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Off topic question but in your opinion do you think Keith's dad is Asian? Because when I first saw him he didn't really look it to me but I talked to my friend and also everyone says he likes like Shiro so guess he is but I just felt like your opinion would be good too?? Idk

Oh yeah tbh I totally believe the whole theory going around that Shiro and Keith’s dad are brothers or something, given that the Shiro in the 80′s Voltron had a twin, and I don’t think them looking similar was a mistake or something just done just because.

And tbh that’s really the only reason I can think of that Shiro and Keith would even have a brotherly relationship? Is if they were related somehow???

But on another note I’m really flattered you value my opinion on the matter. I am a very pleased potato puff rn♥

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great! Now can we make ourselves feel better with some noctluna + Ravus headcanons?


-Ravus sees how much Luna adores Noct and can tell it’s reciprocated and he sits down with Noct one day and Noct is bracing himself for Over-Protective Big Bro, and instead Ravus is like “Ok, look… My sister cannot stand the taste of coconut. I know, it’s in everything great, but she can’t stand it and never thinks to tell anyone, so just, don’t give her anything with coconut. Also, someone told her once when she was like 7 that she had a weird laugh and she has covered her laugh ever since, so if you can do something about that, that’d be great. Also–” and Noct is just like ‘Holy shit I shoulda brought a notebook’ lmao

-Noct goes to Ravus to ask permission to ask Luna to marry him. Ravus jokingly makes Noct do something to earn his approval ( “Go pick me up some takeout, I’m too hungry to give an answer.” or “I’ve been stuck in this part of this video game, clear this level for me and she’s yours.” lol)

-Noct getting Ravus into video games with him and they get very competitive and Luna is like “jfc you never should have done that, you guys were such great friends before, at least STOP PLAYING VERSUS GAMES YOU IDIOTS” and also “Move over, bro, I’ll kick his ass for you.” “Wait, you’re picking him over me!?” “I’m picking him over you because you ate the last yogurt!!”

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Hi! Me again, sorry. I haven't really read the comics, but I know Steve and Tony had a huge fight when Tony (and I think the other members of the Iluminati?) had Steve's mind wiped because they wanted to destroy a planet to save their earth, or something, I'm not sure. But, do they ever reconcile, before Cap becomes HydraCap? Thanks

Hi! Yes, you are referring to Hickman’s Avengers run, the incursion storyline. It’s a bit of a… touchy subject for me not just because Steve got his mind wiped, which, yeah, as someone who came to Marvel fandom from Star Trek fandom I’m of the belief that messing with someone’s mind is like the ultimate sin. Just no. It’s especially touchy for me because it happened to Steve, who once told Sharon (Cap vol. 3, Waid’s run) that the mind was the only true sanctuary a person truly had. So having his mind tampered with, for Steve, is a Big Deal. It’s one out of many, many reasons I hate the Hydra!Cap story so much. Steve is NOT going to deal with it well when he finds out his mind was messed with.

And in the case of the Incursions it was all for not. Most if not all of the Illuminati admitted at the end that they all knew that the Incursions were inevitable (Tony did, Richards did, Panther did… Namor, that’s another story) and that the steps they took by destroying other worlds was essentially useless. They killed other people, entire worlds, for nothing. Why do that if you knew the whole time that nothing you did was going to change the overall outcome?

As for the story, itself, Steve makes some time jumps in that story. At one point he talks to future!Hawkeye, who tells him to go after Tony, and in another he talks to Franklin Richards, who tells him that the incursions cannot be stopped. That no matter what, they’re going to happen. At that point Steve knew the incursions were inevitable so he goes after the Illuminati to stop them from destroying worlds. In his mind, if they were all going to die anyway, at least they’d be able to die with their morality intact because what the Illuminati were doing was murder. So he approached the entire thing from the moral standpoint that murder is murder and no one is better than anyone else thus no one should have the power to decide who gets to live and who gets to die. (Star Trek has dealt with this same theme, re: Tarsus IV, which is another reason I have a very visceral reaction to this story. Young Jim Kirk had to witness mass genocide from a Governor who took it upon himself to decide who got to live through a famine and who didn’t so anytime a story like this comes up I have a basis of comparison that shapes my views, it’s not just because Steve is my favorite that I saw his perspective in this).

At the end of it all, seconds away from destruction, Steve confronts Tony and gets him to admit that he knew all along what was going to happen and they battle. Hardcore. Rhodey lent Steve the War Machine armor to confront Tony (Steve had lost his serum by that time and was an old man so he needed it). Hickman’s Avengers run ended with them battling it out and ended that way, leaving a bit of a cliff hanger as to their fate when going straight into Secret Wars.

To this best of my knowledge, but keep in mind I haven’t read the recent Avengers books, it was never addressed again other than in passing (”I know we’ve had our differences but…”). When the normal books picked up again after the Secret Wars the status quo was back to business as usual. Someone else might have a better answer to that? Any of my followers?

