yeah i didnt get to do this yesterday so

blog alert

ok so yesterday i get this message on my art blog

and im like hm seems sketchy

so i look into the blog and lo and behold

then when i told them i wasnt answering shit i got these messages (didnt respond bc i was alseep)

which made me even more ok yeah this is bullshit

so i sent them quotes of the posts i had above and i told them they were bs and they were like why do u think im bad and this ensued:

so yeah block them


150115 KTR - Ryeowook called out to Eunhyuk:

Hyuk: Hello<

Wook: Hello<

Hyuk: Yeah hello~

Wook: kkk

Hyuk: Eung? Isnt it Sukira?

Wook: Yes it is

Hyuk: Its for Sukira right?

Wook: Hyung, please greet our listeners

Hyuk: Right? U r doing Sukira right? No?

Wook: Yes it is

Hyuk: why u pretend that it is not!! I got shocked thou. …

* speaking at same time I have no idea alr xD*

Hyuk: Please call me often

Wook: Okay please greet us first.

Hyuk: Hello Sukira listeners, we met yesterday and we met today again, this is Eunhyuk!

Wook: you practiced yesterday alr right! So lets do three rounds telepathy game today

Hyuk: three times?

Wook: Yeah they said must match three times

Hyuk: then it will be ended if we get it wrongly once?

Wook: Ah its not we just try three times (?))

Hyuk: Your MC skill is lousy somehow thou

Wook: To you I am still a newbie. Eunhyuk sshii, we got bonsang, did u know?

Hyuk: Whats bonsang?

Wook: GDA

Hyuk: huh?us?

Wook: Congrats!!

Hyuk: Aigooo Congratulation Ryeowooksshii!!

Hyuk: we didnt get anything else?

Wook: got other awards?

Hyuk: Daesang? Its not ended yet?

Wook: I dont know, maybe not ended yet. Well its until here anyway.

Hyuk: well its fine though I am happy cause we got award.

Wook: We did practice games yesterday alr so lets do the real game now! First please recommend a song!

Hyuk: well yesterday Donghae got it wrongly then they played Sorry sorry and ended right… So lets talk more now ( before playing game).

Wook: Cause we have guests here so ytd because the phone call with Hae was so long we didnt have enough time.

Hyuk: ahhh so after this still get other things so do.. So its because Donghae who has manner was dragging the time yesterday..

Wook: its you who dragged our time.

Hyuk: Ah its me?.. Kkkkkkk lets do it fast.

Wook: So Eunhyuk sshii whats your recommended song?

Hyuk: I planned to recommend the song that you really like.

Wook: My song?

Hyuk: Ah no.. S.E.S I Am your girl (?!). *singing the song*

Wook: So whom u introduce to us so we can call tmr?

Hyuk: Amongs members, I will introduce my best friend.

Wook: U dont have lots of bestfriends thou.

Hyuk: My bestfriend Heechul hyung!!!

Wook: u r… Bestfriends? It doesnt look like that thou

Hyuk: no we have been getting closer alot

Wook: Okay if u get it right we will give presents. Its a coupon to be guest in Sukira.

Hyuk: Then I just come why do I need a coupon..

Wook: causeyou are so busy..

Hyuk: I need to get a coupon to come to a place I feel like home?

Wook: Anyway u need to come.


Wook : Ah this is hard, there are 3 choices not two.

Wook: should we do practice game since its hard one? Jjajang vs jambong vs sweet sour pork? 1.2.3.. Sweet sour pork!!

Hyuk: Jjambong!!!


Hyuk: Sweet sour pork? U dont like jjambong??

Wook: Well we will do real game now. U wanna do about food or girlgroup?

Hyuk: Uh.. Food!. Cause might be surprised somehow if we do girlgroup kk

Wook: Its about Mandu.

Hyuk: Mandu~ Mandu~ Mandu~~

Wook: Kimchi Mandu vs Gogi mandu vs Galbi Mandu. 1..2..3 Galbi Mandu!!

Hyuk: Kimchi mandu!!

*Sorry sorry*