yeah i colored it too sup


Do you wanna build a snow Cry?

Lets go before the end of day!

Or else the snow will be too powdery,

And not easy, to mold our sup guy’s legs!

Or it might get warm tomorrow, and melt away,

the snow before we can play~!

Do you wanna build a snow Cry?

A small cute little snow Cry

Or maybe 5~~~!
So yeah, about a year ago at college I burst into my friend’s room and sang this, thus persuading her to go out into the freezing snow and build a snow sup guy.  It turned out alright, but it got too cold overnight and it broke the next day.

Anyways, since I personally don’t wear pajama pants until the winter (as do a lot of people), and that the story above was the first thing to come to mind when I saw the crypants thing, I thought a winter pattern might be cute!  I know this print goes beyond 4 colors so it won’t be picked (that and everyone else’s designs are WAAAY cuter), but after all the work I did I figured I would at least put it up.  Also for this design I pictured that the “Sup?” would be independent from the Sup guy, so that it wouldn’t always be to the right of his head in a pattern (and also maybe it could be a bit bigger than shown jsdf;lk)