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Attention by Charlie Puth - Mystic Messenger Ver.

Someone teach me how to stop listening to this song please- Its has been haunting my playlist on the loop for 2 weeks now– The outfit is referenced by Jumin Good Ending and Zen’s normal ending ~ Honestly the dress is really a karma, www

I always got ask(s) from anon EACH TIME I upload a Jumin short comic, saying that I don’t give much attention to Zen. So yeah have this attention (the song title,pun intended), www But more like, my time is limited so I need to be picky on what I want to draw, after all, this is for free and my stress relief so please have some mercy on me too okay;;QAQ

But honestly this song can be related with all MM bois each time the MC resets lol hahaha

Guess I can only upload 1 short comic per week, looking at my slow hands and my other commitment but so little time–
Also JuminZen week is coming, I already got this super cute idea and I can’t wait to work on it too hnghhh wish me luck ! :D

Somebody please grant me a holidays free from my day job orz so I can work on all of these asap aaaaa

“She’s supposed to be vegan,” Golden-eyes said without lifting her eyes from her textbook.

Her roommate had gone a few days before. The burn mark on her arm from where she had touched a stove-top coil was in the wrong place when she stumbled back through the door one night. That was how Golden-eyes knew in the first place. The moment the being that looked like her roommate had walked in the door, she’d known.

Mark one up for belonging somewhere other than Humanity.

This was her second semester at school, a different roommate this time, and both of them had been taken. It was like they were trying to keep an eye on her, the calling-home getting louder each time. Golden-eyes the Changeling. Made for an interesting story, she did.

But back to the current happening.

Her roommate, the one that was replaced, she was eating whole eggs. Not hardboiled. Just…Raw. In the shells and uncooked. Out of the carton.

It was frustrating.

“I was going to bake a cake tomorrow,” she added, putting the cap of her highlighter in her teeth. Her next words were muffled but understandable. “Rather rude of you, eating my ingredients. I was going to share,” she spat the cap out, finally looking up. “Freely given.”

“…?” her roommate made a questioning noise, her two-shades-wrong eyes tracking the movements Golden-eyes was making.

“Yeah yeah, just…” Golden-eyes sighed, shutting her highlighter in her book and standing up. “I have too much free time tomorrow, I hate not having something to do. And she’s supposed to be vegan.”

The questioning noise again.

“It means she doesn’t eat eggs or dairy of any kind.” Golden-eyes held out a hand. “I need those back. We’ll get you set up with something that probably tastes better. Again, freely given. We can swap it out for the carton of cream I have specifically for you. I also have honey. And,” she looked at the clock. “She has about nine hours until her next class. She took morning ones. So unless you can get all the rest you need, it’s going to be you drinking the cream with the honey and then sleeping. She needs her grades to stay up.”

Slowly, her roommate handed over the eggs, following when Golden-eyes waved for her to.

“And if you really do like eggs like this, just tell me.” She continued scolding, making her way to the mini-fridge they kept in the corner of the room. “I’ll buy you more and mark them for you. Just leave mine alone. If I have ingredients, it’s because I have something planned. It’s just rude to eat someone’s stuff without permission.”

She handed over the cream and honey, putting the eggs back in their place. With that done, she moved back to her bed and resumed studying. 

(Sorry, the return of Golden-eyes who will one day be a teacher naming herself Drummis. Watching a baking show, felt the urge to return.)


170402 Jikook/Kookmin

Okay so this is about the Hollywire interview, which I’m positive (and 100% sure) that it happened on the 2nd day of the concert in Anaheim.

Ah before starting, I need to make myself clear as well. This is basically guess, assumption, opinion etc. which is made by a Jikook/Kookmin shipper (me xD). So it can be very biased, of course, even tho I try my best not to be biased, since I’m the type of shipper who only believes in what she sees. But yeah, you can disagree and dislike it, but I hope no one will be rude to Jikook/Kookmin shippers in general because of this. Please don’t judge other shippers just because of me is what I mean :-)

So let’s review what happened that day 1st.

I’m not sure if this happened before or after the soundcheck, but I guess it happened after, since they were fully clothed and wore makeup. 

On that day (you can refer to this fanaccount for more detail), I basically summed it up as Jimin rejected a backhug from Jungkook. We didn’t know what happened in detail, but I assumed they had a small quarrel, and perhaps, perhaps Jungkook was the cause, so I observed some unnatural things below.


