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“I Swear If You Don’t Stop...”

Pairing: Dean x Reader

A/N: Just saw this lovely gif and decided to write a little something for it.. Enjoy!

Warnings: WILL PROBABLY HIT YOU IN THE FEELS A LITTLE.. sorry..But you know, writers are evil sometimes. Vampires, fangs, machetes, decapitation, yeah the normal stuff. Let me know if you want a second part to this cuz I might write one; (and I may or may not make it a bit steamy, mwahahahaha!)

Prompt: Dean, Sam and the Reader are all on this hunt. The reader doesn’t know she keeps nervous ticking and Dean gets a bit frustrated..(If you guys ever want me to do a “gender neutral” story/drabble please tell me. I’m a girl so it’s a bit normal for me to write from the female perspective..) I APOLOGIZE FOR NOT BEING ON OR WRITING ANYTHING IN A VERY FREAKING LONG TIME! SOOOOO SORRY! And I’m also sorry if I tag you twice or not at all, I missed a few or repeated it.

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Sam walked into the library where you and Dean were sitting, combing through the Men of Letter’s files. “Okay, so, I think I found us a case. It’s, hopefully, an easy one and I want you to come along with us this time, Y/N.”

It took a moment for this suggestion to register through Dean’s brain before he scowled and turned towards Sam, “You want her to come along? Sam, she’s not ready.”

You glared at the older Winchester, “I am too! I’ve been sitting in this bunker for the past six months and I want out in the action. I’m tired of being the book worm!”

“Dean, she’s capable of handling a small vamp nest. She’ll be with the both of us anyway! It’ll be fine!” Sam argued, setting down across from you.

Dean sighed and rubbed his face. He was not in the mood to argue with the both of you. “Alright, but,” He leaned toward you, pointing a finger in your direction, “You do as I say. Don’t go off unless your with one of us. Just don’t do anything unless we need you too, okay?”

You nodded your head, “Yes sir,” you gave him a silly salute, laughing afterwards.

You received a chuckle from Sam and a smile from Dean. You could always get him to smile, no matter what.


A few miles later and the three of you reached the vampire’s encampment.

“You sure there aren’t but maybe 7 vamps, Sam?” You asked, a bit nervous for your first official hunt.

He gave you a reassuring smile, “Yeah, I did all the research and may have already staked the place out while you guys were busy..”

Dean rolled his eyes at his brother as he got out to the car. Heading to the trunk, he popped it open and handed you and Sam a machete.

Dean grabbed your arm before you could follow the younger Winchester, “You stay by me at all times, got it?”

You just gave him a slight nod and swallowed the lump in your throat as he turned around.

As the three of you neared the abandoned warehouse, Sam went around back while you and Dean carefully went through the front.

“Sam said they were likely crammed in the most center room. Say beside me, don’t do anything unless I tell you too,” the older Winchester told you for the hundredth time.

You just responded with an eye roll and another nod.

You followed behind Dean, checking each room on your way to the center, all of which were empty.

Sam’s prediction was proven correct when the both of you reached your side of the middle room. It was very large and very round. This was one weirdly constructed warehouse, and you would have made a smart remark if you weren’t so nervous.

Dean was peaking inside of the room. When he looked back at you, he had a slightly annoyed expression on his face.

“What?” You whispered at him.

“Stop doing that.”

You gave him a confused look, “Stop doing what?” You hadn’t even noticed you were biting your lip and drumming your fingers against the hilt of your blade.

“Your nervous tick. I swear if you don’t stop..”

You looked at him sheepishly, cheeks blushing “Sorry.”

He sighed and slowly crept into the room.

Sam stepped in from the other side, nodding at you and Dean. As the younger Winchester had said, there were only seven vampires. All of which were sleeping in beds, spread throughout the spacious quarter.

There were four beds. The one furthest from the others, on the right side, held a man and a woman, you guessed they were the leaders. The other three were spread far part, but set on the left of the room.

