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Plus, I honestly don't think Bill references her sexuality any more than the straight companions do! All the daily mail comments saying "when has a DW companion ever shoved their sexuality down our throats" like um? as if Rose, Martha, Donna, Amy AND Clara didn't have male boyfriends/fiancees/love interests from literally their first episodes! (im not bashing on any of them ftr I love them all so much but come on!)...How on EARTH is Bill and Heather any different?! It's just BAFFLING

Yeah, she really doesn’t reference it more than straight companions, but I guess people are used to gay characters having to exist purely within subtext so homophobic viewers can pretend that part of the character doesn’t exist. This time they don’t have the option because Bill’s super upfront about it and so’s the Doc. 

If anything I hope to see more of Bill talking about her sexuality because I mean, like I posted earlier, we can talk about that sort of thing a lot when we know we have a non-homophobic actually decent friend with us. 


Hey so I don’t want to be the asshole who explains things that everyone already knows? But on the off chance that anyone didn’t get Bitty’s reference, he’s talking about this Biblical story where King Solomon (who was a super wise dude because God offered him anything he wanted, expecting him to ask for money or fame or some shit. Except, surprise, he asks for wisdom instead. God is so touched that he gives him wisdom and the other stuff too as a bonus. Anyway) was holding court to give advice to all his subjects. And these two ladies show up in the castle both claiming to be the mother of a baby because apparently one of them accidentally rolled on top of their baby while they were sleeping and crushed it? Yikes. Anyway, so neither woman will back down about being the mother so Solomon decides that the solution here is to just cut the baby in half and give one half to each woman. One lady is like “yeah w/e go for it” and the other lady IMMEDIATELY backs down and says to just let the other lady have the baby. Solomon gives the baby to the second woman because her selfless love for the child proved that it was hers. So. There you go? The more you know~

So, out of curiosity, I was wondering how close the purple of Blake’s presumed aura strike things in Painting the Town were to the purple of Yang’s v4 eyes, and it turns out they’re ridiculously close.

This is one of the darker parts of Yang’s eyes.

And this is one of the darker part of Blake’s presumed aura strike things.

And to have a reference, the left half of this is Blake’s purple and the right half of this is Yang’s purple.

So yeah. Ridiculously close.

idk if it ~means anything~ but it’s so funny to me that of all the shades purple there are, they ended up being a really close match.

I also realize I’m making a cross-volume colour comparison and the colours tend to change between volumes so Blake’s aura might not even be that shade of purple anymore since we didn’t see it in volume 4, but I was trying to figure out what Yang’s volume 4 eye colour scheme reminded me of and I realized it’s pretty much the same colour scheme as whatever the fuck Blake was doing in Painting the Town.

Yuri X Otabek

In both Russia and Kazakhstan the age of consent is 16…. But in Kazakhstan “sodomy” (*) is technically illegal… I feel like fics never bring up stuff like that… Yeah it’s nice to pretend we all live in a perfect world, but we don’t… (Side note: does anyone know of fics where these themes are present?)

I feel like the next season needs to draw some attention to the countries they’re traveling in and the couples and potentially couples having to watch their behaviors and be careful in more conservative countries….

*Apologies for the language, the law uses that word and it is the act of anal sex regardless of genders, not being gay, to which I was referring to. I didn’t mean to imply anything that goes with it. It is not my belief that LGBTQ+ people are sinners, I myself am gay, so very sorry for the confusion.