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Overtime (m)

@lilacxsehun requested: Jungkook/Reader inspired by the lyrics “He says I know what I want and I want it now I want you cause I’m Mr. Vain” in which Jungkook is the CEO of a big company you work for. 
Pairing: Jungkook | Reader
Genre: Fluff/Smut; CEO/Boss AU 
Word Count: 12,037
Author’s Note: I’ve always wanted to try my hand at a CEO AU so I was very excited to get this request. As I was writing this, I wasn’t entirely sure if Jungkook’s position should constitute him more as a CEO or a boss but eh, ignore the technicalities.

Summary: In which an awkward first encounter with your new boss gives Jeon Jungkook all the more reason to make your job an interesting experience.


To say you are late would be a complete and utter, tragic and ill-fitting, understatement. By the time you were supposed to be here at the building, you had just finished adding the last minute touches to your hair with the straightener, and by the time you were supposed to be doing that you needed to finish your makeup and by the time that was happening—!

Well, you get the idea.

Point is, you are running incredibly behind on your schedule—as if life just wanted to prove a point that no matter how much it seemed you could stitch your life together by managing to land an interview for a company actually relevant to your degree, something always had to go wrong. It just so happens that the bad day you constantly worried about just had to occur today. On the day of your interview.

You think it might be enough to get you to scream. First, the power just had to cut off the night before, disarming your alarm clock and resetting all the previous settings so instead of just beeping at some abnormal time it just didn’t ring at all. Given that you had also forgotten to plug your phone in for charging the night before as well, there was no way that could have been any source of an alternative method for waking up. All of that led up to the simple fact regarding the issue that you have a very difficult time waking up in the morning even with an alarm, so having none only elevated that struggle, bursting out of bed after frantically wondering about the time, and attempting to compress an hour’s worth of preparation into 5 minutes.

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Ch 93: Not the end for Ymir?

Chapter 93 gave us the confirmation that Ymir has in fact been eaten by Galliard, Marcel’s brother, seemingly marking the ending point of her character once and for all. Given the context of the new episode, as well as the little focus or pages dedicated to her apparent last moments, many of us are very upset with the seemingly lackluster climax of her character arc; and her decision to abandon Historia to save RB and let herself be killed seems to go very much against everything her characterization according to many fans. 

The point of this post isn’t to argue about any of that, but instead, to illuminate a possible indicator that we may have not seen the last of everyone’s favorite goddess.

Please let us think back to chapter 50; one of the most impactfull and monumental chapters in the entire series, for many reasons. It marks the only time so far in the story that Eren has successfully manipulated the founding titan within him, the godlike power at the center of the current (and probably final) plot, aimed at his very first enemy; that alone marks a milestone in the series, not to speak of the various character interactions happening along the way. Among others, this chapter also marks the moment Ymir chooses to abandon Historia, the person she seems to care for more than anyone else, despite the fact that the coordinate marks a real hope for the walled world to survive the dangers Ymir is aware of. 

Now, despite the fact that this game changing power debuts in this chapter, the narrator this time around focuses on one arguably lesser important event: the aforementioned separation. Let’s look at it.

“At the time, we didn’t know what Ymir’s actions meant. But after that, the armored titan stopped chasing after us”-narrator, chapter 50.

This narration is interesting for various reasons. First of all, it marks one of the rare occasions in which the narrator is not impersonal, but in fact identifies with present characters. Other notable occasions of this include Kenny’s flashback in 69, and Eren’s description of the photograph in chapter 85 (both chapters with heavy plot and thematic value for the story, just like ch 50, if I may add). Here, the narrator refers to himself as part of a group, but opposes themselves against the armored titan, implying narrator is not part of RB’s team, but in fact of the Survey Corps escaping back to the walls (most likely part of the EMA, maybe even Armin himself considering Marina Inoue typically voices the narrator. We should hear that animated soon enough). 

That’s not the only thing the narrator is implying though. The use of the past tense as well as “at the time” is crucial. It literally means that, although they did not understand Ymir during chapter 50; at the time of narration, some form of understanding is clearly present. If, at the time of narration, the narrator was still as clueless as back then, there would be no need for “at the time” of past tense, but this particular formulation very much implies that an understanding of Ymir’s actions is very much there in the present time. And here’s the thing: even though Ymir’s death has been confirmed, our characters among which the narrator finds himself have yet to reach a point of understanding Ymir’s actions.

First of, let’s determine “Ymir’s actions”. Ymir herself is a big mystery to our cast, but according to the narrator, Ymir’s actions are what directly precedes the armored titan not following narrator and co; in which case, “Ymir’s actions” has to refer to her abandonment of Historia and her helping out R and B. In that case, the narration above implies the following: the narrator part of the surviving SC forces will eventually come to understand the meaning behind Ymir’s betrayal. Now, as of chapter 93, let’s ask the question: Does anyone present back then understand Ymir?


Ymir herself expresses surprise at her actions, Ymir herself is unsure of her actions when writing the letter, which marks the most recent time anyone inside the walls has received information concerning Ymir. As of chapter 90, the last moment we spent with whomever the ch 50 narrator is, said narrator has yet to reach a point of understanding Ymir. OUR CAST STILL DOES NOT KNOW THE MEANING OF HER ACTIONS, AS FORETOLD BY CHAPTER 50. Isn’t that basically a confirmation that Ymir’s story isn’t done yet?

You may counterargue that its been 4 years and that Isa has changed his mind since, esp since he doesn’t want to drag the story out at anymore. But I find it so hard to believe that, in one of the most important chapters in the series, one that is still relevant to this day, the narrator focuses on this one plot point that simply ends up dropped over the course of the series. Chapter 50 is too important for that kind of redesign, wouldn’t you say? Who knows, maybe it’ll wind up different in the anime and will mark a retrofit by Isayama that fits better in line with 89 being the end of her story, but until we see it animated, I’ll chose to keep doubting that.

As for how Ymir’s story can still be told to our main cast? Here’s one possible option: Galliard

 According to the (admittedly bad) fan translation, Galliard understands Ymir and her wish to bring back her titan-something neither us readers nor the narrator in question do as of right now. Granted, this could just be terrible translation, but Galliard could wind up being the gateway between Ymir and the main cast. Or its something entirely different. In a story about time travelling memories, matter that forms out of thin air, and the literal power of a god capable of reshaping the planet and controlling an entire species, death seems like a far too small barrier to stop someone from being relevant to the story, one way or another.

Since the majority of this argument is based off the lines spoken by the narrator in 50, there is a minor chance this is all ridiculous blunder if the official translation turns out to somehow differ from the Japanese original, and if anyone knows if it does, I would appreciate if you could inform me. But otherwise, I personally will start taking those words from chapter 50 as heavy evidence Ymir’s story hasn’t fully been told yet. I don’t want to create false hopes for anyone, but until proven otherwise, I don’t think it’s too unreasonable to believe in it. 

a pretty good bad idea (1/?)

pairing: Trini/Kimberly (Power Rangers

words: 2097

summary: With great power comes unexpected and awkward side effects. Also: kissing lessons. (Isn’t that how the saying goes?)

a/n: Guess who saw Power Rangers and is predictable trash? Guess who loves all that trope-y cheesiness? Guess who doesn’t remember how to write, but is doing it anyways? Me me me. Anyways, I tried to bring the cheese, my friends, but I’m just not capable of writing poetry like ‘Are we Power Rangers or are we friends?’. Alas.

