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a/n: boy i had to write this before i went to work for a few hours, enjoy!

  • eddie is richie’s best friend and his crush. in his mind, he has dibs on eddie
  • he’s just.. yknow. a mess who don’t know how to voice this to eddie
  • so shit gets real when oc levi comes out of buck fucking nowhere and takes a liking to eddie
  • levi is a tall, lanky and annoying gay man who transferred to the school
  • richie pm
  • and he sits next to richie and eddie in history class and flirts?? nonstop?? with a blushing eddie
  • eddie’s not used to this (well he is bc richie does it but he just knows richie’s kidding right??)
  • and in richie’s mind he’s just like “hold tf up who do you think you are? nope”
  • anytime he walks by in the hall and sees levi talking to eddie he immediately walks up and says smth like “hey asshole with the dumb hair. hey eds.”
  • “he has hair just like you?? and don’t call me that.”
  • “hAHAHhaHA that’s funny anyways let me walk you to class eds”
  • and levi’s like “i was gonna walk him to class”
  • and then richie’s like “well not anymore you tall fuck!” and adds on a laugh bc he’s not actually being mean (yes he is)
  • and eddie’s just wide eyed and confused like wtf is going on??
  • AND THEN richie and levi makes eye contact and without words they both just understand what the other is saying
  • “game on”
  • anytime levi passes by them in the hall richie accidentally trips him. accidentally
  • levi just happens to always be there whenever richie goes to meet eddie after 7th period and even when richie wants to leave eddie insists they stay and talk to levi
  • “oh man levi… i heard you failed your quiz the other day. damn. sorry, dude. it must suck to be dumb and also have a small dick  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯“ “small?? nah, must be talking about yourself. i have to use two hands. *winks at eddie*” “*eyes twitches* you wouldn’t even stand a chance if we took our dicks out right now and measured them. my dick has done grea–”
  • “BEEP BEEP RICHIE! both of you shut the hell up” and eddie’s just hardcore blushing and trying to wrap his mind around what the fuck is happening
  • it goes on like this for a while - levi trying to make the moves on eddie and richie sHUTTING THAT SHIT DOWN BC NO
  • each attempt just ends with richie getting more fed up and levi opening his locker to find some nice gifts - used condoms, rotten food, pounds of paper mache.
  • lbr tho eventually eddie will have enough of this shit and just ask richie why he’s being weird abt levi
  • “he likes you.” “so?” “wait, did you know??” “uh yeah it’s kinda obvious and he told me” AND RICHIE’S HEAD JUST EXPLODES BC WHAT
  • and eddie’s just like “i told him i didn’t feel the same way because i like somebody else. even though this person is a dumbass.”
  • and richie just goes reD bc w o w and he’s finally like “so will you go out with me eds?” and ofc eddie says yes bc jesus christ richie finally
  • “well since that’s out of the way… can i punch levi in the face for trying to out-dick me? and yes.. i mean that in more than one way” *winks at eddie*
friends to lovers // winwin

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a/n: can i stop making everything school related 

