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can we talk about this episode 10 scene for a hot second

You know, the one where Victor announces his and Yuuri’s engagement? The one that shattered us all into ecstatic little pieces and then brought us back to life? That one

Okay so, the first time I watched this scene and I started to hear the angry guitar music in the background and see the other competitor’s less-than-enthusiastic faces, my heart sank. 

I was like, okay, here’s where the homophobia comes in, I knew this utopia (lol) couldn’t last, now they’re going to start revealing their inner asshats. Buuuuut

can we talk about the fact that these sweet amazing friends aren’t actually about to reveal their homophobic tendencies? Instead the thing they get pissed about is Victor claiming that Yuuri’s taking home the gold. Completely bypassing the thing that most people would assume they’d freak out over; no, instead they just accept that as a fact of life as they should and the thing they get pissed about is the only thing they SHOULD be pissed about. This is the best bait and switch I’ve ever experienced oh my god

I love this show, I love these supportive cinnamon roll friends, I love this healthy competitive spirit and most of all I love the fact that nobody treats this queer relationship as anything abnormal. Say what you want about media addressing issues LGBT people face…as a member of the LGBT community I just wanna say it’s nice to have a story that treats a gay couple just like any other hetero pairing. So much appreciation, thank you Kubo-sensei for creating this beautiful healthy angst-free haven of a show. GAHHH

Water Under the Bridge: A Nessian Smut Fic

For @blogtealdeal, who loves Nessian wing sin and who has blessed this fandom with Moriel fanart I never thought we would get to see. You are an absolute *blessing* Nicole. Thank you for all of the amazing work that you do. I wish there was more I could do to say thanks because that Moriel fanart killed my heart and brought it back to life again. <3

Title comes from the Adele song. It doesn’t totally fit lyrically for this fic, but it’s all I listened to while I wrote it and I don’t really do music while writing, so… yeah.

Summary: Nesta discovers in a fit of rage that Feyre isn’t the only one who can summon Illyrian wings at will. After a particularly long day of flying leaves her body aching, Cassian is there to sooth the pain in ways Nesta has never experienced before. Featuring Illyrian!Nesta and much wing sin. NSFW.

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Water Under the Bridge

The first time Nesta discovers she has wings - she’s screaming at Cassian.

Not just a faint whine of annoyance. Not a simple shout over some shallow disagreement. Not torn up words spat inches from his face.

But top of her lungs, blue in the face, going to kick his ass into the new year screaming.

The argument was stupid, as usual. And when it’s over, she can’t even quite remember what horrible thing it was about. The war had ended. Cassian had fought what little he could. Nesta had left to do her part. Maybe there were bitter words exchanged over still bleeding wounds. Maybe not.

All Nesta knows is that one moment she is so absolutely enraged at the jab Cassian let slip (that she knows he did not truly mean) and the next, her back feels the way her lungs do drowning at the bottom of the ocean, swimming up, up, up in a desperate search for air until finally that bubble of water bursts, and the muscles of her back split open in agonizing pain and -

She has wings.

Great, glorious membranous wings that stretch wide around her and seem to absorb all that wasted energy she spent and threaten Cassian for her.

Cassian - whose jaw had promptly hit the floor at the sight of those wings as they unfurled and cast red and gold shadows about the ground in the sunlight.

Nesta had stood back smugly that day at the way Cassian stared at her. She didn’t even fight him or pretend to stay angry when he stepped close, slid his hands around her waist and up along her back to the base of the wings as if to touch them, and she saw the sparkling in his eyes like diamonds as he whispered, awestruck, in her ear, “Nesta.”

That had set her grinning ear to ear.

It takes weeks for Nesta to figure out how to summon the wings at will. Whatever magic the Cauldron gave her over them, it’s not easy to figure out. And once she has mastered bringing the wings out at will, they’re weak and untrained. The muscles are loose and imbalanced, unable to support the size of her wingspan and Cauldron is her wingspan massive.

(Cassian eyes it for weeks trying not to compare.)

At first, Cassian insists she refrain from flying. She has to do stretching exercises to build up her strength, but Nesta grows restless rather quickly. Another shouting match between them - You may literally die if you attempt to jump off that cliff Nesta Archeron - has her threatening to have Feyre train her, or Mother help him, Rhys. And so finally, Cassian relents.

And then… Nesta is flying. Soaring high into the sky over Velaris.

She can only handle a few minutes at a time, but fuck if it doesn’t feel glorious. The world is stretched out below her and she feels like she could control it all from where she swoops and bellows above it. Every time she lands, every time the muscles scream with pain and tiredness, she hates it and forces Cass to help her keep training, keep going because damn it - she is going to master this.

It only takes one time - that first time in the air and Nesta doesn’t know how she can live again if the Cauldron hadn’t given her this gift. Maybe this was the Cauldron’s way of making up for the other awful things it did to her. She doesn’t quite mind.

Minutes eventually stretch into longer episodes. An hour. Then a few. Until she can fly just as long as Cassian. He wouldn’t be surprised if she could go longer than him.

But it’s a struggle getting there. Her wings are so large and her body has become one hell of a beast to support up in the air. And all Nesta wants to do for months on end is fly. So naturally, Cassian finds himself on the receiving end of many an endless, salty landing with Nesta.

“Again,” she snaps at him.

“Nesta,” and it’s a warning.

Nesta swivels on her feet and those wings flex behind her, Nesta’s own brand of warning. “I said, again.”

Cassian crosses his arms with a wide berth at his legs and tosses one of those taunting little smiles she both loathes and adores. “You didn’t say please.”

But Nesta doesn’t back down. Not by a long shot. She doesn’t even stand still. She takes two great strides bridging the distance between them and leans right up into his face as far as she can on the tips of her toes, her leathers groaning around her body as she reaches. “You didn’t earn it, sweetheart,” she snarls. “I want to go again.”

He knows she’ll kill him if he lets out the chuckle he has locked inside his chest. So instead, he gently grips her shoulders and leans down until their foreheads are almost touching.

