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Void!Stiles x Reader

Requested by Anon

“Excuse me are you done with that?” A boy asked as you jotted down notes from a book in front of you.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I was just reading about this fox demon thing and it sounds so interesting!” You gasped with a grin.

“Urm, yeah ok cool but could I borrow it?” He asked, glancing over the library at a group gathered around a table.

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Summary: Visiting Tom in England after a few months of not seeing each other (the reader is from a different country but there’s only like one sentence about it so might as well ignore it)

Fluff (may give you some feels)

A/N: It turned out to be quite long but i hope you’ll like it! :) Please let me know what you think and/or request some new things

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Three months. You haven’t seen each other for three whole months. And today was the day. School was over, the filming for a new movie was done and you can finally spend some time together. 

You made your way through the airport, hoping to see Tom waiting for you but you couldn’t find him anywhere. You felt a little dissapointed, hoping he hasn’t forgotten about you. You were so excited to finally see him but you were getting nervous seeing only unfamiliar faces around you. You had your luggage with you, pulling it behind you. Getting impatient you took your phone from your pocket and turned off the plane mode and were checking your messages while walking towards the exit, your eyes focused on the device in your hands. But there was no calls or texts from your boyfriend. 

“There she is! Y/N!!!” You heard someone scream and you turned your head quickly in the direction of Harrison’s voice. There you saw him waving his hands up in the air, smiling at you and you noticed how Tom took off from where he was standing behind his best friend and soon picked you up and spun you around. 

“I missed you so so so much!!” He said with a big smile on his face. 

“Tom, put me down!” You laughed and he obeyed, letting you stand on your own feet before cupping your face in his hands and kissing you softly on the lips. 

“Mhm, I missed you too, Tommy.” You smiled into the kiss and then wrapped your arms around his waist and hugged him tightly, him pressing you closer to his body. 

“Okay, lovebirds, let’s go because you’re blocking the way. Also, nice to see you too, Y/N.” Harrison said from beside you, a little bit of sarcasm in his voice but a smile on his face. 

“Aw, hey Haz.” You walked to him and also gave him a hug. 

“Alright, let’s go.” Tom took your hand in his, his other one holding your luggage like the good boyfriend that he is. The three of you made your way towards Harrison’s car and he dropped you at Tom’s house.

“I’ll see you guys later?”

“Yeah, definitely!” You responded and waved as he drove away. Tom took your luggage and opened the door to his house, Tessa instantly running out of the door. She was barking and waggling her tail happily. Firstly, she run around Tom’s leg, happy to see him again and then sprinted towards you, jumping around your legs and putting her paws on your thighs. She wanted to lick your face but only managed to lick your hands as you were petting her. 

“Okay, come on, Tessa. That’s enough,” Tom called to her but it seemed like she totally ignored him, still jumping at you and not letting you move at all. 

“Come on, girl. You’re a strong one, go to Tom!” You laughed at her, hoping she would be more excited to see her master than you. “Seems like she likes me more, sorry.” You stuck your tongue out, hearing Tom jokingly mock you as if he was offended by your comment.

“Let’s see, Tessa! Come here!” He bended down slightly and patted his legs, making her look at him and run back to him, “In your face!” Tom yelled making you laugh.  “Let’s go inside.”

Inside you were greeted by Tom’s mother, who gave you a warm hug and was really happy to see you after a few months. 

“So how was your flight?” 

“It was okay, I’m still a little bit scared but everything went fine, thank you for asking.” You smiled at her.

“Why don’t you guys go upstairs and I’ll call you in an hour or so for dinner.” 

You followed Tom up the stairs and into his bedroom, he left your suitcase by the door and as you sat on his bed. 

“Do you want something to drink?”

“Nah, I’m good. Just come cuddle me!” You made grabby hands at him and heard his adorable laugh before he pushed you on your back on the bed and put his arms and legs around you, pulling your body tightly to his. 

“Oh God, Tom. I can’t breathe.” You said between breaths, making it sound so much more dramatic. 

“Really? What are you talking about, I’m really comfortable.” 

“Noooo, let me gooo. Move, you’re heavy.” You whined childlishly. 

“Nope. I won’t let you go- ew! Did you just lick my cheek?” He pulled back to have a better look at your face, his own twisted in a fake disgust.

“Me? Never.” 

“Liar. But you’re cute.” He looked you in the eyes and pressed a sweet kiss on the tip of your nose. 

“I want a normal kiss.” 

“Don’t have to ask twice.” He moved closer and your lips connected. The kiss was slow and gentle, showing your emotions perfectly. It wasn’t one of the playful ones or the hot steamy one, it was the more or a “i missed you” kiss, about feeling the presence of one another.

During your little make out session you heard a loud knock on the door and it busted open before you could untangle yourself. You looked awkwardly at Paddy standing next to the door, his cheeks tinted with a little bit of red.

“Oh come one man!” Tom glared at his brother.

“Uh, I’m sorry…” The little boy said nervously.

“It’s okay, Paddy! Did you want anything?” You sat up on the bed and smiled at the kid, ignoring your annoyed boyfriend laying next to you.

“I need help with my homework and mum’s busy with dinner and she told me to ask Tom for help.”

“Go ask the twins. Bye.” Tom said rather unpolitely, feeling extremely annoyed with his little brother.

“But they went out.”

“Come on here, I’ll help you.” You patted the spot next to you, Tom whined loudly before wrapping his arms around your waist from the other side of the bed.

“Noooo. Not now.” You ignored him and and patted the spot again that was soon taken by the kid.

