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If I Had A Star (Lin x Reader)

Word Count: 9,636 (YIKES)

Warnings: swears, little nsfw


Summary: a series of short stories to your forever. 

(each bolded word starts a new short story, the horizontal lines also divide each story.)

Dedicated to:

@hamilton-noodles Jo is a blessing to this earth. THE MOST eloquent person I have ever come across. I personally give this story to her, and all the stars in the sky. I want to publicly thank her for being one of the best people I have ever met (PERIOD) I love her so much and she is my bestest of the best friends. 

@adolescenthowell RACHAEL was my first friend on this blog and I want to thank her for reading my shit, facetiming me when I need motivation to write, and most importantly sticking by me. She is so talented and I love her. 

@fanfrickinhamiltasticimagines Sophie is the kindest human being alive. I want to give her all my thanks for proof reading for me. She is an amazing human being and so so out of this world talented. Love ya girl!

@whatdimissmotherfuckers Ruby for being such an adorable little bean. She’s the most giving yet still sassy person ever and I admire her self confidence. I hope you keep doing you babe. Her art and writing is the BESTEST. AND I ALSO LOVE HER DEARLY.

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If life had worked out perfectly; you would have never met him. You took the wrong train going downtown. Stupid, you knew, but being a first time New Yorker was hard. You wandered the streets aimlessly until you found a subway station late at night, hoping and praying you’d be able to find your way back home, your phone having died hours ago. You sat on a bench tapping your foot anxiously waiting for your train going up when a subway car rattled its way to your station. You were passing the doors when you saw a man runselfning down the length of the aisles in the subway car, singing loudly with a pair of headphones on. He didn’t notice you immediately, but when his eyes finally fell on you he practically tore off his headphones and stopped dead in his tracks. You gave him an awkward smile before he blushed red and returned one.

“Can you help me with directions?”

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braveten  asked:

5 headcanons about Victor annoying Yuuri (or Yuuri annoying Victor)

(these are 100% inspired by chrissy teigen’s tweets, and also by our chats when we were talking about her lmao)

1. victor has taken to doing this thing where he sends yuuri nudes and then says, “sorry wrong person.” it’s funny, it’s really funny, it’s comedy gold—until it isn’t. until at one point yuuri texts back, “no worries, happens to me all the time :p” and then victor realizes. he realizes that he’s never, not once, gotten a nude from katsuki yuuri. “wait what?” he types back, fingers flying over the touch screen. “yuuri? yuuri. who’ve you been sending yours to??” but no response comes, and victor is frantically shoving the groceries into the recyclable bag. he ignores the looks he gets from the cashier and surrounding customers. then he’s stumbling out of the store, pulling his phone out again and hitting call.

“what does that mean?” he asks, no preamble. // “hmm?” yuuri’s voice is nonchalant on the other line, innocent. // “yuuri,” victor whines. // but yuuri only yawns: “sorry, which one are you? i have so many contacts saved under the name ‘boyfriend’ so you’re going to have to identify yourself.” 

victor never tries to be funny again. 

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Treat Her Better

Originally posted by whyparkjimin

ANONYMOUS Requested: 

Hii can I request an angst yet fluffy jimin scenario where there are rumours about jimin and seulgi and you feel so sad about it but keep to yourself and then jimin says things about her and they have a big fight but fluffy ending please and thank you 💕💕 have a good day x

Genre: Fluff, Angst

Word Count: 1,141

A/N: You gave me too much freedom with this, hope you like it regardless.

Your name: submit What is this?

You and Jimin had known each other for a while, from when you two were kids. You always thought of his as that brother you never had. He was sweet and caring, but could also mess around and have a good time. The two of you were always close. When he wasn’t napping in your bed, you were over at his place hanging out. He was basically family to you, he didn’t even have to knock when he went over to your place; and your parents loved him, too. You shared almost everything, friends, family, houses, sometimes you even took his clothes. However, no matter how close you were you couldn’t help but feel a little jealousy when other girls got too close to him. You convinced yourself you didn’t have feelings for Jimin, you couldn’t have feelings for him.

The two of you remained close, even after he left to Seoul to pursue and eventually accomplish his dream of being an idol. He was now in the public eye, he wasn’t quite the Jimin you had grown up with. Nevertheless, your friendship didn’t dwindle, if anything your bond grew stronger. Eventually you, too, left Busan to pursue something greater. You didn’t necessarily want to become famous, you just wanted to write; and so you wrote. You became a published author, got your own place, made your own life. It was everything you could ever want, a quiet life in the city. You still hung out with Jimin on the occasion that he had a day off, it wasn’t uncommon that you talked with him. You’d met his idol friends once or twice, and even though he was a big world renowned star, he was still the little Jimin you’d grown up with. He hadn’t changed a single bit. However, your heart longed for him, and you knew better than to tell him. You knew that there were idol girls that he could definitely prefer over you.

Such was the case with Seulgi. Dating rumors broke, and you couldn’t help but feel jealous even though Jimin was neither yours nor hers. You asked him if it was true, but he’d mostly laugh it off with a

“Ah, we’re not dating. I think I’ve seen her a few times on shows, but we’re just friends, I think. Why do you ask? Are you jealous, (y/n)?”

Which you then vigorously denied that you were jealous, how could you be? Jimin was like your brother, not exactly the guy you’d want to catch feelings for. Regardless, you carried on with your lives, leaving the rumors on the back of your mind.

Rumors. Rumors is all they were, until Jimin was getting a liking for Seulgi. He’d begun to remark how good she looked recently, how amazing her voice was. She truly was stunning, she was an idol after all. She was really sweet, too, she was everything you weren’t. So what if Jimin liked her? You could find someone too, there were a lot of charming guys out there. But, something in your heart made you die inside a little when he spoke so fondly about her, it made you sad that it wasn’t you he praised. That it wasn’t you who occupied his thoughts, because he sure occupied yours. As much as it killed you, you couldn’t tell him how you felt; that’d endanger your friendship. Maybe it was time to let go.


One day, the two of you decided to grab lunch together. Everything was going like it usually does, you teasing Jimin about something or other, both of you laughing about it, and moving on. Eventually, the subject turned to Seulgi. As per usual, Jimin began on how beautiful she was, the usual. But for once you didn’t care to hear about her anymore, you’d heard enough. Before you knew it, you were interrupting Jimin mid- praise.

“If you love her so much why don’t you just date her already?! I’m sure she’d be perfectly willing!” -You remarked, your tone a lot harsher than you had intended. He was taken aback by your sudden outburst.

“(Y/n), what was that for?! Are you actually jealous right now?!” He raised his voice only a slight bit, but it was enough to make tears well up in your eyes. He really couldn’t see it. How could he be so clueless?

“Maybe it’s because you won’t shut up about her! Like, I get it, Jimin, you really like her! So go be with her if you want her so badly!”

“You know I can’t do that, (y/n).”

“What the fuck is stopping you? Sure as hell isn’t me! Nobody is stopping you!”

With that, Jimin had had enough,

“When you can get over your petty jealousy, we can hang out again. Don’t even bother with texting me, call me intead. But only if you’re actually dying.”

He left you there on the verge of tears. You wanted to be mad at him, but you knew that this was all your doing.  You texted him anyway, completely ignoring what he’d told you just moments ago.

[2:20PM (Y/N): Jimin I’m sorry, let’s talk yeah?]

[2:20PM (Y/N): Please, I’m really sorry.]

[Jimin: seen 2:21PM]


You took that as your cue to go home. For once in your life, you actually listened to Jimin, you didn’t text or call him. You decided that maybe this would do it, this was how you’d get over him. But, as the days went on, you just grew fonder and fonder. Not leaving your mind a single second, you didn’t even dare going on social media or outside for that matter. The days passed by in a daze, it felt like only a few hours ago you’d had that argument with Jimin. You hadn’t seen a single ray of sunlight in at least a week. And still, he refused to call or text.

You never minded being alone, but tonight it was killing you. You couldn’t keep this up, as stubborn as you were, you couldn’t keep denying it to yourself. You couldn’t keep denying it to Jimin either. You had the brilliant idea to call him, half drunk, at 11PM with hopes that he’d pick up. The alcohol was liquid courage, it filled you with determination to tell him how you felt once and for all. The line rang, once, twice,

“Hello?” His voice tired and raspy.

“Jimin, I love you.” You said, before you could stop yourself.

“(Y/n), do you know what time it is?”

“Yeah, but I just called to say I love you. I was jealous, and I’m sorry. I might have been childish but I want to say I’m sorry and that I don’t care if you like Seulgi.”

There was a brief silence, as if he was unsure of what you’d said.



“I love you, too.”

I Should Have Been There

Word Count: 1300

A/N: This was requested by -sardonicjughead on Wattpad and I’m hoping this is alright, I wrote this at school lol. Enjoy some more angst my friends! ALSO I JUST WATCHED RIVERDALE AND IM DEAD IM SCREAMING IM TRIGGERED SEND HELP.  Much love!

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    “You wouldn’t believe the day I’ve had!” Y/N exclaimed, walking into Archie’s bedroom where Jughead was playing video games. Jughead looked over to his girlfriend and rolled his eyes, he knew what was coming.

    “I guess I’ll leave you two be.” Archie said, exiting from the game him and Jughead were playing and standing up. “No fooling around on my bed.” He teased as he left.

    “Are you okay?” Y/N asked, looking over at Jughead who looked super pissed off.

    “I’m fine.” He huffed, seating himself on Archie’s bed and pulling out his phone, he needed something to distract him from what was to come.

    “Are you sure?” she asked tenderly, walking towards him.

    “I said I’m fine!” he snapped, and Y/N stood stunned for a second.

    “Okay, I’m sorry for asking.” She whispered, sitting on his bed. “Well anyways, I’m not going home ever again.” she said, and Jughead just shook his head.

    “Why not?” he asked, not really listening to Y/N at all.

    “My dad, he’s such an ass. He was drinking last night, heavily as you would imagine because when is he not-anyways, after I came home from Pops last night I found him passed out on the couch surrounded by beer cans and bottles. After I put my stuff upstairs I came back down and started to pick up the cans and bottles because I didn’t want our house to start to smell like a liquor store like it usually does. I mean I spent this whole weekend shampooing the carpet to get the beer and liquor smell out, the whole weekend! Anyways as I was picking it up, he woke up and started drunkenly screaming at me, telling me that I needed ‘to leave his shit alone’ and 'if I thought for a second I could steal his alcohol and get away with it, I was out of my damn mind’.” Y/N ranted, grabbing Jugheads pillow from the top of his bed and placing it in her lap, squeezing it. Jughead scrolled on his phone, opening a game and started to play.

    “I told him I wasn’t trying to take his alcohol, and that I was only trying to pick up. I made up the excuse that I didn’t want him to step on an aluminum can and slice open his foot, or slip on a glass bottle and hit his head, although at this point I could care less if it happened.” She scoffed, and then paused. Her face fell slightly, and she sighed. “Okay I would care a little bit, I mean he is my dad for fucks sake but he is such an ass that I wouldn’t feel too bad about it.” Jughead nodded his head, trying to make it seem like he was listening and agreeing, although he had no idea what was being said.

