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Jyn and Cassian are neighbours in the same apartment complex. There is a communal laundry room with a fixed schedule. Cassian does his laundry after Jyn and one day she accidentally leaves a pair of panties behind. Should Cassian return them? Prompt request.

Took your advice and went with the SW universe :)

The newest base after Yavin IV is small and ill-equipped for the number of people living on it. What it does have, though, is a small room full of sonics especially for cleaning clothes. Cassian, finding himself with a rare bit of downtime on base and a bag full of clothes needing cleaned, opens the door to find Jyn already in there.

She turns, smiles and bites her bottom lip and his heart skips a beat.

She fills her arms with clean laundry from the machine and walks towards the door. “Hey, I was just finishing up. See you at dinner?”

“Yeah,” he breathes in the scent of her as she passes, the smell of clean clothes and Jyn. “See you there.”

She looks back over her shoulder at him with pink cheeks and smile.

As soon as the door closes he heaves a sigh and tries to gather his senses back to the present. How could such a brief encounter leave him so breathless?

He opens the lid of the sonic and sees something at the bottom. He reaches in and pulls out a small piece of black fabric, unfolds it, and -


Simple, standard issue briefs, black and modestly cut, should not have this much of an effect on him, but in his defence it’s been a long time since he’s been that close to anyone else’s underwear and these are Jyn’s.

Cassian takes a deep breath, closes his eyes, and tries his best not to picture Jyn wearing nothing but this scrap of fabric, and fails miserably. He groans, pinches the bridge of his nose and shoves the briefs into his pocket and out of sight.

As he does his laundry he charts flight paths, calculates hyperspace jumps, and desperately thinks of anything else.

After dinner, he walks Jyn back to her quarters, distracted all the while and wondering if he could simply slip the briefs into her pocket without her noticing, but as they reach her door he panics.

“Here, you - you left these behind earlier.” His skin feels hot all the way up to the tips of his ears as he glances up and down the corridor to make sure no one sees, before pushing the fabric into her hands as if it were a drug deal.

“Oh,” she says, caressing the inside of his wrist as she closes her hand around the underwear in his fist. She looks up at him with a wicked grin and a shrug. “Did I?”

As she turns and opens the door to her quarters, Jyn looks back over her shoulder and gives him the same look from the laundry room, pretending at innocence and missing her mark by a mile.

As the door shuts, Cassian thinks he might burst into flames where he stands.

Liberated Love ~ Sonamy

A/N - 


A secret relationship is uncovered.  

The sun shone brightly down on hedgehog village. Birds cheered merrily in the trees, and the wind blew a soft warm breeze. Everything was perfect, until Amy Rose was rudely awoken to the sound of frantic knocking on her front door. Sighing loudly she rolled over and put a pillow over her head to block out the sound.

“Ames someone’s at the door.” She heard Sonic say next to her.

She ground in response.

“Amy!” Sonic said poking her slightly.

“Ughh can’t you answer it!?” She muttered.

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Seeing Sense

Fandom: Doctor Who

Word count: 1433

Characters: Ten x reader, Donna

Warnings: being locked in a confined space, pushy friends

Summary: Donna comes up with a great idea to make you and the Doctor admit your feelings. 

You sat in the doorway of the TARDIS, swinging your legs and watching as the planet span below you.

When you were travelling with the Doctor and Donna, moments of peace like this were rare. Right now, the only reason you were here was because you had just escaped from some alien war-lords intent on killing the Doctor for saving their enemies. Another typical day, really.

But now you were just circling in orbit whilst the Doctor tried to find a way to get rid of what he called a “time-travel parking clamp” on the TARDIS. And until he did that, you were perfectly content just hanging here.

There were footsteps behind you, and then Donna plopped down next to you. She’d had to change her clothes- the old ones had been soaked when she plunged into a lake. It hadn’t put her in a very good mood.

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I laughed at the zombie one but instead how about "You said, and I quote; 'I have an addiction to knowledge!'" Ten or Tentoo x Rose :D

Title:  An Addiction to Knowledge

Pairing:  Ten/Rose

Rating:  Adult

Genre:  Crackfic/Humor/Adventure/Nude Doctor/Running for their lives

Thank you for the prompt!

AO3 Link

After years of practice, Rose had developed an uncanny sense of when a visit to a seemingly pleasant planet would turn pear shaped.   Usually, it started with someone running off with his gob saying whatever came into his brilliant Time Lord brain.  Say what he might about humans, at least she had the ability to filter and a good sense of self-preservation.

Time Lords, it appeared, lacked this ability.