“Paddy, why don’t you leave Y/N alone, she’s probably tired from her flight. Mum will help you when she’s done with dinner, yeah?” After a few minutes Tom tried again to make his brother leave the two of you alone, so he can spend some alone time with you.

“Shut up, Tommy. We’re almost done, anyway.” You scolded him and went back to explaining things to Patrick.

It’s not like Tom didn’t like his youngest brother, he just wanted you to himself only. And right now, you were focused on Paddy and not him. 

You were sitting between the boys, with Tom’s arms wrapped around you and him cuddled into your side, and with Paddy listening carefully to you with his book on his lap. He laughed from time to time when you had trouble with finding the right words to explain it it to him in the easiest way possible. 

“Thank you so much, Y/N. You’re the best!” The boy gave you a quick hug before running out of the door.

“You’re so clingy right now,” you laughed at Tom and run your hand through his hair. 

“I don’t care, I just want you close to me,” he mumbled and closed his eyes, relaxing under your touch, “oh yeah, I missed this.” 

“Thought you missed me, not my hand.” You realized what you’ve just said as Tom bursted out laughing.

“NOT LIKE THAT YOU PERVERT!” You slapped his arm but he couldn’t stop laughing, “I hate you.” 

“You love me.” 

“Eh, maybe I do.” You layed down on your back and snuggled closer to him, “You smell so good.”


“Yeah.” The warmth of his body and his arms wrapped around you mixed with the flight made you feel a little sleepy, “I missed that scent.”

“What do I smell like, then?” He asked quietly, noticing how your voice was changing and how your eyes were closed.


Titanic Tuition

Fandom: Marvel

Character/Ship: Tony Stark, Intern!Reader

Warning: College, Fluff?, Sushi

Writer: Cas

Words: 821

Requested by: @consultingalchemist on @thefandomimagine

Summary: Interning for Tony Stark and him finding your laptop open to a scholarship application page. Seeing that you’ve applied to everything possible, he offers to help you pay tuition

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Let me bring my man.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Inspired by The Book Thief.

Death follows us all, and she can’t understand why are we so scared of her. After all, she’s compassionate being too. (Death POV)

Warnings: Angst.

Words: 1361

A/N: Death and Love are sisters. Love has a daughter, Life. No, I’m not on drugs. While I was writing my eyes decided that they wanted to be clouds and rain on my face. So yeah, tell me what do you think about this.

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I found him beautiful.

I found him rare, special. I found him exquisite.

I watched him grow up, I watched him get hugged multiple times by my sister. I’ve always wondered if she found him beautiful too. After all, Love have always found every single thing beautiful. Love makes every single thing look more alluring. Maybe that’s why everybody seems to like her.

I’ve seen how fate took him to my war zone, and how he threw some soldiers to my embrace. I remember how I gladly accompanied them to where they souls belonged to since then. However, it killed me how they came to me, all beaten up, fear in their eyes as if I was the one who pulled the trigger. But it wasn’t Bucky’s fault. Everything is written down for me. He just happened to be my intermediary.

He was my diamond before they decided to rip off his humanity: so tough, yet so fragile. They tried to send him to me multiple times, his agony calling me desperately, his screams asking for my presence. But I simply couldn’t take him. I knew my sister had something saved up for him, something exceptional: a soulmate.

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May 8 - 2017 Edition!

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Happy birthday to the girl on fire! To celebrate, here is the annual update to my story, May 8!

Also available on AO3 and FFN.

Summary: The Mockingjay’s birthday has been declared a national holiday.

“What?” I nearly shout, clutching the paper tightly in both hands.

From the table, Peeta looks up from a drawing he’s been working on for the last hour. “Hmm?” he asks absentmindedly. I don’t answer, still too absorbed in the letter to process a response. This, ironically, captures Peeta’s full response as he forgets the drawing on the table. “Katniss, what is it?” he asks more urgently.

I didn’t even know how to begin to respond. “They… they’re turning my birthday into a national holiday. In honor of me.” Finally, I manage to tear my eyes away to look at him.

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Cheating Part 2

“Morning Sunshine” my mum says as I walked into kitchen to see her running around the kitchen. “Mum is everything good?” I ask laughing. She smiles before kissing my forehead. “Yeah it’s just i invited, jughead and his dad to dinner tonight” that’s when I stopped laughing. “Why?” I ask shocked. I grabbed an apple and made myself some coffee before sitting back down. “I just wanted be nice, and you and jughead have been best friends for a while so I thought it would be a good idea, why is anything wrong?” I smiled before shaking my head. “No it’s all good, it’s just im not feeling well mum, is it okay if I just lay down?” I ask as she walked over to me. “Of course it’s okay, I’ll get you later when they arrive” I nod my head before making my way to my room. Tonight’s gonna be a lot of fun. “Sweetheart!” My mum knocked as I told her to come in. “They are here, come downstairs” I nod before we walked downstairs. I sighed before making my way to the table. “Y/n/n” someone engulfed me in a hug as i saw jughead. “Hey Juggie, hey Mr. Jones” i wave as we all sat down. “So jughead, I’ve heard a lot about you” my mum started as he smiles before looking at me. “Y/n told me you’re writing a book right now” as jughead nods. “Yeah, he’s pretty good at it from what I read” fp joined in as jughead smiles. “By the way y/n how’s school?” Fp looks at me. “great” i say as he looks at me. My mum turning towards me. “Are you okay?” She asks as I nod. “Yeah I’m just not feeling well, I told you that mum” she nods as we went back to eating. “Where is the bathroom?” Jughead asks as my mum stood up. “I’ll show you” as they leave. I looked down trying not to look t fp. “Can we talk later alone?” He asks trying to get my attention. I shook my head. “There’s nothing to talk about” I say just as my mum and jughead came back. “There is a lot to talk about please? Just one time?” He asks walking towards my chair as I looked at him crazy. “What are you doing?” I ask as I look to see if they come back. “I need to talk to you, I made a mistake I admit that but please let me explain,” he says and I shook my head. We heard laughter as fp sat back down.They both sat down as I stood up. “Mum im heading upstairs, im not feeling well” she smiles before kissing my cheek as jughead looked at me confused. “Hope you feel better y/n” I smile. “Goodnight” i nod towards fp and jughead as I made my way upstairs. Part3???? 💕

