yeah i did notice that okay

SU Theory - Greg’s Age

A little something I noticed in Adventures In Light Distortion. Pearl mentioned that in 70 years Greg would be 110 years old. I did the maths (well, google did) and Greg is only supposed to be 40???

Okay so maybe people are thinking “yeah, he might look older than that but hey he could be 40 tbh”. Well, it is possible, but if it is, the timeline gets weirder.

I googled 70 years ago from today. 1977. If Greg really did meet Rose in the 80s, judging by the fashion, he would be at most 12 years old. Given he revealed he was 22 when he met them, either Pearl gave misinformation and he was born in 1967, making it possible for him to be 22 in the 1980s and therefore 50 years old, or they actually did meet in the 90s (hence why Greg made that comment about him believing disco was coming back). If they really did meet in the 90s, and we subtract 14 from 40, that makes Greg only 26 years old when Steven was born. If we take Greg’s word, that means they had Steven after only four years of knowing each other.

That’s what confuses me. It seems like a very short amount of time for someone who literally doesn’t age to suddenly decide she wants to have a child, give up her physical form, research how to shapeshift all the necessary anatomy etc, I mean considering pregnancy is 9 months long they only would have known each other 3 years and three months when they conceived?? That seems extremely weird to me since it would have had to have been planned. I understand that she believes human lives are short but surely that’s still very extreme?

So we can believe two things: either Pearl was incorrect and miscalculated, meaning Greg is 50 years old, knew Rose 14 years and had Steven at age 36 rather than 26 (which seems more plausible to me), or they really did conceive a child after only knowing each other for approximately 3 years and 3 months of knowing one another (and if we round up the montage of Greg’s song in Greg the Babysitter to be over the course of at least a year considering how old Sour Cream is at that point, Rose only became interested in human babies 2 years prior to having Steven). Well, if the latter is the case, it would explain why the gems were so shaken up by their loss. (oops that’s not okay.)

I mean, maybe I’m looking too much into this, but it’s food for thought. Think I should start up one of those wild theory youtube accounts or something??

Yeah okay I knew they had to be somewhere.

Amethyst would never miss an opportunity to see Peridot humilliated.

Ahh Future Vision, what little sense you make as a power.

I mean at least Peridot is learning from her mistakes and giving the monster the credit it deserves.

Still, she did a good job.


How… do you bubble gems? I’m guessing it’s something they can all do but still. Is it an innate power?

Oh… right I guess I’ve never noticed that they always tap the top to make it dissapear.

Oh hey, that’s a good point, where the fuck is the bubble gonna go?

Are they all programmed to go to the temple?


Also Lapis I see you’re enjoying some nice reading material there.


1. the music!!! okay so the music doesn’t sound that deep, but like they have dramatic music and it makes the scene 1000000x better

2. i loved the way that stiles kissed her. it wasn’t on the lips but it makes it better for me???? like he did it with his usual dorky self which made it more natural

3. it looks like they’re not even in a relationship by then so it’s like they’re used to/okay with casual things like that.


5. lydias face at the end!!! it means so much to me. like at first you don’t notice it but after seeing it again you can tell she’s like “woah i’m catching feelings”

but yeah, in conclusion i’m shook, and i can not wait any longer :)


Ok ok ok… So here are two Oikawa + “Swedish” outfits. (I just picked two guys at random from my school year catalogue and drew their outfits) that anon requested. I really don’t know what is fashionable here… So I just did this instead, I hope it’s okay! One thing I noticed was that almost all guys are wearing blue jeans that’re cuffed + a random long sleeved shirt…. Yeah! 