Somehow I notice Jungkook is pretty cautious towards Jimin, like his wary eyes looking to Jimin’s direction here:

Like he looks pretty uneasy:


And when they are asked to do the Bangtan bangtan bangbangtan cheer, 1st Monie gives the sign to Jimin by touching him:

Notice how quickly Jungkook reacts while Jin is still holding his hands together:

As Jungkook’s fingers lands on Monie’s hand, Jimin’s are supposed to be next:

Like normally your hand should go down, but Jimin’s hand suddenly goes up (he changes its direction very clear, please refer to the original video to see):

and then literally lands in the air before some other members put their fingers there and he places his on

Okay, I totally mean that he avoids skinship with Jungkook.


Moving on, I’m pretty sure most of you noticed international playboy Jungkook is back, he keeps placing his hand on the wall behind the interviewer’s back, but another coincidence happens right after Hobi places his hand on Jimin’s shoulder:

It’d be a coincidence for me if Jungkook didn’t see it, and his expressions weren’t like that… You know, one thing adds to another… So he’s getting close to the interviewer again with that hand on the wall.


Next, when the interviewer asks “who’s the most intense on stage?”, even tho she said all were indicating Monie, my shipper’s eyes can’t help but notice Jungkook is actually pointing at Jimin (the camera didn’t film Jungkook’s face so I couldn’t verify if he was looking at Jimin, so I could be wrong here).

And Jimin is clearly not very amused even tho he was smiling just secs before…


When they are asked who takes the longest time to prepare…

He has this kinda look when he looks at Jimin, I dunno how to explain it, like kinda sulky(?) :

but he mumbles “Jimin” anw xD

While everyone is smiling Jungkook is “…”

I’m like 80% sure that I notice that tongue-in-the-cheek-thing here after Jimin being complimented and everyone having fun (except for our baby), but I could be wrong because of the lighting…

Maybe someone who can gif can try to gif this moment and somehow tries to make the lighting differently so that it’s easier to see? I dunno, I’m dumb when it comes to technology, sorry, I tried TT_TT

If this is really true then at this point I’m pretty convinced he just does that thing unconsciously whenever it comes to Jimin. It’s nothing bad tbh, please don’t make a big deal out of it…


You can watch this interview which happened on the same day as well. I mean it’s so rare for them to stand next to each other and have no interaction at all, esp. there’s this heavy air surrounding them. Look how when the interview just starts, Jimin distances himself from Jungkook this much:

All in all, I make this not to cause any controversy/worry about their relationship. They’re humans, they have feelings. They can be mad, they can quarrel sometimes. That doesn’t mean their relationship will break or collapse or anything of the sort. I just find it interesting to observe their interaction with each other, in good or bad times.

And I’m pretty sure they solved it not too long after that. I mean, hello, 21st century girls’s moments (maybe Jimin hit Jungkook’s chest because of that haha * joke joke *)

So yeah, thank you so much for bearing with my horrible screen caps and writing. I mean, I tried my best, so… 

Also, if anyone has anything about Jikook/Kookmin that you wanna discuss with me, please feel free to do so (pretty please, I’ve been using this for a while but I have no one to talk with TT_TT)

Again, thank you for spending time reading this~~~ and have a nice day or good night wherever you are~, be happy with Jikook and Bangtan ♥


octobercountry1  asked:

Very funny----crow is sooooo evil! But I'm curious about your choice here, in the style of clothing you've drawn. I know Slackwyrm world has modern conveniences like mobile phones and refrigerators, etc. I think the co-existence of the mediaeval and the modern in this strip is funny---doesn't bother me at all. I was wondering, though, why all the people this time around are shown in modern dress, rather than the typical Slackwyrm world gear?

I know - a few people have commented about that and to be honest, the modern dress just comes down to my own laziness and not paying attention to what I was drawing and keeping it consistent. Sorry about that. I did an extra comic this week because I had too much free time on my hands and got sloppy.

As to the modern appliances now and then, yeah, the prime directive of the comic is to secure a cheap laugh. If I need a laptop or a vacuum cleaner to make the joke work, I’ll do it. It’s fun for me and it makes the world all the sillier, which is a bonus. It ain’t Shakespeare haha :)

The Night Crew // Chapter 1

hi, I suck at updating bUUUT I hope u enjoy this chapter,, and amber will probably be in the next one more. /// prologue 

Originally posted by amberkrisber

I woke up the next morning, sitting up, I rubbed her head, and looked around the room, immediately noticing the sleeping body next to me.

