor, your phone started ringing. It was in the back pocket of your jeans. You used your free hand to grab it.

Bucky was calling you. You smiled a little as you saw his photo on your screen. The contact picture that you set for him was one your took his him sleeping. He had a small smile on his face and looked completely at peace.

“Hey Bucky.” You answered.

“Hey babe. What are you doing?”

“I’m on my way back to the apartment. I had to do some errands.” The elevator opened to your floor and you stepped out.

“I’m still doing some training with Steve and Sam. I should be home by seven.”

“Having fun with the boys?”

You heard him chuckle a little, “Yeah, we always have fun trying to kick each other’s asses.”

You laughed, “Don’t let them hurt you or I will have to go over there and set them straight.”

“I’m sure they would be terrified of you.”

As you approached your apartment door, you saw that it was slightly opened. You knew that it couldn’t be from when you left previously because you had made sure to lock it.

“Bucky, I think someone broke into our apartment.” You said, feeling scared and violated. You had never been in a situation where someone broke in your home or stole something from you.

“What?! (Y/n), what is going on?”

“The door was opened and I remembered to lock it before I left.” You took a step back and felt someone behind you. Before you could turn around to see who it was, you felt a sharp pain like a needle was being pressed into your neck.

Your body went limp as you dropped your groceries and phone, Bucky yelling at the other end of the line.


You felt groggy like you had been napping when you finally woke up. Trying to move, you realized that you were stuck. You glanced down and saw your hands were linked down to the chair you were seated in.

The room that you were in were looked like a jail cell. There were bars along one of the walls. The stone floors and walls made it chilly. You shivered as you tried to look around for anything that could help you out.

You didn’t allow yourself to stress or break down. You had to stay calm for the baby. You needed to.

Bucky was going to find you. He was on the phone when you were taken. He had to know that something was wrong. You had complete faith that he was coming to you.

You heard a door opening from somewhere nearby. Footsteps were getting closer and closer. You saw a man wearing a lab coat appear on the other side of the bars.

“Glad to see that you are awake, (Y/n).” He had a slight accent. The man was average height with a bald head and bright green eyes. You had never seen him before and wondered what the hell he would want with you.

“Where am I?” You asked him keeping your tone even. The more frantic you were the more he would enjoy it. You couldn’t let him see you upset.

“You are somewhere in the Swiss Alps. Don’t worry. We are secluded here. Not even your Winter Soldier could find you.” He chuckled.

“Who are you? I’ve never met you before. I couldn’t have possibly done something to hurt you. Why did you take me?” Your voice raised a bit and you saw him smile.

“Who I am is not important but you are right. We haven’t met….. but your husband and I have. When he abandoned us here, he left us very upset. He had a job to do and he failed. He owes us.”

“Us? Who are you referring to?”

“Why, Hydra of course. So, since we can’t have him, we decided to get the next best thing….. you.”

“I’m a normal person. I don’t have any special abilities. I’m sure you are going to be very disappointed when you find that out.” You told him. You had been gripping the arms of the chair so hard that your knuckles were turning white.

“We know that you don’t have any special abilities, (Y/n)….. but you will when we are done with you.”


You had been left alone for quite some time. You sat and waited in agony for whatever hydra had in store for you. You couldn’t let them do any tests on you. Not with the baby’s life on the line. Whatever they did to you could harm the baby and you wouldn’t let that happen.

You rested your head against the back of the chair and looked up. There was a skylight at the top of your cell. You could faintly see the stars shining in the sky.

Then you saw something big flash across the sky. You knew instantly that it was the quinjet. Your heart was hammering in your chest. It’s like you could feel that Bucky was near. The relief ran through your veins.

You were going to be okay.

The door to your cell opened and in walked in another stranger. He was carrying a tray with multiple syringes on it.

“What are those?” You asked nervously. You didn’t want any of those things near you.

He didn’t answer you. He just walked closer and set the tray on the ground.

Then, you heard multiple explosions going off and gunshots. The man froze for a second before hurrying and grabbing a syringe and moving closer to you.

You waited for the perfect moment before you leaned forward and head butted the man as hard as you could. He fell to the ground and dropped the syringe he was holding. Its liquid spilling near him.

“Bucky!” You shouted as loud as you could. “Bucky! Help!”

“(Y/n)!” You heard Bucky yell back. He had found you.