  • winwin is my literal sON look at that gif i love that gif 
  • ok anyways leggo
  • you and sicheng are close friends from school and he’s your study buddy when it’s time for exams
  • your friendship can be described as very open i guess??
  • you always rant to him about your ugly boy problems
  • and he always offers to fight them for you
  • sometimes will be ur fake boyfriend
  • i mean yeah you get what i mean
  • so one day your math class starts doing ugly integral calculus
  • and you understand most of it
  • so sicheng always comes to u all the time for homework help
  • you go to his dorm or he comes to yours sometimes
  • ya know. homework buddies (useless conversations while watching pokémon)
  • one time he was at your dorm and you had a particularly rough day
  • while you were finishing your work you kinda just,,,,, fell asleep on top of ur books
  • sicheng was about to wake you up but he was like nah imma let them sleep
  • so he starts packing up his stuff and decides to leave a note for when you woke up
  • since he put everything away he had no pen so he reached for the one sitting dead under your limp hand
  • when he leaned in close to your face he was like “woah….. omg”
  • “wow so cute omg i have to take a pic aww snORES”
  • he forgot about the pen he was just staring at ur face like it was the starry night by van gogh
  • “wait is it normal to want to kiss ur friend”
  • the moment he thinks that he smacks himself
  • and he’s so flustered he runs out of your place and realized he forgot the note, so he texts you instead and literallt runs all the way back to his dorm
  • why is he running he doesn’t even know
  • the next day you see him and as usual go to him immediately
  • but he looks at you and runs agaIN
  • wtf sicheng
  • anyways you’re like eh he probably did something weird and doesn’t want me to know
  • this literally happens for 2 days
  • until you show up at his dorm one day and thank goodness his roommate let you in
  • you barge into sichengs room and he’s there sitting on his bed like someone came to arrest him for that candy he stole when he was 9
  • “i’m here to do homework….. bc i don’t want u failing ugly”
  • “i’m totally okay with calculus!! that’s why i didn’t ask for help the past few days”
  • you go to his desk and see on top his homework which he tried doing but ended up throwing in the garbage
  • “really bro”
  • “um”
  • so yeah you’re chilling on his bed doing work and sicheng is lying down with his homework and pencil in hand and his face is covered with the paper
  • in his defense,,, if he was too close to you he was gonna accidentally kiss u
  • you ask him what’s wrong and why he’s avoiding you but he doesn’t answer so you’re like bro i asked a question and his paper falls on his face
  • this boi fell asleep
  • “is he SERIOUS” but you don’t wanna wake him so you say it quietly
  • you take the paper from his face and start clearing the bed
  • when ur done you go to him and pull his blanket up and take his glasses off his face as well
  • “he’s kinda cute- wait wHAT”
  • you don’t even believe you said that yourself but then you look at his face again and realize that he is kinda cute
  • “wow i’d love to squish his cheeks aww”
  • at that moment you’re so fascinated by how someone could be so cute you do end up squishing his face (cue squish sound effect coming from ur mouth)
  • when you finally stop gushing over him you get up from his bed when a hand grabs at yours and pulls you back
  • typical drama scene i know bye
  • once again you’re like “so cute i can blackmail him with this”
  • unlike winwin u don’t hide the fact he’s cute and love it
  • so when y’all see each other the next day you’re just being all coy and hahahahahahah awww u the cutiest tbh and he’s like “oh no. do they know i wanna kiss them oh nO OH FUC”
  • “so sicheng….. why are u avoiding me today ;)))))))))))))”
  • “yeah okay,,, also you have a really nice face”
  • and he’s like “that wasn’t a dream!!!!” (his insides: ahhhh!!!!!)
  • and ur like nope!!!! you also have soft hands
  • you walk away and he’s like what..
  • but then realizes (his insides now: AHAAAAAHHHA!!! SHIT.)
  • ofc the poor boy is even more of a mess than last time so you tell him it’s okay and that you’ll forget about it
  • and also ofc u admit he is very cute and you wanna squish his cheeks until you die
  • “did i just plan an indirect marriage proposal”
  • ur hoping he doesn’t forget it
  • sicheng is also dying at the fact that you think he’s cute but he’s also dying even more to jusT KISS U ONCE BC YOUR LIPS LOOK SO FLUFFY
  • one day u guys are studying again and he’s pretty normal,,, almost too normal
  • then suddenly
  • “hey y/n i need to do something you just tell me if it’s okay after i do it”
  • “sicheng what”
  • he kisses ur cHEE k
  • forget calculus homework you forgot the square root of 1 at that moment
  • he observes your face to see if you liked it or not but you were so confused with so many feelings and he’s scared you didn’t like it
  • so he’s about to apologize but then you say that it was okay
  • but on the outside he’s suddenly very confident thank
  • “in that case i actually wanted to kiss ur lips but today cheek was enough”
  • so you’re like why!!!!  that’s so unfair
  • and he’s being half cocky at this point now that he’s sure you’re okay and aware of this new step in your ‘friendship’
  • “sicheng do iT NOW”
  • he’s just sitting there smiling and doing his work and ur like k fuck this
  • you grab his face and give him a quick kiss
  • and now it’s his turn to be dumbfounded
  • “one more time pleeeeeeeaasssse”
  • “no i think that was enough for today”
  • before you leave he tells you to “have a study session in the nearby cafe”
  • “is this a date”
  • “no…. i just wanna pass calculus”

This is gonna be an absolute jumbled mess of thoughts bc I’m just like fjgjfjf I can’t even process that i just saw Harry? And that he’s a real person? Wow?

I mean lemme preface this all with the fact that I’ve had like a bad and weird few months lmao and Harry has just been the absolute light at the end of the tunnel for me, and seeing him tonight was just so fucking surreal? And god fjgjf I just wanna thank him for being who he is 😭😭😭

I went with my mom and she had the best time and has said how harry is such a showman and such a talented kid and she thinks he’s gonna be like Paul McCartney who will still be playing sold out arenas when he’s old, and she couldn’t get over how much fun he has onstage.

