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I know that people like to reject the idea that going for a walk, or opening your curtains, or doing something small and nice for yourself, and the usual response to anything in relation to mental illness recovery is “we can’t all be neurotypical”

like, I get it. I’ve been battling an almost life-long series of mental illnesses. Ive been at my lowest points for a very long time. And I KNOW it’s VERY hard to snap out of that, and hearing optimistic advice is EASY to scoff at cuz, hey, it honestly does sounds unbelievable and silly. Yes, a lot of neurotypical people do give unhelpful advice, and when they say it, it’s not coming from an understanding of the severity of the situation.

But I say this: I am mentally ill and I am set on recovery and leading a more fulfilling life than what I used to. you can’t get help until you’re prepared to receive it, as it’s YOUR mind and body that has to be worked on.

You’re allowed to live with mental illness, and nothing will ever truly take it away, but you can improve and find ways to help you function better.

And yes, going for a walk, opening the curtains, talking to a friend, listening to some quiet music, even cooking….they’re all ways that have helped me slowly be more productive. doing little chores around the house has improved my mood also.

I know that it’s a common thing these days to reject the idea of recovery, and I know that individually that is okay since you recover when you’re ready, but I think we really need to stop the culture that is being formed around it. and by culture I mean reblogging posts towarsa nasty about people trying to give self-care or recovery advice. can’t stop you from venting in your own space, that’s not what this is about. we honestly need to stop the rising culture, because it’s gunna get to a point where we all feed off each other’s stubbornness and unwillingness to improve that it’s going to start making those who want to improve feel bad, or encourage people who are already feeling hopeless and not wanting to improve continue that way of thinking.

you’re not wrong for wanting to recover. recovery is a good thing that helps you feel better about yourself and gives you more hope for the future and can further even more recovery in the future, even if it’s almost as hard as not doing anything at all.

and as I said, it’s different when neurotypicals say that “try yoga and go for a nature walk” bullshit, because they’re not understanding in the same way other mentally ill people who try to give the same advice do.

recovery is gruelling and difficult, but it’s not impossible.

do you think sayo yamamoto knew how big yuri on ice would be? when she first came up with it, trying so hard to make that idea a reality - finding people willing to work with her, to make this project happen - do you think she knew? she is such an inspiration. she had a vision, and it took her years, but she made it happen, an amazing woman, a director, a creator. can u imagine the stamina?? she created the most beautiful scenes in the show, the ones that carry the feelings so perfectly that it just touched everyone, it took us by surprise, just wept us off our feet. i am so thankful - it came out of nowhere and it means so lot for people to finally see such passion for a sport combined with a genuinely healthy (gay) relationship, mental health issues and portraying the sport so accurately that even real life skaters became outspoken fans. do you think she knew?


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W E L C O M E  T O  T H E  M A D N E S S

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long story short:

me and @tench were watching 3rd Samurai Jack episode when we saw DAT WOLF FACE


so i did