“Oh, fuck.” I quietly groaned, quietly and quickly trying to get out of the bed without disturbing the body next to me. I immediately stiffened when Amber started to move around, but as soon as she stopped and started snoring again, I relaxed. 

“Now where did she throw my clothes?” I whispered to myself, looking around on the floor, she soon found the dress that she wore to the club and immediately put it back on, debating on whether or not to put my underwear on. ‘Nah, she should keep them, let her have a reminder of what she had for a night,’ I thought, after I put my dress back on and picked up my heels and my phone, and saw 5 missed calls from Yoongi, and 4 texts from Jimin. Before responding to Jimin, I looked at Amber one more time, and noticed that she look fucking gorgeous with the morning sun shining on her tan skin making her look like a goddess, more than she was already. I quickly shook my head and texted Jimin back and got out of the room. 

As soon as I exited the room, my phone vibrated, letting me know that Jimin had texted me back. 

I immediately felt my blood run cold, even if Jimin was telling me he’s fine, I still felt bad that I wasn’t there for him. I respond and started walking towards the elevator, and after pressing the button, I heard the ding that my phone made. Jimin and I talked for a moment before the elevator doors finally opened, after locking my phone and walking in, I returned to the conversation.

After finally reaching the lobby, I started walking towards the front doors, ignoring the looks I got, and focused on getting to the coffee shop that Jimin was picking me up from.

I heard Jimin’s voice yell, “(Y/n)!” causing me to snap my head up, and look around, I finally spotted the car, and quickly walked over, getting in and shutting the door, and Jimin had a smirk on his face. 

“What?” I asked, tone slightly bitter. 

“You have a hickey on your neck.” He said, before busting out into giggles, pointing at my neck. 

“Are you fucking-” I said, as I quickly pulled down the sun visor to look in the mirror, “Oh, god fuck.”

“The boys are never gonna let you hear the end of this, you know that right?” He said, with a chuckle, as he started to drive. 

“They will if they wanna keep their fucking lives,” I grumbled, slamming the sun visor up, “Why on my neck of all places? It’s huge as well! I’ve never even let someone give me a tiny hickey before!”

“She must really be something, huh boss?” He said, stretching out the ‘e’ in 'really’. 

“Yeah, and that’s what scares me,” I replied, putting a hand to my forehead, “Also give this to JK when we get there,” I tell him, holding up the food and drink I bought him, “I got to change and take care of this hickey.”

Walking into the “mansion” that we call our headquarters, I immediately walked towards my office, wanting to get out of these clothes, and hid this god forsaken hickey. Walking into my office, and locking the door shut, I took off my heels, walking towards the dresser the I kept hidden in the back of the room. Opening the drawer, I found the clothes I wanted to wear, socks, and my boots next to the dresser. Once putting them on, I walked towards my desk to find my makeup, and cover this hickey. Once it was finally finished, I heard a knock at my door, forcing myself up, I walk to the door and unlocked it, opening it to see it was Yoongi. 

“Oh, so you are alive. What did you do last night that was so much more important that my phone calls?” he asked, his eyebrow raising as he waltz into my office, grabbing a water bottle from my mini fridge lazily sat down on one of the chairs in front of my desk, and started drinking the water. 

“Sex. Sex is more important,” I said, jokingly, but still causing him to choke on the water, and his head whipping around to meet mine. 

“Wait, you actually had sex? I thought Jimin was joking,” he said, his eyes slightly watery after him just choking. 

“Jimin told you?!” Looking at him wide eyed, “I’m gonna fucking kill him,” bring a hand up to rub my eyes. 

“Well, yes and no. I honestly forced it out of him, but when he said you had sex, I didn’t believe him because you usually don’t get laid,” he shrugged, turning back around in the chair, and bring the water bottle back to his lips. 

I started walking towards my desk, muttering, “Yeah, do you know how hard it is to find a girl to have sex with nowadays?“ 

Yoongi choked on his water again, making me comment, "How many times are you gonna choke on that, huh?”

Cause him to glare at me. “I mean, if you stop saying shit that’s shocking to me, I would,” he retaliated, putting the cap on the water bottle and sitting it down. 

