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one Sunday

*Bucky looks outside the window of their apartment and waves to Sam as he heads off to the VA. He had told Sam he would be by later but he wasn’t feeling a hundred percent. it wasn’t a total lie but he needed some time alone from Sam. He picks up the cellphone and waits five minutes after Sam is gone before phoning Steve.*

“Steve hey do you have time to talk? I have some big questions I need your advice on.”

“Yeah, I think I can squeeze you between watching TV and doing laundry. Your place or my place?”

“Some place Sam can’t get to would be great…and maybe Tony I don’t want him interrupting and make jokes like last time.”

“Sounds serious. Okay, maybe Central Park? Or we can go to my old place in Brooklyn, I decided to keep my apartment in case me and Tony wanted to hide from everyone.”

“I’ll start heading to your old place. See you there in about twenty.” *He hangs up the phone and locks up the apartment before heading to Steve’s and his old apartment. Once there he waits outside the door for Steve.*

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I just find it insane that of the 8 main characters, Weiss is the only one who's really been making proper character development. She went from someone who is jealous, bossy, entitled, and looks down on faunus to where she is now, someone who respects her teammates, understands that the white fang and fauna are different, stands up for herself to her family... and she's not the main character?!?!? like wtf


Okay guys

I don’t remember a lot from the show, mainly because I couldn’t see much of the show, but there was some funny things

Paul took off his jacket in the church scene and was like ‘I don’t know why I took my jacket off’ then tried looking for a reason to put it back on but it just didn’t come so he had to awkwardly put it back on. Then say stage door he was like 'yeah that might not stay. I’m probably gonna get into trouble’.

When Paul says 'scroopius’, Alex full on shouted 'SCROOPIUS?’ And then walked out of Hermione’s office.

Jack North did a leg up on the stairs?!

Alex did a really loud 'MWAHAHAHA’ after the 'maybe this room will mine soon enough’

Martin does a really good Station Master.

As I said, I didn’t have a good view but I loved it regardless. As it was Stuart’s last official show as Harry, we were all a bit emotional and there was a lot of tears.

Plus, she’s amazing : Part 2

Part 1

Summary : Luke decides to ask the reader out, fate however does not seem to be on his side.

Word count : 1289

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This was ridiculous. He had absolutely no reason to be here.

Come on Luke, think.

Got lost? That’s ridiculous I’ve been working here for almost 6 months now.

Came to see a friend ? She probably knows everyone here, would look like an idiot.

Needed coffee? Yeah yeah that works, the coffee maker upstairs broke.

“You got this.” he mumbled, walking toward you. It was only when he got close could he hear you frustration.

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I had a dream last night that I had two cats. Felix and Echo. And we were moving and they got left behind so I stole the family car and sped back to the old house and ran through it calling for Echo (Felix is half feral I knew he’d be ok I was mainly worried about Echo cause she’s a powder puff) and Echo comes skittering down the hall and LEAPS into my arms followed a few seconds later by Felix looking smug like ‘yeah, you forget someone?’ So I put them in a boc and put the box in the car and took them home.

Then I woke up really confused cause not only was I wondering ‘where are my cats’ I had to remind myself: A. I’m allergic to cats and B. they were dream cats.

I guess dream cats are nicer cause they don’t turn my into a snotty, wheezy, itchy eyed mess. I will miss Echo and Felix though. 

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Well, we just got event photos confirming that the Fate/Extra anime adaptation is going with male Hakuno. Huge banner and everything featuring him with Nero. (I can dig up links if you don't believe me, I know anonymous sources aren't always reliable.) Kind of expected it, but I'm still really disappointed. I guess I just feel stupid for ever getting my hopes up after seeing Hakunon in the PV ...

Yeah i’ve finally seen that banner you were talking about anon, and i share your frustration. I had my hopes up too, both bc we had seen fem!hakuno in the trailer and because i was hoping fate would finally do a story with a female protagonist. The whole story feels less interesting with hakuno as a generic dude protag who looks like every other anime lead ever. Not to mention Nero is canonly bisexual and often put together with femhakuno in official art, so i had hopes they might give fate a canon wlw pairing. 

All in all its pretty disappointing, yeah. Theres always a chance Shaft might totally blow us sideways with some kind of wild subversion, but i doubt it at this point.

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OK SO I HAVE A QUESTION: did u design nyagisa's fursuit?? Is it your fursona's design because if you had one then

yeah I designed Nagisa’s fursuit lmao.


^^^ This is Nagisa’s fursona (ignore my tiny monaca in the corner lol)

as for me I guess you could say I have a fursona but it’s just a four-legged animal and it’s not on two legs and I don’t dress up as it so ??? I don’t think that’s a furry

realizing you’re on the ace spectrum like

“I’d hit that.” “You… you don’t even know them though??”