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Dating Spencer Reid head cannons,

AN: these are just my random head cannons for like what dating Spencer would be like, it may be long because I have a lot of these because yeah.
Tagging: @maybe-mikala @bookofreid @dontshootmespence

-Hugs. So many hugs when he’s not on a case, just back hugs when you are grabbing a book from his book shelf, or cooking, just him hugging you close as a sort of safety to know you are safe and not going anywhere.
-Forehead kisses. Just grabbing your cheeks and kissing your forehead.
-Nose kisses when you are laying in bed or on the couch together. Just leaning down and pecking the tip of your nose.
-Movie marathons, curled up on the couch Netflix popped up.
-Him reading to you, your head in his lap, eyes closed as he reads his hand going through your hair.
-Late night/Early morning face times of phone calls when he’s away on a case, just so he can hear you to help him sleep.
-Having random photos of you doing things, reading, cooking, cleaning, getting dressed, saved on his phone, looking at them to remind him of the good in the world.
-Strip poker games, you forgetting he is banned from every casino in Vegas and most in the surrounding cities, only realizing it when you are down to just underwear.
-Sleepy sex
-Just remind me you are here sex
-Angry you almost died on a case sex
-Before he leaves for a case, he hold your face, kissing your forehead, then your eyes, kissing your nose then your cheeks, ending on your lips. Making it his promise to come back to you.
-when he gets shot in the neck, you run into the room he’s in and just kissing all of his face before smacking him hard in the chest.
-laying in bed with him, and him tracing his fingers over your face.
-being big spoon some nights, kissing the back of his neck.
-him getting home from a case, seeing you passed on out the couch, dropping his bag and taking off his coat and just crawling next to you laying his head on your chest or stomach wrapping his arms around you and just falling asleep.
-holding him after a nightmare about prison or Tobias.
-kissing his hands, or his arms where the faint faint scars still sit from his drug addiction. Kissing them when he has cravings after everything that happened in jail.
-saving dirty photos for him on his phone, so he has something when you guys are apart.
-him wrapping his arms around you and just slowly dancing Keith you.
-him memorizing your favorite book and on days when you are sad or sick, he lays you in his lap and reads it to you.

Alec lightwood imagine

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Gif is not mine 

Please note that english isn’t my first language but yeah hope you like it!

This was requested from the lovely @leilanymontalvo-blog  : Alec lightwood imagine where the reader is pregnant and clary is surprised.

this is short i’m sorry. And this is my first imagine and i know heres a lot of time jumps it’ll get better with time ;)

summary: Alec and y/n has been together for 4 years and they just found out that y/n is pregnant and clary finds a baby book in y/n and Alecs room.


“Are you serious?!” Alec screamed in happiness but y/n put her hand over his mouth. “no one can know except for jace and iz, not this early” y/n said quietly and looked around to see if anyone heard. Alec nodded his head “of course angel, i’m just so happy. i can’t believe i am going to be a father”  Y/n smiled hearing that but then her smile faded “I’m just scared” Y/n said looking away but Alec took her chin and tilted it to him. “ I love you and this is going to be the most amazing experience ever. i promise” He said and kissed Y/n.

Next day:

Y/n walked to the training room where izzy was training. “good morning, are you ready?” y/n said and picked up a staff and threw one to izzy. “You shouldn’t be training” Izzy said and looked at Y/n belly. Y/n rolled her eyes and looked at her parabatai. “ Iz it’s totally fine i haven’t even been pregnant for a month. i know Alec isn’t going to let me do anything so please just let me train” izzy laughed “ okay then let’s go” 

Later that day.

Y/n where on her way back to her room to shower when Alec came towards her, he did not look happy. “where have you been?” He asked. “i’ve been training with izzy why?” Y/n pretended to look confused even though she knew what he was thinking. “I really don’t think you should be training when you are pregnant” Alec said with his puppy eyes. “Babe it’s totally fine, don’t worry, our baby is fine, i’m fine, just let me go and take a shower and i’ll meet you at lunch okay?” Y/n said and hugged Alec goodbye. “okay see you later angel” 

When y/n had showered she heard someone in her room so she walked out from the bathroom and saw a tiny redhead holding something. “Clary? what are you doing here?” y/n asked and Clary looked up from the thing she was holding and smiled. “Oh my god…, y/n are you pregnant” She asked holding up the baby book that y/n had just bought. y/n laughed “yeah i am, it’s very early so we didn’t want to tell everyone just yet.” Clary nodded “your secret is safe with me” y/n smiled “ thank you”.