AO3 Link here!

WARNING for @smallandsundry : there is KISSING in this fic. (Also, no bear rangers.) Please avert your eyes.

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The Old College Try: Part 2 (Lin/Reader college roommate!AU)

Summary: You spent the summer before your freshman year of college thinking your roommate was going to be a girl named Lin. When you get to campus, that’s not what you find.

Part Two: In which there are crayon contracts and costume parties, but definitely no jealousy.

Note: Sorry this took me so long to get out! Now that the story is completely outline, it should flow a lot faster. I’m pretty sure this is Part 2 out of 4.

You can find Part One here!

You can find Part Three here!

A few people asked to be tagged, so this is that!: @icanneverbesatisfied @clamilton @moonchildcharm @danspepes @calumbeans @blueco16 @brigzter-ly @21phantasticromances @picklessfights @thedoctorsnerdgirl @smileystumph @beestigo @lindsay-grey

Rating: T

Words: 4021

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hallucinations, identity and ‘who the hell is ed nygma anyway’

or i’m only halfway through season 2 but i can’t stop thinking about that fucking hallucination serenade and all the spoilers in the tag that i see all the time because i am Weak and a bit in Love with this goddamn ship

so like, i am probably not the first person to bring this up, but i had this thought yesterday morning in the shower and it still Haunts me so i thought i’d share:

okay, so, you know how hallucination oswald told ed that ‘there is no ed nygma without the penguin!’

well, obviously, there’s a part of ed that agrees with that assessment, because otherwise it wouldn’t have been part of the hallucination, but i think that it goes a little deeper than that.

oswald and ed’s plots have, for the most part, been centered around love as a weakness, as love = humanity = vulnerability.

for oswald, that’s gertrud, arguably jim gordon, and absolutely ed.

kristen kringle, isabella (not sure yet about her), and arguably oswald.  i would argue oswald because, like with kristen’s death, ed’s response is to step away from humanity.  

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snb:vs ep17 aka where do I even begin with this

WARNING: nothing but salt in here, so if you think this ep is good and it makes you happy, do yourself a favor and scroll past please.

This ep post is divided into four parts:

  1. the good part
  2. the salt is real for azazel part
  3. charioce the fragile baby bird part
  4. tl;dr part

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27kra analysis frame by frame, turns out fake + turns out a footage taken from a horror movie - ???

Hello TJLC conspirators and all people still digging to find some explanation for all that season 4 mess. Although I checked out your blogs and read metas from a long time, I didn’t have my own account, and the reason I decided to start one is something I recently noticed, which may or may not give some clues about something, i don’t know. I may be right, I may be terribly wrong, whatever, but the whole conspiracy itself is already one big madness, so I might as well drop something which may seem crazy or irrelevant to me…

People probably already analyzed it a hundred times, but I’d like to come back to the subject of and the whole 27kra thing. It’s unknow whether it’s a real official site established to mess with our minds, or an incredibly well done and entertaining fan made, but I think there’s something weird going on and the site’s content is definitely worth checking out. When you type you get a rather spooky, The Lost Highway-ish kind of gif which consists mainly of VHS-type glitches. Since I’m a huge fan of VHS, super 8, analog formats and all those glitches and deformations related them, I decided to split the gif into frames and look at them closer. Here I’m going to analyze what is visible on those frames (or maybe, what I can see). I won’t go on with guessing 27kra name, I’ll concern strictly on the gif’s content. There’s something that I noticed that I didn’t see mentioned anywhere on Tumblr (though I may be wrong and it could have been written already, and then I’m sorry for making sensations over old news). Okay, here it goes.

I’m going to post the frames in order. I’m going to write what I see on those pictures, which of course doesnt mean it’s right or anything cause other ones might see it completely different, and of course we cannot be sure of anything at all.

First off, we see something that looks like an entrance, or an exit, and a chunk of the corridor behind the “door”. That’s the first thing that came to my mind. It somehow made me think of Sherrinford, all that simple architecture, corridors and portals, etc., probably because of those numbers visible on the top and the bottom of the footage, it all reminds me of some sort of CCTV footage.

Next frame is just glitches… or maybe something more? If you look closer it seems like some very blurry footage of some room. You can see the black doors in the right corner of the photo, and just next to doors (or maybe a window?) on the left you can see a dark rectangle which might be a tv screen. Then there’s something dark on the left side, and on the bottom there’s something like a… white bottle??? Or just a bottle-looking glitch, which seems more probable. I swear at first I considered it just a composion of glitches, but now I see it as a room.

Then there’s THIS WEIRD SHIT. It appears at least four times in different variations, so I’m going to discuss it later. To see description scroll this writing. Now I’ll pass onto the next frame.

Glitches… anyone can see something in there?

“TV room” comes back again.

What the hell is that. A table with some books/CDs/packages (with some metal holders?)? And with something round? And on the left side there’s something like a floor and the wall? It seems as if someone took a photo of table (or whatever it is) standing just by this table. Table. Why am I even calling it a table? What the fuck is that? SOmEBODY HELP

Beautiful colorful smear of I don’t know what. Althought some people claim to see something in there.

A more blurry version of the “table”. I know it’s not a table - I hope someone enlighten me wtf it is.


And then there’s something that probably everyone already noticed. An eye. Or THE eye. I’ve seen people writing it’s Moriarty, well, that’s also the the first thing that came to my mind. I tried to find some photo of Moriarty looking down (sort of) so I could compare those pictures - I admit you guys are better at finding needed photos/screencaps, here’s the best I could find:

I cut it just to have an eye in the center. Not exactly the same position, but it doesn’t matter. I think they didn’t show him with eyebrows cause it wouldn’t be easier to see the similarity (IF there are some THEY, IF it is who we think it is.) Containing Moriarty in the footage would be a real sign that something wicked this way comes.
But, I don’t know. Someone told me it might be John Watson’s eye, which would fit the shot-in-the-eye theory. What do you think about it?

Another (or the very same room). A kind of cluttered room…

This one seems like a look at the room from above, maybe another CCTV angle. I think it’s the more visible version of the previous.What the fuck is that? A sofa? A coffeetable? Why am I seeing tables everywhere? And what’s that purple thing?


