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Split Heart: Part Five - End

This is the last part of Split Heart - I hope you all enjoyed it. I hope I will be able to write another series in the future :)

Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four

Description: Reader returns to New Orleans to confront Klaus, Elijah and the feelings they couldn’t escape

Gender: Any/Neutral    Triggers: None    Words: 1,409

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It had been almost two months since you left New Orleans. At first it was refreshing, but you continued to keep traveling for the sake of being somewhere else. But no matter how far away you went, you still couldn’t shake the feeling that you wanted to be home. So that’s exactly where you were going. 

The trees had begun turning colors in New Orleans, fall had started. It was beautiful. And surprisingly enough, you weren’t afraid. You knew exactly what you wanted and what you were going to say. You had no idea how Klaus would react, but you knew that no matter what, this is what you had to do.

Seven Weeks Ago:

“I’m back!” Klaus called as he entered his home, back from Mystic Falls.

“Hello Niklaus” Elijah said walking into the room.

“Elijah” Klaus greeted as he walked past him and towards the stairs

“Y/n left Klaus” Elijah said, stopping Klaus in his tracks

“What?” Klaus turned

“Y/n left. And it was my fault” Elijah said unwavering. He knew Klaus would be angry, but he needed to know.

“What did you do?” Klaus asked angrily as he approached his brother.

“I fell in love with them”

Five Week Ago:

Klaus and Elijah were angry with one another and themselves. Klaus hated Elijah for stealing you from him. Elijah was angry at Klaus for not understanding, for not admitting that he no longer loved you as much as he said he did. Elijah was angry at himself for chasing you away, for not giving you time. And Klaus was angry at himself. For pushing you away. He did love you. He just wasn’t in love with you anymore.

“Elijah” Klaus said approaching his brother 

“Hello Klaus” Elijah said eyeing him from his chair

Klaus sat down in front of Elijah before speaking “You were right. I’m not in love with y/n anymore. But I do love them. And I don’t wish them any harm”

“Is this the part were you begrudgingly give me permission to be with y/n and then threaten me so I wont hurt them”

Klaus rolled his eyes “Yes”

“Good” Elijah said leaning forward “I would never hurt them. But even then…I still do not know if y/n wishes to be with me. Or if they are coming back at all”

Klaus and Elijah stared at each other in silence, they knew you would come back. This was your home. You would come back. Wouldn’t you?

Two Weeks Ago:

They were starting to doubt if you would ever come back. Rebekah had yelled at her brothers for ruining you, for hurting you. She even considered going to look for you herself. Things were falling apart without you.

People started questioning where you went. All the friends you made noticed your absence. Some of them thought that Klaus had done something to you. Or that someone took you.

The peaceful and safe atmosphere that you gave to the people you knew was gone. And you had no idea how much of a difference you made. Neither did the siblings. Not until you left. Not until you were gone did they notice how empty their home was without you.


You parked your car and got out. Staring at the house you couldn’t help but smile at the familiar sight. Slowly approaching the house you thought of knocking, but that felt weird. You had never knocked before, and this was still your home. At least you hoped it was.

Opening the door and walking in quietly, you looked around the house. It felt the same, but also different. Not as homely as it was before. 

“Y/n?” you heard come from behind you

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You Mean The World To Me

You Mean The World To Me Chapter 1
Pairing: Stefan/Caroline
Words: 5,291

A/N: Just want to thank the Angels @give-me-tvd @sterolineislove @wescolasclife and @patientskies for bearing with me and helping me start this thing. Thank you so much, you have no idea how appreciative I am.

He’s halfway through having his brains fried when it all happens. He’s too unconscious to really see anything.

But Damon, Elena and Bonnie tell him all about it when he wakes up in his own bed 10 hours later.

About how they raided the travelers camp and killed them all. How, for once, their plan actually worked.

Things worked out.

He likes the sound of that. But there’s something else. He can hear it in their voices. A new found sadness. He doesn’t know what it is.

Until he realizes there’s a bubbling blonde missing from the equation, “Caroline?”

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