    “Yeah, I bet.” He murmured mindlessly.

    “Anyways, I stood up after I had about an arms-full of cans and took them to the recycling bin out in the garage, and when I came in I started to reach for more bottles and cans, but he pushed me over, and I fell on a glass bottle, that just happened to shatter when I landed on it and I cut my arm and had to have Betty and Veronica pull broken glass out of my arm for about an hour.” She rolled up the sleeves of a green sweater she 'borrowed’ from Jughead, and revealed a large bandage running the whole length of her forearm. Again, Jughead just nodded and pretended to agree.

    “Yeah, I totally understand.” He muttered, and Y/N looked at him, noticing he was playing a game on his phone.

    “Are you even listening to me Jughead?” she asked, and she saw his face harden a little.

    “Yeah.” He replied, and she stood up from his bed.

    “What did I just say happened to me then?” she asked, placing a hand on her hip. Jughead threw his phone on the bed and looked up at Y/N.

    “I don’t know, probably the same shit that you always complain about. 'oh Jughead, my dad drinks all the time and he is such an ass.’ "He mocked her, trying his best to mimic her voice. ” 'Oh Jughead, I don’t know where my mom is, she hasn’t returned my calls in days and I’m worried, I miss her so much.’ I get it Y/N, you have a shitty home life, but guess what, so do I. All you do is complain about it and I’m tired of listening.“ He erupted, and Y/N backed away slowly.

    "You’re an ass, Jughead Jones.” She spat, tears welling in her eyes. “You forgot to mimic the part where he pushed me down, causing me to cut my arm open and left me bleeding, he didn’t even care.” Jugheads face softened, and worry started to replace his anger. “But that’s okay, your game was more important. I guess I forgot to add the part where the only reason I’m alive right now is probably because Veronica and Betty came to my house because I left my math text book at Pops, and they wanted to return it. But when nobody answered, they came in and found me in the kitchen, where I had passed out because I don’t do well at the sight of blood, and as you now know my arm was heavily bleeding.” She said, shoving the sleeve up again and taking off the bandages.

    “I am so sorry, Y/N.” Jughead started, trying to hug the girl but she pushed him away with her good arm and showed him the wound.

    “They took me to the ER where I got this stitched, and they called the police on my dad. He’s in jail now, just so you know. And I’m staying with Veronica so I don’t end up on the streets, but let me guess, you don’t care about that, do you?” she angrily asked, wrapping her wound back up.


    “Look, I’m sorry I come to you and rant about my family. But it’s because you’re my boyfriend, and I thought I could come to you with things like this. I felt comfortable opening-up to you, you were the only one to know of my family problems until last night. I was forced to tell Betty and Veronica because of what happened. Did you notice I called you last night?” she asked, and Jughead hung his head low. He had ignored the call, thinking it was because she wanted to come over and rant.

    “I’m going to take that as a yes.”  She said. “I was calling you for help, but you didn’t even answer, you didn’t even return it, or at least text me. What the hell!” she yelled. Archie bust into the room, looking between the two of them.

    “Whats going on?” he asked, and Y/N turned to face him, wiping tears from her eyes.

    “Nothing, Arch, I was just leaving.” She whispered, trying to push past him. He grabbed her bad arm and she yelped in pain.

    “Oh my-fuck Y/N, I am so sorry. Are you okay?” he quickly asked, pulling his hand away. She shook her head, tears flowing freely now because of the pain of her arm and the paint that her boyfriend was avoiding her.

    “I’m fine, goodbye boys.” She said, hurrying out of the house. Archie and Jughead stayed silent until they heard the front door slam, and Jughead angrily threw his beanie to the wall.

    “Fuck! I’m such an ass!” he yelled, and Archie looked at him worriedly.

    “What the hell just happened?” he asked, and Jughead sat on the bed, shaking his head.

    “I fucked up big time, I just might have lost the best thing to ever happen to me”

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lil-seeds  asked:

yo yo yo dysfunctional entp here. i've been in a weird, non-creative, funk for the past week or so, i believe largely due to some very well ignored and internalized negative feelings. what is the best way for me (or any Ne user really) to get back into the idea-generating, novelty, creative swing? (im a writer working on a second novel so the whole 'tired of a single project' thing isnt helping either) thanks hot hot hottie

(Gif: Claudia, Warehouse 13. ENTP.)

Uh, well first there’s this: i believe largely due to some very well ignored and internalized negative feelings.

Have you dealt with those yet? Because as a Fe, until you get them out of your head and into the world, you cannot move on and the intense internalization of something that NEEDS made public (Fe) is going to cramp your muse. So, expel those feelings. Share them with someone you trust. Shout them into the void. Express them. You will feel better.

As for getting your Ne-dom mojo back – it’s simple.

Ne needs external stimulation to work. It does not exist in a void. Your Ne bounces off objects, ideas, and stories in the external world. This is why you watch a television show – you get ideas. Better ideas than they used. Or you read a book – and you get more ideas. Or you listen to a song – and you get ideas. Or you talk to someone and… you get the idea, right?

Being in a non-creative funk for a Ne-dom means your creativity tank is drained. Why? Not enough external stimulation. Not enough new stuff to bounce off of. Not enough exposure to things related and unrelated to your current writing project. You need new material going in your head. Start reading someone else’s novels. Start up a television show you’ve never seen before on the side. Read someone who is FULL OF IDEAS, who makes YOU full of ideas, someone EXCITED about their ideas.

Here’s some personal writing advice from a fellow Ne-dom, who quite often experiences temporary creative slumps (since I pretty much work on a novel and/or writing project anywhere from 1 to 8 hours daily, about 10 months out of the year… yeah, I don’t “do” hobbies and I don’t “do” idle time… and it kind of sucks).

If you hit a creative slump, you have two choices:

- Take it back to where your creativity was flowing, and take the plot in a new direction (write a different ending to that scene, or cause something unexpected to happen that you did not see coming)

- Change the setting of the scene (it’s quite possible the setting is boring you; whenever that happens, I go, “What will my reader NOT expect? Okay, the last interrogation scene took place inside a dim cell in the Tower of London. What if THIS TIME Henry VII decides to interrogate someone above the Tower’s lion pit, and dangle him over the side?”)

Here is something vital to remember, as a Ne-dom: you figure it out too far in advance, you’ll get bored with your own ideas.

Every time I have lain out an entire book from start to finish, and drawn up lists of what happens in what chapter, the creative spark dies. I have now started keeping an abstract concept in my mind (this is vaguely where it’s headed / what the climax will be, and what I should introduce next) and then leaving myself questions when I stop writing for the day, to trigger ideas for the next day.

So instead of writing: Heledd meets Alfred on the road and they discuss X, I ask, What does Heledd see that makes her suspicious? How should I introduce doubt into Meg’s mind? What should happen with the ring I introduced in the last chapter? How can I make the big reveal more dramatic?

Leave lots and lots of room for improvisation, too. When I sat down to write the other night, I knew I had to take my heroine through her fears up a road lined with her enemies – people who months before had tried to hang her. So, I knew I had to deal with PTSD trauma. What I did NOT know is that superstition would surround a myth of faerie lights to accuse her brother of murder (the murder, I had planned) and that other people would turn up in support of her, and sing an old Welsh tale to calm her down. But that was nice.

Ne’s delight in the unexpected, in allowing ideas to flourish and spring forth with just enough forewarning to lace together into the rest of the story; you must leave room in your novels for this to happen.

(Gif: Jo March, Little Women. ENFP. My soul sister.)

I’ll be honest here, in the hope it’ll inspire you. I started in on a sequel right after finishing my last book. I was excited about it, I wrote about 20 thousand words, and then I had to stop and do some line editing on the original novel. When I went back to my sequel, my creative spark had DIED. I was distraught; where had all my excitement, enthusiasm, and ideas gone?? So I put that draft in a folder, and tried another. It went on for about 15 thousand words just fine, and then it DIED. More distress. More staring at a blank page. More clueless pondering. More angst. So I delved into it from yet ANOTHER angle. I changed all the POV’s. I tied it back into London in addition to Wales. I invented an entirely new subplot. I wrote about 20 thousand words.

And it DIED. I lost the spark.

I spent one day utterly frustrated, near tears, anxious that maybe I’ll never be able to write another book (low Si paranoia :P) … and I opened up my original draft, the one with 20 thousand words, and skim read the first four chapters… and then sat down and carried the story forward. I’ve kept bits and pieces from each draft, and a lot of that writing can go in this book; but my forward momentum is back. The original idea WAS INDEED the best, or at least, the one my Ne is most passionate about – but it had to explore other options first, before it could settle down to tell THIS story.

Okay, the last bit of advice – you can take it or leave it.

Many high Ne’s benefit from working on multiple projects at once. You should consider, yes, working on your book; and writing a short story or a fan fiction on the side in a totally different genre, to keep your mind active.

I, however, have never been able to do this without losing focus – so I am a “one project at a time” kind of girl, to the extent where if I have an amazing idea for a different book or character in the middle of working on THIS one, I write it down on a slip of paper, stick it in a jar, and forbid my mind from thinking about it further, in order to remain focused.

Finally, write yourself a quick deadline. Given the amount of time you have to spend on this novel, and what else you have to do which might detract from it, and how fast you can write, figure out a rough estimate of how long it will take you to write this book. I spent two years on the last one and it literally almost killed me and drove my family insane (though, technically, since it went through about 14 drafts / rewrites / completely changed focus 4 times, and started out as a novel covering 20 years, went to a novel covering a decade, and wound up being a novel covering 6 months… I was working on more than one novel). This is NOT GOOD for a Ne-dom. We like to see PROGRESS. We like to see a point in our future when we are FREE to pursue OTHER THINGS. So, give yourself six months to write a rough draft. Or four months. Something doable, that keeps you motivated, because:

When I get done with this, I can write something else!

You are verbose. You are creative. You are ideas-driven. And if you’re a Ne-dom, you can turn out an incredible amount of words in a very short time.

You can do this.

Hope that helps,

- ENFP Mod (who tomorrow goes back to writing her sequel, because she did NOT write fiction today and was so bored she could hardly stand it)

He’s Got You High

For @a-simple-rainbow. ♥♥♥

She wanted something based on this post: Kurt sends an email to his TA while high on pain meds after a wisdom teeth extraction.

read on AO3

Blaine is in the middle of his theatre history class when his phone signals a new email in his inbox. Discreetly hiding the phone from his instructor’s view by keeping his hands behind a stack of textbooks on his desk, he goes to his email folder and checks the sender.

It reads, Kurt Hummel.

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Miserable Lester, Part zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Heeeeeyyyyy, Lia!

Lia! You goddamn millennial slouch! Stop dicking around on your phone and listen up! You’re supposed to be recapping the next chapter of Les Mis!

Aw, Lia, that’s a bunch of boring historico-political junk. You know I’m not interested in that stuff. I thought I’d just jokingly Not Really Recap It At All the way I did with the Waterloo section!

You know, it might be more interesting to you if you bothered reading a couple of Wikipedia articles to give you an actual context. And I suspect having a rudimentary understanding of the political crap involved is going to help you appreciate the next part of the story more. It’s not just prison, personal tragedies, and guiltllucinations anymore, babe! They have like an entire fucking failed revolution or whatever.