Please let me paste the frame which I passed
Here’s what follows just after the CCTV-looking frame

I may be going mad but ISN’T IT A FUCKING FACE IN HERE?! I mean-

That’s how i see it. The face seems to be tilted back. If you look at the higher resolution screen you can see it seems nose-like and eye-like. The “hair” seem to be long and straight, so it’s a woman? Not a woman? Eurus? Not Eurus? Whoever? Or is it just glitches? But if you look at other frames by the end of the gif you can see “the face” sort of MOVES:

It’s tilted back a little bit more and turned in its left a little. Here’s the same thing in negative:

The things that follow:

BUT! I just now got this one idea… a crazy, fucked up idea, it definitely is insane and probably wrong, but…

Of course, of course I know it might me fake, something put together by some Sherlock fan, or whatever the fuck else. But something tells me it’s not. This COULD be the real thing, right? So, what does it tell us, fans/The Great Game players? At best: something’s coming, something’s happening, you’re on the right path. At worst: someone’s mocking us and though to me it’s highly enjoyable, it’s not Mofftis and we’re seeing things (IT’S JUST THAT THERE’S TOO MUCH OF THOSE SUPPOSEDLY NONEXISTENT THINGS TO SEE, COUGH COUGH). Either way, we’re being experimented on. I don’t know about you, but either way it’s awesome. For the first time from a long time i’m having real fun, and trust me, that’s a lot.
But, for real. If it’s just a fake and we’re all wrong, I would be highly disappointed. THIS ALL IS TOO GREAT, TO GENIUS, TOO ENJOYABLE TO RESULT IN NOTHING. And it means I’ve spent four hours on putting together a writing about something that doesn’t exist. To be honest, I’ve spent too much time on analyzing unreal things and searching for subliminal satanic messages in something very fucked up just to aknowledge it was all in vain. And now I’m just too mindfucked over this and other things that all of you post every day…
Maybe I got excited over something not relevant or already discussed, i don’t know, you decide. But i needed to throw it out somewhere. Please tell me what you think about it, and if you have something new to add about it or ask me about anything don’t be afraid to do it. I’m more than eager to discuss with you guys. Maybe I sound like a crazy person but it’s their fault, not ours, right?

originally posted by allthesherlockgifs

I’m new here but I decided to tag people that I followed before I even made and account and that I consider awesome meta writers - I’m not asking for attention, I just want to get in touch with people interested in investigating this difficult and mysterious™ case. So here it goes:

the-7-percent-solution   tjlc    jenna221b   inevitably-johnlocked     waitedforgarridebs       marcespot   marcelock

Congratulations and thanks to those who got through it and are still with me. Don’t judge me too hard, I’m shy and confused but yeah, here’s all of that, maybe someone finds it interesting.
- Bloody


UPDATE: Guys it’s solved. There’s nothing in there. It turned out that most of those glitches
can be easily found on Youtube as free samples of vhs glitches, except for the supposed
“Moriarty’s eye”. I apologize for raising hopes and making some of you excited about the concept, but it all turned out absolutely fake. I’m sorry. So sorry.

To somehow not to leave you irritated/disappointed entirely, here’s one last thing that still could be relevant…  There still could be some spark of hope because of the “Moriarty’s eye”. I couldn’t find it anywhere in premade popular glitches so it still could be a thing, maybe they just decided to do it easier way and paste one important frame between some easily-found shit from Youtube. Though i would except more from them. But… isn’t it all about spreading confusion? Maybe it’s MEANT to be that way… It does make me wonder why is it just like that, and well, the aim of all this investigating is to make us wonder, so… you never know. Sometimes it’s all about finding ONE IMPORTANT THING between irrelevant pieces and chaos, so if you want to believe this theory, we have this one important thing, we have Moriarty. I don’t know what to think of it all, right now I’m a little upset, so i can’t tell anything else.

That was my more positive take on all of this, at least i tried to find some proof it wasn’t entirely fake/irrelevant, maybe you have something wiser to add here. But personally i’m disappointed. I feel like an idiot now. Seems I’m as bad wannabe-detective as Anderson. Or even worse. I apologize again. :(




  Unfortunately yes, I’ve seen it there. Even more frames. People on YT were guessing

it might be one of those cheap old idiotically-colored porn videos. Hmm.


  asked if it isn’t actually Mary’s eye. Here’s my answer:

Damn you might be right. The main recently reoccuring “secret” not secret villain is Mary, not

Moriarty, or Eurus, or Culverton. They seem to be almost minor compared to this hell that’s

currently going on with Mary. You know, the Murderous Mary, cofusion about “happy-housewife-Sherlock’s-best-friend-who-cares-i-shot-him” image presented in S4. She’s actually a most hated

character in fandom (aside from Irene Adler, lol) and her so called “development” in S4 is one of these things that make no sense.

This is all the logical and thinking part behind it. Now let’s have a look at photos for some comparision and, well…

I added the same sample of noise from the eye frame. The still is from Miss Me video message.

Glitches are confirmed fake but eye case is still open. What do you think?


Guys there’s something completely fucked up about this gif. It started from @memrysapendragon pointing out she found a short clip including vhs glitch stuff on twitter, this particular clip:  Then i found most of those trames on Youtube by searching “vhs glitches” tag. The video can be found here:

It doesn’t contain Moriarty/Mary eye and I think it doesn’t contain a frame with a “sofa and tables” from the CCTV angle above the room, which i compared earlier to Baker Street. Now i read the comment section again and i noticed some people claimed the footage was stolen from a movie called V/H/S/2. I googled it and it appears to be some shitty horror/gore movie made from a few separate stories, and one of them included someone finding old vhs tapes with “scary shit”.

A really shitty movie, i can tell from screens i’ve seen in graphics, and what i read about it in general, so i don’t recommend it, don’t waste your time if you’re not actually a fan of things like that. Couldn’t bring myself to watch this shit, so i can’t confim it’s true but some people wrote it’s from V/H/S/2. I don’t know. Others however didn’t even know the source of the footage and this youtube short is widely considered to be just a collection of samples which people download for their purposes. Hell, it’s been used in some promo video on this Twitter account, while this whole “Secret Cinema” account has nothing to do with horror movies.

Does it mean is fake? Or there is some purpose behind this confusion? It’s getting weirder and weirder tbh

fic: you know you’re supposed to keep it (parse/tater, past discussed jack/parse)

@des-zimbits wanted “fic where Tater tells Kent that Jack has a boyfriend he’s joyously in love with and telling his team about/introducing them to, and then Kent and Tater process the news and what it might mean for them?” and I thought… if Tater was so sure about Jack having a girlfriend earlier (obviously that could’ve been for show but go with me here), then that’d mean he and Kent are together but he still doesn’t know about Jack in Kent’s past… and then this story happened. Probably both more angsty and more about Jack/Parse than the prompt.

secrets you keep for so long they become a part of you

warnings: not sure of more exact tags, but Parse’s mental landscape is a Mess.  //  ~2k, also here on ao3.

“You never guess what Zimmboni just told me,” Tater says as soon as Kent opens up his Skype request. It’s funny: for years any mention of Jack would’ve stolen his attention, but right now all he can think about is his boyfriend, and how he fills up any space he’s in so attractively with his boundless energy. He’s bouncing on his bed right now, making the camera of his laptop jump, and Kent aches to be there, to feel that enthusiasm. He curses the length of almost two months that are marked out on both of their calendars until they’ll be able to see each other again.

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anonymous asked:

bro, imma test your patience with me. now idk shit about politics buuut i need to learn a little more than the basics of whats happening to brazil, you know? its hard since its a hole different country so im kinda limited, i understand portuguese but really need a politics for dummies to know whats happening and what will probably happen due to the hell thats going on in BR. help me and get a smile (pls??)

Man this is hard because I have no idea what you already know or not or where you’re from so I can’t really make comparisons?? but i’m gonna try to give you a general??? hold tight

so I guess first thing is understanding the system, right?