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I never knew my first kiss would be Spiderman (Peter Parker x Reader)

Summary: You are a superhero known as Waterfall because of your superpowers. You are also Poseidon’s daughter. And you are now a wanted war criminal for fighting with Captain America against Iron Man. Because of that, you had to stop saving people. One day, you talk to Spiderman on a rooftop and the next, your crush starts talking to you. Your suspicions turn out to be true a month later.

Warnings: some little swearing (literally just “shit”)

Word Count: 1354 (ooops)

A/N: In this imagine, you’ll be Team Cap, so sorry if you’re Team Iron Man.

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Can’t Hide Forever

This is something I’ve been working on, it’s going to have more I guess chapters I will post later on. Hope you enjoy :)

Paring: Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver) x Reader

Word Count: 1257

It’s been about about a year since Captain America himself showed up at your door with an offer. Apparently word had got around that you had a unique ability, a mutation as most liked to call it. You were gifted with the power of invisibility which proved to be a great asset for the Avengers. It also proven to have a much better use, hiding from thing you could not confront.

Ever since you could remember you hated attention. Now that you’re apart of the Avengers you find yourself with some constant unwanted attention. Never being able to walk the streets freely without being attacked by journalist and insane fans asking about the others. The very worse part of your new discovered ‘fame’ is the attention a certain silver hair speedster has given you.

You can admit Pietro was an attractive man, even going far enough to say you might have a schoolgirl crush but your insecurities stop your thoughts of something more happening. With the rest of the team was so easy to be around but every time you’re alone with him you panic resulting in you making a complete fool of yourself.

Laying around in the lounge you quietly hum to the music playing in your headphones, constantly scrolling through tumblr on your laptop. Today had been exhausting, Steve and Natasha had been pushing you lately to learn tactical strategies for mission, given that you powers will not help you in hand to hand combat. Natasha kept trying to discover new way to manipulate your mutation recently discovered the ability to push mask others along with you. But one of the most use full powers was your ability to form force field blocking anything in it path.

Leaving them with happy faces you had decided to take it easy, relaxing and enjoying sometime with the internet. It was going fine until you face was whipped with a familiar gust of wind. Tensing up you turn to see the cushion next to you being filled with the older Maximoff. Pulling out a earbud you turn to the speedster, eyes met with his classic smirk.

“Whatcha doing?” Pietro asked glancing over to your laptop, quickly shutting it you blush at the newest blog you were looking at. Okay so maybe you 'keep track’ of your team members status on the interweb but it was clearly for research that you were looking up Pietro’s fandom. You would never just look at sexy pictures of him, that would be inappropriate.

“Nothing, just relaxing,” you respond trying hard to play it cool hoping to not give anything away. That of course wasn’t a good enough answer for Pietro because in a blink he’s halfway across the room opening your laptop.

“Oh, that’s a very handsome man, how did they get one without my shirt? Damn I look good, wouldn’t you think?” He chortled flashing the screen, feeling yourself slip your face from sight you try your best to make an excuse.

“Ummm….I..t-that was f-f-or research, I-I keep t-track of ever-y-one.” You stammered walking into a  table knocking over a lap.

“Oh of course very important research.” Pietro laughed continues scrolling through the blog. not wanting to stay for too long you quickly run out and down to your room. Panicking a bit you change your mind rushing to the elevator still hidden from sight you press the button to the lobby.

Not having a plan or location you just start walking. Ending up at your favorite location in New York, Central Park. Making your way to a tree you climb to get away from the world. Laying down on a branch you get mesmerized by the star, soon drifting to unconsciousness.

Laying in bed you toss and turn trying to get into a comfortable position. After a bit of a struggle you finally find the perfect spot. Then the dreadful knock hits your door. Huffing you roll out of bed, opening the door your blood runs cold. On the opposite side was none other than Pietro himself.

“Hey Y/N can I come in?” Nodding you step aside giving entrance.

“Do you need something?” You choke out.

“Yes, I do.” He purrs grabbing your wrist pulling you into a heated embrace.  “Dammit Y/N you drive me insane every time you give me a timid smile or a glance across the room.“ He whispers tickling your neck with his rough stubble.

"I’m sorry.” why are you apologizing you idiot? You’re so bad at this.

“You should be. The things you plant in my head when ever we’re in the same room. It’s unbearable, and I’m done suppressing it.” In an instant he captures your lips in his pulling you to your bed. Moaning into the kiss he pushes his tongue in your mouth exploring your cavern. Feeling his delicate hands slip up you shirt caressing your stomach.

Breaking the kiss he gives you a confused look. “Wake up.” he said.

“What are you talking about?” You question terrified of his rejection.

“Y/N wake up! Wake up!” He yells then you’re pulled into reality.