And thank the Mother she doesn’t pull away from that touch.

“Nesta,” he says. “You just flew for an hour straight. That’s farther than you’ve ever come before and Cauldron, I’m proud. But you need to rest. I’m not joking when I say you could kill yourself if you go too far.” His hands slide slowly, sweetly from her shoulders to her neck until he cups her face, but Nesta feels so tight - so tense in that hold. His little spitfire in all that raging spirit always. It makes him feel light as air. “I’d really prefer it if you didn’t die, hmm?”

Nesta’s eyes soften for just a moment, her shoulders slumping. She dances up on the tips of her toes again and Cassian thinks she might lean into him finally, maybe even kiss him the way she sometimes does after she’s been flying for the day and the wind has left her breathless and she takes Cassian home to discover entirely new ways of feeling the rush flying creates in them both…

But just when her lips graze his own, Nesta teases out, “I said again, Commander,” and Cassian curses, “So we go again.” And Nesta can tell by how close they’re standing that Cassian’s other Illyrian skills are kicking into overdrive.

He takes a great breath, adjusting his stance and likely certain other parts beneath his pants, but releases his hold on her. “Alright, Ness. We go again.”

They do. And with the wind in her hair and the sun on her skin, it is heaven.

Cassian insists they limit themselves to ten more minutes only.

So naturally, Nesta flies for twenty.

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There was this one night when I was really drunk and then I met Eskild.  Okay. So he basically picked you up, then?  No! Or, I don’t fucking know. I actually don’t remember. I think he just felt sorry for me, because, like I said, I was really drunk, and… my dad had just left my mom, you know. So… yeah. He… The thing was, I didn’t want to go back home. And so, he brought… me back here. And then, blah, blah, blah.

headcanon that because solas is the only one with a backpack he has to carry everyone’s shit

“solas, darling, can you get out my brush? our inquisitor is looking quite ragged”

“hey, solas, remember that dragonling skull i put in your bag? i’m gonna need that back. don’t ask why, it’s better if you don’t know.”

“ah, solas, you don’t happen to still have that brandy i brought along, do you? i am feeling parched”

“hey, droopy! get out my skull bong, yeah?”

I Am Too

Hello! I have not written anything in a long time (since 2013 rip) but I could not stay away from H so here is something I came up with. Hope ya’ll enjoy. 


The gathering with your friends had been going on for a couple of hours now and since you had a meeting earlier that day you were feeling a little more tired than you’d liked. You were sat at the edge of one the couches while drinking something that was more ice than anything. You were brought back into the room when you suddenly felt the weight of the couch tilt. 

“You’ve been sitting in this couch for the past hour. Is everything alright?” asked Harry while handing you a drink that had the perfect amount of ice cubes and liquor.

“Yeah, I’m just tired. Wish this wasn’t happening on a Tuesday honestly” you stated while Harry chuckled. 

You were always the one to go to sleep first between you both and probably all of your friends. He wouldn’t mind it if you also weren’t the first one to wake up. He liked seeing you calm and quiet in the mornings but you were always out of bed before he could rub the sleep from his eyes. 

You and Harry had been seeing each other for the past few weeks but no one knew about it. There was a few people in your close friend group that knew you guys had hooked up in the past but nothing too serious. Due to some recent events, you decided to see what your relationship could flourish into but you did not want to break the news to your friends. Not yet, at least. And based on the last couple gatherings, your friends had no clue. 

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She Is Mine (Part 2) - Carl Grimes & Negan Imagine

Part 1

Part 3

requests: when you get the chance could you maybe write a Carl imagine taking place back at negans sanctuary and one of negans wife catches his eye (she’s around the same age as Carl) and negan is yelling at her about something and Carl gets pissed and glares at him and yeah you can think of an ending? sorry. Thank you

can you make a part 2? or something similar to this? 

pairing: carl x reader

a/n: this is so cheesy and dumb i hate myself but S7B PREMIERE WAS SO GOOD I ALREADY LOVE THE FEEL OF THIS NEW PART OF S7

word count: 1,237

tagged users: @deeindarkwonderland @namelesslosers @raveneyedfreak 

After Negan brought that boy back to the sanctuary with him, he wasn’t the same. He seemed more caring towards you, and only you. It made you uncomfortable, of course, but you didn’t mind the special treatment one bit. You were thankful for that boy lighting a fire under Negan, but you were no longer used to his presence… You wanted to see that boy again. 

You weren’t sure how old you were, but you could have only been a kid. You were young when the world went to shit, and you figured you were roughly the same age as the boy who had come into the Sanctuary that one day. As little as you knew about him, you hoped he would come back. 

“Do you need anything?” Negan asked you. You shook your head, continuing reading the book you had found. “Do you want anything?” You smiled a little and shook your head again. 

“I’m okay. Thanks, though.” Negan had suddenly taken an interest in you like never before. He was always asking you if you wanted anything, or if he could do anything for you. At first, it was nice, but after a while, it became repetitive. You weren’t needy. He knew that, but he was always checking in with you. 

Negan took a seat on the couch beside you, sitting further away from you than usual. You marked your page and set the book on your lap, giving him your full attention. “Something wrong?” 

Negan pursed his lips and shifted in his seat uncomfortably, readjusting his shoulders. He seemed out of his zone. “I know you don’t think I notice everything, but I do.” You raised one of your eyebrows inquisitively at him. 

“You don’t have to stay here anymore. With me.” You searched his facial expression for any sign that he was screwing with you. That would be cruel, but you wouldn’t put it past him. “You don’t have to be my wife anymore.” 

You didn’t know how to respond. You didn’t want to anger him by seeming joyful, but you didn’t want to seem upset and make him think you wanted to stay. 

“Thank you,” you muttered quietly. You got up off the couch and walked to your room, beginning to change into your old clothes that you hadn’t worn in ages. The shirt was a little too small for you. You had been so skinny when you didn’t always have access to food, but Negan fed you well, and you admittedly had gained some weight since becoming one of his wives. 