Brazil has a… multi-party presidential democracy. Ish. Hasn’t always been like that tho, in fact, brazilian history is filled with coups and not so democratic republics. It’s our thing. But right now we have a President, in charge of the executive power, then there’s the upper and lower houses of congress (Senate and Chamber, we call them, basically), and the Supreme Court, I guess just like in the US. There’s a president to the Senate, a President to the Chamber, and a few more important figures in each part of the government, like the ministers, or cabinet leaders, that hold, well, cabinets, like the one for Education or Health or Culture, etc, or the Government Leader in congress that isn’t really a formal title but also kinda is a job. 

So, our parties. There are so many of them. SO MANY. Y’all wouldn’t believe how many. Ok, about 30-40 of them. But really, who the fuck knows all of them? I don’t, so we’re gonna stick to the most important ones. But for that, quick history lesson: 

Remember when I said we haven’t always been, uhm, this? Yeah, up until the late 80′s Brazil was on a Dictatorship (not the first we had, but the worst we had, arguably) (and I have to control myself not to tell you the whole thing cause I just love brazilian history???? but imma stick to what’s important) THE POINT IS: during those years, only two “parties” were allowed to exist, the… pro-dictatorship party and the… consented opposition party (we like to call them the “yes” and the “yes, sir” parties cause of the obvious). Consented opposition party was called MDB (founded in 65′). When dictatorship ended, they turned into PDMB (in 1980). You’re gonna have to get used to the acronyms because we only use them here. Sometime later, in 88, some people left PMDB to found PSDB, and at the time the plan was to have it a bit more to the left than PMDB that was a pretty center-right wing party. More to the left of both of those, also in the 80′s, our Workers Party is founded, PT. Not a socialist/communist party, whatever some may think until today. You might be wondering what happened to the dictatorship supporters party, right? They’ve changed names a few times through the last decades, nowadays they’re DEM, a right wing party (ironically enough, their acronym comes from Democrats).

Nowadays you can say PSDB is a center-right wing party, PT is center-left, and PMDB is wherever it pleases (mostly center-right, though). “Isn’t there a REAL left wing then????” there is, but it’s not exactly the most powerful thing in existence, so most people atribute the “left” nearly entirely to PT, cause up until a couple of years ago, it was majorly powerful. We’ll get to that. Anyway, some left wing parties are PCdoB and Psol and a shit ton of other small ones.

Back to history. When dictatorship was ending people made an awful lot of deals to get one dude (Tancredo Neves) into the presidency (not popular vote yet, some sort of electoral college) but cause we’re in Brazil and shit just can’t be simple HE DIED before taking office then his vice president (who had just kinda changed parties to make the run) became the first post-dictatorship president. This dude is called Sarney and he’s alive until today and we like to call him The King of a state because his family basically owns it. And it’s a big state and in pretty bad condition (if you want we can come back later to why so many families are so powerful and so entirely into politics and basically owners of whole states and how Oligarchies have always been a thing BUT in another post). He’s a senator now. Yeah, cause that’s a thing, you don’t have to end your career after being president here. Oh, both of those were like, from PMDB.

Then we finally got to vote and we elected this one young unknown dude who was promising to end corruption (I mean, they all do, but, big time), his name was Collor, and he got impeached for corruption a couple of years later. Yes, you’re allowed to laugh. He was from PRN, we’re not gonna talk about this party here, no relevance. His vice president took over, Itamar Franco, and if you guessed it you probably got it right: he was from PMDB. The country was still in a big ass crisis coming all the way from the dictatorship years and Collor had just screwed up massively too so when Itamar KINDA got things under control his economy cabinet leader got big time praise…… and got elected president a couple of years later for PSDB. His name is Fernando Henrique Cardoso (we like to call him FHC) and he’s still alive too. 

So we got a few years of PSDB there cause they approved reelection in congress at some point there - let’s be honest, it’s because they were scared of the increasing popularity of somebody else that had been running in the past elections too: Lula, the big leader of PT - and they were right to, cause Lula would get elected finally in 2003 and reelected after, staying until 2011, and would hand pick his successor and get her elected: Dilma Rousseff, who would also get reelected. As you might have heard, she got impeached last year, leaving office to her vice president, Michel Temer, from… PMDB. 

For the past couple of decades, our political scenario pretty much got divided into PSDB and PT running against each other (and against a ton of minor parties that didn’t quite make it) in every election, with PT winning all of the ones mentioned above. But in any and all of the governments, deals had to be made to get - you guessed it - PMDB support. If there’s one thing you have to know about these last years of Brazil is that no one, no one can govern without PMDB. And the reason to that is on it’s historical basis: it’s basically the oldest and biggest party we got. So EVERYWHERE there’s someone from there, so they get plenty of space in government, they make most of congress, they make most of the senate, they make most of the local powers, etc. And like that, unelected, they got to the Presidency quite a few times. When I said before that they go wherever they want to, is because they’ll lean to whichever side can grant them power, and not even collectively - you can see some of them aligning to left wing politicians in some parts of the country while others get allied to right wing politicians in another part in the same election, since there are no rules against that. Today, since they hold the presidency and most of the other important roles, their main ally is PSDB, but a few years back they were the main supporters to PT, so, really, the rule should be “don’t trust them and expect anything and everything”. 

I think… this kinda covers the basics. Very basics. Roughly. It would be important for you to understand the whole Impeachment mess of the past couple of years. I have a couple of posts on that here and here and here and here and you can always go to my politics tag to search for more comments on everything. Idk, bring me objective questions or just what more you want to know after this so I can help more??? i’m really kinda lost on what to tell you and there’s sooo much to brazilian history that is important, but I think this post is way too long already x) I like telling the stories though, so ask away

Good Enough

Originally posted by gotjhope

“Being with you never felt wrong. It’s the one thing I did right. You’re the one thing I did right.”

Summary: You and him were two complete opposites from each other… You were just the maid’s daughter, but him on the other hand was a celebrity… Girls practically threw themselves at him just to gain his attention… He could choose any girl… but he chose you..


Previous Parts:

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6 // Part 7 // Part 8 // Part 9 // Part 10 // Part 11 // Part 12 // Part 13 // Part 14 // 

Part 15 is here~ 



“Do you know where I could find Y/N?” I asked the woman standing in front of me and from that point on she began to write again and holded up the notepad right in front of me.

I have been texting her and she usually texts, but it seems like her phone is off.

My heart dropped. Why do I have a bad feeling? Y/N isn’t home… She isn’t answering her phone.. Did she see the video?


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104 to 404 Parallels.

I’m a parallel hoe guys, I know lots of people don’t like terming the constant similar scenes the show gives us as such, but….what else can you call them?

104 moments will be in italics, 404 moments will be in bold. Conversational similarities in bolded italics. 

So…here we go:

Clarke is angry with Abby, decides to “make her feel it” by cutting off her own wristband.

Abby’s response to Clarke’s fake death? “No! No. Hell no. No.”

A parent believing they’ve lost a child? Similar to Bellamy believing he’s lost Octavia, the sister he’s raised as if he were her father. Even the verbal response is the same. 

Monty removes Clarke’s wristband and hopes to use it to communicate with the Ark

Clarke disguises her need to punish her mother as a means of helping the Ark.