And that was it for this imagine guys thanks for reading and please send in more request love you!!

so the full story on what happened when i accidentally sassed dan at tatinof:

okay so after the hugs and the hellos dan gestured to my book and said “do you want us to sign that?” and i was accidentally a sARCASTIC ASS and said “no i actually just brought it for you to look at” and for half a second they were silent and then phil did like this deep chuckle and said “nice” and dan laughed and said “oh yeah nice object” and i said “yeah it’s alright” AND PHIL LIKE SCRUNCHED UP HIS FACE INTO THAT “i can’t believe you just said that smile” and they both laughed idk if it was at me or with me but yeah that’s how i was accidentally a sarcastic ass but i also made them laugh so worth

  • Yang: Blake! You'll never believe it! I've met the most gorgeous girl in the world!
  • Blake: Oh, really?
  • Yang: Yeah! Gosh, she's so beautiful. She's smart, calm, funny and an incredibly talented huntress.
  • Blake: She sounds...nice.
  • Yang: You alright? You look like you're about to rip that book in half?
  • Blake: I'm fine, it's just an intense moment in the story.
  • Yang: Ohh okay. So anyway, do you think I should ask her out?
  • Blake: If that's what you want to do.
  • Yang: Yeah I do! I'd love to ask her out...kiss her...ask her to be my girlfriend.
  • Blake: Well go ask her, what are you talking to me for?
  • Yang: ...Blake, will you go out with me?
  • *Blake throws her book across the room and hugs Yang.*
  • Blake: I'd love to!

‘Derek this loft is so boring!’ you groaned as you came down stairs and saw your older brother reading some ancient book with no cover.

‘If you don’t like it leave, not like I’m letting live here rent free and feeding you everyday.’ Derek said without looking up.

‘I stay here because since I’m sixteen and you’re my guardian, you know, legally bound to provide for me until I’m eighteen.’ you snarled. 

‘I can emancipate you.’

‘Then I’d go running to Liam, and we both know how much you don’t want that. Me, and my boyfriend, living under the same roof, parents always busy working. Who knows what we’d get up to in a completely empty house? I could be teen mom.’ you said, knowing you were getting under his skin.

‘Shut up.’ Derek said while pointing to you.

‘Only if you put a damn TV in this loft, with good cable, and honestly what kind of dinosaur can live without wifi?’

‘The kind that knows how to read books and do productive things with their time.’ Derek said as he turned back to his book.

‘So is that a yes or no to the TV and wifi?’ you asked.

‘Will it shut you up and keep you out of my face so I can read in peace?’ Derek asked back in annoyance.

‘Yes, I promise.’ you swore.


‘Yay! Love you bro!” you squealed as you hugged him.

‘Yeah yeah, love you too (Y/N).’

I told you so

This was a really long request, so im probably gonna make it into 2 parts (could be more), but here’s a summary:

You and Isaac have been childhood bestfriends. When a new girl is transferred to Beacon Hills High School, you immediately don’t like her. Isaac tries to reason with you, but after you don’t show up for a week at school Isaac gets worried. You make sure he knows that you were right when he finally finds you. (part 2 will be the rest of the prompt)

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Not Again (part two)

Pairing: Isaac x Reader

Word count: 1702 words (holy shit!!!!)

Warnings: minor argument, kidnapping, torture, unsure about anything else.

a/n: this is part one, there will be a part two soon. i loved writing this one so much! :-)

“Isaac, look at me.” You held your best friends face in your hands, forcing him to look at you. You were careful to make sure your claws were retracted. “Isaac, just listen to me okay. You can control this, just focus.”

“I’m going to hurt you,” his voice was rough as he was trying to control his breathing.

“You’re not going to hurt me, just focus your mind on something else,” you let go of his face, moving to check his restraints.

“Why aren’t you restrained?” He asked, looking up at you.

“I’ve found how to control it. You have to find your anchor,” you sat down in front of him, pulling a bag of lollies from your bag. “It can be a person, thing, feeling or even saying. Just focus on whatever it is.”

“It’s… too much…” Isaac’s breathing was getting shorter, his claws coming out.

“Isaac Lahey. You will listen to me,” you said, shoving your lollies and bag aside. “Don’t you dare shift. There’s a few more hours until dawn, you can do this.”

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Caught: Part 2(Sirius Black)

Request: i think you should continue with idk, they have a fight before it and they arent talking then reader discover she is pregnant. james tries to kill sirius because first, they have sex “my littLE SISTER HAVE SEX WITH MY BEST FRIEND”, and second because she is pregnant????

So sorry about how long it took for me to write this, I literally had homework every night and then the busiest weekends(with more homework). However, it’s really long, so I hope that makes up for that. Sorry for any and all mistakes/typos I made, I was really trying to hurry and get this up. 

Part 1
So I imagine Caught to have taken place during their fifth year, but I’m going to make this sixth year. 

(Y/N’s Perspective)

I walk into the Common Room. Something’s off the second I step through the portrait hole. I glance around at everyone as I take my spot next to Sirius on a couch. He seems tense about something. 
“What’s up, babe?” I ask, curling up against him. James gives us a careful look. I roll my eyes at him. 
“Nothing, nothing. It’s nothing,” he shrugs. 
“He got in a fight today,” Peter pipes up. Sirius shoots him a death glare. 
“What happened?” I question. 
“Nothing. Nothing happened. It’s nothing.” It sure didn’t seem like nothing happened. Sirius seemed to tense up more. 
“Doesn’t sound like nothing,” I say. 
“I said it’s nothing,” Sirius snaps. I give him a shocked look. He rarely gets upset. And never at me. James looks over at him with warning. Sirius huffs and leaves, I fall sideways on the couch. I sit up as Sirius exits through the portrait hole. 
James looks as if he could punch Sirius. 
“What happened?” I ask, again, this time to James. 
“Well, I wasn’t there, so I’m not the best source, but apparently somebody was trying to pick a fight with him and he got upset pretty quick,” he explains. There’s a pause. James sighs. “Look, Y/N, I…I think you might want to be careful with Sirius. He doesn’t have the best reputation, and…just…it makes me nervous, you dating him.” 
“James, this is your best friend we’re talking about here. You’d trust him with your life, but not my heart?” I ask. James starts to say something, but Lily walks over. 
“Can you come with me, Y/N?” Lily asks. I nod. 
“Sure,” I say, getting up. “James, don’t worry about it. ‘Kay?” I add before leaving. 