Anyway, you pulled the shirt over your head and changed into an old pair of jeans. You sighed with content when you sat down and slipped out of the uncomfortable high heels, replacing them with your beat up sneakers. You finally felt like yourself again. 

You were laying on your bed when a few knocks on your door startled you. You opened the door, and Negan was waiting outside your room. “Okay, now that the sappy shit is over, I gotta make one thing straight. You work for me now. You don’t get to just mooch off me anymore-” 

“I want to be a Savior,” you interrupted. Negan’s eyes widened. “I used to scavenge with my old group. I was little, but I could shoot, and I was pretty good with a knife. I bet I lost some of my skills since coming here, but I could relearn them.” Negan remained quiet, still seemingly in shock. 

“I want to be a Savior,” you repeated. 

Negan sighed, then nodded. “Alright, then. Be ready to leave at the ass crack of dawn tomorrow morning.” 

You slept better than you had in months that night. You weren’t scared of being out on the road. You weren’t nervous of making a fool out of yourself. You weren’t worried about what the other Saviors would think. You wanted to be one of them, and you had to do what it took to become one. 

The next morning, Negan treated you to breakfast–no points needed. He claimed you would need time to rack up enough points to begin taking care of yourself, so he would cut you some slack for a few days. You were really shocked at how generous and kind he had been since that boy left the Sanctuary. Maybe if he was always like that before, you wouldn’t have hated being married to him. 

After breakfast, there was no special treatment for you. You became just another one of the Saviors to Negan, but to the Saviors, you were something else. You could feel their eyes on you as you sat in the back of one of the trucks with your legs dangling over the edge. You didn’t want to talk to anyone, so you enjoyed the view of the woods from the gravel road. 

The truck slowed to a stop, and you hopped off. You were met with a gigantic wall made of metal and a gate of wire and tarps. It was impressive, to say the least. It really made you wonder what Negan did to make people with such skill surrender to him. 

You gathered around Negan, awaiting your instructions. He directed everyone on where to go but you. You waited until everyone left, then approached him annoyedly. 

“Forget someone?” you asked, crossing your arms. 

Negan shook his head at the ground. “Well, we wouldn’t want you to break a nail, doll. Now, would we?” 

You scoffed at him as he walked away. What a dick

You weren’t going to let him get the best of you, though. If he wasn’t going to give you a job, you would make one. You wandered through the gate, pretending like you knew what you were doing. The inside of the community, however, distracted you more than you were prepared for. 

The houses all looked like they had been copied and pasted out of catalogues, with color schemes and potted plants on the porches to match. There was no trace of the new world anywhere. You knew that place had been taken care of since the beginning. Someone was dedicated to keeping it alive, and that gave you a rush of hope. 

As you scoped out the town, someone caught your eye. The boy from the Sanctuary was standing a few yards ahead of you, looking right back at you. You began to walk towards him. gradually increasing your speed. 

“I thought you were one of his wives,” the boy said calmly. He didn’t seem to have any sort of facial expression, but maybe you were just too overcome with reality that you couldn’t notice. 

“I saw you there. I thought you were from the Sanctuary,” you said, unsure of what point you were trying to make. 

He shook his head, his long hair covering his gauze-clothed eye. “I broke in to try and kill Negan.” 

Your breathing quickened at the bluntness of the kid in front of you. People your age weren’t supposed to kill people. At least, they weren’t supposed to go out on hunts like that. You had killed a bad guy or two, but it was always out of self-defense, or if they were coming after someone from your group. 

You felt an undeniable connection to him. You were no longer Negan’s, and you had little to no self-control. Without knowing, you felt like you were slowly becoming his. 

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in response to ‘what’s the weirdest thing about your dad’

starfoozle said: When I first showed up he emerged from the house looking like a mad professor with that one shirt with the scary baby head on it and within the first few hours of meeting me had brought out jars of various mushrooms and old-timey poisons to show me?
Also the fact that he designs dieselpunk ufos. and ran away to join the historical reenactors as a kid. and lived for three years on eggos while selling flyswatters out of the back of a van, if I recall correctly. 

My dad says that you need to acknowledge he made the waffles from scratch. But that’s… yeah, that’s a pretty good start. He sold 75,000 flyswatters and was one of the very first salesmen of Billy Bob Teeth. 

Yuuri and Viktor are soo extra
  • Viktor Nikiforov, five time champion, takes a year off to coach Katsuki Yuuri, Japan's Champion ice-skater and master drunk pole dancer/ Playboy for a whole year, resulting in a budding romantic relationship between the two, which eventually turned into engagement, but nevertheless produced a silver medal for Yuri, and for his exhibition skate he decides to no... not skate alone like normal winners but skate with his coach/ fiance/Viktor Dethroned Skate King👑 Gold Medals For Days Nikiforov like can you imagine them explaining that to officials? "Oh yeah I'm gonna skate with my fiance for this one because he brought his outfit with him and i do what I want anyways sooo😘✌✌". And now it's decided Viktor is coming back to the Skating World© to defend his honor and horde his gold but he wants to kiss Yuuri's gold medal and then get married so just what are they doing they're so extra and I'm here for it.
The Lewis Boy (Simon x Reader) Imagine

‘We need your help” Izzy said as she and the others walked into your house.

“Thanks for knocking by the way” you said sarcastically “What do you need my help with?”

“Well that new girl Clary I was telling you about brought her best friend with her when we went to the Silent Brothers, and I may have left him for just a few seconds.” Izzy was saying

“Yeah just enough time for him to be took by vampires” Clary yelled.

“It was a mistake” Izzy said to Clary “I told you that”

“You need my help getting him back”  you stated 

“Well you are a vampire” Alec said.

“You’re a vampire” Clary yelled, her face was blood red from anger ‘Why don’t you tell your blood sucking friends to bring my best friend back to me”

“One they aren’t my friends, they just happen to be vampires like me. And two why would I help you, I don’t even know you” you told Clary.

‘Make it flavor for us please Y/N” Jace begged. Wow if Jace Wayland was begging for you to help them they must be very desperated. How important was this random boy to them you thought.