Screw you!

Dude, I’m saving you time and effort! It’s a hell of a lot easier to explain something in a funny way when you know at least a little bit about it.

…So you think I should, what, just…read, then Wikipedia this shit until I think I have a handle on what I just read and my eyes aren’t skating over half the text like it’s a roller rink, then try and give a quick rundown?

Pretty much.

Can I at least do it section by section? In small, manageable chunks, you know. Like, one post per Roman Numeral Entry Of VHugz Political Bloviating?

Sure. It’s your blog.



Great! Let’s get to it, shall we?

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axis mundi

I’m in too much of an Inspiration Slump to write anything ‘proper’ but I saw the @timepetalsprompts prompt: any fic in which Jack Harkness is the main character + college/student AU and somehow I thought back to pocket universes, my college + social media cracky AU which some of you seemed to love and just went ‘why not’? :)

So here it is: it is technically a follow up of pocket universes and contains allusions but can be read on its own!

Summary: Rumour has it that Rose and John are to face a major life-changing event. 


Jack Harkness to What is Mickey Short For Research Project 2k17: so

Jack Harkness: what IS mickey short for

John Noble: that is the question

Rose Tyler: it’s an acronym

Rose Tyler: M.I.C.K.E.Y.

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Kino - Six is a Crowd

“request for a scenario where kino wants some alone time to kiss you but the members just love to "accidentally” interrupt or is somewhere somehow watching you guys sneakily..ahhaha XD"

(A/N: This was a really fun one to write~ I hope you like it, writer’s block has been getting to me so I apologize if it seems off or bad. Enjoy!)

Spending time in Dorm A was always a wild ride. The wild ride turned into a monumental task for Hyunggu, who was desperate for alone time with you. It had been an appropriate amount of time since the two of you had started dating, and he felt that it was high time to take a step up.

You stood in the dorm’s kitchen, washing dishes as a thank you for your constant presence. A hand landed on your shoulder, and you whipped around to see Hyunggu standing before you. He smiled casually, reaching for a cloth to dry the dishes sitting on the rack.

“Hey! Sorry I didn’t come find you right away, I wanted to do this before anyone noticed.” you said with a smile.
“You know you’re not obligated to clean or anything,” he said, “Hongseok can do that.”
“I know, I just want to help out since I’m over here so much~”
“Still, never feel like you have to.”

He looked over subtly, looking at the way your hair was tucked back, exposing your cheek. Once he set up another plate, he looked back to you with a determined spirit. All he had to do was lean over, and…

“You guys wanna order takeout?” Hyojong said as he walked in. He was met with a glaring Hyunggu and a smiling you.
“That’d be good, what does everyone want?” you inquired.
“Well, let’s go ask!” he replied. You agreed and quickly dried your hands and grabbed a notepad.

Hyunggu sighed, both out of relief and frustration. As you followed Hyojong to help take everyone’s orders, he slumped against the counter in thought of how to develop a plan B.

Out in the living room, you wrote down everyone’s orders and handed the paper to Hyojong to make the call. Why he couldn’t do that himself was beyond you, but still. You ordered Hyunggu’s favorite for him, and hoped it would suffice.

“Hey, we should watch a movie later too,” Shinwon piped up.
“Or now, we can watch one while we wait,” Hui said.

You stood up and excused yourself to go get Hyunggu.

“The others want to throw in a movie, what do you think?” you asked, walking into the kitchen to find that he hadn’t moved.
“Huh? Oh, yeah, that’s fine,” he began, “Are you going to watch it too?”
“Well, that’s generally what you do with movies.”

He laughed and shook his head, proceeding to take another candid look at you. Nobody was around now, the mood was good… he reached out for your hand and gently pulled you toward him. You looked down at your hand with his, then up to him, and you could see intent in his eyes.

“Come on, we started the movie,” another interrupting voice shot through the air.

You just smiled and kept hold of his hand to lead him to the living room and flopped back onto the couch.

The longer the movie went on, the more sleepy you found yourself becoming. The large meal that had arrived and disappeared quickly didn’t help anything either, so you opted out of the rest of the movie in favor of a warm, welcoming bed.

“I’m going to head to sleep,” you whispered to Hyunggu.
“Are you sure?” he whispered back.

You nodded and stood up quietly, and you retired to Hyunggu and Shinwon’s room. After slipping on some warm socks, you climbed up to Hyunggu’s bunk and nestled under the blankets.

Just as you got comfortable, however, a soft knock on the door caught your attention. You groaned and hopped down from the bed to go open it. Hyunggu stood there shyly for a moment before walking in and shutting the door behind him.

“Tired too?” you asked.
“You could say that,” he mumbled.
“What’s that mean?”
“Ah, nothing.”

Shrugging, you climbed back onto his bunk and settled in, resting on your stomach and pulling your phone out. You felt the bed move as he climbed up as well and slipped under the blankets next to you.

“Sorry I stay here so much,” you smiled, not looking away from your phone.
“We all love having you, don’t worry,” he said, propping his head up with his hand.

He looked at you with the same admiration he had all day, that you failed to notice.

“Hey…” he began softly.

You turned your head to face him and were immediately caught off guard when you felt his lips on yours. The flames of victory ignited in his mind, and he couldn’t help but awkwardly smile. After what seemed like the most pleasant eternity, he pulled away.

“You have no idea how much I wanted to do that.”

But just as he was leaning in again, the sudden sound of a camera phone went off.

christmas pudding | m

◇ Hoseok and Vernon were complete opposites - but don’t opposites attract?

◇ Vernon x reader x Wonho

◇ college!au + poly!au

◇ aaaah k-smut trash anon!!!! This was supposed to be for ur birthday but i got so far behind on schoolwork that it’s only coming out now TT I hope you had a good birthday though!!! Also, i have a feeling you wanted more pwp than i wrote? Something like ‘birthday girl’, maybe? But i just wrote this kinda cutely with a bit more plot so i hope you like!!!

◇ also i cant add gifs like i usually do bc tumblr is shit so im sorry :( ill try and add them later!!


Hoseok and Vernon were as opposite as black and white.

Vernon was the awkward one - the bashful friend, the ‘stay-up-till-one-playing-video-games’ one, the one who could never talk to the opposite sex without going red in the face and stuttering. With his pale skin, light eyes and floppy brown hair, he was the epitome of a childhood friend.

Your mothers had been friends and by default, that made you two friends - but it never felt forced. Vernon was easy-going, even in his childhood, and he was kind and smart, too. It was no surprise that you stayed friends from Kindergarten to middle school to high school, and even until college - which was when you met Hoseok.

He was beaming, blonde hair slicked back charmingly and head cocked to the side as he took in both you and Hansol. He was easy to get along with, and although his inappropriateness took a while to become comfortable with, you were soon just as chill with Hoseok as you were with Vernon, and vice versa.

With tanned skin and blonde hair and his beautiful dark eyes, Hoseok really was the opposite of Vernon, but that didn’t matter. You and Vernon decided to ask Hoseok to move in with you both 2 years after meeting each other; the rent is high and we can’t pay it alone - hey, Hoseok, weren’t you saying you were looking for a new place…?

And from then, it was smooth sailing. You eventually realised how you all worked together and in harmony to accommodate all 3 of you - Vernon cleaned because he couldn’t cook, Hoseok went shopping because he detested cleaning, and you cooked because that was what you were best at. And yes, there were times where Hoseok left all his dirty clothes in a pile or when Vernon left the toilet seat up, but it was all good because once it was brought up, it rarely ever happened again.

You just - you just worked. And you never thought it was weird, like others would: your mother would tsk at you, folding her arms in a huff whenever you mentioned your two male roommates - “You can’t beliving with two men, ____!” - and despite the fact that she’s known Vernon since you were in diapers, her trust was wearing down with each day.

But the point is, you never found it weird, even when slowly yet surely your relationship with them became much more… romantic. You were just so comfortable with them that it never bothered you if Hoseok walked in while you were showering to brush his teeth, or if Vernon wanted to cuddle with you, or when Hoseok kept kissing Vernon’s cheek and slipping in cheesy comments when you were hanging out.

It wasn’t until it was pointed out to you that you realised that Hoseok and Vernon were basically acting as if they were your boyfriends - and even more strangely - you didn’t mind.

“_____?” Hoseok’s voice is uncharacteristically quiet, yet it instantly snaps you from your deep daze. The blonde is laying next to you on your bed, his head resting on your stomach and eyes fluttering with every second as you pass your fingers through his bleached locks. He had been weirdly affectionate and soft today - well, more affectionate than usual - and as a result, the apartment was much quieter, especially with Vernon still at college for the time being.

“Yeah?” You hum with a deep inhalation, stretching your arms above your head carefully so as to not disturb the sleepy man beneath you. The TV plays meaninglessly in the background, and you block out the sound of CFs playing to focus on what he’s about to say.

“We…” Hoseok’s voice trails off, already ridden with sleep and a few tones deeper than usual, his chest rising and falling with each quiet breath he took. You raise an eyebrow at him, but his eyes are closed anyway, so you wait patiently for him to to finish. “What - what are we?”

It takes you a few seconds to actually register his query, and when you do it takes every nerve in your body to refrain from stiffening up. You don’t know why, but you can feel heat gathering beneath your cheeks and the room suddenly feels incredibly hot, the air becoming tense and almost making it hard to breathe.

“I - that-” You begin, your words stuttered and slurring together as you desperately try to come up with an answer for him - your reaction only makes him sigh deeper, and suddenly he’s turning on his side so that he face you, his head still resting on your stomach, and the contact seems much more intimate now than it did earlier.

“I want to hold your hand and kiss your lips and cuddle you when you’re sleepy - but with a different title,” he mumbles, and despite his drooping eyes he seems much more awake than earlier. You can only watch, gaping, as he reaches down, intertwining your fingers together.

“But,” he bites his lip, hesitating, “I… I want to love Vernon, too.”

You realise that your stunned silence is probably giving him the wrong idea, and after blinking a few times, you come to your senses.

“Hoseok,” you murmur softly, tightening your grip in his hand and continuing to brush your other one through his hair - he waits patiently, looking up at you expectantly, “I think that’s a wonderful idea.”

And then his hesitant expression on his face is almost immediately replaced with his signature eye smile, and he’s definitely not as tired as he was before because he’s rising to his knees and lunging forward to encase you in a bear hug, and the only thing on your mind is what do we do about Vernon?

Yet you’re laughing, and you rest your chin on his shoulder, giddiness building up in your stomach like a volcano ready to erupt, and you close your eyes from the sheer happiness that you’re suddenly feeling, when-

“What’s going on here?”

Vernon’s voice makes your eyes snap open in milliseconds, and your heart jumps out of your chest as you see him - he’s only just shed his bag, his jacket still on and his nose red from the cold outside. He watches you both with a frown, but Hoseok is quick to separate from you, the joyful grin still on his face as he launches himself at Vernon.

“She agreed!” Hoseok cheers, and with a start you realise that Vernon and Hoseok had already talked about this without you - which explains the growing dopey smile on Vernon’s face, too. He lets out a high pitched sound that’s between an excited scream and a squeal, and he drags Hoseok back towards you, collapsing on the bed with an umph!