I took a seat at my chair, and looked at him, “Did you not know I liked girls, or?” Raising my eyesbrows, and my tone curious. 

“Honestly? No, but then again, I can’t make assumptions,” He shrugged, before continuing, “Also JK is in his, "room”, and he’s on some pain meds that Jin hyung gave him.“ 

"Thank you, Yoongi. Were you hurt as well, or just JK?” I asked, before leaning back in my chair. 

“I got a few scrapes, but I’ll probably die,” he said sarcastically, “Anyway, I have a few errands to run, see you boss,” he said, grabbing the water bottle, rising out of the seat, and started walking towards the door. 

“Yoongi?” My voice rung out, making him stop in his tracks. “Yeah?” He turned around to look at me. 

“A few things. One, thank you. Two, Please be careful, I don’t trust the people that you’re going to meet. Three, send Jin in here, please.” I said, my voice, more friendlier than usual. 

“Boss, I’m always careful, JK isn’t always careful, although he should be, and yeah, I’ll send him in.” And with that he was out and shutting the door leaving me to my papers. 

“Well, let’s work on these till Jin gets here,” I muttered to myself, as I started rearranging the papers, and starting on them.

After about 20 minutes of working on some papers, I heard a knock at the door. 

“Come in!” I yelled out, and Jin poked his head in. 

“Hey, you wanted to see me?” his voice sounding nervous.

“Yeah, come in and shut the door, please,” I responded, after he shut the door, I added, “Jin, you have no reason to be nervous. I just want ask you something, is all." 

I saw him visibly relax, "Oh, thank god, I thought I was in trouble,” he said with a chuckle, “but what is it?" 

I took a deep breath and leaned back in my chair, "How had are JK’s wounds? I heard they aren’t bad, but I wanna heard them from the doctor himself,” Worry evident in my voice. 

Jin sat in the chairs in front of my desk before responding, “They’re not too bad. He didn’t need surgery, thank god, but I did have to pull the bullet out,” a slight grimace passed across my face, causing him to chuckle, “Yeah, that was JK’s reaction too, but he should be healed within 6 weeks? So go easy on him." 

"You mean, give him paper work?” I asked, raising my eyebrow, before laughing, then realizing he wasn’t laughing, but there was a smile on his face, “Oh shit, you’re serious. Look dude, I’d love to give JK my paper work and shit, but I don’t trust him to handle all of this. Hell, Joon barely can, and I mean barely. He rather go do some errands before he does paperwork.”

“That’s saying a lot,” Jin said, chuckling, “Joon hates errands with a passion." 

"You see what I mean? I can always get him to help on somethings around the headquarters, but he’s not doing paperwork." 

"Oh, so thoughtful of you,” Jin said, sarcastically.

“What? You think i’m gonna let him sit on his ass the entire time? As long as his arm isn’t in too much pain, he can help around my office,” I responded, rolling my eyes, “and unless you have anything to talk about or ask me, you’re free to go, unless you wanna nap in here or something." 

"That’s more Yoongi’s thing than mine, but do you want to come with me while I go check on JK? I need to change his bandages,” Jin asked me, standing up. 

“Actually, yeah. Also,” I said, as I stood up from my chair and went around the desk to meet him, “remind me to pay you double for the shit you do around here. He wouldn’t be alive without you." 

"Yeah, he probably wouldn’t be, and I don’t mind getting paid double, so you bet your ass I will remind you,” He said, smirking, and put his arm in front gesturing to go ahead, “lead the way boss.”

Arriving at JK’s "room”, I knocked on the door before hearing a, “come in,” ring out. I opened the door and saw JK sitting on his bed, his left arm wrapped up in bandages, and him looking at the TV. 

“Hey hyung, hey noona,” he said as he turned towards us.

“Hey, JK, how’s the pain?” I heard Jin ask from behind me after he shut the door. “About a 6? Maybe? I don’t know, I’m just trying to ignore it now,” he said with a grimace, then looking at me, “what were you doing while I got shot?” he asked, his voice salty.

“I swear the one time, that I’m busy, one of you gets hurt, and don’t use that tone with me, JK. I’m still your boss.” I said, a slight dominance to my voice. 

“Sorry, noona. It’s just, i’m used to you being there, and I felt alone, you know? I’m still the youngest, and as much as I benefit from my hyungs, i’m still closer with you.” He said, his voice trailing off at the end, and his head immediately being hung, like he was getting scolded, immediately making me feel bad.