“I’ll do it, when do you plan on going” you asked

“Tomorrow morning, since they can’t go outside” Izzy said.

“Okay great I’ll see you guys then”

“Aren’t you guys forgetting that Y/N is also a vamprie too?” Clary asked

“See this ring on my finger” you said as you pointed towards it, Clary nodded as you showed her. “This allows me to go out in the sunlight without anything happening to me”

“Does anyone else have one” she asked

“No it’s the only one of it’s kind. A old friend of mine give it to me years ago” you said. “So I’ll meet you guys in front of Hotel Dumort during sun raise?” you asked

“Yes we’’ll see you then” Jace said as they all turn to leave but not without Clary sending you one last death glare on her way out. What have you gotten yourself into you thought.

   Where were the others? It was a little bit passed sunraise and they still haven’t showed up. It wasn’t like shadowhunters to be late for anything.You didn’t want to wait any longer so you just went in on you own. You’re a vampire after all, your welcome here.

“Raphael” you called as you enter the hotel. It was changed since the last time you havd been here, everything about the place was more fancy.

“Madam Y/N what do I own for this lovely visit of yours” Raphael said as he enter the room with many other vampires behind him.

“I like what you did with the place since the last time I was here” you told him as you walked around the room.”Where Camille too?”

‘That’s why you’re here to see Camille, well trust me she has nothing to say to you” He said as he took a step towards you.

“As second in comman Raphael I thought you would know why I’m here” you also said while taking a step forward, you knew teasing him would pissed him off so why not have abit of fun.

“You’re here for that boy ” He stated “I got to asked why a vampire like yourself are dealing with shadowhunters”

“I could say the same thing, didn’t know you liked kidnapping young boys Raphael” you tease. “Where is he?’

“Get the boy” Raphael demanded. You two just stared at each other. You knew that Raphael wouldn’t just hand over the boy. And Raphael knew you woudn’t leave without him. Soon the other vampires returned with a young boy in hand. You assumed it was Simon. He had this nerd look about him. Maybe that’s why you smile when you saw him. You weren’t sure.

“Simon do you know this girl right here” Raphael asked. Simon looked at you, you knew that he would say no so you gave him one of your famous looks that could kill.

“Ye-Yeah” he strutted “She’s a friend of mine” Raphael said not seeing the look you gave Simon, was shocked that he knew you. He figuerd Simon was going to say no.

“Simon you can say what you are to me, there’s no need to be a shame. It’s not like Raphael still has feeling for me.” You said not looking away from Raphael. Please Simon you thought get what I’m trying to do here. If Simon didn’t, there was no way you guys would be leaving anytime soon without the shadowhunters. Simon looked confuse for moment but then said

“She’s my girlfriend”

“SHE YOUR WHAT” Raphael yelled breaking your guys stare to look over at the young boy.

“He’s my boyfriend, if you thought I was dealing with shadowhunters you really have change. If I won’t deal with my own kind I damn well won’t with them” you said moving passed Raphael to get to Simon.You looked at the two vampires holding him then back at Raphael.

“Let him go” Raphael said while rolling his eyes. You grabbed ahold of Simon and let him lean on you.

“Don’t make me come back here for my boyfriend again Raphael.” You stated as you left the hotel with Simon.

   “Who are you?” Simon questioned as he got off of you when you guys exited the hotel.

“I’m a friend of Izzy’s and theirs. We were all suppose to save you but they didn’t show up or not yet at least. I don’t like waiting so I just went in”

“Well thank you I guess” Simon said as he finally stood up on his own.Now that he was standing in front of you, you could tell that he was talller. His nerd look made him look cute. You shook your head trying not to think about how the boy looked.

“Y/N” You heard someone yelled. As you and Simon turned around you saw it was the others.

“You went in without us” Jace said as they walked up to you guys.

“SIMON” Clary shouted as she saw her best friend she ran up to hug him which made you step back so she wouldn’t hit you.

“You guys were late, I don’t like waiting” You said rolling your eyes.

“I got him anyway he fine”

“She told Raphael that I was her boyfriend and he just let me go” Simon said while he was still hugging Clary.

“Y/N” Izzy whisperd. She knew about your past with Raphael.

“Don’t worry, I’m alright” you told her. ‘Raphael has a soft spot for me. I knew that if I said I care about Simon in some way he wouldn’t hurt him.” You told the others.

“Come on guys let’s get back to the instuite before anyone knows were gone” Alec said while turning to head back. Everyone turned to head back but you. You were going the other way home.

“Aren’t you coming Y/N?” you turn to see Simon.

“I’m a vampire I’m not welcome there by many” you told him

“Oh umm well would you like to a maybe hung out with me sometime?” Simon asked nervously.

“I would like that” you said smiling which showed your fangs.”See you around” you called as you walked away. Leaving a smiling Simon standing there watching you as you walked away.

Devil in your Smile

 (it’s chasing me)… A series by awriterwrites

The Devil You Know

“They found another body.” Ed’s voice brought Harry out of his fuzzy happy daydream.

“Yeah? Where at?” Niall asked, polishing off his roast in one huge bite.

“About a block from the last one.”

Harry grimaced, pushing his plate back. “That’s 4 now since Halloween.” Ed nodded while Niall just took a long drink of his beer to wash down the remnants of his meal. Harry finally spoke again, because someone had to. “Same as the others?”

“Dunno. Radio just said that the cops are treating it like a serial killer case now.”

“Well, fuck,” Niall muttered, “I knew this neighborhood was a bit dodgy when we moved in but never thought it’d be home to a serial killer.”

Summary: There’s a mysterious stranger down the hall from Harry’s flat, a killer on the loose and Harry’s obsessed with vampires. 

Morning Has Broken

The way Louis whispered his name, urging him to hurry up — it was all just this side of too much.  And this was how it was always going to be.  From now on. Incredible.

 Harry had never felt more alive.  As a dead man.  A vampire.

Summary:  The missing sex scene from The Devil You Know.

Stay tuned!  More to come in this series in 2017.

Frat Boy Pt. 6

part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5

This is the longest thing I’ve written on here, EVER.  Not sure if that jumbled it up, but thank you to everyone for sticking around to read about this crazy frat boy, sending me messages and asks and song recs for the playlist!  This chapter’s a bit of a revealing one, and little almost imperceptible layers are chipped away. Let’s see if he’s ruing the day yet, yeah? xx (shout-out to @lovelhes for the bomb mood board, love you bb)

It was 2:54 AM by the time Renny got back.  You knew because the comfort Zayn had brought you dwindled fast with each step you took away from him, so much so that by the time you got to the doors of your building, your legs were shaking from how frantic you were.   It had been much too dark outside, each innocent bush and tall tree beautiful in the daylight suddenly twisting into something sinister, hiding a dark figure just waiting to grab you and slit your throat as you fall to the ground with a soundless shout.  Even in the grossly fluorescent hallways that seemed oddly empty for 1 am, you turned each corner quickly for fear of who’d be waiting on the other side.  Even the shut of the heavy door behind you didn’t give you peace and when you’d swept your room and checked the closet for potential predators hiding behind hanging clothes, you knew you were being silly, so absolutely ridiculously silly. But your furiously beating heart told you otherwise.  

You couldn’t fall asleep after that.  

But you pretended to as Renny got ready for bed, as she quietly tip-toed through the room, the click of her low-lit lamp as she settled under her covers once again coating the room in an inky stillness.  Her little snores comforted you in the slightest, but she wasn’t awake, she couldn’t distract you from your thoughts.  And as your eyes bore up into the ceiling, seeing past it to nothing at all, a hand lay on your throat.  

The stream that ran red, his fists, the snake tat, his touch, their smell, the men, his arms, the safety you felt in them.  It wasn’t fair, none of it was.  That he could make you feel something that felt so right and toss it in the trash like it never happened.  You had been fine with being acquaintances, safe at that distance, pretend that you wouldn’t be affected by him, but then he was the one who had to turn it into something more, to turn you into this.  You remembered your words to him and felt a deep sadness seize your chest.  You were a hypocrite.  The weight building inside you contracted into a choke-hold, threatening to crush your lungs with its deadly mixture of guilt, regret, anger, but you were too tired to release it in a sob.  So it sat there.  Refusing to let you sleep.  Suffocating you.  Silly girl, a voice sneered, All this for a boy you haven’t gone on a date with. The moan of his name in that unfamiliar voice rang loud in your head as an unwanted tear rolled straight down to hit your ear.  You willed yourself to numb your mind, to not think about anything, but when had you ever truly had control?

Sometime, in the early hours of the morning, your lids felt heavy and closed without you ever really knowing, the black cloak of the night sealing them shut as the dark twists and pangs building inside of you pushed you off a ledge, forcing your fall into a fitful sleep.

“Did you have a nightmare last night?”  You cringed as Renny took her black eyeliner and dug a little too hard with the tip against your cheek.  You thought about denying it for a moment, but decided against it.  If there was one person you could talk to, it was Renny.

“How’d you know?”

“You kept groaning and- hold on” - she licked her thumb and rubbed below the line she’d just created for the black #17 now on your cheek, smudging it up and using her nail to dig into the skin and remove the extra bits she’d accidently drawn.  She hadn’t asked to draw Harry’s number on you and for that you were thankful.  Your favorite was Louis anyways - “There, perfect. You just kept muttering something and you looked like you were shaking.  I tried waking you up, but you just turned back around and fell asleep.”

“Sorry for waking you,” you offered her an apologetic smile, but she brushed it off.

“You honestly think I mind?  I mean, I’m a little jealous you got to sleep that much, but I was the one who chose not to leave the party.”  You wanted to let out a single sharp laugh at that, but you were better.  “Paw print?”  She brought the pencil to your other cheek and paused, you nodded.  She started to draw the symbol of your school’s mascot, the panther, and for some reason Harry popped into your mind again.  Agile. Dark. Stealthy.


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Mr. Jealousy

For an Anon who requested a jealous DiNozzo! Hope this was jealous enough! 

“Here I brought your coffee. You left it in my car.” You looked up the paperwork you were reviewing to give McGee a smile.

“You didn’t have to go back and get it, there’s coffee in the kitchen.” But even as you were saying that you were lifting the cup to your mouth, taking a long sip.

“Yeah but it’s not nearly as strong as what you drink, and we all know you’re an absolute bear in the morning without the proper levels of caffeine.” He teased you, leaning on the side of your desk. You laughed and agreed before asking him about a show that both of you watched, asking if he’d seen this week’s episode.

Out of the corner of your eye you could vaguely see Tony sulking, handing his papers a little harder than he usually would, and making a lot of noise in doing so. You raised an eyebrow at McGee but continued to talk, ignoring the mild temper tantrum going on beside you.

“I always have it set to record, just incase we get called away and I miss it.” Tim explained, taking a sip of his own coffee.

“Better than what I do. My TV is so old it doesn’t record anything anymore, so I may or may not find a way to download it off the internet.” You laughed and Tim shook his head.

“That’s why your computer always has viruses, stop doing that. Just come over and watch it- that way we can throw our theories out right away and-”

“Can you two shut up and go do some work!” Tony snapped, causing both of you to look over surprised.

“What?” You asked, both eyebrows raising.

“I want to get this paperwork done, so I can leave. And you two keep running your mouths! (Y/L/N) Try getting some work done, McGeek Abby wanted you to go down and help her with something. Talk about your shows on your own time.” You were stunned. After Tony’s little outburst he turned back to his desk, ducking his head and staring at the paper he’d been “reviewing” for the past five minutes. Tony was usually the last person in this building to get on people for not doing their work.

McGee looked like he wanted to argue back but you shook your head and motioned towards the elevators, whispering “I got it.”

You waited for McGee to leave for Abby’s before getting up and walking over to Tony’s desk, sitting on your usual corner. You sat for a moment, watching him scribbling angrily, refusing to look at you.

“You going to tell me what crawled up your ass and died?” You asked eventually, grabbing the pen from his hand before he went all the way through the paper and had to start over.

“I don’t know, (Y/L/N). Why don’t you go ask your boyfriend McGeek?” Tony bit, grabbing for the pen. You laughed, holding it away from him.

“My boyfriend?” You asked, reaching a hand out and playfully feeling Tony’s forehead, “Do you have a fever or something?” He swatted your hand away glaring and it clicked, “Oh…” You nodded smirking.

“Oh…. what?” Tony asked.

“You’re jealous.”

“Me?” He snorted, “Jealous of  McGeek?”

“Jealous I was over there talking to Tim about our “shows” instead of being over here.” You grinned. Tony glared at you.

“He drove you to work.”

“My car is in the shop, Tony, what did you want me to do? Walk?” You laughed, grinning at this jealous version of Tony. Tony was a protective person, and you’d seen him make a spectacle before when someone had insulted your team, but this jealous was all for you, because you let McGee drive you to work and talked about shows.

“You could have called me.”

“Tim lives about fifteen minutes closer to me.” You reminded him placing your hand over his and squeezing. “Do you want to add half and hour to your morning commute to come get me tomorrow?” He gave you a little huff before nodding.

“I don’t mind.” You laughed loudly and leaned down, giving his cheek a sweet kiss.

“You’ve got nothing to worry about with Tim.” You promised, giving the hand another squeeze. Tony smirked, his jealousy turning back into his normal arrogance.

“Of course I don’t. However, my TV does record, and I’d much rather you come watch your ridiculous shows at my house. Okay?” Rolling your eyes you nodded and hopped off his desk, intending on actually starting your work now.

“It’s a date, Mr. Jealousy.”

Dina’s Fun Aunt Holiday Bonus Part 3 – Ellen Thwoorp

Summary – There’s nothing like a day out when you’re on holiday, whether it’s to the Dinosaur museum or the local market, things are learned, jokes are made and the subject marriage is brought up a little more than Katya may have initially appreciated.

A/N: So this is back. Sorry it’s been a long time but since the last update I’ve fallen in and out of an unrequited love, electric shuffled in and out of the closet, become a bio queen and designed one of the most complicated final major projects my tutors have ever seen so… Hi again. Woop woop.

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Tweek: I see quite a few weird questions about Kyle on your screen, Craig. How do they know about him?
Craig: Umm, he was at Stan’s this morning. They kind of met him then.
Tweek: That makes more sense.
Craig: Uh, yeah. Go ahead and answer your questions.
Tweek: Oh! Yeah, okay.

Tweek: Being with Kyle is probably one of the best things that happened to me. I was in a pretty dark place when we caught back up with each other. He, uh… he kind of helped me learn how to cope with stuff and brought me out of my shell a little. He’s really sweet and supportive, I’m not really used to this kind of relationship. It’s… really an amazing thing.
*Craig hides his smile behind the camera*
Craig: I’m glad you found somebody like that.
Tweek: So, Craig, have you found a Kyle?
Craig: Hah, not yet. I’ve dated a lot in the last few years, but I think I’m gonna go solo for a while.

  • Aaron: Get us another?
  • Robert: Might as well make the most of it, eh?
  • Aaron: Great, cheers. Get us a death-row ploughman's while you're at it.
  • Robert: (to Liv) Oi, you. Don't go upsetting him again.
  • Liv: He was the one getting all edgy.
  • Robert: Yeah, 'cause he's worried about you. He feels bad enough about this as it is.
  • Liv: Yeah, and I'm worried about him. And me. You're not gonna send me back to mum's, are you?
  • Robert: No, course not. I'll look after you with Chas.
  • Liv: You're not my stepdad.
  • Robert: (walking to the bar to Chas) Why is everyone doubting that I'm capable of looking after a teenager? I mean, I brought up Lachlan more or less.
  • Chas: Yeah, look how well he turned out. It's going to be hard for him, isn't it? Being worried about Liv, life going on without him.
  • Robert: My life's gonna be on hold, just like his.
  • Chas: He won't think that, will he? Robert Sugden, the great philanderer.
  • Robert: He's worried about Liv, not me.
  • Chas: No, AND you. I know him, Robert.
  • Robert: What do I do to make him feel secure? And Liv.
  • Chas: You're asking the wrong person.
  • Robert: Right. Well... Tell me this is mad. And I know it won't be official, but... What if...
  • Chas: Go on.
  • Robert: I make us a proper family.
  • Chas: By doing what?
  • Robert: We get married. Tomorrow, before he goes to prison.
  • Chas: (laughing) You are joking, right?
  • Robert: I've never been more serious in my life.
Save Me - Part 2 - Chapter 35

We laid quietly together, intimately connected, my mind still dwelling on the emotions he brought out tonight. Holding his hand against my lips, I kissed it one more time knowing we couldn’t stay like this much longer.

“I’d love to stay inside you forever but I’m not sure my dick can take the pressure anymore.” Jared joked, causing me to giggle.

“Ouchhh, ouch! Stop laughing…that hurts!!” He practically shouted in my ear, his laughter not helping his cause either.

“I’m sorry!!! It’s just funny!!” I said doing my best to not laugh as he pushed his upper body up from my back.

“Yeah, well the spanking I’m going to give you if you don’t listen will definitely cure those giggles.” He stated, his tone serious but I could feel his smile at the same time.

“I’m sorry, Sir. I’ll be quiet.” I said with a smile as I looked over my shoulder.

Jared got to his knees, his hands resting on my lower back, “That’s good because I would have no problem enduring a bit more pain to spank your ass red right now if you choose to misbehave.” Jared said.

Trying to hide his smile, he tilted his head and bit his lip as he watched my reaction. I didn’t dare giggle because I knew although he was joking now, his patience can quickly disappear.

“What happened to pleasure pain?” I asked being totally cheeky as I smiled at him.

“You’re right! I love pleasure pain baby… I’m definitely going to take pleasure in making you ass painfully red!”

To make his point clear I watched him haul back and slap my ass. It wasn’t as hard as he could have done but it did surprise me none the less. My mouth dropped open but I didn’t make a sound. Mimicking me, he thought he was so hilarious.

“I was just asking!! I said I’d be good!”

“Just making sure…” he said smirking, “I know how sassy you can be.”

“Not true..” I stated, shaking my head, “I ALWAYS listen.”

I was joking, of course. The few rounds of punishment are proof of that. Though,I did try to be good. I don’t TRY to be sassy. Sometimes it just happens.

“You should stop while you’re ahead…” Jared said, probably a lot less seriously than I was taking it but I didn’t want to chance it.

“Yes Sir.” I responded, smiling over my shoulder at him.

I was glad instead of taking things more emotional, he broke the heaviness with a bit of humor. Had he gone the other way, I know I would have surely cried. Part of me felt so emotionally raw.

Breaking my train of thought, Jared gave me a light shake as he bent slightly forward.

“Baby, are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine, I’m sorry… My mind was wondering.”

“Okay, as long as your sure.” He said skeptically.

“I am. I’m okay.” I tried to reassure him.

Alright, then I’m going to slowly pull out. It’s time.“ He warned probably knowing this was going to be extremely uncomfortable.

"Relax for me, baby.”

Although he wasn’t hard anymore he was still rather large so this was definitely going to be uncomfortable. As I considered how deep he was inside me, I also knew this was going to make taking a little three inch plug out seem like a walk in the park.

Closing my eyes, I took a deep breath and relaxed my muscles. As I exhaled, he began pulling his hips back. My GOD this really sucks. From the soft grunts he was making, it wasn’t all that pleasant for him either.

“Jesus you’re so tight baby…” Jared mumbled, his fingers gripping my hips as he continued to pull back.

He was determined so it didn’t take long and within a few minutes our connection was broken. I took a huge sigh of relief and could now truly relax since he was free. Sitting back on his knees, he took his own deep sigh, his hands still resting on my ass.

I still hadn’t moved. I wasn’t ready yet.

“My God baby, your ass is so fucking hot.” He murmured.

Massaging my cheeks, he bent forward giving me a kiss on my ass, his hands never leaving my skin. Using his fingers to open my cheeks just slightly, he watched as cum dripped from my puckered hole.

“Mine.” He said quietly, more to himself than to me.

Softly gliding his finger from my opening to my tight hole, he gathered cum on his finger that had oozed out. Smearing it around my taint, he praised me.

“You did so good, baby…”

The skin around my tight hole was so sensitive that although he was gentle, the burn was real and it sent shivers across my body. My fingers gripped the sheets a little tighter as a small moan fell from my lips.

Lifting off his calves, Jared reached for my waist wanting to pull me into a sitting position on his lap.

“Come here baby.”

Pushing myself up, thankfully with his help, I sat on the tops of his thighs. I loved sitting like this with him. Jared’s arms wrapped around my body as he quietly held me. A lot happened tonight and he instinctively knew I needed his comfort. Feeling his lips press gentle kisses on my neck, I cuddled into him.

My arms covered his as he lovingly held me, I wanted to hold him too. I wanted every part of him touching every part of me.

“You baby girl, are absolutely amazing.” Jared whispered in my ear as he rubbed his nose against my cheek, “I’m so proud of you.”

“Thank you..” I replied softly turning my nose against his cheek, “Tonight was incredible. All of it. You are incredible.”

Tightening his embrace, we just sat there together lost in our own thoughts…in our own emotions. I could feel myself getting lost in my emotions again but as soon as I recognized it, I tried my hardest to fight it.

Sometimes I really hated how emotionally raw he made me. That rawness, that fear of this being taken away took me from an amazing high to dwelling on fear. Never have I had someone in my life that I was scared of loosing like I’m scared of loosing him.

What’s crazy is that this was ALL on me. He’s never given me a single reason to fear that possibility but I still did. Tears welled in my eyes and I bit my lip hoping to will them away.

“Baby, what’s wrong?”

Fluffmas Day 25- Christmas Cards

Prompt: 31 days of Fluffmas

Pairing:  Aaron Burr x Reader

Time period: Modern

Word count: 663

Warning: None

Fluffmas Day Twenty-Two || Fluffmas Day Twenty-Three || Fluffmas Day Twenty-Four

College was finally letting out for Christmas, a moment you never thought would come. Walking off campus with your friends brought a huge relief to you, knowing you’d finally have some time to breathe.

“You better call me every week. I’ll be waiting by my phone every day,” One of your best friends, Lafayette, said with a grin. He was heading back to France for the break to be with his family, and you wouldn’t see him for a long while.

“You’re going down to South Carolina for Christmas, right John?” You asked your other friend at your side. He let out a defeated sigh, seeming to deflate.

“Yeah…” You smiled softly and patted his shoulder.

“Don’t worry John, I’m sure it’ll be fine,” you said, trying to comfort him, “I’ll be sure to call you a couple times, too,” you promised, partially because you knew you’d miss him and partially because you knew he’d loose his mind if he had to deal with his parents by himself.

“Huh, so it’s going to be just me, Herc, and Alex left in New York. It’s going to be weird without you guys around.”

“Hey, (Y/N)! Wait up!” You heard a voice call from behind you. You turned and spotted local law student Aaron Burr hurrying to catch you.

Your friends watched curiously as Aaron held out an envelope to you, his cheeks tinting red. You weren’t sure if the discoloration was from the exertion of running all the way here, or because he was embarrassed.

Eyebrow raised, you take the envelope from the man in front of you. “What’s this?”

“It’s uh…” Aaron trailed off, looking up at your friends nervously before returning his gaze to you. “It’s a card. Just read it… Later.”

John and Lafayette exchanged knowing looks as John walked past you and stepped up to Aaron. He threw his arm around his shoulder, leaning against him.

“And you didn’t get us a card, too?” John cooed teasingly, Aaron frowned, grabbing your friend’s arm and shoving it off his shoulders.

“No,” He said simply before brushing past your little group and speeding away.  You stared off at Aaron as he grew farther away, but a nudge to your ribs brought your focus elsewhere.

“Well, are you going to open it?” Lafayette asked, looking over your shoulder at the card in your hands. John was suddenly at your side as well, waiting anxiously for whatever it was Aaron had to say. You frowned and pushed them away from you before tearing open the envelope.

What waited for you inside was a cute card wishing you a Merry Christmas and, just when you thought this was a sweet enough gesture as it was, you opened it. Your heart went aflame.

A little love note sat on the inside of the card, just for you.

Dear (Y/N),

I’ve been wracking my brain all semester for a way to tell you this. Alexander has been nagging me to simply tell you straight, but I find it hard to confess when the butterflies in my stomach go wild as I see you.

My only hope if that you like me back, as Alexander suggests, and that giving you this card doesn’t leave me heart broken. I will see you once school starts again, eager to know your response.

Merry Christmas,

A. Burr

“It’s about time he asked you. The dude’s been making eyes at you all semester.” You heard John’s voice beside your ear. You turned to see the boys looking over your shoulder again. you narrowed your eyes at them and closed the card.

“Do either of you have Aaron’s number?”

“I think Alexander does. Why?” Lafayette asked, smirking. You rolled your eyes and took out your phone to text Alex.

“Because there’s no way I’m letting Aaron confess to me and then just leave it like that until school starts back up again. I’m letting him know I like him back right now.”

time of the month // theo raeken

pairings: theo raeken x reader

warnings: fluff, mentions of period.

a/n: kinda short but still cute though.

You were laying on your bed currently scrolling through the channels on your TV. You have no motivation to do anything but do nothing and in your favour you have a damn good reason; Mother nature paid a visit.

So yeah back to the TV, As you searching for a movie to watch you heard the doorbell ring downstairs, Since both your parents were at work you unwillingly brought yourself downstairs to open the door. You swing the door open to reveal your fine-looking boyfriend with pizza in one hand and a bag of candy in the other.

“What are you doing here?” You ask him giving him a small kiss as he walked inside and you closed the door.

“Well, I knew it was your time of the month so I wanted to spoil you a little bit.” He said putting down the food he brought you.

“But how did you know?” You asked curiously.

“You reeked of blood at school today and considering I knew you weren’t injured, There was only one option left.”

“How did I ever get so lucky?” You said wrapping your arms around his waist.

“Come on I brought your favourite.”

He gave you a slice of pizza and  once you took the first bite in it you let out a small moan from how good it tasted, Theo looked at you smirkingly and let out a small chuckle.

“Please don’t do that again.” He smirked before taking bite out of his pizza.

“Do what?”


“Come on, What did you mean?”

“Babe it was nothing.” He grinned.

“Oooh I get.” You smiled widely.

Theo just rolled his eyes in response.

“I turned you on..” You smirked.

“You’ll have to do more than that to turn me on baby girl.”

“You’re underestimating me.”

“You sure are confident.”

“I learned it from my smug boyfriend.”

“Keep eating.” He joked.

“But apparently that turns you on.” You chuckle.

“I can’t take that risk today, I don’t want to have little wolf babies running around.” You said trying to hold in your smile.

“Just so you know I’ll be glad if you have my little wolf babies.” He smiled at you.

“And I’ll be glad to have them just not when I’m in high school.”

“Good idea.”

“You see I’m not just good looks, I’m smart too.” You said smirking at him.

“Trust me, I know.” He smiled.

Once you two finished your pizza you both went upstairs to watch a movie. Theo laid on your bed and you laid next to him with your head resting against his shoulder. Theo would always hold your hand so every time you would wince or feel any discomfort he could take away your pain.

“By the way, What candy did you buy?” You asked him.

“It’s in the bag over there.” He pointed to your table.

You walked up to the bag and brought it back to the bed before opening to see what sweet goodies Theo bought you.

“Yes you bought Reeses!”

“Ooh and Sour patch kids..” You said excitedly

“I know how to take care of my girl.”

Just hearing him say that made your heart flutter and you bit your lip trying to stop the huge smile spreading across your lips.

“What?” He asked smiling at you noticing your beautiful smile.

“Nothing, I just love it when you call me that.” You gave him a small smile.

You two got back to the movie while eating the candy he bought. As you reach inside the bag of the Sour Patch Kids you found only two left.

“You ate all the Sour Patch Kids.” You pouted jokingly.

“In my defence I’m a growing werewolf with an increasing metabolism and I need my.. Candy?” He laughed.

“And I’m on my period so I win.” You smile and eat the two candies left.

“How does that overpower a werewolf?”

“To be honest I don’t really know.” You laughed.

“You’re lucky you’re cute.” He said kissing your temple.

“You love me though..”

“Always.” He said kissing your lips softly.

You rest your head back against him as you two turn back to the movie, After a couple of minutes your cramps started again and you were starting to get uncomfortable and Theo immediately sensed it.

“Give me your hand.” He said softly.

“You now you don’t have to do that every time I’m cramping.”

“I don’t want you to be in any pain, Come on.”

You gave him your hand and he held it between two of his hands intwining his fingers with yours. He held it tightly and once the black veins started appearing on his arm you felt the cramps going away.

“Better?” He asked.

“Yes, Thank you.” You said softly before pressing your lips against his and sweet yet sensual kiss.

Heat//Kunpimook Bhuwakul

Originally posted by j-miki

Pairing: Bambam x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: the cold seemed to be the number one cause of everyone’s problems.



xoxo Sara

The winter was never your favorite season; the cold never suited you well. You preferred the warmth of the sun in the summer, or the very soft freeze that the spring brought as the flowers bloomed. Winter was only friendly for the festivities in your eyes. The winter time always seemed to bring people together, whether it would be because of the holidays that all fall around the cold winter months, or the snowstorms that blocked you inside your home and only allowed you to have family time and nothing else.

You loved the way snow looked, especially just fallen snow. The way the snow served as a blanket, falling over the once green grass and the now leafless trees always seemed to make the difficulty of getting through winter a little bit easier.

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