Title : Jin is the best gift
  • Jin : * sleeping on the couch*
  • Taehyung : * whispers* I know what to give to joonie!
  • Jimin : * whispers* what?!
  • Hoseok : I know what your thinking and I think thats great.
  • Yoongi : * notice what the others are thinking* no. Im outta here.
  • Jungkook : your no fun hyung.
  • Hoseok : come on yoongs this will be fun!!
  • Yoongi : Yeah fun. Joonie will kill you all.
  • Jimin : * shocked * no! Joonie loves us. He wont do that.
  • Jungkook : yeah cause thats bad.
  • Yoongi : i dont care. * walks out*
  • Hoseok : okay lets just do it without him. He's a grandpa anyway.
  • Taehyung : I got everything we need.
  • Jungkook : your just here a while ago when did get that??
  • Jimin : where did you get that??
  • Hoseok : no more questions more actions. Come on.
  • Jimin, jungkook : fighting!
  • 5 minutes later :
  • Jin : * opens eyes * hmmm. * tries to move * what the f- why am I tied? * looks at his body* why am I tied with christmas lights?
  • Hoseok : lets go boys
  • Jin : what the hell is happening here. Boys this is not a good joke okay. Untie me now....
  • Taehyung : wheres the ribbon??
  • Jimin : here tae
  • Taehyung : jungkook you know what to do.
  • Jin : youre all so going down when I escape here. Who even thin-$@*+%*#@;'
  • Jungkook : * ties and put ribbon on jins mouth * yes! Perfect!!
  • Taehyung : now the wrapper.
  • Jin : *$@+%;'@+!!!!!!!!!
  • Jimin : here. All done.
  • Hoseok : we should also put ribbons on his body.
  • Taehyung : i got this. * smirks*
  • Jimin : * pats jins head softly* dont worry jinnie youll be fine and im sure joonie will be happy. * smiles sweetly*
  • Taehyung : all done! Now to the box!!!
  • Jin : !!!!!!!!!!!! @$*&#:"*!!!!!!
  • Hoseok Jimin jungkook Taehyung : * puts jin in the box and seals it. Wraps the top part with gift wrapper and then puts more ribbon *
  • Yoongi : * walks out from his room* i heard something her- * sees the box* wtf im locking my room for sure.
  • Hoseok : hey thats my room too!!
  • Yoongi : * gets inside his room and locked the door*
  • Taehyung : dont mind him! You can stay at our room. Now lets wait for joonie!
  • Jimin : i just hope we dont get in trouble with this.
  • Jungkook : we wont so dont worry. *holds jimins hand *
  • After an hour
  • Namjoon : guys im hooooooome!!! * walks to the living room. Sees a big box near the christmas tree * who got this big gift? Whats inside this?
  • * sees a card on top of failed ribbons *
  • To : joonie
  • Jk
  • We love you so much joonie thats why we want to give you a present!
  • Chim
  • Thank you joonie for taking good care of us. : )
  • Hobi
  • I know youll like this present!!
  • Tae
  • Open open open open your gift now!!
  • Nqmjoon : okay looks like theyve got me a box of snow or a box of my shirts. * opening the top of the box* and the wrapper is just at the top. Nice nice. Too big box whats ins- AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  • Inside the maknae line room
  • Hoseok : he loved it!!!!!
  • Jimin : i dont think So. Hes screaming thats not good.
  • Jungkook : dont worry. Im sure hes just shock.
  • Taehyung : * already sleeping *
  • Back at the living room.
  • Namjoon : oh my good lord. What happened to you babe. * helps seokjin unwrap and untie himself* who did thi- uhm how come they put you in here. Did you agree on this?
  • Jin : me agreeing on this. Hell NO. Im just sleeping then the next thing i know im being tied and all. DO YOU KNOW I ALMOST DIE THERE LACKING OXYGEN!!
  • Namjoon : sorry sorry. Okay i think the boys just want to give me a gift like thank you gift according to their letter. I didnt know the gift would be you.
  • * kisses jins cheeks*
  • Jin : what do i do with our kids. Ommo they are so so.
  • Namjoon : so so cute. Okay. Lets just talk to them later seeing like no one wants to come out. *hugs jin * they just didnt know that i already have you and very thankful for having you
  • Jin : * hugs back* hmmmm i like this. * kisses namjoons jaw *
  • Namjoon : hmmm and I like you. *kisses jins on lips *
  • Jin : *pulls away giggling * stop it ;3 your cheesy.
  • Yoongi : * walks out of his room * ewww get a room. * goes to kitchen*
  • Jin : you. Why didnt you stop your --
  • Namjoon : come on babe let it go. we'll talk later. Right now lets get into our room. * wiggles eyebrow*
  • Yoongi : *walks out from kitchen * ewww those two. * groans*
  • Now where the hell is my tae-dy bear.
  • XD
  • ----------------------------------------------
  • ps. its kinda getting like Namjin and kids fic with the parent! Namjin sweetness.