“Ah, fuck, JK. You know that I didn’t do it on purpose,” I said, walking towards his bed and pulling his chair from his desk to next to the bed, “As soon as I saw the texts from Jimin, and the missed calls from Yoongi, I knew something was wrong, but I didn’t want to think too much until I knew, and once I did, trust me. They immediately assured me that you were okay, so I wouldn’t freak. I think of you as my little brother, so please be more careful, okay?" 

He grabbed my hand, "Okay noona, I’m sorry for scaring you though." 

"Don’t be, the little bastard that hurt you is gonna pay, don’t worry,” I said, as I squeezed his hand.

“Okay, I hate to break up the little family reunion,” Jin said, as I immediately glared at him, “But I need to change his bandages, so unless you wanna see this stitches that he has, I suggest you leave." 

"Okay, chill Jin, I get it,” I said laughing, which he returned with a smile, “I’ll check on you later, okay?” I told JK, and smiled at him, which I received one in response. 

“See you, noona,” I heard JK say.

“Bye JK, bye Jin,” I waved, stood up and walked towards the door.

After shutting JK’s door and walking down the hall a bit, I felt my phone vibrate. Pulling my phone out of my pocket, and seeing the message I got, I felt my heart drop. 

Oh fuck.

I’m heartbroken, hurt, devastated, drained, angry, sad… It all feels like a bad dream I can’t wake up from. I keep crying every time I see or remember Cas’ eyes flashing white and his burnt wings scarred into the ground.

I don’t think the writers are dumb enough to repeat season 7, we all know how they killed Cas and had to bring him back because the ratings kept dropping, but until I don’t get an official confirmation of Misha being a regular in season 13, Cas’ death is going to hurt so fucking much.

I love Cas, I love Cas so fucking much. He and Dean are my favorite characters of all time, and seeing how Cas died in the latest episode has fucked me up in the worst way. I’ve seen him die tons of times, but in most of them, he always came back immediately, with some exceptions, but I think that the thing that truly fucked me, and all of us, up, was the fact that for the first time we saw Cas’ burnt wings, and that was something I was hoping I’ll never see again.

Cas is one of my favorite characters (yes, I’m using the present because I’m still in denial), and I know he has his flaws and that he has made his mistakes, but he is a character that has grown so much since the first time we met him. I love him so fucking much, because he is such a complex character, he is one of Heaven’s deathliest angels, a pure strategist, someone who can smite you with his pinky finger, but at the same time, he is someone full of kindness, loyalty and with a deep care for human beings. Someone who has rebelled against Heaven because that was the right thing to do. Someone who has fucked up several times trying to make the right choice and help those he loves, but has always tried to learn from his mistakes and has always fought for free will and for Dean and Sam.

And yeah, I’m aware that some of his decisions were poor or terrible, and there have been times when I had gotten mad at him, but he is not perfect, Cas has never been perfect, not even when he was an angel. He has always been the angel with too much heart, with a love for humanity, with a crack on his chassis, but that’s what makes Castiel awesome. He is far from perfect, from the good soldier ideal; instead he is a rebel, a lost being trying to find his place in this world, trying to make something good for humanity and especially those he loves.

Maybe the reason I’ve loved Cas is because I identify with him in so many aspects. I know what it’s like to be lost in a world where you don’t fully belong to, trying to do something good but failing over and over again, feeling that you are never good enough, leading you to a depression. But the most amazing thing about Cas is that he never gives up, not even when he is at his worst and the world and everyone around you gives you the feel that you are expandable and that they would be better without you. Cas keeps fighting, keeps standing up every time he falls, and yeah, he might fail but he learns from his mistakes and tries to make things better (something that certain writers forget like Buckleming and Berens), but nevertheless, Cas never gives up and tries to do his best. And that’s inspirational.

I just hope he comes back. That Chuck or Jack or anyone brings him back, because Cas is such an important character, not only to Supernatural or to Dean and Sam, but also to all of us.

Until we get an official confirmation of Misha’s return for season 13, I will keep crying for Cas.