And strangely, you realise how relationship-like your friendship was already, because after that, nothing really changes - well, except for the kissing, and the holding hands and, yeah, the sex, too.


Two years later, and your relationship is still thriving as it did when it began. You hadn’t realised how much you really, truly loved Hoseok and Vernon until you noticed the little things you hadn’t noticed during your friendship - how Vernon would nod his head to any music that was playing (any music - trust me, you’ve witnessed it), how Hoseok pouted when he couldn’t have ramen at 4 AM.

You found yourself smiling more and worrying less, and you knew more about your boyfriends now than you had before. Although you would get strange looks in public, your relationship was so comfortable and pleasant that you didn’t care.

“Christmas is near,” Vernon reminds you with a slight nudge, petting his hand over your hair comfortingly. You nod, still focused on the drama playing on the TV. You hear him tsk, and then suddenly his hand is gently on your chin, turning you to face him.

You huff, “So?”

So,” he begins with a roll of his chestnut eyes, drawing you closer to him to place a lingering kiss to your lips, a hum of content leaving his own, his voice a mere whisper as he finishes, “I want to know what you want for Christmas.”

You groan, rolling as far as you could on the couch so that you were laying on your stomach, your head on Vernon’s own stomach. You yawn mindlessly, wrapping your arms around him and focusing back on the drama on TV. “I don’t care.”

You’re not looking at him but you know his eyes are narrowed, because he scoffs and tugs at your hair playfully. “You can’t say that! I have to know…”

“Surprise me,” you shrug. You hear him tsk again, but he doesn’t beg you to tell him again.

“Why can’t you be like Hoseok?” Vernon groans, throwing his head back, “I didn’t even have to ask him. He’s been dropping hints since December 26th last year.”

“What?” You raise your head, an eyebrow cocked teasingly as you lean into him, smirking mischievously, “Am I not worth the effort, Vernon?”

“N-no, of course not - I mean, of course you are, that came out wrong-”

“Well, then,” you raise your eyebrows once more, waiting for him to oppose, before you collapse back into your earlier position for what you hoped was the last time that night.


It was the night before Christmas and every was perfect. When you woke up, you made breakfast for your boyfriends (which was not ramen, much to Hoseok’s disappointment), you got dressed, and you all went out for some last minute Christmas shopping.

The day was chilly and the snow was a few inches thick, but nothing that couldn’t be solved with a hot drink and gloves (Vernon forgot his gloves, though, so you and Hoseok had to settle for holding his hands).

One thing you noticed, though, was how strange they were acting. 'They’ referring to your boyfriends, of course - you had spotted them exchanging secretive grins, or whispering to each other when you walked ahead to go look at some cute trinkets. But you left them alone - you were much too preoccupied with finding the perfect gift for your mother.

Vernon ends up leaving 2 hours later - something about an essay to finish (which makes no sense, but once again, you’re too preoccupied), leaving you to drag Hoseok around the city on your quest for a good present.

“_____,” Hoseok whines, 4 hours into shopping. You’re on the brink of going mad, because the present you had planned to get for your mother wasn’t in stock. You could only blame yourself, really - leave it to you to wait until December 24th to get Christmas presents. The blonde is lingering behind you, and wraps his arms around your waist with a pout, resting his chin on your shoulder. “I’m tired…”

“Hoseok,” you groan, trying to push him away unsuccessfully. “Can you please stop? I need to figure something out for my mother…”

You hear him exhale from behind you, and it’s silent for a second - but he leans in, pressing a gentle kiss on your neck as you scan the shelves for a suitable gift, before he whispers, “What if I told you that I already bought something for her?”

Your head snaps toward him, eyes wide and incredulous. “You got her something?” You echo, curiosity tugging at your mind, “When?”

Hoseok shrugs but he has the most haughty look on his face, brushing his hair away from his face. “You always leave stuff to the last minute, so being the amazing boyfriend I am, I bought her the present you wanted to get her. You’re welcome~”

You can only stare at him, mouth agape and eyes wide in disbelief.

“Why didn’t you say that earlier?” You demand, a sigh of relief leaving your lips, holding a hand to your forehead in an attempt to calm down. A few seconds later, though, you heave a sigh, a grateful smile blooming on your face. “Thanks, baby.”

Hoseok practically glows, and seizes your hand. “Come on, let’s go home before Vernon burns the building down.”


Your nose is running and red and your hands have almost lost feeling in them, but the feeling of stepping into your warm apartment fills you with a warm coziness. You shed your jacker in seconds, your shoes following, when you perk up.

“What’s that smell?” You ask Hoseok, sniffing the air curiously. It couldn’t have been Vernon - he can’t cook for his life. Hoseok shrugs, but he’s grinning so you can’t trust him. Shooting him a jokingly suspicious look, you turn on your heel towards the kitchen.

And lo and behold - Vernon stands in front of the dining table, a beaming grin on his face. The table is set all fancy - candles, napkins and rose petals, and the food looks absolutely amazing. Vernon looks proud of himself, and rightfully so.

“Merry Christmas,” Hoseok whispers in your ear, before he walks around your frozen body, towards the table. You’re still in shock, and you feel tears prick at your eyes as you take in all the work that went into this. And all for you?

“You told me to surprise you,” Vernon smiles, his hands placing themselves on your shoulders, roaming down to your lower back as he leads you to the table, “Did I do a good job, baby?”

“It’s amazing,” you confess truthfully, sitting down beside Hoseok and pulling your chair in. Vernon grins, and takes the seat beside you.

“Well, Mingyu helped too,” he says sheepishly, “Because I didn’t want to give you food poisoning - but the rest was me, and a bit of Hoseok, I guess.”

Hoseok shoots him a childish glare, and Vernon beams back. “This is amazing,” you repeat, glancing at them lovingly, “Thank you, really.”

And so, you spend the next few hours at the dining table, eating delicious food and conversing with your boyfriends and just being happy.

Soon though, in the warm atmosphere, you find that your eyes keep veering towards Hoseok’s lips, and that you have to stop yourself from shivering at the feeling of Vernon’s hand on your thigh.

After clearing away the plates, Vernon sits back down and leans back in his chair, stretching his arms over his head with a lazy grin, turning to look at you. “You ready for dessert?”

“Sure,” you agree easily. Seeing him exchange a glance with Hoseok, you turn to the elder, raising an eyebrow curiously. “As long as it’s not Christmas pudding - I hate that stuff. What’s dessert?”

And Hoseoks smirks that stupid smirk that only comes out in the bedroom, his face inching closer to yours, and you feel your breath catch in your throat. “You.

And before you can completely register his words, his lips are pressing against yours. Instinctively, your eyes are fluttering shut, and you find yourself leaning into the perfect sensation of his soft lips against yours, his tongue slipping into your mouth so easily that it almost makes you forget about Vernon.

Key word: almost. Vernon is quickly making his presence known, and the feeling of his hands drifting up and down your body make you sigh pleasurably. They’re warm, and big, and they feel even better pinching your nipples through your bra, making you whimper.

Hoseok gets impatient easily, though, and minutes after, he tugs you onto his lap, resting his hands on your ass. His blonde locks are so easy to run your hands through, and you hear him moan softly every time you pull just a little harder than usual.

“If I didn’t know better, I’d say Hoseok did this for you,” Vernon’s teasing voice cuts through your daze like a knife, and you draw back from the mind dizzying kiss. Lips swollen and eyes dilated, you peer at him - he’s biting his lips, taking in both of your panting forms with appreciation.

A scoff slips passed your mouth, but nevertheless, you clamber off of Hoseok’s lap, drawing a disappointed whine from him, and start towards Vernon.

“We need to get you prepared, don’t we, baby girl?” He whispers softly, pulling at your blouse. You raise your arms over your head, and he pulls it off you easily. The next to go is your belt, and after, your jeans. You’re the only one naked, but you don’t feel uncomfortable, especially with Vernon’s hands nearing between your thighs. “Or else you won’t be able to take us, huh?”

You only let out a weak moan of agreement as his fingers begin to trail up and down your pussy, dipping slightly into your entrance and gathering some wetness before pulling back up, bumping your clit roughly.

Chest heaving with every breath, you lean forward to rest your hands against the back of his chair, steadying yourself as your hips begin to rock against his hand. Your eyes begin to flutter shut, the pleasure that comes from the feeling of his fingers inside you almost overwhelming you, but a low groan stops you.

Through half-lidded eyes, you watch as Hoseok pumps himself slowly, eyes fixated on how Vernon’s thumb circles your bundle of nerves precisely, his bottom lip caught between his teeth and a light sheen of sweat coating his temples. He seems to sense your eyes, and his eyes travel up your bare body to meet your dark, dazed orbs.

“I think you’re ready,” Vernon nods, and despite the irritated huff that escapes you, he slips his fingers from your warmth. You almost moan aloud, though, when instead of wiping your juices off of his fingers, he reaches over to Hoseok and begins to use your juices as lube to pump him.

Hoseok does moan aloud, however, his head resting against the back of his chair and his Adam’s Apple bobbing with each shallow thrust of his hips. You take the moment to climb off of Vernon’s lap, setting yourself on the kitchen table and watching with flushed cheeks as Vernon leans in to Hoseok, connecting their lips in a passionate, sloppy kiss.

They only break away minutes later, their lips as swollen and puffy as yours are, their eyes dark and lust filled. Vernon plants one last kiss on Hoseoks’s lips, before he stands, shedding his clothing and joining you on the table.

His hands grasp your thighs, and he pulls you towards him roughly, his arms hugging your hips tight as he connects your lips in your own passionate inferno. By reflex, your arms are already winding around his neck, and it allows him to switch your places almost instantly - him, laying down against the cool glass, and you on top of him.

You vaguely register Hoseok undoing his own clothes, but your eyes are purely transfixed by Vernon’s. He watches you, his pupils blown up and his cheeks flushed - and then, his voice husky and breathy, he speaks: “Will you ride me, baby girl?”

And he doesn’t even have to ask you, because you’re already grasping his cock with one hand and guiding it towards your entrance. You sink down on him with a breathy groan, screwing your eyes shut as you stretch to accommodate his girth.

It’s only seconds later, when you’ve bottomed out on him, that you begin to ride him properly, raising your hips and dropping down on him at a growing pace. Every explosion of pleasure that occurs beneath your skin is only heightened when you manage to raise your hands to your boobs, rolling your sensitive nipples between your fingers.

Hoseok is fully naked, now, and the sight of you riding Vernon like the queen you were makes him groan. He’s quick to stand behind Vernon, the younger’s head dropping lightly off the table to please Hoseok, his mouth opening invitingly.

Your thighs are growing tired and your arms are screaming in pain but the feeling off Vernon inside of you is too good - you can’t stop, especially when you open your eyes and spot Vernon taking Hoseok in his mouth expertly. The way Hoseok’s tongue shoots out to wet his bottom lip and how he allows his hooded eyes to gaze at you makes arousal pulse in your stomach, and it’s hard to take air into your lungs for a few seconds.

You let out a tired whine as you throw your head back, and resort to grinding your hips roughly back and forth instead of bouncing on top of him, your eyes fluttering shut as you chase your orgasm.