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Murderer Part 4 - John Murphy Imagine

Rating: PG-13

Warning: mentions of death, but you guys should kinda expect that cuz, well, the 100

Summary: Part 4 to Murderer (Part 2/ Part 3)

Word Count: 1980

Days after Murphy escaped, you were the outcast again. You let Murphy get away. Apparently, some gunman saw you talking to him after he escaped. It wasn’t a good day for you. Bellamy yelled at you in front of everyone. Seeing as you had no one to impress or protect, you stayed silent as the leader of the 100 reprimanded you.

The rest of that day was ok for you. It didn’t seem like anything had changed from last time. You were ignored, talked about, and stared at. It was Murphy’s ex who was pathetic enough to still love him after everything he did.

At first, you didn’t mind the comments. It didn’t interfere with your work or daily life. Then, it did. Delinquents made work harder for you, blaming you for everything and making you do extra. People would tease you, asking if you were going to murder Jasper or Bellamy to ‘finish the job.’ With all the rumors, Bellamy took away your gun privileges! That wasn’t so great. You felt so vulnerable already. He just had to take your one useful weapon. You still had Murphy’s pocket knife, the one that was used against him. Yeah, you threw it away after an hour of carrying it around. You stole someone else’s dagger.

You contemplated leaving, many times. You still had your emergency pack. The 100, or what was left of them, hated you. There was a war coming. You had every reason to leave. However, Murphy always came back to your thoughts. You knew that if Murphy had nowhere else to go, he would come back. What if he did, and you weren’t there. They’d kill him for sure. You had to stay. You couldn’t risk that small chance.

The battle at camp was hard for you. No one was willing to protect you. You had to fend for yourself. You already did beforehand, but you felt empty knowing that no one would have a second thought if you died. Luckily a cowardly gunman abandoned his weapon, allowing to shoot again. You shot a few Grounders. You were proud, and it seemed like you actually were going to survive.

Then, you woke up in a clean room. It was too clean. You were clean. It was too white. You hated it. It was too perfect. For once, Clarke agreed with you on something. Then, she disappeared. You knew something was wrong. You tried to tell Jasper that Clarke would never just leave. You hated her, but you knew her. Jasper didn’t believe you. He actually outright said you were wrong.

You didn’t blame him, though. How could you? Your ex tried to kill him. Mount Weather wasn’t much different than the camp.The 48 still hated you. They always whispered behind your back. They avoided you at all costs. It was as if you were some bomb. The only great thing about Mount Weather was the food. It was good, actually.

You actually started to spend a lot of time with the adults of the mountain. They didn’t know about your past. They also gave you answers. Yeah, Jasper may not believe you, but you knew something was wrong with this safe and clean haven. Sure, you didn’t have anyone to fight for, but you had yourself. You were still alive despite people hating you, your ex murdering people, and being in a war. You couldn’t have survived this long without some sort of light at the end of the tunnel. Whether that included a love life with John Murphy, you never cared anymore. He was most likely dead.

In Mount Weather, you fought for you.

Murphy, well, you were wrong. He was alive, and he was going crazy. He planned on getting you out first. The Grounders promised him that if he gave them all the information he had, he could take you and live peacefully in another faraway village. The dropship was the surprise. Once the dust had cleared, the only person on the dropship was Raven. No one else was in sight.

He knew that in order to find you, he had to join Bellamy. Murphy hated the idea as much as everyone else did, but it was the only way. If you weren’t with Bellamy or Raven, you were with the other 48, somewhere. He would do anything to find you.

Murphy fought for you.

When saving the girl from another section of the ark, he helped. It wasn’t because he pitied the girl or wanted to save her. The reason Murphy felt the need to save her was, well, is because he heard you say it. He knew he was hallucinating. Murphy knew he was probably going crazy, but he didn’t care. Your voice had whispered, “She’s innocent.” Suddenly, Murphy saw Charlotte down there, hanging on for dear life. He saw someone there because of him. He helped her, and he was proud of himself.

When with Finn, he saw much of himself. He saw someone desperately in love with someone that would never love them back. He felt sorry for him, if he were to be honest. When he saw a Grounder using his handmade knife, Murphy almost snapped. You had that knife. He already propped his gun on his shoulder. He was ready to shoot any and every person in sight.

Then, he saw you. Of course, he knew it wasn’t possible. He knew it was a hallucination. His gun was still aimed at you. It wasn’t real.

You, what Murphy thought was you, just smiled. “Think, John.” It was only two words. However, it was all it took for Murphy to lower his gun. The Grounders were scavengers. That’s why their clothing was very mismatched and less organized than the others that he had seen. Murphy had seen a lot of Grounders.

Then, Murphy had to guard the pen of Grounders. One little child started to cry. Murphy tried his best to look away. Then, he saw you, from the corner of his eyes. This vision was different, though. It was the younger version of you. You looked ten or eleven. You appeared from the forest. Your figure ran to the boy and embraced him. Suddenly, the Grounder boy morphed into his younger self. Murphy closed his eyes. He remembered the first night his mom drank. He cried in a secluded part of the Ark. You had found him and ran to him. You had hugged him, regardless of why, and had whispered, “Nothing bad will happen. Not to you. Not while I’m here.”

Murphy sighed. He walked over to the boy and whispered, “Hey, nothing bad will happen to you. I won’t let it.” The child was confused to say the least, but nodded nonetheless.