This is a parallel to Octavia’s bad attempt to disguise her need for vengeance as saving her people

The Delinquents are trying to build a wall to keep the Grounders out.

A parallel to the Arkadians making repairs to the Ark to keep the radiation out. 

Octavia is trying to help Jasper conquer his fear of going outside of the Dropship walls.

Mbege plays a prank (albeit a cruel one) on Jasper, pretending to kidnap O.

Could be a parallel to Jasper’s pranks this episode, in particular the prank where he pretends to die in black rain.

Jasper and Octavia discover Wells’ fingers and Murphy’s knife.

Monty and Jasper discover the “Survivor’s List”.

Kane is suspicious of Abby’s comings and goings. He’s tracking her movements.

A very thin possible parallel to Roan being suspicious of the Arkadians and might have Echo tracking their movements. 

Jasper and Octavia bring the knife to Bellamy and Clarke.

Clarke deduces the knife is made of metal from the Dropship and so it couldn’t be a Grounder. Bellamy wants to keep the discovery quiet. Clarke and Bellamy are still antagonistic. Clarke wants to inform the people there’s a murderer amongst them. Bellamy thinks it’s a bad idea.

Exact convo:

Bellamy: “Clarke, be smart about this. Look at what we’ve achieved… the wall, the patrols. Like it or not, thinking the Grounders killed Wells is good for us.”

Clarke: “Oh, good for you, you mean. What… keep people afraid and they’ll work for you? Is that it?”

Bellamy: “Yeah. That’s it. But it’s good for all of us. Fear of the Grounders is building that wall. And besides, what are you gonna do… just walk out there and ask the killer to step forward? You don’t even know whose knife that is.”

Monty and Jasper confront Clarke with the Survivor’s List. Monty initially wants to keep the discovery quiet. Jasper and Clarke are still antagonistic. Jasper want to inform people that Clarke has made a list. Monty and Clarke think it’s a bad thing. 

Exact convo:

Jasper: “You’re not God, Clarke. You don’t get to decide who lives or dies.”

Clarke: “The list is a backup. We have a…”

Jasper:  “Well, I guess you don’t mind if I tell everyone, then, right?”

Monty: “Jasper, no.”

 Jasper: “People have a right to know that they’re working for nothing.”

(Additional note: In 204 Kane shocklashing Abby to keep order in Arkadia, Clarke does the same to Jasper here.)

Clarke confronts Murphy about his supposed murder in the middle of camp. She is very agitated; her voice is raised. People stop working on building the wall and begin to move closer to the confrontation.

Monty confronts Clarke about the list, then begins to read that list over the Rover’s radio. People stop working on repairing the Ark and begin to move closer to the confrontation. 

A floating! In response to the charges levied against Murphy cries of “Float him” begin to sound.

Jaha is “floated” in the opening scene of this episode, although his floating is a joke. 

Finn comes onto the scene, demanding that Murphy be cut down, but it is ultimately Charlotte’s confession that saves him.

Clarke pleads her case, explaining her reasons for picking the people she did, but it is ultimately Jaha arriving on the scene that disperses the crowd

The people on the Ark are suffering from oxygen deprivation. Abby tells Raven “It’s just the beginning.”

Here, a possible parallel to this Season’s big bad. In Season 1, the Ark (the people’s home) is killing them. Earth, the people’s home is already beginning to kill some of them (those who died of A.R.S).

Abby puts herself in danger for Raven, going to get the part from Nygel, trading her morphine.

Compare this to Abby putting herself in danger for Jackson, stepping out of the cover of the tree line to reach him.

Charlotte reaches for Clarke’s hand and is rebuffed.

Clarke says the following to Charlotte (who later jumps off a cliff):

“She’s a killer. You killed someone, Charlotte. Ended his life. Did you stop to think about that for even one second? Look at me! You can’t just kill someone to make yourself feel better.”

Kane says the following to Octavia (who later falls off a cliff):

“There’s a darkness in you, Octavia. I know you’re still mourning. Sit down. You didn’t have to kill that boy. You didn’t have to kill Ambassador Rafel. You didn’t have to kill Pike….A warrior knows when not to kill. Lincoln taught you that. You seem to have forgotten.”

Clarke chastises Finn for keeping the bunker a secret.

Then they have the following conversation:

Clarke: Well… Looks like they never made it here. No. I figure the bombs took them by surprise.

Finn: All this preparation. What a waste.

(Not an actual parallel, but perhaps a possible hint at how the season will go? Perhaps someone, or lots of someones, don’t make it into whatever will serve as a bunker this season.)

Finn and Clarke wake to discover Charlotte is gone.

Octavia leaves Polis. 

Raven says: “Abby how about I pace in the operating room next time you’re working.”

(Again, not an actual parallel, but perhaps something that might happen next episode, while Abby works to test Luna’s blood, Raven gets a little….fidgety as she waits for her turn.)

Bellamy and Charlotte arrive at a cliff, Murphy and his rag tag group hot on their tail.

Octavia and Helios arrive at a cliff, Echo and her two pals hot on her tail.

Charlotte jumps off the cliff after telling the group “I can’t let any of you get hurt. Not for me. Not after what I did.”

Bellamy yells “No!”, Clarke shoves Murphy away and says, crying: “No, no, no!”

Murphy is shocked.

Octavia is stabbed by Echo and falls off the cliff, Echo is shocked. Bellamy, upon hearing the news, is devastated and yells “No!”

Bellamy attacks Murphy, tackling him to the ground and punching him repeatedly until Finn intervenes.

They have the following conversation:

Bellamy: “Get off me! Uhh! He deserves to die.”

Clarke: “No! We don’t decide who lives and dies. Not down here.”

Bellamy: “So help me God, if you say the people have a right to decide…”

Clarke: “No, I was wrong before, okay? You were right. Sometimes it’s dangerous to tell people the truth. But if we’re gonna survive down here, we can’t just live by whatever the hell we want. We need rules.”

Bellamy: “And who makes those rules, huh? You?”

Clarke: “For now, we make the rules. Okay?”

Bellamy: “So, what, then? We just take him back and pretend like it never happened?”

Clarke: “No! We banish him.”

Again, Jasper’s line about not being God, not getting to choose who lives or who dies is relevant here. 

Abby marches to meet Kane. Kane confronts her with the truth. Let’s her know he knows about Raven and has Abby arrested.

Raven simultaneously launches the Dropship.

Could parallel this moment to Abby putting herself in harms way to save Jackson and Raven knocking out the drones. 

Monty’s attempt to make the wristbands work as a communication device ultimately fails, knocking out every wristband left, something Jasper blames on himself.

(Again, not a confirmed parallel, but perhaps something that might happen later. Perhaps Abby and Raven ultimately fail in creating more Nightblood. Perhaps, this is what we see in the trailer? The man in the medical chamber, suffering from lesions? Was he a test subject? This would also be similar to Mt. Weather testing the effects of the Delinquents blood on the girl in the meadow.

Continuing down this train of thought: The failure of Abby’s nightblood serum could result in the mass death of large portions of Azgeda. I think, once Roan knows what the plan for survival is, he will insist on his people being administered the serum first, as a show of good faith. The serum won’t work though and the Azgeda members who were administered the serum will die. Roan (and likely Echo) will not be among their number as a King would never be allowed to be a test subject. 