Okay, I’m sure everyone has already noticed this before but I have a lot of questions…

This picture existed on Mulder and Scully’s wall like…WHY??
Who just casually took this?
And then did they show it to Mulder and Scully?
And they’re like, cool, yeah, can we have a copy to hang up, thanks.
Yup. There we are hard at work (??)
But really we’re just in love and this is the only picture we have together so far because we’re too busy working.

Also…is that low key a dead body on the far right side?
Cause that’s some dark shit.

Never leave the Tiefling alone without the true DM

Our actual ‘God" (DM) had to do something real quick, leaving the party alone in with the apothecary. The Cleric took over as temporary DM. 

Cleric(DMing): Okay guys our god is dead. I’m the new God. 

Sorcerer: God may I please steal from the apothecary?

Cleric(DMing): Yeah sure *rolls a 1 for the apothecary* *loud exhale*

Wizard: Oh snap she crit failed. This is why we need God and his non-shitty dice.

Cleric(DMing): What do you want to steal

Sorcerer: Everything.

Celric(DMing): The tiefing sorcerer sneaks behind the apothecary and clears his shelves of all goods. The apothecary doesn’t notice and continues flirting with the rest of the party. 

Party: wheezing

Sorcerer: That’s it I can retire from being an adventurer and set up shop for myself. Goodbye friends. 

DM: Okay I’m back what did I miss.

Sorcerer: I’m the apothecary now.


After putting Jules to bed, Danny brought his new wife to their bedroom. He was eager to begin their new life as a couple but at the same time, he understood that she was tired. 

Silvia: Mmm, are we home?

Danny: Yes. Do you want me to put you to be-

Silvia: Well we can use the bed or the floor it’s up to you. 

Danny: I know you’re tired so….

Silvia: I’m not that tired. Also I’m awake enough to notice that you changed your suit. 

Danny: Did I?

Silvia: Yeah but it doesn’t matter because it’s all the audience’s fault anyway. The audience is watching us now. It’s going to watch your gun too as it-

Danny: Okay now I know you’re tired with all this sleep talk. 

Okay so no there isn’t a part where Nagito is like ‘yeah leave I can’t stand to see your face anymore’ and Hajime thinks ‘then why are you clinging to my wrist so tightly’ or if does happen it doesn’t happen when I thought it did so I’m officially delusional BUT I noticed something else when I went back to check that

Are those

Are those fucking spider lillies

Hanakotoba (花言葉?) is the Japanese form of the language of flowers. In this practice plants were given codes and passwords. Physiological effects and action under the color of the flowers, put into words the impressions of nature and the presence of thorns with the height of tall plants, flowers and garlands of flowers through the various types. Meant to convey emotion and communicate directly to each other without needing the use of words. […]

Red Spider Lily: Never to meet again/Lost memory/Abandonment


Steve: A little bit of playful teasing is how you’re going to get your crush to notice you.

Jonathan: playful teasing?

Steve: yeah, like when I broke your camera?

Jonathan: you… call that… playful

Steve: well you didn’t have any pig tails for me to pull, Jesus. I had to work with what I had.

I need to tell you all about my fringe theory about the Klance bonding moment. I don’t think it was originally going to be between Lance and Keith. Let me explain.

During my first watch through of Voltron, I actually burst out laughing during the Bonding Moment™. It felt out of place and out of character. Also it’s important to note that I wasn’t entirely dedicated to a ship at this point. I generally take off my shipping goggles while watching something the first time through.

Alright, let’s back up a bit and look at this scene from episode 1.

-Lance flirts with Allura-

Shiro: We did it!

Keith: Heck yeah, we did.

Shiro: How did we do it?

Then, during episode 2, the paladins are fighting the training centry. Everyone gets rekt and Shiro has a debilitating flashback. Keith jumps to the rescue and asks “Shiro, are you okay?

They both get rekt and Allura yells at them. Notice the camera focuses ONLY on them during this scolding.

“You’re not even close to working as a team!”

So now we have this bonding moment between Keith and Lance:

Keith: Lance, are you okay?