Bucky rushed into your cell and over to the chair you had been held in. He broke off the metal that was wrapped around your wrists that linked you to the chair before breaking the ones around your ankles.

Before you could throw your arms around him, the man that tried to inject you with who knows what, stirred from his little nap. He grabbed a syringe and rushed towards Bucky.

Bucky grabbed his arm easily, blocking him. He shoved the guy towards the stone wall. He hit his head hard, knocking him out this time.

Bucky went back over to you and pulled you into his arms.

“You saved us.” You said, tears pricking in your eyes. You felt safe for the first time in hours. The anticipation of what they were going to do to you was the worst of all.

“You’re okay, (Y/n). You are safe now. I got you and I’m never letting go.” Bucky reassured you.


On the ride back home, you sat next to Bucky on the quinjet. Nat was driving with Clint while Steve and Wanda were discussing something nearby.

Bucky wrapped a blanket around you, keeping his arm around your shoulders, “You warm enough?”

“I’m getting there,” You told him as you nuzzled into his side more. “How were you able to locate me so quickly?”

Bucky reached over and grabbed your left hand. He touched your wedding ring with his finger, “When we got married, I had Tony put a tracker in your ring. I guess I’ve been worried about something like this happening all along. I have one too in my band. I hope you don’t think that’s weird. I’ve never tracked your location before until now.”

You shook your heard, “No, it’s not weird Bucky. I’m glad you did it or else I would still be stuck there.”

“I’m so sorry this happened to you. I can’t believe that Hydra wanted to use you to get back at me for not being their mindless puppet anymore.”

“I’m okay, Buck. I just need to start going with you to training. I want to be able to kick the next guy’s ass that tries to kidnap me.” You joked trying to lighten the mood. You didn’t want him to feel guilty.

Bucky chuckled. It was quiet for a moment before Bucky spoke again, “When you hugged me back there, you said ‘you saved us.’ What did you mean by that?”

You hadn’t realized that you let that slip. You looked up at him and saw that he was waiting for your answer. “Oh, I uh, I sort of wanted to tell you under different circumstances.”

Bucky pulled away a little to see you better, “Wanted to tell me what?”

You took a deep breath, “Bucky….. you’re going to be a father.”

At first Bucky didn’t say anything and you worried that he wasn’t happy. “You’re–”

You nodded, “I’m pregnant.”

A smile broke across his face, “I’m going to be a dad!”

The others heard his news and rushed over to you too. Nat putting the jet on autopilot thankfully.

You were hugged by the others before Bucky pulled you into his arms.

“I can’t believe it! We are going to be parents!” He kissed you softly making your heart soar.

“Congratulations guys. You two are going to be amazing parents.” Steve said.

You wrapped your arms around your husband and looked over at Steve, “Thank you. I’m really nervous about it though.”

Nat stepped forward and touched your shoulder lightly, “You have nothing to be nervous about.”

“You’ll be great.” Wanda smiled.

Bucky squeezed you a little drawing your attention back at him. He was still smiling. It’s like his smile was tattooed on his face. “You will be a wonderful mother.”

“Just like you’ll be a wonderful father.” You smiled.

Fit for a King - Part IV

All Parts

Note: Hey guys! So it’s been a little bit since I posted the last part and I’m sorry! Been caught up in school work again, but I finally got to finish this part and it’s a long one! Hope you enjoy. :3

Word Count: 2795+

Pairing: Crowley x Reader

Warning: None

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Lancea Longini #11

Summary: Modern-day AU where Steve is a college professor whose specialty is WWII. You work for Stark Industries and after leading an excavation of Hitler’s secret bunker, you find an object that was thought to be a legend.
Characters: Steve Rogers, Female Reader, Peggy Carter, & Natasha Romanoff
Word Count: 2,503
Warnings: Fluff & angst.
Author’s Note:  
Miss the beginning?  GIF credit [x][x] Tumblr is dumb and won’t let me tag everyone, so I’m sorry if you’ve asked to be tagged and it isn’t working. Please don’t hate me.

Steve’s hand was on your elbow and… Peggy was just… standing there, looking so goddamn innocent and apologetic. “Wait, Y/N, don’t leave.”

Your heart was in your throat, beating frantically, threatening to choke you if you tried to speak. All you could do was shake your head and pull out of his grip. You were out the door, in the back of a cab, and somehow gave directions when it started raining.