Startled awake you tumble over falling from the tree. Preparing for the inevitable impact of the cold ground your suprised when you’re met with a soft but firm chest of Pietro. Smirking down at you, you feel your cheeks flush at the memory of the dream you just witnessed.

“Nice of you to drop in.” Smirked still holding you in his arms. Stunned and confused you’re bombarded by camera flashes and shouts from men.

“Shit.!” you squeaked falling from Pietros arms on to the damp ground slipping out of view I hear the mens taunts.

“Oh come on cutie we can see your face. Let us get a picture of you a speedy!” One shouted.

“I can see the headlines now. The Avengers new hit couple Quicksilver and Shadow.” Another called out feeling your breath quicken you started to panic.

“Y/N are you alright?” Pietro whispered.

“No can we please go?” You fretted grabbing hold of his hand trying to block out the flashes.

“Yeah, just close your eyes.” He ordered. Feeling confused you obey closing your eyes, but the nausea that follow as Pietro rushes the two of you to the tower was overwhelming. Carefully he set you on the ground, taking deep breaths hoping not to puke. Of course you weak stomach had better ideas, hunching over near the grass empty your stomach. Feeling Pietro move your hair out of the way.  

'Great job Y/N, alway making a fool of yourself.’ you think mentally cursing yourself.

“Sorry, Wanda finds it easier when you close your eye.” he apologized rubbing circle on your back.

“No it fine, thank for getting us out of there. They never give us a break do they?” Trying to bring light of your embarrassment.

“They do not, Shadow. I kinda like it Shadow yup that’s your new hero name.” He smirked grabbing your arm and helping you to your feet. Feeling your face burn bright red you phase out of sight.

“Y/N I… you’re invisible.” He stated waving his hands around.

“Yeah night Sonic.” Departing you quickly grab your laptop and make a beeline to your room. Hoping to avoid all embarrassing situation, you have had enough of those for one night. Laying in bed you mind buzz with the thoughts of Pietro and how you look like a complete fool. Panicking a bit you finally rid your mind of worries and find sleep.

p.s i really like you

Summary: AU In which Phil, Louise, and Zoey are all best friends in Year 3 and they each write notes to their crushes. Phil’s note happens to be written to Dan. 

a/n: fluffy cute yay. hope you like it? 

“Grandma! Phil is here!” Louise yelled as she pulled her best friend inside. “Zoey is upstairs already.” She informed him. They both ran up the stairs to Louise’s pink bedroom.

“Philly! Just in time. Me and Louise were just talking about the boys we fancy.” Zoey greeted him. “Louise was just about to tell me.” Phil got on the bed and crossed his legs.

“Well alright then. Spill it Louise.” Phil said grinning ear to ear.

“Okay. I quite like that Matt Watson fellow.”

“Louise! He is a year above us!” Zoey gasped.

“So what? I think he is pretty.”

“Boys can’t be pretty Louise.” Phil laughed.

“Yes they can Phil. You’re pretty, just like Zoe is pretty.” They both blushed.

“Its your turn Phil.” Zoey giggled.

Phil didn’t even have to think about his answer. “I think that I like boy with the brown hair that Louise hangs out with in class.”


“Yes! Dan. He is quite nice to me.” Phil said.

“But he is a boy Phil!” Louise exclaimed.    

“So what?” Phil got confused.

“My mummy says boys liking boys is just fine. My uncle likes boys. Louise is just upset because she fancies Dan too!” Zoey shrieked.

“I do not!”

“You do too!”

“No I don’t Zoey!” Louise pouted.

“It’s okay Louise. I’m sure he likes you better anyways.” Phil tried to comfort her.

“He is always talking about you Phil. I may not know any better but I think he fancies you too.” Louise admitted smiling. “Besides I think I like Matt better.”  

“Its your turn Zoe!” Phil yelled.

“Oh come on. You guys know already.” Zoey blushed.

“Alfie and Zoey sitting in a tree..” Phil began singing and Louise joined in. “K-I-S-S-I-N-G.”

“Stop it you two!” Zoey complained but she couldn’t help but laugh at the sight of her friends. They all eventually collapsed in a heap of giggles.

“I have an idea! We should write notes to them!” Louise said.

“To who?” Phil asked.

“Our crushes! You write one to Dan, Zoey to Alfie, and I’ll write one to Matt.” Louise insisted.

“What do we say?” Zoey questioned.

“Well whatever you want to say silly!” Louise giggled. She stood up quickly and disappeared into her closet and came out holding paper and pens. She handed them one of each. Both of the girls got to writing quickly but Phil found himself at a loss for words, literally.

