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  • [during sex]
  • Hinata: NARUTO!
  • Naruto: SASUKE!
  • Hinata: ...
  • Naruto: ...
  • Hinata: ...
  • Naruto: I can explain
  • Naruto: It's a habit
  • Hinata: What?
  • Naruto: No, wait. What I mean is- the only person who shouts my name like that is Sasuke and I usually shout his name too, like, when we fight
  • Hinata: Why?
  • Naruto: I don't know. It's kind of our thing. We've been doing it for years.
  • Naruto: Well, not doing IT, you know, not like we just did. But that name thing, 'it.' I'm not in love with him, I swear! At least, not the same way I'm in love with you.
  • Hinata: Naruto
  • Naruto: I mean, we only kissed once, and it was totally an accident.
  • Hinata: Naruto
  • Naruto: Or, twice, unless you count that other time-
  • Hinata: NARUTO!
  • Naruto: SASUK- Hinata, I meant to say Hinata, see? It's like a reflex.
  • Hinata: Go sleep on the couch while I think about this relationship.
  • Naruto: Fine, but can I ask you something?
  • Hinata: *hopeful* Yes?
  • Naruto: By 'this relationship,' did you mean yours and mine or mine and Sasuke's?
  • Hinata: Get out.

i have a feeling we’re gonna be seeing isak apologise to sana on saturday for what he said to her about “if you go looking for hate, you’ll find it, and when you find hate, you start hating yourself”, based off that horrible experience that happened to him today. 

and it’d be a perfect parallel like how in season 3, sana apologised to isak after she realised her mistake, researched and learnt, and told isak this.

Harry Styles is a model and the currently most in-demand face in the fashion industry who might be just a little bit too full of himself and Janey Darling is the photographer that knocks him off his high horseโ€ฆ and subsequently off his feet.

this is the rewrite of my 2016 autumn exchange fic with added scenes. about 8.5k words. slightly nsfw towards the end and if you read this far you might as wellโ€ฆ

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Within your heart lies a single golden arrow.

You pull back, and release.

@callmearcturus there is not a single page I don’t want to draw from this fic.

  • Yoongi: In light of everything you've done for the band, you can hug me for 4 to 5 seconds.
  • J Hope: 45 SECONDS?!
  • Yoongi: NO! 4 TO 5 SECONDS!


I just…I just can’t even believe how amazing that episode was? So we have:

  • Mac openly talking about how he’s worried if his sexuality is bothering his best friend and trying to start an open dialogue with his other best friend about it
  • Dennis finally admitting he has feelings, BIG feelings (and apparently they hurt which is something I could have gone without but beggars can’t be choosers)
  • Mac getting Dennis his first Valentine’s Day present and it’s the one thing he wanted more than anything else in the world and Mac fucking knew it because Dennis is his best friend and he knows him better than anyone excuse me while I go sob
  • DENNIS ADMITTING HE HAS FEELINGS I need to say it again because it’s just so wonderful
  • The Macdennis was strong in this episode, as was Serial Killer!Dennis (so I was a pretty happy camper especially since they came together in the most marvelous way)
  • Hell, there was even some Chardee, which I something I can always appreciate
  • Also, Dee was amazing, just throwing that out there
  • We didn’t have soft-hair!Mac, but we did get swoopy-hair!Dennis, so I think it evened out
  • Dennis was Mac’s Valentine. And the look on Mac’s face when Dennis opened the crate and found the RPG was beautiful. As was Dennis’ face when he saw his very first present, second only to his breaking voice and watering eyes
  • “I love it. You figured out the one thing I wanted more than anything else in the entire world, and you got it for me, and it’s perfect” <– That is a fucking canon quote and you can rip it from my cold dead fingers

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wil i swear if you just shut up forever i'll let you slather me down with bear grease on live tv. please just give me this

Yeah, that’s not gonna happen. I hope you can cancel that order of bear grease and get a refund.

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hi, what bughead fics are you currently reading and why. thx -anon

This is a very big question, GrayFace. Firstly. I read a lot of fic. A LOT of fic. I love all the tumblr one-shots from our immensely talented Bughead writers. I wish all of them posted them on Ao3 so I could comment and squee all over again along with all the other one-shots I’ve read and reviewed. There are only officially a total of 595 Bughead fics on Ao3 right now - and I would guess I’ve read at least 500 of them… 

However, I get the feeling the question is talking about the WIPs I’m following at the moment. I’ve subscribed to 19 pages worth of fics for all different fandoms - so I can’t really give a concise answer.

