yeah i dont know what my real favorite is

literal conversation i had yesterday
  • girl: *wears twenty one pilots shirt*
  • me: *knowing she is not a real fan* what's your favorite song from regional at best?
  • girl: that's not the name of the band
  • me: yeah i know, it's their second album
  • girl: umm i dont think so
  • me: oh okay whats your favorite song?
  • girl: car radio that singer guy tony is soo hot i cant believe he is a one man band
  • me: yup soo cool whats your fav song from blurryface, considering we've only heard three if you include goner *chuckles*
  • girl: *awkwardly laughing* so have you heard THE vessel? its like my favorite album do you know if truce is on that album? i keep forgetting
  • me: yup i love that song its such a great way to close out the album
  • girl: yah twenty one pilots is like my fav band and tony is so non-religious i just love it :)