Originally posted by 11thstar

It was quickly shaping up to be the best night of Steve’s life. Everything had been perfect, even the last minute decision to play the trumpet on stage. And then she went and surprised him right back, and that was it, he knew he couldn’t keep his feelings to himself. Was it all happening a little fast? Sure, but who could put a time frame on love?

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Father’s Day

AN/ Written for starspangledsprocket. Sorry for any mistakes I may have, I am ridiculously sleepy.

Tony hadn’t even been fully aware of what he was doing when Bruce and he had gone and created Vision. It was a rash choice made quickly and almost a little desperately during battle, not something either of them had thought or planned about. Vision just had been a necessity and an opportunity, and Tony, lost in the utter glee of finding out JARVIS’ code hadn’t been smashed to pieces, had probably gone off to merry la-la land and seen that next to the very short list of ways to defeat Ultron. They had accomplished that too, with the help of Vision just as he had predicted (although he had never believed that they’d make it out in one piece) but that was it. Vision wasn’t anything special, except for the fact that he had JARVIS’ code inside him.

JARVIS had been so many things to Tony, he had only started to realize after he lost him. Unlike Pepper or Rhodey or anyone else who tried and managed to love him to a certain degree, JARVIS hadn’t had a breaking point, like Pepper had had after all the Extremis business going down, or the painful knowledge that if ever a time came Rhodey would have to choose between him and the country, he would never be that choice. JARVIS had been a constant, always there and stable. He had been Tony’s fortress that he liked to hide inside of and escape from reality, he had been Tony’s friend that he had built for himself Tony’s only real ally until the Avengers came along (he still couldn’t quite believe it, oh god, he had actual human allies).

With that being said, it would be a blatant lie to say that he didn’t have a few regrets about creating Vision. Because he could’ve saved JARVIS, while his code was still in one piece and not inside a synthetic body, before he had become something that wasn’t quite JARVIS but not exactly that different. Tony felt like he had betrayed him after all the support JARVIS had offered him through all his years, and while he knew that it had been either saving JARVIS or saving the whole world, he still couldn’t keep himself from creating his various scenarios in his head and blaming questioning himself. He didn’t exactly like Vision that much because of that reason, because while he had created him, he had thrown away his JARVIS, and now he was confused and didn’t know if he had done the right thing. Vision reminded him of that, and Tony would keep away from the guy as much as possible.

Steve, god bless his soul, had probably noticed. While he had made it obvious that he hated Tony locking himself up in his workshop in the four glorious months they had been together, he didn’t even try to get Tony out when Vision was around. He would bring Tony his coffee and sandwich in the morning, come and sit on his chair (and it was officially Steve’s chair because Tony had written ‘Dorito’ on the back of the seat with a permanent marker) and start sketching around noon, and bring him his and Bruce’s blissfully tasty cooking after dinner.

It was one of those times again. He knew that Vision was hanging around for whatever purpose, because Steve had brought him his coffee and hadn’t tried to drag him off. This time though, he didn’t wait for Steve to drop by near noon, because he was so freaking hungry and it was Barton’s chocolate chip cookie day. He tried, he really did, but Steve was late and he couldn’t see the harm in it. He was a grown man; he could stand seeing a human shaped watermelon walking around in his tower.

His hopes sank down when he arrived in the kitchen, only to find a note scribbled in Clint’s messy handwriting on the fridge. It looked like he had been in a hurry when he wrote it down, because even Barton couldn’t be as bad as this at handling a pencil properly, so Tony knew that he wouldn’t get any cookies.

Gonna spend a little quality time with kids and Laura today. Nat’s with me.

PS. If you’re reading this, Stark, go make your fucking cookies yourself and stop bitching.

Tony absolutely hated Clint, oh yes he did.

Exhaling loudly, he decided to pour himself a mug of coffee, just because he didn’t want to have come all that way for nothing. Oddly, Steve or Thor weren’t in the common floor, which they almost always were if they didn’t have anything personal to do, but Tony didn’t pay it much attention. He considered texting Steve to let him know he was in the kitchen and that he should wait up if he was in the workshop (and that Tony was very ready for a making out session) but he decided against it because Steve almost never carried his phone around. He grumpily picked up Steve’s thoroughly read newspaper, because he saw no harm in reading about how glorious his team was and how they were the earth’s mightiest heroes. Let a man have his fun.