Hoseok’s moans are increasing in frequency and pitch; he’s close, you can tell, and the way Vernon’s right hand is digging into your thigh tells you he’s definitely close too - suddenly, he’s jamming his thumb against your clit, and the sudden stimulation throws you over the edge.

It starts from the bottom and makes its way up - toes curling, your legs tense as waves of white heat wash over your body, travelling up to your arms and making goosebumps rise over your skin. Your eyebrows are deeply furrowed, eyes closed so tight it’s almost painful, and you can’t even muster the strength to moan. Your mouth remains open in a silent scream as you cum hard around Vernon, hips still moving furiously.

You seem to set off a chain reaction; Hoseok lets out a last high pitched moan, grasping Vernon’s hair tightly as he pumps his seed into his mouth, and the taste of Hoseok and the feeling of your tight walls contracting around him sends Vernon into a powerful orgasm.

As the pleasure fades to a dull thrum, Hoseok gently removes himself from Vernon’s mouth with a groan. You follow his lead, and lift yourself off of your boyfriend tiredly, almost collapsing right back onto the glass. Vernon, meanwhile, lays still and sated, his eyes shut and his chest heaving as he basks in the afterglow of his orgasm.

Some paper towels are placed in front of you, and you send Hoseok a tired smile as you take them up. “Thanks,” you murmur, almost groaning as you feel the scratchiness in your throat. You begin to clean Vernon’s cum out of you gently, while Hoseok retrieves some glasses of water - however, he doesn’t give them to you straight away, only gesturing to you to follow him to your bedroom.

With a yawn, you pick yourself up, wobbling on your feet as you hit the ground. You pull Vernon up, and the man groans as you guide him away from the kitchen and to where Hoseok was waiting.

“My throat is dead,” Vernon mumbles with a whine, collapsing next to Hoseok on the bed. The blonde grins, massaging his thumb over Vernon’s neck fondly.

“I’m sorry,” he pouts, reaching to get one of the glasses of water he prepared. Hoseok frowns as he sees Vernon beginning to doze off. “Nuh uh - you have to drink something first, baby…”

He sends you a warning look too when you clamber onto the bed, ready to completely face plant and sleep the rest of the day away. “You too, baby girl.”

“Alright, alright,” you groan playfully, taking the glass from him. Hoseok makes sure you both drank your water, and then downed one himself - and then, after making sure you were all alright, and dressing you all in oversized t-shirts, he tucks all three of you into bed.

“Merry Christmas, baby girl,” Vernon mumbles sleepily, before he’s completely knocked out. Hoseok whispers a Merry Christmas, _____, before he too has blacked out.

You fall asleep with a smile on your face, and wake up the next morning with one, too.

(“Vernon! How did you know I wanted this?”

“Don’t act like you haven’t be shoving hints down our throats for the passed year, Hoseok-”)

roughfoxs  asked:

hallo again neechan! how about kaisoo you think, I mean ksoo now look more than the first he more lil different, and jongin seems always to avoid ksoo, although they make a few moments and looks very awkward. pls give somespam gif too, ilysm♡

Hello :D

[again as always this is purely my opinion, I don’t claim this as a fact whatsoever, and im deluded so if you go complaining [“kaisoo aint real just co-workers ur post is a disgrace to exo-L it taints their professional relationship” etc] it wont make a change, it wont change my opinion about them, so save your time, do something better than sending hate on kaisoo and their shippers]

Honestly, imo the reason why soo looks thicker/buffer right now has a correlation with his acting career (he got a main role in that romance drama and according to rumor he will get a main role in upcoming movie titled ‘Hyung’), so he wants to look good, I guess. 

Also I think another reason is bc he is tired people make fun of his petit upper torso (for ex: in that show – I don’t remember the name of the show – he promised that he would work out after the MCs mocked his shoulder).  

About nini avoids soo, honestly I don’t see it? he still glances at soo on the stage, even though it’s not much like he used to do in the past but I think that bc there is something happening to him. 

He looks tired af imo (if people are tired usually most of them would not really up to do friendly shit – at least im not. I look like I want to murder people when Im tired/sleepy/hungry),

and I think that’s why soo reached up / initiated skinship first (to cheer him up, to make sure he is okay). Do you remember about the gif where he looked sick and soo kept stealing glances at him? Don’t you feel the similarity of that past moment with the new current moment? Or is it just me who feel it?

About them being awkward, I don’t think they’re… There are many people say that kaisoo is dead, they’re awkward etc etc just bc they don’t do lovey dovey things on stage/public.

It seems that they forget (or they don’t know bc they’re new fans? It seems that older fans / people who have stayed in kaisoo fandom for quite long don’t say something like this) that kaisoo is BTS couple. BTS = behind the scene. Ofc they wont go around parading their PDA in public/stage. Plus I think that the manager would let them do that.

Bc come on, do y’all honestly think that the management haven’t noticed that the fans are onto them? Do you really think they would let that happen? Do you really think that the band would still be successful/famous if few of their members are proven to be in same sex relationship? 

NO, unless we lived in a new world where homophobia and all the bad stuffs didn’t exist.

So once again, I would ask you this; do you honestly think that the company would just sit their ass glued on comfy office chair and do nothing even though few of their money maker group members are rumored to be in that kind of relationship for real?

You honestly think that the manager hasn’t told nini or soo “hey cut off the skinship in public, people carry smartphone with camera that can zoom 10x and produce HD quality pict nowadays” or “wait until you guys in the dorm” or “please restrain yourself on stage” etc?  

Also Ive noticed that ever since the recent scandal (another member left, you know the usual SM stuffs) happened, the band has changed their fanservice tactics.

They used to do a lot of couple fanservices (pretending to kiss each other, giving heart pillows or flowers, patting each other butts etc) but nowadays they don’t do that.

Sure there are still some butt back patting or brief hugs but that’s just it.

It would be WEIRD if suddenly kaisoo do things (being cute and adorable and making single people jealous) like before if other members don’t. 

They would stick out like a sore thumb and thus betraying their BTS image, right? I mean they’re famous for being subtle but at the same time obvious bc their action is too subtle to be fanservice but too lingering to be casual contact between platonic friends.

Plus they don’t have many group schedule… (and we all know kaisoo are never in the same small group; like for ex small group for radio interview. Idk why. 

when kai chen pcy did that radio interview (’ksoo isnt quiet you just need to know how to talk to him’ interview) fans spotted soo was shopping alone for shoes so it meant soo had free schedule why he didn’t tag along? 

why the manager didn’t put him too in the group I mean the more the merrier right? I mean wouldn’t it increase the listeners so I don’t think the radio studio would against the idea soo to tag along, its not like they didn’t have another chair for one person in the studio) …so ofc we rarely see their moments nowadays.

And it seems they’re also busy with individual jobs so it would make more sense that they would spend time with each other inside the dorm instead of going out (like that bubble tea date or that 15 feb café date) bc they’re already tired, so ofc fans wouldn’t be able to take sasaeng pict of them.

So i dont think they’re fighting / being distant with each other bc imo just bc we dont see it, doesnt mean it doesnt happen. 

i mean, there are many idols who have gf/bf but the public couldnt even sniff on it. there are also a possibility that kaisoo have gf/other bf but then again they get jelly when one of them being touched by other people so… yeah. BUT IM CRAZY I MEAN ITS NOT LIKE NINI GLARES AT GUYS WHO ARE GETTING TOO CLOSE TO SOO OR ITS NOT LIKE SOO ROLLS HIS EYES WHEN NINI BEING CALLED BY THAT NOONA IN THAT RADIO INTERVIEW. IM JUST SEEING THINGS CUZ IM DELULU.

anyway thats my opinion, i hope i dont offend you, or anyone, somehow… cheers. 

P.S: stop with this topsoo vs bottomsoo nonsense. Ive seen this shit a lot on kaisoo tag if you like bottomsoo then go read bottomsoo fanfic if you like topsoo then go read topsoo fanfic jfc people its not that hard.

Stop fighting, we already have enough shit to deal with from the outsiders /a.k.a homophobic haters and ‘other otp’ haters/ and now some of you fighting each other just bc of some fanfic preferences. It’s like we are already at war with other countries and now you guys are starting the civil war, as if there’s not enough war for us already.

(And its not like we know what they do behind the door so stop saying “he is [insert desirable position] bc of [insert reason]” as afact. Please refrain to use the word ‘fact’ to support your preference (if you use ‘imo’ or use gifs/picts etc to support your preference sure go ahead dude/dudette) bc this what triggers people to go batshit crazy and fight.)

I mean they could’ve been into BJ, HJ, 69, thighfucking etc than the actual penetration (bc anal requires a thoroughly preparation and the after effect isn’t that convenient /walking is hard, sore bum, etc/) or perhaps they prefer cuddles and kisses more bc healthy relationship isn’t based on just sex. Just stop this nonsense. Stop fighting please *cry in Spanish*

Anyway since this is already long so I would limit my kaisoo spam

blurry but we know who they are ( ̄ー ̄)

do you stare at your ‘friend’ more than 3 seconds [yes i counted, and no this gif isnt slowed just look at soo’s eyes movement] when they put something inside their mouth?

i love this gif

if you like it put a ring on it

someone is enjoying the view

nini to that person in the right in last gif be like no no u cant touch his hand

babe u dont want to be punished later, do u?

and baek was like ‘oh i know who wrote this’

this was pretty much how ksoo stans reacted to soo’s buing buing

/adore you - by 17 is playing on the background/  I adore you, I adore you, enough to get dizzy~

aww look at soo he was like, what really?

and nini was serious when he said this

soo was like: nah i dont need anything

and nini was like: nonsense. hyung needs my love.

are u sure it’s a hint for the song or u just want to say that line for soo

sometimes i too like do stretching on top of my platonic friend while maintaining eye-contact


son calm down

and last but not least

this is hilarious to me bc it seems nini did this so he could see soo’s reflection on his phone screen lel

pininglynch  asked:

Hi! So I have an awful lot of hw, and I mean LOTS. So could you do some headcanons about Ronan being a super supportive bf when Adam is tired, stressed and just super busy with uni exams and homework? I need some pynch to keep going through this hell

mmmmmyes my dear friend i feel your pain

  • adams got exams coming up and hes been studying like crazy but stuff isnt sticking and hes doubting himself 
  • he calls ronan in a panic like ‘im stressed and my roommate is being a dick and im not going to pass these exams andandand-’
  • ronan hangs up on him mid sentence and adam is kind of hurt like ‘i know he hates talking on the phone and the idea of college but i mean”
  • he just slowly picks up his books and gets back to studying but his chest feels kind of tight and he just wishes someone was there to help him through this
  • and then he starts thinking about how he’s had to do everything all by himself since he was a kid; make flashcards, quiz himself, check over his own homework
  • and he’s just so tired
  • the next thing he knows he’s jolted awake from the textbook he fell asleep on by a pounding on his door
  • he drags himself over to it assuming its some drunk frat boy come to collect his burnout roommate
  • instead its ronan with his arms filled with all sorts of shit and adam is just gaping at him like ‘ronan? how- i mean- why-”
  • and ronan is just like ‘are you going to invite me in parrish jesus where are your manners?’
  • adam stumbles back to let him in and ronan goes to his bed to put down all the things he has in his arms
  • he steps back and starts pointing at stuff “redbull, monster, and coffee because i wasn’t sure what would work best; i also got apples because i heard that they’re as good as caffeine but that could be bullshit. cheetos even though i think theyre fucking disgusting i know they’re your favorite. some index cards here in like 5 different colors because i figured you’re a loser and you’d probably want to color code for different subjects.”
  • “i also got some eyedrops and oh yeah-”
  • and he just scoops up adam and kisses him 
  • ‘you’re gonna be just fine babe, they wouldnt have let you into this stupid nerd palace if they didn’t think you could handle it. now where are we starting?”
  • adam is just speechless and he’s fighting back tears
  • he smiles and points to his criminal law textbook and ronan scoops it up and pulls him onto the bed
  • they spend the night holed up in adams room, ronan quizing him and breaking for the occasional kiss (he may or may not throw cheetos at adam when he gets things wrong)
  • when adams roommate stumbles in ronan pushes him back out and when hes like ‘fuck you dude this is my room’ ronan just grabs his shirt and says ‘i dont care where the fuck you go but its not gonna be in here. got it?’ 
  • the guy basically shits himself and runs off and adam is doubled over laughing 
  • later on when adam gets stressed ronan rubs his back and kisses his forehead and talks him through it
  • eventually adam slumps over asleep onto ronans shoulder 
  • ronan stays through the rest of finals (he only complains about the college yuppies and adams tiny bed a total of 15 thousand times)
  • adam aces all his tests obvi :)

GOOD LUCKKKKKK hope me and the nerds helped :)

anonymous asked:

im sad no one ever talks about asasuga evER :c

@hittoka:  i’m feeling a bit of asasuga today so here is a couple headcanons if you don’t mind :’)

listen my friends, you are truly in luck because my friend @brewcha mentioned to me that she started shipping AsaSuga a while ago. So after I saw this ask, I enabled her into writing her thoughts about them

and then that turned into the two of us throwing scenarios at each other, so hang on, this will be a bit of a ride, and i’ll put some of it under the cut.

Let’s start with what Brew (AKA gab) wrote first (which is what got me on board this ship immediately):


  • Asahi realizing he likes Suga, and he’s just freaking out about it in his own time, his mind going hyper-drive thinking oh no oh no Daichi’s gonna KILL ME (he won’t, obviously, but Asahi is Asahi, my cinnamon roll)
  • Suga teasing Asahi as usual, laughter lighting up his entire face and punching Asahi playfully (and hard!) because he’s Suga. He darts off, still laughing, throwing a cheerful see you at practice! but Asahi only responds half-heartedly because he’s left slightly stunned, rubbing the spot where Suga punched him and noting the exact moment when Suga took his heart.
  • The poor boy not doing anything about it because he doesn’t think he should, that he might mess up the dynamic between him and Suga - snapping it in two like that mop, that broken mop he remembers Daichi later telling him Suga wouldn’t stop clutching at the pieces when he thought nobody was looking.
  • WHOOPS IT GOT ANGSTY so here: Suga plopping his head on Asahi’s shoulder because he’s tired and Asahi is a big soft bear; Asahi going ?????? and being super aware of Suga beside him all of a sudden, how Suga’s hair looks really soft, with the curled up tufts of hair ticking his neck, and Suga leaning on him is somehow really warm and nice??? Also heartbeat is going sky-high??? His stomach is all fluttery all of a sudden???
  • A fumbling, socially awkward Asahi in first year not quite sure how to talk to Suga. Suga with his short, nearly close-cropped hair, cheeky grin,and  a slight baby-face. Daichi’s easiness and determination gets all three of them working as a trio, but Asahi’s not so sure around Suga — until the boy wheedles his way in with his good heart, endearing deviousness, and unabashed laughter.
  • Asahi thinking, upon reflection after realizing he liked Suga, that Suga had crumbled his defences long ago.

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Preference: You Get Shipped With Another Member

Requested by: julia640
Can’t stop, won’t stop guys. Send me more requests here though since I’m constantly bored and Tumblr isn’t blocked at school 


You had the habit of scrolling down your tag on Tumblr which was usually a rather mellow affair. It was filled with pictures you and your boyfriend had posted on Twitter and Instagram (Usually followed with a caption that said “lOOK HOW CUTE THEY ARE IM SCREAMING”) and some flattering (and also unflattering) selfies of yourself. But instead, you found this. 

When Cole comes home, carrying a bag of takeout, he finds you sitting on the couch, staring at the computer in a state of deep confusion. Slightly worried, he walks over and glances over your shoulder. 

It was a picture of you and David.


“Whoa."His voice breaks you of your stupor and you immediately panic, slamming the laptop shut. 

"I was just on Tumblr and I found this and I didn’t know people shipped me with my best friend but its photoshopped which is pretty obvious since that’s me from a picture of me and you-”


“And like I don’t even like David like that okay, that’s really gross and it’d be like liking my brother and-”

“Babe, calm down.” You finally freeze and turn to stare at him, wide-eyed, only to see that he’s laughing at you. The nerve of him. “I think its funny. Besides, David isn’t the one that gets to go to kiss you in about five seconds so I think its fair.”


Whenever Dana got mad, you always knew. He pretended that he was fine and waved off anyone’s attempt at asking him just why he was huffing at everything anyone said to him. After five months of dating him, you’d gotten pretty good at dragging the truth out of him but this was pretty ridiculous. 

“I don’t like Gabe, trust me,"You sigh as you stand in front of him sitting on the couch, hands on your hips in a vain attempt to look assertive. "If I did, that’s where I’d be. But nope, I’m here with you and I always will be.”

“i get that, its just…"He waves helplessly at his phone and you let another sigh as you pick it up and look at the twitter account he had been looking it. It was a fan account about the relationship between you and Gabe which had always been platonic. There were pictures of all the times you’d forced him to take one with you and twitter conversations between you two but they were taking them all the wrong way. Romantic instead of of a deep friendship. 

Taking a deep breath, you sit next to him and put your chin on his shoulder, looking at him patiently. "Just what, Dana?”

“He’s older and when we were friends, you always talked about how you liked older guys and he’s smart and mature and I don’t know. I guess I’m wondering why you’re sticking around here with me when you can so easily have him.” He wasn’t looking at you, stubbornly looking away, and you reach up and place a hand on his cheek, gently moving his head so he was meeting your eyes. It always broke your heart when you saw him being insecure. Insecurity wasn’t befitting for someone like Dana Vaughns.

“Hey, I love you. OK, you. Not Gabe, not anyone else. It’s just you for me.”

All he did was nod and give you the tiniest of smiles. 


“Honestly, I feel like you should be taking this more seriously,"You roll your eyes at your boyfriend who was currently rolling around on the ground, trying his best to calm down. You guys had been scrolling down (Really, more like stalking) the tag when you had found a fanfiction about you.

And Cole.

Not Will.


He had immediately insisted on reading it and you had tried to stop him since honestly, you’d much rather live your life not knowing what a fan wrote about a relationship between you and your boyfriend’s bandmate. He had ignored you and decided to read it out loud, doing his best impersonation of you and Cole. He’d done pretty good until the part came where you confessed your eternal affection for the blond in the pouring rain. 

Immediately, he had caved and started laughing uncontrollably to the point that he fell off the couch. 

"It’s well-written,"Will manages out, his face a bright red with tears leaking out of his eyes. You huff. "Wait? It is! Even though its way off base with the whole rain thing. You hate getting wet and cold without a life threatening situation.”

You sigh. At least someone found this amusing. 


David wasn’t a jealous person persay. He was usually calm and chill about these sorts of situations but this was sort of pushing it.

“Really?"He snorts as he scolls down the Tumblr tag on his phone while checking the tweets on his computer. You sit next to him, vaguely amused, but mostly wanting to get back to the Spiderman marathon you guys were in the middle of. "You and Will? As if.”

“He’s a nice guy,"you feel the urge to defend your friend and he huffs, his whole body dramatically moving.

"Yeah, he's too nice. Probably into really kinky things.”

“He’s your friend, David,"you sigh, leaning against his shoulder to watch just exactly he was looking at. He was really overreacting. Will and you both liked Chipotle to the point that it probably wasn’t healthy and seeing as even your boyfriend got tired of being dragged to the place (Even though he wouldn’t say it), you often went together. 

Most of the fans were chill about it and treated it like it was. A friendship. But there was always that small sect of over the top fanatics that made it weird for everyone else. While there weren’t that many, there was some posts and tweets speculating that maybe there was more.

"I wouldn’t date him you know,"You say, giving David a kiss on the jaw. He stills. "It’d be too much like corrupting a puppy.” Another kiss. “I like my boyfriends to have experience.”

He moves quickly, flipping you over so that you’re on your back and he’s looming over you. The laptop and phone fall to the ground. “Glad we’re on the same page.”

You grin.


“Seriously?"Gabe stares down the post as if it’s personally offended him and you can’t stop laughing, not able to take this seriously at all. It was just a collage of pictures of you and Dana, both separate and together, and there were hearts in random spots with sparkles thrown in.

Frankly it looked like something your three-year-old sister would do in Paint but still. It was enough to get your dumb boyfriend all riled. 

"They know that we’re the ones dating, right?"He asks, furrowing his brows, and you start laughing harder. 

"Duh,"you finally calm down enough to say, your voice coming out breathless. "I’m the reason there’s actually an overdose of your selfies." 

"Then why this?"He waves his hand at the post and you roll your eyes, getting over how funny this situation was really quick. Sometimes, Gabe was loads more mature than you yet other times you were the one who had to bring him down to Earth and explain things. 

"Because its fun. Fans ship people together all the time,"you shrug. "I don’t throw a fit every time there’s a post shipping you with Will or Cole." 

He lets out a sigh, giving you a look. "That doesn’t count.”

“It totally does!"You protest. "You’ve got masterposts of every time you’ve ever touched or every kinda gay thing you’ve ever done with each other. All I’ve got is a collage with Dana. I can pull some u-”

“Lets go to the movies!"He immediately, cutting off your sentence, and you start another laughing fit. 

Wrong But Right

Liam: (CEO of rival company) You rolled out of bed as Liam grumbled a protest. “Don’t go.” He whined playfully with a smile. You shook your head slipping on your teal silk blouse that luckily wasn’t wrinkled. “I’m supposed to go to a meeting with Daddy today.” You reminded him. You were the daughter of Delvin Mane. Owner and Founder of Mane enterprises. Being daughter of the CEO and his only child you had big shoes to fill. Shoes you would wear when you run the place. “With whom?” Liam asked, sitting up the sheet falling from his upper half. The defined sight tempted you out of your clothes once more. “Universal Update.” You answered slipping you pants on and buttoning them. Liam stood from the bed naked and walked to you. You couldn’t help but blush. He kneeled in front of you. “No. I really have to go.” You told him closing your thighs together tight. He let out a sexy chuckle then pick up a teal pump of yours, placing it on your foot gently. “Oh,” you said. “So you haven’t even told him you were seeing somebody yet, have you?” Liam asked snapping the clasp on your shoe. “You know it’s complicated.” You whispered. He shook his head bitterly. “Its been complicated for 2 years, Y/N. You need to tell him,” You knew how true that statement was and you did want to tell your father about him. But you father hated any form of competition and Liam Payne was the ultimate competition. “Baby,"  You tried. Liam snapped the other shoe on. "I mean it. I love you and I’m tired of hiding. If you don’t tell him, I’ll take matters into my own hands.” His resolve was firm. You nodded.

