yeah i dont know what my real favorite is

literal conversation i had yesterday
  • girl: *wears twenty one pilots shirt*
  • me: *knowing she is not a real fan* what's your favorite song from regional at best?
  • girl: that's not the name of the band
  • me: yeah i know, it's their second album
  • girl: umm i dont think so
  • me: oh okay whats your favorite song?
  • girl: car radio that singer guy tony is soo hot i cant believe he is a one man band
  • me: yup soo cool whats your fav song from blurryface, considering we've only heard three if you include goner *chuckles*
  • girl: *awkwardly laughing* so have you heard THE vessel? its like my favorite album do you know if truce is on that album? i keep forgetting
  • me: yup i love that song its such a great way to close out the album
  • girl: yah twenty one pilots is like my fav band and tony is so non-religious i just love it :)
How to Fix Felicity Smoak / Why clock king sucked

Ok i admit it. I love Felicity Smoak. She was my favorite Character in Season 1 and so much fun. Just so you know i´m not one of those “ugh felicity sucks and laurel is perfect” guys.I´m really not. My “how to fix Laurel Lance” article should proof that. And yes, i dreaded writing this. Mainly because the Olicity fandom has some serious Psychopaths.Not all of them mind you!But many! Last time i did something like this i got death threats. 

But i still wanna write it because Felicity basically got butchered in Season 2. She was Reduced from a great Character to nothing.but “The Girl”. She went from “oh shes adorable” to being Bella Swan.A blank Sheet. And to counter that i present to you today:

How to fix Felicity Smoak

1. Tune down Olicity a bit: And here comes the hate! Ok pls hear me out before you post something like “FUCK YOU! YOU FUCKING FUCK!” on my wall ok?

I ship them myself.Or well i would if it wouldnt be forced down our throats. Just admit it guys: Many, many Olicity Scenes are kinda forced in. They dont have any relevance on the plot or the Characters. Sometimes its just the same Scene almost word for word, copied into another episode (take the last 2 Episodes of S2 for example: Felicity basically gives the exact same speech twice.Why?!)

I dont think i´m the only one who prefers Quality over Quantity. Lets have Less scenes, but better ones. Relevant ones. Scenes that come Organic.If you try too hard to please a ship it just comes off as rude to others AND as kinda dumb.Which is exactly whats happening here. And i dont go into the whole “Its the only true ship blablabla” bullcrap here. 

Even from a non shipping view its kinda annoying..You have a great emotional scene for one of the characters aaaaand its Olicity again.

I dont say Stop having those scenes i just say make less..but better ones.. A set up for this can be my next 2 Points.

2. More Scenes outside the ArrowCave / Team Arrow:

This is a big one and can be applied to every goddamn Character in the show. Felicity has a big problem: You cant explain her Character without mentioning:

1. Oliver Queen

2. Team Arrow

3.The Arrow Cave

You end up with: Blonde,Shy,Computer,Daddy gone.And jewish if you really paid attention. (Yup guess you didnt know that?It was mentioned  in 2 Lines. IN THE ENTIRE SECOND SEASON)

And i dont mean “backstory” i mean “character”. What does she like?What does she hate? Whats her favorite dish?Does she have a favorite Movie? Friends?

Diggle actually suffers the same problem.But Felicity is far worse: She is one of the Characters with the most Screen time..But we know nothing about her. I went to the arrow Wikia and i gotta admit..There was more then i thought i would find.But its basicly the Equivalent of a résumé.

“oh and then i lived with my mom in vegas..But yeah nothing ever interesting happend. I just kinda..existed you know?”

Thats why we need more scenes without the guys. Show us her home.Does she collect little unicorns? Whats her favorite Movie?Does she Like Chocolate? Hell you dont really have to do it “outside” TeamArrow you can do it with them! 

You may say those things dont matter.But really: Its the small things that make a Character believable. That make them look real. Showing them as not just “Heroes” or “Characters” but humans sometimes, is something all the Characters would profit from.

We had that in Season 1 With the Big Belly burger.When they just sat down and talked:

“Dude chicks are cracy..I cant figure laurel out !" 

"Word dude. Have a coke”

That was great! I was realistic! They cant be superheroes all day!

Let them be humans!

3.Learn to Kick some Ass:

This was Touched on in the Clock King Episode, but for some reason just kinda dropped.

Felicity receiving Martial Arts Training.

I know many people will say she doesnt need it because shes the Hacker. Many people will say that shes only sitting around in the Arrow cave and thus is safe.

Many People are wrong.

If you are part of a Superhero team, Sidecharacter or not, sooner or later you find yourself in a risky,dangerous situation.It just comes with the Job. An, at least basic, Martial Arts training is absolutely necessary to survive.

Also remember: Felicity has played the role of the Bait before, in the excellent (and in my eyes best) Episode “The DollMaker”.

Or remember when Slade Wilson invaded the Arrowcave! Granted Felicity will never able to take Slade, but beeing able to fight would at least helped her a bit mentally. Remember when she was just standing at the stairs,shitting her pants, while the others were fighting?

It would also make for some great Scenes between her and the Other characters: 

Talking with Diggle about how it is to be part of this team, how it affects their life and relationships and how their Life´s changed.

Talking with Sara/Laurel how it is to be the only Girls around, probably even have “Girl Talk” about Oliver or other guys.

Roy: Roy can really take the lead her, comfort and support Felicity . Hes Oliver´s apprentice, and even though hes not that skilled yet (btw how the fuck did he manage to get a good archer?!) he can still take the mentor Role for Felicity. Just in case you want a “Shes doing it behind the backs of everybody else route”

4. Give her a good Standalone Episode:

And here is why “Clock King” sucked so hard. Instead of being an Episode where Felicity takes charge of the group, letting her skills as “The Brain” really shine…it boiled down to her wanting to be “olivers girl”.

At first i really thought it would become this Episode where she is countering every single hack the “Clock King” does. Redirecting Trains,Bringing the traffic lights back to normal, stopping him from shutting down Power Plants and so on. Really having a battle where Felicity is the main fighter and the others have to follow, saving civilians, defusing bombs whatever. But nope..“i want to be your girl”…AAAAAH DX!!!

And that basically explains what Felicity needs. An episode focusing on her mind, her role as the Smart one, a Villain who doesnt target Arrow, but the Genius behind him. An Episode that is really a battle of 2 powerful Minds.That my friends is what Felicity Smoak needs.

Not Oliver´s Penis.

5. Let her be in Charge of equipment:

This is my last point because its a Minor one. I would like to see Felicity´s Role a bit more Expanded and streamlined. We already established: Shes not that much of a fighter. Her strength is her Intelligence. So why not put her in Charge of the Equipment? She already got a new Bow for Oliver, why not expand that? Coming up with new gadgets for the team, helping to design their costumes, Learning how to repair and build those devices! She could be the “Q” of the group (Look up James bond Kids)

Well thats my little fix..I know i will get hate for it, specially for putting it in the Olicity and Felicity tags. I also know that people will crawl out going “Fuck you, you are Nolicity!” or “Yeah you are Nolicity!”. I´m not.I care about Felicity, and thats why i want to see her get fixed.

Thanks for Reading