This is for you @friskylinny, Yeah i know i dont mention it in any other place other than here, that cuz if i do, all my friends will expect free art of this quality xD
Also: i also wrote it in the bottom left corner n.n
I hope ya like it sempai!!!
Welp regarding my artwork, this has to be the first time i do a backround so detailed? tbh i could have made it better but..i just wanted to get this crap done already xD
Note: Frisk isint wearing a tutu ok? its just a skirt..cuz i had too much trouble with her shorts xD And its all like that cuz the wind and got all wooshie and stuff xD


i reached 2000 followers!!! honestly i can’t believe it and you guys are all wonderful! i thought it was time to give a little back to the community (lol as if i ever contribute) so i’m gonna release some urls into the wild in case any of you want them (bc lets be honest i’m never gonna change from jimkerk. gotta keep that brand loyalty going folks)

they’ll be under the cut

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Kay so i’m gonna tell yall about my Klance dance studio AU headcanons mmm

-They are from two different large dance studios. Both great at what they do, but by competition standings from their individual dancers Keith’s team could be considered better. Group wise, Lance’s is.

-They aren’t captains, but are pretty prized dancers.

- Keith does Acro and Contemporary, Lance sticks with Hip Hop.

-They are HuuuuUUUUGE rivals. Lance’s team is considered more fun, laid back. Keith’s team is all work and no joke.

-But keith’s team is homophobic?? crap, no

-Lance’s team has multiple people in the LGBT community, lance being one of them. the only problem they have with him is his constant flirting

-Keith keeps his sexuality a secret from them and has to deal with them bad mouthing Lance’s team for having LGBT people on it.

-They go to a competition. They both need towels in their rooms for their dancers who just got of stage, but crap? there arent any

-Keith goes at the same time Lance does

-“Dude why are you following me??”

-Whoops, locked in a closet together

-After bickering a while, get into some p good conversations. “Yo this lance kid is a pain in the ass but is a pretty nice guy”

-Become low key friends. can’t tell their teams, but they aren’t so hard on eachother in spirit.

-Secretly start talking outside of the studio. Just casually asks to go out for coffee or something. why not right??? keith is flabbergasted because he wonders what his team would think, but does so anyway out of temptation. He’s just a bud right?

-They become really good buds. They keep up their act in studio, but cant stay away from eachother outside of the studio.

-Lance is the first one keith ever comes out too. There are a few tears, keith thinks this is so stupid, why am i telling you, but he truly trusts him

-Lance tells Keith he’s bi. Keith is all smiles, he has nothing to worry about with Lance. but he has something to worry about with his studio

-They start dancing together on their free time. It starts off showing what they got individually. When they dance together, it slowly becomes so much more.. of a bond? So comfortable? and they have such a unique dynamic together

-Was. was Lance always this beautiful?

-He realizes. Yeah, wow, he was

-When their dancing leads to some kissing one night led by lance, he knows he feels the same

-So, they hold a relationship outside of the studio.

-Until Lance loses his phone!! And someone from keith’s team picks it up at a competition hoping to return it. until he realizes who owns it. he can get some dirt on him?

-Oops, keith is with lance. That got out pretty fast.

-Lance’s team is PISSED. Keith is getting kicked off his team. that won’t stand with lance.

-Lance convinces his team to let Keith onto theirs. “Think about it! Keith, from that team or not, is here to support OURS now! they gave up something huge over something stupid, and its ours now! I did us all a favour, tsk”

-Keith is himself on that team, with people who cherish him for more than his dancing ability, and his boyfriend. They cherish his well being and personality too, now and don’t focus on who someone falls in loves with.

Ooh i love it wowow

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Scully, 45.

45. Scully; Have/would you ever had a threesome?

“Monica! Just because we’re a little drunk doesn’t mean I wanna talk about my college sex life with you! I swear, sometimes you’re worse than Mulder,” Dana Scully slurs her defiance, giggling uncharacteristically over the bottle of wine in her hand.

“Oh please, Dana! When’s the last time you were even drunk? I’m your best friend, I gotta know this stuff. I won’t tell Fox. I promise,” Monica Reyes holds out her pinky to emphasize the seriousness of her commitment. Folding her legs up underneath her on the couch, she leans over, resting her head in Scully’s lap, smiling up at her. “Tell me the damn story, Dana!”