Dean walked towards the leader’s bed with you trailing behind him. The grip on your blade tightened as you got closer.

The older Winchester raised his machete over the female vamp, then brought it down, severing her head.

That woke the male leader and the rest of them. Before you could react, he had you by the throat, fanged teeth showing threateningly. He had you pinned to the wall.

Sam decapitated two of the others and was now fighting a broad shouldered vamp.

Dean started your way when the last two females attacked him.

Your focus returned to the main vampire when you sneered at you, “Hunters, always meddling in things they shouldn’t. That was my mate your friend just murdered. Maybe I should show him how it feels to lose someone.”

You tried to move your arm that was holding your blade, but he caught it, squeezing until you cried out and dropped the machete. The clatter of it hitting the floor distracted Dean enough for one of the vamps to bite his upper arm.

“Fuck!” He swung his blade backwards, taking her head clean off. One down, two more to go.

Sam was still fighting with his giant vampire, while you struggled to keep the leader from biting you.

“Get..The Fuck..Off Me!” You managed to croak out.

You punched and kicked and clawed, but he was stronger than you. He neared your neck, and though he still had a grip around it, you somehow managed to keep him at a distance.

Your arms were getting tired. When they finally gave, you were lacking in energy and oxygen you didn’t even feel his sharp teeth sink deep into your flesh. You didn’t even know you screamed. Or maybe it wasn’t you, everything was spinning and you couldn’t focus.

Your vision was blurring in and out of consciousness, but you could make out a shape leaning over you, picking you up into a cradled position. Dean’s voice, you could hear it. It was muffled, but he was talking to you. Begging you to stay awake. To Stay With Him.

Something wet fell on your cheek. One of was crying though you couldn’t tell which. He said something you thought sounded like, “I love you,” but the dark slowly enveloped your mind, dragging you into sleep.

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SG,Did you see your second small miniature of you?Hinata's little sister,Natsu?

SG: “Yeah, I met her once…”

SG: “…Saeko, I want a daughter.”

Saeko: “I’m not the one that decides the gender, you idiot.”

Tanaka: “Wait wait wait my protective brother senses are tingling….”

College AU Continued

“What’s your name anyways? I mean, I can’t keep mentally calling you hot library guy.” Darcy took a sip of her latte and watched her date prep his tea. He did it with such precise movements that it was fascinating.

“Oh, but you are the one taking the lead in this excursion. Perhaps you should reveal your name first.”

“Darcy.” She laughed at his raised eyebrow. “Yeah, so mom was a bit of a literature nut and decided come hell, gender, or the protests of my dad I was being named for her favorite character.”

Hot library guy laughed. “And Elizabeth was obviously out of the question?”

“Hey, I got off easy. Her second favorite book character? Gandalf.”

“I’m sure you would have looked lovely in a pointed hat. Beard or no. Very mature,” he added when she stuck her tongue out.

“And you would be?”

“Hot library guy.”

“Smart ass.” Darcy was returning his grin, though. She liked his sense of humor.

“Loki.” He turned his cup, tapping the name scrawled across it.

It was Darcy’s turn to tease now. “And are you planning Ragnarok any time soon?”

“Not until graduation,” he answered without missing a beat.

I Used Korrasami To Come Out As Bisexual To My Dad

Me: You know Asami? The nonbender girl?

Dad: Yeah sort of

Me: Well Korra ends up with her.

Dad: Ends up how?

Me: Y'know, romantically

Dad: I thought Korra was with the fire bender guy

Me: Oh they broke up. He was stupid and decided to break up with her.

Dad: He was stupid?

Me: Yeah. They had goal differences at the time and never got back together. Then she and Asami ended up together.

Dad: So she ended up gay.

Me: No, she’s not gay.

Dad: Yes she is.

Me: NO she isn’t.

Dad: yES she IS

Me: There is such thing as being bisexual!

Dad: gaaAaY

Me: Bisexuallllll. The attraction to twooo genderssss

Dad: Are YOU attracted to two genders????