He’s just??? So high energy and such a force and watching him you’d think he’s literally been doing this for 50 years????? He’s just so fucking ELECTRIC and wild and you can tell that he just THRIVES off this and that it’s his absolute favorite place to be. Idk how he even has this much energy fjgjfj like omg after he played half of Kiwi before restarting it I had already gone so hard I was like OH MAN HOW AM I GONNA GO ANOTHER TIME and then when he did it AGAIN FKGTKRF I WAS SO TIRED BUT OFC I WENT HARD I JUST!!! HOW DOES HE DO IT!!! HES SUCH A TINY FIREBALL


Meet Me in the Hallway literally made me sob lmao I knew it was gonna bc the “gotta get better” refrain just 😭 I wonder get into it all lmao, but yeah, and just. It killed me in the best way and hit me in all the right ways. I was literally ugly crying to SOTT lmao like holy fuck I’ve never cried that much at a concert literally like fjgjfj it was so bad it just meant so much to see that live and his VOICE IS SO UNREAL!!!! And JALBOYH is so beautiful 😭 the fact that the crowd just continued singing oh’s like fjgjf idk it rly got me he has such a command over the audience which is so incredible???

And THIS COVER OF STORY OF MY LIFE WHAAAAAAAT IT WAS SO GOOD and my mom said she likes it better than 1D’s and that was always her fave song of theirs fkbgkrf Harry’s impact! When it started I was literally????? SO SHOOK LMAO and not to be fake deep about things but like lmao when 1D’s hiatus started that was literally the only song that made me miss them lmfaoooooo and obviously as Harry started doing his own thing, all of that stopped mattering to me bc I only care about him lol so like? It was such a nice full circle moment where it felt like him singing it alone closed that chapter and started this new one??? If that makes any sense!

I JUST lmao love him so much!!!!! And can’t believe this is his first tour and that he’s only gonna get BETTER from here??? HOW!!!!! I wanna see him 800 more times and can’t wait to spend the rest of my life loving and supporting my babie Harry Edward Styles!!!!!!!!!! 💖💖💖💖💖

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Hi, I would like your opinion about something. I have just learnt harry will go on tour and I am so happy that things are going so well for him. But I can't help thinking about zayn's sabotaged solo career. I mean doesn't media said he left to go solo and yet in two years has done few interviews and most of them printed and twisted. Ofc he did well too but its bc he's talented and thanks to his fans. I don't like comparing. I love them both. They're great and talented.

Yeah, it’s upsetting me even more that Still Got Time is getting 0 promo since we can directly compare it to the promo Harry is doing.  I’m glad Harry is getting the promo he is because he deserves it.  I just wish Zayn could get the promo he deserves too.

Harry obviously isn’t clear and free of the old team since The Sun got several exclusives Harry’s team would have had to cooperate with and his Rolling Stone article had some clear OT style BS.  Despite that, there’s no denying he’s getting a hell of a lot more promo than Zayn has.

Part of it might have to do with his status as the face of 1D and the one everyone has always said would go solo.  A few other bloggers, like @that-regular-chick, have already pointed out that since the old team was the one that pushed the idea of solo Harry throughout the entirety of 1D’s career, they’d want him to succeed if only to say that they were right.  That might be why he’s getting better promo out of all this.

I also saw someone speculate that Zayn is getting treated worse by his team because he refused to stick to their image for him.  He wouldn’t badmouth or pretend to hate the other boys during interviews even though print!Zayn was much harsher and more bitter.  I don’t think his new team ever had his interests first in mind, but it’s possible that they screwed over his promo even more as punishment for refusing to play along.  Harry simply isn’t in that position because his official image is more neutral in relation to the other boys.

I don’t know what happened with PartyNextDoor.  I thought it was a bit odd that he wasn’t in the video, but I figured he must not have wanted to be in it.  Now all the UK press is reporting about him unfollowing Zayn, so I feel like Zayn’s team has once again screwed him over.  

The whole “Zayn wanted to shoot the video at his house so he called someone at the last minute and told them to catch a plane to London to direct” didn’t sit well with me even before this.  Now I’m thinking the purpose of that story was to put all the responsibility for the video on Zayn so that it looks like his rudeness/carelessness was why PartyNextDoor wasn’t in the video.  It’s another set up feud like 1D vs. Naughty Boy, 1D vs. Bieber, and Zayn vs. Calvin Harris.