I’ve been thinking for a while that the mass death of this Season will be the Grounders. They have the largest numbers (according to Clarke’s list-over 5,000) and are therefore the easiest to whittle down. We’ve already seen the extermination of Floukru-all but Luna-and the massacre in the Trikru embassy. Getting rid of most of the Grounders helps alleviate the burden Clarke feels in having to save “everyone.”)

We move to Clarke and Finn in the bunker, Finn is angrily trashing the bunker.

They have the following convo:

“Finn! Finn, stop it! Calm down!”

Finn: We’re dead to them! Don’t you get that?

Clarke: No, there’s still hope.

Finn: Even you don’t believe that. It’s over, Clarke. They’re gonna die up there, and we’re alone.

Clarke: You’re not alone.

Finn and Clarke have sex, as Clarke makes an effort to convince Finn that he’s not alone.

The closing scene is Raven, still dropping to the Earth, looking at the necklace Finn made for her.

I think we might get a moment with Clarke and Bellamy (before he finds out Octavia is still alive) where she tries to convince him that he’s not alone. 

Possible spoilers under the cut:

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Barisi Episode Tag, 18x15

(and 18x13, and 18x14, and 18x11. Let’s just say it’s a multi-episode tag, spanning the entirety of S18, because I wanted to make up for the ones I didn’t write all season long. Inspired by the messy schedule, by Sonny’s temper, by Barba’s secret, and by my ability to see Barisi in everything. 16.4K.)

Note: This is a 3-part story. 3 mini-episode tags, rolled into one. Each “part” of the story takes place after each of the last 3 episodes, except I’m tackling them in their intended order, namely: 1) Know It All (18x15, with the reveal of Barba’s secret) 2) Genes (18x13, with Sonny’s subsequent outburst) and 3) Net Worth (18x14, with a happy Sonny doing a crossword puzzle). And I’m also heavily referencing Great Expectations (18x11, with the reveal about Sonny’s past).

Please enjoy.




Sonny braces himself before he enters Barba’s office.

It’s been a while.

He doesn’t know which Barba he’ll encounter. Worse than that, he doesn’t know which Sonny he’ll be.

Sonny swears there only used to be one of him. One Sonny, for all seasons.

Not anymore.

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Personal Research.

@peytonnation: can you do a reid x reader where the reader has a panic attack while she’s in the room with an unsub? and there’s fluff toward the end between spence and the reader? thanks 💕💕

Warnings: mentions of abuse, panic attacks

Originally posted by toyboxboy

The gruff man stared at the door to the interrogation room, subtly pulling on his handcuffs, his furrowed eyebrows emphasising the seep scar across the bridge of his nose. His worn, tattered clothed hung loose on his tense form. A sly smirk spread across his scarred face when the metal door opened with a low scratch against the hard floor, revealing Y/N who scowled at the man as she threw her file onto the mental desk.

“Mr Davies,” Y/N exhaled, leaning onto the table, her stubborn eyes fixated on him as he adverted from her movements, chuckling lowly as he leant back.

“Please, call me Michael.” He encouraged, his tongue darting across his slightly bruised lip, evidently looking her up and down with intimidating, dark eyes.

“Yeah…I don’t think so. Mr Davies, how did you know Sarah Nichols?” Y/N urged, sitting opposite the rugged man, her eyes observing his narcissistic reaction as he grinned widely.

“I don’t.” He replied bluntly, making Y/N raise her eyebrows at him smugly.

“Oh, really? Then, please tell me, why you have been messaging each other for the past two months. Everyday until the day of her murder.” Michael chuckled, leaning towards her in an attempt to threaten her.

“Smart girl. Looks like I’m not the only one who did my research.” The words were dominated with confidence, his words shocking Y/N but her expression remained unfazed.

“Excuse me?” Spencer watched through the mirrored glass, frowning at his statement while he observed the intensifying moment. 

“Y/F/N, doctorate in criminal psychology. Mother left you with your father but…” He locked eyes with her, his breath growing heavy as he whispered, “he wasn’t too nice was he?” Y/N furrowed her eyebrows, glaring at the phlegmatic man as he chuckled disgustingly.

“I fail to see how any of this is relevant. Unless, you’re avoiding the subject matter. Now, when did you first contact Mrs Nichols?” However, Michael simply shook his head, exhaling loudly.

“You keep in contact with your father, right? Does he still…you know.” He clenched his cuffed fists, slamming them against the table. The sudden noise made Y/N flinch, a slow burning sensation growing in her tightening chest as she swallowed back the fear biting at her throat. At her silence, Michael’s lips parted with a shocked grin but Spencer ran his hands through his hair in disbelief, wanting to immediately stop the interrogation but the fowl man continued.

“Oh shit, no kidding?” Y/N’s dark eyes were possessed with admonition as she scowled at him.

“No.” She spat, her breath quickly getting caught in her chest as memories pierced her mind, burning all senses of recovery.

“Isn’t he in prison now? Remind me, what did he do to your brother?” Her stomach snapped, a shaky breath escaping her parted lips as tears grazed her eyes. Michael stared at her, emotionlessly.

“Why are you doing this?” Y/N questioned shakily, a silent tear skimming down her reddening cheek as she battled against her weak breath. In response, Michael smirked, interlacing his fingers on the metal table.

“How are you dealing with his loss?” An uncontrollable sob cracked through the growing lump in her throat, anger rushing through her fingertips as she slammed her hands against the desk, abruptly standing up.

“Why?” She growled, tears freely running down her face but before another word was mentioned, Spencer burst through the door with vexation dominating his features. He wrapped an arm around her weak body, dragging her out of the room with force as she fought against his grip. As soon as the interrogation room door slammed shut, Y/N fell to the floor, lifting her knees to her chest as her breathing became laboured. As she choked on her breath, tears coating her face, Spencer threw himself beside her, wrapping his arm around her from behind.

“Y/N, breathe with me okay.” Spencer whispered into her ear, struggling to remain knelt behind her as her fragile body trembled beneath his touch. He shuffled around to face her, cupping her face tightly as she warily glanced into his eyes.

“It’s okay, you’re okay. Breathe, I’m here.” Spencer uttered, grasping her hand and pressing it firmly against his chest. Y/N looked up at him with fear, panting slightly as she frantically held onto his wrist against her face, trying to match his breathing patterns. Eventually, while Spencer brushed her hair out of her tear-stained face, she managed to calm down slightly, remaining in a ball of tears.

“Everything’s okay, Y/N. I’m going to stand you up, okay?” Spencer cooed, wrapping his arm around her waist as he helped her shaky form up but his arm remained around her side as he walked her to the kitchen, his concerned glance continuously flickering over to her. After she sat down, Spencer clicked the kettle and began preparing two mugs of coffee. Y/N’s blurred vision remained on him, observing his caring movements closely. Without thinking, she shuffled behind him quietly, swallowing the nerves in her sore throat before wrapping her arms around his back tightly, nuzzling her head into his shoulder.

“Hey,” Spencer whispered, turning around in her arms until he was facing her. She glanced up at him, vulnerability filling her eyes but before she could think about her actions, she buried herself into his chest making him wrap his arms around her in response.