“Oh come on, everyone has a list of celebrities they’d totally have sex with if they had a chance.” “Haha yeah ok” *internally* what

"Ya so like for the past few years I’ve felt zero attraction to people I wasn’t friends with first?? Lol what’s up with that”

Why did you have to have sex with them?? Couldn’t you just hold it?? Like pee??

“You’ll meet someone who makes you feel like that someday, don’t worry” “……sounds fake but ok”

“Sex is an important part of a relationship! Everyone has sexual needs!” “….sounds fake but ok”

“Dude that girl is so hot” “I know right?? Look at her fucking eyeliner. Goals. The fuck.” “No I meant like… look at that ass” “Are we looking at the same person are you really focussing on her ass look at how visually appealing her outfit is and dont you dare fuckin tell me that eyeliner isnt fierce as hell

“Aesthetic attraction and sexual attraction are two different things” *puzzle pieces vERY RAPIDLY FALLING INTO PLACE*

*staring at the ceiling at two-thirty in the morning* i could die a virgin and i would regret absolutely nothing

“What’s your ideal girl like?” “Uh… my best friend?” “Oh cute, you want your girlfriend to be the one who knows you best!” “No I meant I am literally only attracted to my best friend she is my ideal girl please help I am dying”

“We’ve been dating for six months and we still haven’t had sex!!” “Have you marathoned Star Wars together yet?” “Yeah we did that like two weeks ago” “Well what more do you want

*thinking about an attractive woman* *dissecting my entire personality and sexuality to figure out why I’m attracted to her this time* is it the muscles. Oh my god is this a sex thing. Oh my god what the hell is this. Oh my god what the fuck is the wtf the fuck the fUCK

*Next day* Zarya could punch me in the face while eating me out and I’d let her but only because she’s a fictional character and therefore could literally never do that


(why is that tho. maybe i should look into that *doesnt look into it*)

“What do you find most attractive in a girl?” “Gotta love those strong emotional bonds” “No I meant like what’s a turn-on for you?” “DID I McFUCKING STUTTER”

*staring at the ceiling at two-thirty in the morning again* sexual attraction should be added to the cryptid wikia

“Yeah sex sounds like a great stress reliever and a nice way to strengthen the bonds between you and your partner(s)” “Well there’s more to it than that…” *The Arctic Monkey’s Do I Wanna Know starts playing in my head* “Haha ok buddy”

"There’s more to being ace than just not being interested in having sex or not feeling sexual attraction. In fact there’s a whole spectrum. You may even feel sexual attraction sometimes but still be ace. You can also be gay and ace at the same time.” “…bro.” “Also it’s totally normal.” *sobbing* “…bro. Bro there are words for it there’s an entire list oh my god-”


i saw a can of pumpkin spice cinnamon rolls at the store and it had a thing on the side like “make monkey bread” and i was like FUCK YEAH imma get this and throw it in a bundt pan and have easy as hell monkey bread BUT THEN i looked up the fucking instructions on the website and it’s like “3 cans of cinnamon rolls and a bag of caramels and some walnuts and butter and etc etc” and i am like BITCH i did not buy a can of fucking cinnamon rolls because i wanted to cook. this is some sandra lee levels of overcomplicating shit. i don’t need this. you think i’m going out and buying two more cans of actually-just-biscuits-with-delusions-of-grandeur for this? because i am. i bought a fucking bundt pan, i’ve committed. i don’t give a fuck about the sunk cost fallacy. i don’t care if there’s nothing stopping me from just making some fucking limited edition fall cinnamon rolls. this absurd monkey bread train has left the station. this is happening goddammit.

 I’ve seen a few posts around saying that Andy was problematic or that the episode would have worked just fine without him. The thing to remember is that the crewniverse creates this show to be relatable not only in ways that have us singing from the mountain tops, but also in ways that are a little harder for us to face. Maybe in ways that make us uncomfortable, but are very much issues that we need to address as well. 

How many people were reminded of their own closed minded family members while watching Andy? My literal thoughts were ‘oh look, it’s my dad in an SU ep!’, before wanting to sink away from second hand embarrassment for the comments he made. Because man, have I been there before. 

Because who hasn’t had their sort of uncle freak out over the illegal hippy martian immigrant farmers your dad said could live in his barn? 

No but really. Especially that part about hearing about this on AM radio? Yeah, at least one writer has come up close and personal with this type of specimen. It may seem that given the timing of certain current events, the last thing anyone wants to see on SU is one of THOSE types. 