Lance: We did it. We are a good team.

There’s no reason for Lance to say “We do make a good team” because there was no dialogue or anything that prompted Lance to specifically address that together they make a good team. It would have made more sense and be in character if he had said something along the lines of “Heh, I guess we make a good team.” Especially if you consider that he was passed out for 95% of the fight. (He wakes up long enough to shoot Sendak, then passes out again).

I’ve come to the conclusion that they just cut and pasted Lance into Shiro’s place. Straight down to the soft smile and furrowed eyebrows.

Am I anti bonding scene? Absolutely not! This was a necessary scene the story needed to establish Lance and Keith finding common ground and cooperating together. It just could have been done better. I believe the narrative suffers. What we have now goes from “I can hardly stand you on a good day” to “we make a good team” and then back to “I can hardly stand you.”

The writing in Voltron is incredible, but it does have its weak points.

Bitty was angry. He was washing the dishes himself, and placing them a little bit too loudly on the rack. Jack clenched his jaw, trying to calm his fight or flight reflex.

- …Bits? Could you…?

- Oh, sorry sweetheart, I didn’t notice I was being so loud. I’ll be quieter.

He went back to the dishes, not really looking in Jack’s direction. He didn’t seem mad at Jack, but he did seem mad at something.

- Are you okay?

- Yeah, sure- yes. I think. Nothing to worry about, it’s just me.

- Does it have anything to do with Parse being in town?

A sigh.

- You know me too well, honey. Yes. But then, I’m just being dumb.

- If you don’t want me to see him, just say the word-

- What? No! Jack, he’s your friend! And I’m NEVER going to forbid you from seeing anyone!

- But you still don’t want to come with me.

- …If you need me there, I’ll go, but… I’d rather not.

Silence. Jack takes a rag and starts drying the dishes. It takes a while before Bitty starts again.

- I’m not jealous. I know it seems like I am, but I’m not. I know it’s over with him, and I know you love me.

- I never suspected you were.

- It’s… I’m never going to be friends with him, I hope you know that.

- He’s better now. More relaxed, less of a jerk. You would like each other.

- I don’t think so, no.

Bitty scratches a frying pan wit a frown.

- You cried, he whispers.

He drops the pan in the soapy water and lowers his head.

- You cried for an hour, that time he came at Samwell. I was sitting on the other side of the door, listening to the boy I love have a panic attack over the things he said.

He lifts his head, and Jack’s heart breaks a little. Something in Bitty’s eyes is both sad and angry, just by remembering Jack’s pain.

- I know you forgave him. But I can’t. He made you cry.

Jack dries his hands and holds Bitty close.

- I’m sorry for worrying you.

- Not your fault, sweetheart. I’m always going to worry about you.
Come on, help me finish here and let’s cuddle on the couch. I’m taking every minute of your time I can before you have to leave for that party.


Undertale Blind Frisk AU part 9


Sick Days and Stuffy Noses

For the awesome blog @winchesters-favorite-girl. Get better!

Summary: You catch a nasty bout of the flu and Sam and Dean notice.
Warnings: Fluff
Tags: @lil-sister-winchester @the-third-winchester-warrior @jensen-jarpad