“I’m here, darling.” Spencer encouraged, kissing her hair slightly as he tightened his grip around her comfortingly.

“Thank you, Spence.”


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11 July 2017 - This is so ridiculously long. This is what happens with a robron heavy hour long episode. It obviously gets super depressing at the end if you make it that far. You don’t have to read past the #TriggerWarning if you don’t want to. Let me know if any of you make it to the end of this nonsense. I hope some of it is funny. 

[Outside the Shop with Robert, Aaron, Cain and Victoria]

ROBERT: We do have a kitchen at home you know? Remember that set they built us that we never use unless it’s for angsty scenes?

AARON: Yeah, but do we have a toaster yet? Nevermind. Didn’t really fancy seeing you though after our Plot fight yesterday. It’s the height of #PeakAngstWeek so I’m just going to be in a totally justifiably bad mood all day today, yeah?

ROBERT: Is this really how it’s gonna be?

AARON: No, this is how you…well the Plot really…but anyway…have made it. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go to work.

ROBERT: Well, it’s a good thing we conveniently work in the same place then. - side note, isn’t it great our jobs are semi important to the Plot today so it looks like we actually do them -

AARON: I never should have let Jimmy move the Haulage firm into the portacabin. I would have saved myself so much trouble.

ROBERT: Will you just let me explain what I think the Plot is trying to do one more time Aaron?

AARON: You don’t need to try and explain anything. I’m done with all the discourse. I just don’t like it. End of.

*Cain appears*

CAIN: Want me to batter him for you?

AARON: Have you even been briefed on our latest Plot Point?

CAIN: No, I just like hitting Sugden here and since you two got together properly, I haven’t had a chance to do it in a while. Let me know. Besides, I just needed to show that I remember you exist so that when I show up later to help you out, it’s a little less forced.

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Of Teacups and Theme Parks – Peter Parker

Alice In Wonderland Soulmate!AU

Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 2078

Prompt: Soulmate!AU where two people destined to be together have a small symbol of how they meet. Peter goes to Disneyland with the Avengers and he meets his soulmate there.

Warnings: None, but a lot of constant POV switches (oops)

This is my second entry for @sincerelysaraahh‘s July Writing Challenge! You can read the first one here!


Peter found himself staring at the small teacup illustration on his wrist. It was so peculiar, seeing that he never exactly drank tea or drank out of teacups. What sentimental meaning did it have? What was the point?

The Avengers were currently on a private jet to California for a visit to Disneyland. After everything that had happened, Tony decided to take a day off at ‘the happiest place on Earth’. Peter tagged along, and he was quite excited to go— half of which was because he had never been to any other state not on the east.

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anonymous asked:

This might be a silly question, but I'm curious. So we know Indy and Bendy have no problem kissing eachother and doing couple stuff even though they think they don't "like" eachother like that. But I'm wondering, do they have a limit? Like have they ever kissed on the lips or is that going too far for them. I'm wondering where exactly they draw the line between "lol just friends being friends" and "whoa there this isn't what friends do."

(Yeah they have a limit. Even innocent kissing, those doodles I did, Bendy probably wouldn’t do it if he thought India was paying attention haha. She was cooking, sleepy, he kinda slipped ‘em in there. And even then they were innocent.

They’ve never kissed on the mouth, or anywhere else you would squint at. You’re not gonna find them necking, pun definitely intended. If they fall asleep together, it’s by accident. I really feel like India’s metaphor of “teddy bear” is very relevant. The way she cuddles Bendy, it’s not even joking at romantic. And on the other end, the way Bendy hangs onto India, it’s like, the thirties-ish, you might think he just had a problem with the lady’s personal space! Do you ever have those friends who are a couple, and they like sit on each others lap and rub each others back and kiss each others shoulders in public? Bendy and India are not like that. When others point out how they act together, they can usually easily shrug it off, because it really is completely innocent. They just don’t realize that just because it’s nonsexual doesn’t mean it’s not intimate.

They’re not showing possessiveness or passion, it’s just that they make each other very comfortable. Their flirting rarely takes a legitimately sexual turn, and if it does it’s completely joking, it’s all very innocent. Incredibly innocent, in fact.

India to Bendy is sort of… a security blanket, I guess. And Bendy to India is like… a habit. He’s her coffee in the morning. And neither of those things are sexual. When they’re affectionate, they’re enabling each other. It’s about comfort, not passion.

And that’s what’s such a problem when it comes to them dating other people. It’s not that their dates see them acting the way they do and begin to worry they’re lying to them and are actually romantically interested in the other, it doesn’t matter what the “truth” is, the fact of the matter is they give a lot of themselves to each other, and it’s hard to get close to someone who already has that space in their heart filled.

I didn’t think about this until I saw this ask actually, but I’m thinking a lot of Catcher In The Rye, Holden’s relationship with Jane.

“‘I held hands with her all the time, for instance. That doesn’t sound like much, I realize, but she was terrific to hold hands with. […] We’d get into a goddam movie or something, and right away we’d start holding hands, and we wouldn’t quit till the movie was over. And without changing the position or making a big deal out of it. You never even worried, with Jane, whether your hand was sweaty or not. All you knew was, you were happy. You really were.’ (11.6) Holden doesn’t care about sex—he cares about companionship and emotion. And for some reason, he doesn’t think he can have both with Jane.” [source is here, you might find it interesting if you’re still curious about Bendy & India’s relationship!] 

Funny in the book Holden also uses the term “necking”, that’s a complete coincidence, but a good one! It’s funny ya know.. Coz… Bendy doesn’t have a neck, haha. Anyway, hope that clears it up a little? -HG)

The Kinks List [Harry Villiers x Reader]

Author’s Note: Whoa! Two posts in one day?! I know. I’m surprised too. But I thought I should do a little extra writing considering I have the day off from school and I’ve been pretty absent because of all the work I’ve had. This was the idea I came up with weeks ago that I had mentioned in my Alistair Ryle imagine and I’m glad I finally wrote it out. I gave it an open ending too so I can definitely continue it.

Word Count: 2,591

Warning(s) (this is new ha ha): Smut. Voyeurism. 

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Book design project

Shot out to all tumblr writers!!! Hi! I have a project I would (really) like your help with, so if you’re curious and can spare me a moment, please keep reading.

Couple days ago my teacher of “Producción Editorial” (editorial production in English) set us a task: we have to design a publication, either a magazine or a book of some sort. It has to be original in format if not content. Now, there are a lot of ways I could go about this assignment on my own and get a good mark regardless, but the truth is I don’t want that. Truth is, the world is a terrifying and deadly place to be nowadays for a lot of people. It makes me wanna grab my kendo equipment and bash some heads until it starts making sense again. I can’t do that unfortunately, because my weapon of choice is not the sword but, cliché as it seems, the pen. I tell stories. Or in this case, I help people tell their stories. That’s what I want to accomplish with this project.