We Have Grown

As you all know, or not because who knows, I don’t really draw. I’m not as creative as the next guy with pictures, but words I feel like I can do. This is something that I’m proud to bring forward, because our family has grown once again. 15 million of us. 15,000,000. Back in seventh grade, maybe about three years ago now, I started to watch Jack. I can’t even remember what milestone he had hit around when I started to watch him, but I do know one thing. Every day the world got a little brighter. Every day just got a bit better because every day I knew I would have a friend to come home to, a friend to laugh with and joke with.

I’ve been taking care of myself since then. I’ve been doing things that I want to do, things that would help me throughout my academic life as well as my social life. I know that I want to influence people as he had to me and many close friends of mine. I have met a variety of very good, very kind people thanks to this community. And this is where I get a bit off task, because now I want to thank everyone.

Thank you to those who have shown the way for others, who continuously make beautiful and fantastic art. Thank you to those who have stuck around, thank you for helping me bond with you. This is a family I never really want to let go of, a family that I really and truly love to be apart of. Words cannot describe how emotional the recent milestone video, and I’m not sure if it was because of how Jack worded things or because I’ve been bedridden all day, but I know that I’m just proud of everyone for making it this far.

Thank you again for reading my stupid rants, who knows maybe I’ll make a rant blog. Love you all and I can’t wait for new members of our family! -Maddie

I’m so fucking shook right now

so tumblr, you remember how I posted about @optimistic-geek the other night and told you guys about the date that we went on? Yeah well let me tell you what just happened.

We were snapping each other rather frequently once I got off of work and around 9-ish, he told me that he had to go do something for an hour. Within that hour I was able to edit a video that’s going to be posted shortly, a video of which that I now have to make a minor tweak to but that’s beside the point. 10:24 PM he calls me and tells that he’s outside of my house. I never got off of my bed quicker than that moment. I was and still am shook. He seriously drove an hour to come to my house at almost ten thirty just because he missed me and couldn’t wait for our second date on Wednesday. We spent time in his car just listening to music and cuddling for a little bit and then what shook me even more than I already was, was that he asked me to be his girlfriend!

Now let me tell you this… having someone I actually like come and physically ask me to be theirs has never really happened before. I’m still highly shook about this whole ordeal but I couldn’t be happier! The two of us are hopeless romantics and even then it’s still mind-boggling to the both of us that things are playing out the way they are but we’re not complaining.

He keeps telling me there’s so much more to come as we continue this journey together and I’m honestly excited! This fool already has a surprise date planned for sometime in April! Honestly, is this real fucking life right now?? Things like this have only ever happened in movies or shows I’ve watched and only in stories that I have read.

3/26/2017 marks us as a couple and the continuation of this journey.

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Have you done a meta over how the overall story of ATLA was setting up for Zutara? Or about how it had the perfect build up or something like that? If you haven't can you do one about that please!

Yeah, I have done some of metas about how there was a lot of set up for Zutara, especially in Book 2. The main theme was attachment vs. unconditional love. A very important philosophical idea prevalent Eastern spirituality that tied in to the chakras and Zuko’s own kundalini awakening.

Here is a meta I did about how Avatar was leading to Zutara.

Here is a meta about how the the first two episodes of Book 2 and the last two episodes of Book 2 were connected

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*lies on stomach on floor and kicks feet, chin in hand* its way late and I'm real tired and i wanna ask sleepoverish questions. Do you, mod or muse, believe in space aliens? What about ghosts? Just curious

Aliens, yeah. Universe is too big not too. As for ghosts, I had a weird experience once, but I’m not sure if that was a ghost or just something trying to eat my soul for foolishly messing with supernatural things, or just my neurons firing because I believed that was happening.. Moral of the story: don’t fuck with the supernatural for fun. 

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Hey! You posted something! Why did you delete it?!

Mimi, dear friendo, believe me.. you do not want to see that post. Uh. Yeah. I accidentally posted my face. I actually had a panic attack, and I am not mentally ok-

Decided to try @ciruelabob ‘s gif tutorial and its amazing??

Like I know its very basic atm but I had no time to actually do something lmao. 

But yeah I also wanted another excuse to post toddler Pepper :‘) 

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: Okay, but Allura never got to finish saying what the Blue Lion's qualities are? Why would she just skip over Lance?! Okay, yeah, he interrupted her, but what was she going to say? Will we ever know? Will the characters ever know? What if she was going to say something about how attached/close the blue paladin can get to people? What if it had something to do with Lance's insecurities? Maybe the blue paladin is supposed to be the confident one, so Allura felt like she didn't need to explain herself? I HONESTLY NEED TO KNOW LIKE IF THIS IS NOT ADDRESSED IN SEASON THREE I WILL RIOT because I need a scene where someone (preferably Keith because Ship™) asks Allura all casual, "oh yeah, what were you about to say?" and it ends up being this extremely deep thing that they all realize describes Lance perfectly and I just hate that Lance got completely glossed over about why he should pilot the blue lion and mAYBE IF ALLURA TOLD HIM WHY HE WAS PERFECT FOR THE ROLE HE WOULDN'T DOUBT HIMSELF SO MUCH. I think about this way too much. I am so distressed.