You blow your congested nose for the thirty-billionth time that hour. Schonkkkszzzzfffshsk. You toss another tissue into a plastic bag filled to the brim with snot rags. “Ugh,” you sniffle. Your adopted brothers, Sam and Dean, had thankfully begun to notice your ever growing cold during a hard bout of research of the Mark of Cain.
“Y/N? You feeling okay?”
“Yeah, Sam. I’m good,” you mutter fatigued. “Just…little tired.” You wipe your nose and turn to the next page of the Gaelic bible you were attempting to study. You “Did you guys turn up the heat or something?”
Dean looks at you concerned. “No, it’s same as always. Why?”
“Really? It’s really hot in here.”
Sam puts down another thick book on the Bunker library table and walks over to you. “Your cheeks are pretty red,” he notes. He places his hand on your forehead.
“C’mon, Sam. What am I, five?” The rest of your comment is lost in the bout of nasty coughing that erupts from your throat. You turn away and hack into your elbow.
Sam raises his eyebrows. “Wow, Y/N. You’re really hot.”
“Comes with the job description,” you mutter in return.
“Not what I mean. All right you, off to bed.” Sam starts shooing you away from the library table.
“What is this? I’m fine, Sam. I can keep going.” A sudden wave of heat washes over you and you start to feel faint. You stagger trying to regain your footing.
“Hey, careful Y/N.” Dean comes over to where you are and helps steady yourself. “You’re pretty clammy. How long have you felt like this?”
“I-I don’t know. My head’s a little fuzzy.” You place the heel of your palm up to your forehead, twist it back and forth in place. “I’ll be fine. Lets just get back to work-” You just about completely keel over in Dean’s arms.
“Woah there.” Dean scoops you up bridal style. “That’s a pretty high fever you’ve got there. You’re going to bed and I’ll grab you something to help. Okay? You with me?”
“Mmhph.” You grumble. Honestly? You are just too tired and too hot to care about what happened next. You nod to Dean and he carries you down the hall to your room.
He spoke to you in a softer voice. “Y/N, don’t burn yourself out while we look for stuff on the Mark. You don’t have to do that for me.”
“Yeah I do. You’re my brother, ya idjit.” You manage to get a small smile out of your surrogate bro.
“Just take care of yourself also.” Dean gently sets you down on your bed. “Stay here, I’ll grab something for your fever.”
Pretty much as soon as Dean walks out of your room, your head registers that your pillow is much softer than a table. Your brain completely takes over sending a you-will-sleep-now signal to your whole body.
By the time you woke up, your fever had escalated into a full blown, bed confining case of the flu. And that’s where you are now: stuck in bed, honking your brains out into an ever growing pile of tissues, trying to find something about the Mark of Cain for Dean.
A soft knock on your door stirs you from your slow research. You look up. “Rudolb sbeaking. Was ub?” Talking with a stuffed up nose was worse than torture.
Sam enters. “Hey. Just wanted to see how you were doing. You had Dean and I pretty worried when you passed out on the bed last night.”
“I’b fine now, Sam.”
He smiles. “Your nose says otherwise.”
“Leabe the bose out of thib!”
Sam puts his hands up defensively smiling. “All right. Nose, you’re out of this.”
“Shut ub.” You burrow back under the blankets. “What bo you wanb?”
“Nothing. Just to make sure that my sister was resting up and getting better.” Sam sits on the bed next to you. “There anything I can get you?”
“Nah. I’b goob for now.” You turn away to let loose a wet cough. “Ugh. You sure Pestibance isn’b loose?”
“The horseman? Pestilence?” Sam laughs. “I can barely understand you with your nose all stuffy.”
“Bose says go abay.”
“Nose says go away?” Sam translates with a grin. “Okay, Nose. I’m going.” Sam stands back up and walks to the doorframe. “Take everything easy for a while, okay? Dean and I are gonna stay here until you get better, so you don’t have to worry about any hunts for a while.”
“Bhanks, Bam.” You smile as he walks away from your room. You open back up the Men of Letters book again, a smile on your face with the knowledge that whatever happened to you, your brothers always had your back. Even for days like this.

*flies back in at 5000km/h*

T H E Y  L I E

if there’s ANYONE who would be told to reign it in just before the big reveal, it’s arwel wyn jones. he is THE person who has been interacting with tjlc way too much and giving the most away.

unless he is really naive and influencable, it’s so unlikely he did not notice what he was doing. 

and doesn’t it strike you as odd that he would suddenly come with his, ONE day before the episode? “oh yeah it’s only just come to my attention that this thing i’ve been tweeting for months may have lead some people to believe it meant anything.” LMAO okay.

  • Aaron: Hiya, I was trying to catch you at the bar for a word.
  • Chas: Everything okay?
  • Aaron: Yeah. Have you noticed that Paddy won't even look in your direction? I mean, you know he's been avoiding you, don't you?
  • Chas: Has he? Oh, I don't know why.
  • Aaron: It's cos you kissed.
  • Chas: Right, he told you that, did he? Er... well... at least it did the trick with that Lydia woman, yay.
  • Aaron: I think it did the trick with Paddy as well.
  • Chas: Hmmm? No, No, don't be daft. No, we're just mates.
  • Aaron: Okay, mates, yeah. Forget I mentioned it.
  • Chas: Hmm. Probably for the best.
  • Aaron: Mum, let's not do this. Come on? You like him. He likes you. What are you waiting for?
  • Chas: Okay, it's not that simple. There's history.
  • Aaron: And despite all of that, he's still into you.
  • Chas: Not funny.
  • Aaron: Paddy is. Unlike those other idiots. And he's kind.
  • Chas: Okay! I get the message.
  • Aaron: Good. Good. So, you know, maybe you wanna go and do something about it?