How about I just share a bunch of Bughead fics (because let’s be honest - like 90% of those of you who actually actively interact with me are fellow Buggies) - that I am EAGERLY awaiting updates on. As of right now - none of these are complete - and only SOME of the fics I have alerts for. 

Long Live Rock by @ficmuse- because seriously, unless you’re new here - you already know that FM is my girl. The BLT series should be required reading for a Bughead shipper. 

Chiaroscuro by @formergirlwonder- LITERALLY filmed in black and white. It’s Film Noir at it’s VERY finest. I can’t get enough of this fic.

The Stacks by @malmo722- Juggie and V are the best of friends and V is a big Bughead shipper. I love them.

fall in light by sylwrites  - DUDE. It’s just about over and I’m not prepared. One of my most favourite Bughead fics ever. Roomates->Friends->Lovers  **just finished this afternoon** 

I’ll Wait for You by @a-girl-named-whiskey - Underground Racing Bughead. Need I say more?

tell them we sold out by thedeadsea33  - DUDE. Fight!Club Bughead. We need more. So much more of this. What does a fangirl have to do to get more of this?

In the Still of the Night by BlueLonghand  - Amazing. I don’t know how else to describe it. 

Behind the Rear Window by @jugandbettsdetectiveagency- Rear Window AU

1971. by @katiedegennaro- set in the 70s. Super good. Mystery and Journalism. 

Do You Believe in Fate? by @jennimisk - Because it’s a Bughead in Italy AU and it’s wonderful.

Skin to Skin by @burgerheadjones - Soulmate AUs are my BAG. I wish there were a million more of them. I love them.

the winged beast by @onceuponamirror - I’m a sucker for Juggie from the Southside.

Make It Work by @raptorlily - because Fake Dating is awesome. Also because all of raptorlilly’s fics are awesome. Also  And Other Collisions  - because.

red sunrise by @lusterrdust - Zombies and Bughead! Nearly complete - but seriously, I’m subscribed to Luster - so I get notified every time she posts anything and I stop what I’m doing and read it. Because it’s Luster.

Needing/Getting by slantedsunlight -  SKI TRIP Bughead! It’s AU but it’s fabulous and I’m dying for more.

That Primeval Cosmic Night by LoneWulffe  - this one just started but there are dreams involved and I’m parking myself right here waiting for more.

Bughead by @wordgirl80 - Goes along with the episodes - but is SO much more. And I’ve managed to convince her to continue through the summer instead of waiting until the new season picks up. You’re welcome.

Finding a home by @bughead4days- Serpent!Betty. Honesty I would read anything Erika writes - even if it was just Bughead watching paint dry - so I’m biased here. And there are quite a few of her fics that are WIPs and I’m waiting on all of them:  A Dangerous GameTurf Wars - seriously all of them. 

Shuffle Off This Mortal Coil by @it-happened-one-starry-night - A sweet take on Bughead getting married young and the traumas that surround that.

Softening the Edges by Ruby_JW - through their whole friendship - vignettes from their past. This is really good.

Ash and Smoke by saltyhowell - SOUTHSIDE REPRESENT!

We are all Riverdale by NyGi  - Post S1 - and super good. the update today had me emotional.

Jughead’s Circular File by AvenuePotter  - I feel a lot of feels when I read a new chapter of this. It’s full of pain and angst but I love Juggie’s voice in it.

The Boy on the Bike by SereneCalamity - AU - Betty and Juggie meet in LA. So good. There are motorcycles. lol.

Gun Song by Shippershape - it’s been so long since this was updated but it’s also so amazing and awesome. Maybe if other people go forth and fangirl that will help the author know we’re dying for more?

Edited after because I suck!
Self Conclusion by @betsforsythetrash
 - warning mentions of suicide attempts but also so super good.

I’m still working on my giant spreadsheet of fics (but I recently got distracted trying to write my own Bughead fic). The list is still gonna happen though - Complete and WIPs too - but the fic needs to happen too. 

So yeah. I hope this answers your question, Grayface. And remember - this isn’t an exhaustive list. There are lots of fics I’m still reading and probably didn’t add to the list. If you wrote one and I missed it - I’m sincerely sorry. Love to all of you!


