yeah i hope this isn't too late

Hello everyone! Last month marked the end of my second year here on tumblr and the beginning of my third year! Also, it has been a year since I made the transition to blogging Asian photography. I’m so glad to have made that change because there are so many beautiful photos taken by talented photographers! And finally, thank you to all of the blogs here, your blogs are fabulous because they’re run by even more fabulous people that have made my tumblr experience wonderful c: I look forward to another amazing year of photography! ^^

irl friends: bubbletexo // k0gitsunemaru // love-cows // mutsunokamii

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Happy Birthday, Kiyotaka

I’m taking a small break from requests to write a birthday fic!! Sorry this is a few days late. 

Plot: Ishimaru has never really had a birthday, so Mondo throws him a surprise one. Really fluffy. Too fluffy for my own good I need to write more death probably

I guess warnings for mentions of bullying? Not much though

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