Then, both Finn and he went crazy. One Grounder jumped out of the pen before they left. Finn shot at him. Murphy, himself, pulled Finn back. He kept shouting at him to stop and that it wasn’t what Clarke would’ve wanted. Then, as Murphy looked to the crowd. Suddenly, he saw you, protecting the same child from before. You looked exactly how you were before he said goodbye. Murphy panicked. Murphy stepped in front of the gun and was shot.

You came back from the mountain. You didn’t get tortured, luckily. Coming back wasn’t the greatest thing in the world. You were still ignored by those still alive of the 100. So, for the first twenty minutes, you just walked around camp and ate. You even contemplated leaving again.

“(Y/n), right?”

It was Abigail Griffin. You didn’t know much of her, except that she was a doctor on the Ark. She was on a stretcher, still weak from what had happened.

You nodded. “Yeah.”

She smiled sadly. “You need to see something.” She gestured for one of the other nurses to take you.

You were lead through the old Ark, or what was left of it. You came into a room for some injured. In the back, you saw a familiar mop of black hair. He was sitting still on the bed, staring at the wall. You held your breath. It couldn’t be. You rushed to him and gasped. “Murphy?”

Your ex turned around. He had his arm in a sling, and bandages were visible. His eyes widened at the sight of you. He smiled. “I thought we agreed on a goodbye.”

You smiled with tears in your eyes. Emotions overtook you like a tidal wave. You were still mad at him, but how could you be in that moment? He was dead. You thought he was. But, he was right in front of you. He was breathing, hurt, but alive. You couldn’t really ask for anything better when it came to living on the Ground.

Careful not to injure him, you hugged him. You brushed one hand through his hair and sighed. It’s been such a long time. “I thought you were dead, Murphy.” You pursed your lips, preventing yourself from saying something stupid.

He laughed, then groaned. It still hurt. “Well, I’m glad my ex thinks so highly of me.”

You pulled away from him and sat next to him. You grasped his hand and explained, “I do think highly of you. The Grounders, however, have a much higher standing in my book.”

He chuckled. “Yeah, I don’t blame you for that one.” Murphy sighed. He wanted to tell you so much. He wanted to apologize, hug you, kiss you, maybe even say 'I love you, but how could he? He had done so many horrible things. Why would you forgive him?

You sighed. “You know, being back in camp, even for a short amount of time, you hear a lot of things.”

He stiffened. What rumors were floating around now?

You bit your lip. “Murphy, you stepped in front of a gun and got hurt.” You leaned forward a little, trying to catch his eyes. “Are you ok?”

He smiled a little. “I’m fine.”

“Good.” You slapped him upside the head.

“What was that for?!” he shouted.

You rolled your eyes. “For being stupid!” You groaned. “Out of all the things you could’ve done when I was gone, you step in front of a gun!” You shook your head. “Unbelievable.”

He smiled. “Yeah, well, I won’t be doing many stupid things now.” Not wanting to reveal how insane he went, Murphy gestured to his cast. “Not sure if that will ever heal properly.”

You whipped out a dagger and spun it with your fingers. “You only need one hand for this.” You showed it to him.

Murphy stared at it with a smile. His grin grew a little. You carved your initials in it, just like he did with his. “Thanks.” As you set down the knife on his bedside drawer, Murphy breathed deeply and continued, “(Y/n), do you think things will get back to normal again?”

You pursed your lips. “I don’t know. Maybe.”

“I still love you, you know?” Murphy mentioned nonchalantly.

You nodded. “And I still love you.”

Murphy looked at you with surprise. You still weren’t looking at him, so he turned to face the wall again. He tightened his grip on your hand. “It’ll work out, right?”

You gazed at him. You held it for a few seconds, wondering if he will catch your stare. When he didn’t, you stared at the wall again. “Yeah.” You scooted closer to him and leaned your head on his shoulder. “I want it to.”

Murphy gulped. He missed this position. You two sometimes would sit like this when you were at dinner or by the campfire. He missed those days. 

Suddenly, another vision of you appeared right in front of him. Murphy sighed. He smiled a little at the hallucination. His vision whispered, “Good luck,” before disappearing.

Murphy gazed at you with a grin. “Yeah. Me, too.”

GUYS!!!!!! I love this series, the show and the imagines, so much!!!!! This is one of my favorite imagines by far. I hope you weren’t expecting kisses and fluff, cause on the Ground, that doesn’t really happen. I don’t think you would just go back into Murphy’s arms and everything would be normal. Both you and Murphy had gone through so much by yourselves that just going back to the way it was before he was hung would be a long and difficult process.

Anyway, I hope you guys like this installment of the Murderer Series. I don’t know if I wanna end it here. You did change the story a lot. i mean, now, Murphy would never had gone to the City of Light. So, I don’t know. If this part specifically gets a lot of notes, and I get a request. I maybe do another part.

I hope you guys like it! Love you all!

Christmas with you. Chapter 1

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Summary: Christmas, the time of the year when you have to go back home and see your family. Maybe it won’t be that bad this year. I mean you meet your high school crush and you finally go to a date after few years. 23 days’ till Christmas, 26 days ‘till you leave your childhood hometown. Is this just a fling or something more serious.

A/N: It’s 0.04 so it’s officially December now. Please enjoy my advent calendar attempt.

It was the time of the year to fly across the country to spend Christmas with your family. You hated spending holidays at home, your brother annoyed you every time you met,  your mother asked why you weren’t married yet or why you didn’t have a boyfriend and your father tried to get you eat more or you would “shrink”. What made everything worse was that it was the first day of Christmas and you would have to tolerate them for the next 26 days.

