yeah i didnt get to do this yesterday so

I have a speech for you people

Yesterday morning, I had a goal.
It was to draw Dan and Phil. So, I began drawing Dan’s shoulder but it wouldn’t work. I told myself “Look Serena i know your retarded ass can do this so try again” So i tried and tried and tried again until I was triggered. But i didnt let my emotions get in the way of my work. Finally, after 5 billion tries, I grabbed Dan’s hair and I put his ear next to my mouth and said “look you piece of porcelain human being ive been trying to draw your shoulder all day so you better let me and fucking inspire me before i eat you ok” and then, i was able to draw his shoulder.
The lesson is, you must abuse your goal to achieve it. You must also believe in yourself and everything will turn out ok. Because its not just something people say since it works if you believe hard enough 👍🏻

( @amazingphil @danisnotonfire )

blog alert

ok so yesterday i get this message on my art blog

and im like hm seems sketchy

so i look into the blog and lo and behold

then when i told them i wasnt answering shit i got these messages (didnt respond bc i was alseep)

which made me even more ok yeah this is bullshit

so i sent them quotes of the posts i had above and i told them they were bs and they were like why do u think im bad and this ensued:

so yeah block them