One year x

Thank you for coming back, TLSP <3

happy birthday to our vocal king (and the king of my heart), kim jongdae #HappyChenDay

do not edit or re-upload

colorlester –> meloqrama

hey guys! i’ve decided to move to a new url (shoutout to @djnof thanks bud)

there are a lot of not so great people in the phandom and that’s made it super hard for me to have a good time on tumblr so i think i’m gonna be gone for a while. i’m trying to focus on things that actually make me feel good?? idk it’s a new trend all the kids are doing it. i’ll probably still post some dnp stuff?? but it’s mostly gonna be aesthetic and shitposting lol (my queue actually has a lot of dnp stuff so you’ll still be seeing that for a little while)

ik i said there are a lot of Bad people in the phandom but i met so many of my favorite people ever in this community and i wouldn’t trade their friendships for the world. i might eventually make a dnp blog again?? but don’t hold your breath lol

thanks so much for your support! pls rb this to spread the word and also pls don’t unfollow me thanks!!!!!!!!

“Heartbreak Hotel” (M)


Member: Lay from EXO

Genre: CEO!Yixing: angst and smut

A/N: After the voting yesterday, Yixing won! so here is the one shot I promised you guys! I hope this won’t make you too emo lol. It is inspired by Tiffany’s new song “Heartbreak Hotel” so i suggest you listen to it while you’re reading this to get the full feel! thank you for reading, I love you ❤  as always, asks are welcome!

Summary: Yixing is a big successful CEO and you’re his secretary who got involved in a forbidden love. 

“Don’t leave me.” You grabbed Yixing’s hand as he got up from the bed, buttoning back his white shirt.

“I can’t be seen with you and you know that.” He turned around and began looking for his tie.

You have been working for Yixing for about 3 months now. Yixing was one of the most successful CEOs in the country if not the world. Being his new secretary and also being the first one to last more than a week was a hell of a job. Yixing was a busy man and you had to dedicate your entire life to the job. At first you were intimidated by his position and all that was said about him. But soon enough you saw that he was one of the sweetest men you have ever met. He was constantly under immense pressure and expectations that no human could ever handle all alone.

“Why can’t you just say you have a girlfriend already?” you asked, trying to hold your tears from caressing your cheeks.

Slowly you began spending more time with Yixing and you hit it off. It was only a business relationship at first but that one night he insisted on driving you back home as it was well into the night and the both of you have been stuck in the office, signing millions of papers that were required for a new deal to be made.

So you agreed. He walked you back to your apartment and you could see from the look in his eyes that the stress was eating him inside out. He needed a relief so you kindly invited him inside and talked till the small hours of the morning.  With one glass of wine in each hand you began to slowly become more comfortable with each other.

“Thank you for being there for me. I don’t know where I’d be right now if you hadn’t come along.” he told you that night. The apartment was dark with only the moonlight escaping through your blinds. Suddenly you felt this strange urge, the urge for him to come closer. He must have read your mind because that’s exactly what he did. With both of you sitting on the floor, your legs thrown over his, you could feel his hand sneak its way to your knee as his lips moved in your direction. Hesitantly, your body jerked forward and your lips met his. The kiss was passionate, your lips were aching for his touch and the way he ever so passionately moved them against yours told you that you may have entered a territory that was not safe.

It was forbidden for a CEO to date his employees let alone his secretary. It was a cliché but you couldn’t help it. When you were with Yixing, everything felt right. You made him disappear into another universe; somewhere he could escape to once in awhile and feel nothing but affection. Living alone and having this kind of career had nothing but money involved in it. You were his reality, someone to keep him grounded and true to himself no matter what happened along the way.

“You know I love you right?” he walked up to you, his hands on your thighs and an innocent look on his pale face.

“Then show It.” A tear escaped your eye without you noticing. You saw him gulp at the sight of what he had caused.

“I do love you and I need you to know that I love you because I’m not always going to be there to show you how much I love you.” He sat next to you, forcefully embracing you into a hug, your head falling on his shoulder as tears wet his white shirt.

You’ve been together for a short time but the connection you had with him was unexplainable. You’ve never felt this way about anyone and you’ve never spent so much time with someone as you did with Yixing. You were in love but you didn’t want to be. It hit you when you weren’t looking, blurring out anything else that was on your mind.

There was nothing you could do and Yixing assured you there was nothing he could do either. You couldn’t be seen in public together, ever. It would cost Yixing his image and would cost you your career.

There was a very famous gala held in one of the big hotels in the city tonight. The hotel you were in right now. Yixing had to go with another well known woman as his date tonight and it broke your heart. The thought of waking up the next morning to photos of him holding another woman and pretending he wasn’t in love with someone else really got to you. You knew this was what you were facing getting into this but you didn’t know how bad it would actually feel like until it finally happened.