Niall: (Brother’s Best Friend) You yawned and scratched your stomach as you walked down the stairs after waking from your nap. “You’re a little cheater.” Your brother joked, nudging Niall with his shoulder. “You just suck.” Niall replied with that smile you fell for. “Where’s mom and dad?” You brother and Niall looked back at you. Nate, your brother smiled at you. “They went to the movies. Mom left you some spaghetti. Its on the counter.” You nodded and walked to the kitchen. Unwrapping the plate and placing it in the microwave you waited for it to finish. “Baby,” Lips moved sinfully against your neck causing you to giggle. “Stop, Nate could see.” You admonished pushing Niall away. “I’ve missed you. Just a kiss?” Niall pouted. He caressed his cheek. “No, babe.” The microwave beeped and you went to open it. Niall caught your arm and pulled you to him. Placing his lips softly onto yours. He cupped your face lovingly in a slow kiss. “Hurry up with the pops!” Hearing Nate’s voice you quickly pulled away from Niall and tried to act natural. “Damn. You move slow.” Nate brushed past you to the fridge getting a few cans of pop. “Let’s go. We’re online.” Niall followed your brother out but not before giving you a lustful look.

Zayn: (Sisters Husband)
“This is it, Y/N. I’m getting married. Your sister Macy smiled at her reflection. But you couldn’t help but be jealous. "You look beautiful,” You forced out fixing her dress. “Doesn’t she! She’ll be the prettiest bride in history.” Your mother cooed at Macy like she was a baby. “Zayn is the luckiest man in the world.” Your dad said from his seat across the room. You swallowed the guilt you felt. You and Zayn had been sleeping for 7 months now. And you were in love. It started when Zayn found out that Macy cheated and came to you for a shoulder to cry on. And that night led to other things and it became a big mess. Macy begged his forgiveness and he gave it but you  two still carried on. There was a knock at the door. “Its time everyone.” The wedding planner called. Then the rush started. Everyone one going this way and that way until the brides maid began down the isle. And as if the situation wasn’t fucked up enough, you were the Maid of Honor. As you walked down the isle with one of Zayns friend you felt bitter. This should’ve been your wedding. You should’ve been Mrs. Zayn Malik. You finally took your place you spared Zayn a glace to see him looking at you sadly. You felt your eyes well up as you looked away. Subconsciously putting your hand against your stomach. Not realizing Zayn caught the action.

Harry: (Teacher) “Brutus thought Caesar was not fit to run Rome, why?” Multiple hands flew to the air emitting a smile from Mr. Styles. “Y/N?” You felt your heart speed up when you realized you had his full attention even if it’s just for the smallest minute. “Brutus thought Caesar was to ambitious and that, in Brutus’s eyes, made Caesar unfit to rule.” You gave a sheepish smile at Mr. Styles. “Perfect. Yes, so tonight for-” The shrill ring of the lunch bell rang. “No homework.” A cheer went throughout the room as everyone left. You slowly put all of your binders away as Mr. Styles walked to your desk. “You did great today.” You smiled up at him. “Thank you, Mr. Styles.” He smirked. “It’s just us, love.” Harry tipped your chin up leaning down to peck your lips. “Its just us.” He murmured and you giggled. “I’ve got to go to lunch.” You told him slowly getting up. “Eat here with me.” He suggested with a smile. “People will notice.” You whispered. Harry shook his head with that same smile. “Let them,” He said caressing your cheek. You stood on your tip toes to give him a quick kiss. But as soon as Harry wrapped his arms around you. You knew it wasn’t going to be quick.

Louis: (Priest Apprentice) The church was cool and empty except for a lone man. The stained glass bringing in streams of light. You slowly walked down the isle making your way to the lone man. “Louis,” You whispered. He lifted his head from his prayer and gave you a small smile. “Y/N, what are you doing here?” Louis wore is church suit with his hair slick back and neat. A sight for sore eyes. You shrugged. “I leave in a few hours. I wanted to spend my moments with you,” He smiled. “And I guess Him too.” You gestured to the church. He chuckled, looking to you apraisingly. “Are you excited for New York?” Louis kept the respectful distance from you as you sat next to him. “Yeah, I’m ready. This is my big break! My books will be all over, I’ll have merchandise and movies.” You said dreamily. “But I’ll be missing one thing.” You said looking forward at the cross at the head of the church. “What?” Louis asked. You smiled at him. “You.” Louis looked at you. And knew he would miss you just as much if not more. “Kiss me.” Those two words set of a bomb of pent up emotion. Before you two knew it the soft kiss turned passionate. Soon your clothes were off and so where all bets.

I know its been a long long time since I’ve wrote but im back in full swing I have a lot of ideas. Please give me feed back. For my Coffee and Cream fans I’ll hopefully be posting next week.

My version of what might have happened on Sunday Night [AO3]

The day and weekend finally ended. Misha curled up in the blankets of the hotel, missing the feeling of his own blankets at home. He groaned as he stretched out his back, sensing some of the knots in his back dissolve. Chicago had been a blast this year, just like last few years. His eyes were closed when he heard the door beep and open.

“Jensen?” Misha questioned while peeking over the comforter.

“Yeah.” Jensen confirmed and sheds his leather jacket off. “Just dropped Jared off at the airport. He’s got a scene to shoot early tomorrow morning.”

“Good.” Misha sighed, moving over to give Jensen some room on the bed.

“Tired?” Jensen asked after shimming out of his jeans and climbs in next to Misha.

Misha just sighed and moved toward the warmth of the body next to him. Smiling to himself, he thanked the universe for giving him someone who was really warm.

Jensen smiled into Misha’s hair. “Yeah…Me too.” He placed a chaste kiss on the top of Misha’s head. “The con was really fun this year. I can’t wait for next year.”

“You should thank the fans on twitter.” Misha mumbled into Jensen’s shoulder.

Jensen reached to grab his phone out of his pocket in his jeans when he realized that he left his jeans on the ground. Sighing, he grabbed Misha’s phone from the bedside table.

“Mish. What’s your passcode?” Jensen nudged him with his elbow.

“Why?” Misha whined and nuzzled his nose on Jensen’s bicep.

“Just tell me.” Jensen rolled his eyes at the cat-like movement.

“6-2-4-7-6-6” Misha quickly said.

“Mish. Can you go slower?”

“Just spell out Maison.”

Jensen smiled at Misha’s choice of password. He misses Maison, West, and JJ. He misses the way Maison and West used him as a jungle gym while JJ rolled her eyes at them and made sequined art with Misha.

“Damn, I miss them.” Jensen sighed as he opened up Misha’s twitter.

“Yeah, I talked to Vicki an hour ago.” Misha said with adoration. “West decided to add chocolate to his mac and cheese.”

“That’s gross.” Jensen wrinkled his nose at West’s adventures with food. “Also, don’t you follow people?”

“What are you even doing on my twitter?” Misha asked sleepily.

“Nothing.” Jensen said while typing out his tweet. Hey, @JensenAckles is too tired and lazy to say thank u to Chicago, so I’m doing it so he can just retweet without thinking.

Jensen smiled at his tweet and clicked send. He looked over Misha’s feed and rolled his eyes at the recent seflie he posted. Of course he would fall for a guy who is completely a nerd. Not that he didn’t know that before, those sweaters Misha has are atrocious.

Thinking of an idea, he got up and grabs his phone from his jeans, ignoring Misha’s complains.

“I was just grabbing my phone, Mish.” He scoffed. “You’re clingy when you’re sleepy.”

“You already know that.” Misha muttered. “You’re warm.”

He smiled down at the dark ruffled hair that found a home between his arm and chest. He could never understand how he got so lucky to find two people who love him so much. Danneel and Misha both love him and he loves them both. And they definitely love each other in a different way.

Snapping out of his head, he looked back at his phone and opened up his own twitter while balancing Misha’s phone on his chest. He typed out his own tweet, laughing at his own prank. #ChiCon2015 U have been there from the beginning & just simply keep getting better. Thank U..And @mishacollins maybe u should follow people.

Placing his phone down, he started to follow a few people on Misha’s twitter. After following 6 people, he looked down at Misha and saw he was looking at him with a quizzical look.

“What are you doing?” Misha asked gruffly.

“Just…stuff…” Jensen shrugged, placing both phones on the bedside table. “Let’s sleep.”

“No…” Misha got up and snatched his phone from the table. “What is this?”

“Nothing, babe.” Jensen sniggered. “Nothing.”

“You’re not allowed my phone anymore.” Misha said while unfollowing all the people Jensen thought he would follow.

“You’re just weird.” Jensen wrapped his arm around Misha’s waist. “Who doesn’t follow people on social media?”

“Me.” Misha clipped and unfollows all the people Jensen followed for him. He felt Jensen’s hands wander under his shirt and his lips found a place on his neck. “Jen…”

“Yeah?” Jensen muttered against the crook of his neck.

“Nothing.” Misha smiled and wrote a short tweet as he basked underneath the feeling of Jensen’s hands and lips.

Hey @JensenAckles, following is for followers.


Well, story time:

these two photos were taken within 4 years of difference, the first one i was in a disney park, the other one i was in my house, when the first one was taken (in 2011) i was bad, as you guys know my grandfathers died with just one month of difference that fucked me up, bad, my family all of them were okay and going on with their lives, but me. They used to tell me that i had to let them go but i was just to attatched that was interfering with my life, that was when i started cutting and starving, i stopped sleeping, i felt ugly and hopeless nothing made me happy, not even disneyland i was in the bottom, when we were back in town, when the trip ended i remember i tried to kill myself with pills, nobody knew about that, and it obviously didnt work, when we were back in school i was alone, again, no friends, nothing, untill i meet my two best friends, but that wasnt a good year either, i had a panic attack in the school bathroom and scratched my legs, they send me home and i obviously didnt tell anything to my mom about that, and she decided that it would be a good idea to send me with a therapist, thing that didnt worked because my family is more focused in school  than they are in my mental health of course, eventually my mom found out about the wounds, she yelled at me because she thought my self-harm issues were over, that was it, i was just locked in my room crying, i was in my worst shape, i was literally on the borderline of developing bulimia, suicide attempts, cutting, crying every night, and then faking smiles, that was me. everything was a lie, i was sick, and nobody cared, they were just too focused in their lifes, my grades, the fact that we were new living in a big city, but they didnt cared about my mental health, i was hearing voices, seeing stuff and i told my mom about this, what did she said? “Barbara, its because you are tired, thats it, go and get some sleep, you will feel better in a couple hours”, i obviously didnt, i was seeing shadows, hearing voices that were yelling inside my head saying stuff like “kill yourself, nobody cares”, “who would care about you?” “Barbara remember that u are fat, ugly, useless, and you have the worst grades in this family” i was hopeless, i didnt knew what to do, so this day i decided that i was going to try, again, the date this time was: July 17, i dont know why, just because, it was not going to be in december, i mean, christmas, january? nope, my family will start without a daughter, i dont want that, february? uh, best friends birthday, march? yeah march, it could be march, but no, in april your other best friend will be 17 so no, may? uh, sisters birthday, june, i dont know vacation, july, july, nothing happens in july, thats it. July, i wrote it in notebooks, newspapers, books, until this day a lady went to our house, i mean im not superstisious or however is that thing spelled and i was sceptical at first i mean a lady with magic potions? bull. And she did this thing where she put a drop of the magic stuff in my head and i felt it in my brain, in my eyes, in my nose, mouth, my whole body, it was relaxing and it was great, my eyes were closed and  then i saw a light i swear to god i saw a light and i was like ‘what the bloody hell is this shit' i started crying with my eyes closed, and believe it or not: that shit gave me hope, and it was amazing, i realized that im important in this life, i smile, and laugh now, and not because of that magical drop, i do that because i know im worth something, i have something to life for, im not like religious and that stuff but i know something wanted me to be here, to live, to see what life has here prepared for me, and i hope that thing is big, because now, i want to live, i want to be here, and smile, and laugh, and sing and dance, things that i used to not do because i thought i wasnt worth that happines. Now, im happy, and nothing is going to interfer with it, nothing.