It’s hard to say for sure what’s going on right now.  All I know is that 1DHQ is still involved in the boys’ business somehow even though it really should have been over by now.  All we can do is hunker down and wait since trying to speculate about what’s going on BTS is nearly pure guesswork.

You’re right that the way things have turned out make all the reasoning given for Zayn “quitting” look even shadier, though.  The only way you can look at what’s happened and think it makes sense is if you think Zayn is a lazy, rude idiot and that his team is the same.  Zayn used to sleep in a bit and he doesn’t suffer fools or haters lightly, but otherwise he’s always put in effort, been professional, and shown that he’s very intelligent and passionate about music. It doesn’t match up.  

The anxiety thing may be partially true, but 1) why would Zayn go solo and think his anxiety would be better performing solo rather than with the buffer of a group?, 2) there are ways to handle anxiety, exactly none of which his team has employed, and 3) there are ways to promo Zayn’s stuff without him making appearances, none of which are being used.

We’ve got a lot of solo releases coming up, so I plan to enjoy those to the fullest and not deal with the BS more than I absolutely have to.


@thesmallestquinn Yo I have not had the motivation to finish any CC fanart but y'know here you go
Also I feel like David was a little bit into Daniel bc like,, David isn’t stupid he just had a crush c'mon
Also have a bonus Max bc I relate to him on a personal level and He is Me

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Omg like sexual love triangle in the making!!!! This might sound strange and you can totally reject but could you post a selfie for like 1 second bc I wanna see what these guys are up against!!!

sexual love triangle.. hunty pleathe!! that would never happen asdfggs but my life is pretty boring so ofc im gonna enjoy the moments of awkwardness and tension 

and yeah i can post a selfie since its been 20 years since i last did (i dont really have a selfie so heres just a pic) 

@jordan-pickford oh yeah having better options actually makes sense + he did have some bad injuries in the last two years (and he wasn’t even fit the entire last season) and i feel like it’s difficult for him to actually go back to his best. he was pretty promising imo but he’s not really the same player anymore. also what is like the general thought of everton fans on him??

So I was watching the FML Roommate Quiz on Joe’s channel, and I decided you all needed to hear my filthy thoughts… and what better way than a jaspar video analysis, hey? This was inspired by @alraune315 ’s wonderful analysis’ and encouraged by @suggleestylinson @yesimawriter xD

The video begins with this…




Joe: We’re reunited at last

Yep, they’re reunited at last, and so be hAPPY to be and imsobbing theyre literally falling over each other and cantstop hugging and  laps and kisses and ijuscant 

YOU DONT BELIEVE ME?/! ?? Then pls explain this :)

Joe: Oh sorry, if I just dribbled on your face there

Caspar: No, I like it.

okay caspar, okay, that’s okay, completely fine, so normal.

Joe:  Sit up Caspar, we need to finish this video

(can i just pls quickly point out that joe said this in a very hasty manner) 

oh right joe, is casp making you feel things and you just want to make it quick so that you can,,,,,,you know…………………do things?? after all, you have been reunited after ages….


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So for the buzzfeed au one I was thinking like a Andrew Ashely type relationship where they're not actually dating but the videos where they have like crushes on eachother are so popular they have to make a story line out of the two of them and they end up having to kiss and they're like eh might as well make it official


Like i starts off with someone from the office getting like this weird idea (maybe its Lafayette but lbr it was probably Lafayette) that Alex and Aaron should star in these little videos about having crushes on each other

Burr is like where did u get the idea that we could look convincing


Burr is offended bc of that and agrees bc why not aLEX I CAN LOOK CRUSHABLE

so they do all these videos and they actually have fun bc in one video hammy actually fell on to the pavement for him and burr let ramen noodle sip trickle down his chin (”fOR THE COMEDY”)

at some point ppl in the office start thinking they’re not acting anymore



Laf decides to end it bc hebuasgidhod im getting bored lets focus on madison and jefferson they bicker a lot itS CUTE

so they have to choose whether they end it bad or with a kiss and since so many fans want to see them finally together ham goes yoooo lets just make out on screen

but burr is like nah bro lets make it a long but brief kiss that entails that so many things will be in store for us. We had to go through so much just to be together who knows what will keep us apart. the series might be ending but its like an open ending for the audience. give them a sort of closure without ending it all with a bang

in that moment, alexander knew he was in love

Hey guys!! 

