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Prompt: 12. Visiting Dallas Winston’s family for the first time during Christmas and they absolutely adore you.

For: @susansixx

You had been dating Dally for a few months now, he’d been with you longer than any of his previous girlfriends and he really thought you were the one for him, something he had never felt for anyone else before.

“Y/N?” He says walking into his room at Buck’s place; you were waiting for him on his bed.

“Yeah Dal?”

“Tomorrow is Christmas, it’s tradition for…um… for my girlfriend to meet my family on Christmas…” He pauses to nervously run his hands through his hair.

“You want me to meet your father? I thought you two didn-”

“No! I want you to meet the gang!” You face went red, you’d heard so much about the gang, but you had never actually met any of them, and frankly you were kind of scared. What if they don’t like me? Dally looks at you for a moment and his face falls, “What’s wrong doll? You don’t have to meet them if you don’t want to, it’s alright.”

“No Dal, I’d love to meet them, I’m just a bit nervous.”

A small smile finds its way to his face.

Dally opens the door to the Curtis house, “Aren’t you gonna knock?”

He chuckles, “They keep their door open, and we normally just walk in whenever we want.”  

Your heart raced through your chest as you walked in, Dally sensed it and he placed his hand on the small of your back, you instantly felt comforted. You walk into a small living room with a tree in the corner, the tree has a few ornaments on it, but there’s a ton of presents underneath.

“Hey Dal!” An attractive boy in a flannel shirt calls out, everyone turns their attention towards you, “And you must be Y/N!”

“Y/N, this is Sodapop,” Dally points to the boy in the flannel, “That’s his older brother Darry, and his younger brother Ponyboy. That’s Steve, Johnny, and Two-Bit.”

They all greet you kindly, and Darry gets up to make room for you on the couch, saying something about getting dinner ready.

You sit in silence for a few painfully awkward moments. Sodapop suddenly turns to you and smiles, “We’ve heard a lot about you Y/N.”

“All good things I hope,” You smile back.

“Of course!” Two-Bit pipes in, “From the way Dally talks about you, we can’t help but think that he’s going soft.”

“Fuck off!” Dally says, chucking a pillow at Two-Bit, a slight blush appearing on his cheeks.

“You’re a writer, right Y/N?” Ponyboy asks.

“Yeah, I am!” Pony’s eyes light up at your response, he and Johnny turn to you, and the three of you get lost in conversation about books.

“Dinner is ready, hurry up!” Darry call from the dining room. You all gather around the table that is stocked with food. Dally sits down next to you and grabs you hand under the table.

“Darry, this all looks amazing,” You gesture towards the table.

“Thanks Y/N!” He gives you a genuine smile; it seems as if he doesn’t get complements on his food often.

You’ve all exchanged presents and you’re joking around with Steve, Sodapop, and Two-Bit, when Dally comes up to you announces that you two should get going, the boys let out a few “Aww’s” and “Don’t go’s”.

“You should come back and visit more often Y/N,” Darry says as you get up.

“Definitely!” Sodapop adds.

“I will,” You smile at them.

As you and Dally leave the house, Johnny quickly comes after you two, “Y/N! Can I talk to you for a minute?”

You give Dally a confused look, before going towards Johnny, he leads you out of earshot of Dally, “I just wanted to thank you Y/N.”

“For what Johnny?”

“We never thought Dally would find someone like you, but ever since he’s met you, we’ve all noticed that he seems so much happier. Thank you,” He gives a shy hug before walking back into the house, leaving you speechless.

I guess I was worried about meeting the gang for nothing!   

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Violet da Costa/Otso Berg

Violet: Okay. The Numbskull is in another Animus session, and I have acquired caffeine. All is right in the world.

Berg: Good.

Violet: This isn’t really your kind of mission, is it, boss?

Berg: Every mission is important in its own way.

Violet: Still, I bet you’d rather be out with the rest of the team, hunting Shaun Hastings or something.

Berg: Would’t you?

Violet: Hell yeah, I want a front row seat for that show.

Berg: Any word from Sorkin?

Violet: He’s scheduled to update me in… 43 minutes.

Berg: Good.

Violet: Can I ask you something?

Berg: Of course.

Violet: What’s it like, using the Animus?

Berg: I went through the Animi Training Program. It felt like the drills we used to do in the Utti Jaeger.

Violet: You never used a normal Animus, like this one? To relive your own genetic history?

Berg: Only once.

Violet: Really?! Who were you?

Berg: I was a young man… On the Viking raid on Lindifame.

Violet: 793. Northeastern coast of England. Sorry. History nerd! So how was it?

Berg: It was summer, good sailing weather. The monastery was a center for religious studies and we crashed into the city like a tidal wave.

Violet: And? And?

Berg: We pillaged and burned. They thought we were demons. The details of the memory were so vivid… I lost myself in the bloodlust. I defeated a Saxon, a great warrior, but did not want to kill him. I invited him to join our clan.

Violet: Oh! Norse adoption rituals! The chance to sail the world with the Vikings!

Berg: Yes, a chance to see the world as it really is.

Violet: What happened then?

Berg: He wept. Then he cried out that God had abandoned his people and that nothing remained but chaos. I felt such pity for him. I killed him without a second thought.

Violet: After we’re done here, are we going to have to kill the Numbskull?

Berg: We will see.

i fucking love my supervisor.

she asked me yesterday what i was doing for my birthday and i told her about how i was throwing a kids book themed arts and crafts party and how i was gonna get super drunk. i thought i made it pretty clear that i was doing it last night, but apparently i didn’t because she asked about it again today assuming it was tonight and when i told her it was last night, she turned around in her chair and dead ass seriously asked, and i quote, if i got shitface. 

then about an hour before i left, she was just like, are you miserable? you look like you’re miserable. the entire day she kept asking me if i felt like shit lol. we also shared a box of thin mints. me being on my period was also brought up because she asked me how my birthday was so far and i told her i had really bad cramps and we started talking about periods.

this woman is like 50 years old.