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just wondering but what are some of your favorite blogs?

oh my goodness thats so hard bc there’s so many amazing blogs out there. but i actually only follow like 250 blogs so i’d say everyone i follow are my favs which you can see here but i guess for this i’ll just post a few people/mutuals that i love seeing on my dash and i love talking to !! sorry if i forget anyone cause i know i will and i’ll feel bad about it but it is 11 at night which is late for me bc im an actual grandmother so <3

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  • Future Rogue: Ughh… I couldn’t do it.
  • Future Rogue: You came all that way to save me.
  • Future Rogue: You’re actually… quite hard to hate.
  • Sting: So… that means we’re friends now?
  • Future Rogue: Yeah… I guess.
  • Future Rogue: I’m sorry. I was… I was wrong about you.
  • Sting: Uh… You were wrong about more than that. You kinda destroyed everyone and everything I love.
  • Future Rogue: Hey! It takes a big man to admit he was wrong!
  • Sting: And it takes a bigger man to not rub it in the first man’s face.
  • Sting: I am not the big of a man.
  • Sting: (points at Future Rogue and grins obnoxiously) HA!
  • Future Rogue: I take back what I said about you being hard to hate.
  • Sting: Sorry.

I am sorry. I’m sorry to the lgbtq community and just about everyone I suppose. I was stupid to think a few words could never hurt someone the way they had and it was naive and ignorant of me to believe so. I could never… understand what any of you are going through and yeah I suppose after this I am homophobic. My last um… “apology” wasn’t very… thought through I guess so I’ll just be concise here. You all have every right to be angry, to be sad and to hate me because you have all been through something I will never have to go through because of my sexuality. I have said many terrible things without understanding just how insignificant they are to just about everyone else’s problems and I just wanted to apologise. I hope from this you all can understand just how apologetic I am. I am still uneducated and unaware of the injustice the world has to offer so… I hope I can start learning. Maybe one day I can be a sliver of help to that better future too. Thank you for reading.


I made these for the TC Community because I thought it’d be a fun way for us to get to know everyone’s TC and bring us closer and yeah I don’t know. So I guess just reblog and message someone numbers if you want them to do some or you could just reblog and then fill it all out yourself, whichever sounds like a better idea to you. Sorry if they’re lame.
1. What does your TC teach?
2. Does your TC have any cool talents/hobbies?
3. What kind of music is your TC into?
4. How old is your TC? Do you know their birthday?
5. Do you know your TC’s middle name? If you feel comfortable sharing it, what is it?
6. What is the most physically attractive thing about your TC?
7. What is the most attractive thing about your TC personality-wise?
8. What does your TC look like?
9. What does your TC sound like?
10. What is your TC’s relationship status? Any kids?
11. Does your TC have any side jobs or previous jobs that you know about?
12. What is your favorite outfit that your TC wears?
13. What is your favorite moment you’ve had so far with your TC?
14. What is the most random thing you know about your TC?
15. What are your TC’s favorites that you know of? (color, band, drink, book, movie, etc.)
16. Does your TC have any habits you’ve noticed or phrases they say all the time?
17. If you and your TC were alone in their classroom after school and wouldn’t get in trouble for anything, what would you do?
18. What is something you’re dying to tell your TC, but haven’t been able to or are afraid to?
19. Are you able to tell when your TC is having a bad or stressful day?
20. If you could dress your TC in anything you wanted, what would you choose?
21. How close are you to your TC?
22. Do you ever dream about your TC?
23. If given the opportunity, would you date your TC even if it had to be done secretly?
24. Do you think your TC has any romantic feelings for you?
25. Is there anything you regret telling your TC?
26. Do you have a nickname that you use for your TC when talking about them on here? What’s the meaning behind it?


“You think so?” Luke asked, looking up at Han sadly as he fiddled with the hem of his robe. “…You think.. You think we could'a had a chance– somewhere, out there?”
“Yeah.. Of course.” Han pursed his lips when he saw the younger swallow heavily. “The Galaxy… is a big place.” 
“What do you think it would have been like..?”
“I dunno–” They both flinched when Leia called for Han. “I dont like thinkin’ about it, kid.”