So, my advice for you guys is dont give up, keep going even if u cant see any drop of light anywhere because that shit is out there, and life has something big prepared for you, if u fall, stand up clean up a little and keep going, nothing can stop you, you are strong enough to do this shit. Believe me. 

[Part-Translation] Hakumyu LIVE: 'Kakizome' Corner in Extras PART 1 [41:16-50:04]

Hiya people. Since you girls seem to enjoy the ‘Kakizome’ corner in Hakumyu LIVE, I thought of translating again because apparently all the Kakizome corners from every performances were included in the Extras! YAY! I am doing this by ears again and quickly so; expect lotsa typos, grammatical errors and well translation error? XD (because chii is lazy to QC before posting *smacked*)

No scrcaps though this time. Lazy chii is lazy *smacked with a frying pan*

Okay here goes, oh before that;

[1] Basically, the corner always starts with the same pattern in which, Hijikata-san asking the boys to write kakizome. And they go 'KAKIZOME?!’. And Hijikata-san refusing to write one. Audiences & Okita going 'EHHHH’. I’ll be marking this as [**] after this kay.

[2] I wrote the names using initials!
KI: Kondou Isami, HT: Hijikata Toshizou, OS: Okita Souji, SH: Saitou Hajime, HS: Harada Sanosuke, TH: Toudou Heisuke, NS: Nagakura Shinpachi, YS: Yamazaki Susumu, SS: Sannan-san, KC: Kazama Chikage

(4th Jan / 3pm)
- HT: Today’s theme is 'Last year’s reflection (on error/misdeeds)’
- All: 'Kyonen no hansei?’ (Last year’s reflection?)
- HT: Okay, start writing Kakizome
- TH: It is hard if you suddenly tell us to do this
- H: There’re many things that happened no? If you are done, raise your hand
- HT: After all you guys made many mistakes dont you?
- *Heisuke & Shinpachi complaining* No no not really.
- HT: Okay, anyone done?
- *Kazama raises hand*
- TH: That was fast! You’re done?
- HT: Yosh, jya, Oni’s Commander-san
- Kazama wrote: [raises a blank paper]
- KC: Talk about worthless game of you people. After thinking, as expected I have nothing to reflect on not like you guys.
- TH: HA?! What’s with that guy?
- KC: Well then
- HT: That guy, why did he even came here.. After coming all the way..

- Audiences: WRITEEE
- HT: Told ya I’m not writing okay (lol *smacks oni fukuchou* zuruiii!!!)

- HT: Okay, anyone done? Not yet? No one?
- HT: Okay Souji
- OS: What was it again? 'Kyonen no hansei’? Alright here goes
- Okita wrote: [Hito wo kirisuginai/To not recklessly kill people too much]
- HT: Yes, and the ink looks scary though *points at the 人 kanji with dripping ink*
- OS: *trying hard not to laugh*
- HT: Yeah, don’t kill people too much, okay. Yosh.

- HS: Hai!
- HT: Okay Harada.
- HS: [Yari wo Oranai/To not break my Spears] (lol, it happened to Saitou/Okita(?) too, he broke his sword during practice? Aww the boys must be working so hard:p)
- HT: Oh what do you mean by that?
- HS: Well, I havent said this before but so far I’ve broke about 3 spears.
- TH: That’s too much Sano-san
- HS: So this year, I wish I’ll try my best not to break anymore spears.
- HT: Please okay, it’ll be costly for the Shinsengumi.

- TH: Hai
- HT: Ou Heisuke!
- Heisuke wrote: [???] (sigh he is very artsy I cant read his kanji!! ; A ;)
- TH: I think I should really not go to narrow places that’s hard to get out (this is just a direct translation, I cant remember or anything in hakuouki related to that situation ._.;; anyone?)
- HT: That’s true, yeah many things happened right. And you cant you write nicely?
- TH: ISNT THIS STYLISH?! (lol yeah right *smacks* now I cant read!!!)
- HT: IF it is stylish then write it stylishly? (I hope I got this right -_-;)
- TH: *checks the screen* (lol looks like Fukuchou doesnt share the same sense of art? :p)

- HT: Yosh, next? Oh, okay then Sannan-san
- Sannan-san Wrote: [Ude wo kirarenai/To not let my arm be cut again]
- HT: Wht do you mean?
- SS: Well last year, I was cut on my arm, I let my guard down. So because of that, I am reflecting on it.
- HT: Unpreparedness is one’s greatest enemy, yeah.

- HT: Okay next, alright Nagakura
- NS: [Chizuru-chan no namae wo wasurenai/Not to forget Chizuru-chan’s name]
- TH: Oh yeah that happened!
- HT: What do you mean?
- NS: You see, it happened during the time when Chizuru & Souji _____? Around that time, Chizuru-chan called to me 'Nagakura-san!’ and I was thinking 'Who were you again?’
- HT: *Laughs* I see.
- TH: You said it, you said it!
- HT: Perhaps you were tired right.
- NS: And perhaps I have so many things inside my head.
- HT: Get a Hang on Yourself!
- NS: Yes sir!
(I am not sure when this happened, perhaps during the non-recording day on previous musicals XDD awww poor alien neko shuuto, he must be really @_@ *mofus*)

- HT: Right, anyone else? Okay then Saitou
- Saitou Wrote: [Sunao/To be more honest]
- HT: Meaning?
- SH: Well, last year I couldn’t be honest with that certain someone, so this year I’m thinking of being more honest and someday I’d like to be called by my name (HYAAA LKAJSHKJAS HAJIME-KYUN (more like RYOOO-KUNNN) akjsdakjd)
- Audiences: KYAAAAAAAAA Me: KYAAAAAAAAA /rolls on bed laika sushimaki/
- HT: I see. Saitou is a serious one, as expected.

- HT: Next, okay Yamazaki.
- Yamazaki Wrote: [Mou Sukoshi Medatsu/To stand out more] (lol poor kid)
- HT: Oh, meaning?
- YS: Hai, well its too dark people cant see me that well (lol ur a ninja after all XD)
- HT: I see
- YS: ??? (I cant catch it T_T)
- HT: Then how about changing your Shinobi uniform to Red? (LOL that’s no ninjaaa, you’ll attract people akjshdakd)
- YS: Yes please/Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu
- TH: Who are you talking to? Who? ( XDDD)
- HT: Yosh okay lets go with that. Then lastly, Kondou-san!

- Kondou-san Wrote: [???] (I cannot read the kanji again |||orz)
- KI: During the time when Saitou-kun came back from GoryouEiji, I got excited you see. I accidentally said his name as 'Saitou-KYUN’. Im sorry Saitou-kun.
- SH: … Commander… it was embarassing…
- KI: Sorry! Lets not just focus on just practice sword but also practice on speaking smoothly.
- TH: Yep, I think that’s a good idea Kondou-san, why dont you try it?
- KI: Eh.. eh? What? Eh? Then what should I say? (this is totally adlib I think, Kondou-san is surprised here :p)
- TH: Kagyo(?) is your weakness(?). So try, [a tongue twister by Heisuke, listen to it yourself lol I dont even.. ||D]. 3 times!
- KI: 3 times?!
- HT: Yosh, then tongue twister by Kondou-san.
- KI: *tongue twister performance, full power* XD
- HT: *laughs* well well~
- KI: Thank you, that feels warm (the support from audiences)

And, the ending has the same pattern too. Hijikata-san asking them to try their best to work on their reflection/aim/etc. And ask them to clean up resulting on Heisuke-kun complaining him being bossy. And then ofcourse, HERE COMES THE BULLY-ONI-FUKUCHOU PART YAYYY *claps claps*

- SH: Fukuchou, to think of it, I haven’t seen your kakizome?
- HT: Told you I’m not writing one.
- SH: But..
- OS: Haa-ji-me-kun I found this in Hijikata-san’s room~ Then lets show it to eeee-veryone shall we? *ebil grin*
- HT: Oi oi! That’s really a bad one! Oi! OiI PLLEASE!
- OS: One two… *TADA*
- Hijikata-san Wrote: [A drawing of Ai ai gasa (symbol of love) - with Hijikata & Chizuru’s name] (LOLOL hijikata!piroshi priceless face!! aklsjdhakjd XD)
- SH: This..
- OS: Can you please explain it to us?
- HT: Well, no you see.. I wanted to write then my hand kinda slipped. And my hand slipped, and I think its a waste to throw it so I tried writing more, and and somehow it became that shape. And well first I wrote 'Toshizou’ you see, you see there’s 'Toshizou’ written right. And then, I can’t write anyone else’s names but Chizuru since she is the only girl. And I just wrote it because I don’t want to waste the paper..(aww oni fukuchou aww so innocent lol).

And in the middle of explanation… *OKITA RIPS THE AIAIGASA LOLOLOL* akljshdakjsd *EBIL OKINYAN*

- OS: Its not nice of you conquering Chizuru-chan on your own.
- HT: That’s not it.. you see. Ne, Saitou?
- SH: Fukuchou, I think.. I am a little dissillusioned.
- HT: *shocked* What’s with that.. Oi Saitou! Explain! Oi Explain!


Chii’s Note: HAHAHA. Okay this is another long one, I’m sowwy. And, I am so lazy to even bold the initials too long, chii is the master of laziness *smacked*. But I hope the translation helps, if.. anyone needs it? XD;;; I’ll be working on another 2-3 of the Kakizome corners, cant remember how many of them. PHEW~ ^^ jya jya!

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can you write something about hanging out with your friend michael and you both got bored of playing video games and somehow end up having really hot sex im horny

tbh i have no idea how COD works but i’ve seen my boyfriend play something (might’ve been mw3 oops) so i kinda wrote the game like whatever he was playing… so sorry if it’s completely wrong but i don’t play video games :P and it’s smutty so if you’re younger than my 14-year-old brother, pay no attention to the story behind the “read more” tab

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