But here’s the thing: they exist. You can hide your head under a rock all you want, but they’re still there. So what do we do? We actually get two points of view on this. One: the gems as literal aliens. On a good day they really don’t understand even the most open minded of humans. So here they are running smack into one that’s mad about a world that’s changing even without the interference of the gems. And he’s upset that they’re not acting in the “traditional” roles he’s use to seeing human women in. Never mind that they’re not human, or technically speaking, women. They’re there in his barn, messing with his things, and really there’s no way this can end well. 

Until you bring in the nephew he never knew he had. Who just so happens to be very, very interested in learning about his human family.And who just wants everyone to get along. Because let’s face it, that’s Steven’s MO. He’s so focused on finding out that his family name is ‘Demayo’ that Andy’s comment to Greg ‘not even marrying an American’ floats right by him. But it was very much meant for the audience to hear. 

Not that any of that matters to Steven, he’s already planning the most awkward family reunion in the galaxy. 

And the Gems, bless their hearts, are eager to make Steven happy.

And honestly, for all his misgivings, so is Andy.

To a point anyway. Until he realizes that maybe, just maybe things are changing. That change is coming whether he likes it or not. And that change can never, ever be one sided. 

And at the first Thanksgiving, the gems and the humans gave thanks for polyamorous wedding cake, corn, this table, and traumatizing life events.

The thing about change is that it’s never simple. It never happens over night. Both sides are scared or angry, or very probably both. They’re also sure that their side is the right side. 

And even when it seems like everything is going right, you’re trying so hard include everyone in your new vision and it seems like you’re really getting through to them, they just… slip away. Because change is scary. Because they’re going through the motions without really understanding why. Because sometimes it’s easier to go along with things even if they don’t agree, even if their heart isn’t in it. So again, what do you do?

You listen. You hear their fears. You let them come to their own conclusions that maybe, just maybe, things HAVE to change. 

But that doesn’t mean being left behind. 

Now for reality: It’s never as simple as this. Bigotry isn’t faced and solved in 20 minutes. No one is saying it is. Sometimes it’s safer not to face it, and sometimes you just can’t. 

But I think overall its meant to be a message of hope- just like the overall message of Steven Universe is a positive one. People have opposing points of view. Talk. Listen. See that in the end you have more in common than you ever thought possible and go from there. Also: family is what you make of it. Even if it’s a dad, an estranged uncle, an alien hybrid child and his hippy illegal martian immigrant aunts. It can work, as long as you work together.

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Is Anxiety ok? He looked pretty down.

Yeah, it was a little bit of a realization that perhaps he might be the only facet of my personality that can let me down. As much as Anxiety tries to cover it up, there is the feeling of being the odd one out, and in this video, he also felt like he had made friends with Logan, but their exchange at the end made him feel otherwise. Anxiety does make me feel nervous about certain things I’m doing, if I’m doing them correctly, and if people will enjoy them, but there’s another layer to Anxiety that will definitely need to be explored and that will happen in a future video.

whys no one talking about how he could have ended up looking like this??? looking like the rebellious type, the kind who doesn’t adhere to rules and prefers to do their own thing,…….kinda like genji, yeah?

to see hanzo shimada, traditional garb wearing and hair styled boy following all the rules and even going as far as to severely punish and decease his own brother for not following the clan rules, looking like this?? all i can think is that his brother’s death had him regretful and wishing he could have done something else. so with him leaving the clan??? i feel like he had a moment of “fuck it” and decided to do EVERYTHING he would have been punished for. weird hair style? got. piercings? got.  no traditional japanese/shimada clan wear? got. 


I'm morbidly curious...

Context - We were looking through our inventories to see how much food we had left.

Druid: “Oh yeah, I forgot about these weird mushrooms I picked up forever ago.”

DM: “OH MY GAWD. Just EAT one already, I’ve been waiting forever for that.”

Druid: “But I still don’t know what THEY DO.”

DM: “If you don’t eat them soon, they’re going to HATCH.”

Entire Party: “….. W A I T.  W H A T????”


Sebastian Stan x reader

Notes: fluff, swearing, innuendo. 

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Summary: as Sebastian’s assistant you’re in control of almost every aspect of his life. Your relationship with him is friendly, however childish he can be sometimes. And when an accident happens on set, things get even more friendly. 

There will be a part two! 

“You know, this would be a lot easier if I’d have had my morning coffee..”

Sebastian’s voice trails and he looks at you, pushing out his lower lip in a pout. The make-up artist is still working on his hair, not to make it look better, but tousling it around messily. Other crew members are slicking up his left arm with lube to get him into the metal-looking arm that would complete the picture of Bucky Barnes.