Part 2 for my husband??? YAY PART 2 FOR MY HUSBANNDNDDDDDDDD oh uh. Viewer discretion is advised bc ya know. EVERYONE SEEMS TO BE IN THE MIDST OF GETTING SOME EXCEPT FOR ME???? 

YEAH I HAD THIS GIF IN THE LAST ONE AND GUESS WHAT IMMA HAVE IT HERE TOO SO suck it. Honestly, I think about this gif a lot and it’s usually me doing it to him and like except it wouldn’t be giggly after it would. It would be v sexual oops SORRY BYE 

LOOK LOOK BLACK AND WHITE his muscles look so DEFINED AND HIS SCRUFFIES GOD DAMN GOD DAMN GOD DAMMMMNNN DAMN DAMN DAMNNN i love scruffy scruff okay like he is growing it to be my beast PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE ugh 

…. I HAVE THIS PICTURE SAVED ON MY PHONE AND honestly I want to get off on his thighs, like sure he can take me after, idgaf but I WANT. TO. GET. OFF. ON. HIS. THIGHS. FIRST. God and his arms. And everywhere. Dear lord almighty. 


Okay. Okay I am. Get ready for the screaming. 

LISTEN LET’S FIRST START OFF WITH THE SCRUFF. HIS FACE IS SO SCRUFF I JUST WANT HIS FACE ON MY FACE… and in between my legs but that’s not important, NEXT UP LOOK AT HIS ARM VEINS, WHAT THE FUCK WHAT THE FUCK WTF GOD, IT’S SO HOT. NEXT, HIS CHEST IS HAIRY AND SWEATY AND DEFINED AND HOLY jesus look at his tum tum hair and DEAR GOD OKAY I NEED TO STOP BEFORE I GO INTO TOO EXPLICIT BUT SWEET JESUS and then he’s tugging down HE’S TUGGING DOWN JUST REVEAL TO ME… nevermind don’t, my eyes only, no one else gets to see his member… I LOVE HIM I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HIM FUKC FUCK FUCK FUCK UFKC okay but imagine like the arm veins when he’s fingering you, sweet LORD. 

“Shannon stop screaming about his scruff,” YA KNOW WHAT I WILL ONLY STOP WHEN MY THROAT GIVES OUT… then he can use it for something else… Either for choking on his dick or for choking with his hands, either or, I’m flexible like that. 

He is absolutely adorable here, okay there is… THERE. IS. so much to say about this picture, look at his shoulders, okay imagine biting those puppies lmao 

He’s got the pouty lips which I’m in love, I HAVE A GOOD POUT TOO SO Like imagine if we were both pouting WHO WOULD WIN obviously it would be me bc princess BUT LIKE WE would be a force to be reckoned with. PLUS PLU SPLUS SCRUFF LOOK AT IT LOOK AT THE GLASSES GOD, COULD HE GET ANY CUTER??? 

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Move the belt and we have ourselves A FANTASTIC VIEW Plus I love confetti omg, I wanna win something and have confetti. AND I WANT A BIG BELT LIKE THAT JUST FOR THE HELL OF IT bc lord knows I mean. I can smack talk but like. Not the best at the wrasslin. 

Lmaooooo this is not a good picture for either of them BUT I A M SO IN LOVE WITH IT, it’s fantastic and I am so happy. 

LOOK AT LIL BABY TYLER LIL NO MUSTACHE BABY, god this picture makes me happy. 

… FUCK FUCK FUKC FUKC FUCK. look how good he looks, oh my god oh my godoododddddd, THIS POST IS SO HARD TO MAKE BECAUSE LIKE LITERAELLY I WANT TO WRITE 500 PARAGRAPHS FOR EACH PICTURE, FUCK. he’s so hot, how can one person be this hot????? 

Welcome to the GUNNNNN SHOWWWWW, POWPOW I wish I had muscles like his bc then I could take on the world… Last week I tried to switch my tv’s, don’t ask I JuST WANTED THEM IN DIFFERENT ROOMS and anyways, it took me like 20 minutes and I dropped it on my toe at least 4 times and yup. What were we talking about again?? 


…. NOT GONNNA TALK ABOOOOOUT. THE BING BONG. I know it is from a movie or show okay, But i tried to google it and only found Bing Bong from Inside Out which only made me feel guilty BECAUSE I WAS TRYING TO USE IT FOR SOMETHING DIRTy and????? Yep. 

