yeah i got my own version too

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You could say you're...."sightless"? *ba dum tss* but seriously I hope you feel better soon!! ;;/

Sightless probably loves puns

but yeah my  version just is really wack and so is my balance?

like i can see concentrating too hard makes my eyes go out of focus and they also just kinda keep going outta of focus on their own but like even when I’m trying to focus ..its weird


Soo… I was studying Ninjago’s timeline to correct some parts of my own version and checking if the ninja’s ages were okay. And gah, it’s so sticky stuff to read, even though it’s well condensed and clearly written etc. but my brain is on holiday so it thought it would be fun to draw some Garmadon doodles instead `=D So yeah, I got inspired by the history so I just had to leave the brainwork be and draw. Heh..

I haven’t drawn Garmy too much. Originally, he was a shiny Umbreon, but the more the poison inside him took over, the more his eyes turned from yellow to red and his rings from blue to yellow. After his (first) transformation he is the same color as normal umbreons are.

Why so much PNGo! stuff lately? (aren’t there always? hah, I’m sorry for you who don’t follow me for this… don’t worry, it’ll be over soon) Well, I finished the comic!!! Now I only have to wait for my “translator” to give me the correct lines for it and after I fix them, I’ll be able to publish it at last! 8D That’s why I’m checking my old info pages of the characters etc. so I’ll be able to open the Pokémon Ninjago blog with correct information. I’ll be working on the blog while waiting for the lines and open it when I’ll start the comic. Whether it’s ready or not.

(Aaaa I’m so excited! And nervous! I’m afraid no-one likes it and they’ll hate it and then they come and eat me! But heck I’m still friken excited! Hnnnnn!)

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10💰 // 11💩 // 24😈 // 29🥊 (#sorrynotsorry had to)


10) 💰 most expensive book you’ve bought 

I don’t think I’ve ever bought an expensive book on purpose. I’m not one to like fancy editions, really. I think that most of the expensive books I have were a gift from my parents. Both The Casual Vacancy and The Cursed Child were gifts from them. I think the most expensive book I own is a hardcover version of Peter Pan that has the original illustrations and is fuckin HUGE, but… that was a gift from them, too. So, yeah, I don’t think I’ve ever bought a particularly expensive book. Wait, I did spend a shitload of money on Grace Helbig’s book, but I got to meet her, so it was worth it. 

11) 💩 the worst book you’ve read 

There’s this book that was called Angel that was the worst thing I’ve ever read. In 2013 I tore all of its pages out and used them for a painting. So at least it served some purpose. 

24) 😈 favourite villain 

she’s not really a villain, but Briony from Atonement was a fuckin fantastic character 

29) 🥊 character you’d punch in the face

I’ll side with my girl Hermione and say Dr*co

heres a version of the rose quartz theme that i made that DOESNT have my mediocre singing and fan lyrics in it! so yeah this is just an extended instrumental of what i posted earlier. (tbh i just got sick of the sound of my own voice)

i might post a midi too bc it sounds like youre meeting her in some kind of gameboy game and its adorable so ANYWAYS enjoy if you can

original theme for rose quartz was composed by aivi & surasshu as well as jeff liu. i only arranged a version of the original

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The Jellyfish Song
The Jellyfish Song

idk ive always kinda wondered what clear’s jellyfish song would sound like with lyrics, but the original track “shape, memory, music” was a LITTLE TOO HARD for me to transcribe myself so i

 got inspired to write my own version of it i guess???

this is literally not anything like the original at all so more accurately, it’s a fansong based on the idea of the jellyfish song

haha yeah

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Is it alright to make our own merman designs for homestuck, even though Merstuck belongs to you?

yeah sure, merstuck does /not/ belong to me! it’s just an au, there are lots of versions of same aus :^)

Anon:hey hey friend i recently got into welcome to night vale and ive seen some of your fanart of it (through google images and meps) and i was wondering if youd ever sell merch with that on it (assuming you can since i know you cant do that with homestuck merch)? thank you for your time.

all my wtnv pics are too old I don’t think they’re suitable for items ;v; (there’s also the fact adjusting stuff for that purpose takes me a lot of time and often people don’t really buy those, I noticed most buy the same few recurring items)

Anon:Do you ship Valdangel o ?

ehh not really;; most of what I remember of their interactions is Leo saying he thought Nico was creepy

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im super petty so when i saw that there was a special edition cover i got SOMEWHAT angry bc like, what do u mean "special edition"???? shinya is the fucking special edition. ive waited too long for this moment to let it get taken by some vampire/demon power couple

I MEAN SAME??? JUST A LITTLE BIT? ISN’T SHINYA SPECIAL????? /is pretty salty about the amount of Mika and Yuu stuff there is in general tbh doesn’t everyone else get their own volume cover there isn’t a special version of anything else right

Matt Imagine for Anon

i walked down the stairs of my house to see matt and nash at the bottom of the stairs. “wow” matt said as i got closer to the bottom. “dude she’s my sister..ew” nash said frowning. “sorry” he said laughing slightly as he turned to me “you just look really good” he said smiling at me. “thanks matt” i said blushing slightly. “so where’s your date?” nash said looking around. i pulled out my phone to see it was 7:30 prom starts in a half an hour where was he?. “emm he should be here any minute, i’ll just wait in the living room” i said heading towards there.

20 minutes past and i got a text from harry. “hey sorry i can’t go to prom with you me and my ex got back together and i’m going with here instead” i couldn’t believe what i was reading. i burst into tears in the middle of the living room. matt and nash came running in “wow what happened” nash said placing his hands on my shoulders. “” i said between my tears. “asshole” nash said under his breathe which made me cry more. “i can take you if you want?” nash suggested. “are you serious, i ’ll never be able to show my face in school again if i went to prom with my own brother” i said. “yeah i guess..look i’m really sorry” nash said rubbing my arm. i looked up and gave him the best version of a smile i could do at this point. “hey where’s matt?” i said looking around. nash looked too “eh idk maybe he went home” i sighed as i got up “i’m just going to go to bed i guess” i said holding back my tears. nash pulled me into a tight hug as he kissed my forehead. “thanks” i said under my breathe.

i began to make my way to the stairs. i looked up to see matt standing there in a tuxedo. “wha what” i questioned. “(y/n) will you do me the honour of taking me to prom with you” he said kneeling down and opening the corsage box. i giggled slightly “thank you so much matt but you don’t have to honestly” i said blushing. matt pulled me into him “you look beautiful tonight and it would be a crime if no one else got to see that, please i insist” he said intertwining our fingers. “ok thank you thank you” i said hugging him tightly. i could feel him laughing against my body. “we better go or else we’ll be late” matt said leading me to the door. “thanks man i owe you” nash whispered in his ear before we left “no i owe you one for letting me take her” matt said with a slight laugh. i hugged nash goodbye before matt and i jumped in the car and made our way to prom