Taking a day off from the office and spending the entire day with you in this hotel until it was time for him to leave was nice until you remembered that after spending this entire time kissing, touching and whispering words of sincerity in your ear, he would leave and go show off another woman to the world.

You felt like a mistress and his image was your worst enemy. You wanted to come to the office and kiss him good morning, bring him coffee and have lunch with him but you couldn’t. He had to spend time pretending he didn’t even know you. Why did you keep coming back to his bed then? You didn’t have a choice. All this mistreatment was worth to endure because when the lights were off and people scattered home one by one, his real intentions came to light. You would go to this same exact hotel after every work day and there was nothing else you wanted more than his touch. It made you feel alive when you knew you were weak.

“I need you to believe me when I say the words I love you to you. I need you to not run away because I won’t be able to live without you, got it?” he whispered in your ear as your tears kept streaming down his back.

“If you don’t want me to leave, then why do you leave me?” you silently let out.

“Because I’m selfish. Because I’m afraid that everything that I’ve worked for my entire life would crumble into pieces because of some-“

“Because of just some love story?” you let yourself out of his grasp, a serious expression replacing your tears.

“No. you know that’s not what I mean baby.” He grabbed your waist, trying to pull you in for another hug but you stopped him.

Was it a current obsession or love that you were experiencing? When do you really know when you fall for a person? Is there some warning or do you just have to figure it out yourself? Those were the thoughts that managed to black out your expression as you sat in front of his confused look.

“You don’t love me do you?” you chuckled, getting up from the bed as you began looking for your pants.

“No that’s not what I meant Y/N” he got up after you, snatching the pants off your hands.

‘’Let me leave.” You looked into his eyes, there was nothing there anymore. A blocked dark expression.

“No.” he said as he threw your pants on the bed.

“You care about your career more than you care about me. You just have to stop denying it and see how you really treat me, as your anti-stress pill and not as a lover. I am not your possession Yixing. I am a human being that cannot just be thrown around whenever you feel like you need human touch.” You brought his attention to your words as you watched his dark expression fall into a realization.

“Fine, Leave.” He gulped once as if tears were threatening to attack him.

Biting your lip with disbelief, you walked up to the bed and grabbed all your clothes, putting them back on. He watched you get dressed and slip right through his fingers. Leaving now meant you won’t have an invitation back. And a part of you knew it was the right decision but another part of you was screaming no.

“It was nice knowing you Yixing.” You tapped his chest as you were on your way out the door, your gaze set on the exit. You left him silent and didn’t look back.

You walked through the lobby of the hotel that was raging with business man and women in beautiful dresses that you could have been wearing right now. You walked through the crowd as everything turned silent in your mind.

Quickly you grabbed a taxi and you were home in no time. Dropping your bag on the floor as you entered your apartment, you didn’t even bother turning on the lights and left the apartment dark like that night with Yixing. Dropping yourself on the couch, with your black skinny jeans and your outfit from today is what you did after, because even changing was not on your mind right now.

It hurt. It was like a pain in your chest you couldn’t help. You stared at the ceiling, sighing as you closed your eyes. A hand snuck itself to the remote on the floor, you turned on the TV and browsed the channels given.

Reality TV, shopping Channel, news, MTV, more news- wait. Your eyes widened as you saw what was shown on your TV screen. One of the biggest news outlets in the country was covering the gala you just ran off from. The reporter as interviewing a beautiful woman in a red gown. Next to her it was no other than Yixing.

“You have one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen by your side tonight Mr.Zhang” the interviewer shot a wide smile to Yixing.

“Oh I know. I have the most beautiful date here tonight don’t I?” Yixing smiled back, his dimple showing.

You felt that choking feeling again. You were tired of crying you were tired of heart break you were if anything, mad. How could he just go from holding you in his arms for hours to lying on camera and acting like a jerk? You knew who Yixing was and that was not him.

You picked up your phone with anger and opened the text conversation you had with Yixing. “I love you” was his last text. How fitting.

Your mind knew exactly what to write but your fingers didn’t want to move. ‘Let it go’ your body was signaling you, But how could you?

“Glad you’re enjoying your night, you know having the most beautiful date and all. Being an asshole suits you.” You hit send.

You looked back at the TV, Yixing was not on anymore and the interviewer was with another successful couple. You looked back at your phone and a mark appeared next to your text. He has seen it but no response. Wow typical, you laughed.

The couple was boring to say the least. Who cares about stocks anyways?  Everyone in this business is a big fake show. You watched the couple on your TV being the last ones to be interviewed as everyone behind them rushed inside for the event. The lobby was practically empty and only waiters roamed around with leftover food on their trays.