He was about to take off when he heard that deep, almost echoing voice, with a very posh and heavy English accent, and he might’ve openly flinched when he did 

JARVIS’ Vision’s voice.

“Mr. Stark?”

He coughed and didn’t look back at his face immediately, because god knew he didn’t need this, but he gradually did, holding his mug of coffee close to his face as if that would protect him.


Vision looked at him with those eyes of his that Tony never seemed to understand, taking a few steps to come closer to him. Why was he here again? Vision never dropped by unless he had strictly business purposes, and those times he would just take care of things with Nat or Steve and leave, not hang around the kitchen trying to make light conversation with him.

“I- uh I wasn’t expecting you to be around.”

He was fiddling with something he held at his back, which Tony of course wasn’t curious about, looking at the ground as he did so.

“I mean- you never are.”

Tony didn’t know why, but he actually felt a bit hurt by that. What was there to be hurt about? He avoided people all the time, even Steve, why would avoiding Vision burden him at all? He was getting softer as he grew older, that must be why. Yeah.

“Mr. Stark…you do know what day it is?”

Tony scowled. Was it anyone’s birthday? No, JARVIS would have reminded him if it were Steve would have reminded him beforehand if it were, it wasn’t Steve and his anniversary, the new Starkpad wasn’t going to be launched until July… what was it?

Ooh, Vision meant the cookie day!

“It’s cookie day, yeah. That’s why I’m here.”

It might’ve just been his imagination, but he could’ve sworn that Vision’s previously hopeful expression turned into a frown, and he withdrew a bit, shoulders slumped.

“So you don’t know after all…”

Tony was sure that Steve wasn’t the type to put alcohol in his coffee and that he wasn’t dreaming. That definitely was sadness in his voice. And Tony, oh god, he recognized that kind of sadness. Every time Howard had shouted at him, every time he had been too busy, every time he forgot Tony’s birthday, every time he wasn’t enough for his dad…

“It’s father’s day, Mr. Stark.”

Tony gulped down the rising confusion and fear in his throat. No, no, Vision hadn’t just called him-

Vision held a flower to Tony’s face in a very awkward position, like he was a statue and physically incapable of relaxing his muscles, and Tony would’ve chuckled at that if not for the fact that this shit was going down and someone was calling him their father.

Don’t get him wrong, this wasn’t the first time someone had called him that with the amount of one night stands he had had and the paternity suits that had naturally followed. He had let Pepper deal with all that, because he was too sick of the simple word fatherhood, because fathers were dicks for all he cared, they always had been. Howard had never had been the dream dad in the story books that supported his children and went out of his way to spend time with him, and Tony had known for a long time that in Howard’s eyes he had always been a failed creation, maybe a prototype for a bigger project he had been planning and just incomplete, but definitely not enough to be his son. God knew how fucked up he had been when he had found that old tape of Howard during the Stark Expo, Howard telling him that he had the future of tech in his hands and he had the brains for it, his father for once saying that only Tony could do it. In the end, it had been Howard’s model for a new element that had saved Tony’s life, after he had given up on himself and his future, and god, Tony knew that Howard’s shade would always be following him.

Yes, he was grateful to Howard for giving him all the opportunities he had needed to make use of his intellect, and yes, he was grateful to him for leaving him Stark Industries and saving his ass. He was grateful to Howard for giving him the chance to live, and for having a part in Steve’s transformation that had allowed him to find the love of his life, but Tony would never forgive him for all those years of pure agony and disappointment. He would never forget Howard’s words, his sharp glares, his freezing cold attitude, or the years of self-loathing he had put him through. Howard had been the asshole of assholes, and had made Tony react very negatively to even the thought of fatherhood, possibly damned him to a life of loneliness if Steve hadn’t come along.

And god, it hit Tony in the face like a ton of bricks that he was doing exactly the same thing to Vision. 

Biologically related or not, Vision had been considering him his father the whole time while Tony had been running and hiding because he was afraid of making mistakes and running from his decisions. And Tony had been ignoring him very obviously, locked up in his workshop like a little kid and just trying to forget that Vision existed like he knew Howard had done so many times.

His greatest fear was coming true. He was turning into his dad.