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Wait, is Frisk's binary gender male? I only say this because of the first two panels of the flash back. The first one, their father talks about not letting girl's walk all over them and the second one, their mom doesn't want them to look like a hippie. These are usually conversations you would have with a male, and since Frisk's parent aren't super supported of Frisk's gender choice, they(parents) would probably have conversations that are directed towards Frisk's binary gender.

Yeah, I guess it’s kinda obvious now. But Frisk’s biological sex in this comic is male. I decided that a while ago, mostly so that I’d know things like how their parents would treat them, or how puberty would affect them. This was decided based on a coin flip.

The fact still remains though. Frisk is agender and does not want to be identified as male nor female. At least in so far as this comic is concerned.

"Come over here and make me."


Warnings: swearing like once or twice.
Word count: 410
Summary: While helping Dean work on the impala, the reader decides to have a little fun and runs off with one of his tools. Fluffy cute ending. Reader gender not specified.

A/N: Look! I told ya I’d get back into it soon! I actually have another (more smutty) version of this I’m working on that I might post later, I don’t know yet. Let me know if you’d like to see that. I’ve got a few stories I’d actually like to post second versions to, so yeah, let me know! Requests are open so leave one for me sometime and I’ll try my best to write what you asked for!

It was a really nice day out, a few clouds in the sky and a gentle breeze blowing. You were helping Dean work on the impala, he was under the car replacing the water pump while you changed the oil from the top.
“Hey baby, can you hand me that wrench over there please?” He asked you, his arm poking out from under the car, pointing to the tool that lay on the ground.
“I can, but I probably won’t if I’m being honest.” You looked at him through a gap in the car.
“Y/N, seriously just give me the damn wrench.” His voice got especially low as he got annoyed with you.
“Come over here and make me.” You picked up the wrench and took off running into the woods.
“Damn it, Y/N!” You looked back to see him getting to his feet already and chasing after you.
Slipping the wrench into your back pocket, you ran as fast as you could through the trees, knowing Dean was hot on your trail even though you couldn’t see him anymore.
You slowed down for a moment to listen for him, something he’d taught you to do while hunting. You closed your eyes to, in a way, get a clearer view of your surroundings. A leaf crunched to your left, you immediately looked to find Dean frozen in place and took off again.
You only got a few feet before you were tackled to the ground. You both landed with a thud in a fit of laughter.
“Ow! Get off of me!” You gasped between giggles.
“Give me the wrench!” He poked a finger into your side, which caused you to squeal. A look of realisation crossed Deans face followed by a mischievous smirk.
“Dean. Stop.” You pleaded.
“I could, but I probably won’t.” He mocked and poked your side once more, earning another squeak from you.
“Dean!” You screamed as he started tickling you nonstop. You kicked and screamed, but it was no use as he was sitting on top of you, he just laughed and continued on for a little while longer.
“Are you gonna run off with my things again?” He asked when he finally stopped, giving you a chance to breathe.
“Probably.” You smirked. He rolled his eyes and kissed your nose.
“I love you.” He smiled.
“I love you too.” You grabbed his face and pulled him back down to you, kissing him softly.

601 Follower Art/Accent Giveaway~

HOW EXCITING. Ok, here’s the deets:

Rules (short and sweet)

  • Simply reblog with your Username and ID#.
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Prizes (the good stuff)

There will be 3 prizes (yeah, sorry I can’t handle more, I’m quite busy this semester). Prizes will be decided by winner’s preference (so Winner 1 gets first pick from the options, Winner 2 gets second, Winner 3 gets the leftover).

  • Prize 1: Sponsor a Fancy Line Accent (for free). You get to pick the breed, gender, and theme (you want Barbed Coatls? Feathered Nocturnes? or maybe something completely new?). You will also receive a copy of a Black, White, and limited recolor (also your choice!) of the accent.
  • Prize 2: Colored Fullbody Gijinka design of one of your dragons. If you already have a ref and full-fledged character, that’s totes fine. Just know that I can design something for you as well if you wish.
  • Prize 3: Colored Fullbody Dragon design of one of your dragons. Same as above, I can go straight from the site pic, or I can play around with their biology. ;)

That is all.