“So I think it’s safe to say that this year is going to be a very interesting one for-“the interviewer’s attention shifted to a man running behind the couple.

Your blank gaze shifted to the man too as your mouth dropped open. WHAT IS HE DOING? You yelled all over your apartment. The event was going to start in 5 minutes and it was the most important night for Yixing to present his new plans for the year but here he was. The couple turned around to a sight of Yixing running like a maniac behind them and towards the exit.  

Suddenly the camera man shut his camera off and broadcast went back to the news reporter’s desk.

‘Wait, wait, wait’ you sat up on your knees trying to click many buttons at the same time, trying to find another channel that was broadcasting the gala but nothing. What the hell is he thinking to just leave and run away like that? Is he stupid? He knows very well he can’t do that.

You dropped back on the couch, raging at Yixing and trying not to think about all the calls you were gonna need to answer tomorrow morning at the office with questions about Yixing running away from the most important gala of the year. What an idiot.

You turned your focus on the cooking show that was on the news channel at this hour and just blanked out. Some time passed by but your mind was still on Yixing.

‘I hate him-‘a knock on your door suddenly startled your thought process.

“WHO IS IT?” you yelled as you got up from your couch, trying not to trip over something in the dark. There was no answer and you felt suspicious for a moment there.

Opening the door wide open, your eyes widened at the sight of Yixing standing in front of you in the most expensive black suit, his chest raging as he was trying to catch his breath.

“ARE YOU STUPID?” you yelled at him.

“Yes. I’m an idiot and I can’t even begin to tell you how sorry I am-“he breathily let out.

“Stop.” You interrupted him mid sentence.

“Please listen to me Y/N” his breathing was still unstable.

“You ran out of the most important event of the year. Do you even know what you just did?” you leaned against the door, raising your eyebrow in confusing.

“You think I care about the gala? You think I really care about some presentation and about some rich arrogant people? You think I’m really able to sit there with a fake date next to me knowing you’re here, probably crying over me because I made you feel like an object?” His breathing stabilized.

“Hey there now, don’t flatter yourself Mr.Zhang” a smirk snuck on your lips, earning a laugh from Yixing.

“I don’t care about anything but you. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to see that earlier because I was too struck about how I am supposed to behave and how I am supposed to be perceived to the public eye and I’m sorry I had to act like a jerk to try to protect you from this life. I love you and I genuinely mean it.” He took a step closer to you.

“You let me walk away Yixing.” you looked back at his eyes which were filled with regret.

“I let you walk away once but I’m never going to let you do that again. That’s why I’m not leaving this spot until you say I love you back.” He bit his bottom lip.

“Yixing-“you sighed.

“Please forgive me. You’re my everything.” He took another step closer to you, closing the space between you.

Your body reacted before your mind did and your lips plunged on his. He immediately grabbed your waist, pulling your body to his as he deepened the kiss.

His lips were cold from the fresh air outside that he was probably running through. They were gentle and you could feel the love he had for you just by the way they moved against yours. His eyes closed with relief as his hand caressed your back with gentle movements.

You backed away from the door, bringing the kiss with you as Yixing closed the door behind him. He grabbed your waist with both his hands and picked you up against his body as you wrapped your legs around his waist. Slowly but eagerly he backed you to the bedroom, dropping you on the bed with him on top of you.

Moonlight shined through the blinds and suddenly you felt the same feeling you did the first night you spent together. The pain in your chest was replaced with a warm flow and a smile. Your body wasn’t aching anymore, it was happy.

Your fingers snuck beneath his collar, making their way to undo his perfectly tied black tie. Breaking the kiss for a short moment, he sat up, your body trapped between his legs, he unbuttoned his jacket and white shirt in mere moments as his hooded eyes scanned all over your body.  The last button came off, revealing a perfect six pack with drops of sweat streaming down it from the run Yixing ran to get here. They glistened from the moonlight, making you even hungrier for him than you were before.

He dropped on his knees above your body, his fingers caressing your t-shirt. They made their way under it, his cold touch sending chills down your spine as he took the cloth off, throwing it on the floor. Your legs wrapped themselves around his waist, feeling the apparent bulge under his black dress pants. While his bulge was rubbing against your clothed entrance, his lips caressed your ear, leaving a gentle kiss on it.

“I love you.” He whispered softly against your ear, sending more chills down your spine with the sound of those three simple words.