Some cosplay valentines for all my sweetheart followers! 

 Happy Valentine’s Day!! 💖😘

(also happy birthday to my boy andy robinson aka garak aka the love of my life. they are both my valentines today)

whys no one talking about how he could have ended up looking like this??? looking like the rebellious type, the kind who doesn’t adhere to rules and prefers to do their own thing,…….kinda like genji, yeah?

to see hanzo shimada, traditional garb wearing and hair styled boy following all the rules and even going as far as to severely punish and decease his own brother for not following the clan rules, looking like this?? all i can think is that his brother’s death had him regretful and wishing he could have done something else. so with him leaving the clan??? i feel like he had a moment of “fuck it” and decided to do EVERYTHING he would have been punished for. weird hair style? got. piercings? got.  no traditional japanese/shimada clan wear? got. 


since i sometimes get asked about this, lemme state for the record:

if i write something (meta/fic/random headcanon) and it makes you want to create something of your own (a fic, a drawing, a video, an aesthetic, a gifset, ANYTHING) PLEASE BY ALL MEANS GO FOR IT. you don’t need to ask my permission. MAKE THE THING, then tag me in it so i can see it.

creating things should be fun and if some ridiculous idea i had inspires you to do something fun and creative i am all for that and i would love to see what you make out of it. i’m not precious about my ideas. go forth and make art.

100 ways to say ‘I love you’, Skins edition
  1. ‘Wake up (name), you twat.’
  2. ‘Do you want a coke or something?’
  3. ‘Can I carry your books?’
  4. ‘Yeah, wow, lovely… No. But I like that you’re funny Iooking.’
  5. ‘Oh thank you, you’re so nice.’
  6. ‘You fancy me?’
  7. ‘I think that could have gone a lot worse, don’t you?’
  8. ‘We’ll miss you, won’t we?’
  9. [ text ] : EAT
  10. ‘Have you always had that mole?’
  11. ‘I’m respecting. Believe me, I’m respecting.’
  12. ‘You alright? Do you want to dance?’
  13. ‘Do you want me to walk you home?’
  14. ‘We’ll make ourselves comfy, yeah?’
  15. ‘Shall I give you head?’
  16. ‘I’m gonna get an early night. Coming to bed?’
  17. ‘I’ll give you head - that’s friendship.’
  18. ‘But what about you? You’ve got bigger problems than me.’
  19. ‘I like your hair.’
  20. ‘And I’m really, really sorry for being a slut, okay?’
  21. ‘I realised something. I’ve been an idiot.’
  22. ‘And I was hoping maybe you’d give me another chance?’
  23. ‘You’re clever, funny, and… very, very pretty.’
  24. ‘So I’ll see you around.’
  25. ‘(name), you came! I mean, cool, I mean… I wasn’t sure you would.’
  26. ‘Do you think they’ll give us a joint cell?’
  27. ‘I don’t want this to be difficult.’
  28. ‘Did you get beaten up?’
  29. ‘I want to speak to you, and I think you want to speak to me.’
  30. ‘Kiss me again.’
  31. ‘Come on, I’m taking you for breakfast.’
  32. ‘Happy birthday, mate.’
  33. ‘There’s something I have to get off my chest and if I don’t, I’m afraid everything might just totally go to shit.’
  34. ‘Come to bed with me. Please.’
  35. ‘You’re my best friend, but I really don’t know what the fuck you’re on about most of the time.’
  36. ‘See? I remembered your favourite.’
  37. ‘Look, sorry, (name). But your mum says we gotta take you home.’
  38. ‘Come out. I’ll get you dancing.’
  39. ‘Do I have to gay you now?’
  40. ‘Right, I know it might seem a bit fast, but, well, I think we’re ready, so, er, (name) … I want you to move in with me.’
  41. ‘Let’s talk. Fill me in with everything. Every little detail.’
  42. ‘We can carry on pretending, if it makes you feel any better.’
  43. ‘And I fucking love you.’
  44. ‘Wow! You’ve got a wacker lot of doughnuts.’
  45. ‘Cheeky.’
  46. ‘Thanks for keeping schtum.’
  47. ‘Hi, I made tea.’
  48. ‘I’ve never been to a pyjama party before, so I brought Vodka. Was that right?’
  49. ‘I’ll show you how to do a blowjob.’
  50. ‘I missed you… I missed you too much.’
  51. ‘I think you can do anything.’
  52. ‘It’s also nice just being with you, when you’re not being a prick, that is.’
  53. ‘You alright?’
  54. ‘I know you, (name). I know you’re lonely. I think you need someone to want you. Well, I do want you. So be brave. And want me back!’
  55. ‘Fuck you.’
  56. ‘Can’t we just sit like this … for a bit?’
  57. ‘This is a once-only charity event, you understand?’
  58. ‘I bought a fucking gateaux.’
  59. ‘Please. Can we start again?’
  60. ‘Facebook really needs to hear about this.’
  61. ‘You’re very stalkable.’
  62. ‘I was scared!’
  63. ‘I am so proud of you.’
  64. ‘Don’t you think you’ve had enough?’
  65. ‘She’s lovely, isn’t she?’
  66. ‘You look nice in that dress.’
  67. ‘You are doing so well, sweetheart.’
  68. ‘So you’re mental, and I’m useless.’
  69. ‘So, what are we doing next, mystery girl?’
  70. ‘I’ll never forget you.’
  71. ‘Hi. I got eggs. We can have eggs, yeah? And Red Bulls and pain au chocolat.’
  72. ‘I’d die for you. I love you. I love you so much and it’s killing me.’
  73. ‘Don’t take any crap this time.’
  74. ‘Badass.’
  75. ‘You’ve totally got, like, “fuck me” eyes, girl. Totally “fuck me sideways” eyes.’
  76. ‘Maybe we can go together.’
  77. ‘Don’t be an ass hat and people will like you more.’
  78. ‘I’m trying to understand your way, but you won’t let me.’
  79. ‘You’ve got quite a rep, but you’re actually pretty sound.’
  80. ‘You’ve got to stick it to the man, bruv.’
  81. ‘You need to sort yourself out.’
  82. ‘Remember when we were kids and we used to talk about just… just fucking it, running away and becoming roadies?’
  83. ‘Everything is going to be fine, I promise you.’
  84. ‘Hi, you look nice.’
  85. ‘You may live your life as you want.’
  86. ‘We’ll do a girls’ night in.’
  87. ‘You’re a shape-shifter of happiness.’
  88. ‘It’s not like we’re getting married! It was one dinner!’
  89. ‘Thank you, my henna-handed honcho.’
  90. ‘I’m sorry. I was just looking for somewhere a bit quiet.’
  91. ‘It’s heavenly.’
  92. ‘Why aren’t you here?’
  93. ‘I tried to ring you.’
  94. ‘Everything’s better. Here you are again.’
  95. ‘I’ll dance with you.’
  96. ‘What’s happened to you, (name)?’
  97. ‘I didn’t wanna tell you this when you were all smitten and shit but you can do better.’
  98. ‘Oh, my God! Oh, my God! I’m so glad you came!’
  99. ‘I promise. Everything’s going to be alright.’
  100. ‘ I love you.’