He eventually ended up with this:


Dear Dan,

Hi. I just thought I would tell you that I really like the sweatshirt that you own that has the ears on it. I meant to tell you when you said you liked my Gengar shirt. Maybe sometime we could play Pokemon. Do you like Sonic or Crash Bandicoot? Louise and Zoey don’t like playing video games so it would be cool if we could play video games together.

p.s i really like you.



“Are we actually going to give these to them?” Phil was suddenly worried about adding that last bit.

“Sure. We can slip them into their cubbies.”

“How will you get to Matt’s cubbie Louise?” Zoey asked.

“My Grandma works with his Mom. I’ll ask her to give it to him.”

Phil wasn’t so sure about this.

Phil definitely wasn’t so sure about this. He sat at his desk, the note for Dan folded in his back pocket. Louise and Zoey told him to put it in his backpack during the next break they got. He was so nervous he had a hard time paying attention to his school work. When the teacher announced the break he found Zoey’s gaze and she winked at him. She had already slipped Alfie’s note in his bag.

Phil watched Dan leave the room with his friend Pj and Phil slipped the note into his bag. He quickly made his way out of the room.

By the end of the day, the three had forgotten about the notes altogether. Phil was making his way home when Dan stopped him.

“Hey Phil!” Phil stopped and turned to see Dan jogging towards him.

“Hey Dan.” Phil blushed a little, remembering the note.

“I got your note, and I love Sonic and Crash Bandicoot! I was wondering if you wanted to come to my house and play them with me?”

“Right now?” Phil asked.

“Yeah. We have a phone that you can use to call your mom and tell her.” Dan informed him.

“Okay yeah. That sounds awesome.” Phil turned and walked with Dan. They got a few feet forward before Dan leaned down.

“By the way, I quite like you too Phil.” He whispered into Phil’s ear. Dan slowly laced their fingers together and they walked hand and hand all the way to Dan’s house.

Maybe Louise’s ideas weren't so crazy after all.

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Jackie catches them in roses room, sleeping together - BUT only sleeping.

Gotta love Jackie Tyler, here we go :D

Jackie Tyler had tiptoed into her daughter’s bedroom with the intention of gently waking her up, like she used to back when Rose was in school, armed with a mug of cold water and a shrill alarm clock. Instead, she was met with the sight of Rose snuggled next to the tall, lanky form of the last of the time lords. “I knew it!” she yelled triumphantly and loudly, waking both of them up.

Rose blinked, trying to adjust her eyes to the light and figure out which alien prison they were in and how many guards were there. Instead, she faced the hovering figure of her mother, with her hand on her hips. “Oh, God, no,” she groaned, hiding her face in her palms. A hundred daleks and a thousand cyber men would have been better than this!

“I’ve got this, Rose,” the Doctor assured confidently, before he turned to Jackie with a smirk. “Jackie Tyler, you’re dreaming.” Jackie simply placed the weapons on the table, crossed her arms in front of her and waited patiently. After a full minute, he tugged at an ear guiltily. “That was never going to work, was it?”

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The morning after a one night stand. Michael.Clifford

HI! Enjoy this new Imagine!! Click the heart if you liked it!!

I kept my eyes shut, too afraid to open them and deal with any kind of bright lights that could possibly hurt my head after the night i had. Memories were running through my head and i was so confused.
*Previous night*
“Hey, you were at soundcheck weren’t you? Did you come here to find us?” Michael asked, smirking at me. “No, we actually came here last night and really enjoyed it” I said, smiling at him. “So I guess you could say that you come here often” he said, letting a small giggle leave his lips. “I guess you could” I flirted back.

It didn’t take me long to have a quick girls meeting in the bathroom and quickly talk about whether we were going to be those girls that go home with the rockstars or not…
If you ask anybody i know they will tell you i’m not that kind of girl AT ALL… but when a hot rockstar asks if you want to go somewhere quieter, out of all the other girls in the place… of course we’re gonna say yes. It’ll be a good story to make my future kids cringe in 20 years time. I knew he wouldn’t want anything more than a hookup and I was totally capable of giving him that.
That’s how i ended up here… laying in Michael clifford’s bed… wearing nothing…
I opened one eye and when my eyes adjusted to the bright light coming from the crack in the curtain, i looked over to find michael still sleeping. I gently pulled my arm from around his body and tried to slide my way out of the bed without waking him up. I quickly grabbed my dress and went to his bathroom to pee then quietly wiped off the remaining smudged makeup before sneaking back out and looking around for my underwear.
“Looking for this?” I heard from behind me where michael was laying on the bed. I turned to find him sitting up, my underwear in his hand.”sorry, i was just leaving” I mumbled, walking closer to him.

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