You sat at the passenger seat of your brother’s car watching the view of your childhood town. “Y/N~I found a guy for you while you were away. You two have actually met.” your brother said “Mark, can we just go trough one holiday without fighting? I can find a guy without your help, thank you very much.” you said and sighed “Y/N, I’m serious, we work together…” he started but you interrupted him “So you both hide in the library so mom would believe that you have a job and you are not smoking pot.” you said and Mark laughed “No, I’m a teacher these days. I teach math and the pot days are over.” you got impressed. Your brother working after ages of avoiding work. “Don’t look so impressed.” Mark chuckled “Anyways, he’s the PE teacher, actually he was a professional fencer. He would be perfect for you. He’s actually coming over for a dinner tonight.” Mark said and started telling how great this guy would be for you. “If he’s so great why you are not dating him?” you said. Mark chuckled “Yeah sure, I mean he has a great ass and all but he is kind of too loud for my taste and kind of… too manly.” Mark laughed. 

Your mother greeted you at the front door with open arms “Y/N, no boyfriend to introduce to us?” she said and pulled away from your hug. “No mom, but I heard that Mark has a guy for me.” you said and walked inside. “Yeah, Jackson, he is so polite and he is like the son I never had.” your mother said “Hey, I heard that.” Mark said as he walked in after you and your mother. “I meant that you are the son who was always in trouble and Jackson is the angle.” Your mother said and rushed back to the kitchen “thanks.” Mark said under his breathe. You hugged Mark “Great to be home.” you said and Mark chuckled “At least you get out of here after holidays, Me? I’m stuck.” Mark said and carried you luggage into your old room. “You could move.” you laughed. Mark sighed “Yeah well… Actually I’m engaged, his name is Jinyoung and he is the English teacher at the school and he loves this place. I just want to make him happy and if he’s happy then I’m happy.” Mark smiled. 

You wore red velvety dress with open back to the dinner. “Someone looks fancy.” Your brother said when you entered the living room. Soon someone rang the door bell “Y/N, you are closest to the door. Go open it.” Mark said. You opened the door slowly, a blond guy stood there with a purple hyacinth “Hey, I’m Jackson, Mark’s friend. And you are?” he said. You smiled, he was really handsome “I’m Mark’s sister.” Jackson’s jaw dropped “You are Y/N? Mark said you are pretty but, WOW. “ he said. You giggled “Come in.” you said and let Jackson enter “So…since you are his sister…this is for you.” Jackson said and gave the flower to you. You smiled and went to the kitchen to ask your mother what to do with a hyacinth. Jackson walked to the living room and sat next to Mark “Oh my stress… She’s way prettier than I remembered.” Jackson said. Mark nodded “Of course she is. She’s MY sister.”

You were waiting for Mark’s fiance. It was actually kind of awkward. You sat on a couch between Mark and Jackson, your mother and father in front of you, and only your grandmother’s old clock was ticking. “Jackson how’s work?” your father tried to break the silence “Work is good, we were playing soccer but the it started to snow and now we are playing floorball. I think I’m gonna teach some fencing soon, floorball is getting kind of boring to me.” Jackson told. Your father smiled “Y/N actually likes sports too. She used to be a cheerleader at her high school.” your mother chirped “Yeah, actually mom, we were at the same high school.” you said and got up from the couch “Jackson do you want a beer?” you asked as you walked to the kitchen “Sure.” Jackson answered.

Jackson actually was your high school crush but you never talked. He was always with Mark and you had a deal with Mark: “We don’t know each other in school. Ok?” that’s what Mark told you on your first day at high school. You started being a cheerleader because your friends tried to get in the squad but they didn’t make it. You still didn’t talk to Jackson.

You took two beers out of the fridge and walked back to the living room. You gave a beer to Jackson and sat next to him. “So Jackson, you like kids right?” your mother asked. Jackson almost chocked on his beer. Mark patted Jackson’s back “Shit sorry.” Jackson couched “Yeah kids are…ok?” he said still couching. “Mom, you can’t ask shit like that.” Mark laughed and so did your father. “I’m sorry but once you and Jinyoung adopt a kid or kids, you need a babysitter and Y/N is far away working. Of course you can always ask from us but you need a back up plan.” your mother said but Mark knew what your mother was thinking “I just wanna know if I can get as many grandchildren as possible.” Your father was laughing way too much and he had to wipe his tears away “Jackson in future, how many kids do you want.” Your mother blurted. “Um… what?” Jackson asked little bit dumbfounded.

The doorbell rang “Oh finally.” Mark whispered and got up to open the door. Soon Mark came back with dark haired guy “Y/N, this is my fiance Jinyoung, Jinyoung this is my sister Y/N and you know Jackson already.” Mark introduced “Hello Y/N, Mark is always talking about you and your writing in the teacher lounge. I actually red your book and it was a good one.” Jinyoung said and hugged you. “Agatha please tell me what is your secret, why do you look so young every time I see you?” Jinyoung hugged your mother. “Great an ass kisser.” you whispered in your beer. Jackson heard you and chuckled “Yeah but that’s Jinyoung.” he whispered to you. “Richard have you lost weight?” Jinyoung said as he shook your father’s hand. “Oh, I should check the dinner.” your mother said and ruched to the kitchen “Agatha do you need some help?” Jinyoung asked and rushed after your mother.

Of course your mother would make you sit next to Jackson and in front of the ass kisser. “Y/N, your hair looks great, what did you do to it?” Jinyoung asked. You lifted your gaze out of your plate to meet Jinyoung’s “um…airplane.” you mumbled and continued to look at your plate. “Jackson, you fly a lot right?” Your father asked and took a sip from his drink “Not anymore but I used to because of the fencing and…” he looked at you and saw your empty wine glass “Y/N do you want more wine?” he asked, you nodded “Please drunk me up.” you said and gave your glass to him.