One buzzword (buzzphrase?) that seemed to be used often among the responses to Crunchyroll’s Anime Awards was “popular doesn’t equal good”.

Which I suppose can be true to some degree, but also begs the question: Do you really think that something ‘bad’ could have gotten as popular as Yuri on Ice did and have as many positive reactions as Yuri on Ice had?

Because, yeah, it’s true, some things are popular because of how bad, or how exceptionally mediocre they are, but surely neither of those things apply to YOI? It wasn’t popular because people laughed at how stupid it was, it wasn’t popular because people hated it so much that they couldn’t stop hyping how terrible it was, it was popular because of how many people genuinely loved it and shared this positivity with others in the community.

Of course, some anime are popular despite being dubbed bad by a majority of the community, but no ‘bad anime’ would have gotten this far if it were really that bad.

No, popular doesn’t equal good.

But if something is good, there’s a high chance it’ll also be popular.

And I think that is exactly the case with Yuri on Ice.

- truce / twenty one pilots

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“And when you fail to solve them, and lay blubbering like an ignorant child on the floor, you will know…that The Riddler... is better than you.”

Trying to evoke different Star Wars villains through the Mortis character, Dave Filoni, at the end of that working experience, of doing those three episodes, he goes “Hey, what do you think about the idea that Darth Maul maybe survived the fall and being cut in half?” Cause there was some rumbling at that time that that had happened. And I’m like “Yeah…I don’t know. That’s a little weird. That’s strange.” And he’s like “Yeah. Anyway, there might be something down the road for you.” And I’m like “What? Like a bounty hunter?” And he’s like “Yeah, maybe.” And then I leave. And I had no idea what he was trying to tell me there at the time. Even though he made it fairly obvious. And then a year later I got a phone call, he calls me up and he goes “Listen, man, I need Darth Maul. Can you do it?” Like any smart actor I did what you must do: I lied.