Winner’s have been drawn!


Grayson // Grayson and his family decided to go camping this weekend and invited me along with them. His parents were going to sleep in one tent, Ethan and Grayson we’re going sleep in one tent, and Cameron and I were going to share a tent. his parents didn’t want any ‘funny business’. We finished setting all the tents up. His parents were going to start grilling the burgers and Cameron, Ethan, Grayson were going to show me the waterfall this park was known for. We were walking and finally found it. Grayson stood behind me and wrapped his arms around me, resting his chin on my shoulder.


“you like?” he asked.

“I love it Grayson, it’s amazing. like you. ”

He kissed my cheek and tightened his grip around my waist. He picked me up and threw me in the water and jumped in right after.

“I take back what I said.” I stated after I resurfaced.

“aw, come on babe. I was just joking.” he said grabbing my waist pulling me into me.
I crossed my arms over my chest.

“Y/N…..” he dragged my name out.

I couldn’t help but laugh. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he kissed me.


We were all sitting around the fire and planned to go to bed shortly. Grayson had his arm around my shoulders.

“so you like camping with me?”

“yeah, I like being with you period.”

He pressed a kiss to my forehead.

“me too princess, me too.”


Ethan// Ethan and I have been trying to set up a tent for the past thirty minutes and could not get it. The instructions were in Chinese and Ethan decide we should just wing it.

“Ethan it’s not going anywhere.”

“yeah I know.” he sighed setting a pole down. it was silent for a few seconds and I couldn’t help but laugh at the situation.

“what are you laughing at?” he questioned raising an eyebrow at me.

“this.” I said gesturing to the mess of a ‘tent’ in front of us. “a fifteen year old and a (your age and gender) should be able to put up a tent together. ”

He started laughing along with me.

“we don’t have anywhere to sleep and instead of freaking out you’re laughing about it?”

“I don’t know, it’s just kinda funny.”

“God Y/N.”


“I’m in love with you.”

preference #32 baby comes up in a interview

his pov

MICHAEL: The couch was way too crowed for the four of us. I was pushed up against the side of white couch. Girls filled the audience, they were all trying to contain their screams by holding their hand to the their mouth. We were currently on the Ellen show,“ Now have you guys prepared for the seconds album.” Calum nodded and leaned back. 

“Yeah we have, but nothing has been finalized,” Ashton answered.

“Well I wish you the best with the next album. Now, Michael is it true you had a baby?” Her attention turns to me and I blush with everyone looking at me. One squeal did escape from the girls in the audience. 

“I didn’t have the baby. I was just there really.” I said back causing a laugh with the audience. Y/n gave birth about 8 weeks ago, and her and Kaiden were still in Sydney due to Kaiden being too young to fly. I was missing them every single day, I would stay up to 4am to talk to them. 

“From beginning to end?” She said with a straight face. 

“Yes,” I said with a chuckle.“ There was a lot of screaming,” I released. 

“I would expect so,” I laughed. “Michael do you have any details on the baby?” Everyone wanted to know about the baby. It seemed as though people cared more about the baby then the us. 

“Um.. we had a boy, hes perfectly healthy, and doing well.” I said not wanting to release everything.

“Now here’s the important question, who’s the godfather?" 

Ashton proudly raised his hand,” That would be me.“ He declared. 

"I don’t know why its you since I have known Michael the longest,” Calum said obviously annoyed with the choice Michael choose. I rolled his eyes since this was Calum’s argument. 

“Hes just the responsible one in the group,” I stated back at him in a annoyed tone causing the audience to laugh at the rumble between us. 

LUKE: I stood in front of the mic as the radio show continued. We were answering tweets that had come through form the fans.