You roll your eyes at him, he knows damn well there’s no time for coffee breaks.

“Yeah, I know, Mr Stan; but you wanted to sleep late, so: no coffee

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Transcript of “THE DOUCHEBAG”

(Isak is on the phone with Eskild)

Isak: No, but Eskild, if he’s sleeping, then just let him sleep.

Eskild: So I shouldn’t wake him up and ask how he’s doing?

Isak: No, why should you do that?

Eskild, No, I don’t know. You told me I was supposed to look after him.

Isak: Yeah, I told you to keep an eye on him because he’s depressed, not watch over him like he’s a baby. Just let him sleep.

Eskild: Yeah, I think he just woke up. Talk to you later.

Vilde: Hi Isak!

Isak: Hi Vilde.

Vilde: Did you see the message I posted in Kosegruppa?

Isak: Uhh.. Yeah, Kosegruppa.. No, I didn’t.

Vilde: Why are you laughing?

Isak: No, I had just almost forgotten Kosegruppa existed.

Vilde: You’re still in? The revue starts now. You can’t just be in on the partying and not the work.

Isak: Of course I’m still in on Kosegruppa, Vilde! What do you think of me?

Vilde: Yeah, because all the groups are going to have a Christmas gathering on Friday and the rave pre-party at yours went so well, so I was wondering if we could have it at your place?

Isak: Yeah. 

Vilde: Yeah? Is it cool with your flat mates?

Isak: Yeah, it’s probably fine.

Vilde: Good! Then I’ll send out the invitations. 

Isak: Go ahead!

Isak: Hey.

Emma: Hi.

Isak: There’s this douchebag in second grade who’s going to have this Christmas gathering with Kosegruppa on Friday, so he’s wondering if you want to come because he thinks that would be very nice.

Emma: I have switched to th PR-group, so..

Isak: I understand.

Emma: But you should tell the douchebag I’m very glad he asked.

Isak: Yeah, I’ll tell the douchebag. He’ll appreciate that. 

Emma: Do that.

Isak: Yes.

Emma: Yeah, bye. 

  • *221B*
  • Sherlock: *sitting in his chair*
  • Rosamund: *sitting in his lap; frowning at a photo* What am I looking at, Uncle Sherlock?
  • Sherlock: *smiles* My baby *points* that's the head, see?
  • Rosamund: *fascinated* Wooow...all those squiggly lines are a person?
  • Sherlock: *chuckles* Yes.
  • Rosamund: Your person.
  • Sherlock: *nods* Yup. And your Aunt Molly's.
  • Rosamund: *giggles* It's funny.
  • Sherlock: Hmm?
  • Rosamund: *still laughing* Aunt Molly has a person in her. How did you put it there?
  • Sherlock: *snorts* Oh, no *lifts her and stands* I'm not having that conversation for another twenty five years.
  • Molly: *enters; grinning* Hello.
  • Rosamund: *happily* Aunt Molly! *runs over; hugs her, whispers* hello, little person.
  • Molly: *smiles* You told her, then?
  • Sherlock: *nods* Oh, yes *pats Rosie's head* you're going to be a godcousin, aren't you?
  • Rosamund: *excited* Uh-huh.
  • Molly: *giggles* Is that so?
  • Sherlock: *nudges Rosie* Pyjamas, young lady. I'll be in soon.
  • Rosamund: *sighs* Okay, Uncle Sherlock. Night Aunt, Molly. Night, little person *runs off*
  • Molly: *calls* Night, Rosie *hugs Sherlock* I'm glad she took it well.
  • Sherlock: *kisses the top of her head* Mmm *pauses* John has some questions to answer, though.

Last night someone gave Billie Joe Armstrong a big Bi flag to wear onstage.

It looked like the exact same flag I have hanging in my room. He wrapped it around his shoulders, sang a line or two, and then handed it back into the crowd.
Now, at first, I thought it was just a rainbow pride flag. I had seen a few pictures online of Billie wearing those at concerts and I was like “Fuck yeah!!!”
But then he turned just a little and I saw, no, that’s not a rainbow flag…that’s the pink, purple, blue of the Bi flag. The colors of the flag hanging in my room.
And my throat closed up. And my eyes welled up. And y'all, I swear I screamed the loudest scream ever in that moment.
That was me. That was my flag, on stage, in front of thousands of people. With people just like me screaming with just as much joy to see a Bi man on stage wearing a Bi flag.

I didn’t expect to be so emotional but I was. It wasnt a long moment in time. Barely a line or two. But I’ll always remember that moment where Billie wore a Bi flag in the middle of a concert and thousands of people cheered.