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richard maxwell

  • burns down blackgaard’s castle with himself inside
  • “once again you’ve saved my life in more ways than i deserve”
  • throws himself out of a moving car over a cliff to escape from being held hostage

richard maxwell canonically does not value his own life bye

When Jim finally asks Bones to marry him, he plays it down. 

There’s no grand gestures of love, or any tear jerking speeches, just a simple silver ring held out to Bones as they lie in bed together.

“Do you want to?”

But Bones knows Jim, from the way his eyes flutter open in the morning to the way his breaths even out at night.

So he sees the way Jim’s hand is shaking ever so slightly, and how Jim is looking just to the left of Bones’ head, instead of meeting his eyes.

“Yeah, alright.”

Their friends will laugh when they tell them how it all happened, because no one was expecting a bed of rose petals but that’s casual even for Jim Kirk.

But Bones knows Jim, so when their friends tease them, he just slips his hand into Jim’s and squeezes, a small smile forming when Jim squeezes back.

“We’re here now, that’s all that matters to me, you know that right?”

“Yeah. Yeah I do Bones.”

For Her (A Joshifer One Shot)

I make my way onto set, still rubbing the sleep from my eyes and waking up from the four hours of sleep I got, due to our late shoot the night before. I manage a halfhearted wave to some people already milling about on set, and Francis gives me a gentle pat on the shoulder when I meet him where we’re going over script changes.

“Josh is coming in today.” He says, a smirk present on his face. Francis always wears the same shit-eating grin when he talks to me about Josh.

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