Tony didn’t even know what he was doing when he gently took the single rose in Vision’s hand and looked intently at it; possibly the most beautiful thing he had seen with its layers of delicate petals and striking red pigment. He didn’t know who it was that started it, but before he knew it, he was hugging Vision tightly as tears threatened to well in his eyes, whispering “thank you” into his ear, because god knew Vision wasn’t the only one that needed it. Tony needed to know just as much that it wasn’t too late, that he wouldn’t turn into Howard in Vision’s memory and rebuild whatever excuse of a relationship they had, because shit, what if he had already fucked up bad enough to never have the chance to go back?

They didn’t pull back for a while, but when they did, Vision was giving him the most adorable and innocent smile Tony had seen since a very long time, and Tony realized only after he did that JARVIS hadn’t gone anywhere, he had simply changed and evolved, that this was the same thing he had spent days and months and years developing and improving delicately, patiently, just like a child. Vision was what he had debated to create even when everyone had been opposed and distrustful of it, while Tony had believed him so easily and naturally, because it was JARVIS, his JARVIS, his child and friend and support, and my god, Tony had been such an asshole.

Because what was Vision if not a baby in an adult’s body? Granted, Steve and Thor had found themselves in the middle of a world they didn’t know, just like Vision had, but they had known real life, experienced childhood and all the phases required to step into adulthood. They had known what feelings were and how greatly they would affect people, and they had known how to recognize that. Tony, however much he had considered JARVIS his friend, had never been really sure if he had wired the concept of love into his code. Vision had come into the world with no idea at all of what being a human was, with no difference from a machine, and had seen Tony as a father figure to follow and imitate and love, and Tony had gone and fucking pushed him away. How stupider could he get, ugh.

“Happy Father’s Day, Mr. Stark.”

“Please, call me T-“

“Oh, I see our friend Anthony has already received his gift!”

Thor’s booming laughter interrupted and effectively destroyed the perfectly feely moment they had been having, the bastard, and only then did he notice both Steve and Bruce next to Thor, making their way towards him and Vision. Each of them held a lily in one of their hands and oh, Tony thought, I’m not the only one, huh? Of course not, JARVIS Vision wouldn’t forget anyone, he mused dryly.

They spent the rest of the day being goofy and watching movies, all of them squashed next to one another on the sofa, and Tony was very adamant on teaching all three of the oblivious idiots what modern moviemaking was like, so Bruce took the liberty of making extra buttered popcorn. Tony would never admit it out loud, but this was possibly the greatest day he had had in a very long while, and the only father’s day he had actually celebrated.

With his family, nonetheless.

Vision informed all of them that he would have to take off when night came, pretty sadly too because god knew they had a few things to talk about with Tony, but he bid them goodbye. Tony gave him the most awkward hug in the history of hugging, and waved at Vision until he could no longer see him floating in the night sky. He and Steve withdrew to bed soon after that, without even a few words being exchanged, and Tony dug up a very nice vase for both their flowers to rest inside before getting in bed. Steve put his book away, looked at Tony and smiled, and Tony knew just where he was getting at.

“I’m so proud of you.”

Damn Tony if that didn’t make him feel good, but he wasn’t drunk enough to say that. It was as if a dam had broken in his head as Steve said those words, and all his fears and thoughts and emotions came oozing out before he could control it.

“Yeah, yeah. He got me a flower Steve, god, and he smiled so sweetly, and I’ve been a complete asshole the whole time and-“


Steve stroked his hand gently, looking in his eyes and smiling that reassuring smile that made everyone follow him so unconditionally, and what could a man do but just stop and stare at the perfection that was him?

“You did a great job.”

And Tony smiled too, because he knew that Steve was right, that he had at least taken a step, and while that had been miles away from it before, it didn’t seem so distant to interact with Vision anymore. Tony was almost sure he desperately wanted it.

He snuggled against Steve’s chest, letting out a content sigh, because it felt so right and good, and suddenly he could imagine a little Steve running around, protecting his little sibling from bullies, their bed filled with their children at night as they needed the comfort, the breakfasts and the family photos, and god, Tony hadn’t known that he had needed this in his life this much or for such a long time.

“You know,” Steve started, just before Tony peacefully drifted off to sleep,

 “Your flower was special. You are special.”

He smiled as sleep claimed him. He knew that they would never truly be a family with Vision, that he could never be a parent to a being that had been born in the body of an adult and a mind well past the boundaries of a human’s, that he’d never get to experience the graduations or the awkward arguments with him, but he was content with what he had. And one day, maybe a day not so far away, Steve and he could have their perfect little family, surrounded by all the Avengers and the deepest, sincerest feelings both of them had to offer.

