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Few of the deeds of the Noldor thereafter surpassed that desperate crossing in hardihood or woe.


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“marumafan replied to your photoset “Maru-MA manga chinese RAW,…”

Yeah, I remember both the novel dialogue and the manga. It was sort of romantic, sure, but not enough for Wolf to lose him. Not at that point after Wolf caught him when he was about to fall, and everything he did for him in the tournament.

Mmmmh, I don’t know, I can doubt about that. Lot of things happened to Wolf and Yuuri, but I still have the feeling that Yuuri needed more time to settle his mind about Wolf? I can’t think he would change him for the first woman who appears, but with Flynn I feel they had the time to connect a little, that’s why for me it was a possible pairing but it wasn’t the correct time or situation. I’m not really sure if Yuuri already developed deep feelings for Wolf or not, it’s kind of hard to see when that happened, but we know at this point Yuuri feel very close to him. I feel like he’s aware of him now, romantically speaking, letting aside all the things Wolf did for him and being close friends. But I don’t think he’s in love yet, so he was able to know other people and develop some feelings with them. 

(I’ll cut this because I’m writing the wall of text again……….)

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Madame Vastra

I fall over now. 

“ I can sculpt fast? I can sculpt a two part head prosthetic and full face in a week yeah? And mold each separately, and clean them and to a test/clean out cast (pull- because you literally pull them out…technical jargon right there) and the actual wearable piece.”

“And I can make a venue safe katana and sheath yeah?”

Oh and that is my authentically patterns and assembled c1890s hunting outfit :) One of my simpler but really clean works :)

And Maleficent bootcovers over Docs. So happy I went for them and not high heels. Let me get close to kids because oh boy did a lot of people like her :)

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i wasnt able to include everything (photoset of 10 OTL) but i think i got most of the art i did over the summer!

most of you are just starting your vacations, but my schedule is different so mine is just ending. (actually, just ended lmao) so i guess i wont be able to draw as much, but i think i cleared a lot over the past 2-3 months, yeah?

today is my first day of junior year (woooo im scared), and pretty much the start of a long year, but thanks for the awesome summer, guys!

(this should actually be queued to post while im IN CLASS, hope it posts hehe)