Absentmindedly brushing Monica’s hair out of her face, Scully takes another swig from the bottle before starting, stuttering continuously through her giggles. “Remind me to never accept your invitation to come over for a glass of wine ever again, please. Okay. The guy I was seeing at the time, who may or may not have been one of the professors I slept with–I mean, the only professor i slept with… yeah, just the one. One time my best friend and I showed up at his house with a bottle of whiskey and a little too much free time on our hands. Anyway, it wasn’t much. We got bored with him continuously struggling to figure out what to do and ended up ditching him altogether. He seemed just as happy to watch, but that’s probably because we spared him the information that the reason we ditched him was because he was boring as hell. Not much of a story, but now you know.”

Monica grins deviously up at her, eyes shining, “Well, no professors in sight, but we’ve got a very friendly, very eager fox on our hands and you’ve got a new best friend now. Why don’t we rewrite some history?”

Before Scully can respond, her phone starts to ring. Picking it up she bites her lip in an attempt to suppress the smile that’s devouring her entire face as she hears the voice on the other end of line: “Hey Scully, it’s me.” 

i need opinions!!

i’ve been thinking about doing some form of podcast/vlog about gaming and/or superheroes, and i was just wondering -

would anybody want to watch/contribute to this??

please let me know, either via replies or asks, because i kind of really want to do this but only want to do it for an audience

our plans for after the sun sets

a domestic drabble inspired by jake peralta’s horrible tooth-brushing habits

It’s evening and the springtime sun has just set as Jake and Amy stand side by side at their bathroom mirror, getting ready for bed. It has been over two months since the contents of Jake’s meager beauty routine - a lonely SPF moisturizer, the brand of shaving cream that doesn’t make his skin red, a comb - had permanently joined the contents of what was once Amy’s bathroom, but was now Amy and Jake’s.

A proper His - and - Hers bathroom now. Two towels on the rack and everything.

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Accelerate (M); Jungkook

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There’s a new racer in town; he’s incredibly rich, hot, and talented. And you can’t stop staring.

Part 2 ○ Part 3

inspired by this vine and fueled by the encouragement of @zephyoongist and the help of other kind souls (who I’m not going to tag bc like…I don’t want to spam you all)

smut, 2.4k words, jungkook/reader, racer/playboy/rich kid au

Getting in is never hard; after all, the illegal racing scene isn’t new to you. It’s as chaotic as ever, and you love it. People call out bets, bicker, toss money and who knows what else about, while in the background, music blasts. You push past people–scantily clad girls, half-naked men–as you make your way to the bar. The bartender greets you with a smile and a nod as you slide into a vacant seat.

“Hey there,” he says. “Haven’t seen you in a while.” He has to raise his voice to be heard above the din of the pre-race excitement.

“Jin,” you say. “Things got busy. I’m glad to be back, though.”

“You didn’t miss much. You excited for tonight’s race?”

“You know it,” you say, smirking. Someone roughly pushes past, jostling you; you turn to glare at his retreating back before turning to Jin again. “It’s so crowded here. More than I remember it being.”

He shrugs. “Yeah, well, this is how it usually is whenever Jeon and his other rich friends come by. I hear he’s racing tonight, too.”

You give him a confused look. “Jeon?”

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So hey I was sick and now I’m not but I didn’t go to school and I have too much time so. Take this Class 1-B cheat sheet for all your fanart necessities. Also Class 1-B apreciation week is awesome check it out

Bust: $10 Waist-up: $14 Fullbody: $18 (+ $7 per extra character)

Bust: $15 Waist-up: $20 Fullbody: $26 (+ $10 per extra character)

Bust: $20 Waist-up: $25 Fullbody: $33 (+ $15 per extra character)

Howdy! This is Chicken!

Apparently people were unaware? I was taking commissions? So here’s a nice updated sheet with more recent art!


  • I’m willing to draw any characters, ships, fandoms or OCs as long as I’m given a picture reference.
  • I will accept payment via paypal in USD. I will send an invoice once we reach an agreement.
  • You will need to pay in full before I start the commission. WIPs and progress reports can be provided upon request.
  • Be specific!! The more detailed you are with the request, the closer I can hopefully match your expectations. If you want me to match a style of a previous drawing I’ve done, please let me know!
  • I will try to finish your commission within one week.

I won’t draw:
NS/FW + Nu/dity
Excessive g/ore

Commission slots: Check here to see if I have slots open!

Feel free to message me with any questions you may have!
You can contact me by asks/messages to this blog!

Thank you very much for your time and consideration!
Have a wonderful day!