Yeah, he could live with that.


Do you remember when you were around seventeen and people kept asking you what you wanted to do with your life?  Generally, you had a blank look on your face and shrugged off the question—or you knew but you couldn’t really articulate it well.  

This episode highlighted that very aspect of growing up extremely well.  Dr. Oobleck is a great teacher in knowing what to ask who and how.  Part of it could have been just out of his own personal quest for knowledge, and part of it was probably just to get them thinking.  It isn’t until you are asked that question that you start to really consider it and develop your own answers.  Until then, you are kind fo grasping in the dark for words that you haven’t quite learned yet.

In the case of our three girls–Yang, Blake and Weiss–their answers were not their own.  Very nice touch ;)  Yang’s answer really reflected how she had her own personal vision of her mother—running around, fighting off monsters and going on adventures, etc.  It matches really well with the Super Mom view she had of Summer Rose.  It isn’t quite her own answer, though, but it is that image that got her started on the path and something else that kept her going.  That something else is an innate part of her that she will have to discover.

Weiss also answered with what her family would have said–duty, legacy.  That is very much probably what her parents have told her all her life when she resisted doing something.  “You have a duty as a Schnee."  or as an heiress.  Something else hooked her to being a huntress, and it is something deep within her that not even her family can guess at.

Blake’s answer was very White Fang-ish.  There are so many injustices and wrongs in the world, etc.  While she does have a driving urge to be a social justice warrior, there is something more.  She left White Fang because of the corruption and disregard for life.  

All of the girls have the answers—but they are the answers that they think someone else might have given.  Not their own.  Now they are really thinking—they are realizing that those answers are not their own, and they are trying to figure out what their own answers are.

I guess now the question is—why didn’t Oobleck ask Ruby?  A lot of people seem to think that this is because she has very sound reasons of her own that were already stated in Volume 1.  I don’t think that is the reason.  The first reason I think he didn’t ask her is because she already stated her reasons in the first volume and the authors wanted to avoid repetition.  the second reason I think he didn’t ask her is because there is something important in there to the plot that the writers don’t want leaked just yet.  The third reason is because of her age–she is two years younger.  If the older students struggle in finding their own answers but can be aware of it, she may not be able to even make that distinction just yet.  She needs another piece of experience to help her go that deep.  Also, it is obvious that Dr. Oobleck has been briefed on the girls and something in that briefing had him hold back and instead try to show Ruby something far more important: respect.

As we have seen constantly throughout the series, Ruby’s response to just about anything is to pull out her scythe.  As Monty also pointed out, Ruby is dependent on her weapon.  She doesn’t quite understand that there is more to the Grimm and more to life then killing the bad guys.  He needed to first open her mind to the possibilities within their world before asking her such an introspective question.

And the final reason he didn’t ask her—she asked him first.  He had expected her to ask why he was questioning the team, but she surprised him slightly with a more mature question–what about you?  And notice that his answer was far more personal.  He was doing it because of how what he saw in the world made him feel personally, how he observed his own strengths and weaknesses, and how he realized that there is nothing else in the world he would rather be.  THIS is an answer that takes years and experience, and a deep understanding of yourself, to come to, and this is what he is trying to help the girls understand.  Being a huntress or huntsmen is not something you do for adventure, fun, or righting wrongs of the world.  You do it because that is precisely what you are in your soul.

Take heed of this, because this is the truth for anything.  Many of us give up on our dreams, on what we really want to be, because of the world.  We settle for jobs and lives that help us "get by” and we forget about who we are.  I teach because that is what I need to do, but I know now where my heart lies and what I truly am: an artist.  It took probably as many years as Dr. Oobleck to fully understand that.  The younger audience of RWBY can take this to heart earlier.  It is that answer that we couldn’t think of at 17 because we just didn’t have the worldly experience and self-understanding to articulate it.  

And when you think of that answer, you realize that Ruby isn’t quite there yet either.  She says she wants to help people and her parents taught her to help others, so she chose this route.  Since she wants to help people and her parents encourage that, she felt it right to make a career out of it.  She thought of being on the police, but felt that Hunters were cooler and more romantic.  So she is 50/50 on the right track on the answer that Oobleck was trying to lead them to.  Even later, when Ruby is talking to Blake about her book she is much closer in her answer then.  She talks about how she wanted to be just like those heros in the book, to protect those that couldn’t protect themselves and such.