“Now here’s one from @Lukes_long_legs69, its says "Luke can we know the name of your baby?” I smiled at the thought of baby that was born just a week ago.

“Ummmm, her name is drum roll please,” I asked. Ashton began to bang loudly against the counter. “Her name is…..Grace!” I said making a bigger deal out of it than what it was.

“Now can I ask why that name,” the man said with Aussie accent thick.

“Umm, I’m pretty sure what happened was we enter ‘Hemmings’ into those baby naming websites because we couldn’t think of anything. So, the website offered Grace and we were like, "Better than Bertha.”’ I said with laugh.

“So no meaningful story behind it, just got it off a website,” Michael said looking at me.

“Pretty much.” I responded back.

“Wow, that’s a great story, wait till you tell her that.” The radio DJ says. I burst out laughing at the thought which causes everyone to laugh. “Your name came from a website,” he imitated. The laughing continued as he went on.

“What?!” Ashton said in a high pitched voice that was suppose to respent Grace I laughed into I hunched over.
“I think Luke’s dying over there,” the Aussie stated as he looked at me.

“I’m fine,” I said into the mic breathlessly.

“Okay good, Daddy Hemmings,” he says looking down at the IPad looking for another tweet for us to answer. “Next one, @Michaels_ pants, Michael how many days have you spent in your man cave?”

CALUM: The headphones were sat on my head as the man in front in of us was asking us question. The questions were pretty basic. The standard, hows the album, were did me meet, and what not. I rubbed my eye as it was too early in the morning for me and Nathan had me get up 3 times last night. The middle aged man carried on with more questions. Ashton answering all of them. “Now, I heard a rumor that Calum had a baby is this true?” The woman next to him and him stared at me for an answer. 

“Yes it is true,” I leaned into the mic.

Ashton patted my back to as if he was proud of me. “Daddy Hood,” Ashton said with a laugh. The rest of the boys laughed as well. 

“Okay, don’t you think you’re a  little young?” Suddenly the tone of the room changed. Instead of happy,“ You had a baby!” it turned to,“ Did you think that was a good idea.” The boys got silent. 

“Umm.. well yes I am young but that doesn’t mean anything,” I replied back annoyed that he said that. You could tell he was taken back by my tone. 

He chuckled and continued,“ Well, sorry but you’re touring the world and seeing amazing places, wont your baby get in the way?” He just couldn’t let it go. I wanted to walked out, but I knew I would get chewed out for that. 

“Look, I love my son and he isn’t going to get in the way. Yes, I’m young, but that doesn’t mean anything. Now next question.” He seemed stunned at my action and I was just waiting for the next question. The woman next to him seemed scrambled, and started looking for another question. 

ASHTON: I was sitting next to Michael since we were split into twos. I was with Michael as Luke was with Calum. The woman in front of us was perfectly groomed. She had no frizz and her face didn’t have too much makeup on it. 

Michael leaned back in his chair as I leaned forward. The makeup artiest was doing the last touches on her makeup and she began to do her mouth exercises. I looked over to Michael who yawned. Suddenly the camera man began to count off. “1…2..” He didn’t say 3 he just held up 3 fingers. 

“Hello, I’m here with the biggest band on the planet, 5 Seconds of Summer. Hi boys,"she turned to us with a smile. 

"Hi,” both me and Michael said smiling as well. 

“Now you boys met in school correct?” She asked with a serious face. 

“Kind of, me, Calum, and Luke met in school and we needed a drummer and I called up Ashton.” Michael explained in short way. 

“Oh, your lived have drastically changed since then.” I nodded in agreement. “In fact, Ashton, you had a baby! Congratulations on that!” She smiled at me. 

“Yeah its amazing, its hard to explain, but it feels unreal.” I said trying to make sense. 

“Are they going to be a drummer like you?" 

"Y/n believes we should let the baby to decide but I think they are definitely going to be a drummer.”  I said in confidence.

It earned a comment from Michael.“ Well what if she becomes a guitarist ?” I let the fact that he just relieved her gender slide.