After the desert you hid in your room. You lied on your bed watching the ceiling. Your mother was probably showing your photo album to Jackson, Mark probably was looking at the ass kisser with heart eyes while the ass kisser said shit like “Oh Agatha your daughter looks just like you.” or “Now I know why Mark and Y/N are so cute.” And you knew that your father was washing the dishes.

“You are missing Jinyoung asking your mother to teach him how did she make the cake we ate today.” Jackson said as he walked into your room. He sat next to you “I know this is such an obvious set up but…I have liked you since high school but since you were…are” Jackson laughed awkwardly “…Mark’s sister I didn’t come up and talk to you.” He lied down and looked into your eyes “Would you like to go out with me tomorrow?” he asked and blushed. You smiled and nodded “Great, I’ll pick you up after my classes…and maybe a shower.” Jackson laughed.

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Could you possibly do a hogwarts au? Preferrably about jaspar but really anyone can show up in the story! Just write anything you feel like about youtubers in hogwarts PLEASE xo

Title: Yule Ball

Summary: Based on the 4th Harry Potter book/movie. Dan’s name gets placed into the Goblet of Fire by someone unknown. Now he has to take part in the tournaments. But there’s also a dance coming up, The Yule Ball. Dan has to ask someone to go and so he and Joe make a deal with each other.

Pairing: jaspar/phan

Genre: AU, Fluff (Hogwarts AU/Crossover)

Word Count: 1,592


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Shower of Love

This is my first try on writing a scenario (and actually finishing it). Feel free to comment please.

Inspired by the time I had to take a cold shower because the water heater wasn’t working.

“AAAGGGHHHH!!!!!” He practically fell off his chair upon hearing your scream. “What’s wrong babe??” He asked, banging the door, his heartbeat sped up, negative thoughts sprouting in his mind.

 "What happened to the water heater? Is this some kind of joke you’re playing?“ You asked as you opened the bathroom door with a frown. "Umm.. What happened?” He have no idea what you meant. “The heater isn’t working. The water is icy cold. How am I going to shower?” It’s practically a rethoric question. You know it’s pointless to ask him. There’s a saying that men should know handywork but your man knows nothing and he proves himself when he replied “I didn’t do anything to it and I can’t do anything about it. I guess..” “Well maybe you should learn how to.” He scratched his non-itchy head, trying to come up with something positive to say. It’s a habit of his when being anxious. You shut the bathroom door and get back in the cold shower. You know you shouldn’t be mad at him, it’s not his fault that the water heater isn’t working. You were exhausted from the day’s work and when things doesn’t go your way you just need an outlet to vent and unfortunately he’s it.

 You stepped out of the bathroom feeling like you were buried in seven feet of snow for three days. All he did was look up from his book, observe you silently from his side of the bed, evaluating the situation. Should he say anything? “I’m sorry about earlier. I shouldn’t have said that. I’m just …” He shut his book and gestured you to come over. You climbed onto the bed and into his open arms. The heat radiating from his body warms yours and you feel better instantly. “Apology accepted.” He wrapped his arms around you. “Better?” You sneezed right after. “Well I would feel much better if I had a hot shower.” You rub your nose and pout. “My poor baby. Unfortunately I can’t give you that now and this is the best I could do.” He rubbed your arms and you snuggled closer to his warm cuddle. “I’ll get someone to fix it tomorrow.” He kissed your forehead. You nodded and dozed off out of the day’s exhaustion.

 The next day went by as normal and he fetched you from work. Fifteen minutes into the drive and you noticed you weren’t on the normal route home. “Where are we going?” You asked in confusion. “Somewhere.” You’re curious but you know it’s useless to press on for an answer. He would have given you one if he wants to. Ten minutes later both of you arrived at a hotel. “Why are we here?” You asked again as he leads you to the elevator. The elevator reached the fifth floor and he leads you to one of the rooms. He slots in the keycard and gestured you to enter. You noticed there was a travelling bag on the bed and confronts him again. “What’s all this?” “I thought we could have a mini getaway.” He answered nonchalantly. “Getaway? It’s the middle of the week. We still have to go to work tomorrow.” You half-asked, half-stating the last sentence to indicate that you did not apply for any day-off from work. You don’t remember planning any holidays with him. “I thought maybe we could have a change of surrounding for a while. It’s been a while since our vacation right.” “We just got back from our vacation last month. It’s not that long ago dear.” You suddenly realized something. “Did you … booked this room so I could have hot shower?” “Yeah. The electric guy couldn’t make it today and I know I said I’ll get it fixed today.” “Aww you didn’t have to.” You approach your lovely husband and hugs him. “I can’t let my poor wife catch a cold.” He hugs you back. “Go check if there’s anything I left out. Everything’s in that bag.” He nodded to the travelling bag on the bed. “You packed all of my stuff? How do you?” You looked at him in awe. “I’m your husband. I should know what you need and use daily.” You never thought he’s this attentive. “Wow you didn’t missed a thing!” You hug him again and give him a kiss on the lips. “I’m good aren’t I?” He said with a proud smirk. “I’m so lucky to have an amazingly perfect husband.” You kissed him again, appreciating this wonderful man in front of you. “Well then does your amazingly perfect husband get a reward tonight?” He asked before kissing your lips. “I could reward you now, if you follow me into the shower,” you whispered the last part of the sentence, winking and biting your lips suggestively before pulling him into the bathroom with you.