Probably Ruby is the closest to understand that she wants to be a Huntress because that is what she is at her core, and she can be nothing else.

And now, this episode makes me want to work harder at establishing myself in art.  This is probably now one of my top episodes just for that psychological aspect.  Again, I say, Dr. Oobleck is a great teacher.   ^_^

Oh, I almost forgot–he gave us some important information about the Grimm as well.  He pointed out the Elephant-type Grimm and how they had evolved to realize that they need to “wait” rather than attacking mindlessly.  I find this interesting.  It isn’t exactly that they have a mind, but just that they have learned.  This is a natural thing in Animals in general—they eventually put two and two together and this leads them to live a long time because they avoid the things that kill them.  To equate having a mind with intelligence is a long stretch, but I wouldn’t doubt that some Grimm have some level of intelligence.  But then that puts in the question of…does a mind make a soul (which makes Aura?)  if it is conscious realization and having a mind that makes a soul, then while the Grimm can learn, they don’t technically have a conscious mind.  However, if they can evolve to that, then that means having a soul is tied to something else.  ooo I love this philosophical stuff!  But that last bit…they are waiting.  That was very ominous.  Waiting…for what?

And we learn that Grimm can pick up on negativity–that is what draws them to attack.  So what is keeping them out of the cities?  We see that part of Vale had previously been attacked and demolished, so we know that it is possible.  But how is it that they are not attacking the current city of Vale?  Cities and large gatherings of people by nature, make tons of negativity that would be a relative smorgasbord to the Grimm.  But we also learn that because of these Grimm (I believe they were called Goliaths) learning to survive, they lived for hundreds of years.  That really makes things interesting.

Oh yeah, and Dr. Oobleck mentions how Dogs were great partners of hunters because of their heightened sense of smell and hearing.  Sooooo that means that Zwei is going to lead them to the hideout, probably ^_^

It is nice to hear about what the other teams are doing.  Nora was cute—seems to be back to her quirky self.  Apparently she and Ren have tiffs about who makes who hungry ^_-

Preference #28: You get in a fight with his Ex and he takes her side - Part 2

Preference #28: You get in a fight with his Ex and he takes her side - Part 2

Part 1 -


You sat on the sofa cuddling you knees to your chest for that hour that Niall was on the phone to Maggie. You couldn’t help but feel betrayed as he talked to his ex instead of talking to his current girlfriend, you also couldn’t help but feel angry at him for this. What type of man favours his ex to his girlfriend?! He must still have feelings for her so why was he with you? These are some of the thoughts that struck you and just made you feel more angry and even sad. Heavy footsteps sounded down the stairs, obviously belonging to Niall and he came into the living room, throwing his phone against the pillows on sofa next to you. You decided not to speak up and waited for him to say something, he paced backwards and forwards for a while seeming angry or stressed but you couldn’t quite comprehend which one it was.

“I’ve told her to stay away from us. I’ve blocked her on twitter and you should do the same.” He folded his arms across his chest but spoke in a stern yet soft voice, letting you know how it’s going to have to be. You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion and opened your mouth to speak but he beat you to it. “I’m sorry if I snapped at you earlier but I wanted to sort it out and I guess it annoyed me that you beat me to it.”

“It’s okay, I’m sorry I stuck my nose in.” You smiled weakly and locked eyes with him, he chuckled and sat next down to you wrapping an arm around your shoulders.

“A creature from Harry Potter? Is that the best you could have said?” He laughed and pressed a kiss to your cheek.

“I think she looks more like Sid the sloth from ice age.”

“Now who’s crossed the line?” You laughed with him and cuddled into him.

“And for the record, I’d never leave you for her. EVER! You’re more beautiful than her, and you have a much better personality. Not too mention, I have a better time with you and love you a lot more.”


You woke up the next morning with Zayn’s arms tightly clamped around your waist with him pressed against you. This baffled you since when you went to bed he was angry with you and said he was gonna sleep on the sofa. You rolled over to face him and shook his arm.

“Zayn…wake up…” He groaned and tried to brush your hand away. “Zayn.” You said sternly and yawned. He stretched out and opened his eyes.