THat’s the end of this because yes. UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH basically I just want a relationship with this man and I love him? I showed my mom a picture of him, which she was like “he’s cute, but what is with you wanting to date older guys,” AND SHE GOT SO EXCITED WHEN SHE LEARNED HE’s actually age appropriate. But yeah. I want him to be my boyfriend, he would be the very best boyfriend in the entire galaxy.  

Okay I’m so tired of everyone’s shit.
First of all, you made this fandom incredibly toxic. And it sucks. I am sorry for all the supercorp shippers not only because your beautiful ship has little chance to become canon but also because the vocal majority of your fandom are jerks. Also: thank you all my fellow karamel shippers for not following the toxic examples and not spreading hatred in other otp’s tags you are wonderful and amazing!!!
And second of all, yeah, this is Mon El protection post.
I have seen so much hate today because of this particular scene. You know the one I’m talking about. Mon El leaving the girl and saving himself.
What a monster!
Well… yes and no.
I do agree that this is the least heroic thing the person would do. But it’s not a sign of him being abusive or jerky. It’s a sign of him being a pathetic coward.
Raised by highly abusive parents, Mon El was likely given no opportunity to make any decisions in his life whatsoever. So when a catastrophe happens and he is made to leave the planet all by himself, he does the same thing he’s been taught to do his whole life. Obeys.
And yes it’s horrible. And yes, a person more wholesome than Mon El (like Kara herself) would not stand for this and would oppose his parents every chance they get. But Mon El is no such person. Or at least he wasn’t at the point of flashback.
But as soon as he comes to Earth and finds out that he is not only independent now but also is in a position of power, what does he do?
He tries to adjust. He eagerly learns about human culture and way of life. He helps people every chance he gets. And very soon he gets inspired by Kara to try and be a hero.
And yes he lies to her.
When they aren’t even dating.
And aren’t even friends yet.
And he has a good reason because as we all know Kara is super prejudiced against his kind (though she has reasons as well).
And yes he took a long time to tell the truth (news-fucking-flash no one is perfect) but he showed so much character development and potential and absolutely no fucking abusive tendencies so get off of my precious baby and be decent for gods sake.

Secrets - Pack Imagine

-Okay anon, I enjoyed writing this one, I’m really sorry it’s so late and so short (it looked so longer on my computer)…

Request: Could I maybe request a pack imagine where you are super cute and shy and the really innocent one in the group, but you’ve got like a hidden talent (singer I guess) and one night the pack go out and u say ur sick and can’t go or something but you really have a gig and then they end up watching you and yeah just ur really different and confident and a lil bit sexy on stage and everyone is just like woah. Sorry this was so long xxx thank you

Warning: none whatsoever, full of fluff and encouragement and positivity :)

If you’re having a bad day, I’d look over here and read this, I hope this is good and will help you :)


“Wait a minute, Lydia, you actually want to go to someone else’s party?” Stiles asked as you sat in his living room.

“Why not? Gotta know the enemy, right?” Lydia asked with her usual smile.

“Hey, Y/n, you wanna come?” Scott looked over at you, but you shook your head.

“Tonight, I’m not going anywhere,” you told them as they all shot you questioning glances.

“What do you mean?” everyone else asked, since you were always up for spending your Saturday nights with them. It was kind of a pack tradition.

“Guys, I just - I feel sick enough as it is, I’m really not up for mingling with sweaty teenagers and underage drinking,” you shrugged, picking up the tea Lydia had made for you, telling you to just get better, though there was really nothing wrong with you. They just didn’t need to know that.

“I’d rather you got better,” Kira told you with an understanding smile. You nodded to her in thanks before the others just made plans, and you told them to have fun.

Lydia dropped you off at home, and you waved to her as she left, before going to change from your more lazy attire into something more appropriate for an acoustic gig. It didn’t take long, and you were just finishing your hair when the doorbell rang, and you went to open the door to see your friend - outside of the pack - as they held their guitar in hand. You greeted them and then let your hair fall, finished. You said bye to whoever was home, picked up your keys and the two of you left for the local cafe, where you were going to perform some songs you wrote together.

