yeah i have a sonic room

Favorite Things(Villain!AU)
  • *Genos is tidying up the living room while Saitama sits and reads*
  • Genos: *Tilts his head* you really do enjoy wearing that hoodie, don't you master?
  • Saitama: *looks down* Well yeah, it's my favorite. It would take a lot to get me to take this off once I'm cozy
  • Genos: ....*slowly starts to pull down the waist of his pants*
  • Saitama: .....*slowly arches his brow*
  • *Sonic and Hellhound walk down the hallway*
  • Sonic: Just think, you could have scheduled walks maybe even get to play with other dogs at the park.
  • Hellhound: *groans as Saitama's hoodie shoots out of the doorway, smacking him in the face* Eh!
  • Sonic: *grins and points* Ha ha! *Genos' pants smack Sonic in the face* AH! NO! WHY!?