His hands made their way to the zipper of your jeans, slowly teasing as he was undoing them. With the blink of an eye, he grabbed your pants and pulled them off your legs. Leaving you in only your bra and underwear, his eyes turned dark and with that his lust grew too.

You stripped him off his pants shortly after his fingers undid your bra. His lips hovered over your chest, taking one nipple in with his pink lips. You felt the touch of his tongue caressing circles around your sensitive nub, earning a moan from you. You brought your knee under him, rubbing it gently on his bulge, hinting at him to take his boxers off, which he immediately got and stripped within seconds. Before he dropped back on your body, his fingers grabbed your underwear and pulled them off your legs and onto the floor to join the rest of your clothing.

You wrapped you legs back around his waist as he dropped down on your body, jerking forward so his long erection rubbed against your heat, teasing as a moan escaped his lips and ran over yours.

You brought his lips down for a kiss, his moving with passion as you felt them wet yours, biting at your lower lip. You locked eyes with him, everything around you disappeared and the only thing you could see was his genuine love for you as you felt his steady breath on your lips.

Your hand snuck on his back, running your fingers through the back of his hair and pulling his head down for another kiss. One hand grabbed at your waist, holding you in place as he entered you slowly at first. The feeling of him inside you finally fed your need. He adjusted inside of you, slowly going in further and further letting you embrace him all.

Once he was fully in, his hips began to move slightly until he found his rhythm against yours. His breathing began to heavy as moans escaped your lips, caressing his bottom lip. The feeling as he moved inside made your mind race. Your hips jerked up and began to move in sync with his, earning more moans from him too.

His thrusting became stronger and more aggressive. You could only feel him and him alone. Nothing else bothered you, he was your everything.

The thrusts lasted for a good period of time as the room was filled little by little with little whispers of ‘I love you’ in your ear and pleasure from your mouth.

His fingers grabbed at your sheets as he thrusted one last time before making you reach your peak. The ball of heat that was building at the pit of your stomach finally broke, sending chills down your whole body, your walls crushing around his cock, making his mouth erupt with swear words and moans.

With one bite to your lower lip, he dropped beside you, staring at the ceiling for a moment, trying to catch his breath before pulling you against his chest.

Your ear rested against his beating heart, listening to each beat as if it was a music note.

“I thought you broke my heart there for a second” you whispered against his warm chest.

“Never again.” He whispered back.

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Am I the only one not wanting a Richonne baby? Honestly I feel like some people want a Richonne baby as a sort of Verification that Richonne is end game. They already have Judith and Carl who both love Michonne very much and vice versa. I just don't see Michonne getting pregnant before all out war begins. Plus Richonne is here to stay with or without a baby. Some people are using it as a fetish because interracial couples always make the 'cutest babies with blue eyes and nice skin' like๐Ÿค”

I know you sent this before the quote from Andy came out (what kinda timing? haha), but I wanted to hold off since everyone was celebrating yesterday. But I kind of agree, I still don’t want a Richonne baby right now. I don’t know what people’s reasoning is for wanting it; some people just like babies, I guess. (I’m not really one of those people, lol.) But you’re probably right on some level.

Still, I do enjoy the idea of them helping to repopulate the world (and us getting to see them practice 👀); I just don’t think it makes a lot of sense to actively try and have a baby now.

It’d be cool if that’s something they discuss in 7B, and agree that that’s what they want for the future. But Maggie is already pregnant through all this, and they’re not exactly handling that so great, so I don’t really want the same kind of storyline for Michonne. Like I mentioned, it would be ideal for me if S9 were to open with their little one sitting at the kitchen table. Or maybe a 9 months pregnant Michonne. But anytime during All Out War would be… a lot.

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How sexist is the Fire Nation? It's interesting to see how they have female soldiers in the main islands, but don't have any on the invasion forces. This seems to be a reference to Total War, World-War-style societies, where women and old men held the Home Front, and these were pretty sexist societies... although much less sexist than even a few decades before.

Tbh I hadnโ€™t quite thought about it that way. I had thought about the fact that I canโ€™t name any high-ranked women in the army, though. You have a great point with that, though. I do reckon the Fire Nation was progressing in regards of equality for the sexes, but theyโ€™re not 100% there yet by ATLAโ€™s time.

Goddammit, I know Iโ€™ve ranted about the softcore sexism in the Fire Nation before, but I canโ€™t find the post. Linking you to it would have been a lot more useful than going on about it again, but what the heck. I guess Iโ€™ll have to do it again after all! :โ€™D Brace yourself! Long post!

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