If you’ve seen the leaks and are blogging about them - please remember to tag them as spoilers/leaks! I know it’s really exciting to see these “previews” because they’re the first episodes in a couple of months but some people are also really excited to see them first on tv!



cause i’m angry at part 3 for so many different reasons that I just 

the writers didn’t have to do this, what angers me on so many levels is how unnecessary this love triangle is

(* and congratulations gwm writers cause the one thing i loved the most about you is that I thought you wouldn’t create a love triangle but no biggie*)

First, Lucas and Maya’s feelings - whatever they were- weren’t freaking clear. they were just playing around and IT WAS JUST TOO DAMN SOON.

AND LUCAS was obviously the one who smiled at maya LIKE CRAZY all theDAMN TIME. He was the one who said “I want Maya to be happy” he was the one who said “I think you’re a great artist” *heart eyes*


they didn’t have to make it look like he didn’t know at all, like Maya was the one who knew and liked him more because I’M SORRY , Lucas was. He might be confused and not even know what’s going on, but he feels. And Maya was the one who looked confused on those episodes after GMCreativity.

Second, WHY did they have to make riley the victim?

Because Farkle IS SO DAMN RIGHT. They don’t lie to each other.

And NEWSFLASH, maya would do anything for her friends just like riley and lucas (AND FARKLE AND ZAY ( TAKE THIS WRITERS ).

but noooooooooooo let’s make riley sacrifice everything so CLEARLY while Lucas and Maya DO NOTHING. That’s so like them. This is not trying to vilify that ship in any way. Right.

And yeah I feel bad for riley (ofc) but I can’t focus on that CAUSE I CAN’T GET RID OF THIS ANGER. BC, YOU KNOW WHAT? MAYA’s AND LUCAS’ ‘CHARACTERS DESERVE BETTER. 




I’d like to know, i wish i had watched this episode where they went……so…..what maya truly feels doesn’t matter. Let’s just make her confused and like lucas so we can create some drama. But let’s not elaborate on her feelings at all (because Maya is so confused about her feelings all the time, she was so not the character who told Riley that she KNEW how he felt for Josh. NO that must be another confident character from this show)

HOw ON EARTH did they have THE AUDACITY to make Farkle basically say that this is not about Maya’s feelings?


Isn’t he supposed to be her friend? Isn’t he the one who Maya asked to help her ON THE PREVIOUS EPISODE????

how did they manage to make Farkle SHRUG at every single Lucaya moment of this show (moments, WE KNOW that matter. Cause HECK, if you tell me Girl meets creativity means that MAYBE maya and lucas like each other then how do you expect me to trust your writing AT ALL)


Dear writers, if (big if) your plan with all this was to somehow glorify Riley/Lucas:

(i hope it isn’t, i don’t think it is . But it may be, so let me vent)

You didn’t have to do it through Lucaya. We would all be happy shipping a  non-canon ship. You could have used random characters (i.E: Charlie, ONLY CHARLIE).

But you decided to go for it anyway, and you know many people liked them before writing this gem that is GMT part 3.

So Tell me you’re not using our ship. when YOU KNOW you could have left us out of this.

Tell me your not using my characters to tell your little puppy love story

Tell me you’re not gonna delete all of our moments because you had to create a completely STUPID AND UNORIGINAL love triangle which is unlike anything I watched on this show I respect so much.

Tell me this is some other plot

Tell me you’re not freaking gonna make Maya the bad guy 

(while Lucas and Riley ride into their perfect sunset)

Tell me you’re not that selfish and mean. 

Cause if this is true. Cause if you are planning to make Rucas look oh so wonderful. Then we know you used our ship as a plot device when you could have left us happy in non-canon land. We know you’re using Maya and her feelings as a plot device. We know you don’t know nothing about characters that I respect so deeply.

we know that the whole premise of the show is a lie.

So don’t you dare screw this up.

don’t you dare screw this up and act as if it was a job well done.

EDIT:  (So to make this post very clear, I haven’t lost hope. I’m not gonna give up, Lucaya rocks and I have a hard time believing the writers did all that wonderful build up to throw it away. But I have a problem with how somethings were handled on this episode and I needed to talk about it in all caps)

YOONGI WON!! That means, yoongi will be the main guy for the next fan series ❤

(im happy bc i was lowkey wishing for him to win) (im so cruel hahaha) (but ofc i’d still be happy even if yoongi didn’t win)

BUT YES, JUST WAIT FOR THE FIRST PART OF THE NEXT FAN SERIES!! I did mention when I was going to post it, just look for it on my blog ;) It was through an ask so yeah



If you guys know the meaning of it then good! If you don’t then just look it up hahahah.


Also if you don’t know ‘Fan’ then read it here:

Part 1 of Fan