Another thing before I go any further: I know how creators are with their creations (being one myself). They are our beautiful/ugly/weird babies and we’re fiercely protective of them. So I want to reassure you guys that this is a legit assignment (I can probably get my prof to write something to that effect). I’m not going to steal your intellectual property. Each story will be preceded by the name/pseudonym/internet handle you give me. My job here is to compile everything, edit the stories for grammar mistakes and design the book aesthetically (unless I write a story myself, then I’ll be included in the list of authors, like all of you).

And at the end of this road I hope to have a pdf or eBook or both versions of this book, that as collaborators you’ll receive, and that can be shared around freely and for free.

That said, let’s do a Q&A of some of the questions I’d ask if I wanted to join this:

So what, exactly, are you going to do?

As I said, I’m going to design a book as if it were to be printed. Which is the reason I have to use original stories and not, you know, fanfiction (much as I’d like that). I will also have to design the cover, any Notes or Warnings, Table of Contents, edit and organize the stories according to the rules and regulations of formatting we’ve been learning in class, etc.

Will it be printed? Will you make money out of it?

No and No.

I wouldn’t know where even to start with that mess. But more important, this idea began with a class assignment (and still is about that, I want to pass that class) and grew from there. I’m doing this because it’s a challenge and because I want to. I want to spread these stories. And I want them to be assessible to everyone. I want variety and diversity because I want so that everyone who opens this book can find at least a kernel of representation in them.

So yeah, this project is non profit.

What kind of stories will you include?

I have decided that the theme of this book will be Diversity. Understanding by diversity this: “the inclusion of individuals representing more than one national origin, color, religion, socioeconomic stratum, sexual orientation, etc”

Equally important: I want positive (nice or not is optional) and respectful (not optional) snippets or stories about this amazing, huge and diverse thing that is humanity. I won’t accept blatant bashing or phobias here. There is a difference between creating a well-rounded interesting villain (grey/sympathetic/evil doesn’t matter) and the more common moustache-twirling cackling caricature of a person we normally see as the enemy, that are usually there to demean a character and elevate another. That’s lazy writing.

Genre i’ll leave up to you. Could be realism, fantasy, sci-fy, humor, anything. Write about pirates, space explorers, elves and dragons, stay-at-home moms, superheroines, uni students, blue collar workers, thieves, assassins, superpowers, whatever, your choice.  

Is there a character limit? Other limits?

Yes! Each story should be in between 500-5000 words. Why so short? Because I want to include as much variety as possible and there is a lot to cover. An example list of the characters I’d like to include off the top of my head:

  • a gay character
  • a lesbian character
  • a bisexual character
  • a pansexual character
  • an asexual character
  • a straight character
  • a transgender character,
  • a genderfluid character
  • a nonbinary character.
  • a black character,
  • a Muslim character,
  • an Asian, Latino, African, etc, character.
  • also a blind character,
  • a deaf/hard-of-hearing character,
  • a paralyzed character,
  • a mute character,
  • an autistic character,
  • a character with depression
  • a character with anxiety
  • etc

I want to include one (max two) stories about each of the bolded categories in the example list, or any other topic I didn’t think of. Of course, you can write more than one character, but the focus should be on one of them or on a topic, idk, a protest in behalf of transgender people as a whole would go under the transgender character list.

The category I want to write about is not there.

Send me an ask and I’ll add it (if it’s relevant to the topic at hand: diversity). The examples are not absolutes, I probably missed a few, some maybe didn’t even occur to me. I don’t have everything planned out, I’m still sorting out a lot of details in my head, so if I missed something, tell me. This will work only if we collaborate.

Will you include mature themes?

As long as it’s not explicit I don’t see why not. By explicit I mean, for example, a really detailed sex scene, a torture scene with all the gritty details, a blow by blow account of an abuse scene. You can reference these things and make it tasteful (for a meaning of the word) without getting into it too much. Also, there is a word limit, not really enough space for that kind of thing.

How will you chose which story to include?

First come, first served. Yes, really. I’ll make a list of whoever signs up and when.

IMPORTANT: there will be a time limit though. Because I’m not pressed for time just yet, I’ll give each person up to a week (7 days) to send me a draft of the story. Once that time is past, and unless you give me a really good reason, I’ll liberate that spot and the person in question won’t participate anymore.  

How do I sign up?

Send me an ask telling me which category/focus you want and I’ll add you to the list.

Can I sign up Anon?

Sorry, but no. If this works I’ll probably have to share my email with those that participate in the project, which I accept; that, however, is not the same as sharing my info with the entirety of the Tumblr jungle.


Why did you write “Producción Editorial” in Spanish?

Because physically I live in a Spanish speaking country (Hola!). Most of the time I live on the internet though. Also, the English language is a filthy thief that (after a decade of study, now 15yrs) managed to steal into my brain and rewrote it so now my internal monologue is always in English. Lucky for me my professor says he doesn’t mind the language so that’s another reason I decided to branch out with this.

I think I covered the basics at least. I’ll anwer any questions and edit this as necessary. I hope some of you will want to help me on this. Even if you don’t want to or can’t maybe you can share this with someone who will. So Thanks!!

And now, Tag time!

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I tagged all of you because you’re some of the writers/creators I follow and know best out of everyone around here. I’m not asking you to participate (although I’d be delighted if you wanted to, not gonna lie x3), but I thought that maybe you could share this or spread the word a bit if it’s not too much of a bother.

Thanks everyone who reached this far! :D

anonymous asked:

idk if the op of that post is straight or not, and i get they probably had good intentions but like. i'm so tired of seeing people say shit like "it proves platonic relationships can be stronger than romantic ones" or most commonly "why can't you enjoy their relationship without making it romantic." in the majority of tv shows, movies, and anime i've watched, in most of the manga and books i've read, in most of the games i've played, friendship and platonic relationships tend to be the (1/2)

the strongest relationships in the whole story. b/c writing for het relationships is so lackluster and boring, due to heteronormativity, guy + girl = ~tru luv~ even when it’s the weakest relationship present. even when it’s the worst relationship. we know that friendship/platonic relationships can be the strongest bonds out there, even stronger than romantic bonds. we know that. we don’t need this repeated to by us when we’re constantly told this, and then told by others (2/?)

(not talking about the op of that post here, but other fandoms in general) that we’re devaluing m/m friendships bc we ship two guys together. and i guarantee that half the notes on that, be it in the tags or reblogs, are people going “omg yeah, guys can be friends without being romantically involved!” or something similar. this turned out longer than i intended, and i’m sorry about that. it’s just so damn annoying to go into the ship tags and see someone talk about friendship. (¾)

like. we already know. we know very well that non-romantic bonds can be stronger than romantic ones. we know. we don’t need people telling us this, and coming into our tags on occasion to let us know. go tell it to the hundreds of thousands of homophobic straight people who refuse to understand it and only agree with it bc it means they don’t have to worry about two guys actually being in love with each other. ugh. (4/4)

I 100% agree with you. Strong platonic relationships in media have been around for years, it’s not like this is a new thing for us to celebrate and fawn over.

Het pairings can share a damn pencil and have it considered true love but oh no when it’s a same sex pairing you can literally be fucking soulmates and still have people calling it platonic :/

And more importantly, have you noticed how ‘the importance of platonic relationships’ is somehow only ever relevant when it’s about a mlm/wlw pairing?? For some odd reason het pairings never get shit like this! How odd right???? I sure wonder why that is.