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I know you have already done a lot of the ship posts (and they are all phenomenal and accurate af) but can you pretty please do Jesper and Wylan from six of crows/crooked kingdom? Xoxo <3 <3 I can't get enough of your writing tbh! Your such an inspiration, dude. <3 <3 <3 <3

I’m SO sorry this took so long, you’re such an absolute sweetheart and also christ I’ve never been called an inspiration before holy.. god

also heck i love wesper this is a treat


who is more likely to hurt the other?

don’t.. do this

they’re genuinely so good neither of them would ever TRY to hurt the other, and they’re both so tender and apologetic if they ever do. I think I’m gonna have to say jesper though just because. he’s still a little stirred by his addiction (to trouble! to bringing two guns to a gun fight! to gambling! to love!) and he’s got some jealousy and sensitivity baked into him, bless him. I feel like he’d run a risk and break Wy’s heart by accident, a little bit

who is emotionally stronger?

a genuine toughie bc they’ve both survived and persevered so MUCH. I think in terms of immediate reactionary instincts, Jes is better at letting bad vibes roll right off of him. He’s made of smiles. He’s trouble and a good time rolled into a waistcoat. If you insult him he only gets stronger. Wy was raised in silk and champagne but he was raised BY an absolute monster so. he’s a very bruised peach. criticism pierces him v easily. Though in a more fundamental way, wylan has fashioned his past trauma into a shield. by the end of ck he’s building himself new emotional strength with his bare hands

who is physically stronger?

ohhh man. They’re both noodle boys. Wylan is too smart for exercise. Jesper does his fighting at a 20 metre distance from his target. Jesper is bigger than wylan but most of his size is gangly and delightful and awkward. I think jes could probably still beat wylan in a pinch, but I’m more caught up in how funny it would be to see them try to fight it out

who is more likely to break a bone? 

man I’m tempted to say jesper just bc he seems like he would be…… brittle. I think he gets into scrapes a lot. I think wylan starts to get into p frequent scrapes by nature of being the sixth crow. I think the both of them are so busy worrying about each other’s fights that they neglect their own and trip off a building or smth

who knows best what to say to upset the other? 

I think wylan can be a nasty piece of work when he’s pissed enough. like he may be a silk eared puppy but he’ll chew your shoes and track mud around if you forget to feed him. jesper doesn’t have a malicious bone in his body man, I think he’s a sarcasm queen and a joker but he’s definitely not mean

who is most likely to apologize first after an argument? 

I think jesper’s constantly assuming he did something wrong and he sits down with wylan 100% serious like ‘babe.. im so, so sorry. I never wanted to be the sort of person who made you look sad like that, we’re past that, I truly made a promise–’ and wy would be like ‘what no I was sad bc a screw on my flute is loose and I couldn’t practice today’. but also yeah if it’s a serious fight they make up in a rush, and they laugh at themselves, and they use their energy for something better

who treats who’s wounds more often? 

here’s the thing about the crows man, they’re always sustaining minor injuries as a team and it’s a win if they live, right? All I can picture is the roar of activity when they pull off a job and they come back limping and bleeding and swearing and crowing w joy, and jes and wy take their seats opposite each other and clean wounds, kiss foreheads, smooth back sweaty curls, squeeze hands, make promises. the routine, u kno

who is in constant need of comfort? 

uhhh both of them (it’s always both my guy jot that down). Wylan has 16 years of shitty imposed self loathing to unlearn, and traumatic experiences all over him. jes has lost a lot (including his mom) and he struggles with addiction so like. yeah they both need comfort. they both wake up w the phantom feeling of a mother’s arms around their shoulders. they’ve both seen the very worst of humanity. They’re just two nervy, high stress kids trying to figure things out

who gets more jealous? 

lmao WYLAN VAN ECK did y’all read his scenes in crooked kingdom that boy is NOT SHARING. he glared real holes in kuwei’s head guys. jesper tbh is a terrible flirt and a HANDFUL and wylan is happy. to have his hands full. no one else.

who’s most likely to walk out on the other? 

mmm nahhh

who will propose? 

u bet ur ASS it’ll be jesper. Imagine wylan’s blushing face…… he’d do it for that alone. tbh there’s probably a point in their relationship where jesper’s outrageous flirting isn’t enough to get that pretty blush from wylan like he’ll roll his eyes and shove jes in the shoulder and w/e but they have to have increasingly ridiculous conversations about kinks or w/e until that blush comes out. jesper’s like ‘dang. guess I gotta step up the romance. what’s the most romantic thing? marriage? marrying wylan? son absolutely where do i sign’

who has the most difficult parents?

lmao lm a o lmaooo Lmao LMAO lmao

who initiates hand-holding when they’re out in public? 

I feel like depending on the social climate of Ketterdam, hand holding might not be on the table?? especially for two criminals associated w the bastard of the barrel like idk man I can’t picture it. they don’t want to draw attention to themselves (well i mean. jes wants to. but they can’t). I think they’re all about sly glances and the most obvious smirks you’ve ever seen, and brushing shoulders!! brushing shoulders are their makeouts

who comes up for the other all the time? 

they’re always together man bf’s that blow shit up together and live together stay together so like they rarely have the opportunity to talk about each other. howEVER jesper probably mentions his boyfriend in the middle of a hand of poker w an inappropriate smile or gushes to w/e prisoner he’s breaking out of jail or makes Kaz’s day weird by trying to confide in him

who hogs the blankets? 

wylan is exhausted w luxury and jesper is a child who wants to be held so he rolls over and then over again so that wy always wakes up to a lapful of boyfriend and a roll of blankets and he has to wait for jesper’s heavy sleeper ass to arise so he can get up to pee 

who gets more sad? 

booooth – jesper is understated sad with a side of unnerving frowns, wylan is a wobbling mouth and clenched fists. Sometimes they stay in the Wylan Van mansion and lock the doors so the maids can’t come in, and they bring the lavish decorative pillows into a heap on the carpet and feed each other sweets and rub each others backs and laugh and laugh the darkness away. wylan sketches. jesper poses. there’s scheming & kaz impressions. jesper is a storyteller and he imagines out loud what nina or inej are up to at that very minute, controlling gravity and hearts and the sea and their lives 

who is better at cheering the other up? 

see above ^^ they both go pro at the comfort olympics. Jesper is that little bit better though. He’s a sweetheart with all the right words in his pockets. He knows how to chop wylan’s dad down like the overgrown dead tree that he is. he knows how to flirt a smile onto wy’s face. he maybe lacks delicacy sometimes, but he’s so fun and wholehearted and warm that he can’t really go wrong

who’s the one that playfully slaps the other all the time after they make silly jokes?

this is canon y’all, jesper is a lecherous bastard and wylan is equal parts disdain and delight. he absolutely will slap a boy

who is more streetwise?

god bless wylan but he knows a hell of a lot less about the streets than jes. He’s learning fast by the end of ck, but he’s still very sheltered in a lot of ways. Jesper has a few years under his belt, and he’s.. like tbh he’s a part of a gang so. He’s seen a lot. He’s participated in a lot. He has a pretty steep list of kills, same as every other survivor out there. He’s detached from the deaths but he’s been on the other side of a lot of bullets that have crumpled people up and thrown them in the trash. He knows his business, too. He knows Ketterdam. Well. Wy knows the half of it Kaz wants him to see.

who is more wise?

Wylan is utterly brilliant and Jesper is wholeheartedly here for it. What was that line again? ‘you’re cuter when you’re smart’? Wylan can think his way out of just about anything, the world belongs to him. jsyk

who’s the shyest? 

Wylan absolutely what a sweetie. I mean a lot of it stems from unfortunate self esteem issues and a history of being burnt but a lot of it is pure soul deep candy sweet embarrassment and not knowing what to do w his own cute face. He doesn’t know how to deal w people a lot of the time. he knows sheet music & formulas. he does not know how to look at a boy with beautiful lips all curled up at him and not pass out

who boasts about the other more? 

jesper is loudmouthed usually and he’s that much more loudmouthed when he’s in love, catch him talking to anyone who will listen about wy’s stupid face 

who sits on who’s lap? 

jesper would definitely try it, don’t even test him, he would fold all his crane limbs into wylan’s lap and say ‘hello peaches’ and wylan would have to slide both of them onto the floor to escape his embarrassment. on a good day, jes’ll scoop wylan into his lap and he’ll feel quiet, for a while

Saudade (5)

Bucky x Reader

Summary: She’s willing to do anything to keep Bucky out of harm’s way, that’s why she’s so expendable, and expendability is dangerous.

Word Count: 2.1k+

Warnings: swearing, angst, violence

Russian words are in italics



Originally posted by snowtrooper

She’s always so damn cold.

Her memories were fading rapidly now. She couldn’t recall the last time she saw Bucky. Time was irrelevant now. She felt immune to the pain now. Yeah, it hurt still, but it wasn’t like it was before.

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My Basty Bear

A/N: Hey guys! In celebration of my blog reaching to over 100 followers (author’s mind is blown), I decided to write out this one shot! I wanted to post another one I made of Sebastian Stan, but since this is a bit special, I made a different one. I hope you guys enjoy it! (I apologize for any grammar mistakes in my story) 

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader
Warnings: Language, angst, fluff
Word count: 6,300
Summary: Reader has a habit of coming home late because of her love for painting. Unfortunately, that also starts to raise Sebastian’s suspicions of her habits. 

★ ★ ★

The music blasts through my earphones as I move the messy sponge along the canvas in rough dabs. I dip the edge of the sponge into the black paint before blending the colours into the canvas. I hum to the music, bopping my head back and forth. I was lost in this canvas. Nothing else matters right now.

I stare at the piece for a while before deciding to fix another area that I don’t think looks convincing enough. My favourite song comes along and I can’t resist it. I set the palette and sponge down to dance in place. I move my body around to the beat as I sing along out loud.

This is the norm for me. Singing, dancing and painting all at the same time. I was alone in my studio after all. I’m doing a painting for Sebastian for our anniversary gift. I want it to be perfect.

I do a quick spin to the music. I catch a glimpse of the large clock on the wall. My eyes widen and I stop immediately. I stare at the clock carefully. 8:23. I look through the window and sure enough, it was dark outside. I let out a gasp before quickly clean myself up. I wash out the brushes, palettes and sponge and cover up the canvas.

I store it into the storage room before locking it up tight. I lock up my studio room and run down the hallway. I’m so late. Sebastian would be home any minute and I haven’t made dinner. Argh, this is why I shouldn’t paint without someone there with me to remind me of the time. I always just lose myself in paintings for hours on end.

When I arrived at our apartment, it was brightly lit. I smell something delicious cooking in the kitchen. Great… he’s home. My heart aches. I feel a little terrible for doing this, possibly, the hundredth time to him.

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Auston Matthews ~ My WCW, not yours

Another angst with a happy ending story, what can I say, love some angst :)))Liked writing this because I got to mention KJ Apa!! (actor from the tv show Riverdale in case anyone didn’t know who he was :) )

Requested: Yes

“Hey! Can you please write an Auston Matthews imagine of how a famous young actor/singer makes y/n his WCW and Auston gets jealous about it. And he becomes angry because it starts to trend and all his teammates retweet it as a joke. But y/n reassures him that she only want him? Thank you😊 “

Warnings: Nahh

For @jennbabeyy

Y/Ni is Nickname

——— —— — — is Time lapse

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You were out at dinner with your best friend when your phone started buzzing like crazy. The lock screen displayed a number of twitter notifications, which were seemingly growing in number as each second passed, leaving you confused. You had like 100 followers on twitter, half of which were Auston’s team mates and their girlfriends, and you’d never got this many notifications from the app before.

You were normally against checking your phone at a table, you thought it was rude, but your friend was at the toilet and you were curious.

You unlocked your phone and pulled up your twitter, coming face to face with over 1,000 likes and retweets on the picture you had posted a few hours ago. You were shocked and you scrolled through the comments to find the source.

“Omg I can’t believe KJ Apa retweeted this!!”

You were pretty sure your mouth was hanging open unattractively, but if this person was right, then you had all the reason in the world to look like this currently.

You clicked back onto the notifications and discovered he had in fact retweeted your picture, it was of you watching riverdale that Auston had taken, and you let out a gasp. You had thought it was a pretty nice picture and so posted it, tagging him and some of the other cast, not thinking anything of it.

You were maybe a little wrong about that.

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AU where Bitty is in the NHL

this could go one of two ways.
1. bitty went to samwell with Jack, they still got together, Bitty gets scouted and recruited to: not the Falconers.<
-imagine jack and bits playing against each other
-but jack never checks him, not even if theyre fighting, not even if he’s losing (bitty cant check him bc hes smol but whatever)
-they keep hockey and their relationship separate, and also secret, but think about the playful competition
-jack takes hockey super seriously ofc but bitty helps him realize that hockey is meant to be fun too gd jack u robot
-both of them work at not passing the puck to each other bc they arent on the same team
-but, about that secret relationship
-bitty isnt super closeted. he has a vlog, he has twitter, the only ppl that dont know he’s gay are his parents but lmao they def know bitty is terrible at hiding it, but thats another story
-so, the press, uh, addresses bittys sexuality by putting together a montage of the vlog and links to the vlog and if they werent basically outing him the video would be cute as shit bc its bitty
-but, really, bitty never wanted to be closeted, and he never really hid it anyway. he talks to his parents, he talks to jack, and heres the plan.
-bitty comes out, but he’s so southern about it. like the press says something to him and bitty’s just “oh, y'all didnt know that?”
-so, bittys the first gay NHL player
-but lets talk about jack
-lets say, falconers v bittys team (whatever team he’s on is in new england. wherever bits and jack live is between their home stadiums) and maybe theres a falconer thats kinda a dick and a homophobe. jack isnt out, and its never come up before, but this guy (lets call him Dick) is a DICK. and he says something to bitty, maybe after checking him really hard, and jack just loses it.
-maybe jack is close by and he heard what dick said, and hes livid okay. this guy was sort of his friend, his teammate, and then theres bitty who’s crumpled on the ice and jack and bits make eye contact and bitty looks so shaken and broken and jack. just. loses. it.
-jack fights his own teammate on the ice. he gets dick’s helmet off and his own gloves off and doesnt stop until he can barely recognize the other guys face, because of all the blood, this dick who he thought was his friend, and someone is pulling him away, maybe half the falconers are pulling him away
-maybe its tater thats pulling jack away, jack whos still struggling to get back out there not to keep wailing on dick but to see if bitty is okay because he’s honestly over the anger (okay, maybe not 100% but hes more concerned with bits atm)
-but tater drags him to the showers and forces him under cold water like they do in all the sports movies when shit gets real and athletes be crazy
-fun fact: tater is like jacks bff second to shitty. but he doesnt know about jack and bits.
-and jack is so quiet that tater barely hears him when he asks what the hell happened out there. jacks tells tater that Dick just assaulted jacks boyfriend.
-and tater says. “alright. we kill him. but not on ice, too many camera”
-and jack laughs. tater laughs. jack is still shaking and ofc hes cold but hes calm now.
-hes calm when georgia comes around and his managers come around and he says hes doing press. and they are like “no. not happening” until jack singles out george and is like “i have something to say.” (george knows abt jack and bits so she thinks hes going to come out, but hes not) so he and george have a quiet convo about what he wants to say and george approves it and the managers/coaches are like wtf why are u letting this happen.
-jack does press. his knuckles are shredded and hes got paper towels wrapped around them and theres a bit of blood still but hes smiling.
-jack says ‘bittle is my friend. even if he werent i would not tolerate homophobia on my team’ (jack could be cap or not but anyway)
-press wants to know why its such a strong reaction, dicks face is wrecked, yadda yadda.
-‘bittle is my best friend’ jack says. cue chuckles from the press. somewhere in harvard shitty clutches his chest and screams 'ET TU, JACK?’ (he gets looks but when does he not)
-bitty is being checked out by the docs (hes all good) and is asked what he thinks about jacks reaction. bits is like 'it was stupid of him but nonetheless, i will make him a pie’
-jack gets a fine and a suspension (and a pie) dick gets a bigger fine and a longer suspension and has to make an official apology and go to sensitivity training.
-bitty scolds jack for being wreckless, he could have gotten hurt, maybe outed. and jack is like “i dont care what happens to me i care about you” and they make sweet sweet love and maybe, jack is thinking about coming out
-followers of bittys vlog (which he still does!!) make gifs of dick getting beat up, photoshop pies splattering on his head.
-and then, well, suddenly people are more interested in the bittle/zimmerman 'friendship’
-bittys vlog gets hits. not the new videos when hes in the nhl. the old ones. the samwell ones. especially the outtakes bits posted where a certain canadian pops up here and there
-articles about the two year period where jack and bits were on the same line at samwell. next game bitty is in he gets put on press. 'so, jacks your best friend’ 'id say so’ 'and youre gay’ 'yes’ 'is jack?’ and bits is so clever, and this is the chirp that goes down in hockey legend “jack is hockeysexual”
-(somewhere in the world, the smh crew are d y i n g of laughter. jack gets a million chick emojis in texts.)
-ofc the press are kind of dumb. 'hockeysexual?’ 'yeah,’ says bits 'he likes hockey.’ (later on jack is going to make a show of writing hockey on a post it and sticking it to bitty right after they have sex. bitty snaps a photo and saves it to post on insta later on…. much later)
-in the meantime jack and george are talking about uh, things, and she says that now might be a good time with all the positive media attention (theres negative media too about how jack shouldnt kick the shit out of his own team but mostly the press is ecstatic about fighting homophobia and the 'incredible bromance between players on different teams’ 'bromeo and dudeliet’–ransom and holster INSIST on being called bromeo and dudeliet)
-but jack isnt ready. no, hes ready to come out. he just has to do something first.
-before jack plays again, he proposes. (dont ask me how bc im a SAP and if i get started on a proposal story i wont stop.) but anyway bits says yes. and then a little bit later jack says hes going to come out but he wont tell bitty how, he just tells him to be ready for it.
-and uh, bitty has an away game while jack has a home game. and jack does press. and bittys on the team bus on the way to the stadium when suddenly his team starts whispering and glancing at him until finally theyre at the stadium and off the bus and his team dog piles him and congratulates him and bittys like ??? and suddenly theres a phone in front of him with a video
-and its jack doing press.
-the press (as they have been doing) try and get jack to address the rumors that he and bits are more than bffs, to which jack says
-'im not going to tell yall that hes my boyfriend’ (those in the know notice the yall. it becomes half the smh’s text tones for jack)
-the press murmurs dissapointedly but jack smiles and says 'because he’s my fiance’
-and bitty calls jack immediately and scolds him a bit, and tells him he loves him but 'dangit jack im about to play’ and jack is just like 'sorry not sorry’
-and bittys team wins. do a lot of the stadium know hes engaged to jack? yes. is there a little hate speech thrown at him? yes, like usual. one drunk guy gets his attention and says something like 'im not a gay but zimmy has an ass you can bounce a quarter off congrats dude!’ (bitty will always be suspicious that it was actually shitty in disguise)
-and bits. he does press. one guess as to what the press asks him about. 'no we havent set a date. no, our relationship has never affected the game–okay maybe the once but thats dicks fault. we ve been together since i was 20. no, the only time i try to win games for jack is when im playing against jack" cue chuckles.
-shitty and tater fight for best-manship. lardo is uncontested for bittys best man. there are a lot of smh hockey players in the wedding party.
-there is a lot of talk about how ppl think jack or bitty are going to be compromised by each other, that they shouldnt get to play for the sake of the sport. its a cheap way to disguise homophobia, and jack calls them out on it. bitty is just… 'bless their heearts’ and pulls a knife
-jack is suddenly appearing on bittys vlog more.
-also people are kind of irked that they didnt realize jack and bits live in the smae house. because at some point pre-coming out there have been 'welcome to the team’ fluff pieces where rookies show people around their houses and talj about what they like. first jack had one and then bitty. in the same house. these fuckers. YALL ARE NOT SUBTLE. (this is also how bitty vlog gets popular while hes a nhl star. bc he talks about his vlog. a lot.)
-cut to married zimbits. jack and bits drive to a game together, where theyre going to play each other, and the press paps them sharing a goodbye kiss before going to separate locker rooms.
-theres talk of maybe it would be best if jack or bitty get traded so theyre on the same team? which, that doesnt seem too bad to bits and jack. but. they have contracts. and they kind of like playing against each other. and it takes more than one player for a team yadda yadda jack and bits arent winning/losing alone
-years down the road bitty is a free agent (or whatever i dont really know that much about sports okay) and theyre both falconers players. bc bittys other option was to move to frickin canada (or vegas lmao could u imagine. with parson. poor jack) and also bc jack and bitty play so well together.
-lets end this story with the managers of the falconers face palming SO HARD bc bits makes jack a better player, jack makes bits a better player. the falcs had a chance to get bitty and they didnt bc idk, they had jack from samwell or maybe they compared him to jack tok much or maybe they couldnt compete with whatever bittys team offered to pay. and now they see what they could have had for years now and oh my god. side note- bittys got a stanley cup, jacks got a stanely cup, and now that theyre on the same team theyre gonna get another stanley cup.
-fear the stanely cup winning gay hockey power couple

but yeah. bitty in the nhl.

Second Chances // Part12

Series Masterlist

Words: 1780
 Violence, a lot. Angst?
Bellamy x Reader; OC Grounder x Reader; Octavia x Reader
1x13 We are grounders Part 2

        “Y/N. I need to talk to you,” Octavia said sternly, giving you the idea that you had done something to upset her.

        “Oh, uh, yeah, sure,” You said, following her to the edge of the camp.

        “Who was that Grounder? And don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about,” Octavia asked.

        You sighed. “Jessie. His name is Jessie. I met him a while ago. He saved me from the acid fog,” You answered, gesturing to your scared hand. “Please don’t tell anyone, especially Bellamy,” You begged. 

        “Don’t worry. I won’t,” Octavia promised and you let out a sigh of relief. “So.. do you like him?” She asked with a smirk.

        You laughed and nodded. “I do, in fact, you could say we are a thing,” You stated and she smiled. Octavia didn’t smile much these days, so seeing it made you so happy. “Have you spoken to Lincoln recently?” You asked.

        She nodded,” Yes. He said we need to get out of here as soon as possible and go to the ocean. They are going to attack. Bellamy and Clarke know already,” You could feel your breath hitch at her words.

        Meanwhile, as you spoke to Octavia, seemingly alone, a nosey teenager heard everything.

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I received a message from someone asking why I enjoy Cloti, but they wished to remain “anon”. 

I always feel like this question chokes me up because I’m not talented in expressing myself nor my emotions to others, but I figured I’d give it a try… 

For me, Cloud and Tifa is realistic to what couples go through where as other FF couples are, well, fantasy like. They’re easy, they’re in the “honeymoon phase” and they really don’t go through realistic to where it’s relate-able. Which don’t get me, it’s totally fine and isn’t that the point of shipping; to enjoy something you can’t really have in reality? 

Cloud’s story is such a normal one. I mean really c’mon? Young boy wants to impress the popular girl who he just so happens to have a crush on, but she’s always surrounded by boys who are more confident than he is? Then one day,he musters up some balls to call her out at night only to make an unexpected promise to help her if she’s in need? Totally relate able for a lot of guys in their early years. 

Tifa, like any girl would, reads the paper everyday to see if Cloud is in SOLDIER, and waits for his return. When word gets out there are people from SOLDIER coming to town, Tifa gets giddy to see Cloud, but only to be disappointed when he doesn’t show- or so she thinks. 

He hides his face in shame of not keeping his word and avoids her because of it. Little does Cloud know, at this point, all Tifa wants is to see Cloud. Things take turn for the worst, and a man Cloud looks up to destroys his town, kills his mother, hurts his best friend, and gravely injures the girl he likes.  All the anger Cloud felt in his childhood come rushing over him like a wave, and he himself is able to manage to take on this “great hero”, but pays a high price… he gets taken by Hojo to be a lab rat along with Zack. 

Five years later, Zack and him bust out of the Shinra Mansion basement only to lose Zack in the process, fighting the hang over of his mako poisoning he some how makes it to a train station in Midgar only to be found by Tifa. At this point, they’re both shocked they’ve crossed paths AGAIN. Talk about ironic or as some would say it was “fate”.  When Cloud is finally coherent, he asks Tifa for a job to make a living and tells her of stories that don’t quite make sense. Finally, when they reach Tifa’s bar Cloud realizes once again Tifa surrounded by men who clearly are fond of Tifa. 

For me personally, I feel like this is why Cloud is so “moody” in the beginning of the game. Once again, he has to fight for Tifa’s attention and that he doesn’t fit in with the new group she has. It’s almost like he’s resentful, which I find interesting tbh, anybody would. I’m sure we’ve all been there. We want undivided attention from our crush; anything to search for clues they just may like us back… 

Anyways,  one mission goes extremely south  and I find the dialogue between Cloud and Tifa interesting before he falls into Aerith’s church.  There’s a part of the dialogue that isn’t optional right before he falls (from my memory, been awhile since I played)

It’s gonna blow! Let’s go, Tifa!

Barret! Can’t you do something?

Not a damn thing.

Cloud! Please don’t die! You can’t die! There’s still so much I want to tell you!

******I know, Tifa……*******

That right there signals to me there was something brewing between them that they both recognized. Cloud, not distracted by personal resentment of the past, was himself in that moment.  And like always, they’re interrupted.  Once again, something always getting in the way of them finally confessing their feelings.

When Cloud falls on Aerith’s flowerbed, there’s something I find interesting. He remembers his fall from Mt. Nibel. You know where the part he follows Tifa and the bridge snaps as a child?  That fall brings him back to that time. I mean it’s nothing to telling but it’s something I’ve made note of. 

Once Cloud and Aerith get of her church and he brings her back home safely, he is desperate to get back to Tifa’s bar. I think it’s cute you can call Tifa your “girl…friend”, I don’t think anyone else in the game has that option, so there’s like this build up between Cloud and Tifa that makes you want to know more. 

When Cloud does finally get to meet back up with Tifa, he went through a slew of embarrassing events to dress up like a woman just to make sure she was alright. Cloud is somewhat macho, so for him to slap a dress on, makeup, and a wig with some girly panties is truly telling to how much he cares for Tifa and would do anything to make sure she is alright.  

After several events of them leaving Midgar, the end of Cloud’s story is interesting. Tifa asks Cloud how badly she was hurt, and Cloud replies with he thought Tifa was a goner, but unprovoked he mentions how he was sadden by that thought. 

Now, let me fast forward to after Aerith death and their at the Northern Crater. Cloud mentions to Tifa that he hopes she gets to meet the “real” Cloud. It’s like Nojima wanted to insinuate that this Cloud we’re seeing a fake; not real. We end up getting separated from Cloud, but we find him Mideel where Cloud’s mental state is completely broken, and Tifa decides she’s going to watch over him thus leaving the group… 

When we finally get to the lifestream, that’s where we learn Cloud did what he did for Tifa. He likes Tifa and just wanted her to notice him. Cloud then find outs Tifa read the newspaper everyday searching for his name in it. Some people may think that’s “shallow” of Tifa but I don’t think so. She was just a girl, and at that age we get caught up in things like that.   

Cloud and Tifa finally realize Cloud was there and he saved Tifa, Cloud is able to regain his trueself thanks to Tifa.  Now what is interesting is Cloud, in the true memory, says to Seph  “ Mom… Tifa…… my town… give it back…” he never said that in his flash back at Kalm.  Nojima’s writing for the script references back the “hope you get to meet the real cloud” quote and ofc when he says this is goodbye, until meet again line, “ Yeah…… Tifa…… We finally…… meet again……” This lets us know, the Cloud we knew before, wasn’t 100% Cloud which is so, idk, it’s so realistic bc people in real life will take parts of other people’s personality and morph them into one to great “their” personality. 

 Alrighty, so with the highwind scene, I find it super classic how Square did a romantic setting with Cloud and Tifa before the final battle. You know how you hear about soldiers making love to their wives before their deployed or in movies the hero makes love to his girl before he fights the villain? I feel like thats what Square did. People will fight about how this HW scene is canon, but I don’t think it matters. The Highwind scene is the Highwind scene, Cloud and Tifa spend the night together. Period. They share a kiss/have sex/ play a card game w/e you want to imagine, they spent a romantic night under the stars before the went to fight Seph. To be honest, it was the perfect night for them to come clean. What would they have to lose? They thought they were gonna die anyways.  

They beat seph, yay game over, woot now we have COT and ACC, which really gives the realness. 

I really can see how cloti struggled with their relationship because the events they went through was awful. They’re still mourning over their fallen comrade: Aerith. Cloud is feeling guilty for their deaths. In what reality would this make for the most perfect relationship? It doesn’t, but I feel given the hints and body language cloti is forming a romantic relationship, which is hard for them. You have two people who have pent up emotions from the OG events. 

They seem to be going through their pain together but dont if that makes sense? Best way I can describe it is Tifa takes Denzel coming to the bar as Aerith showing her to  move on, but Cloud takes it as Aerith showing Cloud by raising Denzel, he can make up for his mistakes. Eventually after COT, Cloud and Tifa DO end up happy together with the children. 

However, Cloud gets geostigma and he thinks this is the planet’s way of “punishing him” so he runs off, abandoning everyone at this point, and lives in hiding.   Eventually, Tifa does find where Cloud is staying at and finally getting Cloud to realize it’s time he lets go of the past. Some people will say, “Oh Tifa’s a “bitch” for doing that, but you know what? No, she’s not. You don’t coddle your partner for forever. In relationships, there’s times you have to give your partner a reality check. It’s called tough love. There’s a time where you tell your partner it’s time to stop feeling sorry for yourself and move on. You also don’t let your partner cut off everyone because he/she is too scared to ask for help or see they have people who dearly love him.  

A lot of people who have never had a serious relationship do not realize that there’s times you hate your partner, you don’t know if you’re truly in love with this person anymore, you don’t open up to them, and you just think you’re better off without them. And that’s cloti in acc. They’re figuring it out. They’re pissy, they’re hurt, they’re tired, but you know what…they worked through it. They didn’t just bail and say “see ya later.”, Tifa waited for Cloud to forgive himself, and when he did look where he went? Back to tifa and the children. 

I honestly think that’s why people struggle with shipping cloti is they think or maybe don’t understand when you love someone, they annoy you, make you mad, make you cry, and sometimes don’t understand you, but it’s loving you through those bad times that make you stronger. And maybe that’s why it’s easier to ship other couples is because reality is uncomfortable and we are raised to think everything is rainbow and butterflies x.x 

Phew, this was long >.<  So yeah, TL;DR I love cloti bc they’re real and not your typical FF couple, like Cecil x Rosa or Squall x Rinoa where you don’t see the “Realness”. I feel like Cloti is that couple that isn’t on social media showing pictures of how “happy” they are when in reality they’re miserable, but the couple who keeps their relationship to themselves bc they don’t need to showcase it >.<

for all the honest world to feel (trixya) (5/8) - dare

Brian stared down at his screen, trying to understand what he was seeing – the mild frown on Katya’s face, and the other queen, hands raised, standing just out of frame beyond the gap in the bus bunk curtain.

(AN: so this is… long and sad. finally-throwing-in-an-angst-tag-at-the-bottom levels of sad. warnings for unsafe alcohol use and overdrinking; as usual, “she/her” for adore and “he/him” for trixie (brian) and katya. also, this might read a little weird, but i made the executive decision not to name the weho queen who’s been giving trixie shit because (contrary to, uh, all other signs, i guess) i don’t actually want to speculate on who’s a douche and who isn’t in the ru girl community. so that’s also a thing. 

(OH, and, there’s more lyrics in this one, please don’t judge me, it’s very hard to try to measure up to trixie’s irl songwriting chops lmao)

this week on honest world: shit’s sad. shit’s real sad.)

ch. 1 | ch. 2 | ch. 3 | ch. 4 |

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Rogue One: Second Viewing

- link to my other Rogue One blabberings -

Watched Rogue One for the second time today on the big screen.  Here are some more thoughts since I’m not inundated by “HOLY SHIT” feelings from experiencing it the first time. There may be some repeat thoughts.

NB, as usual: have only seen the movie and read a small portion of its prequel Catalyst so far. I try to talk about individual characters themselves, but shipping thoughts concerning RebelCaptain (Jyn/Cassian) and SpiritAssassin (Chirrut/Baze) still occur.

Warning: THIS IS REALLY, REALLY LONG. Not exaggerating in any way.

  • Quick General Thoughts 
    • I’d seen the movie a little more than a month ago and have swamped myself in fandom, so I thought I wouldn’t have Extreme Emotions from seeing it again. I even thought I’d be bored for some bits.
      • I was wrong.
    • It’s a beautiful movie, and I honestly liked every single performance by the actors and actresses. I thought they were all really good or amazing.
    • By far one of the most intense movies that I’ve seen in general, not just the Star Wars ‘verse.
  • Lah’mu
    • There’s a piece of symbolism in some Rogue One book material that talks about how the movie bookends the theme of “Jyn” and “home.” AKA: Jyn starts the movie by having a home, and Jyn ends the movie by rediscovering home. Figuratively, this is shown by Lah’mu with her parents (start) and the Scarif beach with Cassian (end) (or you could argue the entire Rogue One team becoming family, a la Baze’s “little sister”, as “home”).
      • However, now I can see there’s also a literal interpretation of this: Jyn’s Lah’mu home is next to a beach. And you remember where she dies? A BEACH.
    • If one of the Stormtroopers was taught even a little bit of forensic science, Jyn would have absolutely been found underneath that damn rock. They live on rich, loamy soil. Anyone heard of footprints or tracks? I guess Death Troopers are too busy learning how to kill people.

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master feels after the finale

(i had a big, pan-episode writeup dealing with my dear child twelve, but the internet crashed and tumblr ate it, so, let’s just get to the nitty gritty)

this episode was, ultimately, the biggest mixed bag for me, not mixed bag as in, i feel somewhere in the middle about it, but that there were bits i desperately loved and were as good as doctor who could possibly be, and bits that really made me cringe and retcon them in my head.

so i’ll start with the good - the very, very good:

the master working with themselves. hurting the doctor where he’s most vulnerable; his companions, his faith, his desperate hope that he might finally have his friend back.

that first 10 minutes, where i honestly shivered and felt that this was the meatiest little segment i’ve seen in some time: the doctor, no cards left to play…both masters, murdering his friend, taunting him, then…making out with themselves? i mean, wow. that’s peak horrible. that’s kind of peak master there.

but i wanted to see the conflict in that. i wanted to see the doctor’s hurt, more than just 2 lines about bill…i wanted to see how that flat-out cruelty impacted his faith, his belief in the master, i wanted to see him struggle to fight for what was “right”. his belief in the master felt far too easy after that, and i think not following through with the emotional consequences of those first 5-10 minutes…well, it took a lot of the power out of the “redemption” arc, that had been so nicely set up!

simm!master’s character was, well, interesting. i do feel like he was a little under-done in terms of depth; ok, ok, i mean - roast me - i know rtd’s simm was a yelly maniac…but i feel like he had a lot more dynamic range. moffat’s simm seems to have two modes only: comic relief, and rampant, indiscriminate cruelty.

and that to me felt very inauthentic, it felt like it was sort of reducing him to a catchphrase. kinda how i felt about ten in day of the doctor but shh that’s for another post  i did love the humour, honestly, i adored how cheerful and light this master was. but he seemed to lack a lot of the fury, the pain, the insecurity he did in rtd’s run. i can’t imagine seeing moffat’s master tear up, the way we saw rtd’s. he is just too cold. 

that really leads me on to the second lil criticism i have - yes, the master is cruel. very cruel, actually. he’s done some of the worst things this franchise has seen. but there is one thing that defines his cruelty: it’s for the sole sake of getting to the doctor. yeah, he’s gleeful and certainly gets off on causing pain to others…because he knows this is a weapon the doctor is almost powerless against! his conscience, his guilt, his insistence to care for the little person, his refusal to accept collateral damage; the master can turn them all against him, can make the doctor crumple, with one well-placed strike. the master treats those things as weaknesses, faults - he doesn’t understand those qualities and wants to make the doctor see, like he sees, that they’re only holding him back. that’s why he hurts him. he loves the doctor - but he hates him - but he loves him. he wants the doctor to realise they’re not so different, after all. he wants to punish the doctor for being the things he cannot.

i do feel that in making simm utterly remorseless…or, i guess, indiscriminately remorseless is probably more my issue, and interspersing it with some of the best comedy this season has seen, it cut out a lot of that depth. there were some shockingly dark and meaty moments with simm, but man, without the hate and the pain and contempt behind them, they just felt cold. bit too cold.

but, honestly, he wasn’t the only master who suffered from Not Quite Enough Nuance. i felt that after spending the whole season fleshing out this redemption arc, and michelle’s utterly stunning performance - because she played it totally ambiguous as to what the master was actually feeling, and where she stood - i…didn’t ultimately understand her choice. i wanted to understand it, i wanted to believe it, but one speech didn’t really sell it for me! i mean. oh my god, was it an amazing speech. but i can’t believe that the reason the master, finally, chooses to fight with the doctor is “because he’s right”. of all the reasons, that one is the least believable to me. it undermines their friendship, their love. “because he’s my friend” would have been a…far more epic development, i personally think, and i feel a little snubbed by it all.

i do think that if this episode hadn’t tried to do so MUCH in one go, and had pared itself right down to master/master/doctor/cybermen + oh shit, bill, and not done the children, and the nardole/lady love plot, and the doctor’s regeneration, and the companions coming back, and heather, and the first doctor….! well, yeah. it was a lot, and i feel that the master’s story would have been more fleshed out if it was allowed to be the main plot of this finale. i think world enough and time worked better as an episode for this reason.

(not to say, oh my god, that i didn’t die during all of the regeneration/heather/one stuff. you bet i did. and i loved it. buuut i just sort of think that was a 3-parter, not a 2-parter in there.)

in terms of what they chose to do…well, i liked the concept. i think the actions are very believably master. thing is, though…we’ve established that the master would definitely rather die, than let the doctor, somehow, beat them. and the story 100% paid respect to that. but i felt that the finality of that story really sort of sat weirdly with me. ok, hear me out: ending simm’s regeneration by his other self murdering him? i can get behind that. ending the master’s ENTIRE life by his other self murdering him - no, i really can’t. to sell this entire story as really, an ending for the master’s arc in general, feels very…oh, i don’t know, it feels like cutting the character short. i think ending the master with a redemption arc does not quite do justice to the whole point of the doctor and the master. their relationship is just not as simple as good and evil, and i resent it being taken down to that.

in the end, what was that segment trying to show us? i believe it was trying to show us the entire, core conflict that will always end in tragedy for the doctor and the master: they both want to be with each other so very much, and they could never live with themselves, either one of them, if they did. and i honestly believe that the beauty and sadness and inevitability of that could have been done without making both masters kill each other.

that said. oh, i do love the bit where they laughed themselves silly. that was gorgeous. that was so them: backstab each other, and forgive in the same breath. that whole scene was so them. i’d accept all of it wholeheartedly, if it wasn’t treated as such a final resting place, a denouement for the master as a person.

i think this is representative of a larger moffat problem, which i’m going to touch on because i want to: moffat always seems to need to leave his “mark” on established events?? you know - the TARDIS noise is “leaving the brakes on”. the doctor’s real name, dealt with about 5 times in his run alone. he undoes the time war. he creates his own classic doctor instead of celebrating the existing ones. he takes ownership of the 13-regeneration-limit…even when the doctor is technically only strictly on number 12 (13?). he re-does the genesis of the daleks, just to have his own prints on it. there’s lots of other stuff too, but this kind of reeks of it to me…he has to have the final say on lots of doctor who canon, and he’s had his final say on the master. and i simply don’t agree.

the good thing about treating some things as sacrosanct (eg, the TARDIS, the Doctor’s name, etc) is that it allows all of us to form our own interpretations, and yeah. i do wish that this vision hadn’t been treated as the only answer to the master’s arc.

oh. and because i haven’t touched on it: i’m so here for the master flirting with themselves. blatantly. but you know, it sucks that we have simm/gomez, gomez/twelve, and the sexuality knob has been turned up as far as it can without breaking the rating on those…but we still can’t display m/m doctor/master. and i think that’s just really sad.


p.s. i’m also so here for the eyeliner. i mean….the master putting on eyeliner. on camera. welcome to the future, goddamn.

I just called to say I..

‘Could you do a imagine (or full on fic if you feel like it idm depends if you have the time 😊) about when Emily realizes she is in love with you xxx  ‘

Title : I just called to say I..

Pairing : Emily Prentiss x reader

POV : Emily’s

Premise : Before Emily goes to take down Doyle, she calls you to confess her feelings and she reflects on how she fell for you.

Word Count : 852

Special thank to @lostdreamsanddeadroses for beta reading this, and i am total jerk for forgetting to put this in. Send her nice comments and follow her she posts pretty and fandom related things

It feels like I’m in a battlefield. Maybe it’s the rain outside, pouring down hard like bullets against the metal of the car. Maybe it’s the thick fog reminiscent of smoke. Or maybe it’s the war inside my mind, this battle between what is right in terms of the world and in terms of my heart. I’m sitting here, parked at the corner of your street. You aren’t home, I know that. You are at work, drinking coffee and running your hands through your hair, bent over the case file and trying to figure out who the hell is behind all these killings. Blissfully unaware that all the dead people are people I cared about, and that they’re all dead because of me.

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Jack Gilinsky - Denial (part 2)

Part 1


It was Saturday night, everyone at my age was out having fun, but I was sitting on my bed with my textbooks getting ready to my upcoming exams. It had been three days since I met Jack and we had that conversation. I hadn’t heard from him, I saw him posting a photo of him and Johnson playing basketball, but that was all.

I groaned as I had to read the same line all over again, I just couldn’t make sense out of it, and then my phone rang. I grabbed it from my night stand and saw Jack’s name on the screen. I swallowed and then finally answered the call.


“Y/N! Can yo… Do ya think that…” He was definitely drunk. “Can you pick me uppp?” he asked popping the ‘p’.

“Jack are you drunk?” I asked sighing.

“Just a… little bit,” he giggled.

“Where is Johnson? Is he with you?”

“Nope, I… I came alooone, because I…” and then he started crying.

“Oh shit. Where are you?”

He managed to tell me the club’s name he was in. I quickly grabbed my keys and hopped into my car. When I got to the club I found him yelling at the security guy who didn’t seem to be happy about Jack’s behavior.

I rushed to him.

“Do you know who-o I-I am?” he yelled at the guy poking his chest.

“Jack, what’s going on?” I asked when I got to him.

“Here is my herooo!” he shouted hugging me suddenly. I pulled him away from the club and managed to reach my car.

“How much did you exactly drink?” I asked as I bundled him into the car.

“One orrr maybe two glasses,” he said with his eyes closed.

“Yeah, you mean, bottles. Now let’s get you home, big boy,” I sighed starting the car.

“No!” he snapped. “I can’t go home!”

“Why?” I asked confused.

“Because… she’sss there.”


“Okay, then… you can sleep at my place, is it okay?” I asked glancing towards him, but his eyes were closed again.

“Mmhmmhm,” was all he said as an answer.

I drove home, and slowly walked him inside while he was half asleep. I laid him down to my bed, took his shoes off and covered him with a blanket. I was about to go out of the room when he spoke up.


I slowly walked back and sat down to the edge of the bed.


“You know that I love you, right?”

My heart was beating in my throat. It was the first time he said it to me. And I wanted to say it back to him so badly, but I couldn’t. He was with Madison and I didn’t want to mess his things up even more.

“Yes, Jack, I know,” I said quietly.

“I’m sorry for everything,” he mumbled making himself comfortable. I watched him fall asleep and then replied even if he wasn’t listening to me anymore.

“I know.”

The next morning I woke up with a terrible backache. My couch happened to be quite uncomfortable. I got up and wanted to check on Jack but he wasn’t there. Just a piece of paper was set on my bed. I picked it up and started to read it.

Dear Y/N,

I’m sorry about what happened yesterday, I didn’t mean to bother you. Thank you for taking care of me. See you very soon.


“As if,” I said reading the see you very soon part. I was 100% sure he didn’t mean it.

I decided not to care about this whole night anymore. Jack got drunk because of Madison and ended up sleeping in my bed. I was sure he had enough trouble in his life without having to deal with me.

I continued to study, because last night I got interrupted. I was about to get something to eat from the kitchen, when the doorbell rang. I thought it might be the neighbor, my mails always went to him, but when I opened the door I found Jack standing at the doorway.

“What are you doing here?” I asked surprised.

“Can I come in?” he asked smiling lightly. I stepped out of the way, he walked in and I closed the door.

“Uh, how can I help you?” I asked feeling a bit awkward.

“I broke up with Madison.”

It was like a bolt from the blue. I couldn’t speak or move. Then he continued.

“She came there yesterday to surprise me but we got into a fight because I didn’t tell her I was going to meet you. She started to yell at me and then told me to choose between her and… you.” He had a short pause and then spoke up again. “I didn’t know what to do, went to this club and got drunk. Obviously I called you, because you were the only person I wanted to see. You came for me, took me there and then I told you that I love you.”

“I thought you wouldn’t remember it,” I said quietly.

“How would I forget the first time I say I love you to the girl I love?” he said smiling at me. He just said that he loves me, sober and single. Was this a dream? “You didn’t take advantage of me and let me do what I want even if I was a huge asshole this whole time.”

I shook my head.

“You weren’t.”
“Yes I was. I chose the easier way and hurt you. You wanted me to be happy even though I didn’t deserve it after what I did.”

I felt tears form in the corner of my eyes. He stepped closer and took my hands in his.

“Madison made me chose, while you selflessly did what you thought to be the best for me.”

“I just wanted you to be happy,” I said trying to fight my tears back.

“I know, I was just… I was living in denial, I thought that I would be okay without you, or with someone else, but I was wrong. I want to be with you, and I’m asking you to forgive me for everything I did.”

I nodded madly feeling my tears run down my cheeks and threw myself on him. He held me in his arms tightly and finally I felt safe.

“I’m so sorry Y/N, I love you!” he mumbled into my ear.

“I love you too, Jack,” I said hugging his neck.

“I learnt my lesson, and I’m not going to let you go from now on, okay?” he laced his fingers through my hair and leaned back a bit so he could look into my eyes. “I was so stupid,” he breathed shaking his head at me.

“No, don’t say that. You are here now and that is all that matters!” I said taking his face in my hands.

“Yes, I’m here now,” he smiled nodding lightly and after all those years and drama, he finally kissed me.

turnsfromblue  asked:

"give me another chance" calum !!

for @hemmocrat​‘s and my breakup!5sos blurb night!

insp. i // insp. ii

I’ll wait at our restaurant ‘til closing time,” his voice rumbled through the speaker of your phone, the tiniest crack on the last syllable only apparent to you as a result of the amount of times you’d replayed his voicemail over and over again. “If you don’t go, then…” Calum trailed off, a defeated sigh briefly fizzling over the receiver before a muttered “I’ll stop trying” concluded his message. Even though it was probably the fourteenth time you’d listened to it, your ex’s somber invitation still set every fiber in your body on fire as if his voice was the lit match to your body; your heart engulfed in flames as your resolve refused to burn.

It hadn’t ended well. Breaking up with Calum wasn’t a brief, dismissive, amicable handshake shared between two colleagues, rather four fiery middle fingers thrust into the air like charged particles in humid atmosphere; two lovers loved out of love, clashing like a toddler does with wooden spoons to metal pots on a dirty kitchen floor. Left with only the bitter remains of “what could’ve been”s marred into your skin in the form of blooming, purple hickies across your neck from the night full of anger fueled lust prior, you’d slammed the door behind you, the wood rattling angrily against the frame. Screaming insults at the brunette as you lugged your stuffed-to-the-brim suitcase behind you, you blatantly ignored him as beckoned you back into your shared apartment. When he raced down the stairs and jumped over the bushes lining the parking lot, the bassist begged, pleading with his hands clasped and tears streaming like a leaking faucet down his face on his knees, yet… It wasn’t enough to make you stay.

And though you might’ve steered clear of him when you made a rapid three point turn out of the apartment complex, Calum still felt like you ran him over; squashed his heart beneath your squelching tires and didn’t even care enough to look back at the broken man you’d left, broken, behind.

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Based on Anonymous Prompt: Hi! Can you write a story where reader and Bucky are together and Bucky has to go undercover where he’s the lover of some other girl, but reader doesn’t know and she sees them together and misunderstandings happen and they almost break up?? ANGST PLEASE !!! Thank youuu

A/N: AH sorry I didn’t post all week!  It was my last week of film classes, and I had to finish my final project (still not 100% done) and also I edited a 20 minute video of video and pictures of my whole class since freshman year and now I’m rambling, but the basic point of this is that I bit of a lot more than I can chew this past week and hopefully I’m gonna get a handle on life next week (yeah right).  Anyway, I really like this one.  Hope you do too!

Tagging @pleasecallmecaptain @mattymattymerduck @writingbarnes and @kissofvenom922.


“Where’s (Y/N)?” Bucky says, walking into the kitchen where all the Avengers are sitting down to eat breakfast.

“I don’t know.”

“Beats me.”

“Haven’t seen her.”

Bucky’s eyebrows furrow in confusion.  You’re an early riser, and you never miss breakfast with the team if you can help it.

“Did anyone go check on her?” he asks and everyone shakes their head.

“If she’s not here, it’s probably because she needs some space,” Nat says practically, spreading butter on her toast nonchalantly.  “Don’t worry about your girlfriend, Barnes.”  

But Bucky can’t help but worry about you.  And so, a few minutes later, he finds himself exiting the elevator for your floor, walking down the hallway to your bedroom.

He finds the door closed, something unusual for you.  You typically leave everything open, always ready to receive visitors.  He comes up to the door and knocks softly on it.

“(Y/N)?” he calls quietly, wondering if you’re awake.  He doesn’t hear an answer.  “(Y/N)?  Doll?”  He lifts his hand up to knock again.

“Go away, Bucky.”  

Bucky’s hand drops in shock at the open hostility in your voice.  


“I don’t want to talk to you right now,” you reply, your voice muffled and croaky.

“Doll, are you sick?” he asks, his voice rising in concern.  

“Yeah, it feels like my chest has been ripped open,” you reply.  “Oops, sorry, that’s just the feeling of my heart being broken into a million pieces.  My mistake.”

Now Bucky is confused and concerned.

“Doll,” he pleads.  “Please let me in.”  He waits for the sound of your voice and hears you sigh quietly.

“It’s open.”  Bucky pushes the door open and his heart literally drops into his stomach.  

You’re lying on your bed, under a pile of blankets.  Your eyes are red, your skin puffy, not even bothering to hide the tears streaming down your cheeks.

“Doll, what’s wrong?” Bucky asks, crossing the room to be closer to you, but you shake your head, stopping him in his tracks.

“Don’t,” you say shortly.  “Don’t be all nice to me, don’t call me doll, don’t even smile at me.  Because then I’ll forgive you.”

“Forgive me for what?” Bucky asks.  “What have I done?”

“You remember David?” you ask.  “That S.H.I.E.L.D. analyst?”

“The one that has a crush on you?” Bucky says, fighting the growl that creeps into his voice, but ultimately failing.  You shake your head impatiently.

“Don’t,” you say again and Bucky winces at the cold in your voice.  “Anyway, he sent me some pictures last night.  Pictures of you.”

“Pictures of me?” Bucky asks, still confused.

“I trust you,” you say quietly.  “I trust you completely, you know.  Maybe that’s why it sucks so much.  Because I wouldn’t have ever found out.”

“Found out what?” Bucky asks, dread settling in the pit of his stomach.

You gesture to the tablet on your desk and Bucky picks it up.  It flickers on, and he’s met with the sight of him.  Kissing another woman.

“(Y/N),” he says.  “It’s not what you think it is.”

“Tell me she was dying,” you say drily.  “Tell me you’re performing CPR.  You told me you were on an op last night.  But this is what you were doing.”

“No, I-”

“Look, Bucky,” you say, rolling over so that your back is to him.  You don’t see the pained look on his face, and it makes it easier to say everything you’ve been thinking for the past 12 hours.  “I was fine, before you came along.  Lonely, but fine.  And then I met you.”


“I told myself not to let myself get close to anyone.  Ever.  Because they can’t hurt you if you never let them in in the first place, right?  But you were you, and you were handsome and charming and caring and so incredibly out of my league and maybe one of the best people I’ve ever met.  And so I let you in, and I told myself that I’d be okay.  That everything would be okay.”

“It wasn’t-”

“You’re wonderful, Bucky, and I love you.”  Bucky’s eyes widen at your admission.  “I love you so much, and I just want you to be happy.  And if I’m not the one that makes you happy, then that’s how it is.  But I just…I didn’t want to find out like this.  And so I think it’s time we end this…whatever it is.”

“Doll,” Bucky says, fighting the growing panic.  “Doll, please.  Can I explain myself?”  You shrug, but Bucky sees the tension in your shoulders, the forced nature of the shrug.  And as he continues to stare at you, he sees the way your body moves, ever so slightly.  And he realizes you’re fighting back sobs.

“Doll,” he says, wanting nothing more than to reach out to you but knowing that the last thing you want is his touch.  “That was the op.”  He sees your body still.

“What?” you croak.

“I was undercover,” he says and you let out a shaky breath.

“God, I’m stupid,” you say.  “Well, please, just walk out of the room and leave me here to die.  God, I’m so embarrassed.”


“Don’t ‘doll’ me,” you reply, and you roll over so that your voice is muffled in the pillow now.   “I don’t deserve to be called doll.  I am so freaking stupid.”

Bucky shakes his head and crosses the remainder of the room, sitting down on the edge of your bed.

“You better not be sitting on my bed,” you groan.  “I can’t even look at you right now.  In fact, it’s probably best if we never see each other again.”

“Hey, look at me.”  Something in his voice makes you roll over so that you’re facing him.  “Hey.”

“Hey,” you say softly.  “So I’ve been an idiot.”


“Yes.  A massive idiot.  A huge imbecile.  A cotton-headed ninnymuggins.”

“A what?”

“Remind me that we have to watch Elf.”  Bucky smiles and you realize what you just said.  “I mean, you have to watch Elf.  Because we’re never going to see each other again after this.”


“No, I was jealous and petty,” you say, shaking your head.  “I turned into the jealous, possessive, obsessive girlfriend.”

“No,” Bucky corrects.  “You didn’t go seeking those pictures out.  Who sent them to you?”

“David,” you say begrudgingly.

“Exactly,” Bucky says.  “So can we maybe admit that David does have a crush on you and therefore had ulterior motives in sending you those pictures?  And maybe I can finally beat him up with your blessing now?”

“I will agree with the first part,” you say.  “But I don’t want you to so much as touch him-”

“Relax, I was joking,” Bucky says.  “Scoot over.”  Begrudgingly, you shift to your right and Bucky lays down next to you, both of you staring straight up at the ceiling.

“I’m sorry,” you say.  “For believing that you would ever do something like that.”

“I’m sorry too,” he says.  “For making you believe, even for a second, that I would ever have eyes for anyone besides you.”

“That’s not-”

“That’s not what?”

“Not a you problem,” you say.  “I…if we’re being honest, I’ve always found it hard to believe that you would pick me.  I guess I’ve always been waiting for you to get tired of me.”

“O ye of little faith,” Bucky jokes, but you don’t miss the note of hurt in his voice.

“It’s not that I don’t think you’re an amazing person,” you say quickly.  “Like, you’re the type of person that cheats on other people.  I know you, and you’re loyal to a fault.  I’m just…me.  I’m nothing special, so I guess I never really understood what you saw in me.”

Bucky doesn’t respond, and for a minute, you wonder if he’s going to leave.  And then you feel his arms wrap around you as he pulls you closer to him.

“Well then,” he says, and you can just feel his breath against your ear.  “You want me to list it?”

“List what?” you ask.

“Everything that I see in you,” he says matter-of-factly.  “I can go categorically or alphabetically.”


“I’m also gonna have to correct you on one point,” Bucky says.  


“You’re wrong, that you’re nothing special,” he says, planting feather-light kisses on your neck.  “You’re everything special.”

kamenriderhyrule  asked:

Even though the comic is on hold or discontinued, would you be ok with sharing the lore of your AU?

(sorry i wrote a lot of typos) Yeah, i plan to discontinue the Angeltale AU, so ill share out the story if anyone was still interested:

Here were the angeltale monster and human versions of the opening.

Then came the discontinued comic. (edit: maybe continued?)

The story went something like this..

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anonymous asked:

I love Usopp a lot of the time but I have my moments where I can be disappointed in choices he makes. I'm disappointed by Sanji's constant chivalry and nosebleeds but I still love him pretty much all the time. Lately, there's been a lot of posts since Usopp's running away tactic that defends Usopp but puts down people who were disappointed. I mean, if you're not disappointed, cool, but I was. Don't put down my feelings on his choice in the fight. Am I crazy or just stupid for thinking that? :/

I have lots and lots of love for Usopp, and I really do think he’s one of the most well developed characters in the series. I don’t think he’s right all the time either, but what he does is extremely relateable and understandable. Take Water 7 for example: he was dead wrong about whether or not the crew should keep sailing with the Going Merry. Luffy had the same reaction that Usopp did when the shipwrights told him Merry couldn’t be repaired, and what did Iceburg say to him?

And Iceburg was right. It’s the duty of the captain to protect his whole crew, while still pressing forward to achieve his dream and the dreams of his crew. And jeopardizing the lives of the entire crew and all their dreams/futures because of an unwillingness to hurt the feelings of one of their own and make sacrifices where the needed to be made is not what a captain does.

So yeah, Usopp was dead wrong. But, I can still sympathize so much with where he was coming from. Usopp always had confidence issues with himself, and over time they just kept getting bigger and bigger. I think Aokiji’s appearance, where Usopp witnessed for the first time the entire Monster Trio being defeated with 0 effort, was a scary wake up call to him

For the first time Usopp realized that he couldn’t always depend on them to beat the big bad guys, that even if he fought and did his best, they could still all be crushed. And of course, Water 7 just drove home the idea that he wasn’t good enough to be a part of the crew harder than ever before

Usopp wasn’t just refusing to leave Merry because he was attached to it (and he WAS the closest one to it out of all of them), but because he was afraid that if the crew was willing to leave Merry behind when it wasn’t of use to them anymore they’d do the same to him one day. So he took a stand and fought to try to prove himself to both Luffy and himself. In a lot of ways it’s just like the fears Robin had about the crew, the first true family she ever had, becoming to resent her for the burden she placed on them and come to hate her, so she sacrificed herself rather than put them in harms way or give them a chance to reject her eventually.

So I disagree with Usopp sometimes, and sometimes I’m even disappointed in him. I was a bit disappointed in him when he ran away at first against Trebol and Sugar, but he came back and put his life on the line all the same. And you saw how badly he was hurt in that fight. If it had gone on any farther he probably would have died, and he knew that’s what would happen to him. And can you really look at a guy like that, a guy barely any stronger than the average tumblr user, and say to him, “hey, I know we only met a few hours ago, but could you go fight that guy who can throw ships like baseballs for us and probably die pointlessly in the process? We’d really appreciate it!”

Because that’s more or less what it was. Usopp was in far over his head. He was afraid for his life, and he was frustrated with the Tontatta putting all their hopes on him, something he admittedly fostered himself in them with his lies, and that’s understandable. Do I like that he ran away? Of course not. But I understand why he did it, because face it—every single us would have done the same, except we probably never would have come back. Usopp’s not a hero and he’s not a monster. He’s just a regular guy trying to do his best to overcome his own fears and limitations and find his place in the world, and I would hope that’s something everyone can relate to.

When it comes to whether or not you’re “crazy or stupid” for being disappointed in Usopp, those aren’t things that I would say to someone. If you can look at everything I’ve said here and still hold what Usopp did against him, then I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree. I’m not one to say things like, “if you don’t love Usopp and approve of everything he does you’re stupid and I don’t want to talk to you,” since we can’t really help what characters we get attached to for personal reasons, and I don’t agree with everything Usopp does myself. But the fundamental parts of who Usopp is are so important in my opinion, and I will say that if someone hates Usopp or thinks he’s a joke I will fight them on it, because to me that’s saying something more than just insulting a character in a manga.

Anyone who thinks Usopp is a joke and doesn’t deserve to be respected is saying that people who aren’t strong, who aren’t good at something, shouldn’t even try—that people aren’t allowed to try to be better and braver than they really are. I am 100% fine with Usopp being afraid to fight, even here and now after the time skip, because there will always be people stronger than you—better than you at whatever it is you’re trying to do—and the future and whether or not we can succeed in what we try to do in life is something that people will always have anxieties about. Whether it’s getting into a school you want, getting a job you’re aiming for, standing up to people who are assholes, defending something you believe in to people who mock you, working to make a relationship work through difficult times, or anything else that we want but feel scared or uncertain about, we all need to do things in life that we don’t always have the confidence to believe we can do. And Usopp’s character and everything about him tells the message, “it’s okay to be weak, it’s okay not to be the best, it’s okay to be afraid, and it’s okay to fail—what matters is that we keep trying. We can always improve ourselves, and we can always prove our own fears wrong and do what we were afraid we couldn’t.”

All this is why I think that Usopp is possibly the most well developed and most inspirational character in the entire series. If Usopp doesn’t make someone smile, and if someone doesn’t need the type of inspiration that Usopp can offer and therefore doesn’t think too much of him, I can’t blame them for that. But Usopp means a lot to a lot of people, and in my mind both his fears and his actions come together to make a character that deserves to be respected by everyone.

anonymous asked:

You probably can't come up with 100 reasons why Connor is good or why you love him so much

you are playing a very dangerous game here, anon

  1. He cares about the safety of his village
  2. He cares about his grandmother
  3. He cares about his best friend since childhood
  4. He wasn’t afraid to call out the founding fathers on their hypocrisy
  5. And he did it in the most calm demeanor I have ever seen
  6. He pets stray dogs
  7. He helped Prudence give birth in the middle of the woods even though he was scared shitless for her and for her baby
  8. The clasping thing he does with his hands
  9. He helped Norris and Miriam get together wingman of the year 2k14
  10. And he helped organize their wedding
  11. AND he walked Miriam down the aisle
  12. ANDDDDDD when he was helping Norris court her and she didn’t like flowers, he announced “I WILL UNCOVER THIS MYSTERY MYSELF”
  13. He nearly broke a guy’s wrist and when he got the information he needed he politely said ‘thank you (✿◠‿◠)’
  14. He respects women
  15. He had a conversation with the Marquis de Lafayette about crossdressing
  16. HE IS SO HUMBLE LIKE “You diminish your role, but you have always been of humble heart.” “I do what is right. No more, no less.”
  17. He actually wanted to end the templar/assassin conflict
  18. At least he tried to weaken the templar’s influence through other means besides killing them all off at first
  19. He’s not perfect, he can still be stubborn, idealistic, and impulsive
  20. When any of the recruits get injured he runs over to them, holds their hand and encourages them to keep fighting
  21. “I expect an apology when I return”
  22. Literally any scene with him and Faulkner
  23. He beat up an abusive husband
  24. Then gave Ellen and her daughter a new home where she could continue with her business
  25. He also did the same for Prudence and Warren
  26. When Miriam was injured, he carried her all the way back to the manor even though her wound was on her arm not her leg
  27. He started captaining the Aquila when he was, what, fourteen years old?
  28. When Lee kept going on about how he was going to destroy everything he held dear, Connor just fucking rolled his eyes at him
  29. His level of determination is insane
  30. Even with a gaping wound in his side, he STILL managed to go after Lee and finally kill him
  32. He teamed up with a templar for a short amount of time but never once gave up his own beliefs or ideals
  34. He actually did sincerely apologize to Achilles when he yelled and insulted him
  35. He mentored Adewale’s grandson
  36. Despite knowing that Edward was a pirate, he still must have had some respect for him
  37. He made the people of Boston look like idiots by solving all of their mysteries (the loch ness monster, ufos, etc.)
  38. But when it turned out that the headless horseman was real he was just “LOL YEAH IT’S REAL”
  39. He played fanorona with Father Timothy after Achilles died
  40. The first thing he did when he saw that Ziio was alive was hug her
  41. He always strove for equality and justice for the people
  43. “I will not die today. The same cannot be said for you”
  44. Then he faced his own execution without batting one eyelash. Not one
  45. Then he went after Hickey even though he was exhausted, most likely malnourished, and had almost been hung
  46. THEN when he killed Hickey, he told Putnam to not kick his body because “he was still a man”
  47. Connor has so much fucking respect for others even for some of his enemies don’t look at mE
  50. He’s not a bitter or cynical protagonist
  51. He actually has so much hope and optimism despite all the shit he has to deal with
  52. And when it’s all over and he pulls the hatchet out of the post, he does learn the hard way that yeah, life is not a fairy tale and there are no happy endings
  53. But he grows and learns from that lesson
  54. He does everything he can to help others, even complete strangers
  55. He has so much genuine kindness and empathy
  57. His story didn’t end with him killing Lee
  58. He still took initiative with the brotherhood and continued recruiting others
  59. He even asked Aveline for help with recruiting Patience
  60. He recruited Dobby, Patience, and allied himself with Aveline because he knows women can get shit done
  61. He gave everything to keep his village safe
  62. And when told by his grandmother that he should rest, he said he would rest when everyone is safe and free
  64. When Prudence was pregnant he saved her FROM A BEAR
  65. The amount of thought Noah Watts put into Connor from his speaking mannerisms to how he presents himself makes me cry happy tears
  66. “I do not have the time to give a woman what she deserves. Perhaps when all this is over, I will be able to settle and have a family. I hope”
  68. He has the nicest handwriting it probably puts all the founding fathers to shame
  69. He had enough common sense to throw the apple of eden into the ocean once it showed him some heavy shit
  72. “What do… you women…… like? In terms of gifts?”
  73. He looks fine as fuck as the captain of the Aquila
  74. And idgaf what anyone else says, his Captain Kidd and alternative captain outfits are also fine as fuck
  77. That little smirk he gives
  78. This speech
  79. He didn’t end up as a bitter old man okay shut the fuck up Darby
  80. The fact that he’s a positive indigenous character who’s multifaceted, complex, and doesn’t rely on gross stereotypes
  81. The way he looked so miffed as a kid when he drew the shortest straw in hide and seek
  82. The way he got so excited during his first trip to Boston mY BABY
  84. His momma was badass and perfect and held a knife to Washington’s throat
  85. [FALLS OUT OF TREE] “What? I meant to do that”
  86. He doesn’t need to talk a lot because he lets his actions and mannerisms speak for him
  87. And when he does talk, his voice is so calm and soothing and just really nice to listen to
  88. But he’s also got a good yelling voice B)
  89. He CONSTANTLY calls Haytham out on his bullshit especially when he makes unnecessary kills
  90. He deserves everything good and happy
  91. Please somebody give this man a hug
  92. [SPOILERS FOR AC ROGUE] Charles Dorian knew him and his recruits so if a French assassin knew fully well what Connor did during the American Revolution, he must have done something right
  93. Connor never forgot about the brotherhood
  94. No more of this ‘HE NEVER CARED ABOUT THE ASSASSINS’ because he did
  95. Why the hell else would be continue with recruitment?
  96. Not only does he respect the Homesteaders and his recruits, he also respects the hell out of his crew mates of the Aquila
  98. Those two little out sticking hairs on the top of his head
  99. He’s probably fluent in French, German, and Latin since Achilles most likely had him study books in those languages
  100. I just love Connor a lot okay
On 844 and Ship Wars

So there have been a lot of feels going around since 844 dropped - I’ve seen at least three YouTubers either crying or in the aftermath of crying (ODA HOW COULD YOU MAKE ROGERSBASE CRY YOU MONSTER!!!), a loooooot of posts on the subject, and everyone pretty much agreeing Luffy was fucking awesome this chapter (because holy shit Luffy was fucking awesome this chapter).

And then there’s the whole Nami slap thing which has people all over the place in terms of reactions as it’s not 100% clear what was going on with her. Did she buy into his lies? Is she playing along with him? Does she know he’s lying but thought he took it too far? Those seem to be the prevailing opinions on the matter, but I’m sure all will be forgiven by the end of this arc once Nami realizes what happened and remember oh wait she’s been in his position before, too. 

But there were a couple of posts I saw that kind of made me angry and it’s actually a subject I’ve wanted to talk about for a while, so I suppose we will call this to the straw that broke the camel’s back, I guess. Some of you may have noticed there’s been some “tension” between the LuNa and SaNa parts of the fandom. If you haven’t been engaging in the ship war, good for you, you’re behaving like an adult and I’m proud of you, good job! Either way, it reared its ugly head again this chapter when a couple of Tumblr users posted that this scene was totally a LuNa thing because Nami values Luffy more than she values Sanji.

… what?

I don’t care if you support Nami with Luffy, Nami with Sanji, Nami with Zoro, Nami with Vivi, Nami with Wanda, or even Nami with That One Tree Luffy Invited To Join the Crew (I will accept both Gaimon and Zombie Tree from Thriller Bark as valid answers), but if she does hook up with someone it does not invalidate the friendships and relationships she has with other characters in the series and I am TIRED of seeing this bullshit. Insinuating this idea does not prop up your ship, it devalues Nami as a character.

Because here’s the thing. The chapter as a whole was obviously about Luffy’s resolve as a captain and how much he values Sanji and that whole speech at the end is possibly going to end up one of the GREAT speeches of the series in a series that already has some really good speeches. But the slap? Not so much.

Okay, yes, Nami was pissed off that Sanji beat the shit out of Luffy - obviously. But dropped the “-kun”, the demeaning way she addressed him, the way he couldn’t even look at her, the way she had tears in her eyes when she said her good-bye … all of that was about their friendship and their relationship and the pain it was causing those two specifically. Even if SaNa doesn’t happen, don’t just sit there and go “welp, Nami hates Sanji now, guess that means she’s going to go make out with Luffy”.

No. Wrong. So very, very wrong. Friendship breakups and fights are not pleasant ordeals to go through, either, and at the very LEAST that is what’s happening here. Yeah the SaNa camp is going a little bonkers right now over the dropped “-kun” and how various analysts are interpreting things, but to insinuate Nami doesn’t care about Sanji at all is ignorant and, quite frankly, against everything that this arc is about. 

One of the perceived themes in this arc, as stated by many others (including a post on Arlong Park) is that part of what’s got to happen this arc is Luffy fixed Sanji’s sense of self-worth. That was the point of his speech at the end, letting Sanji know that he’s wanted and loved and cared about by the people who really matter. Even though Nami is mad at him right now, she’s also been the one who has been the most anxious to get him back, the most driven, the most aggressive of the group. Even if she only saw him as a friend, even if she only ever will see him as a friend, that relationship still matters.

At its core, One Piece is a story about friendship, and that includes the friendships between all of the Straw Hats, not just perceived couples. Remember, this isn’t a shoujo manga, this is a shonen manga, and at that, one where the author has stated multiple times (though not recently) that he doesn’t want romance between the Straw Hats in the manga. Yes, it’s possible he’s changed his mind or he’s doing the JJ Abrams “Mystery Box” thing where he’s lying to fans to preserve a surprise but again, it doesn’t matter. This is a story about friendship. Stop devaluing Nami’s friendships with the other Straw Hats because no matter who she ends up with, if anyone, all of her friendships throughout this series have meaning and value. 

As someone else pointed out in the #sanji tag, don’t forget about nakamaship!

lushatrocity  asked:

If you're ever in need of inspiration I think something along the lines of "eharmony says you're my perfect match which is awkward since I've sworn to hate you for all eternity" could be super cute for Bellarke!

The thing is, it was supposed to be a joke.

It seemed hysterical at the time- setting up an e-harmony profile while shit-faced drunk, that is. Spurred on by copious glasses of wine and Raven’s incessant pestering about her lack of a love life, she had taken a bunch of grainy, underexposed selfies and posted them up along with some mildly incoherent ramblings about herself. Even in her wine-addled state, Clarke hadn’t expected anything to come out of it. Her poor decision making mostly stemmed from having to prove to herself that she was still capable of putting herself out there after the last few disasters anyway, and she’d done it. Mission accomplished.

The hangover the next day was an expected part of her morning. Bellamy Blake as her 100% perfect match? Not so much.

Honestly, she didn’t even think someone like Bellamy would be on e-harmony. He certainly didn’t look like the type that would need any help getting a date. Not that she’s noticed, or anything. Or he, apparently, considering he hasn’t said a single word about it all day.

“Why are you staring?” He interjects, frowning.

Her cheeks pink at that, and she has to disguise it with an exaggerated cough. “Am not.”

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The 100 3x16 Perverse Instantiation Part 2 - A Review

If you are a Cl.exa cupcake or Cl.exa shipper, you may not want to read this if you’re unwilling to read extreme criticism thrown at that ship. You have been warned.

I have to admit it; I dreaded this review. It took me a week to finally just write it. Why was I so paralyzed to write it? Because it meant expressing my disappointment, and disappointment in a review can be taken as canon fodder against writers and their choices, which is something I do not like promoting. I have seen so much bile and anger from fans across the board, and it makes me sick. I don’t want to add fuel to the fire, but I also cannot stand by and let the truth go unsaid because people are too worried about “offending” people. Instead, I am here to write an honest, adult review from my perspective. It’s a single perspective and one out of the hundreds you can read online, so please understand this is a personal reaction (as all reviews are) and that I open it to my followers to respond to it if they wish. Please, remember to be polite and provide evidence to back up your claims if you respond.

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