Okay, so maybe you weren’t sick at all. Not even a little bit. Maybe you had to say no because you had the performance, which you would never tell them about. Not because you thought they’d laugh at you - okay maybe there was that as well. It was mostly because you were always shy in front of them. You were the human who didn’t even do research, though you tried to help, but instead, you were always the one covering for them, caught up in the supernatural totally by accident. Your little hobby came later, an it helped you come out of your shell. It was a hidden life, which was how you were intending to keep it. You didn’t want any attention because of something you liked doing.

“Hello everybody!” your friend greeted the audience who turned up as you put the microphone stand up to your height.

“Good evening guys,” you smiled, finally speaking into the mic. The two of you were greeted by some cheers, and you quickly thanked the drummer who joined you for the night, before you started to play some covers of songs, you singing, your friend playing the guitar and the drummer doing her thing.

You were through your fourth songs out of six when you saw the door open, and a few very familiar faces walked in, and you wanted to freeze, but your solo was coming up, so you couldn’t. You ignored their presence the best you could and sung loudly, confidently and happily. It felt better to have your friends there, who seemed to be having fun, since the song was upbeat and it was really about having fun and just generally the time of your life. You smiled as you sung the last note, the song finishing and your group of friends, the pack, cheering the loudest in the whole cafe.

You finished the last two songs and quickly packed up before telling your friend you’d join them for something to drink after you talked to your other friends.

You rushed over to them before apologising fifty times and then being shut up by Lydia.

“You were so great!” she told you with a wide grin and pulling you into a hug, which Kira joined and then the rest of them did also. You couldn’t help but grin all night as they kept asking you questions about it all.

“Why didn’t you tell us?” Scott asked as you sat with them and your friend, all of you with your own drinks in front of you.

You shrugged, lifting your cup to your mouth, “I didn’t want you guys to think I’d been lying this whole time,” you told them before taking a sip from the hot drink.

“Are you kissing? You killed it up there!” Kira laughed. All of your friends were really supportive of you and your passion, which only made your life easier.

You only received compliments about your voice and your performance, you could not keep thanking your friends over and over.

It’s safe to say that that cafe wasn’t the last place they saw you singing at.


!!! I have reached 100+ followers !!!

Thank you for following me everyone, I’m overwhelmed with joy! Thank you so much for supporting me with reblogs and likes (even if I have very little experience and don’t post as often as other blogs do, sorry for not posting very much)! I guess I’ll host an event where you guys can ask any questions about me? Anyways, thank you so much for everything, you guys are great!

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hey this might sound a little bizarre but are you american? I was reading your post about your skincare routine and i want to try it out but it's a british product/ships from britain and i dont know if i could get it here in canada... does it ship to the states? (If you're british i guess just.... ignore this..) sorry to bug you!

yeah i’m from britain!!! the places i get my products from are boots and the body shop, and i unfortunately have No Idea if they would ship to you……. i’m sorry bro lmao usually i’m the one who’s stuck bc everyone uses american products that i can’t get in england so i Know This Feel i’m sorry my dude

Aaaah! Here are the poll results! Thank you to the 7 people who voted, your feedback really means a lot to me!

Well from this I guess that I’m just keeping things as they are, Disney and Daley legacies it is! Sorry Not So Berry challenge. jk I get it, I know that everyone’s playing it at the moment

I’m kind of surprised by the results though, I didn’t realise that you liked my Disney legacy so much. I thought it was kind of unpopular, which is why I was considering changing it. But now I know that you all like it I’ll make sure to focus on it a little more.

So yeah, legacy posts will go ahead as normal. They should hopefully start getting a little bit better though because I’ve been experimenting with things like reshade and higher quality graphics to make sure my posts are as good as possible for you guys.

You also might have noticed that I’ve been using a more story-like for the narrative part of my posts now because I’m trying to build up more of a storyline for my legacies. So I hope that you’re liking that new format!

And I hate to say it but I think that I’m going to have to start reducing my Daley legacy posts to 2 a day (like my Disney legacy posts) because with all of the revision for my upcoming exams I’m not able to play as often. It’s not because 2 of you would prefer it if I didn’t post the Daley legacy *sob* but it kind of is as well.

So yeah, they’re my little updates for you! Thank you all!