“What’s wrong?” He asked and pulled you to him again but you placed your hands against his chest and pushed away from him.

“No I was wondering why you are in bed.”

“Oh, well I wanted a cuddle.” He shrugged as though nothing had happened yesterday and leaned up to give you a kiss. However, you didn’t do anything wrong yesterday yet he took his Ex’s side over yours and called you a bitch.

“I don’t want to cuddle you.” You said bluntly and rolled over so your back was turned to him. He sighed and shuffled next to you closely, his arms soon found their way around your waist again and a kiss was pressed against your shoulder.

“I’m sorry babe, I had no right to call you a bitch especially since I didn’t ask you your side of the story.” He needn’t say any anymore because you forgave him and he knew it by the way you snuggled into him.


Louis didn’t come back until the next morning, and when he did he looked like he’d seen someone be murdered. His hair was messy and he looked shellshocked, a pale tint to his complexion. You were drinking tea at the kitchen table and reading through articles linked on twitter about yourself when he walked in. You knew something was wrong or he’d done something stupid because he looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

“So did you give her a graduation present?” You snarled and put your phone down. He nodded and gulped.

“Baby I’m so so sorry!! It just happened.” He walked towards you with his arms out ready to hug you or grab hold of you to comfort you but you stood up and slapped his hands away.

“Don’t you fucking dare. It could have been anyone, but no it was HER!!!” You screamed at him in distress and anger.

“I’m sor-”


“It was an accident I swear!! Baby I love you!!!” He tried to but you again but your hand made contact with his cheek, knocking his head to the side in impact and his cheek reddening rapidly.

“So you just slipped on her graduation cap and your dick fell in side of her?! Yeah whatever I’m leaving. Go back to Eleanor.” You scoffed and grabbed your phone, tipping your cold tea down the sink then rushing upstairs to pack your things.


You had no idea where Liam had gone but he came back half an hour later with a sorrowful look on his face, he had his phone in his hand and was standing in front of you. You curled up in a ball on the sofa and him looking down at you.

“She told me.” He said very simply.

“Told you what?” You replied in a somewhat croaky voice from previously crying. The
realisation of never going to have Liam be more than a friend hit you like a ton of bricks right after he left and you broke down into tears. But you regained yourself and had stopped crying 5 or 10 minutes later.

“That you probably have a crush on me and have had for some time. She says you always act jealous whenever you’ve seen her and she also said that she can tell by the way you look at me.” He nods and looks at the floor as he speaks, dread rushing through you when you wondered if maybe he’d been put off you now.

“Oh..” He took that as confirmation to what he was saying.

“And she said I look at you the same way.” He peered up through his eyelashes and looked you dead in the eye. “I feel the same way, I love you…” Sounding almost shocked and confused by what he was saying but feeling proud and happy.

“I love you too…”


You sat outside the club in the cold night air, staring up at the stars and rubbing your bruising and grazed elbow. Hoping to nurse it back to health with just the magic of your hands, unfortunately for you, life doesnt work like that. But nevertheless you looked at the time on your phone and did as the text you received 17 minutes ago told you to, and sat on the curb of the empty street, outside the club, at precisely 1:30am. The thud of music coming from the club was the only thing you could really hear apart from the occasional giggling of people as they left the club in their drunk like manner. 1:35 soon rolled on and there was no sign of Harry, the one who sent you the message. You sighed and wondered if he was messing you about as pay back for what had happened earlier on that night. You could still smell the strong alcohol that Lauren had thrown over you but luckily you weren’t wet anymore.

“Sorry I’m late.” A deep voice sounded from next to you as he plopped himself down on the curb, his leg touching yours.

“Sorry I hit her I-”

“-don’t apologise babe, I’m the one who should be apologising, I took her side without even thinking a rout whether you were hurt or not. Are you okay? Did she hurt you?” He asked, looking down at you under the streetlights, taking your chin in his hands and delicately moving our head around to inspect your face for any damage.

“I’m fine, my elbow is killing me though. You’re forgiven by the way so let’s call it even on the whole forgiving crap.” You giggled and leaned forward placing a gentle kiss to his lips.

“Okay we’re even.” He grinned and pulled you close to him to squeeze you as a sign of affection like he always does.

Hello! Due to popular demand and lots of sausages, I wrote it! So did you like it? What were your thoughts? Feedback would be nice as always :)

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