Knox: This is some of the worst popcorn I’ve ever had, how did you get it to taste both burnt and under-cooked?

Oliver: I tried okay?? Just watch the show. Do you see this guy’s clothes? They’re so bad it’s hilarious!

Knox: Almost as hilarious as the fact that Alexander has a massive crush on you and you’ve yet to notice.

Oliver: Haha yeah it’s…………….wait what

ducky’s drunken shenanigans:

  • here in the netherlands everyone tends to want to mind their own bees wax but i was so obviously drunk that this nice lady in the train couldn’t help but keep looking back at me to see if i was okay and she kept suggesting things to me so that i could feel better. like she suggested i walk a little but i was like “no thanks, i’d fall over. hey did you know i’m drunk” and she was like “yeah i’ve noticed lol” and when we started to leave she wished me a good night’s rest
  • we somehow still ended up at the bar where i met another lady. i pointed my finger at her for a good minute before informing her that i’m drunk. she pulled my finger and said “yes, i can see that”
  • another lady at the bar inquired if i was okay as i stumbled out the toilet
  • the bartender told me that was the last glass of wine and said some words that i did not comprehend, but in hindsight i think she cut me off which is good thanks for lookin out for me
  • had my friend call my grandma because at least i was sober enough to realize i was too drunk sounding to interact with her. (she’s so christian and does not know i drink more than wine) i did yell some things at the phone sometimes, but i think i pulled it off. i think i sounded normal
  • when i’m drunk i’m apparently lowkey four drink amy and i felt a little horny suddenly?? anyway today marks the first time i’ve ever used tinder. now that i’m sober i don’t think i really want to do anything w/ it but dang it felt gud to swipe at good looking fellas and then get a notification that they swiped right at you as well. oh and like nine dudes messaged me
  • i was teasing that i wanted “fun” and one dude suggested a friends with benefits arrangement while another dude wanted to meet up and internally i was like Alaarrrrmm!!!! and i told them that yeah i wanted d but i wanted to sleep the drunk away more so i was like bye lol
  • a lot of drunk tweets were made like this one i was so ready to sleep on the stairs for the entire night
  • anyway did a lot of dancing last night, at the concert, and again at the bar. literally every song was a song i wanted to dance to. i whoo hood so many times during the concert. that’s so weird! i don’t whoo hoo. that’s like captain holt whoo hoo ing. but i whoo hood all my sorrows away and it felt good.
  • i had a fun time, i danced w/out feeling embarrassed. i stumbled through the city clutching on to my friend a Huge Drunken Mess™ but i wasn’t embarrassed. (in fact, i spent the majority of the night being convinced that no, i wasn’t drunk. i only had seven drinks. who gets drunk after seven drinks? anyway now i realize it might have been eleven instead)
  • it’s just really refreshing to not be crippled by my social anxiety for once wow

5 sentence prompt for @lvmosolem!!!

Flintwood + “Why is there a puppy on our couch?”


“Why is there a puppy on our couch?” Marcus asks, his stomach twisting when curious eyes look back at him.

“Ah,” Oliver enters the room, rubbing his neck. “I saw him at the shelter and I couldn’t resist. It’s okay, right?”

Marcus nods as he murmurs a, “yeah, yeah,” and barely notices Oliver breathe a sigh of relief.

“Oh good, because-” but before Oliver can finish, Marcus is tackled to the ground and he finds himself looking into the face of a Tibetan Mastiff and what he can count as three other puppies.

Turning his gaze to Oliver, Marcus can see the sheepish look on Oliver’s face and Marcus reacts in the only way he knows how.

“We’re keeping all of them.”


boy howdy did i get carried away

(Send me a ship and a sentence, I’ll write the next five)