P.S. If any of you know where I could find some good poses then I would be very grateful. I’m also experimenting with poses, aah.


-makes really loud idk noises-

okay i’ve talked about this piece of trash with several of you now so HERE IT IS I’M SORRY DON’T LOOK AT ME

this is the hinging point for all my shitty mario worldbuilding: bastard child of King Croacus I and the Shadow Queen, original creator of the Chaos Heart, and the spirit that fuels the Dark Prognosticus. oh, and Dimentio’s crazy ex. I WISH I WAS KIDDING.

so yeah, King Abscuro, probably the worst thing i’ve ever created. everyone judge my terrible flower child with me.

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(omg sorry im holding on to this question but) yeahh but she wore the yellow tshirt for like half a day and then she wore mikes sweats for like what? Two days? And then the pink dress for like 3 days? And shes probably wearing that dress rn in the upsidedown. OMG AND JOYCE (sorry im shouting but) SHE WORE THE SAME OUTFIT 4 DAYS STRAIGHT AND WHILE I WAS WATCHING I WAS DYING A BIT ON THE INSIDE. but yeah i guess everyone smelled a little and i shouldnt be complaining about it lol.

Yeah, I don’t really think changing her clothes was the first thing on her mind - which is one of the things that makes the show so realistic. When your kid is missing, are you gonna think about putting on a fresh outfit? She changes once she gets hope - once Hopper tells her she was right all along. Now she has a purpose and she knows she’s not delusional. That drives her.

As for Eleven, well, she was on the run. I think it’s more realistic to think she wouldn’t have changed, since there wouldn’t be any time. It’s different for characters like Nancy and Mike, who have abundant wardrobes and wouldn’t have to sneak into a shower or anything, lol.

It’s okay, I don’t mind! Thanks again for the questions, Noni!

Phan One Shot

Title: Family time.

Summary: Dan and his son, Alex, end up in a Mario Kart competition.

Genre: Fluff.

Tags: Parent!Phan, fluff.

Word count: 2.6k

Sidenote: This is a prompt from the amazing obsessivenerdwithnolife​ (and smhphil​ because she wanted to read this also hi Sam it’s nice to see you reading this), so yeah. Hope you enjoy this, I guess? Remember, constructive criticism and don’t repost my writing please! Also sorry for any typos, I haven’t looked over this all that much.

TW: None (unless you count minor swearing).

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this just keeps happening, send help plz, fate of SDM hangs in balance

Yeah, I hear that strangely often… or, perhaps Patrick Stump looks like me

Maybe whenever he tours in NC, everyone tells him “Hey, you look a ton like Colin, just with fewer cameras!”

Um… maybe?

Really? lemme google him…

Ah! Yeah, I see some resemblance… plus, he has an adorable dog, and a gal with cool hair, so I’m totally down with being compared to him.

Yup, like I’ve said before, I guess I do. Dunno about the sexy part, but, y’know….


Sorry, can’t… it’s in my contract.

Awwww yeeeaaah. You heard it here first, ladies and gents – the best way to get romantic attention is Scooby-Doo-based humor.

Oh, hey, and butts like me, too! Cool!

Genetics? Witchcraft, maybe?

D’waa, thanks… really, though, I can’t help it–

I don’t know! It just happens, I–

Thanks, but I can’t sustain this much positive attention, I–

*mind melts from overdose of positive attention*



Y…yes. Yeah, I guess I do have friends, don’t I.

…Wh-what?! No! I’m not crying, you’re crying! Don’t look at me! Go away!

Wow… I don’t even have an icon yet and people are hurdling over here… I guess you could say I’m not really bonely anymore.

Well I hope everyone has a skeleton of fun here, heh-heh. Yeah let’s go grab some nice cream later or something, that sounds like fun.

(I’m so sorry this is kinda sorta late, I was still feelin’ kinda sick for the past few days and time just ran away from me)

so guess who’s birthday is today???

(((well, tomorrow¿ I’ts already 22nd of september (1:30am) here in Spain so..)))


Some of you guys wanted to send me presents and stuff and I was going to get a P.O. box for that but I can’t do it until tomorrow (well, today haha) ;__;

so I’ll post the P.O. box address tomorrow, sorry D’: