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Can all of Karasuno have shirts about Daichi like Hinata and Kags "If lost return to Daichi" or Tanaka's "One time Daichi punched me in the face" and on the back it says "it was awesome"


Just a quick update!

I’m planning to go on a mini-hiatus just so I can focus on my studies for this semester, I’ll be back in June!

Past comics and doodles can be found in this little archive thingy over here
Hope you’re all having a wonderful day! :’D

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And maybe a Iwaoi soulmate AU or something like that-?

Because of my previous iwaoi AU in which Iwa can see affection, I am thinking of soulmate AU more than I already am. Σ(-᷅_-᷄๑)

IwaOi soulmate AU (red string):

  • Iwaizumi can see red strings around people’s little fingers. 
  • Iwaizumi never knows what they are until he’s nine, when his parents get divorced. He dislikes those red strings because he can’t even help linking his mother’s abandoned one with his father’s, or cutting his father’s from linking to another woman.
  • Iwaizumi finally learns to (somehow) appreciate his ability when he’s in college after he helps Kuroo get together with his fated mate. (Kuroo also becomes the only person who knows Iwaizumi’s ability.)
  • Iwaizumi becomes the captain of their uni volleyball team (and Kuroo vice captain) in their junior years. It is that day when he and Kuroo goes to their team tryout and he’s about to open the door that he sees red string appearing around his little finger which leads inside the stadium. 
  • (Kuroo unfortunately figures it out at Iwaizumi’s stunned state and vows to learn who’s Iwa’s fated mate even though Iwa refuses to tell.)
  • Iwaizumi is more than surprised to see his red string attached, not to a might-gonna-be manager, but to a tall (irritatedly taller than him), full-blown smiley faced freshman.  
  • This freshman turns out to be the star setter that the rumours has been centered on. His name’s Oikawa Tooru.
  • Oikawa makes a speech to become the setter to the ace (while looking directly at Iwaizumi) when it’s his turn to introduce himself.
  • Iwaizumi suddenly finds Oikawa everywhere in his life. 
  • The truth is, Oikawa tries to bribe Kuroo to “share” Iwaizumi’s class schedule so he could run into Iwaizumi as often as possible. 
  • Oikawa manages to convince Kuroo by admitting that he comes to their university because he admires Iwa’s skill in volleyball and leadership on the court when he first saw Iwa playing on the court when he’s in high school. (“It’s love at first sight. But why it has to be with someone as  unromantic as Iwa-chan senpai? I can’t even boast about it!”)
  • Iwaizumi has a hard time convincing himself that Oikawa (bright, brilliant, popular Oikawa) really likes him without any influence of “the red string of fate.”
  • There’s a lot of courting (from Oikawa), a little bit more denial (from Iwaizumi), a whole lot of help and scheming (from Kuroo) and even one challenge of volleyball (“Five serves.” “What?” “If I get to land five service aces before you could receive five of mine, you have to stop whatever that’s bothering you and gives me a chance. I don’t care what you mean about I am confused by my admiration. I will show you how sure I am of my feelings about you!”)
  • (Iwaizumi may or may not go easy at his ninth receive and have Oikawa lands his fifth service aces first.)
  • (Deep down Iwaizumi knows he wants to believe, not in the red strings, but in Oikawa.)

But I want a woman.


You are deserving of your own love. I know it can be tough. Criticism, bullshit, doubt and fear - they are formidable foes. They hide in the back of our brains and hearts, and work tirelessly to chip away at us. But they become powerless when we give some genuine heart space to ourselves. When we recognize the sheer perfection of our imperfection. When we realize that the sum total of our successes and our failures are what makes us who we are. And that all of it has value. So go ahead. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and say, “Hey You. Yeah you. This body and mind I am housed in. You’re fucking awesome. And I love you.

Bones: Jim, are you even listening to what I’m saying?

Jim: Wha-? Yeah, yeah, something about how awesome I am, am I right, or am I right?

Bones: No you overgrown child! You’re overdue for your physical! Stop staring at Spock’s ass and get to the medbay in five minutes or I’m coming up there and hypoing the shit out of you. 

Jim: How did you know?

Between The Lines

Title: Between The Lines

Summary: When Martin calls the brothers to tell them that a vampire has been killing people in Benny’s town, you tag along with the eldest Winchester to help him find his “blood-junkie” friend. But, even though Dean’s grateful for your help, he does not understand your motives and tells you that much. Which sucks. Because you can’t just admit you’re hopelessly in love with him. Right?

Author: deanssweetheart23

Characters: Dean Winchester x reader, Benny Lafitte (mentioned), Elizabeth (mentioned)

Word count: 2053

Warnings: None really. Maybe some language and season 8 spoilers? Mostly fluff.

Author’s Notes: This is my submission for @angelschallenge Spring Challenge. Thank you for letting me participate, Angel, I always love your challenges! (and to anyone who wants to do it, you still got times and it’s been really fun, guys). My prompt was “rainbow” (included in bold in the text below). 

This is set during season 8′s episode “Citizen Fang” and takes place right after Dean’s conversation with Elizabeth (Benny’s great-granddaughter).

Originally posted by whoeveryoulovethemost

The sounds of birds chirping and trees rustling in the wind overwhelmed your senses as you leaned against Dean’s muscle car and wrapped your arms around your middle. It was still a bit chilly outside but as you took in the view in front of you, drinking in every beautiful detail of the magnificent landscape with fervor, you didn’t mind.

You’d always been fond of rainbows, ever since you were a little kid. You loved the way they glistened into the sky, loved the hues of green and orange, indigo and violet that danced together and created a bridge that joined your concrete world with the unknown, the immensity of heaven’s vault.

So, you ignored the cold wind as it caressed your skin and breathed it all in, grateful for a moment of stagnation. God only knew how rare such moments were for hunters.

“There you are. Thought you said you’d wait in the car.” Dean’s voice crawled into your thoughts, gruff but smooth like the Tennessee Whiskey he loved so much.

Titling your head, you smiled and reached for the coffee cup he was holding your way, mumbling a quick thank you as your fingers brushed against his.

“Well, technically, it’s not much of a difference.” You pointed out, nudging him. “Did you find him?”

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Are you still doin the pre-relationship drabbles? 'One tracking the other down at lunch and making them accept food that they personally made because they know the other person doesn’t have a lunch that day.' with Bucky and reader, if you still accept requests. Stay awesome! :D

A/N: heck yeah I am. I didn’t actually expect to get any since I said it in the tags lol

Word Count: ~672

Warnings: None, all fluff all the time lol

Tags (If you want on a list, go here. If you want off, send me a message!)@shamvictoria11 @addictivewriter  @animexchocolate

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The paperwork was never-ending. Pile after pile of damage reports from clean-up, injury assessments from medical, and heaven forbid anyone actually sends the mission reports to the correct person for once. And why weren’t these reports digitized to begin with! Why do they need paper copies! Ugh. You were two seconds from either falling asleep at your desk or tearing your hair out at how much work you had left to do. Every day about this time you wondered why you took yourself off of field work, supposedly in favor of a less stressful occupation.

You honestly had half a mind to crawl back to the team and beg them for your old job back. Bullets over your head might be better than this. Hell, you’d take working in weapons maintenance over this mountain of reports. Maybe they’d let you back on part-time to cut the difference.

Two seconds away from setting your entire desk on fire, your door quietly clicked open with a pair of curious blue eyes peeking in.

“Yes, Sergeant Barnes?” you asked cheerily and you were sure the relief was evident on your face. He chuckled upon entering, two containers tucked under his metal arm.

“I told you to call me Bucky already, Y/N. We’ve known each other for over a year now,” he said as he set the two containers on top of a smaller pile of paperwork. It was the finished pile, unfortunately. You gave him a cheeky smile and sat back in your chair.

“I know. Sometimes I just like calling you Sergeant and by sometimes, I mean almost all of the time. Now, what brings you to my horrible cave, Sergeant Barnes?”

He smiled, one of the rare times it actually reached his eyes. It usually only happened around you or Steve and only when it was one on one.

“I’m just bringing you lunch,” he explained. “You always complain about forgetting to eat at work, so I figured I’d take a chance and share some of mine.”

Your heart fluttered in your chest and you tried to fight the dorky smile spreading across your face to no avail. You pushed at the bottom one with your pen. “That’s sweet, Buck, but you don’t have to do that for me. I would’ve found my way to the take-out menus eventually.”

He scoffed and pushed them towards you gently and you ignored the papers sliding out of place. “You gotta eat, doll, might as well be something good and good for you. I swear if it wasn’t for me, you and Steve would be swimming in take-out boxes.”

You laughed, fully acknowledging how true that statement really was. You were still staying in your Avengers apartment for the time being as no one was that keen on kicking you out just yet. So, you often found yourself eating was Bucky made for dinner. He took care of you a lot, now that you thought about it. Ever since he joined the team he seemed to like doing a lot of things for you.

At first you chalked it up to him being gentlemanly but after this long you wondered if that was completely true. You shook the thought off, not wanting more reasons to have butterflies in your stomach around the handsome soldier. You tapped on the containers with your pen instead to divert the conversation.

“I can’t exactly eat this much by myself, Sergeant. This is kind of a super-soldier-sized lunch.”

“Well, I was hoping you’d let me take you up to the roof to help eat it. I haven’t eaten yet either and it’s a nice day out,” he proposed with a shy smile as he rubbed the back of his neck. Your eyes went a bit wide and you tried not to read too much into the proposition but you couldn’t help yourself.

“You, uh, you asking me out, Soldier?”

He smirked at your doe-eyed expression, seeing the hope in his chest echoed in your eyes.

“That’s exactly what I’m doing, ma’am.”


Happy Birthday to the cutest cutie Helena ♡♡+.゚(→ε←*)゚+.゚

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Little Stephew fic with a protective Matt please!!!

Stephanie started slightly as she felt an arm slide around her waist, only to relax upon looking up and seeing her husbands face.

Thank god he was back from the bathroom, maybe he could get rid of the tipsy stranger who had sidled up far too close to her and had been churning out frankly disgusting comments regardless of how many times she flashed her wedding ring or said she was here with someone. It was moments like these, Stephanie would admit, that Matthew’s slightly jealous streak came handy.

“Sorry to interrupt-” Matt began, only for the man to cut him off with a wave. “Gittout, I have dibs.” At that, Steph saw Matt’s forced almost friendly expression turn to something a lot less neighbourly and more Hello Neighbour. “Actually no, you really don’t and I’d appreciate it if you stopped harassing my wife before I kick your fucking teeth in.” Matthew replied with a frankly unnerving smile. “Choice is yours, friend.”

“You are deserving of your own love. I know it can be tough. Criticism, bullshit, doubt and fear… They are formidable foes. They hide in the back of our brains and hearts, and work tirelessly to chip away at us. But they become powerless when we give some genuine heart space to ourselves. When we recognize the sheer perfection of our imperfection. When we realize that the sum total of our successes and our failures are what makes us who we are. And that all of it has value. So go ahead. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and say, “Hey You. Yeah you. This body and mind I am housed in. You’re fucking awesome. And I love you.”


- Why don’t we stop pretending that I’m brilliant and you’re simple, for one moment?


Whose Line Is It Anyway, Secret. S10E08

My name is Alan Tracy!

You know, being the youngest of five is kinda hard sometimes. Especially when you got four older brothers that are as awesome as mine. I’m not trying to brag or anything–yeah, I totally am, they’re awesome– but I’m just as cool as any of them. 

Point 1: Scott Tracy. 

A lot of people say his eyes are his best point. But look at these babies. 

Yeah, I know, pretty nice right. XD 

Also, Scott is known for his leadership abilities. But just so you know, I can be a good commander too. 

I keep a good eye on my subordinates! 

Point 2: John Tracy

John is smart, like the smartest guy I know. But I’m smart too! I can beat him to the answer sometimes! 

And even give him the answer when he has no idea. 

Point 3: Virgil Tracy

Okay, even I have to admit that Virgil is hard to compare to. He’s not only smart but artistic as well. Man, I could spend all day just listening to hime play the piano. 

He’s also kind of the one you don’t want to disappoint. But I’ve been working on my disappointed look. Check it out! 

That is 100% disappointment right there. 

Virgil is also kinda known for being a big cinnamon roll. I may not be as big as him yet, but seriously, this is one cute face. 

Don’t you just want to pinch those cheeks! Actually, please don’t, that’s not fun at all. 

Point 4: Gordon Tracy

Gordon is an ace at swimming, can’t deny that. But hey, I’m a good swimmer too! Just look! 

Have you ever tried taking a selfie when the current’s trying to take you away? This is what happens. 

Okay, but Gordon is not only a good swimmer, he’s is also funny! But guess what! I got the humor gene too! XD

It’s such a drag that not everyone appreciates a good laugh though. 

Anyways, in conclusion: I am awesome! 

So basically everyone on ‘Backstage’ is gay af and I won’t accept any other canon.

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At first I was really confused by all the posts about binders. Like: "Wow, they are really excited about this. They must really like office supplies". But then I realized what was actually going on and I am so happy for you! That is awesome!

Yeah, I apparently confused a few people lol, sorry about that. Thank you though, in very happy!!